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Posts from 2016

Sherella members form new project, "Victorian Steam Caravan Arte Macchina"
Sherella members form new project, "Victorian Steam Caravan Arte Macchina"

If you thought this was the end of Sherella, then you're wrong.

Just last week, Sherella seemed to have went kaput after the sudden departure of their only guitarist, Nayu. However, even though their website had been taken down, remaining members Amu and Shio have returned with a new group, "Victorian Stream Caravan Arte Macchina", still keeping their "steampunk-kei" concept.

Here's the revamped lineup:
Vo. JIM (Sherella (as Amu (亜夢)))
Ba. SHIO (Sherella (as Shio (紫緒)))

It seems that this project has been around for a good bit, since they've already prepared their well-designed website, and their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. They have also set up a goods workshop on their website, and staying faithful to the original band, gave it the name, Sherella.
Gt. Nayu departs from Sherella + Sherella will go on hiatus?
As predicted here, guitarist Nayu has departed from Sherella due to differences in band style and to devote to his activities in Ferris WheeL, since joining the band back in the beginning of January. Now, only vocalist Amu and bassist Shio remain in the band.

And Sherella, a band that has been plagued by member departures since its formation back in late 2014, is said to be going on an activity pause. This has yet to be confirmed, but their website has been taken down. However, they've also posted the full version of their newest song, Tsuki ni Ikiau (which appears in their latest live-limited single, Kyoukai no Kireta Sekai/Tsuki ni Ikiau) on their Youtube channel:

Sherella gt. Nayu joins FerrisWheeL
For newbie band FerrisWheeL, made up of ex-Crishuna and ex-Crucifixion members, yet another ex-Crucifixion member is added to the mix - guitarist Nayu (なゆ), who is currently in the band, Sherella.

Although his name is still the same, Nayu will join the band under the spelling ナユ. He replaced guitarist Ori, who has since switched to bass after support bassist Rou (also an ex-Crucifixion member) departed. (It should also be noted that Nayu had performed in a session with vocalist Seira and guitarist Kuja back in August.) The band itself will start as a new lineup, as support member Yusura (then known as Rajas in Crishuna) has officially joined the band. The lineup is as follows:

Vo: Seira (ex-Crishuna, Lily project, etc.)
Gu: Kuja (ex-Crucifixion, MISSA, etc.)
Gu: Nayu (Sherella, ex-Crucifixion, etc.)
Ba: Ori (カストリ(kastori), romelya)
Dr: Yusura (ex-Crishuna, etc.)

The new lineup will debut on February 28, 2016, at their presents live, "ガラス遊園地" (garasu yuuenchi), and are also due to release their second demo single, 廻想ルナシエル (kaisou luna ciel), and a live-distributed single in the future. So far, since forming in 2015, they've released only two singles and a handful of live-limited demo singles.

...because of this, I wonder if Nayu will continue on with Sherella, due to their limited activity. We'll wait and see, since FerrisWheeL is fairly still a new band and has yet to grow.

Posts from 2015

Sherella's new distributed CD
Sherella's new distributed CD

Sherella will freely distribute a CD, Kyoukai no Kireta Sekai/Tsuki ni Ikiau, during their appearance at CERO's birthday event, Here's looking at me, kid Vol:2, at HOLIDAY OSAKA on 2015-12-01.

The band has uploaded a sample of the songs:

Sherella drummer Sayo to depart
Looks like Sherella is having yet another change to their lineup...

Drummer Sayo will depart from the band after their live at HOLIDAY OSAKA on July 5, due to both his family and personal reasons. This comes shortly after previous bassist Yuki's departure back in April.

Wonder what the band will be like with a three-member lineup...Hopefully they'll be able to find new members.
Sherella new artist photo
Sherella has revealed their new artist photo. They look great, don't they?
Sherella OHP renewed
Sherella's website has been renewed to reflect the secession of bassist Yu (ゆ), and to give some details about the band's “story”.

I also want to take a second to clarify about their first single: originally, it was a normal single called Banda della marcia, but it's been changed to a freely-distributed song called Kara no Jikan. Just FYI~
Sherella reveals trailer of 1st single
Sherella has released a new trailer of their first single, 「空の時間」(sora no jikan), which will also be distributed at their first live event, Fiction Impossible Mad ingranaggi ~廻る歯車はまるで唄うかの様に~ on April 17.

Sherella bassist secedes
Sherella bassist Yuki (ゆき) [aka Yu/ゆ] has seceded from the band as of 2015-04-01. There appears to be no particular reason, besides difference in direction, and the band members are even hanging out with him still! I was hoping this was an April Fool's joke, but no dice... He was the reason I was most excited for this band―his writing was excellent in SUGAR FORKFUL. Oh well!
Introduction to Sherella
Sherella is a new band that formed on September of last year, and features ex-La:Sadie's~HISKAREA guitarist Shio and ex-SUGAR FORKFUL bassist Yu, along with ex-Crucifixion and Bakuonsentai ANIRANGER members.

Sherella held their “pre-live” in January of this year, and will hold their first official live at their sponsored event on 2015-04-17. At that event, the band will freely distribute their first “material single”, Banda della marcia. The single was originally set to cost 1,500 yen, but the band decided to make it free so that more people could hear it!

Yu is a great writer, and the other members are cool as well, so I'm really looking forward to hearing something from these guys. For more information/images, check their artist page. And here's a download of the SE from their homepage.
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