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ALVION, THE BLACK SWAN, Oneness, THE RHEDORIC, and VARYL all have new stuff coming up:

  • THE BLACK SWAN and VARYL will be featured (along with Nihilizm and Fixer) on upcoming omnibus DEEP MORE DEEP #2, to be released on 2014-12-24 (no word if the songs are old or new, yet).
  • Oneness will release their 2nd anniversary memorial single, Usotsuki no Sahou (嘘つきの作法), on 2015-01-21 in three types (A: 2 tracks + PV / B: 3 tracks / C: 3 tracks).

  • THE RHEDORIC (which features ex-12012 member Suga Yuusuke, among others) will release their first full album Jiggy (...) on 2014-10-15. It's limited 1,000 copies and costs 2,484 yen for 10 songs.

News roundup 7/14
Latest news featuring Cu[be], FOODED SEAL, hurts, LIN, Oneness, Paranoid≠circuS, and Visage members:

  • FOODED SEAL vocalist Masami ()雅美 will act as support vocalist for Nobady on July 20th and 28th, as that band's vocalist Soyogi (梵) has failed to contact the other members.
  • LIN are featured in freepaper ZEAL LINK No.010.
  • LIN will appear on 2014-07-22 edition of NICO NICO talkshow Tokimeki☆Visu NIGHT (ときめき☆びじゅナイト) with MATENROU OPERA (摩天楼オペラ).
  • ex-Cu[be] and hurts session Lucifer's underground will perform through November. 【V. HINA (ヒナ) [ex-hurts] / G. Maki (真稀) [ex-hurts] / G. toki (UNDEAD) / B. 憂里-yuuri- [ex-Cu[be]] / D. 亜月-athuki- [ex-Cu[be]]】
  • Oneness members lost contact with guitarist DAI and performed on 2014-07-08 without him. After contacting police to search his home, his family contacted the band and said he was safe. For the time being, he will be absent from Oneness, however.
  • Paranoid≠circuS support drummer 紲-kizuna- [ex-KOKUYOKU, etc.] officially joined the band on 2014-07-09.
  • Paranoid≠circuS will hold their tour, SUICIDE PARADE, from 2014-07-22 through 2014-08-17, with tour final oneman SUICIDE CIRCUS on 2014-09-18.

FOODED SEAL new support and event
Since guitarist KaoL announced his secession from FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール), ex-LiLiCAL guitarist Rei (零) has announced that he will join as support guitarist on 2014-02-15. FOODED SEAL will perform their two lives before then as a 4-member unit. FOODED SEAL has also announced their sponsored event:

FOODED SEAL sponsored event~THE Saishidou~ (~THE 再始動~) 2014-03-24 at SHIBUYA REX
FOODED SEAL / PROJECT VARYL (PROJECT ヴァリル) / Diana / DICTATOR CIRCUS / inc.RIBON / LOG -ログ- / Virgil / F1rst MiX's

(By the way, PROJECT VARYL is the new session band of ex-Visage vocalist Hiro!)
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