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Posts from 2013

Masami (Sami) updates
Here are a few updates on the solo activities of Masami (雅美), ex-drummer of CindyKate (シンディケイト) and current vocalist of FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール):
  • He will perform in an unnamed session on 2014-01-07 at Shibuya (渋谷) Rex 【V. RayJi (ViV) / G. Kaname (要) (ALIVE) / B. Rulu (るゝ) (ALIVE) / D. Masami (ex-CindyKate ~ FOODED SEAL)
  • He will perform on 2014-02-20 in an opening act session 【V. Vuit (Ray℃) / G. haru / G. Masami (ex-CindyKate ~ FOODED SEAL) / B. Selena (SPELL BOX) / D. Verry (ViV)】
  • If you remember, back when he was known as Sami (沙美), he planned a 4-month weekly release campaign over which he would release 17 songs via YouTube. In a [not at all] shocking turn of events, the campaign fizzled out after only 8 songs, and they have all since been deleted.
    To further thicken the plot, Sami announced that he would release a CD-R collecting all of the songs at his live on 2013-09-02 (freely distributed to those who attended any of his lives in the previous month). However, given that the YouTube releases were cancelled, I'm assuming that the CD-R collecting them was also cancelled―but I can't find any confirmation either way.

    Sami solo discography

ex-CindyKate guitarist Sami has formally announced his new band: FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール)! The band will officially start on 2014-01-18 with their sponsored event ~Kyuuaichan! Konnichiwa!~ (~求愛ちゃん!こんにちわ!~) at Shibuya (渋谷) REX, but they will also appear at several other events before then.

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール)
  • V. Masami (雅美) (ex- CindyKate)
  • G. kaoL (ex- GEEK → Space)
  • B. 7o
  • D. Sayuki (さゆき)

The name “fooded seal” is a misspelling of “hooded seal”, which is a special of seal that presents a bulbous red nose to attract mates. Vocalist and leader Masami (previously Sami of CindyKate) says that this grotesque animal mirrors the grotesqueness of our own courting rituals, and that this is the main concept of the band.

FOODED SEAL formation sponsored event ~Kyuuaichan! Konnichiwa!~ (~求愛ちゃん!こんにちわ!~)
2014-01-18 at Shibuya (渋谷) REX
(opening act TBA) / FOODED SEAL / ViV / Ray℃ / VAMPIRE (ヴァンパイア) / EXEQUTE / Virgil / LucaRia

Official website
Official Twitter
Session updates 2013-08-13
Here's an update of the sessions which various ex-UNDER CODE artists are performing with!

● VIRGIN HUNTER (ヴァージンハンター)
2013-07-15 at Birth Shinjuku
D. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. Takeru (DIANA) / G. Maki (DIANA) / G. Isami (DIANA) / B. Rei (ex-Hi:BRiD)

2013-07-27 at Meguro Rockmaykan
Support D. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. Hasumi Yuu (ex-Gokusai FILM) / G. KAIE (ex-NightingeiL) / Support G. Kikuchi Akito (ex-LIPHLICH) / Support B. LEAYA (ex-Vasalla)

● Vior glore SESSION (Vior gloire セッション)
2013-08-01 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4
V. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire) / G. Vuit (Ray℃) / D. Verry (ViV)

● BLUE MOMENTS (ブルーモーメンツ)
2013-08-07 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
B. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. You (LucaRia) / G. yukito (Resist) / G. Saya (SRASH NOTES GARDEN) / D. MIYA (LucaRia)

● SAMII TAAMAA (サミーターマー)
2013-08-19 at Birth Shinjuku
D. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. Gai (ex-FULL EFFECT) / G. Vuit (Ray℃) / G. Sou (POLTERGEIST) / B. Tama (GOKIBURI)

● Sami SESSION (沙美セッション)
2013-09-02 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4
V. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / G. Kaoru / B. NaNao / D. Sayuki

● F4 RETURNS (F4リターンズ)
2013-09-04 at Takadanobaba AREA
Doumyouji Tsukasa (道明寺司). Sui (翠) (ex-Megaromania) / Makino Tsukushi (牧野つくし). Rame (ex-VIDOLL) / Hanazawa Rui (花沢類). Yumeji (ex-Lc5) / Nishikado Soujirou (西門総二郎). Shou (D.I.D.) / Mimasaka Akira (美作あきら). NATSUKA (VELBET)

2013-09-14 at Ikebukuro EDGE
V. KAIRI (カイリ) (ex-SIVA) / B. Ray (ex-NEGA) / D. Aki (ex-E'm ~grief~) / G. Shintarou (Annie's Black) / G. Shidou (ex-NaiL)

● Youichi SESSION (雄一セッション)
2013-09-14 at Ikebukuro EDGE
G. Yu (憂) (ex-SIVA [as Youichi]) / V. Kyouka (ex-Aliene Ma'riage) / G. Ruli (ex-ElDorado) / B. ISUKE (ex-La'Mule) / D. YOU-YA (ex-La'Mule)
CindyKate drummer activity
ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) drummer Sami (沙美) has announced that he will participate in session band VIRGIN HUNTER (ヴァージンハンター) 【V. Takeru (DIANA) / G. Maki (DIANA) / G. Isami (DIANA) / B. Rei (ex-Hi:BRiD) / D. Sami (ex-CindyKate)】 on 2013-07-15 at Birth Shinjuku.

In addition, Sami has a 4 month consecutive release campaign of digital singles via YouTube. Full information for that release campaign, as well as his two previous solo albums, can be found at his entry in the WE LOVE UNDER CODE discography database.

Posts from 2012

CindyKate to release album ...sort of

シンディケイト (CindyKate) has announced that they will release an original full album ...sort of.

On September 19th, the band will hold a sponsored event at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) CYBER to celebrate the birthday of drummer 沙美 (Sami). At that event, the band will release a memorial album featuring 10 songs completely composed and produced by Sami. The catch? The album will only be sold at that specific live, and will be limited to 20 copies.

What's with CindyKate and these super limited live only releases?!

2012-09-19 3,300 yen maxi-single CD

  1. Adventure mermaid
  2. 春に揺られて Haru ni Yurarete
  3. Panic Rain
  4. 竜舌蘭 Ryuuzetsuran
  5. 夏風邪 Natsukaze
  6. 魔王 Maou
  7. Coffee Cup
  8. Regret~秋の夜空~ Regret~Aki no Yozora~
  9. 雪女 Yukionna
  10. white angel

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