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Posts from 2013

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION memorial omnibus

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that, in collaboration with SHOXX, it will release its 10th anniversary memorial last omnibus, High Style Paradox 2003~2013. The mail-order-limited omnibus will be released in March, and will feature all significant bands (32 in total) signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION throughout its 10 years of activity.

Those who purchase the omnibus before February 28th will receive a special 24 month calendar.

Because the omnibus is mail-order-limited through SHOXX, it will not be available to overseas customers via usual means. However, I organize a group order as soon as I find a viable shopping service—expect a separate with details.

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Posts from 2011

[Archived] Pashya one day revival
It's just been announced that Pashya will hold yet another one day revival. This one will take place during the 朱 (SUZAKU) sponsored event, 朱宴-宵- (Shuen -Yoi-), which will be held on 2011-06-19 at ESAKA MUSE.

Posts from 2007

[Archived] †News†
① It's safe to say that most of us have been expecting new UNDER CODE CDs for quite some time. So, it's not very surprising that a slew of upcoming releases have been announced today. Arc, hurts, KISAKI PROJECT (surprise!), ネガ (Nega), and Pashya have all announced very cool things, including some second presses (apparently the first presses have sold extremely well; good job guys!). It's a bit weird that Siva hasn't announced anything, but I'm sure we'll hear from them soon.

② Arc, hurts, and ネガ (Nega) all have new [very cool] outfits and photoshoots. It's easy to see that UNDER CODE is putting more money into that region. Last but not least, ネガ (Nega) and Dali (!) have brand new logos. Very nice. See the cuts for release information, and check out the new costumes at UNDER CODE's OHP.

Arc -
雨涙哀色 (Ame Namida Ai Iro)
  2007-06-27; 1,360 yen; 3,000 limited; UCCD-134
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  + extra recording

流れ星 (Nagareboshi) 2nd Press
  Unknown release date; 2,940 yen; 3,000 limited
  CD 01. 流れ星 (Nagareboshi)
  DVD 01. 落書き教科書 (Rakugaki Kyoukasho)
  DVD 02. 13歳人形 (13 Sai Ningyou)
  DVD 03. 一人ぼっちの二人部屋 (Hitoribocchi no Ninen Heya)
  DVD 04. 恋2カクテルの色 (Koi 2 COCKTAIL no Iro)
  DVD 05. 勝てない!負けない!花は咲き☆ (Katenai! Makenai! Hana wa Saki☆)

かくれんぼ (Kakurenbou) 2nd Press
  Unknown release date; 2,940 yen; 3,000 limited
  CD 01. かくれんぼ (Kakurenbou)
  DVD 01. 遊街道 (Yuugaidou)
  DVD 02. カゴの中のモノ (KAGO no Naka no MONO)
  DVD 03. 裏顔 (Ura Kao)
  DVD 04. 発信履歴 (Hasshin Rireki)
  DVD 05. 激しさと哀しさの故に・・・ (Hageshisa to Ashisa no Yueni・・・)

雨涙哀色 (Ame Namida Ai Iro) MAKING DVD
  Unknown release date; 0 yen
  01. 雨涙哀色 (Ame Namida Ai Iro) MAKING
  ※ Attendees to more than three Arc concerts will receive this DVD

hurts -
ア・カペラと前立腺 (A・CAPELLA to Zenritsusen)
  2007-06-20; 1,365 yen; 3,000 limited; UCCD-133
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  ※ Apparently the title means "A CAPELLA and prostate gland;" amazing.

絶対領域のカノン (Zettai Ryouiki no CANON)
  2007-07-25; 1,365 yen; 3,000 limited; UCCD-139
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

KISAKI PROJECT feat.樹威 (Jui) -
描写風 (Byousha Kaze)
  2007-06-20; 3,150 yen; 10,000 limited; UCCD-133
  CD 01. 描写風 (Byousha Kaze)
  CD 02. Unannounced song
  CD 03. Unannounced song
  CD + extra recording
  DVD 01. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  DVD 02. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  DVD 03. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  DVD 04. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  DVD 05. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  DVD 06. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  ※ DVD with first press only

ネガ (Nega) -
鬱 (Utsu)
  2007-05-30; 1,050 yen; 3,000 limited
  01. 鬱 (Utsu)
  + unannounced extra

自虐パラノイド (Jigyaku PARANOID)
  2007-06-27; 1,050 yen; 3,000 limited
  01. 自虐パラノイド (Jigyaku PARANOID)
  + unannounced extra

  2007-07-26; 1,050 yen; 3,000 limited
  01. illegitimacy
  + unannounced extra

dole 2nd Press
  Unknown release date; 3,150 yen; 2,000 yen; UCNG-003
  CD 01. enemy
  CD 02. dole
  CD 03. lover
  CD 04. abase
  CD 05. spiral staircase
  DVD 01. abase (PV)

hole 2nd Press
  Unknown release date; 3,150 yen; 2,000 yen; UCNG-004
  CD 01. nightmare
  CD 02. in hole
  CD 03. quadrangle
  CD 04. attempted suicide
  CD 05. alter
  DVD 01. quadrangle (PV)

Pashya -
魅惑ヒロイン (Miwaku HEROINE)
  2007-05-16; 1,365 yen; 3,000 yen; UCCD-128
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

誘惑ヴィーナス (Yuuwaku VENUS)
  2007-06-27; 1,365 yen; 3,000 yen; UCCD-136
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

愛育エンジェル (Aiiku ANGEL)
  2007-07-18; 1,365 yen; 3,000 yen; UCCD-138
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

Get your wallets ready! This summer is going to be fuuun. As usual, corrections are welcomed.

Posts from 2006

[Archived] Tons of News
Ok, I've gotten way behind on the release news (these like, stealth releases keep getting announced, so there's A LOT). So, here's kind of a quick overview:

KISAKI project feat.樹威 [KISAKI PROJECT feat.Jui]:

  • 枯想 Kousou; January 10th, 2007; CD+DVD; CD features 4 tracks, DVD features 1 PV
  • 回顧録 ~第一章~ (Retake Version) (仮) Kaikoroku ~Dai Ichi Shou~ (Retake Version); February 14th, 2007; CD; Remake of KISAKI PROJECT's first CD, 回顧録 ~第一章~ Kaikoroku ~Dai Ichi Shou~; Features 3 cover songs, and 1 original song; Title subject to change

ネガ [Nega]:

  • abase; January 24th, 2007; CD; Features 3 songs
  • quadrangle; February 21st, 2007; CD; Features 3 songs

秘密結社コドモA [Himitsu Kessha Codomo A]:

  • ウノウ式 UNOU Shiki; January 24th, 2007; CD+CD; Features 20~22 songs; 2-Disc best memorial album; Each disc features 1 new track
  • サノウ式 SANOU Shiki; February 21st, 2007; DVD; Recording of their 12/18 one-man; About 120 minutes long; Features live + offshoot

Schwardix Marvally:

  • Schwardix Marvally ~天空への物語~ Schwardix Marvally ~Tenkuu he no Monogatari~; January 1st, 2007; CD; Memorial album; Features 7 (?) tracks

回顧録 ~第一章~ (Retake Version) and Schwardix Marvally ~天空への物語~ are joint projects of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION and [kapparecords].

Other quick, important notes: 1 - 秘密結社コドモA's [Himitsu Kessha Codomo A] bassist will be quitting music, but the band will be continuing; 2 - Pashya's vocalist will be leaving the band, but they already have a replacement lined up, and the band will be continuing; 3 - ダリ [Dali] is still amazing. OK. There seems to be a flood of news lately, and I just can't keep up! (I know, I know, I'm horrible) Sorry!
[Archived] New Release
Finally, a new UNDER CODE PRODUCTION omnibus has been announced. This one features three smaller bands of the label (the big three have enough exposure anyway) along with some UCP-friendly bands. See the cut for full information.

・ オムニバス [Omnibus] ・
・ Decadence2007-HUMAN VICIOUS- ・

February 14th, 2007; Omnibus Album
Featured artists: ダリ [Dali], hurts, Pashya, Bergerac, レプリア [Replia], カルト [Cult]
・ Additional ・

None at this time

As always, corrections welcome.

[Archived] News ⇔ Pashya, Siva
For those of you who don't already know, both Pashya and Siva will have new releases later this year.

2006/08/02 Pashya: 虹 [Kou]
Single; 1,575; Limited 3,000

2006/09/06 Pashya: マザー [MOTHER]
Single; 1,575; Limited 3,000

2006/09/06 Siva: アスラ [ASHURA]
Mini; 2,940; Limited 3,000
c/w DVD Clip "Riot"

Posts from 2005

[Archived] New band pictures!
The UNDER CODE OHP updated with photos of their two new bands today! They're really awesome; especially ダリ. pashya looks nice, but their costumes seem like カレン-2 to me. I dunno. Judge for yourself!

Check out the sexiness! Their costumes remind me of 12012, sans the black, and with more duct-tape material. I like the shiny, and for those of you that enjoy staring at the packages of Japanese boys, you'll be happy to know that ダリ is providing.
They look really good as well, but their costumes seem to be rip offs of カレン's recent style. Also, the picture itself doesn't seem to be as professional as the ダリ photo, although it definately has more of an atmosphere.

[Archived] Ruephy-Alive - Caribbean
As you all know, Under Code has signed 2 "new" bands to themselves (though neither are really new at all). The first is ダリ (Dari), but they're really just a re-born シュガーフォルクフール (sugar for/lkfull). The second (and the one this post is indirectly about) is Pashya. They are four of the five ex-ルフィー嬋命~Ruephy-Alive~ members (the fifth one I guess didn't make the cut... ;-;). So, seeing as how Pashya is releasing their first single on 2/15 called 優白な聲 (Mashiro na koe; Superior white voice), I figured I'd hook you guys up with some ルフィー嬋命~Ruephy-Alive~ to promote their new single!

I've like Ruephy Alive a lot since they released this single... but I always thought they could use some polishing. And who better to go to than Under Code! Anyways, here's their single~ Caribbean.

ルフィー嬋命~Ruephy-Alive~ - カリビアン (YSI)

They really have a strong, unique sound and I hope they retain a lot of that into Pashya!

x-posted to

[Archived] ダリ and pashya
the new undercode band ダリ is not this one: (official site) (visunavi)

but this one, which has 3 ex シュガーフォークフル members:
vo - 苓 [ren]
gu - ケエト [keito] (formerly カオル [kaoru])
gu - 竣作 [shunsaku]
and 2 ex シュガーフォークフル support members:
ba - ユウ [yuu]
dr - 龍也 [tatsuya]

pashya is:
vo - 朋 [tomo]
gu - 秋都 [akito] (ex mebius and ルフィー嬋命~RUEPHY ALIVE~)
ba - 聖 [kiyoshi]
dr - 零也 [reiya] (ex イナズマ and ルフィー嬋命~RUEPHY ALIVE~)

so シュガーフォークフル fans should be happy :D i certainly am :3

also, i do not believe that ネガ [nega] or カーマ・シェンジン [karma shenjing] are joining undercode... just because kisaki is producing and releasing cds for them doesn't mean they're on his label unless he says they are. he produced cds for other bands such as visage and se'ikspia and those bands never joined his label either ^^;;
[Archived] Huge Updates + Release List
As you all know, 2005 has been a great year for UNDER CODE PRODUCTION (and a horrible year for our wallets). Well, it looks as if 2006 will be an even better year for UNDER CODE, and several releases have already been announced. Please check out the list, as all of UC's artists have several releases planned (Some of which haven't been announced until today). (To clarify, 12012, 秘密結社コドモA, カレン, KISAKI, 音鬼, -Phantasmagoria-, and ヴィドール are all on this list)

Upcoming Releases

12012 has two albums planned, both of which will be released on February 01st. The first of these is a best album called not obtain+1, and will contain 10 tracks. One track will be a completely new song, while the rest of the tracks will be rare-ish songs from their live only CDs and various omnibus CDs. The second album will be called PLAY DOLLs, and will contain 10 completely new songs. There will be two versions--A type and B type (KISAKI's such a sneaky bastard isn't he!). The A type will contain a PV for a song from the album called "icy~cold city~." The B type of the album will come with a CD with one more new track. More information as it comes.

秘密結社コドモA (Himitsu Kessha Codomo A) will be releasing three mini-albums, along with a bonus CD that can be obtained when you buy all three. The first album will be called 再放送+予告盤 (Saihousou+Yokokuban) and will contain five tracks. It will be released on December 07th. The second and third album will both be released on January 25th of next year, and will contain five new songs each. Their titles will be オトコノ個 (Otokonoko) and オンナノ故 (Onnanoyue). Buying all three mini-albums will entitle you to a special present of some sort, which hasn't been decided on yet.

カレン (Karen) has the most release planned at this point. Later this year, on December 14th they will release a DVD entitled mellow~創の旋律~ (mellow~Sou no Senritsu~). No other details about it are available yet. They will release three CDs in the first two months of 2006. The first will be a best album entitled primary song memorial~奏の旋律~ (primary song memorial~Sou no Senritsu), and will have a release date of January 18th. The second will also be a best best album, and it's title will be primary song memorial~想の旋律~ (primary song memorial~Sou no Senritsu~). It seems that カレン is playing word games with the titles of the albums and DVD, but someone who knows Japanese will have to figure out what they're trying to say. After releasing the two albums, they plan to give away a CD at live shows on four dates. Those dates are February 19th, 21st, 26th, and 27th. The CD will be entitled プラウド (Puraudo) and will most likely contain only one track.

KISAKI is next jump on the release-bandwagon, and seems to really have a love for photobooks. His first collection of photos comes out on October 19th of this year, and will be named a basement Melody 2.... It will include 30 full color photos (and 60 pages in total), and a free CD with one unspecified track (a new KISAKI PROJECT song perhaps?). Apparently, he already knows it's going to be a hit (the UNDER CODE site seems to suggest that demand for the book has been huge), and has already announced his second photobook, which will be called a basement Melody 3.... It will be released on December 15th of this year, and will come with a bonus DVD of the making of the photobook. (And no, as far as I know there has never been a a basement Melody 1...)

音鬼 (OTO-ONI) has only one CD planned this month, and it was released a few days ago. It's official release date is October 12th, and is entitled (Koku). It contains four new tracks. This is good news for 音鬼 fans, as they hadn't released anything in quite a while.

-Phantasmagoria- has several releases planned (which isn't surprising) and are taking advantage of all the forms of media available to them. First they're releasing a single on October 19th (the same day as KISAKI's first photobook) which will be called 未完成とギルト (Mikansei to Guilt). It will contain only two tracks, but will come in two versions; A type and B type. The A type single will include a bonus DVD with a "MEMORIAL LIVE CLIP" of their tour "TOUR#2「NEO ARK」." The B type will also include a bonus DVD, but this version will have a "MEMORIAL LIVE CLIP" of their tour "2nd concept TOUR「NEO ARK」." After that, Their PV DVDs must be selling really well, because they already have a third one planned! The new PV DVD will be named 幻影像III~for degradation crowd~ (GeneizouIII~for degradation crowd~). It will be released on December 14th, and will come with an eight page booklet. The DVD continues their tradition of releasing two PVs at a time; one will be for "NEVER REBELLION," and the other for "未完成とギルト" (Mikansei to Guilt). The very next day, on December 15th, they'll release their own photobook called 幻影グラフティー I (Genei Grafitti I). Like KISAKI's photobooks, this one will contain 30 pages of full color photos, and 60 pages in total. The number on the name seems to imply that -Phantasmagoria- anticipates making another photobook, so keep your eyes out for news of that as well.

ヴィドール (Vidoll) is last but certainly not least on this list. First they're planning to release a maxi-single, which has a street date of October 26th. It will have the strange title of Chocoripeyes, and will include only two tracks. Then ヴィドール will be joining KISAKI and -Phantasmagoria- and releasing their own photobook on December 15th. Like the other two photobooks coming out that day, it will contain 30 full color photos and 60 pages extra, but will also come with a free CD of some sort! The title of the photobook will be Back of 『AI』lids. Then will be the first UNDER CODE band to release a CD in 2006. On January 01st their new five track mini-album called Deathmate will be released. In keeping with the recent trend, it will come in to versions; A type and B type. Each type will sport a different jacket, as well as a different bonus DVD. The A type will include the PV for their recent single "シャットダウン," (Shutdown) and the B type will include the PV for their upcoming single "Chocoripeyes." When both versions of the mini-album are purchased, a special present DVD will be included, which will contain a making of clip of "シャットダウン" (Shutdown). According to the UNDER CODE site, the mini-album is being released in celebration of ヴィドール's upcoming one man tour "TOUR 2006-「Reload to living doll」."

Omnibus albums are also planned for release. First is SHOCK WAVE CD the SELECT, which is the next installment of the famous omnibus series. It will contain some of the best tracks of the series, and will features songs from 12012, カレン (Karen), -Phantasmagoria-, and ヴィドール (Vidoll). The omnibus will be released on October 25th. Then UNDER CODE will release the next installment of its omnibus series, "High Style Paradox." The new CD will be entitled High Style Paradox SPECIAL ~RARE TRACKS COLLECTIONS~. It will be released on November 09th, and will contain around fourteen to fifteen tracks total. The UNDER CODE website describes it as a second press of "High Style Paradox IV~re acceleration~" with a different jacket and "rare tracks" from KISAKI's favorite bands. So far ネガ (Nega) and Zephyr are the only non-UNDER CODE bands that are known to be on the CD, but expect more information on the actual tracklist soon.

ダリ and Pasyha haven't announced any upcoming releases yet. I suspect they'll announce something with their debut during UNDER CODE's Japan-wide tour, so keep an eye out for these guys!

Well that's it. This took me a looong time to write up, so I hope you at least scanned over it all! If you have anything to add or correct, please let me know! I'm sure I made mistakes (especially with CD names xD), so any help is appreciated. Also, if anyone could explain the word-play in the titles of カレン's new CDs, I'd be really greatful.

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