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THE BLACK SWAN 「PERSONA」 details and live info
THE BLACK SWAN 「PERSONA」 details and live info

THE BLACK SWAN announced more details regarding their next single, their tour, and their next oneman!

PERSONA will be released in two types on 2016-10-19. Each type costs 1,000 yen and includes the title track plus a new song (tho the new songs' titles have not been announced yet). Further details TBA.

Those who purchase both types will be eligible for a special project at the band's first oneman. Further details TBA. (I wonder if it's a booklet or lyric video again?)


Their sponsored event tour, Tadashii Ningen (正しい人間), will begin on 2016-10-23 at Shinjuku (新宿)Zirco Tokyo.


Their 5th oneman, Tadashii Ningen no Sentaku。 (正しい人間の選択。), will be held on 2016-11-25 at Shibuya (渋谷) TSUTAYA O-WEST.

An unspecified gift will be freely distributed to all attendees (and, again, those who purchase both types of PERSONA will be eligible for something else at the oneman).


The band has uploaded the PV for their song RUVISH!


Guitarist Makoto (誠) will participate in a session at the Bakura guitarist Kouhei (幸平) birthday event, STARMINE, on 2016-07-28 at Zirco TOKYO.
V&G. Kouhei (幸平) [Bakura]
G. Makoto (誠) [THE BLACK SWAN]
B. Hayato (隼人) [Nihilizm]
D. Amon (亜門) [STEREO.C.K]

Bassist RENA will participate in a session band at the oneman/session event in celebration of Sel'm bassist Takuma's birthday, tp-24.807, on 2016-07-23 at Shinjuku (新宿) LOFT.
ryuga SESSION (龍蛾セッション)
V. ryuga (龍蛾) [Sel'm, etc.]
G. Kouryuu (衍龍) [ex-My bacteria heat island, etc.]
G. Nagisa (渚) [ex-nano mother ted]
D. Ryuunosuke (竜之介) [ex-CodeRebirth]


The song OUSIA has been available on karaoke service DAM since 2016-06-28.


Drummer Len (煉) appeared on niconico station Nekomyu! (ねこみゅ!) on 2016-06-28.

Guitarist Itsuki (樹) and bassist RENA appeared on the ENSOKU (えんそく) 24-hour television program on 2016-06-19.
THE BLACK SWAN single and twoman tour
THE BLACK SWAN has announced their “next scene:” a new single, a twoman tour, and their 5th oneman live!

THE BLACK SWAN's fourth single, PERSONA, will be released on 2016-10-19. Further details TBA.

In the mean time, the band will embark on their 9-stop twoman “battle” tour, 2MAN BATTLE CITY 「Yamate Shinjuu」 (2MAN BATTLE CITY 「山手心中」), in September. They'll be playing with lots of cool bands!
  • 2016-09-03: TBS VS More
  • 2016-09-04: TBS VS Kaijin Nijuu Mensou (怪人二十面奏)
  • 2016-09-10: TBS VS umbrella
  • 2016-09-11: TBS VS KUROYURI TO KAGE (黒百合と影)
  • 2016-09-17: TBS VS sibilebashir (シビレバシル)
  • 2016-09-18: TBS VS Sel'm
  • 2016-09-24: TBS VS HOLLOWGRAM
  • 2016-09-25: TBS VS Far East Dizain
  • 2016-10-02: TBS VS STEREO.C.K

Finally, their 5th oneman will be held on 2016-11-25 at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST, although details are TBA.
THE BLACK SWAN lyrics not in album
According to @NEedle_GAme, THE BLACK SWAN's OUSIA album doesn't actually include lyrics in the booklet... instead, you'll need to present an application coupon at the band's oneman to receive the lyrics.

They basically already did the same thing with OUSIA -dispersed-, so I'm disappointed that they're doing it with the proper album too ;0; Oh well.

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there's still something that will be freely distributed to all attendees of the oneman? I hope it's not a new song, 'cause I haven't set up any way to get it :o
Minor news 4/21
So busy lately ( ;∀;) So, sorry for the lack of updates. Here are some minor ones from recent weeks:

king zeebra is supporting a new project: NEXT.R. NEXT.R is a time-limited project comprised of Riddle=Dect members fumi and Rem. Their first live is on 2016-05-27 at HOLIDAY OSAKA.

[Riddle=Dect paused activities on 2016-04-14 after guitarist MERO (メロ) seceded to pursue his education. Their CD keep one's word was distributed at the event.]

Since they're not UCP related, I won't really cover them, but I thought I'd mention it!


king zeebra will sponsor an event, NEO GENESIS VOL.2, on 2016-05-27 at HOLIDAY OSAKA. (VOL.1 was held on 2016-03-25, at the same place.)

They'll also hold Tougen no Sato -Ni- (桃源乃郷 -弐-), on 2016-06-24 at HOLIDAY OSAKA. Tougen no Sato -Ichi- (桃源乃郷 -壱-) was previously held there, on 2016-04-14.


A birthday event for Mischievous vocalist Saki (砂希), murder in rabbitcage Vol.1, will be held on 2016-05-03 at LIVE HOUSE D'.


Dead Children bassist Ray released the second volume of his VISUNAVI column, Dechil FC (でっちるFC), on 2016-04-14. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to VISUNAVI's paid mobile service to access it ^^;


THE BLACK SWAN will be on FOOL'S MATE channel on 2016-04-26. ➡ check it


The cover of chariots' single Senkou is up. By the way, it was recorded at CPR INC., which is a studio owned by COMPILE RECORD.
Minor news roundup 3/6
Minor news roundup for 3/6 🤘

  • ARLEQUIN was on TBS show BLITZ INDEX on 2016-03-04.
  • ARLEQUIN are featured in FIVESTARS MAGAZINE March edition.
  • ARLEQUIN and PENTAGON are the cover artists of Vijuttoke vol.48.
  • ARLEQUIN have a comment video for their 2016-03-09 live:

  • THE BLACK SWAN have posted the list of privileges for their upcoming album, OUSIA. It's all interview DVDs and photosets, though.
    • Like an Edison - 【A】 interview DVD 1 + member photoset / 【B】 interview DVD 2 + group photo
    • little HEARTS. - 【A】 interview DVD 3 + group photo + Kotetsu photo / 【B】 member photoset + Kotetsu photo
    • Brand X - 【A】 interview DVD 4 + photocard set (members + group) / 【B】 interview DVD 5
    • Jishuban Club - 【A】 interview DVD 6 + group photo / 【B】 member photoset
    • SKULL ROSE - 【A】 interview DVD 7 / 【B】 member photoset
    • ZEAL LINK - 【A】 interview DVD 8 + group photo / 【B】 member photoset
    • TOWER RECORDS - postcard illustrated by Len (煉)
  • THE BLACK SWAN and Minus Jin-Say Orchestra will participate in a fourman on 2016-04-29:
  • MASKED RIDER SYSTEM has mentioned that they will delete their blog soon ;(
  • Ao (碧) [ex-paradeis ~ LOTMAN, etc.] will act as support guitarist at Mis†ake's 2016-03-11 live at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋). Still not sure who the other members are, to be honest.
  • Mis†ake will release their 3-piece black tea set (1,000 yen) at their 2016-03-11 live. They'll also release a keyholder (1,000 yen) and armband (2,000 yen).

  • Mis†ake will also release a new single, Kakogawa Shinjuu, at their 2016-03-11 live.
  • At their 2016-03-26 live at Umeda (梅田) Zeela, Mis†ake will debut their new costumes and make an important announcement. (Actually, they say they will not do those things, but then say “(lying)” right beside that, lol. They're so stupid.)
  • More will be on FOOL'S MATE channel on 2016-03-07.
  • PENTAGON has re-stocked their ugly new goods at the GOEMON RECORDS official web shop.

    Those who spend 5,000 yen on the goods (cheki excluded) will receive an original totebag. Those who spend 10,000 yen will further receive an original badge (1 random of 10 possible).
  • Visual kei bar RAZZLE DAZZLE (run by HINA and Yuuri of Lucifer's underground) will hold an unofficial LIN/UNDER CODE/Matina day on 2016-03-12 in celebration of KISAKI's birthday.
  • ex-VARYL drummer Shikito (織人) has changed his name to 律-ritsu- and joined Ains band Gossip (大日本鬼端児組 悪童会に占拠され ゴシップ)! Since Shikito/ritsu isn't directly connected to UCP/Matina, we won't start following Gossip's activities, but it's cool nonetheless.

    (Kinda interesting that ex-VARYL vocalist Hiro's previous band was called gossip too!)
Minor news roundup 3/1
Some minor updates from Affective Synergy, ARLEQUIN, AVANCHICK, THE BLACK SWAN, and SAMUKURO:

  • Affective Synergy (pictured above) held their live on the 25th. Lin (凛) says that the project will be a little more active this year, but detailed plans haven't been made yet (tho it seems that he will be recording something soon!). Here's the setlist from the live:
    1. 蒼焔-Souen- / 2. As a Fact / MC / 3. Another Sky / 4. Nyx (Lilith cover) / 5. Daze (new song)
  • ARLEQUIN will participate in a threeman with Kiryu (己龍) and MERRY in June:
  • ARLEQUIN has announced new goods: a parka, tshirt, coin purse, and sticker. (They're all pretty ugly |D)

    They're also releasing a pamphlet! Most of the shitty bands I listen to never get popular enough to have pamphlets, so that's a good sign♪
  • ARLEQUIN were on talk program NICO Visu (ニコびじゅ) today.
  • AVANCHICK are selling live photographs via their section at the AOOS web shop.
  • AVANCHICK will hold a series of three twoman/threeman events:
  • THE BLACK SWAN will participate in a fourman in June:
  • ex-Oneness guitarist DAI will participate in a session on 2016-03-31:
    Tokubetsu na SOUP 【LILT Sedai】 (特別なスープ【リルト世代】)
    V. 空-kou- [ex-LILT (リルト)]
    G. DAI [ex-Oneness]
    G. Yuki (柚希) [ex-RIZ]
    B. Fuma (冬麻) [ex-RIZ]
    D. °CeleNa。 [ex-RIZ]
  • SAMUKURO officially joined Me teaR music on 2016-02-14. They'd previously appeared on that label's omnibus. Hilariously, their official web site has stopped working... some label, huh |D
Minor news roundup 2/25
Here's some minor news:

  • chariots' store-distributed single, Togetoga, is officially sold out.
  • VARYL vocalist Hiro (緋絽) will participate in his long-running session band LUCY MONOSTONES (ルーシーモノストーンズ) on 2016-04-07 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE. (Btw, they are unrelated to the bands Lucy MonoStone and Lucy monostone'S.)
    V. Hiro (緋絽) [ex-VARYL]
    G. Kaie [ex-VARYL support
    G. & B. (unannounced)
    D. Masami (雅美) [D'efend Chroma]
  • ex-Oneness vocalist JUKI (ジュキ) will participate in a session on 2016-03-17, and ex-guitartist DAI will participate in a session on 2016-06-19.
    Horobi no BURST STREAM (滅びのバーストストリーム)
    V. JUKI (ジュキ) [ex-Oneness]
    G. Miru. [Lylow]
    G. (TBA)
    B. Momonari Hajime (桃生 一) [ex-MONO (モノ)]
    D. Ryou (りょう) [ex-Blitz]

    Doshaburi (土砂降り)
    V. Ryu (柳) [ex-MoNoLith]
    G. DAI [ex-Oneness]
    G. Hide [LAGNA]
    B. Rito [ex-GAKIDO]
    D. Kazuharu (和春) [DOAK]
  • AVANCHICK will hold two birthday events:
  • Several artists from Lucifer's underground, chariots, & etc. participated in a 雀羅-jyakura- session band on 2016-02-24 at Nagoya (名古屋) HOLIDAY.
    V. Asuyu (明透遊) [UNDEAD, ex-AZALEA~jyakura (雀羅), etc.]
    G. toki [Lucifer's underground, ex-UNDEAD, etc.]
    G. Nao [ex-jyakura (雀羅)~UNDEAD, etc.]
    B. Yuuri (憂里) [Lucifer's underground, ex-Cu[be], etc.]
    D. Mikage (美景) [chariots, etc.]
  • AVANCHICK are selling signed posters (on which they'll hand-write your name) through the AOOS web shop.
  • PINOKIO is selling a new towel at the web shop of TaiKutSu?, his personal fashion brand.
  • Some sort of Really Big Deal™ drama happened, regarding tickets to LIN's 2016-03-18 live at Osaka (大阪) LIVE HOUSE D'. Tbh, I don't fully understand―I don't know how ticketing works in VK, and my translation skillz aren't good enough to make sense of it―but it seems that someone's tickets were lost in the mail (allegedly).

    LIN made this post when the mistake first happened. And if I understand correctly, they said they sent two S-class tickets to the person whose tickets had been lost. Except the person actually received two A-class tickets, so they were pissed. (I think?) Cut to this apology post where they promise to fix it.

    Imo who the fuck cares, but I understand that this is important to some people, so I hope it's resolved in a way such that all parties are happy. ('ω')ノ
  • The cover of THE BLACK SWAN drummer Len's photobook, Len to Kotetsu, is up.
THE BLACK SWAN: album, oneman, look, OHP, & JIN quits Twitter
THE BLACK SWAN has revealed their new artist image. (The “wedding dress” look was for promotional purposes only, and the new image shows the costumes that they actually wear on stage.)

They've also renewed their OHP ( and their official Twitter account (@THEBLACKSWANofc). Right now, those who follow the account and RT this tweet can win 1 of 5 copies of OUSIA -dispersed-! It seems that Terakoya staff have taken over in full force~

On that note: vocalist JIN (儿) has suddenly quit Twitter. His reasons are unknown (some speculate that it was due to harassment), but he says that he'll occasionally Tweet through the band's official Twitter, and will continue to update his blog. We love you, JIN!

Thanks to the OHP update, we now know that OUSIA will contain 12 tracks (+ 2 additional tracks on the B TYPE). So my guess is that it has all 10 tracks from the live-distributed version, plus 2 new songs. Hopefully they're actual songs and not just SE tracks♪ I guess it will be a while before we know for sure, but in the mean time, you can check out the cover art: TYPE A, TYPE B.

Finally a few details about their 2016-06-03 oneman, OUSIA: a special project related to the album will be held there, and an unspecified present will be freely distributed to attendees... I wonder what it is!
THE BLACK SWAN 「OUSIA」 full version details
A few details have emerged regarding the full release of THE BLACK SWAN's album, OUSIA!

Unlike the live-distributed version, this one's just called OUSIA (tho Brand X seems to disagree), and will be released in two types: TYPE A w/ RUVISH PV, and TYPE B w/ two bonus tracks.

There's only a partial tracklist in the release info―THE HOPELESS, Ushinai, Kagune-justitia-, [S]TRIPPER, and DEJECTED RAIN―with others TBA. But I'm pretty sure that OUSIA, THE WORLD IS MY ROOM, and BLIND DAYS are still included (sloppy copywriting from Terakoya?). At this point, it seems like the only new songs are on B TYPE, which isn't quite what I expected... but I guess we'll see once more details are released :)


By the way, this text “「[S]TRIPPER」をギター、ベースをリレコーディング、そしてフルリミックスで収録” just means that [S]TRIPPER has rerecorded guitar and bass, and is remixed. That was already true of the OUSIA-dispersed- version―THE BLACK SWAN is not rerecording the song for a second time. This also does not mean that the entire album is fully remixed... just [S]TRIPPER, and, again, it's the same remix that appeared on OUSIA-dispersed-.
Minor news roundup 2/17
Here are some more minor news items:

  • ARLEQUIN × BugLug twoman, NONFICTION (ノンフィクション), will stream via NICONICO on 2016-02-20.
  • AVANCHICK guitarist REY (レイ) is on Instagram @avanchick_rey01.
  • THE BLACK SWAN will participate in a twoman with SCAPEGOAT in April:
  • THE BLACK SWAN, More, and HOLLOWGRAM will participate in a threeman, along with opening act bask in the deep, in May:
  • The 2016-02-21&28 edition of ARLEQUIN's radio show, KOTO NO HA ALGORITHM (コトノハアルゴリズム) will feature V. Aki (暁) as personality and MERRY V. GARA (ガラ) as guest.
  • Lilith appeared on International Channel Shanghai. Lin posted some clips of the appearance here.
  • PINOKIO has several songs available on KARAOKE NO TETSUJIN (カラオケの鉄人) since 2016-02-18: CHAOS RIRON (カオスリロン), ANGEL CALL (エンジェルコール), HELLO HOLLOW (ハロウホロウ), TORIKAGO (トリカゴ), Ryuusei LYRICAL (流星リリカル), TSUMETAI SEKAI (ツメタイセカイ), KOKORO NO OTO (ココロノオト), Kuroneko SHERRY (黒猫シェリー), and Tears blurred my shadow.
  • THE BLACK SWAN had an English interview at Shattered-Tranquility. There are a few interesting bits in there, but I'd thought I point out that they say the next version of OUSIA will include a few more songs, including a ballad.
  • KISAKI (LIN) will appear in magazine ROCK AND READ Vol:064, to be released on 2016-02-26.
  • GLARD uploaded the song Days from their CD From The 3 Words:

Minor news roundup 2/15
A quick news roundup before work. More to come:

  • LIN (SUI, KISAKI, & MIZALY) will appear on the 2016-02-24 edition of VISUAL Kei Tsuushin ・ Kai (ヴィジュアル系通信・改). Watch here.
  • Two session bands will appear at ALVION's last live oneman:
  • At the SUI&MIZALY (LIN) tribute oneman live on 2016-02-14, eight previously-unreleased live DVDs were sold. Each cost 3,000 yen; 7 were of Megaromania and 1 was of Metis Gretel. They all sold out immediately.
  • Drummer LEN (煉) of THE BLACK SWAN will release his first book, LEN to Kotetsu (煉と虎徹), on 2016-03-23. Of course it's a photo collection of his famous cat! On preorders alone, the book is the #1 bestseller in Amazon JP's “cat book” category, lol. (This will definitely be why TBS eventually breaks up, huh?)
  • MASKED RIDER SYSTEM will release their live-limited live DVD, CAST OFF, from 2016-02-20. I want it :(
  • Mis†ake sold an armband and face masks. They also freely distributed their custom tea.
    They also released a live-limited PV and a new single. Both are sold out.

    Their next live is a “oneman” on 2016-03-11:
Minor news roundup 1/31
Minor news roundup for 1/31:

  • ARLEQUIN, Black Gene For the Next Scene, GOTCHAROCKA, More, and PENTAGON, among others, have contributed comment videos in celebration of ViSULOG's 5th anniversary.
  • ARLEQUIN will hold a twoman with DEZERT:
  • ARLEQUIN will display their costumes from the Douke NO Hana (道化ノ華) era at visual shop Ai-Karyu (Ai-華龍) from 2016-01-30 through 2016-02-21.
  • AVANCHICK has begun selling their live DVD through the AOOS shop (it was previously only available through the band's own web shop).

    When buying from this store, the privilege is an L-sized artist photograph with printed signature/comment. (The official web shop version included a bonus offshot DVD instead.)
  • Black Gene For the Next Scene has revealed the tracklists for their best album, CHAOS MONSTER.

    Those who purchase the CLEAR type, and either of the other types, can mail in the title strips for a special unplugged/piano CD.
  • THE BLACK SWAN's drummer Len (煉) appeared on Nippon TELEVISION (日本テレビ) show Jinsei ga Kawaru 1 Funkan no Fuka II Hanashi (人生が変わる1分間の深イイ話).
  • ex-E'm ~grief~ Cecir has done some composing
  • Mischievous has announced the details of their two-part tour final at HOLIDAY OSAKA on 2016-03-31. Their PV will be distributed to attendees, and message disc will be further distributed to VIP ticket holders.
  • More revealed the tracklist to their upcoming mini-album, PARADIGMA.
  • Paranoid≠circuS released the tracklist for their upcoming mini-album, DREAM BOXX. It includes 4 old songs and 4 new songs―which is longer than a mini-album, so I wonder if some of the new ones are SE tracks...
  • PENTAGON has released new goods through the GOEMON RECORDS official shop, available for order 2016-02-01 through 2016-02-05. (They appear to be sold out already, tho...!).
  • Se'ikspia posted a trailer with some footage from their “replay” live (tho they unfortunately didn't use the live-recorded audio). It seems that the band hopes to play another live, but that's still undecided.

Terakoya (THE BLACK SWAN) label tour
Terakoya (the new label of THE BLACK SWAN) will hold its 10 year anniversary event tour, Hyakka Ryouran ~Extravaganza for second bloom~ (百花繚乱 ~Extravaganza for second bloom~), beginning on 2016-04-24.
THE BLACK SWAN new image and RUVISH preview
THE BLACK SWAN revealed their new artist image and a preview of their RUVISH PV.

THE BLACK SWAN label change and album
THE BLACK SWAN finished their oneman, Judge the Value, today. They made three important announcements:

First, they're joining the label Terakoya (寺子屋), which is currently home to Minus Jin-Say Orchestra, ENSOKU (えんそく), and OTOME-KOKKA (乙女国家).

Second, their full album will be re-released in stores on 2016-04-27 as OUSIA. Details are TBA. (Not sure if there will be changes to the tracklist.)

Finally, their 2nd anniversary oneman, OUSIA, will be held on 2016-06-03 at TSUTAYA O-WEST.
THE BLACK SWAN 「OUSIA」 booklet delayed
Due to production delays, the OUSIA booklet will not be available at THE BLACK SWAN's 2016-01-05 oneman.

The booklet, which explains the world of the freely-distributed OUSIA -dispersed- album, was to be awarded to those who purchased a premium ticket to the oneman. However, the manufacturer is experiencing delays related to the holidays, and will not be able to provide the booklets in time.

Those who purchase a premium ticket will instead be given a voucher for the booklet, which can be redeemed at THE BLACK SWAN lives starting on 2016-01-17. As an additional apology, those customers will also receive a “lottery ticket.”


Kinda sucks, 'cause my friend is only going to the 2016-01-05 live, afaik ;(

Posts from 2015

Minor news roundup 12/23
Minor news roundup for 2015-12-23:

  • Lilith guitarist Lin's Instagram: @affectedsynergy.
  • SHOXX Vol.276 features PENTAGON.
  • PENTAGON's fashion brand PENTAGON will hold its collaborative two-part instore event with KERA at their Shinjuku (新宿) brand on 2016-01-16. Their collaborative blue parka (9,720 yen) will be sold. Those who spend 10,000 yen can participate in either part of the event, while those who spend 18,000 yen can participate in both. (Both parts consist of a talk, signing, and cheki shooting session.)
  • Cure Vol.149 features Black Gene For the Next Scene, GIGAMOUS, LIN, PENTAGON, and GOEMON RECORDS president YU-I.
  • ARLEQUIN live report is up at UREpia (ウレぴあ).
  • REVINE vs SHAPE SHIFTER twoman, Shinsaibashi Gekka Raimei (心斎橋月下雷鳴), will be held on 2016-04-06 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) paradigm, with opening act 無玄-MUKURO-.
  • PENTAGON × Belle (ベル) twoman, AGAINST THE RULES, will be held on 2016-03-03 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.
  • PENTAGON sponsored event, TEAR'S LIBERATION, will be held on 2016-02-24 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.
  • Like an Edison 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR DVD [Type-A] features: AVANCHICK, ARLEQUIN, GIGAMOUS, SHAPE SHIFTER, D, and many others.

    [Type-B] features: Dead Children
    , Devil Kitty, THE BLACK SWAN, PENTAGON, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra, More, and many more.

    Those who spend 1,000 yen at Like an Edison stores can choose either DVD, those who spend 2,000 yen receive both.
  • ARLEQUIN vocalist Aki (暁) will participate in seek's session band during Tokyo Chaos 2015 on 2015-12-31 at Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou Dainitaiikukan (国立代々木競技場 第二体育館).
    seek SESSION (seek セッション)
    【V. Aki (暁) [ARLEQUIN / G. Kazuki (一樹) [BugLug] / G. Kayuu (華遊) [ex-ν] / B. seek [Mix Speaker's,Inc.] / D. 宏崇-hirotaka- [R Shitei (R指定)]】

As implied, it's a censored version of the original PV. The band took down the original version (which is still available with the physical copies of THE HOPELESS) at the request of one of the models involved, and uploaded this censored version instead. To be honest, this version has a mysterious air about it that's almost as cool as the original! Check it:

Also, some lovely person called Maki Selene Niineko uploaded THE BLACK SWAN's television appearance on TBS, in which they talk about drummer LEN and his cat Kotetsu. It's pretty cute (though a little long and overly saccharine), and even features a few seconds of live and backstage footage!

THE BLACK SWAN full album tracklist up
THE BLACK SWAN has revealed the tracklist for their live-distributed full album, OUSIA-dispersed-.

There are 5 new songs in total:

It features the title tracks from their four singles, plus a new version of the live-distributed song [S]TRIPPER (with re-recorded guitar and bass, and a full remix). DEJECTED RAIN, a composition of guitarist MAKOTO (誠), is included with a new arrangement (than what is heard live). Although they don't mention which titles this applies to, the “ultra hard” first compositions of bassist RENA and guitarist ITSUKI (樹) are included, along with an 11 minute “musical life's masterpiece” by vocalist JIN (儿).

As a reminder, this album will be freely distributed to attendees of the band's 2016-01-05 special oneman, Judge the Value, at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA. Tickets have no set price―attendees are asked to pay, after the live, whatever amount they felt the performance was worth. Those who buy a 3,000 yen premium ticket will further receive an OUSIA booklet.

By the way, a live clip of the band will broadcast on TV channel TBS program TOKOTON Horisagetai! Ikimono ni THANK YOUU!! SP (トコトン掘り下げ隊!生き物にサンキュー!!SP) on 2015-12-23 from 18:30.
THE BLACK SWAN live distributed full album
THE BLACK SWAN will freely distribute their full album, OUSIA-dispersed-, at their decide-your-price oneman, Judge the Value, on 2016-01-05 at Takadanobaba AREA.

The band will also make an important announcement at the live. *Please no disbandment*

As I previously reported, entry to the oneman is free, but customers are asked to pay “what they think the performance was worth” afterward. Everyone who attends will receive the full album. Those who purchase a “premium ticket” (3,000 yen) will further receive the luxurious booklet, which discloses “the world of OUSIA.”

The band has not mentioned if the album will also be sold in stores.

(If anyone's attending the live, I'll pay for the album + premium booklet!)

HEISEI ISHIN vocalist Taku “presents” event in December
A special event has been announced for 2015-12-10 which will memorialize deceased HEISEI ISHIN vocalist Taku (拓). Several special acts will appear―almost all of which were part of the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION family ❤.

N@H, the special two-piece band which was considered the “second act” of HEISEI ISHIN, will appear, along with GIGAMOUS, the formal band that followed. The band More, which features ex-12012 members will appear, as will a special version of THE BLACK SWAN which features ex-NEGA drummer Yu (優)!! A session called Ishin (維新) will appear, which presumably will cover HEISEI ISHIN songs, too.

Finally, a super special session called Yoshifumi BAND (よしふみバンド) will appear, which is made up of retired ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION guys...!! It features CO- (the not-seen-since-his-arrest ex-FUTURISM・BOYZ vocalist), TAKAFUMI (most famous UNDER CODE PRODUCTION staff member), KANATA (ex-LIN guitarist-cum-sommelier), Yoshi (HEISEI ISHIN leader who retired from music), and 姫雛~hina~ (ex-Anjyu' drummer). (Interestingly, many of those guys worked at TAKAFUMI's club!)

What a great lineup... I'd really like to see that live! R.I.P Taku ❤
LIN's Visual Festival 2015
LIN will appear alongside other visual kei bands for not only one visual festival, but two this year!
  • First, the band appeared at the event, 「V-BAND 祭」 ~SUMMER FESTIVAL 2015~ at Shibuya REX on July 31, alongside HERO, MeteoroiD, Black Gene for the Next Scene, Souiumono, BLaive, etc. They will then perform for the next three days of the event at Osaka MUSE on August 7, at Nagoya E.L.L on August 9, and at Tsutaya O-WEST on August 14.
  • Then, later on October 18, they will appear alongside other visual kei bands from all over Japan and from other countries for the Visual Unite sponsored World Visual Festival at Shibuya SOUND MUSEUM VISION. Familiar faces include UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ, Jin-Machine, Scarlet Valse, and NINJAMAN JAPAN, while the foreign bands participating are DIE/MAY (from Sweden and Finland, consisting of ex-Seremedy members *cringes*), DNR (Dreams Not Reality) (from Italy and Germany), and MaleRose (from Thailand). The video that showcases the participating bands can be viewed below.

  • LIN will also be making a guest appearance at the SAITAMA Summer Rock Festival on August 11-12. Other bands performing will include THE BLACK SWAN, Devil Kitty, AVANCHICK, and VARYL.
  • In other news, they have also sold some bootleg DVDs at their live at Shibuya REX on July 31. The live footage featured are from their performances at Meguro Rokumeikan on June 30 and at Takadanobaba AREA on July 1. The DVDs were 3000 yen each.

Agitation Clysis ~Integrity~ tracklist announced
The tracklist for upcoming omnibus, Agitation Clysis ~Integrity~ has been announced. Unfortunately, as expected, all songs are old―except maybe emmurée's? Check out the song list here to decide if you're still interested.
New omnibus series 「Agitation Clysis」
A new omnibus series has been announced! On 2015-08-19, the Agitation Clysis ~Integrity~ volume will be released, which features THE BLACK SWAN, Femme Fatale, Lucifer's underground, MASKED RIDER SYSTEM, More, GIGAMOUS, and more. They've not yet announced if any tracks will be new.

Agitation Crisis is a new series sponsored by the label LIZARD NEO. The series is a tribute to the famous indies compilation series that were popular in the 90s, and seeks to revive the feeling of “finding a diamond in the rough”. Three CDs in the series will be simultaneously-released on 2015-08-19.

The ~Integrity~ volume features cult-following bands solid fanbases and rich careers. Including the bands listed above, emmurée, HOLLOWGRAM, Sel'm, and STEREO.C.K!

The ~Reckless~ volume features young bands who are currently competing in the fierce visual scene. They include A.S.K, BUG scream, Diana, Dear, GateNo.14, STELLA・・・, UNDER FALL JUSTICE, VABEL, Kimi ha Surudoku (君は鋭く), CHRONOGEAR (クロノギア), and Kuro No Usagi (黒乃うさぎ).

Finally, the ~Metalize~ volume features metal bands DEAD EYE SPIDER, Death Land, Knock'em Dead, Leraje, RED RAW, SKILL ACTOR, VELL'z FIRE, SEXUA ROSE, Takeru (武尊), Tenrin (天憐), Narita★Family (成田★一家).

Each CD will include a sticker with bands' logos.

The tracklists for all three CDs are currently unannounced. I'm really hoping for new songs (especially out of the ~Integrity~ volume, which has an exceptional lineup), but we should probably expect old ones... At any rate, I'm excited for this new omnibus series with great lineups.
THE BLACK SWAN new single―and more
THE BLACK SWAN finished their oneman, and have made several announcements. First: their new-maxi single, Kagune (赫音), will be released in August. Lovely boys that they are, they've already uploaded a PV preview (it looks great as usual ❤):

  • THE BLACK SWAN has announced special oneman live to be held in 2016... There's no set ticket price―fans can pay whatever they want, after the show, based on what they think the band's performance was worth. Pretty brave, and cool!
  • The band has also announced another threeman live:
  • At the aforementioned threeman lives, a free present will be distributed to attendees. I'm still not sure what the present is... However, attendees who bring their ticket stubs from the band's 2015-05-22 threeman, to the 2015-08-24 threeman, will receive a random type (TYPE-N, TYPE-A, or TYPE-K) of Nazo no Enban (謎の円盤). If I remember correctly, the previous Nazo no Enban turned out to be a comment video, so I assume that's what this is.
  • It seems that THE BLACK SWAN has formed their alter-ego band, “THE WHITE SWAN” (seen in the photo above). It seems that THE WHITE SWAN will “hijack” certain upcoming THE BLACK SWAN lives.
  • At their oneman today, the band held a special raffle (one turn cost 3,000 yen, or was free with purchase of the band's previous maxi-single). Available presents were satsueikai with the band, unspecified goods, purikura, or copies of previously live-distributed items. THE BLACK SWAN also sold a special 6-piece trading card photoset for 1,500 yen.
  • I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it, but THE BLACK SWAN was recently added to the VISUAL CRUSADE digital trading card game.
THE BLACK SWAN will hold a threeman with HOLLOWGRAM and Femme Fatale (btw, it's their second time with Femme Fatale). An unspecified gift will be freely distributed to attendees... hopefully not a CD 'cause those are hard to get!
Minor news roundup 5/9
Here's some recent minor news:

  • ARLEQUIN is releasing new wristbands designed by Aki.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi will hold a sponsored event on 2015-06-19:
  • ARLEQUIN will appear in the July edition of Men's SPIDER, to be released on 2015-05-25.
  • ViSULOG has posted an article with loads of pictures from PENTAGON's 2015-04-25 Harajuku jack event: check it out!
  • Several artists will feature comments and photos in a pamphlet by TOWER RECORDS, VISUAL LIFE Vol.1: ARLEQUIN, GIGAMOUS, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, Dead Children, Black Gene For the Next Scene, THE BLACK SWAN, PENTAGON, REALies, Lucifer's underground, and Oneness.
  • Shop fiveStars recently sponsored a tour called Realistic ideal 2015. Starting on 2015-05-12, the shop is running a campaign: those who spend 1,500 yen will receive a pamphlet containing comments and photos from the tour. Among others, PENTAGON and Oneness will be featured.
  • Oneness posted a privilege list for their upcoming final single, GO!!.
  • LIN, ARLEQUIN, and PENTAGON will appear in VR Virtual Reality vol.034.
  • REALies' 2015-06-20 and 2015-06-21 sponsored events are sold out!
  • REALies has new goods featuring the slogan “I DID IT MY WAY”. They were designed by Ritsu and look pretty cool!!
THE BLACK SWAN will participate in a threeman sponsored by Femme Fatale, along with Sel'm and opening act BLESS THIS MESS, on 2015-05-28.

News roundup 3/5
Here's some minor news:

  • As of March 1st, Hideaki (秀暁) ex-bassist of DAS:VASSER has joined UNDEAD (which has been home to many Nagoya based bandmen: ex-AZALEA, hurts, etc.).
  • Lilith will hold their 10th oneman live, 魔都制圧 -In to the CORE-, on 2015-03-28.

    Their first China tour, 円夢中華 -The Freak of Saviour-, will begin on 2015-04-10, and will feature a live with girugämesh on the 12th and a live with Royz on the 24th. The tour final, 魔都制圧 -Neo Scream-, will be held on 2015-07-25.
  • THE BLACK SWAN will hold their threeman, KILLER×KILLER CARNIVAL vol.3, versus DEZERT and Kuroyuuri to Kage (黒百合と影) on 2015-05-22 at Ikebukuro EDGE.
  • It appears that, from 2015-03-01, ex-SUZAKU guitarist Hazuki (葉月) is once again providing support for AiM MaiM. The band also has a new look, which you can see on their artist page.
  • ARLEQUIN appeared on the 109 public TV screen in Shibuya (渋谷) from 2015-02-23 through 2015-03-01 (pic here). They also had a billboard truck (pic here).

    These are quite big promotional steps for an indie visual kei band!
THE BLACK SWAN new PV and new single
THE BLACK SWAN has uploaded the full PV for their new song Ushinai (失い) from their upcoming single! They've also released a flyer which announces their 3rd maxi single, to be released sometime in summer 2015!

download mp3

The new single will be called Akane (赫音)... I think. The kanji is wayyy too small on the flyer for me to know for sure. But of course I'll update again when I do know.

The same flyer that mentions the new single also mentions that the band will freely distribute... noodles... at their 2015-06-12 anniversary oneman. So there's that. More importantly, MIRROR,MIRROR will be freely distributed at Like an Edison stores beginning on 2015-03-11; maybe we'll have more of a chance to hear it then?!
LIN and THE BLACK SWAN will participate in KUROYUME (黒夢) tribute cover album, Revision Underwear, to be released on 2015-03-25! Check here for the full tracklist, and check out these previews of the original songs which those two bands are covering:

(Unfortunately, full studio versions are available on YouTube, sorry!)



THE BLACK SWAN 2nd maxi-single and oneman
THE BLACK SWAN has announced their second maxi-single, Shitsuai to Izon, Sono Kanshoku, to be released on 2015-03-11! There's an awesome PV preview below. Additionally, THE BLACK SWAN will hold their anniversary oneman in June.

Posts from 2014

DEEP MORE DEEP #2 details revealed
DEEP MORE DEEP #2 details revealed

The details have been revealed for upcoming omnibus DEEP MORE DEEP #2 (which features THE BLACK SWAN, VARYL, Fixer, and Nihilizm).

You can view the tracklist and cover art above. In the mean time, privileges: each store will have its own privilege DVD (I think they're comment DVDs but can't be sure). Like an Edison will get Fixer DVD; Jishuban Club (自主盤倶楽部), THE BLACK SWAN DVD; closet child, VARYL DVD; and ZEAL LINK, Nihilizm DVD.

I'll probably buy from Jishuban to get the THE BLACK SWAN DVD... but interested in seeing VARYL too. Anyone else buying a copy?

2014-12-10 at Shinjuku (新宿) RUIDO K4
THE BLACK SWAN / Nihilizm / Fixer / VARYL / SHEDIA / LAYZis / nüe

LIN 「Nightmarish...」 lyrics released
KISAKI posted the lyrics for LIN's new song, Nightmarish..., in his blog. Check here for the Japanese and romanized lyrics.

THE BLACK SWAN 「THE HOPELESS」 cover and privileges
High quality cover art for THE BLACK SWAN's releases is now up in their discography. Furthermore, the band has revealed the privileges for purchasing their upcoming single, THE HOPELESS, at various places:

    visual type: comment DVD / audio type: comment CD / both: photoset
  • Like an Edison
    visual: comment DVD + incomplete photoset (missing group photo) / audio: comment CD + group photo
    visual: comment DVD / audio: comment CD / both: photoset
  • little HEARTS.
    visual: comment DVD / audio: comment CD / both: photoset
  • Brand X
    visual: comment DVD + incomplete photoset / audio: group photo
  • fiveStars
    visual: comment DVD / audio: photoset
  • R.I.P
    visual: comment DVD / audio: comment CD / both: photoset
    visual: comment DVD / audio: comment CD / both: photoset
THE BLACK SWAN PV sample, 1st oneman, and distributed CD
THE BLACK SWAN has posted a PV sample from their upcoming single, THE HOPELESS. It sounds really great! They also announced their first oneman and distributed CD(?).

Their oneman will be on 2015-01-04 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE. It's called...: THE HOPELESS WORLD ~Kingashinnen, Sukuisama no nai Sekai ni Nageku, Skuisama no nai Subete no 「Kimi」he~ (THE HOPELESS WORLD ~禁賀新年、救い様の無い世界に嘆く、救い様の無い全ての「君」へ~)

Those who attend will receive the band's freely distributed Nazo no Enban (謎の円盤) (“mysterious disc”) in TYPE-T, B, or S. (Which type each customer gets is completely random.) I'm not sure if the disc contains a song, a comment, a video, or...
ALVION, THE BLACK SWAN, Oneness, THE RHEDORIC, and VARYL all have new stuff coming up:

  • THE BLACK SWAN and VARYL will be featured (along with Nihilizm and Fixer) on upcoming omnibus DEEP MORE DEEP #2, to be released on 2014-12-24 (no word if the songs are old or new, yet).
  • Oneness will release their 2nd anniversary memorial single, Usotsuki no Sahou (嘘つきの作法), on 2015-01-21 in three types (A: 2 tracks + PV / B: 3 tracks / C: 3 tracks).

  • THE RHEDORIC (which features ex-12012 member Suga Yuusuke, among others) will release their first full album Jiggy (...) on 2014-10-15. It's limited 1,000 copies and costs 2,484 yen for 10 songs.

Nihilizm vs THE BLACK SWAN
D.I.D Nihilizm will hold their twoman event versus THE BLACK SWAN in October.

Nihilizm Presents 2MAN EVENT Fascinated on Drug.
Nihilizm vs THE BLACK SWAN

THE BLACK SWAN first national release
THE BLACK SWAN will release their first widely-available CD, a maxi-single entitled THE HOPELESS, on 2014-10-15!!

The CD is available in two types: both share 2 songs, while one includes a PV DVD and the other a bonus track. Title track, THE HOPELESS, is described as a dark, melodious and dramatic number, while coupling HATE YOURSELF UNTIL YOU DIE is a live-staple hard song. CD-type-limited bonus track Kunou ni Hibiku Akai Koe to Sonzairiyuu is a ballad which utilizes acoustic guitar and RENA's wooden upright bass.

Please check THE BLACK SWAN's discography page for detailed information. (Thanks to Shaolan for adding them!)
News roundup 7/29
Here's the latest from ClearVeil, FOODED SEAL, ISORA (イソラ), NEGA, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), and the:Ø:

( View the rest of this entry )
GOEMON BBQ, CindyKate revival, MARMOT event, and more
Aww, check out this shot from the recent “GOEMON RECORDS family” BBQ gathering ↑. They love each other ;_;. Anyway, here's a roundup of some GOEMON RECORDS news, feat. ARLEQUIN, CindyKate, and REALies!

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THE BLACK SWAN members' blogs and Twitters are open, and the band has announced details of its tour final at which a new song will be distributed.

2014-09-11 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA
THE BLACK SWAN / Sel'm / Femme Fatale / ERIZA / Nihilizm / SAVAGE

I SOLATION freely distributed to attendees

THE BLACK SWAN members' blogs

THE BLACK SWAN tracklisting
THE BLACK SWAN has revealed the cover and tracklisting for their first single, 「Kurochou」 (「黒聴」). The live-limited single will go on sale on 2014-06-27.

Here's the band's music sample, if you missed it:

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION models for Tritt fur Tritt anniversary
On 2014-09-22, legendary visual kei hair & makeup house Tritt für Tritt will celebrate its 10th(!) anniversary with a huge modeling & live event in Ikebukuro (池袋). After teasing details for the past five months, Tritt für Tritt has finally announced the full lineup of participants in its event―and a plethora of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION musicians will appear!

Tritt für Tritt 10th anniversary event Tritt für Tritt, Ikebukuro wo JACK!? ~Shikaku to Choukaku no 「Jikohyougen」~ =HAIR MAKE & LIVE SHOW= (トリトリ,池袋をジャック!? ~視覚と聴覚の「自己表現」~ =ヘアメイク&ライブショー=)
2014-09-22 at Ikebukuro Toshima Koukaidou (池袋豊島公会堂)

  • SUI (ex-Megaromania ~ LIN)
  • MIZALY (ex-Megaromania ~ LIN)
  • YUSHI (ex-Megaromania ~ LIN)
  • CERO (LIN)
  • Rame (ex-VIDOLL ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene)
  • SAN (ex-NEGA ~ the:Ø)
  • Ray (ex-NEGA ~ Licht Entertainment president)
  • Cecil (ex-E'm ~grief~)
  • RENA (ex-Vior gloire ~ THE BLACK SWAN)
  • Otake (ex-CindyKate ~ AVANCHICK)
  • (unknown vocalist of AVANCHICK) (AVANCHICK)

【other models】
yo-ka (DIAURA) / Kayuu (ν) / Sizna (Moran) / Ice (BFN) / MINAMI / YUKI (CELL) / kyouki (Grieva) / Hisame (Grieva) / mikado (Oneness) / syuma (Oneness) / rui (MISARUKA) / rin (MISARUKA) / Agato (Tokami) / Yutaka (LUCHe.) / Hikaru (LUCHe.) / rino (Synk;yet) / yuiha (Synk;yet) / VAMPIRE ROSE / Humiya (SERIAL⇔NUMBER) / Seiran (HiMeDOKI) / Luy (ZIN) / Kei (ZIN) / Riku (ZIN) / Louie (Rose Noire) / Jill (Rose Noire) / Tomoya (LIV'ERT) / Tamaki Souji (MARBLE HEAD) / Shion (AXIA) / TAKUYA (REVIL) / RayJi (ViV) / TAKA (White Palette) / Sakinew (ex-TRUST) / Yuuka (ex-Fi'Ance.)

【live performances】
Royz / DIAURA / GOTCHAROCKA / ν / Kiryu (己龍)

While Tritt für Tritt will handle all hair and makeup for the modeling portions, they will collaborate with the following fashion houses for clothes and accessories: SEX POT, Royal Princess Alice, Angelic Pretty, SUPER LOVERS, Rion, and mIRA..

THE BLACK SWAN members formally revealed, release announced
THE BLACK SWAN formally announced its lineup on Sunday; as speculated previously, it features ex-Vior gloire bassist RENA along with other relatively unknown musicians.

V. 儿-JIN- (ex-NEGA)
G. 樹-ITSUKI- (ex-ORIGAMI (オリガミ))
G. 誠-MAKOTO (ex-RevieЯ, Doppler)
B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire)
D. 煉-LEN-

THE BLACK SWAN held a secret live on the 11th at SHIBUYA REX and performed the following original songs:
  • Jishin Boukansha (自深傍観者)

The band will release their first live-limited single, Kurochou (黒聴), during their first live tour which starts on 2014-06-06. The single will contain two songs―I'm pretty sure these will be “I SOLATION” and “Jishin Boukansha”, as these are already recorded, but this hasn't been confirmed.

Finally, THE BLACK SWAN has revealed that their tour final will be held on 2014-09-11 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.
News roundup 4/21
Here's the latest news featuring ARLEQUIN, carat, KISAKI, LIN, REALies, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

  • ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) appears on VISUAL Keiji Z Vol.38 (ヴィジュアル刑事Z) which is broadcasting from April 16 until April 30.
  • carat (カラット) will hold their threeman tour with the Raid. and LUCHe. beginning in August, and will finish the tour with their 2 year anniversary oneman in September:
    Sound Addict Laboratory presents carat 2 year celebration tour THREE ARROW TOUR! 3bon no Ya ha Orenaize!! (スリーアローツアー!3本の矢は折れないぜ!!)
    2014-08-25 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA
    2014-09-01 at Fukuoka (福岡) DRUM SON
    2014-09-03 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) soma
    2014-09-04 at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA
    2014-09-05 at Hamamatsu (浜松) FORCE
    2014-09-09 at HooK SENDAI
    carat / the Raid. / LUCHe. (threeman)

    Takadanobaba Utagejou (高田馬場宴場)
    2014-09-17 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA
    carat (oneman)

  • GOEMON RECORDS has announced two new sponsored events.
    GOEMON RECORDS presents
    GOMI ha GOMIbakoE from-G- (ゴミはゴミ箱ヱ from-G-)
    2014-07-17 at SHINJUKU RUIDO K4

    2014-06-28 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE
    ARLEQUIN / REALies / (band TBA 2014-05-01) / LUCHe. / METEROID / Sick² / VOW

  • KISAKI will be featured [briefly] in the first issue of new visual kei magazine Stuppy (which features an awkard-looking RUKI on the cover). It will be released on 2014-04-24 for 980 yen.
  • The cover of upcoming omnibus featuring LIN, Yougenkyou -WEST- THE CONQUEST OF NANIWA, has been revealed. Check it here.
  • Goods sold at LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) guitarist MIZALY's birthday event have been announced: cheki from LIN's photoshoot and PV shooting (set of 2 / 1,000 yen), MIZALY birthday session cheki (set of 2 / 1,000 yen), and SchwarzVrain's live DVD (3,500 yen).
  • REALies and ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) live photosets, from their respective 2014-03-19 and 2014-03-15 oneman lives, are being sold via 7-ELEVEN. They can also be purchased online (with shopping service) via AOO Store.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will release a “silent music video” for their song MONOLEON (モノレオン) on 2014-06-01. It's intended to be watched while listening to the Yougenkyou -WEST- omnibus which will feature that song.

  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will sell their limited-design t-shirts for 3,000 yen at their 2014-05-02 sponsored event.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) continues a tradition started by LOTMAN (ロットマン) and will hold their game of onigokko with fans on 2014-04-26. Purchase of a 1,000 yen balloon is required to participate.

    Prize for capturing Ren is a live DVD #1; prize for capturing Kousuke is 3,000 yen; prize for capturing Kento is live DVD #2. There are further prizes of a Tatoeba mask an unspecified good. Follow their onigokko Twitter account @1222_222 for more info.
THE BLACK SWAN officially starts
THE BLACK SWAN, new band of ex-NEGA vocalist 儿-JIN-, has officially started!!! Check out THE BLACK SWAN's first official photo (above) and [awesome] samples of their songs Jishin Boukansha (自深傍観者) and ISOLATION:

Although THE BLACK SWAN has officially started, the band's full lineup still hasn't been revealed. From his hand tattoo, I'm pretty sure that's RENA (ex-Vior gloire) on the far left, but I can't confirm any of the other members (aside from assuming they're the same as the TBS session lineup).

At any rate, THE BLACK SWAN has announced their first tour, and more information should be revealed before their first live on 2014-06-06.

2014-06-06 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE
2014-06-20 at Shinjuku (新宿) RUIDO K4
2014-06-27 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA
2014-07-11 at Shibuya (渋谷) REX
2014-07-17 at Shinjuku (新宿) RUIDO K4
2014-08-04 at Sendai (仙台) MACANA
2014-08-06 at Niigata (新潟) RIVERST
2014-08-07 at Kanazawa (金沢) vanvanV4
2014-08-10 at Nagoya (名古屋) MUSIC FARM
2014-08-18 at Fukuoka (福岡) DRUM SON
2014-08-20 at Hiroshima NAMIKI JUNCTION (広島ナミキジャンクション)
2014-08-21 at Okayama (岡山) CRAZY 2nd ROOM
2014-08-24 at Osaka (大阪) VARON
2014-08-30 at Meguro Rockmaykan (目黒鹿鳴館)

2014-09-XX at somewhere in Tokyo

THE BLACK SWAN additional session appearance
THE BLACK SWAN additional session appearance

THE BLACK SWAN has added another performance as SESSION BAND TBS (セッションバンドTBS) on 2014-04-14. So far, 【V. JIN (儿) / G. Itsuki (樹) / B. RENA】 are confirmed to be in the lineup this time.

NAINE PresentsNEW ANSWER IS NEW ETHIC 2014-04-14 at Shibuya (渋谷) REX
SESSION BAND TBS / NAINE / LOUD GRAPE / SUPER BOYS / Revolv (レボルブ) / Ecthelion

NEGA vocalist announces new band

ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) bassist Shohei (祥平) has announced his May birthday event, and an interesting session band called TBS will appear there... Could this be ex-NEGA vocalist JIN (儿) new band, THE BLACK SWAN? Read on:

As I said, SESSION BAND TBS (セッションバンドTBS) will appear at the event―TBS just happening to be the same initials of THE BLACK SWAN. Furthermore, the lineup includes ex-Vior gloire bassist RENA and ex-ORIGAMI (オリガミ) guitarist Itsuki (樹), both of whom JIN follow on Twitter. The session's lineup is listed as follows:
【V. (undecided) / G. Itsuki / G. Chi? (千) / B. RENA / D. Kiryu? (希柳)】

But here's the real kicker: the Japanese version of the information includes the note “ボーカは未定です” (“vocal is undecided”). Notice the underlined character? ...That kanji, innocently slipped into the word “ボーカル” (“vocal”), is the kanji for “JIN”!!

So it looks like THE BLACK SWAN will be performing in May, at least in a session/prototype state. If the lineup stays the same (and I hope it does, 'cause JIN and RENA could be cool together!), we can expect THE BLACK SWAN to have the following members:
【V. JIN / G. Itsuki / G. Chi? / B. RENA / D. Kiryu?

What do you think? Will THE BLACK SWAN have the same lineup as this session? Is this a promising lineup? Do you know anything about mystery members Chi and Kiryu?
NEGA vocalist announces new band
NEGA vocalist announces new band

儿-JIN-, ex-vocalist of NEGA, has announced his long-awaited new band: THE BLACK SWAN!!! The mysterious project has been formed by JIN as his “own” band—but the members, musical sound, visuals, and world view are all shrouded in mystery... Check below for [a clumsy translation of] JIN's official comment:

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JIN (THE BLACK SWAN) official Twitter
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