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Ren solo live and Mis†ake revival
Ren solo live and Mis†ake revival

Sanada Ren (of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi) has mentioned that Nanjou Riku (南條 戮) (of chariots) will appear at his 2016-01-11 solo live at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) JU-ZA.

Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji (as “Kurojuuji”) will perform, and cheki of both vocalists will be sold at the live. Those who purchase 5,000 yen worth of goods will be allowed to take a twoshot with either Ren or Riku, and will further receive a 2004 photograph of Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji. There's also something about personal goods/live DVD in regards to cheki being sold, but I don't understand it.


Furthermore, Ren's 90s-visual alter-ego band Mis†ake will hold a time limited revival as Mis†akeⅡ (From.加古川). Their oneman, Mezamereba, REMEMBER (めざめれば、リメンバー), will be held on 2016-02-12 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) JU-ZA, with opening act Paranoid≠circuS.

I've no clue who the Mis†akeⅡ members are, as the flyer just shows weird stick figures. (In the past, it was Dali members, but I assume that's not the case anymore.)

The band's first PV DVD will be sold at the live, and there's also something about tea and SNS, but I have no fucking clue what they're talking about. It also appears they'll be hand-selling tickets somewhere, but, again, idk.
Ren solo oneman with Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji
Sanada Ren (the solo project of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi vocalist Ren) will hold his oneman, ed, on 2016-01-11 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) JU-ZA.

It appears, from the flyer, that Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji will appear as a guest act. There's no mention if ex-chariots vocalist RIKU or any other usual members of Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji will participate, but I'll update if more information becomes available.
Minor news roundup 9/2
Here's the latest roundup of minor news:

  • PENTAGON will appear in the following media outlets:
    • Radio program REDNIQS on 2015-08-31
    • Fashion magazine smart October edition
    • Free paper VR Virtual Reality vol.038
  • AVANCHICK will appear in Free paper EvoL'v vol.6.
  • VARYL members appeared in a session band on 2015-08-25:
    Shikito SESSION (織人セッション)
    【V. Siyu [ex-GLIEVE] / G. Tomo (友) [ex-A→Z] / G. Hinano。 (ひなの。) [VARYL support] / B. Yuto (侑斗) [LeviuS] / D. Shikito (織人) [VARYL]】
  • FAZ (the reincarnation of Matina band Facizm [aka Philia]) recently gained two new members: G. mitsuru / D. TAKAHIRO. The remaining members also changed their names:
    V. toshia → ToshiA / G. SHINYA (シンヤ) → SHINYA / B. kappy → KATSUHISA
  • At Lucifer's underground's 2015-09-01 event, Shisakupj≠617■2 (試作pj≠617■2) was replaced by RARARAIBU (ララライブ).
  • On 2015-11-18, AVANCHICK and Dead Children members will participate in a session band:
    liki BIRTHDAY SESSION (莉希-liki-BIRTHDAYセッション)
    【V. 莉希-liki- [Synk;yet] / G. Sin (秦) [Minerva] / G. Noah [AVANCHICK] / B. Ray [Dead Children] / D. SAKU [VAASTU]】
  • PENTAGON have released new rubber wristbands designed by minpha (眠花).
  • As of 2015-09-01, AVANCHICK fans are officially called “Moumoku Shoujo (盲目少女)” (blind girls).
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi put up more items for mail-order.
  • On 2015-09-03, Dead Children and Vasalla members will participate in a session band:
    the gravity
    【V. MINAMI (ミナミ) [Dead Children] / G. Shun (舜) [Vasalla] / G. Cain [Dead Children] / B. Akito [buccal cone] / D. Zukki [ex-OZ]】
  • MIZALY [LIN], Rame and SAN [Black Gene For the Next Scene], and Shohei (祥平) [ARLEQUIN] will appear on internet talk show YaME TALK (矢メトーク) on 2015-10-06. See the KSP channel for more info.
Recap of Ren (Tatoeba Konna Hanashi) 2015 activities
Here's a chronological recap of what Ren (Dali, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, etc.) and his projects have been up to this year:

  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi paused activities on 2015-03-27.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi vocalist 真田 廉 (Sanada Ren) and bassist Takahashi Kento (高橋 研斗) then formed unit NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル), which played on 2015-04-19 and 2015-04-29.

    NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル)

  • At NOBEL LABEL's first live, the 5,000 yen purchase privilege was either: the unit's first demo CD-R, or a DVD-R of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi's encore from their oneman. The unit also sold their first photoset and badge set.

    NOBEL LABEL photoset

    NOBEL LABEL badge set

  • At NOBEL LABEL's second live, they sold their second badge set, and the 5,000 yen purchase privilege was a Tatoeba Konna Hanashi new song demo CD-R.

    NOBEL LABEL second badge set

  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi members G. Ninna Kousuke (仁和 恒介), B. Takahashi Kento (高橋 研斗), and D. Kishihara Masami (岸原 雅巳) participated in the TOWER RECORDS “VISUAL LIFE Vol.1” project. It was basically a pamphlet featuring artists' comments (and some photos) that was awarded to those who purchased participating artists' CDs during 2015-05-12~2015-06-12.
  • On 2015-05-25, NOBEL LABEL held another live, and sold their third badge set.

    A new Mis†ake (Dali alter-ego band) “best album” was released at the live. Also, the 5,000 yen purchase privilege was either of these Dali live DVD-Rs:
    - 2012-10-28 Dali Halloween alter-ego session Happy☆Everyday (はっぴい☆えぶりでい)
    - 2012-08-08 Dali sponsored event

    NOBEL LABEL third badge set

  • Later in May, Dali made a few items available for mail-order through their official blog (despite being disbanded). The band's last live DVD and last original CD were available, along with the aforementioned Mis†ake best album. (See this page for instructions.)
  • Apparently, Takahashi Kento (高橋 研斗) became absent (seceded? became too busy?) from NOBEL LABEL some time in June?

    The unit held its first sponsored event, Shimesu EMOTION 3 (示すエモーション), on 2015-06-19 at Ash OSAKA. ex-paradeis guitarist Ao (碧) acted as support. The unit sold their fourth badge set.

    NOBEL LABEL fourth badge set

  • LOTMAN's 2013 mini-album was made available for mail-order through the Tatoeba Konna Hanashi blog on 2015-06-22.
  • At NOBEL LABEL's 2015-07-23 live, the unit sold its fifth badge set, and the 5,000 yen purchase privilege was a demo CD-R of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi's seventh unnamed song. ex-tomodachi bassist Io (伊緒) acted as support.

    NOBEL LABEL fifth badge set

  • On 2015-08-07, vocalist Sanada Ren (真田 廉) held his first solo live during a twoman with umbrella. umbrella to Sanada Ren (umbrellaと真田 廉) was held at Minamihorie (南堀江) SOCORE FACTORY.

    At the live, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi's first USB collection, USB oh! memory, was sold for 4,000 yen. It contained:
    - demo of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi's eighth untitled song
    - acoustic demo of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi song ed
    - lyrics
    - flyer images from 2013~2015 (6 total)
    - photos from 2013~2015 (19 total)

    Sanada Ren (真田 廉) vs umbrella Sanada Ren (真田 廉)


Also, the Tatoeba Konna Hanashi official website has closed... Ren stays messy and impossible to follow, unfortunately ;x. I've personally given up trying to get Tatoeba (etc.) releases, but it's nice to know that Ren is still chugging along and having fun, somewhere.
Minor news roundup 5/9
Here's some recent minor news:

  • ARLEQUIN is releasing new wristbands designed by Aki.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi will hold a sponsored event on 2015-06-19:
  • ARLEQUIN will appear in the July edition of Men's SPIDER, to be released on 2015-05-25.
  • ViSULOG has posted an article with loads of pictures from PENTAGON's 2015-04-25 Harajuku jack event: check it out!
  • Several artists will feature comments and photos in a pamphlet by TOWER RECORDS, VISUAL LIFE Vol.1: ARLEQUIN, GIGAMOUS, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, Dead Children, Black Gene For the Next Scene, THE BLACK SWAN, PENTAGON, REALies, Lucifer's underground, and Oneness.
  • Shop fiveStars recently sponsored a tour called Realistic ideal 2015. Starting on 2015-05-12, the shop is running a campaign: those who spend 1,500 yen will receive a pamphlet containing comments and photos from the tour. Among others, PENTAGON and Oneness will be featured.
  • Oneness posted a privilege list for their upcoming final single, GO!!.
  • LIN, ARLEQUIN, and PENTAGON will appear in VR Virtual Reality vol.034.
  • REALies' 2015-06-20 and 2015-06-21 sponsored events are sold out!
  • REALies has new goods featuring the slogan “I DID IT MY WAY”. They were designed by Ritsu and look pretty cool!!
Minor news roundup 4/27
The latest minor news from ARLEQUIN, Black Gene For the Next Scene, LIN, PENTAGON, REALies, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, and the:Ø:

  • ARLEQUIN has released some new goods.
  • Black Gene For the Next Scene uploaded the full PV for their new song Uragaeri (裏返り):

  • I added lyrics for LIN's latest single, Memento-Mori.
  • In TYPE:C of PENTAGON's new single, Shounen WALTZ (少年ワルツ), the bonus track ANEMONE (アネモネ) was misprinted as Suisai (水彩). GOEMON RECORDS apologizes for the mistake.
  • REALies vocalist Rayka has produced his own clothing brand, MY/WAY. The first item of the collection is a shirt called “-DROWN ME-”, which he designed. The size-free shirt will be sold at lives beginning on 2015-04-28 for 3,500 yen. Check it out here.
  • At their 2015-04-29 live, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi [performing under the name NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル)] will release a demo of “new song 5” (awarded to those who spend 5,000 yen on goods).
  • Recently-disbanded the:Ø has re-opened their web shop after their previous drama, and is selling limited quantities of their last mini-album, cold the:Øry. I bought a copy, so I'll share it here if it's not available any more...
Minor news roundup 3/28
Some updates from AiM MaiM, BALA★NCE, Mischievous, NEOLOGI, PENTAGON, REALies, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

  • While Tatoeba Konna Hanashi are on activity pause, the vocalist and bassist will perform as a two-person unit called NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル).

    So far, they have lives planned for 2015-04-19 and 2015-04-29.
  • AiM MaiM will hold their tour final, (共ニイキヨウ), on 2015-05-28 at LIVEHOUSE D'. Details to be announced.
  • Mischievous has announced all of their three-consecutive-month sponsored events, all of which will be at Nishikujou BRAND NEW:

    Hana KusaRE Kinkakubyou ・ Hasshou (花腐レ菌核病・発症)

    Hana KusaRE Kinkakubyou ・ Monen (花腐レ菌核病・蔓延)

    Hana KusaRE Kinkakubyou ・ Makki (花腐レ菌核病・末期)
  • REALies is sponsoring a twoman with PENTAGON in June:
  • REALies will hold a oneman “diet live” to celebrate the birthday of Akino (明イ). The band will play 10 songs without any breaks―they recommend bringing towels and wearing tshirts and sneakers, since it will be so hectic~
  • At their 2015-03-27 live (the last before pausing activities), Tatoeba Konna Hanashi is awarding one of these two items to those who spend 5,000 yen.

    Also, anyone who attends for Tatoeba will receive a voucher for a “kansha no kimochi (かんしゃのきもち)”.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi side-project BALA★NCE sold this CD, with 1 new track, at Tatoeba's 2015-02-21 live.
  • NEOLOGI has put up a special page with previews and reviews for their new single, Queen.

    It's, uh...
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi sold this CD and this CD (along with a photoset) via email on 2015-03-01.

    See this post for details.
New CD releases from Tatoeba Konna Hanashi and BALA★NCE
In spite of their upcoming hiatus, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi's new demo CD is now available only via the band's email address, The new CD, vaguely titled as 「demo CD-R」, will cost 2000 yen and will feature the following tracklist:
01.あたらしいきょく3(new song #3)
02.L/M/V (tentative title)
03.きみは10がつ(kimi wa 10gatsu)
04.ソラ0.4mg(sola 0.4mg)

In other news, BALA★NCE will also release an older CD, 「さらさレンジャー/あたたまうどん」, also available for purchase through the email address.
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi to go on hiatus in March
Sad news for fans of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi...
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi has announced during their live, 90min no auditorium, that they will go on a hiatus after their live in March 2015. Sadly, this doesn't come as a surprise as the band had not been doing well recently.
We wish the best for the members in their separate ways.
Minor news roundup 2/8
Here's some minor news regarding ALVION, ARLEQUIN, AVANCHICK, LIN, Oneness, Paranoid≠circuS, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

  • I've added 5 live-limited live DVDs to the Tatoeba Konna Hanashi discography. As usual, they were privileges for spending 5,000 yen at a live.
  • In January, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi sold lucky bags (5,000 yen each) via online mail-order, limited to 10 copies. Unfortunately, they didn't contain any CDs or DVDs―instead, they contained a calendar, photoset, masks, and t-shirt.
  • In an attempt to promote their upcoming oneman of the same name, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi is performing under the name 90min no AUDITORIUM (90minのオーディトリアム) at their 2015-02-17 live.
  • LIN's re-recording mini-album, Recollection of Phoenix, is available on Japanese iTunes. Unfortunately, it's not available on American iTunes―not sure about European, etc. Fairly pointless if we can't buy it though :'D
  • ALVION, ARLEQUIN, LIN, and label king zeebra are featured in Vol.021 of freepaper SEVEN.
  • With their latest single, Oneness reached #8 on the ORICON indies and #65 on the ORICON major charts, respectively. Good job!
  • Paranoid≠circuS buffalo 紲-kizuna- had a hernia and didn't attend the band's 2015-02-05 live. The band performed with 3 members instead.
  • ARLEQUIN is in the midst of a 4-part interview with club Zy..
  • AVANCHICK have announced the lineup for their 2015-04-11 event:
  • Today, LIN began shipment of the double-purchase mail-order-application privilege of their single Chaotic Resistance―a signed postcard. (There's no explanation of why it took so long... a postcard shouldn't take much time to produce, I would think!)
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi lucky bags and limited goods
Here are a few Tatoeba Konna Hanashi updates:

  • The distributed CD at their 2015-02-21 anniversary oneman will be a re-recorded version of Zagyou Now.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi lucky bags were sold at the band's 2014-12-25 and 2014-12-31 lives. For 5,000 yen each, each bag contained a calendar, masks, and cheki, plus a few of the following: cheki, shirt, notebook, live DVD, or CD-R.

    Lucky bags can also be purchased as of 2015-01-05 by emailing (limited 10 sets).
  • At their 2014-12-25 live, the privilege for spending 5,000 yen was 2014-12-21 live DVD Part 1. The privilege for spending 10,000 yen was Part 2 of that DVD.

    New photosets were also sold at that live.

Posts from 2014

Minor news update 12/24
Here's the latest:

  • A new VK metal solo project called “VANITAS VANITATUM” will release its first single, UNDER THE DECAY. I wonder if they're a fan of NEGA :3.
  • Several AVANCHICK songs are available at karaoke: list here.
  • Related artists appearing on Like an Edison's 2015 New Year comment DVDs: AVANCHICK, ARLEQUIN, GIGAMOUS, the:Ø, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra, REALies, LIN, Oneness.

  • Lilith have an English interview over at musicJAPANplus.
  • Lyrics to new KARMA=SHENJING songs have been posted here. I'll archive them here at WE LOVE UNDER CODE soon.
  • Here is the setlist of 12012's last live before their activity pause, which is being released on DVD.
  • LIN announced more privileges for their mini-album which was released today. Check the updated post here.
  • ex-Cu[be] vocalist has mentioned starting a new band soon. His session will perform on 2015-01-23 with this lineup:
    【V. Lara (螺々) [ex-Cu[be]] / G. Mayu (繭) [ex-ArcGarden] / G. Ayato (絢都) / B. KAIRI (カイリ) [ex-Avidit.] / D. Azuki (梓姫) [A'LETZA]】
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi updates
  • Guitarist Niwa Kousuke (仁和 恒介) temporarily paused band activities on 2014-09-21 due to his spontaneous pneumothorax (自然気胸). He was able to return on 2014-10-29―however, on 2014-11-30 his symptoms reappeared and so the band will continue with only 3 members for now.
  • Vocalist Sanada Ren (真田 廉) mentioned in his locked blog post that he wonders if guitarist Niwa Kousuke will return at all... Niwa Kousuke might be demoted to support member only, or replaced with support members, as the band needs at least one guitarist.
  • Sanada Ren also mentioned that the band's first anniversary oneman on 2015-02-21 is not selling very well.
  • Beginning on 2014-11-20, those who reserved tickets for 2014-12-21 twoman received demo + bonus track CD-R will be sold.
  • 5,000 yen purchase privilege on 2014-11-30 was comment DVD-R or 2014-11-12 live DVD-R.
  • At 2014-12-02 live at Ash OSAKA, customers who spent 5,000 yen could receive 2014-10-30 live DVD or 2014-11-12 live DVD. New photosets were also sold there.
  • Their December stampcard campaign began on 2014-12-02. Those who receive 5 stamps (go to 5 lives) within the month will receive a new song demo CD-R. Those who receive 6 stamps will receive hatsumoude (初詣)―I guess there will be a band + fan trip to a shrine in 2015.
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi's latest distributed DVD
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi awarded this DVD to customers of 5,000 yen at today's live. By the way, they also began selling new photosets as of this live.
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi new maxi-single and oneman
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi will release their new maxi-single, 11min no AUDITORIUM (11minのオーディトリアム), sometime in 2015. They will also hold their oneman, 90min no AUDITORIUM (90minのオーディトリアム), on 2015-02-21, at which their new distributed CD will be released.

first anniversary oneman 90min no AUDITORIUM (90minのオーディトリアム)
2014-02-21 at OSAKA RUIDO
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (oneman)

※ unspecified CD will be freely distribute to attendees

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi discography
Kansai Seiatsu continues! Sort of
Kansai-promotion visual group NANIWA V (NANIWA V系連合軍) has announced that they will hold Naniwa Tamashii ~Kansai Seiatsu 2014-2015~ (なにわ魂 ~関西制圧2014-2015~) to count down to the New Year. LIN will serve as the special countdown guest (along with FEST VAINQUEUR).

Not quite the same as an UNDER CODE PRODUCTION countdown live, but it's nice to see the name/legacy continue :)

NANIWA V PRESENTS New Year countdown live Naniwa Tamashii ~Kansai Seiatsu 2014-2015~ (なにわ魂 ~関西制圧2014-2015~)
2014-12-31 ~ 2015-01-01 at OSAKA RUIDO
  • LIN / FEST VAINQUEUR / Crimson Shiva / the:Ø / Shounenki (少年記) / ZIN (ジン) / Shellmy / Tatoeba Konna Hanashi / XENON / Paranoid≠circuS / FoLLoW / RevleZ
  • LIN × FEST VAINQUEUR (countdown guests)

Minor news roundup 8/26
Just 3 bits of info regarding ARLEQUIN, SIVA, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

  • ARLEQUIN are selling photos from their 2nd anniversary via 7-ELEVEN. The full sets can be purchased online via AOOS.
  • ex-SIVA session will perform on 2014-09-05 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA:

    Kakusan Lv45 (拡散Lv45)
    【V. KAIRI (カイリ) [ex-SIVA ~ gaNesha] / G. Rin (凛) [D'sko] / G. Keisuke (圭介) [ex-gaNesha] / B. cassis [ALTERIAL] / D. JIN [ex-gaNesha]】
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi have a shit ton of live-limited releases as usual. Please check their discography page for details.

king zeebra celebrates anniversary
king zeebra, the label founded by ex-SUZAKU vocalist Itsuki, will celebrate its 1 year anniversary!

king zeebra presents 1 year anniversary event Kaimamieru Zekkei vol.2 (垣間見える絶景 vol.2)
2014-10-29 at OSAKA MUSE
AiM MaiM / Tatoeba Konna Hanashi / XENON / CARDIA (カルディア) / REVINE / The Verse / countdown

News roundup 7/29
Here's the latest from ClearVeil, FOODED SEAL, ISORA (イソラ), NEGA, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), and the:Ø:

( View the rest of this entry )
Latest Tatoeba distributed items
Here's a list this month's Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) live-limited items:

  • 2014-07-01 [5,000 yen]:
    DVD of 6/16 live (mailed to attendees of that live)
    + group cheki
    + unspecified bonus
  • 2014-07-04 [5,000 yen]:
    MVL demo CD
    + Sarasa RANGER figurine
  • 2014-07-11 [5,000 yen]:
    DVD of 7/4 live
    -or- MVL demo CD
    -or- member's scarf + badge
  • 2014-07-15 [5,000 yen]:
    DVD of 7/11 live
    -or- DVD of 7/4 live
  • 2014-07-15 [attend 7/11&15 shows]:
    new song 4 demo CD
  • 2014-07-22 [5,000 yen]:
    DVD of 7/15 live
    -or- DVD of 7/4 live
    + unspecified bonus
  • 2014-07-23 [5,000 yen]:
    DVD of 7/22 live + oneman announcement
    -or- member's costume
    + unspecified bonus

Please check the Tatoeba Konna Hanashi discography for more info.

News roundup 7/10
Here's the latest news, featuring ex-chariots, carat (カラット), ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト), ex-ClearVeil, KISAKI, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), ex-Vasalla (覇叉羅), and more:

  • An ex-ClearVeil members' session will perform on 2014-09-29:

    Shachihoko ROCKER'S (鯱鉾ROCKER'S)
    【V. HIRO (ヒロ) [ex-EAT YOU ALIVE] / G. Takaki (貴樹) [DEATHGAZE] / G. Nozomi (希) [ex-ClearVeil ~ carat] / B. HISAYOSHI [ex-ClearVeil] / D. Yuize (ゆいぜ) [ex-ASS'n'ARRow]】
  • LIN song Sacred Xanadu was ranked #1 in downloads via INDIES OFFICIAL SOUND last week. The song was #2 the week previous and is #2 this week as well.
  • LIN sell special cheki sets at their live today. Each set costs 5,000 yen and contains 11 cheki, and includes some bonus purikura.
  • NANIWA V has revealed its official mascots (which were decided via designers' contest): Hirokuma (ひろくま) [a bear based on FEST VAINQUEUR bassist HIRO] and Kisakirin (きさきりん) [a giraffe based on KISAKI].

  • The first 100 people who purchase LIN goods at lives will receive PROMOTION DVD 「Chaotic Resistance」. According to the photo in this post, I'm guessing that it's a live clip or live footage PV?
  • Paranoid≠circuS' latest single, Chikonka (鎮魂歌) is now on sale. By the way, if I haven't mentioned it yet, they're signed to ex-DAS:VASSER label ELE-MUSIC!
  • Paranoid≠circuS drummer YUSURA (ユスラ) seems to have left the band on 2014-05-21, due his mental instability caused by an accident he was involved in. The band announced that it seems implausible for him to continue band activity, although this wasn't a 100% concrete statement.
  • As always, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi have a bunch of live-limited stuff going on: demo single MVL, 2014-07-04 live DVD, new song CD-R, scarf + member badge set... Check the Tatoeba Konna Hanashi discography for full information.
  • ZI:KILL cover session band featuring ex-chariots, CindyKate (シンディケイト), and Vasalla members will perform on 2014-08-11 and 2014-08-28:

    G:K (on 2014-08-11)
    【V. ToshiA / G. KAIE (カイエ) [ex-Vasalla ~ KISSBULLET] / B. LEAYA [ex-Vasalla ~ L.S.K] / D. MIKAGE [ex-chariots support ~ etc.]】

    G:K (on 2014-08-28)
    【V. ToshiA / G. KAIE (カイエ) [ex-Vasalla ~ KISSBULLET] / B. LEAYA [ex-Vasalla ~ L.S.K] / D. Masami (雅美) [ex-CindyKate ~ FOODED SEAL]】
News roundup 6/18
Here's the latest minor news from BALA★NCE, KISAKI, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Oneness, REALies, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし).

  • KISAKI is the cover artist of brand new visual freepaper GASHU KIGYOU (我執鬼行).
  • At their recent lives, LIN is rewarding a Offshot Photo Ver.1 (randomly chosen, of five possible) to those who spend 4,000 yen on goods. Furthermore, those who purchase a cheki will receive a member's purikura.
  • Oneness and Like an Edison are collaborating to produce special Oneness shopping bags.
  • REALies are selling a new chouchou (scrunchy).
  • Check out the Tatoeba Konna Hanashi and BALA★NCE discography sections for the info about their latest live-limited releases.
BALA★NCE change
New Sanada Ren (真田 廉) project BALA★NCE has made a change to yesterday's announcement: instead of a comment CD, those who spend 5,000 yen at their live will receive a live DVD recorded on that day (to be shipped at a later date). They've also uploaded the cover of their single: BALA★NCE discography.
More limited releases from Ren project BALA★NCE
The other day, Sanada Ren (真田 廉) (ex-Dali, etc.), announced his new project BALA★NCE. He mentioned that they would release a CD at their first live on 2014-06-11―instead, they'll actually release three things.

They'll freely distribute a one track song called DANCING ALL RIGHT! (ダンシングオールライト!) to everyone who attends. At the same time, they'll sell a two track CD called Sarasa RANGER (さらさレンジャー) for 1,000 yen. Finally, anyone who spends 5,000 yen or more on their goods will be rewarded with a comment CD, a group cheki, and something else (unspecified).

Apparently, two of the songs are remakes of Mis†ake songs. You know, the gothic kote kei alter-ego band of ex-Dali members? Check out BALA★NCE's discography for more information.
Ren (Dali ~ Tatoeba Konna Hanashi) new project
Sanada Ren (真田 廉)―vocalist of Dali, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), etc.―has announced his latest musical project: BALA★NCE.

  • V. †SODOM† (†ソドム†) [ex-Mis†ake] {alter-ego of Ren}
  • G. OSCAR (オスカー)
  • B. MUTTLEY (マトレー)
  • Support D. Kisshan。 (きっしゃん。)

So it seems that this will be some weird time-limited alter-ego band. I remember "SODOM” being the vocalist of Mis†ake, so that has to be Ren, but I'm not sure who the other members are. The other members of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi? Someone else? Maybe Trombe knows?

Anyway, BALA★NCE will hold their first live on 2014-06-11 at Ash OSAKA (other details about the event TBA... even though it's only days away...). To commemorate their formation, they'll release their untitled demo CD-R.
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi demo CD-R and PV preview
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) has mentioned that certain member(s) will appear in a live on 2014-06-11 at Ash OSAKA, at which a demo CD-R will be released (the full band will not be appearing). Full details on that TBA. In the mean time, the band has posted a short version of their MONOLEON (モノレオン) silent PV:

I assume the link to the full version is within the booklet of the Yougenkyou-WEST- THE CONQUEST OF NANIWA booklet. Did anyone buy the omnibus to confirm?
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi marketing 5/14
The latest Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) marketing schemes:

  • At their 2014-05-02 sponsored event, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi sold new t-shirts (3,000 yen) and new photosets (two types: each with 4 solo photos for 1,000 yen).
  • Those who purchased both types of new photosets at Tatoeba's 2014-05-02 live received a bonus group photograph.
  • Those who spent 5,000 yen at the band's 2014-05-02 live received a live DVD-R with footage from their 2014-03-22 live, plus an additional DVD-R containing furitsuke instructional footage by Masami for their untitled Shinkyoku 3 (しんきょく3).
  • Due to the success of their sponsored event, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi has announced their oneman live, NOBLE CULTURE (ノベルカルチャー), which will be held on 2014-09-21 at LIVEHOUSE D'. The band also revealed their new look (above).
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi began distribution of their stamp card at their 2014-05-02 sponsored event. Customers who attend all 4 of the band's lives throughout May (receiving stamps at each one) will be invited to a “women's group” in June.
  • Tatoeba's invitation-only “women's group” tea party will be held in June in Osaka (specific date and location TBD, based upon participants' availability). The tea party will feature “girl talk”, “girl fashion”, band members' homemade candy, DVD screenings, and more.
  • Those who spent 5,000 yen at the band's 2014-05-11 or 2014-05-13 lives could select one of the following presents:

    1. demo CD-R of Shinkyoku 3 (しんきょく3)
    2. live DVD-R of 2014-03-03 performance
    3. digest live DVD-R of February and March performances

News roundup 4/26
Here's the latest minor news:

  • GOEMON RECORDS will sponsor its event Goemon NO Kado -Sono Ichi- (五右衛門ノ門-その壱-) on 2014-07-08 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA. ARLEQUIN will appear as guest.
  • ARLEQUIN guitarist Kuruto (來堵) has healed from his ligament injury and is planning to return at the band's 2014-05-05 live appearance.
  • Those who purchase tickets for Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし)'s 2014-05-02 sponsored event through the band will receive a 2-song live DVD or a CD(?) with drummer Kishihara Masami (岸原 雅巳)'s version of Binetsu Tairiku (微熱大陸).
  • Some self liner notes of upcoming omnibus Yougenkyou -WEST- THE CONQUEST OF NANIWA (妖幻鏡-WEST-) have been posted. About LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)'s song, the band says:
  • Vocalist KAGUYA (ex-BERLIN~GRIEVER) has mentioned that he plans to start a new band soon.
  • Mizuki (美冬), former roadie for Vior gloire, has mentioned that former UNDER CODE PRODUCTION roadies are planning to reunite for a special session band! Details TBA.
  • There was a printing error in the booklet of carat (カラット)'s latest single. If you purchased it, please see the notice.
  • Lilith has served as the opening act for Kiryu (己龍)'s overseas live on 2014-04-20.
  • ex-Syndrome vocalist who now calls himself Pami。 (ぱみ。) has released the PV for his first solo song. Despite seeming like it's going to be unbearably embarrassing, it's not half bad in the end!

News roundup 4/21
Here's the latest news featuring ARLEQUIN, carat, KISAKI, LIN, REALies, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

  • ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) appears on VISUAL Keiji Z Vol.38 (ヴィジュアル刑事Z) which is broadcasting from April 16 until April 30.
  • carat (カラット) will hold their threeman tour with the Raid. and LUCHe. beginning in August, and will finish the tour with their 2 year anniversary oneman in September:
    Sound Addict Laboratory presents carat 2 year celebration tour THREE ARROW TOUR! 3bon no Ya ha Orenaize!! (スリーアローツアー!3本の矢は折れないぜ!!)
    2014-08-25 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA
    2014-09-01 at Fukuoka (福岡) DRUM SON
    2014-09-03 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) soma
    2014-09-04 at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA
    2014-09-05 at Hamamatsu (浜松) FORCE
    2014-09-09 at HooK SENDAI
    carat / the Raid. / LUCHe. (threeman)

    Takadanobaba Utagejou (高田馬場宴場)
    2014-09-17 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA
    carat (oneman)

  • GOEMON RECORDS has announced two new sponsored events.
    GOEMON RECORDS presents
    GOMI ha GOMIbakoE from-G- (ゴミはゴミ箱ヱ from-G-)
    2014-07-17 at SHINJUKU RUIDO K4

    2014-06-28 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE
    ARLEQUIN / REALies / (band TBA 2014-05-01) / LUCHe. / METEROID / Sick² / VOW

  • KISAKI will be featured [briefly] in the first issue of new visual kei magazine Stuppy (which features an awkard-looking RUKI on the cover). It will be released on 2014-04-24 for 980 yen.
  • The cover of upcoming omnibus featuring LIN, Yougenkyou -WEST- THE CONQUEST OF NANIWA, has been revealed. Check it here.
  • Goods sold at LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) guitarist MIZALY's birthday event have been announced: cheki from LIN's photoshoot and PV shooting (set of 2 / 1,000 yen), MIZALY birthday session cheki (set of 2 / 1,000 yen), and SchwarzVrain's live DVD (3,500 yen).
  • REALies and ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) live photosets, from their respective 2014-03-19 and 2014-03-15 oneman lives, are being sold via 7-ELEVEN. They can also be purchased online (with shopping service) via AOO Store.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will release a “silent music video” for their song MONOLEON (モノレオン) on 2014-06-01. It's intended to be watched while listening to the Yougenkyou -WEST- omnibus which will feature that song.

  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will sell their limited-design t-shirts for 3,000 yen at their 2014-05-02 sponsored event.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) continues a tradition started by LOTMAN (ロットマン) and will hold their game of onigokko with fans on 2014-04-26. Purchase of a 1,000 yen balloon is required to participate.

    Prize for capturing Ren is a live DVD #1; prize for capturing Kousuke is 3,000 yen; prize for capturing Kento is live DVD #2. There are further prizes of a Tatoeba mask an unspecified good. Follow their onigokko Twitter account @1222_222 for more info.
Yougenkyou -WEST- tracklisting
I've found the tracklisting for the upcoming omnibus Yougenkyou -WEST- (妖幻鏡 -WEST- The Conquest of NANIWA) featuring LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), Minus Jin-Say Orchestra (マイナス人生オーケストラ), and more (track order still unconfirmed).

Yougenkyou -WEST- The Conquest of NANIWA- tracklist
News roundup 4/11
The latest news, featuring chariots, KISAKI, LIN, Oneness, SIVA, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

  • At the chariots-requiem live on 2014-04-15, the band will sell special cheki, chariots releases, and “Alfred rich rock” branded lighters.
  • I thought I'd posted about this, but guess I didn't...?

    KISAKI and KAMIJO will hold a special talk event sponsored by ZEAL LINK on 2014-04-11 (today!) as part of the store's new ZEAL LINK CHANNEL series. Kaya and Kon (紺) (CELL) will appear as special guests. Tickets were awarded to those who purchased special ZEAL LINK-limited photocards.

    Purchase of a photocard (1,500 yen, limited 40) would gain a standing-area ticket to the event, and purchase of a set (2,000 yen, limited 60) would gain a sitting-area ticket. Furthermore, special cheki will be sold at the event (1,000 yen each), and purchase of 3 would be awarded with a threeshot cheki taken of the customer with KISAKI and KAMIJO.
  • LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) is on the cover of SEVEN Vol.016 and will be on the cover of Zeth Vol.4.
  • KISAKI and the other LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) members have been TwitCasting occasionally. Follow KISAKI's TwitCasting account for future updates.
  • LIN guitarist CERO has clarified that his name is pronounced セロ (sero); I guess some people were mistakenly calling him ケロ (kero).
  • Oneness is in the middle of shooting photos for their new look. In the mean time, vocalist JUKI (ジュキ) has written an interesting blog post about the band's past costumes.
  • On the topic of Oneness, we all know that the initial press of their single SETSUNA SAKURETSU (セツナサクレツ) sold out immediately and reached #4 on the ORICON indies chart. Well, if you recall, the band quickly put out a 2nd press, and it seems that too has sold out.
  • ex-SIVA drummer Kiri (霧) will hold his session at Freaks' Music Production's sponsored event, Age of the Neo Freaks Vol.1, on 2014-05-01 at Birth Shinjuku. 【V. (TBA) / G. REI (レイ) (@NNIVERSARY) / G. Ue (Vampire) / B. MA-YA (Pan-d-ra) / D. Kiri (ex-SIVA)】
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will sell two previously-out-of-stock photosets at their 2014-04-12 live for 1,000 yen each. Each set contains 4 photos, and those who purchase both sets will further receive a 4 piece offshot photoset.
New releases from carat, GIGAMOUS, Oneness, Tatoeba
carat, GIGAMOUS, Oneness, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi have all announced new releases:

  • GIGAMOUS will hold a three-month consecutive-release campaign starting in June. Their two-type maxi-single, PLATONIC (プラトニック), will be released in June, and their two-type maxi, Tokyo (東京), will follow in July. August's release hasn't been announced yet.
    GIGAMOUS discography
  • Oneness will release their first mini-album, Akumani Xchange, in two types this July. Type A includes a PV and type B includes a bonus track―and both will include a random trading card (of 5 possible).
    Oneness discography
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will award a DVD-R containing digest footage of their February~March lives to those who spend 5,000 yen on their goods at their 2014-04-12 live.
    Tatoeba Konna Hanashi discography
  • carat (カラット) will release their new maxi-single, High Color, in two types later this month.
    carat discography
News roundup 4/6
The latest minor news from our UNDER CODE PRODUCTION family:

  • ARLEQUIN will hold their untitled twoman live versus D.I.D. on 2014-07-06 at SHIBUYA CHELSEA HOTEL.
  • ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) has announced details for their coupling tour with Grieva (グリーヴァ), Kuroari NO MuRE (黒蟻ノ群レ). THE BLACK SWAN, BIOSPHIA, Visper, Xepher, and Zombie (ぞんび) will join them on various dates:
    B BIOSPHIA / T THE BLACK SWAN / V Visper / X Xepher / Z Zombie
  • ISORA (イソラ) support musicians for their 2014-04-06 performance will be V. Ryo (亮), V. Daisuke (大介), and ex-SUZAKU D. Karen (火憐).
  • Lilith has unveiled their super cute new keychain/phone strap goods. Buy them here (with proxy service).
  • REALies will appear on the 51st volume of internet show VISUAL Kei Tsuushin ・ Kai (ヴィジュアル系通信・改) on 2014-04-15.
  • Shungokusatsu (瞬獄殺) lineup for 2014-04-07 is: V. Itsuki (樹) (ex-SUZAKU) / G. SAN (ex-NEGA) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire / D. ARU (アル) (ex-Vior gloire). It also seems that this will be the continual session band's last performance.
  • REALies has given full information for their coupling Kantou TOUR (関東TOUR) with Blitz:
    T the Raid. / M METEOROID / V VOW / O Oneness / R RoNo☆Cro
  • Check out this picture of ex-Vior gloire vocalist shall (currently in remembrance) petting his parents' dog's belly, which he says “feels like a boneless ham”:

    Also, his new limited-activity band remembrance held their first live, and they played a mixture of GRiST and Vior gloire songs.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will release a 3-track demo CD-R to those who spend 5,000 yen on goods at their 2014-04-12 show. They also made their first single, COMING SOON, available for mail-order as of 2014-04-01.
News roundup 3/29
Latest minor news, featuring FOODED SEAL, ARLEQUIN, Lilith, Pami。, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:
  • Bad luck bandFOODED SEAL continues: support guitarist Rei (零) (LiLiCAL) is in the hospital and they have lost contact with other support guitarist Kiria (希燐亜) (LiLiCAL) since 2014-03-28. They will continue to perform with their three official members.
  • GOEMON RECORDS has uploaded the 4th volume of GoeTELE! (ごえテレ!). This one features footage from the special ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) live:

  • ex-Syndrome~zechs vocalist Pami。 (ぱみ。) has announced his solo (which he is now calling a “visual anime project”) lives. He will also release his first digital single, Atashi ga Shindara Moenai GOMI no Hi dashite ne。 (私が死んだら燃えないゴミの日にだしてね。), on 2014-04-14. (By the way, I guess that title is a reference to the movie Nihonsei Shounen (日本製少年).)
    • 2014-04-28 at Takasaki (高崎) club FLEEZE
    • 2014-05-03 at Mito (水戸) LIGHT HOUSE
    • 2014-05-22 at SHIBUYA REX

    You can follow his OHP for future updates.
  • Guitarist of Lilith, 凛-Lin-, will appear in a photoshoot in the 2014-03-25 edition of Chinese magazine COOL. It can be purchased here with Japanese shopping service after its release.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんあはなし) has uploaded this video of them waiting for band Xenon (mirrored on my account before they delete it):

LIN and Tatoeba join Kansai promotion group NANIWA V
LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) have announced their participation in the newly-established Kansai visual kei promotion group NANIWA VK Rengougun (NANIWA V系連合軍)!!

NANIWA V's first project is the Yougenkyou -WEST- (妖幻鏡 -WEST-) omnibus, which will be published in June by PLUG RECORDS' new Kansai sublabel―the one to which LIN now belongs―PLUG RECORDS west (again, West ≈ Kansai). An awesome lineup of bands (including LIN and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi) will contribute brand new (or unreleased) songs to the album.

The same bands featured in the omnibus will then participate in NANIWA V's first live event, Naniwatama ~Kekkishuukai~ (なにわ魂 ~決起集会~), on 2014-07-04 at Osaka (大阪) BIG CAT.

NANIWA V has promised more projects in the future, and I'm sure that LIN (or KISAKI) will continue to be involved. You can keep up by following the organization's OHP or official Twitter:
NANIWA V website NANIWA V official Twitter
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi live-limited DVDs
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) is up to their old sales tricks again:

  • Attendees of their 2014-03-22 live who spend 5,000 yen on their goods will receive a DVD with live + offshot footage from the first half of their 2014-02-22 live, plus an unspecified bonus.
  • Attendees of their 2014-03-23 live who spend 5,000 yen on their goods will receive a DVD with live + offshot footage from the second half of their 2014-02-22 live, plus an unspecified bonus.
  • Those who spend 5,000 yen at both the 2014-03-22 and 2014-03-23 lives will receive a group cheki plus a further unspecified bonus.
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi sample
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) has uploaded a sample of their upcoming single, COMING SOON, to YouTube. What do you think?

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi
2014-03-23 1,500 yen single CD

  1. アマレット AMARETTO
  2. ころしてやる (ロットマン cover) Koroshiteyaro (LOTMAN cover)

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi revealed
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi revealed

ex-Dali and ex-LOTMAN (ロットマン) members' new band, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) has been revealed!

The band officially started activities after today's 2014-02-22 oneman live of their prototype band 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi, Sekai ha Bokura wo Shiru。 (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。) (which itself began activities on 2013-12-31). New band Tatoeba Konna has already opened its OHP and announced its first release, first live on 2014-03-22, and first sponsored event in May:

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし)
【V. 真田 廉 (Sanada Ren) [ex-Dali~LOTMAN] / G. Ninna Kousuke (仁和 恒介) [ex-LOTMAN] / B. Takahashi Kento (高橋 研斗) / D. Kishihara Masami (岸原 雅巳) [ex-LOTMAN]】

Setlist on 2014-02-22:
  1. AMARETTO (アマレット)
  2. (new song)
  3. that's now free (ザツナフリ)
  4. NATIONAL MODERN (ナショナルモダン)
  5. SOLA 0.8mg (ソラ0.8mg)
  6. Zagyou Now (ざぎょうなう)
  7. Kimi ha 10 Gatsu (きみは10がつ)
  8. ORION (オリオン)
  9. (new song)
  10. Koroshiteyaro (ころしてやろ)
  11. 【EN】 (new song)
  12. 【EN】 NATIONAL MODERN (ナショナルモダン)
  13. 【EN】 Kimi ha 10 Gatsu (きみは10がつ)

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi first sponsored eventNOBEL BIRTHDAY (ノベルバースデイ) 2014-05-02 at OSAKA RUIDO
Tatoeba Konna Hanashi / Chanty (guest) / ELM (エルム) / the LEM / SIBILE BASHIR (シビルバシル) / Dangan NO LIMIT (弾丸 NO LIMIT) / inc.RIBON

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi
2014-03-23 1,500 yen single CD

  1. アマレット AMARETTO
  2. ころしてやる (ロットマン cover) Koroshiteyaro (LOTMAN cover)

Official website
Official Ameba
Official Twitter
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