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Devil Kitty - New Single, New Guitarist, and Two New Music Videos

For the past few weeks, members of Devil Kitty have been teasing a big announcement for June 15th, 2017. The day finally came, and with it the news of a new CD, new promo pictures, and a new guitarist.

Devil Kitty 's new guitarist is Akina of THE EGOIST, which was a fellow label-mate of DK before Rockstar Records imploded. THE EGOIST was one of 3 bands that survived the label's closure, and they even got featured on an omnibus with a few UCP alumni bands. However, they eventually split after their vocalist ran off and ditched a few of their gigs.

The new single "裁きの悪魔" (Sabaki no Akuma), oddly dubbed their "1st single," comes out November 1st and will come in 3 types: two limited additions with a bonus music video DVD, and a regular edition that comes with 4 songs instead of two. One of the featured tracks is "Tenchuu," which the band has already released twice. This time it will get a music video -- a music video that will be "publicly recorded" and will give fans the chance participate in the video. The first 100 people will received 1,000 yen for doing so (about $10). The band stated that the reason for doing this is because most bands sell tickets to get fans in their video, but to be different, they wanted to give fans money instead.

Type-B will feature a separate music video for their new song "DEVIL."

With the news of the new single and band member, Devil Kitty also has a few more lives planned for the fall.




2017.11.20(月)新宿club SCIENCE


Cherry (チェリー) One-Night Revival

Former Eternal band Cherry are reviving for the second time this year for a one-night show.

Event Flyer Event Flyer

Earlier this year, the band got back together to celebrate their front-man's birthday. It seems like they had a good time at their last show, so they will be getting back together again to celebrate 優's (not sure what band he was from, tbh, but he seems to be friends with KoHey of Sleep My Dear) birthday.

The live was held on June 7th at Ikebukuro CYBER, in which 8 total bands participated.

My birthday is August 30th. I'm going to try to book Cherry to play at my party too!

Insanity Injection Fires Chaos

On Twitter this morning, Insanity Injection announced that they have fired one of their vocalists, Chaos.

The notice stated that he participated in "deplorable events" on more than one occasion, and whatever he most recently did was the last straw. The band will continue as a 3-piece unit, and no further information regarding Chaos' other band, Glamscure, has been shared.

The show is over: PARANOID≠CIRCUS will disband

PARANOID≠CIRCUS, who had recently signed into the king zeebra label back in January, have announced that they will disband after their last live, "MERCY KILLER SHOW" on July 14 at OSAKA MUSE.

Apparently, there's issues between the members that first took form back in February when vocalist Garu jumped off a balcony and broke his toe during one of their lives. Sure everyone's saying that the toe broke the camel's back, but obviously there's more to their dissolution than they're letting on.

Samples for MARCO's "Ana Futatsu" released + purchase privileges

Samples and cover art of Marco's best album, Ana Futatsu has been released!! The cover art is absolutely gorgeous ✨✨✨

*Edit: The cover artworks were designed by Saorina (ex-bassist of Kalavinka)!

In addition, the band has also announced the purchase privileges for the album if preordered from certain stores.

Jishuban Club:

  • 【type A】・・・LIVE DVD【灰と罰】 (Hai to Batsu)
  • 【type B】・・・LIVE DVD【社会・窓】 (Shakai Mado ~No communication~)


  • type A・・・artist comment DVD
  • type B・・・LIVE photoset

Like an Edison:

  • type A・・・LIVE DVD【鳴くよ鶯、マンホール】 (naku yo uguisu, manhōru)
  • type B・・・LIVE DVD【変人奇行】 (henjin kikou)

little HEARTS:

  • type A・・・LIVE DVD【麒麟】 (kirin)
  • type B・・・LIVE DVD【MMNS】

allure idea 1 Day Revival

Former Storm band allure idea is reviving for one night this coming September!

According to AKI's Twitter, the guitarist of band KAUXS, allure idea will participate in the concert "Zoku Roku-banme no Yuu Utsu (続6番目の優鬱)" at Sapporo Crazy Monkey, which is going to be held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band Six (シックス).

Other acts include emmuree, dioxin, KAUXS, Antikythera, and more to be announced. According to the flyer, allure idea will be featuring their 2nd vocalist (which was the one the band was most prolific with), as well as the rest of their classic lineup.

Revival shows are always cool to hear about: is there a Matina Eternal Storm band you wish revived next?

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