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David in Paris + lineup theories

David in Paris + lineup theories

At the tail-end of their European tour, Versailles held their live at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, France on February 5th. Not only did the band end their tour there, but they ended it with a bang - specifically, a surprise appearance by none other than David himself!

Only the year before did Sui take a summer trip to Paris during his temporary break from music, but this time, he was able to take the stage on his own as he performed his only song, GENESIS, to his newfound audience. After the show, music cards were distributed to attendees and with the help of a unique password, the song GENESIS could be downloaded in full-length; Sui later posted the song on his new Facebook account for those who didn't go to the live and asked for feedback. The only other request was to not post the song on Youtube.

I'm definitely looking forward to GENESIS's official release, whenever that'll be!!

In other news, it's since been announced that David will perform at Versailles bassist MASASHI's birthday live, "Dark Matter Party", at Shin-Yokohama (新横浜) NEW SIDE BEACH on April 25. Speaking of MASASHI, it has been rumoured that he and YUKI (Versailles drummer) took part in recording GENESIS; this has not yet been confirmed. However, Erina (ex-TRIGGAH, Dio) has announced on Twitter that he played guitar for David's token song.

It is not yet known if these three are already supporting members, whether long or short-term, but if they are, the possibility of a reunion between Sui and Misery (ex- LIN, Megaromania) may have already been eradicated.

Posts from 2016

Insanity Injection new mini-album, "Psychotic Cabaret"
Insanity Injection new mini-album, "Psychotic Cabaret"

After releasing two digital singles earlier this summer, Insanity Injection has announced the release of their first mini-album, now entitled, Psychotic Cabaret! Details are scarce for now, but the EP is slated for release on November 11 and I presume it to be another digital release...

As stated earlier, they also recently released 2 digital one-coin singles, SENSE OF ASH and THE BAPTIST.

Pinocchio new single on iTunes

Pinocchio's new single is now available on iTunes!

By the way, the freely distributed single at his 2016-09-22 oneman is REFRAIN。, which is a cover of one of his solo project's songs. Here's a preview of the song:

Lilith to revive

Lilith, who paused activities in January due to their drummer's illness, will revive in September!

On 2016-09-28, the band will hold their revival live and 17th(!) oneman, 魔都制圧-Rebirth-.

Their next oneman, 魔都制圧-Hidden Ability-, will follow on October 6th, and their Halloween sponsored event, LIN MING PRODUCTION 「ROCK AGE Case.004」 「MAD Halloween in 魔都」, on October 29th. Their Xmas special live, 魔都制圧-Holy Night-, will be held on December 25th, and guitarist Lin (凛) will celebrate his birthday at their 20th oneman, 魔都制圧-AS Night-, the following day.

The band has also announced an Asia tour for 2017, but other details are TBA.

Lilith will release their 6th EP, Rebirth-歸來-, on 2016-09-28, with sales limited to that day only. (I'm not sure if the EP will only be sold at the live event―or if online orders will be accepted, but for one day only.) By the way, this EP will include their first Japanese song!

Lilith's 3-track 7th EP, 盤龍舞鳳-Dragon Heir-, will be released on 2016-12-21 (through the normal venues this time). A 2-track digital version will be sold on the same day.

I'm looking forward to their new songs ☆ミ

In other news, Lilith guitarist 凛-Lin- and bassist 修羅-Shura- have signed endorsement deals with ESP Guitars! Congrats, guys.

Note: As usual, I'm unable to romanise the Chinese correctly. Feel free to suggest corrections~

PISARRO to release two new singles, announcement, + birthday events
PISARRO have been on a roll since they formed only 3 months ago. After simultaneously releasing three one-coin singles back in April, the band have another one-coin single in the works, plus a live-limited release.

The new single, entitled Fuhen no Tsuki, will be sold at Like an Edison, little HEARTS., and even iTunes, for 500 yen. The single is due to be released on October 22, 2016. You can check out the preview on the video below:

On the same day, the band will also release a live-distributed single, Gekijou Palette, at their free oneman live, Camille no Atelier (カミーユのアトリエ) at Shinjuku FNV. The single will also include an SE and a bonus track.

PISARRO have also stated that they will make an important announcement at that live (a la kisaki)....hope it's nothing too serious.

In the meantime, they have posted their tour schedule after that date, mainly consisting of birthday events:

2016/11/19 at Ikebukuro EDGE - 弥妓(yako) birthday
2016/12/16 at Ikebukuro EDGE - 渉(wataru) birthday
2017/01/16 at Takanobaba AREA
2017/02/11 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU - Vian birthday
2017/03/05 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU - 楓(kaede) birthday

Posts from 2015

CELL releases limited digital single
CELL releases limited digital single

This is pretty cool: CELL (ex-La'Mule etc.) has released a digital single―despite being on hiatus―through cdbaby (this means that we can buy it super easily!). The digital single, for you..., costs $3.79 and features three-previously released songs, but remastered and with new English vocals! The songs selected are some of their best, so please check it out and support them.

Posts from 2014

News roundup 3/29
Latest minor news, featuring FOODED SEAL, ARLEQUIN, Lilith, Pami。, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:
  • Bad luck bandFOODED SEAL continues: support guitarist Rei (零) (LiLiCAL) is in the hospital and they have lost contact with other support guitarist Kiria (希燐亜) (LiLiCAL) since 2014-03-28. They will continue to perform with their three official members.
  • GOEMON RECORDS has uploaded the 4th volume of GoeTELE! (ごえテレ!). This one features footage from the special ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) live:

  • ex-Syndrome~zechs vocalist Pami。 (ぱみ。) has announced his solo (which he is now calling a “visual anime project”) lives. He will also release his first digital single, Atashi ga Shindara Moenai GOMI no Hi dashite ne。 (私が死んだら燃えないゴミの日にだしてね。), on 2014-04-14. (By the way, I guess that title is a reference to the movie Nihonsei Shounen (日本製少年).)
    • 2014-04-28 at Takasaki (高崎) club FLEEZE
    • 2014-05-03 at Mito (水戸) LIGHT HOUSE
    • 2014-05-22 at SHIBUYA REX

    You can follow his OHP for future updates.
  • Guitarist of Lilith, 凛-Lin-, will appear in a photoshoot in the 2014-03-25 edition of Chinese magazine COOL. It can be purchased here with Japanese shopping service after its release.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんあはなし) has uploaded this video of them waiting for band Xenon (mirrored on my account before they delete it):

Posts from 2013

Lilith EP samples and iTunes release
Lilith has uploaded samples from their second EP, Fenice, which was released on December 18. Check them out here. Furthermore, they have announced that the EP will be available via iTunes on 2014-01-23. Fenice is currently available at ZEALLINK.
Lilith announces new release
Lilith announces new release

Chinese visual band Lilith has announced a new EP! The CD+DVD set is titled Fenice and will be released on 2013-12-18 through Grows Independent Music. The EP features 4 new songs, 2 PVs, and a making of feature, and will be available through ZEALLINK, iTunes, and LISTEN FLAVOR.

2013-12-18 2,400 yen mini-album CD + DVD

  1. Fenice
  2. Rebellion=Ark
  3. Reminiscence
  4. Spring Snow

  1. Fenice (MV)
  2. Arousal (MV)
  3. Making of Fenice
  4. Making of Arousal

CindyKate last live releases
CindyKate has announced the sale of a last live DVD as well as a collection of photographs taken at the live.

CindyKate's last live DVD, LEGEND OF DASAKAKKOIII!, will be released on 2013-08-31 (just happens to be Phantasmagoria Day ;_;, by the way) for 5,800 yen. Unfortunately, the release is available only through mail-order by contacting (meaning you'll have to use a shopping service for this one). Furthermore, I haven't been able to find their last live's tracklist online anywhere, so I'm not quite sure of the DVD tracklisting yet.

CindyKate is also selling photos from the last live, which will be available for purchase at 7-Eleven's throughout Japan, via their digiphoto booths (in which you pay for certain photos online, and they are printed at the booth). Luckily, AOO Store is complete set of photos via their web shop for 4,400 yen. Again, you'll have to use a shopping service, but at least that's more feasible than getting someone to go to a Japanese 7-Eleven for you...!
KENTZ' new label, and other updates
KENTZ' new label, and other updates

ex-chariots support drummer KENTZ (who you may know from his “final stage” which was sponsored by UNDER CODE, due to his terminal cancer) has announced the creation of his own record label: Candy Vox Music!

The label is a joint venture with ViViD roadie Takeshi, and has has already announced its first three sets of two-day sponsored events: First Impression, Second Impression, and Third Impression. ex-SIVA band gaNesha will appear at one of the events and KENTZ will hold his own session band at another. For more information, please check the Candy Vox Music OHP.

Candy Vox Music


Earlier this year, KENTZ also released a digital book! The book, 5 Do no DISCORD (5度のディスコード), was released on 2013-03-27, and features a fictional account of the drama that unfolds after visual kei band “Blanc de Vibert” disbands due to the death of one of its members. Although the story is fictional, it's based on KENTZ' years of experience in visual kei bands (Le:view, Mars, Lusus, Sepia, 「Aya」, chariots, etc.).

5 Do no DISCORD is available on Amazon JP through their Kindle app, and is currently only 99 yen. The writer is listed as 西風希祥, and the total length is about 110 pages.

Buy 5 Do no DISCORD · 西風希祥 temporary blog


As far as KENTZ' health is concerned, he had recently stated that he seemed to be recovering... but, unfortunately, a later post said that his cancer seemed to have spread. Still, he seems to be in good spirits, and with his new label and session band, it seems that he's refused to give up. KENTZ posts daily to his blog and is now also on Twitter as well:

KENTZ official blog · KENTZ official Twitter

Posts from 2012


Do you know DAS:VASSER? They are a legendary visual kei band from the 90s and 2000s. Along with Madeth gray'll, they were the top band at Matina!!

2012 marks their 15th anniversary, and so core members KYOHEI (vocalist, who is also in visual punk band NUMBER MOUSE) and HIDEAKI (bassist, who now has his own record label, ELE-Music, which famously hosted Ru:natic and Vallquar) decided to revive the band for a limited period of 1 year. They've already done photography with new costumes, and they look amazing!

vocalist KYOHEI
bassist HIDEAKI

DAS:VASSER plans to release a new album this year, but in the mean time you can buy a digital copy of their last mini-album (released independently) through Amazon for $5 USD! (I also highly recommend their last Matina mini-album, シンクロ (SYNCHRO), although that has to be purchased elsewhere.)

And here are some links before I go:
KYOHEI at twitter
HIDEAKI at twitter
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