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Posts from 2016

ex-SIVA/gaNesha & ex-VARYL members form new band PISARRO
ex-SIVA/gaNesha & ex-VARYL members form new band PISARRO

Certain members of gaNesha, SIVA, and VARYL are back, and they've formed a new band together!

The band, named PISARRO (ピサロ), will feature the following lineup:
Vo. KOE (虎歪) (ex-SIVA, gaNesha (as Kairi), etc.)
Gu. KAEDE (楓) (ex-ZERθGATE, EXEQUTE (as Sou))
Gu. YAKO (弥妓) (ex-gaNesha (as Keisuke), etc.)
Ba. Vian (ex-VARYL (as Yume))
Dr. WATARU (渉) (ex-Lucaria, the Dice (as Miya), etc.)

Also making a guest appearance at their live will be chariots. Tickets are available on March 26.

Posts from 2015

New (???) Band - Devil Kitty
New (???) Band - Devil Kitty

Related to the previous post, signed to Rockstar is a """new""" band Devil Kitty, fronted by the very sarcastic, and somewhat eccentric, Yuuga. As some of you may remember, back in the early 2000's (prior to the closing of Eternal) there was another band named DEViL KiTTY that Yuuga was in. While this band shares the same name, they are supposed to be considered two separate entities. Yuuga's also nabbed Majyu as the drummer for this band, so I'm interested to see how active Shape Shifter is with a part-time drummer.

The band started out as a session known as 悪魔鬼茶(akuma kicha), which only makes this situation more confusing as that was one of DEViL KiTTY's (the old one!) first releases.

Devil Kitty are:
V. Yuuga (優雅) [Chateau La Tour, Kar'MariA, DEViL KiTTY, GOKIBURI, etc]
G. kazuto (一斗) [Xaltea, GOKIBURI]
B. ruchi [xTripx, DOLLARS]
D. Majyu [Ex-Babylon, SIVA (Support), E'm~Grief~, Jikuu Kaizoku SEVEN SEAS (時空海賊SEVEN SEAS), Shape Shifter etc]

You can find their ohp here:
Vocalist Z (of Moi Dix Mois and Art Cube) has announced that he is making a new band featuring some former UCP musicians! Their name is SHAPE SHIFTER and they are signed to DUALCORE SOUND ENTERPRISE, like Art Cube was.

V. Z [Ex-After Image, Hizaki (Support), Brain Hacker, Art Cube, Moi Dix Mois, etc]
G. Igarashi Tomoka (五十嵐 友華)
G. Igarashi Takuya (五十嵐 拓也) (Tomoka's younger brother)
B. Houjou Jin (北條 迅) [Ex-Feather's Blue, Chariots (Support), UnsraW, etc]
D. Aki Majuri (安岐 真珠理) [Ex-Babylon, SIVA (Support), E'm~Grief~, Jikuu Kaizoku SEVEN SEAS (時空海賊SEVEN SEAS), etc]

They've both opened an official home page and a Twitter account.

Here's to hoping they're more active than Art Cube were. I, for one, am happy to see Maiju back!

Posts from 2014

News roundup 10/21
Here's a roundup of the latest news related to ARLEQUIN, ISORA, VARYL, SIVA, E'm ~grief~, LIN, MASKED RIDER SYSTEM, and Vior gloire.

  • ARLEQUIN will begin their latest collaboration with Like an Edison on 2014-10-20. Like before, it includes special instores, shopping bags, etc., but more importantly, they'll distribute a new song called Ichijiku (無花果). Also like before, Like an Edison is an asshole, so this only applies in store; web orders won't include the distributed CD.
  • VARYL (ex-Visage vocalist new band) will release their maxi-single, Aitou (哀悼), in 2015. Their celebration event, Kaihou Junrei -Daiisshou- (解放巡礼 -第一章-), will be on 2015-01-23 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE.

  • Here's a sample from MASKED RIDER SYSTEM's upcoming single:

  • Soon-to-disband super indie band, Emlibeur, released their first (and last) single on 2014-10-19. Interestingly, they thanked ex-Vior gloire vocalist shall in the credits, so I guess he helped them somehow :) Here's a sample of some other songs from them, just for kicks:

  • LIN is in Vol.15 of Chinese visual magazine VISUALZINE.
  • ISORA will hold their threeman, Butterfly Effect, with DISGUST and CielGrave on 2014-12-05 at LIVE HOUSE D'.
  • ex-SIVA session Bakemonogo (化物語) will appear on 2014-10-28 with the lineup:
    【V. KAIRI (カイリ) [ex-SIVA] / G. HIKARU (ヒカル) [THE GALLO] / G. Narumi (成海) [ex-Bergerac] / B. Mayu (真悠) [ex-HALCION (ハルシオン)] / D. aki [ex-E'm ~grief~, etc.]】
Minor news roundup 8/26
Just 3 bits of info regarding ARLEQUIN, SIVA, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

  • ARLEQUIN are selling photos from their 2nd anniversary via 7-ELEVEN. The full sets can be purchased online via AOOS.
  • ex-SIVA session will perform on 2014-09-05 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA:

    Kakusan Lv45 (拡散Lv45)
    【V. KAIRI (カイリ) [ex-SIVA ~ gaNesha] / G. Rin (凛) [D'sko] / G. Keisuke (圭介) [ex-gaNesha] / B. cassis [ALTERIAL] / D. JIN [ex-gaNesha]】
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi have a shit ton of live-limited releases as usual. Please check their discography page for details.

KAIRI and Iori news
ex-SIVA guitarist Iori Minamotono (源 依織) has officially joined Kaya's new band Femme Fatale. Meanwhile, ex-vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) will appear in a session called Bakemonogatari (化物語).

Bakemonogatari (化物語) are:
V. KAIRI (カイリ) [ex-SIVA ~ gaNesha ~ etc.]
G. Shintarou (慎太郎) [ex-Annie's Black]
G. Keisuke (圭介) [ex-gaNesha]
B. casiss [ALTERIAL]
D. hiro [ex-llll-Ligro-]

Femme Fatale are:
V. Kaya
G. TaNa [Gekijo TENNOR (劇情テノール) ~ etc.]
G. Iori Minamotono (源 依織) [ex-SIVA ~ cocklobin ~ etc.]
B. Toshi [ex-A]
D. CHARGEEEEEE... [Omega Dripp ~ etc.]

Kakusan Lv5 (拡散Lv5)
2014-07-10 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE
2014-08-19 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE
Bakemonogatari / (others TBA)

Femme Fatale currently have one single, FREYA, and I'm sure will be fairly active for the rest of the year. Bakemonogatari, I'm sure, is destined to fizzle out after a couple of lives 8D'.

Cu[be], hurts, and SIVA sessions
ex-Cu[be] members will be appearing in the 2014-07-22 lineup of Lucifer's underground! (That's the latest session of ex-hurts vocalist HINA (ヒナ).)
  • 2014-07-22 at Nagoya (名古屋) 3STAR IMAIKE
    【V. HINA (ヒナ) (ex-hurts ~ etc.) / G. Maki (真稀) (ex-hurts ~ etc. ~ UNDEAD) / G. toki (UNDEAD) / B. Yuuri (憂里) [ex-Cu[be]] / D. Atuki (亜月) [ex-Cu[be]]

ex-SIVA drummer Kiri (霧) has been holding various unnamed session bands:
  • 2014-05-01 at Birth Shinjuku
    【V. Haku (白) [Mitht] / G. REI (レイ) [@NNIVERSARY] / G. Ue [VAMPIRE (ヴァンパイア)] / B. MA-YA (Pan-d-ra) / D. Kiri (ex-SIVA)
  • 2014-05-30 at Birth Shinjuku
    【V. Tasuke (佑) [ex-C.o.A ~ etc.] / G. Ue [VAMPIRE] / G. REI [@NNIVERSARY] / B. MA-YA (Pan-d-ra) / D. Kiri (ex-SIVA)
News roundup 4/11
The latest news, featuring chariots, KISAKI, LIN, Oneness, SIVA, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

  • At the chariots-requiem live on 2014-04-15, the band will sell special cheki, chariots releases, and “Alfred rich rock” branded lighters.
  • I thought I'd posted about this, but guess I didn't...?

    KISAKI and KAMIJO will hold a special talk event sponsored by ZEAL LINK on 2014-04-11 (today!) as part of the store's new ZEAL LINK CHANNEL series. Kaya and Kon (紺) (CELL) will appear as special guests. Tickets were awarded to those who purchased special ZEAL LINK-limited photocards.

    Purchase of a photocard (1,500 yen, limited 40) would gain a standing-area ticket to the event, and purchase of a set (2,000 yen, limited 60) would gain a sitting-area ticket. Furthermore, special cheki will be sold at the event (1,000 yen each), and purchase of 3 would be awarded with a threeshot cheki taken of the customer with KISAKI and KAMIJO.
  • LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) is on the cover of SEVEN Vol.016 and will be on the cover of Zeth Vol.4.
  • KISAKI and the other LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) members have been TwitCasting occasionally. Follow KISAKI's TwitCasting account for future updates.
  • LIN guitarist CERO has clarified that his name is pronounced セロ (sero); I guess some people were mistakenly calling him ケロ (kero).
  • Oneness is in the middle of shooting photos for their new look. In the mean time, vocalist JUKI (ジュキ) has written an interesting blog post about the band's past costumes.
  • On the topic of Oneness, we all know that the initial press of their single SETSUNA SAKURETSU (セツナサクレツ) sold out immediately and reached #4 on the ORICON indies chart. Well, if you recall, the band quickly put out a 2nd press, and it seems that too has sold out.
  • ex-SIVA drummer Kiri (霧) will hold his session at Freaks' Music Production's sponsored event, Age of the Neo Freaks Vol.1, on 2014-05-01 at Birth Shinjuku. 【V. (TBA) / G. REI (レイ) (@NNIVERSARY) / G. Ue (Vampire) / B. MA-YA (Pan-d-ra) / D. Kiri (ex-SIVA)】
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will sell two previously-out-of-stock photosets at their 2014-04-12 live for 1,000 yen each. Each set contains 4 photos, and those who purchase both sets will further receive a 4 piece offshot photoset.
Roundup 2/16
Here's the latest mini-news roundup, featuring 12012, 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi, ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), chariots, E'm ~grief~, Megaromania, Oneness, REALies, and SIVA members.

  • After over 11 years of activity, 12012 will indefinitely pause activities after their 2014-12-12 event/oneman (details TBA). Their reason given is essentially “lack of direction”, but the members' full comments are available (in Japanese) here.
  • Oneness will hold a free oneman, KANSHA SAKURETSU (カンシャサクレツ), on 2014-04-06 at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA to celebrate the #4 indies ORICON ranking of their latest single. The title strip from any type of the single (including the 2nd press) is required to receive a ticket.

  • 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。) has given another obscured view of their upcoming official photography.
  • REALies latest single, SETSUNA CANDLE (セツナキャンドル), has ranked #5 on the ORICON indies chart.
  • More information about RIKU's chariots-requiem: according to his blog post, it seems to be an ongoing session band, as he has not yet put together a new official band. Their 2014-04-15 live is called King of 『M』 Order, and guest players are 【V. RIKU / G. KAZ / G. Takeru (猛) (SAVAGE) / B. Jin (迅) / D. MIKAGE】.
  • As far as I can tell, Lilith's upcoming 3rd “EP” might be a single with the songs Galassia and Legacy. They will also hold a oneman in April. Details should be released soon.
  • ex-Megaromania drummer 邑詩-yushi- was supposed to appear at VAMPIRE ROSE's 2014-02-16 oneman at Kanazawa (金沢) van van V4. However, the live was cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date (TBA), due to support members' inability to travel because of bad winter storms.
  • ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) international street team has translated the band's interview with ViSULOG. The translation is available in three parts (so far): part 1, part 2, part 3.
  • The lineup of ex-SIVA vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) session band Bakeneko (化け猫) has been revealed: 【V. KAIRI / G. ShinyA (ex-Signal) / G. Keisuke (圭介) (ex-gaNesha) / Dr. Majyu (摩珠) (ex-E'm ~grief~)】.
  • The lineup of Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) on 2014-03-08 has been finalized: 【V. 樹-Itsuki- (SUZAKU) / G. Ao (碧) (ex-paradeis) / G. KAEDE (カヱデ) (ex-MEKAKUSI (メカクシ)) / B. Ray (ex-NEGA) / D. REIYA (ex-LIN)】
  • The full lineup at ex-SUZAKU (朱) new band ISORA (イソラ) formation event on 2014-03-29 has been announced: Delia and REIRA SESSION (レイラセッション) will perform in addition to the previously-mentioned bands.
Session updates 1/31
Latest session updates, featuring ex- NEGA, Vior gloire, and SIVA:

  • Further members of ex-NEGA SAN session band Jikkentai NEMESIS (実験体NEMESIS) appearance on 2014-03-08 have been announced: 【V. Saica (槐) (ex-Reeper) / G. SAN / D. ARU (アル) (ex-Vior gloire) / (others TBA)】

  • ex-SIVA vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) will hold his session at PLACEBO (プラセボ) (band produced by ex-NEGA Ray) sponsored event.
    Musoukai (無双会) Presents PLACEBO sponsored eventRe:birth「P」 2014-03-08 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE
    PLACEBO (プラセボ) / FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) / Bakeneko (化け猫) 【V. KAIRI / (others TBA)】 / Neverland / VABEL / sForzato / Arizaka Mii? (有坂未唯)

By the way, I wonder if Musoukai (無双会) might be a label owned by Ray, considering that it produced Raychel BAND and PLACEBO lives.

Posts from 2013

ex-SIVA and Madeth gray'll members sessions
A couple of cool sessions will appear at K4『R』 sponsored event Crazy Booorn!! Shinshunbangaihen (Crazy Booorn!! 新春番外編) on 2014-01-13 at Shinjuku (新宿) RUIDO K4:

K4『R』 presentsCrazy Booorn!! Shinshunbangaihen (Crazy Booorn!! 新春番外編) 2014-01-13 at Shinjuku (新宿) RUIDO K4
  • Ukyou SESSION (右狂セッション) 【V. 智尋-Chihiro- (lix) / G. Ukyou (右狂) (ex-Madeth gray'll) / G. YUANA (ユアナ) (STEREO.C.K) / B. Hiko (SPEED-iD) / D. DEATH-O】

  • Ura DORADO (裏ドラード) 【V. Yuuki (結城) (ex-EllDorado) / G. Youichi (雄一) (ex-EllDorado~SIVA ~ gaNesha) / B. Ryousuke (涼介) (ex-Death★Rabbits) / D. Marumon (まるもん) (ex-Delta Ark)】

  • KAGUYA SESSION (KAGUYAセッション) / hiLo SESSION (hiLoセッション) / tomo SESSION (tomoセッション) / AUBE / ※ full session lineups here
gaNesha to disband
gaNesha to disband

gaNesha, the latest band of ex-SIVA vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) and guitarist Yuuichi (雄一), has announced that they will disband on 2014-02-19 due to the secession of KAIRI. The band formed on 2012-01-15 as Lucky13, changing their name to gaNesha on 2012-09-01. They also recently released their first mini-album, caste system.

caste system
2013-08-28 2,500 yen mini-album CD

  1. Tantrism
  3. Domain watcher
  4. end circle
  5. Prison lover
  6. Freeze

Session updates 2013-08-13
Here's an update of the sessions which various ex-UNDER CODE artists are performing with!

● VIRGIN HUNTER (ヴァージンハンター)
2013-07-15 at Birth Shinjuku
D. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. Takeru (DIANA) / G. Maki (DIANA) / G. Isami (DIANA) / B. Rei (ex-Hi:BRiD)

2013-07-27 at Meguro Rockmaykan
Support D. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. Hasumi Yuu (ex-Gokusai FILM) / G. KAIE (ex-NightingeiL) / Support G. Kikuchi Akito (ex-LIPHLICH) / Support B. LEAYA (ex-Vasalla)

● Vior glore SESSION (Vior gloire セッション)
2013-08-01 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4
V. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire) / G. Vuit (Ray℃) / D. Verry (ViV)

● BLUE MOMENTS (ブルーモーメンツ)
2013-08-07 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
B. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. You (LucaRia) / G. yukito (Resist) / G. Saya (SRASH NOTES GARDEN) / D. MIYA (LucaRia)

● SAMII TAAMAA (サミーターマー)
2013-08-19 at Birth Shinjuku
D. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. Gai (ex-FULL EFFECT) / G. Vuit (Ray℃) / G. Sou (POLTERGEIST) / B. Tama (GOKIBURI)

● Sami SESSION (沙美セッション)
2013-09-02 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4
V. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / G. Kaoru / B. NaNao / D. Sayuki

● F4 RETURNS (F4リターンズ)
2013-09-04 at Takadanobaba AREA
Doumyouji Tsukasa (道明寺司). Sui (翠) (ex-Megaromania) / Makino Tsukushi (牧野つくし). Rame (ex-VIDOLL) / Hanazawa Rui (花沢類). Yumeji (ex-Lc5) / Nishikado Soujirou (西門総二郎). Shou (D.I.D.) / Mimasaka Akira (美作あきら). NATSUKA (VELBET)

2013-09-14 at Ikebukuro EDGE
V. KAIRI (カイリ) (ex-SIVA) / B. Ray (ex-NEGA) / D. Aki (ex-E'm ~grief~) / G. Shintarou (Annie's Black) / G. Shidou (ex-NaiL)

● Youichi SESSION (雄一セッション)
2013-09-14 at Ikebukuro EDGE
G. Yu (憂) (ex-SIVA [as Youichi]) / V. Kyouka (ex-Aliene Ma'riage) / G. Ruli (ex-ElDorado) / B. ISUKE (ex-La'Mule) / D. YOU-YA (ex-La'Mule)
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION memorial omnibus

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that, in collaboration with SHOXX, it will release its 10th anniversary memorial last omnibus, High Style Paradox 2003~2013. The mail-order-limited omnibus will be released in March, and will feature all significant bands (32 in total) signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION throughout its 10 years of activity.

Those who purchase the omnibus before February 28th will receive a special 24 month calendar.

Because the omnibus is mail-order-limited through SHOXX, it will not be available to overseas customers via usual means. However, I organize a group order as soon as I find a viable shopping service—expect a separate with details.

( View the rest of this entry )

Posts from 2010

[Archived] Mass Update Part ①
・・・Mass Update Trilogy・・・
—Jet-black Prologue—

I've been sick and busy with school, so I've missed a bunch of stuff. So here's mass update part one, with part two to come after class. I know you're excited!

平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) and ClearVeil have new samples up at the OHP. Prism. and Blazing Star.

平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) and ClearVeil also have cover art for their new singles up at the OHP. You can see them both here, waaaay at the bottom. They kind of suck huh?

③ As I said a few days ago, it looks like UNDER CODE has decided to post small cover art again instead of large cover art. Lame. as. fuck.

④ Cover art for the new Dali new single can be seen at their website, in 700 px glory (this is how it should be done, UCP webmaster!). Here's the A type and the B type.

⑤ Tracklistings for the new Dali have been revealed as well (through Dali's own website, once again~). Details of those are beloooow. Also, .

⑥ More details about that 水風船 (Mizufuusen) vs (有)ネガエンタープライゼス ((Yuu) NEGA ENTERPRISES) twoman. The “battle” will be based on attendance, and whichever band gets the lowest attendance over both battles will have to accept some “humiliating” punishment.

⑦ ↑ From that same event, news for SIVA fans: the opening act for both “battles” will be Lucky13, a session band featuring KAIRI and 雄一 (Yuichi) of SIVA. The session also features bassist 奏 (Kanade), possibly ex-ギズモ (GIZMO), and drummer ヒラマ (HIRAMA), ex-no freaking clue.

Synside will sponsor a three events over three consecutive months. First, ネオ・イデア-内在する仮想- (NEO ・ IDEA -Naizaisuru Kasou-) on 2010-05-05, and, second, イドラ-流転色彩- (IDOLA -Ruten Shikisai-) on 2010-06-20. The third event has not been announced yet. Attendees of both events will receive a special, unannounced present (why can't UNDER CODE ever just tell us ;~;?). Also, .

⑨ UNDER CODE PRODUCTION and 九翟 (the label of DI3SIRAE, VELGREED) are co-sponsoring an event on 2010-05-16 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) FANJ-twice called BATTLE CIRCUS. The event will feature UNDER CODE bands Arc (addition decided), Dali, ClearVeil, and Synside, 九翟 band VELGREED, and LAGING (not sure if they're on 九翟 or not). Also! Anyone know how to romanize 九翟? Because 翟 does not come up anywhere. The label's CDs are NFCD-00X, so I'm assuming it's Nine F(something)... Anyway, moving on.

ClearVeil is sponsoring a new event tour called Royal Clover Club. The tour includes 2010-05-28 and 29 at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) CYBER, 2010-06-23 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) FANJ-twice, and 2010-06-24 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) HEARTLAND.

Dali -
トリコロールクロール (TRICOLOR CRAWL) -A Type-
  2010-04-14; 2,100 yen; Maxi-single CD+DVD; UCCD-261A; Limited pressings
  CD 01. ヨルノハテ (YORU NO HATE)
  CD 02. S.O.S(sick of sick)
  CD 03. スロウメロウ (SLOW MELLOW)
  DVD 01. ヨルノハテ (YORU NO HATE) PV
コトリコロールクロール (TRICOLOR CRAWL) -B Type-
  2010-04-14; 1,890 yen; Maxi-single CD; UCCD-261B; Limited pressings
  01. ヨルノハテ (YORU NO HATE)
  02. S.O.S(sick of sick)
  03. タイハイヤクニタタズ (TAIHAI YAKU NI TATAZU) (Bonus track)
  04. スロウメロウ (SLOW MELLOW)

2010-04-02 Edit: Dali's official website says S.O.S(sick of sick), but UNDER CODE's official website says S.O.S only. I'll update again when the CD is actually released.

Posts from 2009

[Archived] Catching up
I've been pretty lazy, so most of this “news” is somewhat old.

KISAKI: KISAKI's blog header has been updated. Also, KISAKI will appear as a special guest at Seven's upcoming event, ヴィジュアル大フィーバー (VISUAL Dai FEVER), at C.C.Lemon HALL on 2009-10-03.

SIVA: SIVA is officially over, as of 2009-07-25! The DVD of their last live (a privilege of buying their best album through the UNDER CODE NET SHOP) has been completed.

平成維新: Unless I'm misinterpreting, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) has been doing photography for the cover of the next issue of Cure! It seems that the band has new costumes as well (here's a preview).

Megaromania: It was mentioned that those who attended Megaromania's events on 2009-07-20, 2009-07-21, and 2009-07-22 would receive special presents. The presents were memorial postcards, which can be seen here.

Megaromania: To celebrate their first full album, Megaromania will be sponsoring two events in November. Mythlogical of Hallucination -First Day- will be held on 2009-11-08 at 心斎橋SOMA (Shinsaibashi SOMA), and those who attend will receive a special DVD. Mythlogical of Delusion -Second Day- will be held on 2009-11-13 at 池袋CYBER (Ikebukuro CYBER), and those who attend will receive a special CD.

Arc, Megaromania: Arc and Megaromania will sponsor a series of coupling events, Sympathize with One's Voice, on 2009-10-12, 2009-10-23, and 2009-10-24.

UNDER CODE: A new volume of the old UNDER CODE PRODUCTION live event series act unlawfully has been announced. act unlawfully Vol:20 will be held on 2009-09-29 at 高田馬場CLUB PHASE (Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE), and will feature chariots, ClearVeil, and others.

平成維新: 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) will take part in a coupling tour with n'DooL and お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】 (Oyuugi Wagamamadan ×【PaRADEiS】). The Revolutionary Supper ~革命の晩餐会~ (The Revolutionary Supper ~Kakumei no Bansankai~) will take place on 2009-10-03 at OSAKA MUSE, 2009-10-16 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA, and 2009-10-17 at 渋谷RUIDO K2 (Shibuya RUIDO K2).

chariots, ネガ: chariots and ネガ (NEGA) will take part in a two-day twoman live. UNDER showcase will take place on 2009-10-18 at 渋谷RUIDO K2 (Shibuya RUIDO K2) and on 2009-11-03 at OSAKA MUSE.

UNDER CODE: UNDER CODE's official store has changed addresses and been updated. The store is know being called UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OFFICIAL WEB SHOP (not a huge change) and can now be found at the address The new shop looks much cleaner and has more detailed information about each release. It also includes goods sections for many of the artists, so you can now buy photosets of most of the bands.
[Archived] New band samples
The UCP Homepage has updated some of the samples for the artist pages. Some are older and some are newer.

Arc - dose (from album [F] face)
Dali - fictional dive (from mini album Mind Stripper)
SIVA - gaNeza (from final album SIVA)
chariots - 邪 (from upcoming concept mini album 今軌跡省ミル-唯我独尊完全盤- B-type)
ClearVeil - イロの欠けた桜 (from album RE:BORN)
Megaromania - Gate of the prophet (from upcoming maxi single evil)

[Archived] KISAKI, Pictures, and Privileges
① KISAKI will be composing a song, ダークネス (DARKNESS), for the C type of Seven's first single, キラーチューン (KILLER TUNE). Seven is the latest random-ass project by ミチル (MICHIRU), owner of L∞p・Ash RECORDS, and is, for now, a collaboration with 真矢 (Shinya) of LUNA SEA.

② The covers of Megaromania's upcoming singles were put up at the UNDER CODE OHP a few days ago. You can view the covers here: evil, holy, and deus. Also, their pictures at the UNDER CODE OHP have been updated. Lastly, Megaromania's blog header has been updated as well.

③ ClearVeil's pictures have been updated at the UNDER CODE OHP. (Previously, only the group photo in the flash header had been updated.) You can see those here.

④ KISAKI announced in his blog a few days ago that a sampler CD of ネガ's (NEGA) album will be distributed at a few UNDER CODE lives.

⑤ Information about some UNDER CODE NET SHOP privileges has been put up. Kneuklid Romance's singles: three track karaoke CD; Megaromania's singles: digest DVD of their session event on 2009-06-01; SIVA's album: message + three tracks from their last live (thought I posted that one before, but can't find it).

⑥ UNDER GROUND MUSIC's ranking was updated a few days ago... It's basically the same, except that I noticed Dali's "herbit" is now on there, lol ("herbit" is the site's horrible misspelling of a habit).

⑦ Oh yeah, Kneuklid Romance's event sold out! Pretty sweet.

⑧ Oh yeah×2, KISAKI said a few days ago that there would be some sort of surprise regarding UNDER CODE lives. Wonder what it is!

Also, how weird is it that there were like NO releases from UNDER CODE this month?!

[Archived] ---
① The ranking at UNDER GROUND MUSIC was posted a few days ago.

② ClearVeil's new look has been posted at the UNDER CODE OHP, but only in the flash movie on the main page. The pictures should be up at their profile soon. Details of their new release and its UNDER CODE NET SHOP privilege have been announced. A tour final oneman has been announced. Voice to remind you of awake -Time of awakening- will take place on 2009-10-10 at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) CYBER. A special DVD produced by drummer 成華 (Naruka) will be distributed to those who attend.

③ Dali's new look has been posted at their section of the UNDER CODE OHP. A two title best album has been announced. Those who buy it can apply for a special DVD. Details of the best album and its UNDER CODE NET SHOP privilege have been posted. The album is labeled "first period Dali best album," implying that a member change or disbandment will be announced eventually.

④ Tracklistings for Megaromania's singles have been revealed.

⑤ The cover of SIVA's best album was posted a few days ago. See it here.

⑥ The covers and tracklistings of chariots' mini albums were revealed a few days ago. See the covers here.

⑦ A special UNDER CODE event, 江坂制圧2009 -5DAYS- (Esaka Seiatsu 2009 -5DAYS-), has been announced. Each live will take place at ESAKA MUSE with a different theme.
  • 2009-09-19: -NEW BORN "organization" VOL:4- featuring chariots, Arc, ClearVeil, and others.
  • 2009-09-20: act unlawfully Vol:19- featuring chariots, ネガ (NEGA), 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN), Megaromania, E'm ~grief~, and others.
  • 2009-09-21: -貴族達の大セッション祭り 第十夜- (-Kizokutachi no Dai SESSION Matsuri Daijuu Yoru-) featuring chariots, ネガ (NEGA), Arc, Dali, ClearVeil, E'm ~grief~, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN), Megaromania, brodiaea, session bands of members from those bands, 水風船 (Mizufuusen), ハル (HAL) and アユ (AYU), and more to be announced on 2009-08-01.
  • 2009-09-22: -一日復活祭!!- (-Ichinichi Fukkatsusai!!-) featuring one-night revivals of Aliene Maφriage, Anjyu', hurts, Pashya, and a guest appearance by 罪団法人黒十字 (Tsumidan Houjin Kurojuuji), the chariots × Dali session band.
  • 2009-09-23: -Matina PRESENTS 2009- tentatively featuring MIRAGE, DAS:VASSER, vellaDonna, LAYBIAL, オルゴール (ORGEL), AZALEA, Mëbíus, Distray, Eze:quL, Zephyr, and a guest appearance from ∀NTI FEMINISM.
ClearVeil -
awake -A Type-
  2009-08-26; 1,365 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited 3,000 pressings
  01. awake
  02. A.R.S.
awake -B Type-
  2009-08-26; 1,365 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited 3,000 pressings
  01. awake
  02. 優しい雨 (Yasashii Ame)
  2009-08-26; 0 yen; Present CD
  01. Message from ClearVeil
  02. awake (instrumental)
  03. A.R.S. (instrumental)
  04. 優しい雨 (Yasashii Ame) (instrumental)

Dali -
the world is yours -cynical-
  2009-08-19; 3,150 yen; Best album CD+DVD set; Limited 3,000 pressings
  CD 01. ant gallery
  CD 02. Cynical showcase
  CD 03. Love is dead
  CD 04. rubber
  CD 05. lay figure
  CD 06. H.N[迷子] (H.N[Maigo])
  CD 07. 印象派ポルノ (Inshouha PORNO)
  CD 08. day by day.rehearsal of Smile.
  CD 09. 「t」rush
  CD 10. キラーチューン (KILLER TUNE)
  DVD 01. Placebo PV
  DVD 02. sunny PV
  DVD 03. 印象派ポルノ (Inshouha PORNO) PV
  + Application "A" for special DVD
the world is yours -melancholy-
  2009-08-19; 3,150 yen; Best album CD+DVD set; Limited 3,000 pressings
  CD 01. jam
  CD 02. クラウド (CLOUD)
  CD 03. sole
  CD 04. downer
  CD 05. homesick
  CD 06. Placebo
  CD 07. sunny
  CD 08. wingless wing
  CD 09. Exit
  CD 10. アネモネ (ANEMONE)
  DVD 01. ant gallery PV
  DVD 02. 星屑 (Hoshikuzu) PV
  DVD 03. downer PV
  + Application "B" for special DVD
the world is yours -UNDER CODE NET SHOP SPECIAL DVD-
  2009-08-10; 0 yen; Present DVD
  DVD 01. Message from Dali
  DVD 02. Live track from sponsored event on 2009-06-27 at RUIDO K4
  DVD 03. Live track from sponsored event on 2009-06-27 at RUIDO K4
  (Release date and content unannounced)

Megaromania -
evil -
  2009-07-15; 1,365 yen; 1st anniversary concept maxi-single CD; Limited 3,000; UCCD-234
  01. Gate of the Prophet
  02. Chronic Puppet
holy -
  2009-07-15; 1,365 yen; 1st anniversary concept maxi-single CD; Limited 3,000; UCCD-235
  01. Rain fall in Solitude
  02. 誓言の刻 -Holy Calling- (Seigen no Koku -Holy Calling-)
deus -
  2009-07-15; 1,365 yen; 1st anniversary concept maxi-single CD; Limited 3,000; UCCD-236
  01. Fragrance Tales
  02. Deus

[Archived] Loop
① For uh, some reason, another date has been added to UNDER CODE's 日本制圧2009 tour. The special event will feature 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin) and ネガ (NEGA) in a twoman live/BATTLE! Get ready for a mouthful of a name: 「日本制圧2009 -SPECIAL EDITION-」 -ネガ VS 平成維新 ツーマン公演 地下線霍乱維新党~平成NEGATIVISM~- (「Nihon Seiatsu 2009 -SPECIAL EDITION-」 -NEGA VS Heisei Ishin TWOMAN Kouen Chikasenkakuran Ishintou ~Heisei NEGATIVISM~-) will take place on 2009-05-30 at OSAKA MUSE. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

② Oh, also, SIVA's new flyer has been put up at the UNDER CODE OHP. It can be seen here. It mentions something that's happening on the OHP on 05-21, but I honestly have no idea what it is. The flyer also mentioned that those who buy SIVA's best album through the UNDER CODE NET SHOP will receive a special DVD containing their last live.

(For those who don't remember, the original tour final was set to be five random lives by UNDER CODE bands. A final tour final was later tacked on at the end, and now there's a special edition scheduled after the final final (which took place last night). It's not a bad thing that UNDER CODE does stuff like this, but it's definitely amusing.)

[Archived] Outfits
① SIVA's picture at the UNDER CODE OHP has been updated with their new look. See it here.

② Dali is holding a photography session today for their new look. A small cell phone picture of their new look (which reveals absolutely nothing except a top hat and a crow) can be seen here.

[Archived] Dali/SIVA
① Dali will be sponsoring a new event on 06-27. The even is entitled TOUKYOU SUMUSUMUMURIKU MELLOW and is to be held at Shinjuku RUIDO K4. The lineup consists of Dali, SIVA, Secilia LUNA, Ashe', JIGORO, ALSDEAD, Lupo Label, and M. (Anyone know what that bit in the middle of the title means?)

② Unsurprisingly, a SIVA best album will be released before they disband. It probably won't be worth buying for most people since SIVA already has two best albums, but it at least includes a new song, gaNeza. Details are below.

④ Also, SIVA's page at UNDER CODE has been updated with comments from the members about their disbandment. I can't really say what the comments say, since I don't know Japanese, but hopefully someone will kindly translate them. View the members' comments here.

  2009-07-01; 3,150 yen; Full best/last album CD; UCCD-232
  01. a conception
  02. realize
  03. mind luster
  04. Kali
  05. grief education
  06. Liberalism
  07. Parvathi
  08. Durga
  09. public opinion
  10. gaNeza

[Archived] Nihon Seiatsu Update
① [From KISAKI's blog] A true final for UNDER CODE's 日本制圧2009 (Nihon Seiatsu 2009) tour has been announced. 日本制圧2009 -FINAL- (Nihon Seiatsu 2009 -FINAL-) will take place on 2009-04-22 at 大阪BIG CAT (Osaka BIG CAT), and will feature chariots, ネガ (Nega), Arc, Dali, Megaromania, ClearVeil, SIVA, 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin), cocklobin, and a large session band. A DVD of three types will be distributed at the live. Each type will have the same label but different content, so that no one will know which type they have until they watch it.

(KISAKI has already stated that the DVD's won't be for sale anywhere. Pretty mean to us foreign fans, huh?)

V.A. -
日本制圧2009 -公認海賊版- (Nihon Seiatsu 2009 -Kounin Kaizokuban-) -A Type-
  2009-04-22; 0 yen; Present Live DVD
  01. chariots: Live footage from 渋谷BOXX on 2009-03-01
  02. chariots: Offshot
  03. ネガ (Nega): Live footage from 渋谷BOXX on 2009-03-01
  04. ネガ (Nega): Offshot

日本制圧2009 -公認海賊版- (Nihon Seiatsu 2009 -Kounin Kaizokuban-) -B Type-
  2009-04-22; 0 yen; Present Live DVD
  01. Dali: Live footage from 渋谷BOXX on 2009-03-13
  02. Dali: Offshot
  03. Megaromania: Live footage from 渋谷BOXX on 2009-03-13
  04. Megaromania: Offshot

日本制圧2009 -公認海賊版- (Nihon Seiatsu 2009 -Kounin Kaizokuban-) -C Type-
  2009-04-22; 0 yen; Present Live DVD
  01. Arc: Live footage from 渋谷BOXX on 2009-03-13
  02. Arc: Offshot
  03. ClearVeil: Live footage from 渋谷BOXX on 2009-03-13
  04. ClearVeil: Offshot
  05. SIVA: Live footage from 渋谷BOXX on 2009-03-13
  06. SIVA: Offshot

[Archived] Videos on Bands Aid
Bands Aid has uploaded some videos of UNDER CODE bands playing lives ... apparently in the FUTURE! It says that Dali and SIVA performed on 2009.09.28! They uploaded videos from Dali, SIVA, ネガand along with a comment from all the bands on UNDER CODE. They look so happy in the comment.
[Archived] Lots of live news
① It's been revealed that the 日本制圧2009 (Nihon Seiatsu 2009) tour final is actually several lives which are collectively called 渋谷制圧 5DAYS (Shibuya Seiatsu 5DAYS). Here's the complete schedule:
04-04: Megaromania & 己龍 (Kiryuu) twoman
   「テンチキョウソウ (TENCHIKYOUSOU)」 at 渋谷eggman
04-05: Arc sponsored event
   「Anniversary Celebration」 at 渋谷RUIDO K2
04-10: Dali & ネガ (Nega) & カル・ヴァリ (Kal・Vary) threeman
   「「斑」~MADARA~」 at 渋谷BOXX
04-12: SIVA oneman
   「Rudra:Parvathi」 at 渋谷CLUB CRAWL
04-18: chariots oneman
   「Royal 【suite】Flush」 at 渋谷CHELSEA HOTEL

② The privilege for purchasing chariots' upcoming live DVD, 銃声,そこからはじまる。 (Juusei, Sokokara Hajimaru。), through the UCP NET SHOP is an additional DVD. The special privilege DVD will feature footage from chariots' Christmas live, where the band played three songs in Santa outfits.

③ On 04-06 and 04-07, chariots and Dali will hold a two day twoman live. The live is being called DC31102235, and will also feature 罪団法人黒十字2009 (Tsumidan Houjin Kurojuuji 2009), which is a revival of the old session band that featured members from HISKAREA and シュガーフォークフル (Sugar Forkful).

④ Dali will sponsor a new event, the reddish jewel, on 05-02 at ESAKA MUSE.

⑤ Arc will release a new single that can be purchased only at lives and through the UCP NET SHOP. The single is to come in a special set featuring the CD and an "Arc original sparkling whistle" that is to be used at future lives. So yeah, act fast if you want your sparkling whistle.

Arc -
吹き乱れ (Fuki Midare)
  2009-02-22; 1,260 yen; Live-limited Single Set; Limited pressings
  01. 吹き乱れ (Fuki Midare)
  + Arc original sparkling whistle

chariots -
声,そこからはじまる。 (Juusei, Sokokara Hajimaru。) -X'mas SPECIAL LIVE DVD-
  2009-02-18; 0 yen; Present Live DVD; Limited 100 pressings
  01. エミリィー (EMILY) LIVE CLIP
  02. キラ (KIRA) LIVE CLIP
  03. RAZZIE or Oscar LIVE CLIP

Posts from 2008

[Archived] More News
Lots of updates! Let's start.

① New pictures for Arc, ClearVeil, E'm ~grief~, and SIVA at the UNDER CODE OHP. Also, there's now a special page for 水風船 (Mizufuusen).

② Details for UNDER CODE's 日本制圧2009 (Nihon Seiatsu 2009) have been announced. It will feature 11 shows from 2009-03-01 to 2009-03-15, with a tour final sometime after. Details regarding the tour final are being kept secret for now; they will be revealed on 2009-01-21.

③ A new UNDER CODE omnibus has been announced. The "UNDER CODE PRODUCTION SUPER COMPILATION ALBUM" is called The End of Missing and will feature 11 old, remastered songs, plus one new song from G.O.L. (G.O.L is a special project featuring GORI of bands@id and KISAKI.)

④ Arc will release their first full album, 【F】face, on 2009-03-25. It will apparently only come in one type (which is good!).

⑤ Dali will release a new mini album, mind stripper, on 2009-03-25. Like Arc's release, it will only come in one type (thank God). Details haven't been given, but, based on the release's price, it will probably feature five tracks and no PV.

⑥ Megaromania will release a new single, APOCALYPSE, on 2009-04-01. There will be two types of the release. Both types will feature the title track plus a differing second track.

Arc -
  2009-03-25; 3,150 yen; Full Album; UCCD-221; Limited 3,000 pressings
  01~10. (Unannounced new songs)

Dali -
mind stripper
  2009-03-25; 2,415 yen; Mini Album; UCCD-222
  01~05. (Unannounced new songs)

Megaromania -
  2009-04-01; 1,365 yen; Maxi Single; UCCD-223A
  2009-04-01; 1,365 yen; Maxi Single; UCCD-223B
  02. Brilliance butterfly

V.A. -
The End of Missing
  2009-03-04; 3,150 yen; Omnibus Album; UCCD-216
  01. chariots: (Unannounced remastered song)
  02. ネガ (Nega): (Unannounced remastered song)
  03. SIVA: (Unannounced remastered song)
  04. Dali: (Unannounced remastered song)
  05. Arc: (Unannounced remastered song)
  06. Megaromania: (Unannounced remastered song)
  07. ClearVeil: (Unannounced remastered song)
  08. E'm ~grief~: (Unannounced remastered song)
  09. 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin): (Unannounced remastered song)
  10. brodiaea: (Unannounced remastered song)
  11. Lamina: (Unannounced remastered song)
  12. G.O.L: (Unannounced new song) (Bonus track)

[Archived] SIVA Releases!
① [From Brand X] Starting in January, SIVA will begin a three month consecutive release campaign of concept singles. There will be a proof of purchase within each single, so those who buy all three singles can send off for a special present CD (details of which are unavailable right now).

  2009-01-21; 1,050 yen; Maxi Single; UCCD-212
  01. (Unannounced new song)
  + α
  2009-02-18; 1,050 yen; Maxi Single; UCCD-214
  01. (Unannounced new song)
  + α
  2009-03-11; 1,050 yen; Maxi Single; UCCD-218
  01. (Unannounced new song)
  + α
(Unannounced title)
  After 2009-03-11; 0 yen; (Privilege for buying all three singles)
  01. (Unannounced tracklisting)
[Archived] New Release Info
① Brand X has posted news of a few new UNDER CODE releases. The three releases are alternate versions of old best-of compilations, but they are unique in that they are being sold by WORLD TEMPTATION ENTERTAINMENT. That is the same company that sold KISAKI's solo album The Solitude Songs, which means that these new releases will similarly be distributed "worldwide."

秘密結社コドモA (Himitsu Kessha Codomo A) -
青春記憶装置 ~世界発信豪華盤~ (Seishun Kiokusouchi ~Sekai Hasshin Goukaban~)
  2008-11-05; 3,675 yen; Best Album + DVD; WTCD-10535
  CD 01. MY上へ (MY Way)
  CD 02. サヨナラ星とボウイ (SAYONARA Hoshi to BOY)
  CD 03. さらば世界 (Saraba Sekai)
  CD 04. 幽霊ジョニー (Yuurei JOHNNY)
  CD 05. ジョージジェットセンチメンタル (GEORGE JETSON SENTIMENTAL)
  CD 06. 今夜全てに絶望を (Konya Subete ni Zetsubou)
  CD 07. 人間ララバイ (Ningen LULLABY)
  CD 08. 劣等行進曲 (Rettou Koushinkyoku)
  CD 09. 怪人ぐるぐる男奇譚 (Kaijin Guruguru Otoko Kitan)
  CD 10. さくら手帳 (Sakura Techou)
  DVD 01. 劣等行進曲 (Rettou Koushinkyoku) PV
  DVD 02. さらば世界 (Saraba Sekai) PV
  DVD 03. さくら手帳 (Sakura Techou) PV
  DVD 04. MY上へ (MY Way) LIVE CLIP
  DVD 06. 赤裸々カモンベイビー (Sekirara COME ON BABY) LIVE CLIP
  DVD 07. 怪人ぐるぐる男奇譚 (Kaijin Guruguru Otoko Kitan) LIVE CLIP
  DVD 08. 劣等行進曲 (Rettou Koushinkyoku) LIVE CLIP

Kibou-YA© -
希望のススメ ~特別盤~ (Kibou no SUSUME ~Tokubetsuban~)
  2008-11-05; 3,675 yen; Best Album + DVD; WTCD-10536
  CD 01. 反省しませう (Hansei Shimaseu)
  CD 02. 少年25秒 (Shounen 25 Byou)
  CD 03. 星と矢印 (Hoshi to Yajiroshi)
  CD 04. 絶望番長 (Zetsubou Banchou)
  CD 05. トキメキスタイル社 (TOKIMEKI STYLE Sha)
  CD 06. マシマロウエスタン (MARSHMALLOW WESTERN)
  CD 07. 宇宙リボン (Uchuu RIBBON)
  CD 08. 僕は君に必要とされたいのだ (Boku wa Kimi ni Hitsuyou to Saretai no da)
  CD 09. なんて不自由な自由なんだろう (Nante Fujiyuu na Jiyuu Nandarou)
  CD 10. 自分モノサシ (Jibun MONOSASHI)
  CD 11. 君色 (Kimi Iro)
  CD 12. 耳がロボット (Mimi ga ROBOT) (Bonus Track)
  CD 13. サンブンサンプル (SANBUN SAMPLE) (Bonus Track)
  DVD 01. 反省しませう (Hansei Shimaseu) PV
  DVD 02. トキメキスタイル社 (TOKIMEKI STYLE Sha) LIVE CLIP
  DVD 03. 宇宙犬ライカ (Uchuu Inu RAIKA) LIVE CLIP
  DVD 04. 絶望番長 (Zetsubou Banchou) LIVE CLIP
  DVD 06. 少年25秒 (Shounen 25 Byou) LIVE CLIP
  DVD 07. 人生ゲーム (Jinsei GAME) LIVE CLIP
  DVD 09. 劣等時代 (Rettou Jidai) LIVE CLIP
  DVD 10. さらば世界 (Saraba Sekai) LIVE CLIP
  DVD 11. 惑星エレジィ (Wakusei ELEGY) LIVE CLIP

Time in wish
  2008-11-26; 3,675 yen; Best Album + DVD; WTCD-10544
  CD 01. RIOT
  CD 02. isolation
  CD 03. No thank you.
  CD 04. Ash
  CD 05. 妖艶 (Youen)
  CD 06. 煉獄 (Rengoku)
  CD 07. olive
  CD 08. new born=kills newly
  CD 09. the back bottom
  CD 10. fiction
  CD 11. concealment
  CD 12. sense
  CD 13. Mafia
  CD 14. Brave
  DVD 02. Brave PV

(I know it will make some people mad that all of these are re-releases of best albums, but they're pretty good deals; the Kibou-YA© one especially. Hopefully these releases will give some people a chance to own stuff that they couldn't before. And maybe these "worldwide" releases will actually show up worldwide?)
[Archived] Siva Page Update
Siva's UCP profile page was just updated with a preview (finally!!) for one of their new songs. "Public Opinion"  go check it out!!

I'm liking the sound of it, so far, sounds like it could be a really cool song! I noticed that they added a little bit of synth, probably to fill the void left by one less guitar, but to me it sounds pretty good =D
[Archived] Release Info
① The UNDER CODE OHP was just updated with tons of cover art and tracklistings for upcoming releases. It's rare, but it's really nice when UCP updates with that stuff ahead of time (even a few of the updates made today are for releases that are already out). New cover art for Arc, brodiaea, E'm ~grief~, 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin), Lamina, SIVA, and ゾディア (Zodia) can be seen at the new release page, tracklistings and other info are below.

Arc -
想乃心 -A Type- (Sono Kokoro -A Type-)
  2008-08-06; 2,100 yen; Maxi single + DVD; Limited; UCCD-188A
  CD 00. ~SE~
  CD 01. 想乃心 (Sono Kokoro)
  CD 02. ~籠~ (~Kago~)
  DVD 01. Difference LIVE CLIP
  DVD 02. fancifury the age LIVE CLIP
想乃心 -B Type- (Sono Kokoro -B Type-)
  2008-08-06; 1,680 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-188B
  00. ~SE~
  01. 想乃心 (Sono Kokoro)
  02. ~籠~ (~Kago~)
  03. ラジカセ -Repetition- (RAJIKASE -Repetition-) (Bonus Track)
justice -A Type-
  2008-09-10; 2,940 yen; Mini album + DVD; Limited; UCCD-200A
  CD 01. G.A.P.賢者より (G.A.P. Kenja Yori)
  CD 02. 惜別 (Sekibetsu)
  CD 03. Rular
  CD 04. 空。いつか (Sora。 Itsuka)
  CD 05. 発信履歴 (Hasshin Rireki)
  DVD 01. Calculation女神 (Calculation Megami) PV
justice -B Type-
  2008-09-10; 2,625 yen; Mini album; Limited; UCCD-200B
  01. G.A.P.賢者より (G.A.P. Kenja Yori)
  02. 惜別 (Sekibetsu)
  03. Rular
  04. 空。いつか (Sora。 Itsuka)
  05. 発信履歴 (Hasshin Rireki)
  06. the (Bonus Track)

brodiaea -
  2008-07-16; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-185
  01. Lily
  02. 觸罪の徒 (Shokuzai no Ada)
僞 -fake- (Nise -fake-
  2008-07-16; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-186
  01. 僞 -fake- (Nise -fake-)
  02. ノスタルジア (NOSTALGIA)
  2008-08-20; 2,100 yen; Mini album; Limited; UCCD-194
  01. Invitation to the darkness
  02. Carcass
  03. 夜陰の月詠 (Yain no Tsukuyomi)
  04. 失楽園 (Shitsurakuen)
  05. SHINE

chariots -
トリガー -A Type- (TRIGGER -A Type-)
  2008-11-19; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. トリガー (TRIGGER)
  02. Nefarious Punisher
トリガー -B Type- (TRIGGER -B Type-)
  2008-11-19; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. トリガー (TRIGGER)
  02. ・・・Over and done with
錆び付いた銃弾 (Sabitsuita Juudan)
  2008-12-10; Mini album; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  04. Unannounced new track
  05. Unannounced new track
凍てついた銃口 (Koote Tsuita Juukou)
  2008-12-10; Mini album; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  04. Unannounced new track
  05. Unannounced new track

Dali -
a rope is there.and hope is there. -A Type-
  2008-10-22; 3,675 yen; Full album + DVD; Limited 5,000 pressings
  CD 01. Unannounced new track
  CD 02. Unannounced new track
  CD 03. Unannounced new track
  CD 04. Unannounced new track
  CD 05. Unannounced new track
  CD 06. Unannounced new track
  CD 07. Unannounced new track
  CD 08. Unannounced new track
  CD 09. Unannounced new track
  CD 10. Unannounced new track
  DVD 01. イタミワケ (ITAMI WAKE) PV
a rope is there.and hope is there. -B Type-
  2008-10-22; 3,150 yen; Full album; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  04. Unannounced new track
  05. Unannounced new track
  06. Unannounced new track
  07. Unannounced new track
  08. Unannounced new track
  09. Unannounced new track
  10. Unannounced new track
  11. dope (Bonus Track)

E'm ~grief~ -
Pains of aspiration
  2008-08-06; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-189
  01. Pains of aspiration
  02. Seelenheil
  03. Pains of aspiration (Instrumental)
  04. Seelenheil (Instrumental)

平成維新 (Heisei Ishin) -
  2008-09-03; 1,575 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-198
  01. electr:c people
  03. スイミー (SWIMMY)
  2008-09-03; 1,575 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-199
  01. eternity
  02. Insanity
  03. スイミー (SWIMMY)

Lamina -
  2008-08-13; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-190
  01. Heaven's Spell
  02. Hatred
  2008-08-13; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-191
  01. Iris
  02. -Anael-

  2008-08-20; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-195
  01. public opinion
  02. a conseption
  2008-08-20; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-196
  01. Liberalism
  02. mind luster

ゾディア (Zodia) -
慟哭 (Doukoku)
  2008-07-30; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-187
  01. 慟哭 (Doukoku)
  02. Scary Call
果て無き絶望,朽ち果てる太陽 (Hatenaki Zetsubou, Kuchihateru Taiyou)
  2008-08-27; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-197
  01. 果て無き絶望,朽ち果てる太陽 (Hatenaki Zetsubou, Kuchihateru Taiyou)
  02. ESCAPE

② Notes! That post was super long. ClearVeil's releases have disappeared from the new release page, but I'm sure it was an error; hopefully tracklistings for those will be up soon. The new covers of the (Heisei Ishin) and (Zodia) releases are awesome. Arc's releases are always announced with some sort of typo, always; Rular will most likely be changed to Ruler by the release date. Luckily, SIVA already fixed their typo; it's now Liberalism instead of the earlier libelalism. It's weird that some two track singles cost 1,365 yen and some only 1,260. It's awesome that Dali is releasing their first full album (and chariots may as well be!). The tracklisting to those releases isn't available yet, obviously, but I'm listing the releases because they haven't been mentioned in this community yet.

[Archived] Various Homepage Updates
Just a bunch of small updates I felt were note-worthy. 

Heisei Ishin has updated their page with a newer look (following the Bass-Guitar-Vocal-Guitar-Drum format), and now has a sample up! (Thanks Goukan!)

② For reasons unknown, Zodia, brodiaea, and Lamina are now in a separate grouping in the UCP homepage. No details on why or what, so I'll do some more digging and find out if it's something like a new sublabel or something (don't take that as official, I'm just as clueless as the next person).

E'm ~grief~, whose members have been shrouded in mystery for a while, have finally lifted the veil on it's drummer, Maju. He is ex-SIVA & ex-Babylon support drummer Aki. Rita was recently revealed to be ex-CalorZe, so now all of the band's member's histories are known.
[Archived] New Band, Release News
① As promised, details regarding the new UNDER CODE band have been released. The new band, as expected, is 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin) and is comprised of at least two(?) members of Anjyu'. The band's concept is "SECOND CULTURE," whatever that means, and its lineup is as follows: 拓 (Taku) on vocals, YUKKIE (most likely ex-Anjyu') on guitar, JILL on guitar, 善 (Yoshi) (definitely ex-Anjyu') on bass, and ライ (Rai) on drums.

② Of course, the band already has two releases and a few live events planned. Their first live event, held on 8/25, is called Outbreak of war and will be followed by a two-day event on 9/20 and 9/21 called THE FIRST HOLY COLOSSEUM -2 DAYS-. Release information is below:

Edit: Well, it's not the five month release campaign that I was expecting (there's still time guys!) but chariots will be featured in a coupling CD with Versailles. One that is live-distributed only. Start crying now~ Anyway, the title, tracklisting, and number of tracks are unannounced as of now, but it WILL feature new songs. The CD will be distributed at Osaka BIG CAT on 09/13 during the chariots × Versailles live event ART OF "Propaganda".

Edit: Jesus, remind me to go through the entire UCP site before making any updates. The stuff below is allll new:

④ SIVA, as expected, announced new releases finally. This time it's three new CDs, and, of course, there are a few live events to accompany them. On October 10th they'll be holding a oneman live entitled ZERO. But before the oneman...:

⑤ Dali and SIVA will be holding a two-day coupling event in September called art / smash (the second day happens to be my birthday! sweet). Both bands will "headline" I suppose, but there will be several other bands playing as well. Additionally, there will be a Dali × SIVA session band playing at the event.

⑥ I forgot to mention before that ClearVeil's profile page has been updated with their new look. As has SIVA's.

平成維新 (Heisei Ishin) -
  2008-09-03; 1,575 yen; Maxi single; Limited pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  2008-09-03; 1,575 yen; Maxi single; Limited pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track

  2008-08-20; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
libelalism (Hopefully it's actually liberalism)
  2008-08-20; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
death education -A Type-
  2008-10-08; 2,940 yen; Mini album + DVD; Limited 5,000 pressings
  CD 01. Unannounced new track
  CD 02. Unannounced new track
  CD 03. Unannounced new track
  CD 04. Unannounced new track
  CD 05. Unannounced new track
  DVD 01. libelalism PV
death education -B Type-
  2008-10-08; 2,625 yen; Mini album; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  04. Unannounced new track
  05. Unannounced new track
  06. greif (Bonus Track) (Hopefully it's actually grief)

chariots × Versailles -
(Unannounced Title)
  2008-09-13; 0 yen; Coupling; Distribution limited
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track

The band's official UCP profile is here, and the band's official blog can be found at the address of the old blog of Anjyu'.

(Anyone have information on the other members? I can only recognize one Anjyu' guy by face, so maybe there are more? Hopefully more info will appear soon~)

[Archived] News: New Releases through iTunes
As of May 8th, select UNDER CODE PRODUCTION music is available for purchase of iTunes. It's the first time that UCP has offered digital downloads and I highly recommend purchasing something if you are at all interested; strong support will probably encourage KISAKI to make more available, and it's a LOT cheaper and easier (the iTunes store takes credit cards as well as PayPal) than important CD's or even buying them in Japan. To make the deal a little sweeter, the offerings are iTunes Plus releases, which means that they are basically free of DRM and higher in quality without costing more than normal releases. It's pretty cool, very much worth the small price. Here's the info of what is currently available:

Untitled Single
  2008-05-08; 1.98 dollars; Digital Single
  01. Glass No Album
  02. Michi-Shirube
Phantasmagoria -
Untitled EP
  2008-05-08; 2.97 dollars; Digital EP
  01. Hikari Ni Furu Ame
  02. Gensoukyoku - Eternal Silence -
  03. ...Lost In Thought
V.A. -
  2008-05-08; 4.95 dollars; Digital Omnibus EP
  01. Nega / Soul Cry
  02. Arc / Calculation Megami
  03. Chariots / Cold Pray
  04. Siva / Brave
  05. Dali / Hoshikuzu

Again, please support this if you can!
Purchase KISAKI PROJECT feat. JUI - Untitled Single
Purchase Phantasmagoria - Untitled EP

Edit: reminded me that I should specify this: the downloads are not limited to iTunes Japan or anything like that, they are readily available for purchase through the normal iTunes store. The prices are in dollars, there is no weird process to go through, just purchase the songs like you would any English artist. (You can use the links I provided to make it even easier!)

[Archived] News: Deshabillz, Siva
① Earlier this month, KISAKI announced that he would be composing the first revival single for Deshabillz (a "legendary" group that had disbanded in 1998). Well, Brand X just listed the single (which means you can now pre-order it), and it's apparently being published with UNDER CODE. Although I doubt this means Deshabillz is part of the label, it's still pretty cool. Since it's an UNDER CODE release, information is below.

② Brand X also posted information for a CD we didn't know about~ We can now add Siva to the list of UNDER CODE bands with a best album. Siva's best album is entitled COPY, and it will contain tracks that are (for the most part) from releases that have sold out. Some of the songs will be remastered, but no specific titles are mentioned. Details belowwww.

Deshabillz -
ああ・・・風樹の歎 ~実の生る木は花から知れると教えよう・・・ 汚れた皆さんお久し振りです,汚れた皆様はじめまして・・・~ (Aa・・・ Kazaki no Tan ~Jitsu no Naru Ki wa Hana Kara Shireru to Oshieyou・・・ Yogoreta Minasan Ohisashiburi desu, Kegareta Minasama wa Jime Mashite・・・~)
  2008-03-26; 1,260 yen; Limited; Maxi Single
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

Siva -
  2008-03-19; 3,150 yen; Limited 5,000; SIVA-001; Album
  01. Riot
  02. マニアック.W.L (MANIAC.W.L)
  03. isolation
  04. Psychedelic bar
  05. No thank you.
  06. Ash
  07. 妖艶 (Youen)
  08. new born=kills newly
  09. 煉獄 (Rengoku)
  10. olive
  11. sense
  12. the back bottom
[Archived] News: Dali, hurts, Kibou-YA©, Siva
① The tracklist to Kibou-YA©'s best album has finally been posted at the UNDER CODE OHP. The tracklistings (and covers, in Siva's case) for hurts' and Siva's singles have been posted as well.

② Dali announced a three month consecutive release campain through the UNDER CODE OHP today. The releases are basically following the format of ClearVeil's upcoming releases; singles with two new tracks each, and no PVs or additional content. Details are below:

Dali -
  2008-04-23; 1,260 yen; Limited 3,000; Maxi Single
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  2008-05-28; 1,260 yen; Limited 3,000; Maxi Single
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  2008-06-25; 1,260 yen; Limited 3,000; Maxi Single
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

hurts -
悪魔ノ詩 -血盟- (Akumanoshi -Ketsumei-)
  2008-02-06; 1,575 yen; UCCD-159; Maxi Single
  02. インキュバス (INCUBUS)
  03. 「I can fly」
悪魔ノ詩 -反逆- (Akumanoshi -Hangyaku-)
  2008-02-06; 1,575 yen; UCCD-160; Maxi Single
  01. 不眠症サティリアシス (Fumenshou SATYRIASIS)
  02. 欠落プリズン -反逆- (PRISON -Hangyaku-)
  03. 人でなしの恋 (Hitodenashi no Koi)

Kibou-YA© -
希望ノススメ (Kibou no SUSUME)
  2008-01-09; 3,150 yen; UCCD-157; Album
  01. 星と矢印 (Hoshi to Yjirushi)
  02. 絶望番長 (Zetsubou Banchou)
  03. トキメキスタイル社 (TOKIMEKI STYLE Sha)
  04. マシマロウエスタン (MARSHMALLOW WESTERN)
  05. 宇宙リボン (Uchuu RIBBON)
  06. 僕は君に必要とされたいのだ
    (Boku wa Kimi ni Hitsuyou to Saretai no Da)
  07. なんて不自由な自由なんだろう
    (Nante Fujiyuu na Jiyuu Nandarou)
  08. 反省しませう(Hansei Shimaseu)
  09. 自分モノサシ(Jibun MONOSASHI)
  10. 少年25秒 (Shounen 25 Byou)
  11. 君色(Kimi Iro)

Siva -
wrong of justice -A Type-
  2008-02-13; 1,995 yen; UCCD-161A; Maxi Single
  CD 01. fiction
  CD 02. concealment
  DVD 01. Brave PV
wrong of justice -B Type-
  2008-02-13; 1,680 yen; UCCD-161B; Maxi Single
  01. fiction
  02. concealment
  03. the back bottom (Bonus Track)

Posts from 2007

[Archived] News: Arc, chariots, V.A.
① Tons of releases were announced through Brand X today, some surprising and some not. Arc has a new look and is releasing something new, and there's a new volume of High Style Paradox, the first in over two years!. There are also a ton of new releases from chariots (I guess KISAKI wasn't lying when he said he was going to push them to the top!) and tracklistings to ClearVeil's upcoming CDs. Heeere you go:
② UNDER CODE's 5th anniversary soon~

Arc -
Departure of one's lot -A Type-
  2008-02-20; 2,940 yen; UCCD-162A; Mini Album
  CD 01. Unannounced tracklisting
  DVD 01. 雨涙哀色 (Ame Namida Ai Iro) PV
Departure of one's lot -B Type-
  2008-02-20; 2,625 yen; UCCD-162B; Mini Album
  01. Unannounced tracklisting
  + fancifully the age (Bonus Track)

chariots -
唯 (Yui)
  2008-03-12; 1,260 yen; UCCD-164; Maxi Single
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
我 (Ga)
  2008-04-16; 1,260 yen; UCCD-167; Maxi Single
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
独 (Doku)
  2008-05-14; 1,260 yen; UCCD-172; Maxi Single
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
尊 (Son)
  2008-06-25; 2,940 yen; UCDV-052; PV DVD
  01. Unannounced PV
  02. Unannounced PV
  03. Unannounced PV
  + α

ClearVeil -
the dropping sky
  2008-03-12; 1,260 yen; UCCD-165; Maxi Single
  01. the dropping sky
  02. 『SWEET』≠『PAIN』
信者ニ捧グ謳 (Shinja ni Sasagu Uta)
  2008-04-16; 1,260 yen; UCCD-168; Maxi Single
  01. 信者ニ捧グ謳 (Shinja ni Sasagu Uta)
  02. 零-ゼロ- (Rei -ZERO-)
lapis ~青の憂鬱~ (lapis ~Ao no Yuuutsu~)
  2008-05-14; 1,260 yen; UCCD-173; Maxi Single
  01. lapis ~青の憂鬱~ (lapis ~Ao no Yuuutsu~)
  02. 揺れるロザリオと紅い薔薇 (Yureru ROSARIO to Akai Bara)

V.A. -
High Style Paradox 5 ~new born "organization"~
  2008-03-05; 4,725 yen; UCDV-05; Omnibus Live DVD
  01. chariots: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  02. chariots: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  03. chariots: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  04. Nega: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  05. Nega: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  06. Dali: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  07. Dali: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  08. Kibou-YA©: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  09. Kibou-YA©: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  10. hurts: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  11. hurts: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  12. Arc: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  13. Arc: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  14. Siva: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  15. Siva: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  16. ClearVeil: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  17. ClearVeil: Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  18. Anjyu': Unannounced LIVE CLIP
  19. Anjyu': Unannounced LIVE CLIP
[Archived] News: hurts, ネガ (Nega), Siva
① The UNDER CODE OHP has been updated with several releases. To the point:

hurts -
悪魔ノ詩 -血盟- (Akumanoshi -Ketsumei-)
  2008-02-06; 1,575 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  03. Unpublished new song
  + Ticket to release party oneman on 2008-03-20
悪魔ノ詩 -反逆- (Akumanoshi -Hangyaku-)
  2008-02-06; 1,575 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  03. Unpublished new song
  + Ticket to release party oneman on 2008-03-20
  2008-03-05; 3,150 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Remastered song
  03. Remastered song
  04. Remastered song
  05. Remastered song
  06. Remastered song
  07. Remastered song
  08. Remastered song
  09. Remastered song
  10. Remastered song
  11. Remastered song
  + Ticket to release party oneman on 2008-03-20
ネガ (Nega) -
ЯeBirtH Under the Chaos -A Type-
  2008-01-30; 2,940 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  03. Unpublished new song
  04. Unpublished new song
  DVD 01. 鬱 (Utsu) PV
ЯeBirtH Under the Chaos -B Type-
  2008-01-30; 2,625 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  03. Unpublished new song
  04. Unpublished new song
  05. 侏吐羅 (Shutora?) (Bonus Track)
Siva -
wrong of justice -A Type-
  2008-02-13; 1,995 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  DVD 01. Brave PV
wrong of justice -B Type-
  2008-02-13; 1,680 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  03. concealment (Bonus Track)

Posts from 2006

[Archived] undercode cosplay
I went to onicon like 3 weeks ago >.>

If you want to see more pics please go to my journal and I'll have my con report up soon! ^^/

Sorry about the ickiness. it was really dark even with the flash. ^^;

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


xposted in

[Archived] Siva picture request
HI, little question: Does anyone has individual photos from each Siva member??? Can´t find anything from them!!!

[Archived] News ⇔ Pashya, Siva
For those of you who don't already know, both Pashya and Siva will have new releases later this year.

2006/08/02 Pashya: 虹 [Kou]
Single; 1,575; Limited 3,000

2006/09/06 Pashya: マザー [MOTHER]
Single; 1,575; Limited 3,000

2006/09/06 Siva: アスラ [ASHURA]
Mini; 2,940; Limited 3,000
c/w DVD Clip "Riot"
[Archived] Siva lyrics
I hope it's okay to post these. I didn't do "Mafia" because that's gonna take me a few days. Can't read that chicken-scratch at all. >__>

btw, the romaji is what is sung, not what is written.



壊してく自分さえ 辛い想いを忘れたいから
傷つけて自分さえ 今もう 消えかけた心の燭が

すれちがいばかりの気持ちが また一つ君に重なり



裏切りの過去 偽りの真実とゆう名の友


傷つけて自分だから 今もう 消えかけた命の燭が

一人で過ごした春夏 一人で過ぎてた秋冬
一人で嗚呼 消えたい一人は・・・

手首に刻まれた傷さえ 気ずく人もいないままで 虚しく流れる紅い涙




恨んでる全てを 親さえも


ありがとう 育ててくれて 心から


lyric: Kairi
music: Iori

kowashiteku jibun sae tsurai omoi wo wasuretai kara
kizutsukete jibun sae ima mou kiekaketa kokoro no tomoshibi ga

surechigai bakari no kimochi ga mata hitotsu kimi ni kasanari

tomo to yoberu hito wa mitsukarazu ni

hito wo shinjiru to yuu koto ga konna ni muzukashii nante
arekara nannen ga tatsu no darou

uragiri no kako itsuwari no shinjitsu to yuu na no tomo

soshite ima boku wa

kowashiteku jibun sae tsurai omoi wo wasuretai kara
kizutsukete jibun dakara ima mou kiekaketa inochi no tomoshibi ga

hitori de sugoshita haru natsu hitori de sugiteta aki fuyu
hitori de aa kietai hitori wa...

tekubi ni kizamareta kizu sae kizuku hito mo inai mama de
munashiku nagareru akai namida

atatakai hikai ni te wo nobashite mo todokanu mama

mijikai inochi wo...

uranderu subete wo oya sae mo

nikunderu jibun ni umareta koto

arigatou sodatetekurute kokoro kara

kiesarishi mugon no
tomoshibi ga




呆れる程 汚れた世界で受ける

lyric: Kairi
music: Pori

osanai koro kara jiyuu ga nai no
otona ga kette ni gakushuu kyouyou!!
ureshikunai kedo iya demo nai kedo
ikenai ki ga suru kono jitsujou
wakari hajimeta kitanai
otona no hidousa wo
mukatsuku yatsu nara sokushidou
seizeki otosu to sono shikou
kizukarenakereba ii to omotteru
kitanai otona no sono honshou
kanji hajimeta kodomo no
hakarishirenu kono boudou
ima ni kaete miseru yo shakai
omaera no you ni wa naranai orera
rigai shika ki ni shinai otona
oboetoke orera no kono aikotoba
kenryoku furikazashi miorosu yatsura
fuminijirareta kokoro ga
himei wo agete mo karera no mimi ni wa
kikoetemo kikoenai furi de
nagurarete mo kodomo ga tasuke motomete mo
karera no sono me ni mietemo
mienai furi wo shiteiru no

ureshisa mo kanashimi mo
subete shitta
akireru hodo yogoreta sekai de ukeru
kezuru kokoro ga...

マニアック・W・L (MANIAC.W.L)


理想狂の僕にはね いつもキレイに殺すスキルと
二丁でオトス スタイルで通ってみるのさ
素敵な人が現れても 動じる事許されず
何も知らない君もねいつか キレイに殺すスキルと
その体と言葉責めで 追い求める
いい男が現れても 動じる事許されず
目標をただ一途に 狩り続ける


ハルカ カナタつかめぬ君に 理想と現実照らし合わせ
あまりに遠すぎて 心がね 消えてしまいそうだよ
もう一度でいいから君に この想い伝えたくてもね
何処にいるかさえもわからない 過ぎてゆく季節と日

最後に聞いてお願いだから この気持ち伝えたくてもね

絶望 愛 幸せ

lyric: Kairi
music: Iori

risoukyou no boku ni wa ne itsumo kirei ni korosu sukiru to
nichou de otosu sutairu de toottemiru no sa
suteki na hito ga arawarete mo doujiru koto yurusarezu
moukyou wo tada hitoe ni karitsuzukeru
nanimo shiranai kimi mo ne itsuka kirei ni korosu sukiru to
sono karada to kotoba seme de oimotomeru
ii otoko ga arawarete mo doujiru koto yurusarezu
mokuhyou wo tada ichizu ni karitsuzukeru

kono hiroi sekai no naka de unmei no hito wa doko ni
akugyou kasaneta kono mi ni shiawase nado muen ni

haruka kanata tsukamenu kimi ni risou to genjitsu terashi awase
amari ni toosugite kokoro ga ne kiete shimai sou da yo
mou ichido de ii kara kimi ni kono omoi tsutaetakute mo ne
doko ni iru ka sae mo wakaranai sugite yuku kisetsu to hi

saigo ni kiite onegai dakara kono kimochi tsutaetakute mo ne
donna shougai de arieru no

zetsubou ai shiawase

[Archived] Siva

Siva - 【下の刻】(shita no koku)

01. spatial art
02. Riot
03. マニアック.W.L (MANIAC.W.L)

Release date: 2006.04.12
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 28,7 MB


Siva - 【供華絢爛記】(Tomo Hana Kenranki)

01. pain of moment
02. Mafia
03. isolation.

Release date: 2006.04.12
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 30,3 MB



Anyway I felt uploading this. Anyway because it's their first big release I want people to know them. Enjoy it! And if you like it buy it (cdjapan,amazon, etc)..

Comment if you take blabla ...

[Archived] [SIVA] request
hello all! first time posting here although i've been a member for some time, heh heh ^_^;;

i want to request anything from the undercode band Siva. their first single should have come out a couple of days ago (on the 12th) and i'm rather surprised it hasn't popped up here yet. they are amazing; the singer is like the spawn of kyo (DEG) and jui (vidoll). really, it's wonderful.

this is all i have of them- it's apparently from a 'distributing cd', which are cheap free things given out at lives, so it's not that great of quality but the guitar work on this song is awesome. no idea what it's called tho >_<

Siva's page on the Undercode site
Siva's info on Free Will America

[Archived] (Untitled post 2006-02-26)
Hey all! I noticed that awhile back, someone posted some Siva mp3s. Unfortunately, I missed it. I was wondering if someone could upload something by them, since they're the only UnderCode band I haven't heard yet. Even one or two songs would be great, and I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks so much!

Posts from 2005

[Archived] (Untitled post 2005-12-28)

Siva has joined under code! :3

edit;→ For anyone who's curious about them, here's a Siva song from a 2005/04/24 free CD. I have no idea what the title is, it's just tagged as a distributed CD. :x Siva - (2005.4.24) CD

Vocals. Kairi (ex. Vishnu)
Guitar. Iori (ex. Phobia, Lamiel & Blast)
Guitar. Yuu (ex. Fatima+Queen & Elldorado)
Bass. Cell (ex. Alc〈αA〉dia)
Drums. Karuto

concept: "back alley"
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