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Posts from 2014

Mar'derayla's salaryman Hayato
Mar'derayla's salaryman Hayato

By the way, this is what ex-Mar'derayla vocalist Hayato (隼斗) looked like in 2012, at Eze:quL's one-day revival...!

Posts from 2013

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION memorial omnibus

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that, in collaboration with SHOXX, it will release its 10th anniversary memorial last omnibus, High Style Paradox 2003~2013. The mail-order-limited omnibus will be released in March, and will feature all significant bands (32 in total) signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION throughout its 10 years of activity.

Those who purchase the omnibus before February 28th will receive a special 24 month calendar.

Because the omnibus is mail-order-limited through SHOXX, it will not be available to overseas customers via usual means. However, I organize a group order as soon as I find a viable shopping service—expect a separate with details.

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Posts from 2008

[Archived] New fansites~
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm currently in the process of creating two UCP-related fansites: speed martini - a Mar'derayla fansite and UGLY GANG - a JUN fansite.

Once speed martini is completed, it will also include lyric translations and a gallery.

UGLY GANG will hopefully be an on-going project. As of right now, the only thing I have up are blog translations.

Please give them a look, and feel free to leave me a comment and let me know of anything you'd like to see on either site! :3

[Archived] Ex-Mar'derayla News
Not sure if this is allowed b/c of an old band, so mods can delete if needed.

Hagane and Toki, formerly of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's Mar'derayla, have formed a new band called IBIS. The band technically formed in late 2007, but their first live will be played this March 15, 2008. The band describes themselves as Screamo and Aggressive rock, so it is unclear if they may be a future prospect for UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's Road Awake sub-label. The lineup as of now:

Vocal: Ryuji Uede (ex-S.W.G.P.)
Guitar: Yohei Sato (ex-EVEN STRANGER)
Bass: Hiroyuki Okamoto* (ex-Mar'derayla)
Drum: Tomoki Tanimoto* (ex-Mar'derayla)

*Note: Hagane and Toki now use thier, what appears to be, real names.

Another important note is that they are NOT a part of UCP, and they never may be. This information is really just for Mar'derayla fans looking to follow it's members.

Now we just need Iori to start his own thing :3

Posts from 2005

[Archived] New UNDER CODE band!
Just thought I'd write this here since no one has noticed yet...there is a new band on UNDER CODE! Himitsu Kessha Kodomo A! Also, Mar'derayla and Hiskarea have officially been taken down ;.; How sad! Anyway, thought you'd enjoy that!

(Also, a few Phantasmagoria scans and the Vidoll section are up on! The Vidoll section is still under construction, though, but the profiles are up ^^)

Posts from 2004

[Archived] (Untitled post 2004-11-21)
Hello! I just recently joined the under code community, because all I listen to is Under Code bands.. :P
My favorite are カレン/KALEN and Mar'derayla/マーデイレイラ, even though the last disbanded, I still really like Hayato and his gang :P Also, I'm happy Jun is doing something again, that rocks!

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