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Omnibus (and cancelled event) for Matina's 20th anniversary

Omnibus (and cancelled event) for Matina's 20th anniversary

This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of Matina.

According to a tweet from KISAKI, he had planned a live event to mark the milestone--unfortunately, it seems that the event was cancelled before it could even be announced... (If that's true, it sucks to know that his scandal last year is probably preventing a bunch of cool reunions :/)

There's a bit of a bright side, at least: a Matina omnibus planned for the event is now available through the LIN official web shop instead. RARE TRACK COLLECTIONZ features 16 remastered Matina songs (12 artists in total), and is available now.

A two-copy-limited Matina lucky bag will be available in February, and will feature an exclusive Matina live DVD from 2000-05-27 at Nagoya (名古屋) BOTTOM LINE.

I really wish a Matina reunion event could have been held ;___;

Posts from 2016

Mistake launches last(?) mail-order campaign

Mis†ake has announced their "maybe last... miraculous..." mail-order sale via Twitter.

The band has made 4 new releases available for order, in addition to their two mini-albums (which were sold during the previous campaign). Customers who spend 4,000 yen on goods will further receive a "missa CD-R" (live recording CD-R) and "bromide" (photograph). Here's a list of the available items:

By the way, according to the tweet, Endless End has two tracks: Endless End and Hakkyoukyoku. The flyer advertising the band's last live mentioned two distributed releases, but now I wonder if they just meant that Endless End contains two tracks? So maybe there wasn't a second dist CD on that day? Idk~

Another lucky bag review

I received another set of UCP lucky bags today, and thought I'd give another review!

the package

the package

Previous lucky bags came in a large manila envelope with “UNDER CODE 福袋” sticker, but this one didn't. Maybe FJ tossed it? 🤷

However, each DVD was in its own white envelope with LIN logo sticker closing it. Previous bags had the DVDs in random mismatched fabric sleeves, sometimes two DVDs to one sleeve―it looked quite cheap, actually 👀 So, idk why the packaging quality suddenly increased, but I appreciate it!




Finally! I got the second demo CD privilege that I requested. It's honestly really good 😭 Sacred Xanadu demo sounds like a video game version, a la D, and it's pretty cool. Doesn't become boring like the Chaotic Resistance demo did. And Eclipse has so much potential! It's a more “dancey” track―something a little different for LIN, but still fitting within their aesthetic.

Now, here are the DVDs I received, with some notes:

  • Dali feat. RIKU (LIN) - 2011.5.04 ESAKA MUSE RIKU performs these songs so cutely!
  • chariots - 2012.4.28 ESAKA MUSE
  • Mubou BAND 2012 - 2012.12.25 OSAKA MUSE Already bought it, for full price!
  • Megaromania - 2013.04.04 HOLIDAY NAGOYA
  • Syndrome - 2001.10.13 LIVE SQUARE Same as Lestat got. It's a pre-production version of a VHS!
  • NEGA - 2010.12.31 Umeda AM HALL Includes large session countdown footage. So nostalgic~
  • KISAKI PROJECT feat. SATSUKI - 2012.12.21 SHIBUYA REX Already bought it, for full price!
  • chariots - 2012.2.16 BEAT STATION
  • MIRAGE - 1998.10.09 Umeda HEAT BEAT -Same as Lestat shared. Has some comment footage―wonder if they planned a full VHS release back then?

So one lucky bag included 5 DVDs this time... I think that's a first! And they were all live DVDs, like I'd been wanting all along 😭 #blessed

So that's it! In several ways, this was the best set of lucky bags yet. Makes me want to purchase two more... But I won't. I promise!!

UCP lucky bags back in stock

As suji kindly pointed out, UCP lucky bags are back in stock at the LIN official web shop. I'm not sure how long quantities will last this time.

Caution: although the page says that the bags are still eligible for the 8,000 yen privilege, I received 2 bags yesterday with no privilege 😑

When u that close to getting the demo CD, but LIN shop fxxks u again:

Call the priest! LIN web shop back from the grave

Good news everyone! The LIN official web shop has returned from the grave once more ⚰

Due to popular demand (WHICH ONE OF YOU ASKED FOR THIS), the web shop is once again selling UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bootleg lucky bags, in limited quantities. No other items are being sold.

Like last time, each bags costs 4,320 yen (tax included), and contains 4~5 bootlegs or distributed DVDs of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands, mostly from 2010~2013. They are still honoring the 8,000 yen privilege―if you spend that much, you can choose to receive either LIN's last live DVD, or a demo CD-R.

Some men just want to watch the world burn

Some men just want to watch the world burn

If you decide to buy a lucky bag, I urge you to check my mini-review first. Basically, it seems that larger orders are kind of short-changed for some reason (what world is this???), so I'd suggest buying only one lucky bag at a time (or two, if you want the 8,000 yen privilege).

Against my better judgment, I'll probably order 2 more lucky bags, since I never got a copy of the demo CD-R 😭

Like last time, if you want to join my order, just let me know. I ask that you pay for the item itself, and domestic shipping from me to you, but I'll pay service fees and overseas shipping (all I ask in return is rips/scans if you get anything cool).

If anyone does want to join my order again, rest assured that I will order each bag separately this time 🤐

LIN/KISAKI/UCP lucky bags mini-review

Thought I'd share brief impressions of the LIN web shop last lucky bags, based on my purchases and others I've seen online:

It seems that each KISAKI lucky bag contains:

  • book
  • shirt
  • 7~8 random releases
  • stickers
  • signed photo
  • Kisaki & Nara Kizoku bootleg

The bootleg live DVD must be the “α” (bonus content) that the description mentioned. Overall, not a bad bag―I only wish that maybe some random bootlegs of his older bands had been included.

And here's the upgraded LIN lucky bag. (I didn't see any before the upgrade... anyone have any info?)

  • book
  • 2~3 shirts
  • ~10 random releases
  • stickers
  • 2014-06-01 bootleg

These ones seem to be a really good value! The only downside is the 2014-06-01 bootleg was previously released, but over several volumes. If you already owned the complete set of those, it's not a very cool bonus...

Finally, the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION distributed/bootleg lucky bag. This one was said to contain 4~5 distributed DVDs or bootleg DVDs of UCP bands from 2010~2013.

Right away, lemme say that 90% of the bags contain only 4 DVDs―and any oneman split over two discs is considered 2 separate DVDs. That's just cruel!


Here's my first order of 2 bags for myself and 2 for others. (Btw, the shop didn't package them separately as requested, and included the wrong privilege 😡)

  • Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji 2009 - 2009.09.22 bootleg
  • Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji 2010 - 2010.01.08 bootleg
  • Megaromania - Wail of Crest Vol.2 dist DVD
  • Megaromania - Wail of Crest Vol.3 dist DVD
  • LIN - As If Forever Exists. making DVD
  • LIN - 2010.9.13 bootleg
  • LIN - 2010.10.02 bootleg
  • LIN - 2010.10.08 bootleg
  • LIN - 2010.8.09 bootleg
  • Dali - 2012.11.25 bootleg (disc 1 only, wtfff)
  • HEISEI ISHIN - 2010.8.24 bootleg
  • HEISEI ISHIN - 2009.4.17 dist DVD
  • REALies - 2013.2.2 bootleg
  • FUTURISM・BOYZ - 2011.12.31 bootleg
  • Arc/ClearVeil/SIVA - Nihon Seiatsu 2009 dist DVD
  • NEGA - Depart[ure] privilege DVD
  • CindyKate - 2011.8.31 bootleg

Most of those are items that a long-time fan might have―and in fact, I already own 9 or 10 of them 😑 Luckily, the awesome people I ordered with just happened to want a bunch of the duplicates... But out of 17 DVDs, I only thought 3 were really cool, so it's a bit disappointing. (Maybe I'd be happier if I didn't own hundreds of LIN bootlegs??)


Imo, it seems that smaller orders had better contents, for some reason. For example, Lestat placed two orders and got all nice, new bootleg DVDs (tho they still shorted her with two-disc sets). I received one more set today, and it's also all new bootlegs, afaik:

  • Pashya - 2007.10.21 bootleg
  • NEGA - 2010.7.31 bootleg
  • Ganmen Hensachi TOP6 - 2012.5.05 bootleg
  • Cu[be] - 2010.12.28 bootleg

So, idk... For me, the contents of that 1 lucky bag trump the contents of the 4 lucky bag set. I guess the best thing would have been to place 5 different orders with 5 different shopping services 😒

I'm still waiting on another order, but I thought I'd go ahead and give a little review.

Does anyone else have anything to add? Or is Lestat the only other foreign person to have gotten their orders yet?

Also, would anyone be willing to trade their LIN demo CD for my LIN last live DVD?? I literally have 3 copies of the last live DVD, because the shop kept fucking up my request for the second demo CD... It has another unreleased LIN song on it, and I fear I'll never hear it now 😭😭

LIN official web shop open for another month
The LIN official web shop has extended its operation through the next month!

Instead of closing on 2016-05-31 as originally planned, the shop has extended its operation through 2016-06-31. As you might expect, new items have been added:
  • LIN gorgeous last lucky bag #2 (6,000 yen)
    ※ 35,000 yen's worth of goods
    ※ orders accepted now, but ships in July
  • UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bootleg lucky bag (4,000 yen)
    ※ 4 or 5 distributed DVDs or live bootleg DVDs of UCP bands
    ※ orders accepted now, but ships in July
  • LIN × ZEAL LINK large panel (43,200 yen / limited 1)
    ※ large LIN panel which was displayed at ZEAL LINK Osaka
    ※ 150 cm × 90 cm
    ※ signed by all members
    ※ only 1 copy in the world

There are also two new privileges for spending 8,000 yen or more! Customers may choose either 2 track demo CD (with different demos than the last one) -OR- 2016.3.20 last live DVD. And, unlike last time, lucky bags do count toward the 8,000 yen.


So this is good. Those of you with messed up Syndrome DVDs have time to sort it out (hopefully).

It's also nice that the LIN lucky bag has been increased in worth (tho it costs 1,000 yen more), and that lucky bags now count toward the shop privilege. The purchase amount required to get the privilege has also been reduced, which is good.

I'm mostly excited about the UCP bootleg lucky bags! I just wish there was some sort of list of what might be in there, 'cause it could really be anything. I'll probably buy like 3 bags in hopes of getting a Vior gloire DVD, somehow .-.

As with last time, I'll place two separate orders of 8,000 yen to get both privileges. If you're only planning to buy 1 item, please feel free to join my order! I'd pay shipping from Japan and service fees, as last time.
LIN official web shop LAST FAIR
From 2016-04-10 21:00 JST, the LIN official web shop will hold its last sales fair. The shop will then close on 2016-05-31.

Those who spend 10,000 yen during the fair will receive one of the following presents (you must specify which one you want):
  • comment DVD recorded on 2016-03-20 at Nanba (難波) Hatch
  • 2-track CD w/ a demo of an unreleased song, and demo of Chaotic Resistance
!! Lucky bags do NOT count toward the 10,000 yen !!


LIN's special lucky bag will be sold during the fair (5,000 yen). Orders for the bag will be taken until 2016-05-15, and it will be shipped beginning on 2016-05-21. The bag will include 20,000 yen worth of goods.

Each lucky bag will include one of the following live DVDs:
  • 2016-03-08 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY
  • 2016-03-09 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY
  • 2016-03-10 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY
Those who buy 3 lucky bags will receive all three live DVDs.


And here's the full list of new goods which will be available during the fair:
  • several limited bootleg live DVDs (not yet revealed)
  • parka (7,000 yen)
  • t-shirt -face w/ webs ver.- (3,500 yen)
  • t-shirt -maria ver.- (3,500 yen / includes 1 of 7 bootleg live DVDs)
  • t-shirt -3/20 band logos ver.- (3,000 yen)
  • iPhone 6/6S case (3,500 yen / limited 5)
  • iPhone 6+ case (3,500 yen / limited 5)
  • web shop limited photoset (1,500 yen)
  • new mirror -flowers ver.- (1,500 yen)
  • MIZALY 2016.2.14 Ikebukuro (池袋) CYBER cheki (5,500 yen / set of 10)
  • SUI/MIZALY/KISAKI 2016.2.24 Brand X cheki


Pretty shitty of them to exclude lucky bags from the 10,000 yen present, but I need that unreleased song demo =_=!


2016-04-10 edit: The web shop fair has started! Here's the list of bootleg DVDs―it's a ton huh? (´◉◞౪◟◉);

I've marked who's buying what. If you plan on sharing your rips, please comment (or tweet @we_love_ucp) with which DVDs you plan to buy―that way we can coordinate and not overlap too much. [If you don't plan to share them, I don't care which ones you buy (/ ; ・`д・´)/]

➡ suji 2009.05.31 渋谷RUIDO K2 ワンマン
2009.10.23 心斎橋FAN j Twice
➡ suji 2009.11.08 心斎橋SOMA ワンマン
2010.03.24 HOLIDAY NAGOYA ワンマン
2010.03.31 SHIBUYA BOXX ワンマン
2010.06.22 博多DRUM SON
2011.01.31 博多DRUM Be-1
2012.02.12 心斎橋FAN J twice ワンマン
➡ inartistic 2012.10.21 LIVE HOUSE 'D ワンマン
➡ Danao 2012.11.16 高田馬場CLUB PHASE ワンマン
➡ Danao 2012.11.17 高田馬場CLUB PHASE ワンマン
2012.12.31-2013.01.01 心斎橋FAN J twice
2013.01.24 池袋RUIDO K3
2013.03.13 博多DRUM-Be1

2013.01.12 新宿RUIDO K4
➡ Danao 2015.12.01/2016.01.24/2016.01.25 3公演

LIN (YUSHI produce ver)
2015.05.25 SHIBUYA REX

1997.12.29/30/31 ライブ公演3本
1998.10.09 梅田HEAT BEAT ワンマン
1998.11.17 難波ROCKETS
➡ The Rev 1999.11.13 渋谷ON AIR WEST
1999.03.30/04.02/04.03 ライブ公演3本
1999.10.30 BIG CAT ワンマン

2001.10.13 尼崎LIVE SQIUARE

➡ suji SUI&MIZALY session 2016.02.14 池袋CYBER
➡ inartistic KISAKI PROJECT feat.砂月 2012.12.21 SHIBUYA REX
➡ inartistic MIZALY session 2014.04.24 RUIDO K3
➡ inartistic SUI 2015.04.14 サラヴァ東京
➡ inartistic 無謀バンド2012 2012.12.25 OSAKA MUSE
LIN web shop 3/30 exclusives
From 21:00 JST yesterday, the LIN official web shop added several special items.

  • Bootleg live DVD, 13-piece set (19,440 yen / limited 1)
  • KISAKI ROCK AND READ cheki, 10-set (5,940 yen / limited 1)
  • LIN live backdrop (60×150 cm) (16,200 yen / limited 1)
  • LIN live backdrop (300×300 cm) (32,400 yen / limited 1)

The cheki set immediately sold, and the bootleg set has since sold as well. The two backdrops are still available (I'm sure lots of us would like to own them, but they're just so expensive!!).

Looks like the bootleg set has lots of First Period LIN lives. From what I can see:
- 2012.1.13 at Shibuya REX 「Birth of Eclipse」
- 2010.8.09 at Nagoya BOTTOM LINE 「拝啓勇様~麝香連理想~」
- 2011.5.05 at HOLIDAY OSAKA 「The Resonant -brave-」

Posts from 2015

LIN cheki and session bootlegs
The LIN official web shop has been updated:

New 10-cheki-sets of each member are up. The first 20 people to purchase a set will further receive a bonus cheki. The band is also selling bootleg DVDs of CERO's 2014-12-01 session and the 2015-11-17 Shingen Kichi SPECIAL~PERMANENT BAND~ live. As usual, these are time- and quantity-limited.
LIN time-limited bootleg DVDs and cheki
LIN has updated their official web shop with time-limited bootleg DVDs and limited-quantity cheki sets.

The bootleg DVDs are roughly 4,000~6,000 yen, and are available for order from 2015-12-06 through 2016-01-31. Their activity pause live is not included, so we can safely say now that there will be an official DVD release for that (or it will be included with the best album). Here's the list:
- 2015.09.13 Takadanobaba AREA
- 2015.10.27&28 SHIBUYA-REX (Halloween lives)
- 2015.10.30&31 OSAKA MUSE (Halloween lives)
- 2015.11.07 Umeda Zeela (oneman)
- 2015.11.08 Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT (oneman)

They are also selling sets of 10 cheki for each member. Unspecified limited quantities of each set are available. Each set costs 5,940 yen.

official web shop
Oneness last live DVD
Oneness will release a DVD of their disbandment oneman. The DVD will be released through the Double River Record official web shop on 2015-09-16, but those who order before 2015-08-31 will receive a privilege DVD with footage from the band's ITAZURA no SUSUME (イタズラのススメ) tour.
LIN new bootleg DVDs and SUI×MIZALY session
LIN has released two new bootleg live DVDs from last month. The first features the band's Rame cosplay live and their appearance at an Ains event. The second features two dates from the Blazing Trianglum tour; including the show at which they announced their pause, and the show at which they performed in street clothes due to misplacing their costumes.

Also, the second guitarist, bassist, and drummer have been announced for the SUI×MIZALY session on 2015-09-25:
LIN to stop selling current bootleg DVDs
LIN will stop selling certain bootleg live DVDs through their web shop at 2015-04-30 23:59 JST. The following items will be unavailable for purchase after that time:

  • LIN - 2014-07-20 Rin・ne・ten・sei~Cry-Max Pleasure 2014~
  • LIN - 2014-08-21 Summer Cup Tour~Ikuzee!!~
  • LIN - 2014-08-14 / 2014-08-15
  • LIN - 2014-10-29 V-BAND Matsuri ~HALLOWEEN PARTY 2014~
  • LIN - 2014-11-16 HELL ON EARTH
  • LIN - 2014-11-22
  • LIN - 2014-11-29 Infinite ~Gekishin no Toki~
  • MIRAGE - 2012-03-31
  • MIRAGE - 2014-03-16
  • MIRAGE - 2014-03-21
  • MIRAGE - 2014-03-22
VARYL new single and distributed CD
VARYL has announced their new single, Haitoku no Senritsu to Guuiteki Genshou, which will be released in two types sometime in July. Before that, on 2015-06-12, the band will hold their free oneman, WORSHIP -Kaihou Junreishisha ni yoru Senreishiki-, at which they'll distribute a new song to those who purchase VIP ticket (3,000 yen, also includes photo with the band).

VARYL will also hold their anniversary oneman, Kaihou Junrei Dainishou -ARCADIA-, on 2015-07-24 at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE.
Introduction to Sherella
Sherella is a new band that formed on September of last year, and features ex-La:Sadie's~HISKAREA guitarist Shio and ex-SUGAR FORKFUL bassist Yu, along with ex-Crucifixion and Bakuonsentai ANIRANGER members.

Sherella held their “pre-live” in January of this year, and will hold their first official live at their sponsored event on 2015-04-17. At that event, the band will freely distribute their first “material single”, Banda della marcia. The single was originally set to cost 1,500 yen, but the band decided to make it free so that more people could hear it!

Yu is a great writer, and the other members are cool as well, so I'm really looking forward to hearing something from these guys. For more information/images, check their artist page. And here's a download of the SE from their homepage.
ALVION distributed CD
ALVION will freely distribute a new song, LUV IMITATION, at their 2015-03-07 sponsored event at Umeda Zeela, FROM THE REVELATION NIGHT. The band has uploaded a preview of the new song, below:

THE BLACK SWAN new PV and new single
THE BLACK SWAN has uploaded the full PV for their new song Ushinai (失い) from their upcoming single! They've also released a flyer which announces their 3rd maxi single, to be released sometime in summer 2015!

download mp3

The new single will be called Akane (赫音)... I think. The kanji is wayyy too small on the flyer for me to know for sure. But of course I'll update again when I do know.

The same flyer that mentions the new single also mentions that the band will freely distribute... noodles... at their 2015-06-12 anniversary oneman. So there's that. More importantly, MIRROR,MIRROR will be freely distributed at Like an Edison stores beginning on 2015-03-11; maybe we'll have more of a chance to hear it then?!
ex-NEGA guitarist SAN joins Black Gene For the Next Scene
Black Gene For the Next Scene has announced that ex-NEGA (and ex-the:Ø) guitarist SAN has officially joined! The band's first release with this new lineup is a 3 type maxi-single on 2015-04-22, Uragaeri (裏返り). The first live featuring SAN will be on 2015-03-01, and the group's oneman tour will start on 2015-04-29, with a tour final on 2015-07-11, at which an important announcement will be made and a new song will be freely distributed. Good luck BFN!

Posts from 2014


GOEMON RECORDS has re-opened its official web shop. In addition to laaaaame things like Santa cheki of your favorite bands, the web shop will feature two cool lucky bags:

“DIAMOND lucky bag” on sale 2015-01-20 for 11,111 yen:

  • REALies 2014-03-19 oneman live DVD
  • ARLEQUIN 2014-07-26 oneman live DVD
  • Call Me 2014-12-13 oneman live DVD
  • previously unreleased New Year song by GOEMON BAND
  • signed poster featuring all 3 bands
  • 7~8 “luxurious” items (including t-shirts, etc.)

“ARLEQUIN lucky bag” on sale 2014-12-15 for 11,111 yen:

  • ARLEQUIN oneman ticket
  • offshot photo 2015 calendar
  • t-shirt, towel, signed flyer, etc., with exclusive designs
  • 7~8 “luxurious” items

Be sure to keep an eye on the web shop, as this shit is sure to sell out quickly―especially the ARLEQUIN stuff; their fans are voracious!
LIN web shop temporary order privilege
LIN will award those who spend 5,000 yen at the official web shop, from 2014-11-10~30, a present photo of the band's maid outfits from their Halloween live.

In addition, the band has sold several 1-copy-limited cheki sets (10 cheki / 5,400 yen) of each member. (CERO and YUSHI have had fewer sets, as theirs don't sell out often, lol.) Of course they've also had several 1-copy-limited bootleg DVDs, which will be added to their discography.

Currently, you can still buy two MIRAGE limited revival bootleg DVDs.
the:Ø official web shop open & Regalia rearrange
the:Ø has opened their official web shop! Their first single, distance, is available for preorder, but several photosets and cheki are available now. (And this should go without saying: they don't accept overseas orders.) Those who pre-order the single before 2014-10-15, and spend 3,000 yen in total, will receive a unique comment DVD of the member of their choice.

By the way, guitarist Hiroya (尋弥) arranged an acoustic version of the Regalia song, Absolute change. Check it out below!

LIN official web shop updates
LIN's official web shop has had a number of updates (namely, a metric shit-ton of 1-copy-limited bootleg live DVDs). So here's a little roundup:

  • The shop's first shipments of items began on 2014-08-13. After the slow first weeks, items should now ship in real time.
  • Over 15+ bootleg DVDs (1-copy-limited, 3,240 yen each) have been added in spurts. The DVDs mostly feature MIRAGE, but also Syndrome, LIN, and Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku. Check their respective discography pages for full details.
  • Signed versions of LIN's poster and KISAKI's poster are now sold out. For now, any posters that are purchased will be unsigned.
  • Shirts and stickers from their threeman with RAPES and ROSENFELD are on sale.
LIN official web shop, blog, and Twitter open
LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) have opened their official blog, official Twitter (@LIN_V_OFFICIAL), and official web shop. In true KISAKI fashion, the web shop already has a number of exclusives, including a bunch of 1-limited releases we'll never see 8|

As I've mentioned previously, those who purchase both types of Chaotic Resistance via the official web shop will receive a re-recording of Metamorphose. Those who spend 5,000 yen (buying both singles isn't enough) will further receive a DVD with the PV for Sacred Xanadu. Those who spend 8,000 yen will receive free shipping.

The 1-limited items I mentioned are all bootleg DVDs, mostly around 3,500 yen each. There have been about 10 so far, and all are sold out already. MIRAGE lives, Syndrome lives, Matina sessions, 1st period LIN lives... ;_; In addition to that, the shop is selling limited goods such as photosets, Slander Crime, etc.

Posts from 2013

WEB SHOP requested items
The WEB SHOP has added two requested items and has upgraded the KISAKI lucky bag:
  • LIN first live bootleg DVD - 3,150 yen (※ limited 20 / sale excluded / fair eligible)
  • LIN feat. Haruto (JIN) bootleg DVD - 3,150 yen (※ limited 20 / sale excluded / fair eligible)
  • KISAKI lucky bag SPECIAL DVD - 0 yen footage from 2010-11-03 LIN live at KERA fashion event; lucky bag costs 10,500 yen and features items hand-selected by KISAKI

● Sale: most items 50% off (LIN bootlegs, lucky bags, HOLIDAY TV set excluded)
● Fair: for every 5000 yen spent, choose one special bootleg DVD
● Shop closes 10/14

WEB SHOP last push
The official web shop closes on October 14, and has announced its last push for final sales. For these 14 days, prices on most items will be reduced to HALF. The only items excluded are lucky bags, LIN bootleg live DVDs, and the newly released Shingenkichi HOLIDAY TV SET (details below).

Shingenkichi ~HOLIDAY TV~ (神言基地~HOLIDAY TV~) was a TV program produced by KISAKI that aired on Kansai television stations in 2006 and 2007. The official web shop is releasing (in only 20 copies) a set of 9 DVDs containing the entirety of the program throughout its run.

※ By the way, as far as the HALF OFF sale, the prices are not reflected on the website; the HALF OFF price will be calculated after your order is placed.

Recent additions to web shop
Here are the most recent additions to the official web shop (which closes on October 14):
  • KISAKI hand-selected luxurious lucky bag - 10500 yen (※ limited 10 sets)
  • RIKU poster ① - 1575 yen (※ limited 1 / sold out)
  • RIKU poster ② - 1575 yen (※ limited 1 / sold out)
  • RIKU cheki 6 set - 3150 yen (※ limited 6 sets)
  • RIKU cheki 11 set - 5250 yen (※ limited 2 sets / sold out)
  • KANATA cheki 6 set - 3150 yen (※ limited 5 sets)
  • KANATA cheki 11 set - 5250 yen (※ limited 2 sets)
  • KISAKI cheki 6 set - 3150 yen (※ limited 5 sets / sold out)
  • REIYA cheki 6 set - 3150 yen (※ limited 7 sets)
  • REIYA cheki 11 set - 5250 yen (※ limited 3 sets)

LAST FAIR privileges re-released
The official web shop has re-released LAST FAIR DVDs 【A】~【E】 in its privilege bootleg live DVD campaign. This means that customers who spend 5,000 yen can now select their desired free DVD from the entire set (【A】~【J】) rather than just 【F】~【J】, as had been the restriction in previous months.

Here's the full list which customers can now select from:
【A】 NEGA 2013.04.26 OSAKA MUSE
【C】 Arc sessions 2013.02.09 Shinsaibashi VARON
【D】 KISAKI sessions 2013.02.02 OSAKA RUIDO
【E】 UCP 2013.03.01 Meguro Rockmaykan
【F】 UCP vocalist shuffle 2013.04.03 HOLIDAY NAGOYA NEXT
【H】 UCP sessions 2013.04.07 OSAKA MUSE
【I】 Ray&REIYA sessions 2013.04.20 HOLIDAY NAGOYA NEXT
【J】 CO- sessions 2013.05.02 Ash OSAKA

Remember, the UCP official web shop closes for good on October 14.

More limited web shop additions
More limited web shop additions

Several new limited items have been added to the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION official web shop:

  • KISAKI photo set ① - 2,100 yen ※ 3 photos (~A4 size) from MIRAGE~Syndrome period / limited 1 / sold out
  • KISAKI photo set ② - 2,100 yen ※ 3 photos (~A4 size) from Syndrome period / limited 1 / sold out
  • KISAKI photo set ③ - 2,100 yen ※ 3 photos (~A4 size) from Syndrome period / limited 1 / sold out
  • KISAKI SPECIAL lucky bag (beautiful edition) - 10,500 yen ※ 100,000 yen's worth of goods selected by KISAKI / limited 4 / sold out
  • RIKU (LIN) cheki set - 3,150 yen ※ set of 6 cheki / limited 5 sets
  • KANATA (LIN) cheki set - 3,150 yen ※ set of 6 cheki / limited 8 sets
  • MIZUKI (LIN) cheki set ① - 5,250 yen ※ set of 11 cheki / limited 4 sets / sold out
  • MIZUKI (LIN) cheki set ② - 3,150 yen ※ set of 6 cheki / limited 7 sets / sold out
  • REIYA (LIN) cheki set ① - 5,250 yen ※ set of 11 cheki / limited 4 sets
  • REIYA (LIN) cheki set ② - 3,150 yen ※ set of 6 cheki / limited 8 sets

Official web shop LAST FAIR PART:3

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that its last lucky bags, which are being sold via the official web shop, have received a major upgrade!

The label's last lucky bags have been upgraded from containing 30,000 yen's worth of contents to a princely 55,000 yen's worth! Furthermore, the bags are now also eligible in the new privilege DVD campaign!

The bags still cost only 5,250 yen and still include a paper signed by all members of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's last lineup.


BTW, it seems that other items are now eligible toward the privilege DVD campaign as well. The only items still excluded are LIN's memorial CD and last live DVD. (Also... how much do you want to bet that each lucky bag now includes a copy of ARCHIVES? I'm sure that's where most of the worth-increase is coming from, but hopefully cynical me is wrong, eheh.)
Official web shop LAST FAIR PART:3
Official web shop LAST FAIR PART:3

Well, they're not calling it PART:3, but I am. So let's get this show on the road: the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION official web shop announced a second set of privilege bootleg live DVDs today. Just as with the previous set (which is no longer available), qualifying purchases of 5,000 yen or more at the official web shop are eligible to receive one of five available exclusive bootleg live DVDs.

  • 【F】 UNDER CODE PRODUCTION 10th ANNIVERSARY LAST TOUR 「Nihon Seiatsu FINAL -since 2003~2013-」 (Vocalist shuffle party) 2013.4.03 HOLIDAY NAGOYA NEXT
  • 【G】 UNDER CODE PRODUCTION 10th ANNIVERSARY LAST TOUR 「Nihon Seiatsu FINAL -since 2003~2013-」 2013.4.04 HOLIDAY NAGOYA NEXT
  • 【H】 UNDER CODE PRODUCTION 10th ANNIVERSARY LAST TOUR 「Nihon Seiatsu FINAL -since 2003~2013-」 (Costume party) 2013.4.07 OSAKA MUSE
  • 【I】 Ray (NEGA) & REIYA (LIN) dream double birthday party 「Sakura Maichiru Kisetsu ni Oretachi ha Umareta。」 2013.4.20 HOLIDAY NAGOYA NEXT
  • 【J】 CO- (FUTURISM・BOYZ) birthday party 「BROW IT OUT!!」 2013.5.02 Ash OSAKA

Are any of you guys planning to do this? If so, let's collaborate so we can get different privileges!
The UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OFFICIAL WEB SHOP has announced the second (and last?) part of its last special fair. This 2nd part introduces a handful of new, rare items, but unfortunately does not include any new privileges (however, the 5000 yen bootleg live DVD privilege from the 1st part of the fair still applies―at least until the end of July). Check out the list below:

  • KISAKI new look cheki (4 set, w/ 1 signed) (2100 yen)
  • KISAKI giant panel (from UCP last live) (52500 yen ※limited 1)
  • UCP 2 year calendar (HSP 2003~2013 SHOXX privilege) (1575 yen ※limited 10)
  • LIN 2012-12-02 oneman Psalms and Lamentations bootleg (4200 yen)
  • LIN 2013-06-23 event Obscure Ideal~Judgment of Fortune~ bootleg (3150 yen)
  • Matina data CD DEMO TAPE COLLECTIONS (Matina MP3 disc) (5,250 yen)
KISAKI photosets at official web shop

Earlier this week, the official web shop added two special KISAKI photoset sales. First, an ultra rare collection―limited to 1 only!―of over 30 photosets (about 150 photos in total) of KISAKI's time in MIRAGE, Syndrome, and ANTI FEMINISM. Second, 53 sets of 5 random offshot photos of KISAKI from his time in MIRAGE~Syndrome~Phantasmagoria.

The super rare 30 photoset collection costs 15,750 yen and is limited to 1 copy only. It contains 4 photosets from the MIRAGE era, 1 from his appearance in ANTI FEMINISM, and 25 from his Syndrome era, as well as a bonus MIRAGE postcard. As of this post, the collection is still available here, so grab it now if you really want it!

The more accessible SPECIAL OFF SHOT photosets are only 1,575 yen each, and 53 of those sets are available. The photos in each set are completely random, and although the listing states that they're from MIRAGE~Syndrome eras, the preview photo shows mostly Phantasmagoria era pictures, so take that as you will. Those sets are available here (and do apply towards SPECIAL FAIR PART:1).
Limited releases receive wide release
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that several releases which were previously web-shop-only will be available for general purchase starting this July! The included items are: LIN memorial CD, NEGA last live DVD, UCP last omnibus High Style Paradox 2003~2013, and UCP treasure book + last live DVD ARCHIVES 2003~2013.

The aforementioned items will be available on July 24th at most visual kei stores, allowing overseas fans to purchase them without using a shopping service. (Brand X is the only store with overseas shipping that currently has the items for sale, but I'm sure they'll be added to CDJapan shortly.)
CDJapan × UNDER CODE 50% off sale
During this month, CDJapan is offering select UNDER CODE PRODUCTION goods at 50% off! The sale excludes most of UNDER CODE's shop-sold releases, but the tons of photosets, posters, and live-limited releases included in the sale can be purchased at super low prices. Some items have already sold out, so hurry up and buy now!!

CDJapan × UNDER CODE PRODUCTION 50% off clearance
LIN memorial CD now shipping
LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) has commenced shipping on their memorial CD, 「Obscure Ideal」. Those who purchased it should receive it, and the web shop privilege special DVD, in the next few days.

By the way, the web shop is still offering the special DVD as a privilege for buyers of the memorial CD, but it will no longer be signed.

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION announced the first part of its web shop's last special fair today (I detailed the “0th part” in the previous post). For LAST FAIR PART:1, the web shop has updated with tons of special new items―mostly bootleg live DVDs―and has announced a very special privilege campaign!

( View the rest of this entry )
As promised, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced its WEB SHOP LAST FAIR PART:1, beginning today, June 1! There are tons of special and exciting items included in the fair―but before we get to those, let's go over the special items which aren't even part of the fair:

( View the rest of this entry )


UNDER CODE's last flyer (for the upcoming Treasure Book) mentions that, starting on June 1st, the official web shop will begin a special fair. Although details of that special fair have not yet been announced, the web shop has already put up some very special items!

( View the rest of this entry )


After graduating from UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, both CindyKate (シンディケイト) and REALies have moved to a new Tokyo-based label called GOEMON RECORDS. Today, May 11th, the label will officially begin activities by holding its first live event and opening its official web shop.

GOEMON RECORDS WEBSHOP currently has the following items:
  • REALies - LiNE TYPE-C- (1,500 yen)
  • REALies - signed poster (1,000 yen) (※ limited quantities)
  • REALies - LiNE artist photoset A (1,000 yen)
  • REALies - LiNE artist photoset B (1,000 yen)
  • REALies - original silicone bracelet (pink or blue) (1,000 yen each)
  • REALies - original muffler towel (1,500 yen)

※ overseas orders not accepted

And here's the information for the label's first live, which also happens to kick off CindyKate's disbandment sponsored event tour.

GOEMON RECORDS 1st presents live CindyKate disbandment sponsored event tour
「LAST OF DASAKAKKOIIi!!」 (「ラスト オブ ダサカッコイイっ!!」)
2013-05-11 at SHIBUYA-REX

CindyKate (シンディケイト) / FEST VAINQUEUR / GALEYD / cocklobin / Blitz / Zelktage

Posts from 2012

SUZAKU album privileges

SUZAKU has revealed the privileges for purchasing their full album at various stores. May the list below guide your purchase~

  • UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OFFICIAL WEB SHOP From the member of your choice: a message DVD recorded just for you + signed cheki
  • PureSound Live DVD (probably 1 song)
  • Like an Edison comment DVD + song explanation comment CD
  • little HEARTS. comment DVD + photoset
  • Brand X comment DVD + artist photocard set
  • fiveStars comment DVD
  • CROSS CAT photoset
  • Jishuban Club comment DVD + photoset
Web shop takes summer vacation
The UNDER CODE PRODUCTION official web shop is taking a summer vacation.

From August 11th until August 16th, the official web shop staff will be on vacation. During that time, email inquiries won't be answered and items won't be shipped. Once the staff returns on August 17th, all normal operations will resume (emails will be answered, and any orders placed during the vacation period will be fulfilled).
New LIN photos on sale

Several 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) items have been added to the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION official web shop. (The official web shop unfortunately does not accept overseas orders, and these items are not yet at CDJapan—you'll have to use a shopping service.)

First up, three photosets (1,575 yen each) from the band's previous look: 11-A, 11-B, and 11-C (which seems to be the “goofy” set—but also lacks that badly done CG background). Each picture links to its respective set at the web shop.

Next, some more recent items. One photoset (1,575 yen) of the band's latest look (which was only revealed a few days ago!) is up, as are sets of two cheki (1,050 yen for one set) featuring the new costumes.

As is becoming a trend, t-shirts personally owned and worn by KISAKI and RIKU (including a cheki of the member wearing the shirt) were put up for sale, but these were snatched up immediately and are no longer available.
LIN personal goods
LIN members old their personal belongings

The official web shop put a few special items up for sale earlier this week: shirts which personally belonged to the members of 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN). Each shirt, most costing around 3,675 yen, included a signed cheki of the member wearing the shirt. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, the shirts almost immediately sold out.
New releases from LIN
凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) has just announced two semi-new releases: an album re-release and a live DVD.

It seems that LIN's first full album, Independent “MAZE”, is now sold out!! Congrats guys. Not one to let an opportunity go wasted, KISAKI has now announced a re-release of that album. The new version collects all tracks from the initial version (including the 4 bonus tracks from the 2 bonus discs) into one complete disc. But to make the release even more worthwhile, it includes another disc... a brand new single!

2012-09-05 3,360 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

  1. In stin ctive
  2. Insane flashback show
  3. come out of your shell

  1. Cold Sabbat
  2. From The End...
  3. Silent To My Pain
  4. Fall・・・
  5. Matamorphose
  6. Royal Blood
  7. As If Forever Exists.
  8. Continuation of dream
  9. Mind confusion
  10. Replicant Blue
  11. A.Hitlor.
  12. Flowers Bloom
  13. The ins and outs
  14. World In Flames

On the same day, LIN will release a new live DVD, VALUE EXCLAIM -FILM-. It includes footage from the band's 2012-05-20 oneman live, which celebrated their 2nd anniversary.

2012-09-05 5,040 yen live recording DVD

  1. Flowers Bloom
  2. Metamorphose
  3. A.Hitlor.
  4. Silent To My Pain
  5. Ambient Cosmo
  6. Continuation of dream
  7. Fake Dance
  8. Walking in the rain
  9. Sterilization
  11. As If Forever Exists.
  12. Deep Labyrinth
  13. Feeling Universe
  14. Royal Blood
  15. Insane flashback show
  16. Call Back
  17. Rin
  19. Foolish

Those who buy both the ablum and live DVD can apply for OFF SHOT DVD VOL:5. Those who buy both the album and live DVD from the official web shop will receive a personalized message DVD and a signed offshot photo.

LIN has announced the start of a new tour, -TOUR「AWAKING from -Independent “MAZE”-」- and a new sponsored event series, AWAKING from -Independent “MAZE”-, to celebrate the new releases. (Kind of hard to tell the tour from the event series, huh?)


In related news, it was also announced today that LIN's VALUE-EXCLAIM collection album, their Independent “MAZE” FILM live DVD, and Phantasmagoria's 「Wailing Wall」 2004-2010 collection album—all previously sold only at the official web shop—will now be sold at all common stores beginning August 8th.
UCP Official Webshop Updates
So, recently, the webshop has a lot of updates, principally covers and tracklists, let's sum up all of these!

1 - REALies
Not really news, but there is no blog entry for that so, here are the details of REALies 1st mini album, to the REAL.
Buy at CDJapan

to the REAL TYPE:A
2012-05-02 3,150 yen mini-album CD + DVD

  1. Is this REAL
  2. PHASE
  4. 浮遊グラフィック Fuyuu GRAPHIC
  5. BURN
  6. LaST A GaINST

  1. LaST A GaINST (PV)

Buy at CDJapan

to the REAL TYPE:B
2012-05-02 2,625 yen mini-album CD

  1. Is this REAL
  2. PHASE
  4. 浮遊グラフィック Fuyuu GRAPHIC
  5. 色彩Polaroid. Shikisai Polaroid.
  6. BURN


2012-04-18 1,680 yen maxi-single CD

  1. 自分病 Jibunbyou
  2. 風速54.0 Fuusoku 54.0
  3. What's up?

Also, for those who orderer both types of New Period, UCP has FINALLY sent the DVD with the 生きるとは闘いであれ(Ikiru toha Tatakai de Are)'s PV!

3 - 朱 (SUZAKU)

「Ouka Ranbu」
2012-03-01 1,050 yen single CD

  1. 桜歌乱舞 Ouka Ranbu

4 - 朱 (SUZAKU) / Cu[be] / Vior Gloire

2012-04-11 1,680 yen omnibus album CD

  1. 妙楽ノイド-class C- MyourakuNOID-class C-
  2. split heroine days

All of those are up at CD JAPAN, so buy them!
Official web shop valentine fair
UNDER CODE has announced a Valentine SPECIAL FAIR at the official web shop! What does that mean? Well, it means that special goods are on sale: namely, actual clothing from various UNDER CODE musicians!!

Each set comes with one article of clothing (usually a shirt) and a cheki, for 3,150 yen. There are sets from members of LIN, NEGA, Megaromania, FUTURISM・BOYZ, and Black Gene For the Next Scene. But hurry up—each is limited to 1 copy, so get them while you still can!!!!

(Remember, you'll need a shopping service to buy from the official web shop—I recommend Celga)

Valentine SPECIAL FAIR page
Change in KISAKI PROJECT privilege
UNDER CODE has announced that the privilege for buying KISAKI PROJECT's new single, Sou ~Twinkle Vitality~, from the official web shop has changed.

Those who buy the single from the official web shop will still receive an instrumental + live footage data disc. But as a special Valentine's Day present, those who purchase from the shop will also receive a bonus 8 page booklet signed by KISAKI!! This bonus privilege, however, is limited to 100 copies.

By the way, more info about the data disc was also revealed: it will contain an MP3 of the instrumental version of Kagen, and an mp4 video of the band's live performance of Wasurenagusa from their 2012-01-30 live.

想 ~Twinkle Vitality~
Sou ~Twinkle Vitality~
2012-02-15 3,150 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

  1. Sou
  2. 勿忘草 Wasurenagusa
  3. 華呟 Kagen

  1. Sou
  2. 勿忘草 Wasurenagusa
  3. 存在理由 Sonzai Riyuu
  4. 道標 Michishirube

2012-02-17 0 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

  1. 華眩 -instrumental- Kagen -instrumental-
  2. 勿忘草 Wasurenagusa

Limited CD from SUZAKU
SUZAKU has announced the release of a live and web shop limited CD! It only contains one song, but hopefully it will tide us over until a real release. Anyway, the CD is already up for purchase at the official web shop, and orders placed will be shipped on February 29th (a day early).

「Ouka Ranbu」
2012-03-01 1,050 yen single CD

  1. 桜歌乱舞 Ouka Ranbu

Official web shop photoset blitz
The official web shop has added a handful of the newest photosets:
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