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Marco's "Seizonnoshirushi" samples released + 2 members will depart

Samples of Marco's latest mini-album, "Seizonnoshirushi" have been released!

As mentioned before, Marco will hold a short tour in commemoration of the mini-album's release. However, on July 25, it was suddenly announced that guitarist Rutta and drummer Kyouhei have requested to leave the band after their tour final oneman on September 10. Both members have cited family reasons as the reason for their departure, so they're also in fact retiring from music altogether. As a result, they will also be terminated from their label contracts.

Fortunately, the soon-to-be remaining members have clarified that they will continue activities. Of course it's too early to estimate if they'll have eventual replacements or continue on as a three-man band. Here's to wishing them all the best going forward~🍻

David support members revealed

David support members revealed

David appeared as the opening act at a live today, and hence his support members (at least for now) have been revealed:

  • Support G. erina [ex-SALLY~Dio~etc.]
  • Support G. HI-NA [ex-SaTaN~etc.]
  • Support B. Jin (迅) [chariots]
  • Support D. Sho (匠) [ex-UnsraW~etc.]

Also, 美堂-BIDOH-, the vocalist of ELYSION, acted as roadie!

That “David pose”..... And didn't WING WORKS do the same finger symbol? 😅😅

Support drummer Youichi will join Lucifer's underground

Support drummer Youichi will join Lucifer's underground

Support drummer Youichi (陽一), who has performed with Lucifer's underground since October 2016, will join the band at their 2nd anniversary oneman live on March 30! This comes as Butterfly syndrome, another band he does support for, will pause activities just a few days later.

Here's the rest of the band's live schedule so far:

David in Paris + lineup theories

David in Paris + lineup theories

At the tail-end of their European tour, Versailles held their live at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, France on February 5th. Not only did the band end their tour there, but they ended it with a bang - specifically, a surprise appearance by none other than David himself!

Only the year before did Sui take a summer trip to Paris during his temporary break from music, but this time, he was able to take the stage on his own as he performed his only song, GENESIS, to his newfound audience. After the show, music cards were distributed to attendees and with the help of a unique password, the song GENESIS could be downloaded in full-length; Sui later posted the song on his new Facebook account for those who didn't go to the live and asked for feedback. The only other request was to not post the song on Youtube.

I'm definitely looking forward to GENESIS's official release, whenever that'll be!!

In other news, it's since been announced that David will perform at Versailles bassist MASASHI's birthday live, "Dark Matter Party", at Shin-Yokohama (新横浜) NEW SIDE BEACH on April 25. Speaking of MASASHI, it has been rumoured that he and YUKI (Versailles drummer) took part in recording GENESIS; this has not yet been confirmed. However, Erina (ex-TRIGGAH, Dio) has announced on Twitter that he played guitar for David's token song.

It is not yet known if these three are already supporting members, whether long or short-term, but if they are, the possibility of a reunion between Sui and Misery (ex- LIN, Megaromania) may have already been eradicated.

Paranoid≠circuS: new label, member, name, and release!

Paranoid≠circuS: new label, member, name, and release!

Paranoid≠circuS has joined a label, gained a new member, changed their name, and announced a new release!

On Christmas Day, Paranoid≠circuS officially joined ex-SUZAKU-lead label king zeebra.

Then, on the 23rd of this month, they held a sponsored event Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) paradigm, JakiRAI (蛇喰ライ), celebrating the birthday of guitarist Jaki (蛇鬼). After the event, support guitarist Nayuta (那由多) [ex-AiM MaiM~etc.], who had been with the band since July 2016, officially joined, and the band officially changed their name to PARANOID≠CIRCUS.

PARANOID≠CIRCUS will release their 4th single, ENIGMA, on 2017-03-15. Their release celebration special event, Re:BIRTHDAY, will be held on 2017-03-17 at HOLIDAY OSAKA. The event will be comprised of a 60 minute oneman (attendees of which will receive a privilege offshot DVD), followed by an after party.


Two little notes: they've finally “admitted” the members' positions (eg. garu is now vocalist instead of “leopard”); and they've actually used the PARANOID≠CIRCUS notation intermittently for the past few months.

Posts from 2016

Paranoid≠circuS joins king zeebra
Paranoid≠circuS joins king zeebra

As of December 25, Paranoid≠circuS has joined king zeebra.

No word on any new releases yet.

GIGAMOUS vocalist to secede

On 2017-03-31, vocalist Shiki (式) will secede and GIGAMOUS will pause activities.

The band will hold their current-lineup last oneman tour, FINAL GIGA PARTY ROCK SHOW!!!!, from 2017-03-07, culminating with a 500-person-limited oneman, GIGAren 4 REVENGE (ギガ連4リベンジ), on March 31 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY.

Also in March, the band will release their first live DVD, which was recorded at their 2016-10-10 live. Further details TBA.

Insanity Injection loses a member

Insanity Injection has announced that guitarist GAGA (蛾々) will secede after their 2016-12-12 live at Ikebukuro (池袋) BlackHole.

The band says that they'll continue as a 4-member unit.

Lucifer's underground support drummer and session updates

A few updates to the Lucifer's underground session event on the 17th:

First, I should mention that Youichi (陽一) has been acting as support drummer for the band since October 27th. He's also support drummer for Butterfly syndrome, but has no further band history afaik.

The Matenshi Gakuin (魔天使学院) session has been revealed as a Raphael cover band. Unfortunately, ex-Cu[be]~Lucifer's underground drummer Atuki (亜月) will no longer participate. Youichi (陽一) will serve as his replacement.


The vocalist and drummer of Lunatic underground have been announced: FUNKY Kiyohiko (ファンキー紀世彦) and Bifu-bifu-Kiyotaka (美風-bifu-清貴), respectively.

[FUNKY Kiyohiko is an alter-ego of ex-MIRAGE ~ MASKED RIDER SYSTEM vocalist AKIRA. Previously, FUNKY Kiyohiko with MJ (ファンキー紀世彦 with MJ) performed on 2016-09-02, and Kuroki Kiyohiko (黒木紀世彦) performed on 2016-02-21.]

[I think Bifu-bifu-Kiyotaka is ex-ZODIA ~ MASKED RIDER SYSTEM drummer Zodd. In a now-deleted tweet, he once claimed 美風清貴 was his real name, though I'm not sure if he was serious.]


An additional session, Shin Kaitai Shinsho (新解体新書), has been announced. They'll cover THE GAZETTE and NIGHTMARE songs.

Kaitai Shinsho (新解体新書)

  • V. Ken (劔) [Los†ears]
  • G. Tsubaki (椿) [ex-Aloud]
  • G. Rekiya (れきや) [GOMU Ari SESSION PIRU×PIRU (ゴムありセッションPIRU×PIRU)]
  • B. Cherry (ちぇり) [Butterfly syndrome (support)]
  • D. Matsuri (祀) [GOMU Ari SESSION PIRU×PIRU (ゴムありセッションPIRU×PIRU)]

Here's the update list of participating session bands:

Lunatic underground

  • V. FUNKY Kiyohiko (ファンキー紀世彦) [ex-MIRAGE~MASKED RIDER SYSTEM]
  • G. toki [ex-UNDEAD~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • G. Maki (真稀) [ex-AZALEA~Mebius~hurts~Lamina~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • B. Yuuri (憂里) [ex-chariots~Cu[be]~UNDEAD~etc., Lucifer's underground]

Deisui Tenshi (泥酔天使)

  • V. HINA (ヒナ) [ex-AZALEA~hurts~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • G. Jun (潤) [Butterfly syndrome]
  • B. ka-no [ex-Butterfly syndrome (support)]
  • D. 海星-Hitode- (aka Kaede) [ex-hurts~Lamina~UNDEAD~Lucifer's underground~etc.]


  • V. Shuuji (秀児) [ex-cali≠gari~etc.]
  • G. Jun (潤) [Butterfly syndrome]
  • G. Fukui Tomoharu (福井 智晴) [vimoksha]
  • D. Nakahara Kazuyuki (中原 和之) [CHRONO.mode]

Matenshi Gakuin (魔天使学院)

  • V. Heidi (廃児) [Butterfly syndrome]
  • G. Jun (潤) [Butterfly syndrome]
  • B. ka-no [ex-Butterfly syndrome (support)]
  • D. Atuki (亜月) [ex-Cu[be]~Lucifer's underground~etc.]

Kurumeku Haijintachi (眩く廃人達)

  • V. Setsuna (刹那) [ex-Otogi~etc.]
  • G. Mayuu (舞夕) [ex-Lustair~etc.]
  • B. Masa (雅) [ex-Lamina~etc.]
  • D. Tenmaru (貂丸) [ex-DEATH TRASH~etc.]

Kaitai Shinsho (新解体新書)

  • V. Ken (劔) [Los†ears]
  • G. Tsubaki (椿) [ex-Aloud]
  • G. Rekiya (れきや) [GOMU Ari SESSION PIRU×PIRU (ゴムありセッションPIRU×PIRU)]
  • B. Cherry (ちぇり) [Butterfly syndrome (support)]
  • D. Matsuri (祀) [GOMU Ari SESSION PIRU×PIRU (ゴムありセッションPIRU×PIRU)]
Arte Macchina: lineup change and single

"Victorian steam caravan" band Arte Macchina has mentioned that they will release their first single sometime this winter.

The single is planned to be available at the band's next live on 2016-12-16 at Umeda (梅田) Zeela, but all other details (title, songs, price, other methods of purchase) are completely undecided. Despite that, the band has launched a "privilege campaign," wherein fans can submit questions, and the band will record a video answering them. If you're interested in the Q&A, just send a direct message to the band on Twitter (details below).

I'm not sure of the details, but it seems like guitarist HIDAKA seceded from the band sometime in the middle of this year. At the same time, guitarist Shio (紫緒) switched positions to bassist.

Furthermore, after their 2016-10-23 live at Umeda (梅田) Zeela, Aki (@ArteMacchinaAki) joined as a new guitarist.

PISARRO: new look, release, member names, oneman, and event

PISARRO held their free oneman live today, and made several important announcements!

First, the band has an awesome new look!


Vocalist Koe (虎歪) also changes his name back to KAIRI (カイリ), which is what we knew him as during the SIVA days ;0;~ Similarly, bassist Vian changed his name back to Yume (夢).


The band also announced their first available-nationwide single, gradation! It will be released in January, in two types (PV version / bonus track version). They've already released the PV via YouTube \m/


PISARRO's next sponsored event will be the chaotic gallery: picture04 takadanobaba area on 2017-01-16 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA. They'll also hold their first paid oneman live (and KAIRI birthday celebration event), Shajitsuha STRATEGY (写実派ストラテジー), on 2017-05-20 at EDGE IKEBUKURO.


By the way, at their oneman today, they sold new artist photosets, an original passcase, and original cheki holder. (That's in addition to the two live-limited singles that were available.)

hurts and Lamina revive for one day! Plus Lucifer's lives

Yayy! In celebration of the birthday of Lucifer's underground guitarist Maki (真稀), his previous bands UNDEAD, hurts, and Lamina will hold a one-day revival!

The bands will perform at the sponsored event, Lucifer's underground Maki Birthday party (Lucifer's underground 真稀 Birthday party), on 2016-12-12 at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA. Aside from hurts, Lamina, UNDEAD, and Lucifer's underground, other bands at the live are TBA.


hurts will perform with their original 4 members, plus Lucifer's underground bassist Yuuri (憂里). Maki was the bassist for hurts, but I believe he'll act as guitarist this time.


  • V. HINA (ヒナ) [ex-AZALEA~hurts~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • G. Mukku (むっく) [ex-hurts~etc.]
  • G. Maki (真稀) [ex-AZALEA~Mebius~hurts~Lamina~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • B. Yuuri (憂里) [ex-chariots~Cu[be]~UNDEAD~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • D. Kaede (楓) [ex-hurts~Lamina~UNDEAD~Lucifer's underground~etc.]


Unfortunately, the original Lamina vocalist, IBUKI (イブキ), will not participate 😪 Instead, Butterfly syndrome vocalist Heidi (廃児) will serve as vocalist.


  • V. Heidi (廃児) [Butterfly syndrome]
  • G. Aki (晄) (aka Maki) [ex-AZALEA~Mebius~hurts~Lamina~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • G. Kizami (刻) [ex-Lamina~etc.]
  • B. Masa (雅) [ex-Lamina~etc.]
  • D. Kaede (楓) [ex-hurts~Lamina~UNDEAD~Lucifer's underground~etc.]


Maki tweeted that, other than Yuuri and Heidi, the bands otherwise feature the complete original lineups. I wonder, tho, if guitarist toki [ex-UNDEAD~etc., Lucifer's underground] will perform with them―he wasn't an original member, but joined later and will be at the event, so... I also wonder if anyone will act as bassist, as their original lineup lacked one.


  • V. Asuyu (明透遊) [ex-AZALEA~UNDEAD~etc.]
  • G. Nao (尚) [ex-UNDEAD~etc.]
  • G. Maki (真稀) [ex-AZALEA~Mebius~hurts~Lamina~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • D. Kaede (楓) [ex-hurts~Lamina~UNDEAD~Lucifer's underground~etc.]

Lucifer's underground will hold their session event, Lucifer's underground session fest, on 2016-11-17 at Osu (大須) ANJELIQ. The sessions will cover songs from LUNA SEA, hide with spread beaver, KUROYUME, Laputa, cali≠gari, Raphael, hurts, and SALLY. ex-Cu[be] drummer Atuki (亜月) will also participate!

Lunatic underground

  • V. (TBA)
  • G. toki [ex-UNDEAD~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • G. Maki (真稀) [ex-AZALEA~Mebius~hurts~Lamina~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • B. Yuuri (憂里) [ex-chariots~Cu[be]~UNDEAD~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • D. (TBA)

Deisui Tenshi (泥酔天使)

  • V. HINA (ヒナ) [ex-AZALEA~hurts~etc., Lucifer's underground]
  • G. Jun (潤) [Butterfly syndrome]
  • B. ka-no [ex-Butterfly syndrome (support)]
  • D. 海星-Hitode- (aka Kaede) [ex-hurts~Lamina~UNDEAD~Lucifer's underground~etc.]


  • V. Shuuji (秀児) [ex-cali≠gari~etc.]
  • G. Jun (潤) [Butterfly syndrome]
  • G. Fukui Tomoharu (福井 智晴) [vimoksha]
  • D. Nakahara Kazuyuki (中原 和之) [CHRONO.mode]

Matenshi Gakuin (魔天使学院)

  • V. Heidi (廃児) [Butterfly syndrome]
  • G. Jun (潤) [Butterfly syndrome]
  • B. ka-no [ex-Butterfly syndrome (support)]
  • D. Atuki (亜月) [ex-Cu[be]~Lucifer's underground~etc.]

Kurumeku Haijintachi (眩く廃人達)

  • V. Setsuna (刹那) [ex-Otogi~etc.]
  • G. Mayuu (舞夕) [ex-Lustair~etc.]
  • B. Masa (雅) [ex-Lamina~etc.]
  • D. Tenmaru (貂丸) [ex-DEATH TRASH~etc.]

Lucifer's underground will participate in a threeman, Lamentation of “Canvas” -Scene 10-, on 2016-10-28 at IMAIKE CLUB 3STAR with Lament. and somali.

Affective Synergy new members and single

Affective Synergy (the solo project of ex-brodiaea and Lilith guitarist 凛-Lin-) has unveiled their new activity!

The project will officially restart activities with mysterious new vocalist 蒼-Ao-, ex-brodiaea bassist 真央-Mahiro-, and a unspecified fourth member.

The fourth member (Mr. Cloak) seems to be ex-FANG drummer Takumi (たくみ), who is currently in Visual Lab (ヴィジラボ), but I suppose he'll stay as an unnamed support member.

I'm not sure who vocalist Ao is tho... Actually, he looks like Yuu+ (悠+) (ex-ZODIA ~ Ultimate Sonic), who has been acting as support vocalist lately. Officially, he'll step down as support vocalist on 2016-09-16, but maybe that's just a cover? Please check out the photo of him (third from left) and give your opinion!

Affective Synergy will release their new single DAZE in October, and will hold two sponsored lives to celebrate.

Minus Jin-Say Orchestra to freeze
At today's live, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra announced that they will “freeze.”

Due in part to the secession of bassist Ogawa “HONG KONG” Kotarou (小川“ホンコン”小太郎) on 2016-07-08, the band will freeze activities at their two-day oneman oneman, Hougyo! SUBCULchan Yojouhan Shinwa (崩御!サブカルちゃん四畳半神話), on 2016-10-09 at TSUTAYA O-WEST and 2016-10-15 at Esaka (江坂) MUSE.

Before that, they'll hold their two-day sponsored event, Soumatou HOLOGRAM (走馬灯ホログラム), on 2016-10-08 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) CLUB PHASE and 2016-10-14 at Esaka (江坂) MUSE.

To me, “freeze” implies that they will come back in the future, but that has not been confirmed.
SAIKA (ex-the:Ø vo.) joins BLOOD STAIN CHILD
After short-lived band the:Ø had suddenly dissolved back in January 2015, it seemed unlikely that vocalist Saica (槐) would resume band activities. However, the latest band he's joined is quite a surprise.

Now going under the alternate spelling, SAIKA, the indie vocalist will join the popular rock band, BLOOD STAIN CHILD, on May 15, after their previous vocalists had already departed. They've already recorded a new single, which you can check out below:

The single, called NEXUS, is expected to be released this summer.

♦Because neither this band or SAIKA are UCP-related, further activity/news will not be covered here.
Lucifer's underground 3 new live-limited singles
Lucifer's underground held their oneman yesterday, at which drummer Atuki (亜月) seceded. Today, they've announced their first activities as a 4-member band.

They've announced 3 new singles―unfortunately, they're live limited again ( ;∀;)

Ms,Amnesia no Akumu, Seida~saliva~(?), and Kurotsubasa no Tenshi will be released in May, June, and July, respectively. Each will cost 1,000 yen and be limited to 100 copies. (I'm not sure if they'll contain anything other than the title tracks, tho.)
Jin to secede from SHAPE SHIFTER
Bassist Houjou Jin (北條 迅) will secede from SHAPE SHIFTER at their 2016-04-12 live at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA. After that, the band intends to continue with the remaining 4 members.

I assume this means that Jin will focus activities on chariots, so this is good news, in a way.
Lucifer's underground drummer to secede at oneman
Lucifer's underground will hold their anniversary oneman on 2016-03-30 at Nagoya (名古屋) CLUB ROCK'N'ROLL―and drummer Atuki (亜月) will secede at that live.

Atuki's comment for leaving is below. He doesn't give much of a reason (except “I had to leave”), but this is the same guy that was kicked out of Cu[be] for unknown reasons, so I wonder if he has family drama or something. At any rate, Lucifer's underground plans to continue with support drummers, for now.


Lucifer's underground一同

Gt. Nayu departs from Sherella + Sherella will go on hiatus?
As predicted here, guitarist Nayu has departed from Sherella due to differences in band style and to devote to his activities in Ferris WheeL, since joining the band back in the beginning of January. Now, only vocalist Amu and bassist Shio remain in the band.

And Sherella, a band that has been plagued by member departures since its formation back in late 2014, is said to be going on an activity pause. This has yet to be confirmed, but their website has been taken down. However, they've also posted the full version of their newest song, Tsuki ni Ikiau (which appears in their latest live-limited single, Kyoukai no Kireta Sekai/Tsuki ni Ikiau) on their Youtube channel:

Sherella gt. Nayu joins FerrisWheeL
For newbie band FerrisWheeL, made up of ex-Crishuna and ex-Crucifixion members, yet another ex-Crucifixion member is added to the mix - guitarist Nayu (なゆ), who is currently in the band, Sherella.

Although his name is still the same, Nayu will join the band under the spelling ナユ. He replaced guitarist Ori, who has since switched to bass after support bassist Rou (also an ex-Crucifixion member) departed. (It should also be noted that Nayu had performed in a session with vocalist Seira and guitarist Kuja back in August.) The band itself will start as a new lineup, as support member Yusura (then known as Rajas in Crishuna) has officially joined the band. The lineup is as follows:

Vo: Seira (ex-Crishuna, Lily project, etc.)
Gu: Kuja (ex-Crucifixion, MISSA, etc.)
Gu: Nayu (Sherella, ex-Crucifixion, etc.)
Ba: Ori (カストリ(kastori), romelya)
Dr: Yusura (ex-Crishuna, etc.)

The new lineup will debut on February 28, 2016, at their presents live, "ガラス遊園地" (garasu yuuenchi), and are also due to release their second demo single, 廻想ルナシエル (kaisou luna ciel), and a live-distributed single in the future. So far, since forming in 2015, they've released only two singles and a handful of live-limited demo singles.

...because of this, I wonder if Nayu will continue on with Sherella, due to their limited activity. We'll wait and see, since FerrisWheeL is fairly still a new band and has yet to grow.

Posts from 2015

Ren solo live and Mis†ake revival
Ren solo live and Mis†ake revival

Sanada Ren (of Tatoeba Konna Hanashi) has mentioned that Nanjou Riku (南條 戮) (of chariots) will appear at his 2016-01-11 solo live at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) JU-ZA.

Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji (as “Kurojuuji”) will perform, and cheki of both vocalists will be sold at the live. Those who purchase 5,000 yen worth of goods will be allowed to take a twoshot with either Ren or Riku, and will further receive a 2004 photograph of Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji. There's also something about personal goods/live DVD in regards to cheki being sold, but I don't understand it.


Furthermore, Ren's 90s-visual alter-ego band Mis†ake will hold a time limited revival as Mis†akeⅡ (From.加古川). Their oneman, Mezamereba, REMEMBER (めざめれば、リメンバー), will be held on 2016-02-12 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) JU-ZA, with opening act Paranoid≠circuS.

I've no clue who the Mis†akeⅡ members are, as the flyer just shows weird stick figures. (In the past, it was Dali members, but I assume that's not the case anymore.)

The band's first PV DVD will be sold at the live, and there's also something about tea and SNS, but I have no fucking clue what they're talking about. It also appears they'll be hand-selling tickets somewhere, but, again, idk.
Mischievous new look and member
Mischievous has revealed their new look, and their new drummer, Hiiro (一彩)! (He's the one with red hair.)
Mischievous second act
Mischievous “second act” (new lineup) will be revealed on 2016-01-01. From the teaser image, it appears that they will gain a fourth member―I wonder if Karen (火憐) [ex-SUZAKU] will join, since ALVION is disbanding...

Mischievous has already been through several changes; having started as session band ABSOLUTE TERA.F, changing to formal band ISORA, and finally Mischievous, losing and gaining members all along the way...
Dead Children unveils 'Black Lily' PV + new member
Dead Children has revealed their newest PV! Black Lily will be featured on their first mini-album, Haunted Vox.

(it also seems that they have a new look that's yet to be revealed! Cain is giving me Misery vibes right now~)
Support drummer 64 (rosshii) has also officially joined the band, now known as 栄翔 (eight).

[Quick update] Cecir (ex-E'm ~grief~) will NOT be participating in CERO (LIN) session
Cecir (ex-E'm ~grief~) will no longer be able to participate in Cero (LIN)'s birthday event, Here's looking at me, kid VOL:2, this year due to family reasons. This also means he will not be able to perform on guitar for Cero's session band...(hope Cero finds a replacement!)
Dead Children new support drummer
Dead Children's previous support drummer, Yuuho (ゆうほ), had his last live with the band on 2015-06-29. Today, the band has announced their next support drummer: 64 (pronounced Rosshii). You can see his Twitter here, although he doesn't have any pictures up.
GLARD new visual, member, and single
GLARD has recruited a new drummer, Sunny, and revealed their new look! It seems that they'll be going in a more visual direction🎶 The band, which will revive on 2015-07-13, has also announced their new single: [Invisible] will be released at their lives starting on the 16th. Check the preview below―what do you think of the new GLARD?

Sherella drummer Sayo to depart
Looks like Sherella is having yet another change to their lineup...

Drummer Sayo will depart from the band after their live at HOLIDAY OSAKA on July 5, due to both his family and personal reasons. This comes shortly after previous bassist Yuki's departure back in April.

Wonder what the band will be like with a three-member lineup...Hopefully they'll be able to find new members.
GLARD loses member and restarts
GLARD drummer Ryota seceded from the band on 2015-05-17. However, GLARD will restart on 2015-07-13 at the NOIZ sponsored event at ESAKA MUSE.
AiM MaiM to end activities
AiM MaiM will hold their 1 year anniversary sponsored event on 2015-06-26. Today, the band announced that drummer Ichiyo (一葉) will secede from the band at that live, and AiM MaiM will end activities (disband).

To bad that we never even got to hear their music, since their single didn't show up on auction :/
FOODED SEAL last support members and disbandment
Bad luck band FOODED SEAL its last support member lineup (see below), which will begin performing on 2015-05-19 at Shibuya REX. The band will hold a sponsored event on 2015-07-04 (details TBA), and another on 2015-08-18―at which FOODED SEAL will make an important announcement and disband.

V. Sami (雅美) [ex-CindyKate]
Support G. YOUDAI
Support G. Ray [ex-CindyKate support ~ ex-Glam Grammar ~ etc.]
Support B. Tama (汰麗) [ex-GOKIBURI ~ etc.]
Support D. Kai (華威) [ex-Se'ikspia ~ ex-SERIAL⇔NUMBER (リアル⇔NUMBER) ~ etc.]
Sherella OHP renewed
Sherella's website has been renewed to reflect the secession of bassist Yu (ゆ), and to give some details about the band's “story”.

I also want to take a second to clarify about their first single: originally, it was a normal single called Banda della marcia, but it's been changed to a freely-distributed song called Kara no Jikan. Just FYI~
Sherella bassist secedes
Sherella bassist Yuki (ゆき) [aka Yu/ゆ] has seceded from the band as of 2015-04-01. There appears to be no particular reason, besides difference in direction, and the band members are even hanging out with him still! I was hoping this was an April Fool's joke, but no dice... He was the reason I was most excited for this band―his writing was excellent in SUGAR FORKFUL. Oh well!
NUMBER MOUSE, the long-running project of ex-DAS:VASSER vocalist KYOHEI, has announced that drummer YOU-YA (ex-La'Mule) is seceding. According to KYOHEI, the band will be adopting a heavier sound, and this change is the impetus for YOU-YA's secession.

By the way, their latest release, DEGENERATED CREATURE, is available on iTunes.
PENTAGON new single 「Shounen WALTZ」 details
PENTAGON has announced the details for their upcoming single, Shounen WALTZ, to be released on 2015-04-29. It will come in 3 types: A, with PV; B with bonus track; and C with alternate bonus track (full details here). The band's new look is above, and a preview of the PV is below. What do you think?

PENTAGON will hold an acoustic live at TOWER RECORDS in Shinjuku for those who purchase two of the three types.

REALies best albums + tour announced
REALies has announced their best album, REALies 2011-2015, which will be released in two types on June 10th. TYPE A features single tracks and a PV collection, while TYPE B features B-sides―neither version features any new material. Furthermore, the band has announced their short Tokyo-Osaka-Nagoya sponsored event tour, EVERLASTING, and their “2man+1” to celebrate Ritsu's birthday, Chel's Birthday 2015.

This is all sounding very “disbandy” in my opinion, so enjoy REALies while you can!
Mischievous event and release announced
Mischievous―the king zeebra band formerly known as ISORA (イソラ)―has announced details for the first of their three-month sponsored event campaign, Hana KusaRE Kinkakubyou ・ Hasshou (花腐レ菌核病・発症), to be held on 2015-04-28. The band also announced, at their recent tour final, that their first release has been planned. If I understood various tweets correctly, it seems that their first release will be a 2-song CD featuring DOGMA and AZALEA (アザレア), although details have not yet been announced.

By the way, king zeebra will hold its session event, Buchiage!?shimauma SESSION Taikai 『Zenin Oyama!』 (ぶちあげ!?しまうまセッション大会『全員女形!』), at which king zeebra band members will dress up as girls. More details to come.
News roundup 3/5
Here's some minor news:

  • As of March 1st, Hideaki (秀暁) ex-bassist of DAS:VASSER has joined UNDEAD (which has been home to many Nagoya based bandmen: ex-AZALEA, hurts, etc.).
  • Lilith will hold their 10th oneman live, 魔都制圧 -In to the CORE-, on 2015-03-28.

    Their first China tour, 円夢中華 -The Freak of Saviour-, will begin on 2015-04-10, and will feature a live with girugämesh on the 12th and a live with Royz on the 24th. The tour final, 魔都制圧 -Neo Scream-, will be held on 2015-07-25.
  • THE BLACK SWAN will hold their threeman, KILLER×KILLER CARNIVAL vol.3, versus DEZERT and Kuroyuuri to Kage (黒百合と影) on 2015-05-22 at Ikebukuro EDGE.
  • It appears that, from 2015-03-01, ex-SUZAKU guitarist Hazuki (葉月) is once again providing support for AiM MaiM. The band also has a new look, which you can see on their artist page.
  • ARLEQUIN appeared on the 109 public TV screen in Shibuya (渋谷) from 2015-02-23 through 2015-03-01 (pic here). They also had a billboard truck (pic here).

    These are quite big promotional steps for an indie visual kei band!
KARMA=SHENJING will freely distribute a 5 track CD at their upcoming live on 2015-03-20 at LIVE HOUSE D'. Unfortunately, the contents/details are unknown at this time :(

It seems that their first revival live, on 2015-03-01, was a success, as you can tell by the fan-packed image above!
ALVION distributed CD
ALVION will freely distribute a new song, LUV IMITATION, at their 2015-03-07 sponsored event at Umeda Zeela, FROM THE REVELATION NIGHT. The band has uploaded a preview of the new song, below:

THE BLACK SWAN new PV and new single
THE BLACK SWAN has uploaded the full PV for their new song Ushinai (失い) from their upcoming single! They've also released a flyer which announces their 3rd maxi single, to be released sometime in summer 2015!

download mp3

The new single will be called Akane (赫音)... I think. The kanji is wayyy too small on the flyer for me to know for sure. But of course I'll update again when I do know.

The same flyer that mentions the new single also mentions that the band will freely distribute... noodles... at their 2015-06-12 anniversary oneman. So there's that. More importantly, MIRROR,MIRROR will be freely distributed at Like an Edison stores beginning on 2015-03-11; maybe we'll have more of a chance to hear it then?!
ex-NEGA guitarist SAN joins Black Gene For the Next Scene
Black Gene For the Next Scene has announced that ex-NEGA (and ex-the:Ø) guitarist SAN has officially joined! The band's first release with this new lineup is a 3 type maxi-single on 2015-04-22, Uragaeri (裏返り). The first live featuring SAN will be on 2015-03-01, and the group's oneman tour will start on 2015-04-29, with a tour final on 2015-07-11, at which an important announcement will be made and a new song will be freely distributed. Good luck BFN!

MASKED RIDER SYSTEM new image and single
MASKED RIDER SYSTEM have revealed their new artist photo today―the first with new bassist KOZI (ex-Suicide Ali). The band will release their new single in May of this year, but details have yet to be announced.
FUTURISM・BOYZ has revealed their first official photography since the joining of new vocalist shall (ex-Vior gloire). Check it out, above! You can see their older photos at their biography section.
AVANCHICK guitarist has been decided
AVANCHICK, who have been searching since November, have decided on their new guitarist! The new member will be revealed at their 2015-03-21 oneman.

Their announcement uses the phrase “”新たなる姿-katachi-となったアヴァンチックをその瞳に・・・”. Is that their cheeky way of saying the new guitarist's name is katachi? Hmmm...
NEOLOGI support members and distributed item
NEOLOGI has lined up support musicians for its 2015-02-18 and 2015-03-11 lives. The band has also announced that it will distribute a new song, Queen, at its 2015-03-11 live.

Current NEOLOGI lineup:
【V. pami. [NEOLOGI] / G. Asami [NEOLOGI] / Sp G. Mashu (茉柊) [ex-De≠light] / Sp B. Tokyo Tarou (東京 太郎) [閃-hirameki-] / Sp D. Sizuru (静流) [閃-hirameki-]】
FUTURISM・BOYZ oneman announced!!
FUTURISM・BOYZ will hold a 2015-04-05 oneman in celebration of the joining of new vocalist shall (シャル)! Good luck boys! I hope a release is somewhere on the horizon.
Ray session band update
The drummer has been revealed for Ray's session band on 2015-02-13, Kuromikado (黒御門):
【V. MINAMI (ミナミ) [ex-ROGUE] / G. Cain / G. MAST [ex-Aliene Maφriage] / B. Ray [ex-NEGA] / D. Rui [sForzato]】

Meanwhile, Ray has mentioned that his new band will be revealed on 2015-02-01. Do you think that his new band will feature the same members as the session band?
FOODED SEAL down to one
At their 2015-01-18 live, bad luck band FOODED SEAL has announced the secondary guitarist maNa and bassist MEL have seceded from the band. Furthermore, support drummer Verry has ended support. This leaves vocalist Masami (雅美) as the only member―despite this, he still has two FOODED SEAL lives planned in the future.

To see more about the bad luck band's history, check their artist page!

Lucifer's underground members officially join
As assumed, Lucifer's underground has announced that all support members have officially joined as of 2015-01-08. The band will consider the release date of its mini-album Fujitsu na UMBRELLA, 2015-03-04, as its official activity start date.
ALVION mini-album and ex-SUZAKU drummer joins
ALVION (ex-GRIEVER and Synside new band) has announced that support drummer KAREN (カレン) [ex-SUZAKU] officially joined on 2015-01-01! Furthermore, the band will release their first mini-album, REVELATION, on 2015-03-04, and hold their sponsored event on 2015-03-07.
Neologic temporarily changing name
Neologic is temporarily changing their name to ネオロジ (NEOLOGI), until they can [hopefully] find new members and restart activities some time in 2015. In the mean time, they are searching for a guitarist, bassist, and drummer.

Posts from 2014

SUI session lineup change
LIN vocalist SUI will hold his birthday event on 2015-01-23, and his session band, PSYCHOSONIC SHAKE, will appear. However, a change has been made to the lineup. The new lineup is:

PSYCHOSONIC SHAKE 【V. SUI (LIN) / G. Cecir [ex-E'm ~grief~] / B. 篝-kagari- (AVANCHICK) / D. MIKAGE (ex-chariots, etc.)】

Previously, the bassist was to be YUKI (CELL), but he stepped out due to “various reasons”. And just to make it clear, LIN wants you to know: no refunds will be accepted based on this member change, lol.
MASKED RIDER SYSTEM live distributed demo and member loss
MASKED RIDER SYSTEM will freely distribute their new song, Helter Skelter (prototype), demo version through their goods tables at lives beginning on 2014-12-16. A CM for the new song can be viewed below:

By the way, bassist Mikoto (美琴) was “temporarily absent” due to the disbandment activities of his previous band (Vallquar). However, MASKED RIDER SYSTEM has launched their new website (, and Mikoto is absent from the member lineup. It appears he may have left the band officially.
KARMA=SHENJING limited revival!
KARMA=SHENJING has announced their temporary revival!! (And has changed the notation of their name, which was previously “Karma-Shenjing”.) If you don't remember, KARMA=SHENJING was a band that was produced by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION for a short time, which played Chinese-influenced music that was heavy on synthesizer. Though a small band, they achieved some success and played in America several times.

KARMA=SHENJING will hold their temporary revival live on 2015-03-01 at club MERCURY during the Narcissus Night event. ex-bassist SAKIKA will re-join the 3 original members, along with a new female drummer who was a fan of the band. The length of their temporary revival has not been decided yet (though I presume it will be very short).

Please check their artist page for more info:
KARMA=SHENJING artist page KARMA=SHENJING discography
Minor news roundup 12/4
  • After the secession of two members, FOODED SEAL secondary guitarist maNa has been promoted to primary guitarist. Verry [ex-ViV] has commenced support drums as of 2014-12-01, and Shuu (しゅう) has commenced support secondary guitar as of 2014-12-03.
  • GIGAMOUS will release their best album, GIGA BEST, in two types on 2015-02-11: limited type with live DVD, and normal type with bonus track.
  • MASKED RIDER SYSTEM bassist Mikoto (美琴) is temporarily absent from that band so he could concentrate on Vallquar's disbandment concerns. Ena [ex-HenzeL, etc.] will act as MASKED RIDER SYSTEM's support bassist on 2014-12-17.
  • A new version of Ray's continuous session band, Raychel Band Kai (れいちぇるバンド改), will appear on 2015-01-07 at Shinjuku (新宿) BIRTH:
    【V. MINAMI (ミナミ) [ROGUE] / G. YOSHITO (ヨシト) [ex-AVANCHICK] / G. MAST [ex-Aliene Ma'riage, etc.] / B. Ray [ex-NEGA] / D. Itsuki (樹)】
shall joins FUTURISM・BOYZ
ex-Vior gloire vocalist shall (シャル) has officially joined FUTURISM・BOYZ as of 2014-11-23!

They've had quite the lineup drama... You'll remember bassist B.B suddenly seceded in 2012, and then vocalist CO- disappeared after being arrested in 2013. In 2014, after continuing as a two-person, non-visual band for some time, shall appeared as guest vocalist, then CO- formally announced his secession and retirement. Drummer Shun (俊) recently announced his new band Ai-collage, so it seemed that F・B would be on the back burner... But with shall formally joining, maybe we'll get some more activity! And, gods willing, a release?!

I assume (for the time being) that remembrance will continue at its leisurely pace, but who knows?
Neologic bassist to secede
Neologic (ex-Syndrome, zechs, etc.) bassist yuki has announced that he will secede at their 2014-12-30 live, due to his differing ideas. It appears that remaining two members pami. and Asami will continue for the time being, with the intention of formally starting activities some time in the future.
FOODED SEAL loses guitarist and drummer
FOODED SEAL has announced that guitarist Keeta (けーた) and drummer Yuuki (ゆうき) have seceded from the band, due to differences in musical taste. The band will continue with 3 members on 2015-01-18.

AiM MaiM guitarist on temporary leave
AiM MaiM has announced that, due to his obligations with school work, guitarist HARUKA (ハルカ) will be temporarily leaving the band beginning immediately. ex-SUZAKU Hazuki (葉月) will act as support guitarist at AiM MaiM's 2014-12-16 live, and other support guitarists will be announced in the future.

According to the king zeebra blog post, HARUKA may occasionally appear on stage, and will supposedly return to the band after a certain time in 2015. We'll see how that works out though...
AVANCHICK guitarist secedes, and more
AVANCHICK guitarist YOSHITO (ヨシタ) [the ex-SAINTIA one] seceded from the band on 2014-10-15, due to his inability to reach goals and failure to attend meetings and rehearsals.

In happier news, the songs from the band's first single have been available at karaoke as of 2014-10-02. The band has also made photosets, cheki, and more, available through the AOOS store.

Finally, you can support the band by voting for them here.
MASKED RIDER SYSTEM lineup change and release details
MASKED RIDER SYSTEM has lost members Shio (ex-HISKAREA) and PEPA, but has gained bassist Mikoto (ex-Vallquar) and zodd (ex-ZODIA)! Details of their first single, Kairai (傀儡) have also been revealed.
FUTURISM・BOYZ vocalist CO- officially secedes
FUTURISM・BOYZ has finally made an official announcement regarding vocalist CO-: he has officially seceded from the band as of 2014-09-02.

The band had previously mentioned making an announcement in August about their vocalist... I wonder if they toyed with the idea of CO- resuming activities...? It does seems that they'd planned at least one last live with CO- before his secession.

But it seems that CO- has been unable to find any sense of motivation after all, and thus feels it's impossible to support the activities of a band―and I'm sure this still relates to his arrest in late 2013. So in addition to leaving the band, it seems that he has retired.

Despite this fact, the remaining two members of FUTURISM・BOYZ vow to continue.

AiM MaiM lineup changed
AiM MaiM has changed their lineup as of 2014-08-20. Former support guitarist Haruka has officially joined, and former guitarist Natsume Sakutarou has switched to bassist. Drummer Ichiyo joined previously and vocalist Edogawa Itsuki remains.

AiM MaiM artist profile
ISORA officially gains vocalist
ISORA, who had been using support members all year long, finally has an official vocalist!! 砂希-saki-, who previously support vocalist while in the band Delia, has officially joined (Since guitarist ciel was recently fired, that still leaves the band as a 3 member unit.) Check out their first official photo above.

ISORA artist profile
FOODED SEAL new look and first release?
FOODED SEAL announced their new lineup the other day. Now, they've released their official group photo (above), changed their logo, and opened their new OHP (.net instead of .com).

They've also mentioned that they'll distribute a CD with unspecified contents at Masami's birthday event. Not sure if it's a song or what...

Oh, and by the way: ex-FOODED SEAL guy Sayuki joined ViV.

Artist page OHP
FOODED SEAL new lineup
FOODED SEAL's new lineup has been preliminarily revealed:

V. Masami (雅美) [ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) ~ etc.] Ameblo
G. Keta (けーた) [ex-Die La'vice → ☆GLAD → KANABUN (カナブン) → BREMEN (ブレーメン)] Ameblo
G. maNa [ex-non-VK] Ameblo
B. MEL (メル) [ex-Dablis] Ameblo
D. Yuki (ゆうき) [ex-HEARTS → GUILTY (ギルティ) → Rosario → SwallowtaiL] Ameblo

ISORA guitarist fired
Seems that ISORA (イソラ) is a “bad luck band” too. Guitarist 空-ciel missed a live recently due to his acute sickness. After that, he had informed the members that he would need to be hospitalized longer. However, he stopped contact with the members days after that―and so they've fired him.

ISORA is now a 2-member band, by the way...! Good luck!
Oneness guitarist DAI returns
You might remember, Oneness guitarist DAI disappeared from the other members last month. Oneness has announced that DAI will return to the band on 2014-08-03 at their instore event.

The band has also announced that they will embark on Double River Record × KING OF KINGDOM (キングオブキングダム) label-coupling tour, Shuryou Kaikin! (狩猟解禁!), on 2014-10-09.
FOODED SEAL working toward revival
FOODED SEAL new guitarist MaNa has opened his Twitter (@gt_arrow), and has mentioned that this is his first visual band! Luckily, he seems to be enjoying it so far.

At any rate, FOODED SEAL has completed fitting of their new costumes and will shoot photography for the costumes any day now. The new photos will be revealed on August 3rd, and the band will hold their sponsored event on August 18th.

Can't wait to see who the new members are!
AiM MaiM member addition and name change
Limited-time project AiM MaiM (曖ム昧ム) has officially added drummer Ichiyo (一葉) [ex-tomodachi (トモダチ)] to its lineup. The band has also changed its official name to Kikangentei project-AiM MaiM- (期間限定project-曖ム昧ム-).
FOODED SEAL future member and member activities
It seems that a new guitarist, maNa, will soon join FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール). In the meantime, current and ex members are busy with sessions and support gigs:

  • 2014-06-12 ~

    ViV 【w/ Support D. Sayuki (さゆき) (FOODED SEAL)】
  • 2014-07-09 at SHIBUYA-REX

    「July 9」 【V. Masami (雅美) (FOODED SEAL) / V. LACHI (ラチ) (ex-LAgtime.) / G. Takebo (たけ坊) (TesЯoa) / G. maNa (FOODED SEAL) / B. Rin (りん) / D. yuri (TesЯoa)】
  • 2014-07-15 at SHIBUYA-REX

    Kyonkyon to Yukai na Nakamatachi (きょんきょんと愉快な仲間たち) 【G. kaoL (かおる) (ex-FOODED SEAL)】
  • 2014-07-16 at Ikebukuro (池袋) CYBER

    R Jiyuu SESSION (自由セッション) 【V. hiro (KiR×GiR) / G. Ryuu (りゅー) (ex-MeleM) / B. 7o (FOODED SEAL) / D. Suguru (英) (KiR×GiR)】
  • 2014-07-19 at MEGURO ROCKMAYKAN (目黒鹿鳴館)

    KISSBULLET 【w/ Support D. Masami (雅美) (FOODED SEAL)】
FOODED SEAL sponsored event
As you know, FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) will lose all remaining members, except for vocalist Masami (雅美). Despite that, the band has announced its sponsored event in celebration of Masami's birthday!

The remaining members will secede on 2014-08-08, and this event will be held on 2014-08-18; seems to me that Masami already has a full new lineup ready to debut at that live. (He did say that FOODED SEAL isn't disbanding, after all!) What do you think?

Masami birthday celebration FOODED SEAL sponsored event Masami Birthday PAKKEN Tensei (雅美Birthday パックン転生)
2014-08-18 at SHIBUYA REX
FOODED SEAL / chronogear (クロノギア) / Pastel Holic (パスホリ) / DICTATOR CIRCUS / MELVEL (マルヴェル) / RIBEL (リベル) / LOG-ログ- / (session TBA)

ISORA photo, event, and distributed CD
ISORA (イソラ) has revealed their official photo, their next sponsored event, a distributed CD, and their latest support members. Check below for the details!

As you know, ISORA participated in the recently-released omnibus SOUND OF NOISE 2014 with the original song ALKALOID (アルカロイド). The band has also announced that they will further distribute the unreleased song Toriko () to those who purchase the omnibus from the band at their lives starting on 2014-06-08. Check ISORA's discography for full details.

ISORA is also still performing with support vocalists. Here's a list of the latest ones:
  • 2014-04-06 & 2014-04-16
    Daisuke (大介) [ex-GALLMAZZO]
    Ryou (亮) [ex-KOKUYOKU (黒翼) ~ Gekisou! Sakamoto Kin-puИch. 24ji (激走!坂本金八24時)]
  • 2014-05-11
    Daisuke (大介) [ex-GALLMAZZO]
  • 2014-05-13
    Saica (槐) [the:Ø]
    Hyo (豹) [Shellmy]
  • 2014-05-20
    砂希-saki- [Delia]

It seems that 砂希-saki- might continue to act as support vocalist from now on (check out the great group shot with him below!). And of course, ex-SUZAKU (朱) drummer Karen (火憐) has been supporting the entire time, and it seems that he will continue to support through 2014-06-20 at least.

As I mentioned, ISORA has announced a new sponsored event in celebration of 空-ciel's birthday, featuring several session bands:

ISORA G. ciel-ciel Birthday EVENT Himitsushugi (秘密主義)
2014-06-26 at Ash OSAKA
  • ISORA (イソラ)
  • Aim Maim (曖ム昧ム) 【V. Edogawa Itsuki (江戸川 樹) [ex-SUZAKU (朱)] / G. Natsume Sakutarou (夏目 朔太郎) [ex-MEKAKUSI (メカクシ) / Sp G. haruka (ex-Envus ~ MonoLog) / Sp B. 絆-kizuna- (ex-SUZAKU ~ ISORA) / D. 真輝-maki- (ex-Lucid)】
  • La'veil MizeriA
  • 空-ciel session
  • 絆-kizuna- session
  • Yuuho (優歩) session
  • REIRA (レイラ) session
  • Shiki (式) session 【V. Nagi (なぎ) [ex-EINESEELE (アインゼーレ) / G. hori / G. Shiki (式) [ex-IDEAL] / B. Tsubasa (翼) / D. JUN (ジュン) [ex-tomodachi (トモダチ)]】

ISORA artist page discography
THE BLACK SWAN members formally revealed, release announced
THE BLACK SWAN formally announced its lineup on Sunday; as speculated previously, it features ex-Vior gloire bassist RENA along with other relatively unknown musicians.

V. 儿-JIN- (ex-NEGA)
G. 樹-ITSUKI- (ex-ORIGAMI (オリガミ))
G. 誠-MAKOTO (ex-RevieЯ, Doppler)
B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire)
D. 煉-LEN-

THE BLACK SWAN held a secret live on the 11th at SHIBUYA REX and performed the following original songs:
  • Jishin Boukansha (自深傍観者)

The band will release their first live-limited single, Kurochou (黒聴), during their first live tour which starts on 2014-06-06. The single will contain two songs―I'm pretty sure these will be “I SOLATION” and “Jishin Boukansha”, as these are already recorded, but this hasn't been confirmed.

Finally, THE BLACK SWAN has revealed that their tour final will be held on 2014-09-11 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.
FUTURISM・BOYZ twoman featuring shall
FUTURISM・BOYZ will hold their twoman live vs DancingMOGA on 2014-07-20 at Abiko (あびこ) BEAT IN. Vocalist CO- will not appear―instead, ex-Vior gloire shall (シャル) will act as the band's guest vocalist!

PLACEBO second period announced
PLACEBO (プラセボ)―the band produced by ex-NEGA bassist Ray and belonging to his Licht Entertainment label―has announced their second period featuring a full 5-member lineup!

PLACEBO (プラセボ)
V. rima
G. hina
G. Ryo
B. Tomoki (朋キ)
D. Ren (恋)

PLACEBO will hold their 4man live, 40min×SQUARE, with ELM, Jackman, and XENO (ゼノ) on 2014-06-17 at Ikebukuro (池袋) RUIDO K3.

PLACEBO official website
MonoLog disbands
MonoLog―new band of ex-Synside guitarist kikyo, which featured ex-SUZAKU (朱) drummer Karen (火憐) as support―has disbanded as of 2014-03-31 due members' inability to agree on activities for 2014. The members state that they planned to announce it during their 2014-03-23 live, but it was cancelled due to the vocalist's temporary hearing loss, so they had no choice but to announce it today via their blogs.

Everything kikyo touches is a mess, so I'm not surprised. Good riddance to this waste-of-a-year band with no releases or movement...! Let's reminisce with samples of their 2 half-songs:

News roundup 3/29
Latest minor news, featuring FOODED SEAL, ARLEQUIN, Lilith, Pami。, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:
  • Bad luck bandFOODED SEAL continues: support guitarist Rei (零) (LiLiCAL) is in the hospital and they have lost contact with other support guitarist Kiria (希燐亜) (LiLiCAL) since 2014-03-28. They will continue to perform with their three official members.
  • GOEMON RECORDS has uploaded the 4th volume of GoeTELE! (ごえテレ!). This one features footage from the special ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) live:

  • ex-Syndrome~zechs vocalist Pami。 (ぱみ。) has announced his solo (which he is now calling a “visual anime project”) lives. He will also release his first digital single, Atashi ga Shindara Moenai GOMI no Hi dashite ne。 (私が死んだら燃えないゴミの日にだしてね。), on 2014-04-14. (By the way, I guess that title is a reference to the movie Nihonsei Shounen (日本製少年).)
    • 2014-04-28 at Takasaki (高崎) club FLEEZE
    • 2014-05-03 at Mito (水戸) LIGHT HOUSE
    • 2014-05-22 at SHIBUYA REX

    You can follow his OHP for future updates.
  • Guitarist of Lilith, 凛-Lin-, will appear in a photoshoot in the 2014-03-25 edition of Chinese magazine COOL. It can be purchased here with Japanese shopping service after its release.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんあはなし) has uploaded this video of them waiting for band Xenon (mirrored on my account before they delete it):

ISORA vocalist fired
Before even holding their first live, ISORA (イソラ) has fired vocalist Syuuya (秋夜). The following events occurred:

  1. The entire band was schedule to meet at a certain place on 2014-03-25, but vocalist Syuuya did not appear.
  2. At the same time that the band called him, they noticed that his Twitter (and Ameblo) had been deleted.
  3. The next night (2014-03-26), the band received a message from Syuuya saying only “Sorry.”
  4. ISORA members have been unable to contact him since.

As he has caused trouble to the band and their label king zeebra, Syuuya has been fired by the other members. ISORA's first live event on 2014-03-29 will still be held, albeit with guest vocalists:
  • Kikyo (祈狂) (La'veil MizeriA)
  • daisuke (大介-daisuke)
  • Ryo (亮) (ex-KOKUYOKU (黒翼))

It's unclear whether or not ISORA will still contribute a track to the SOUND OF NOISE 2014 omnibus.
LIN officially revealed and releases announced
As mentioned last week, the second period of LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) features SUI, MIZALY, and YUSHI of Megaromania plus CERO of zechs. Today, the band has been officially revealed, meaning we have a slew of releases and live details. Let's get to it!


  • LIN will release their first maxi-single, Sacred Xanadu (what a name!), via mail-order in the 2014-04-21 edition of Cure magazine.
  • Their second maxi-single, Chaotic Resistance, will be released in two types on 2014-07-23. The normal type will be sold nationwide, while a Kansai-limited version with alternate jacket and different bonus track will be sold only at visual shops in Kansai. A double-purchase-application privilege will also be available; details TBA.
  • LIN will make their first omnibus contribution to Yougenkyou-WEST- (妖幻鏡-WEST-) on 2014-07-23. Further details about the omnibus TBA.


  • LIN's first lives will be two twoman events, Sacred illusionism~Battle Revival~, versus Grieva (グリーヴァ) and Black Gene For the Next Scene on 2014-06-01 and 2014-06-11, respectively. Special projects, TBA, will be held.
  • Their coupling tour with Jupiter and Black Gene For the Next Scene, Battle for Clans Tour 【V3】, will be held on June 12, 13, and 17, in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo, respectively.
  • Their first foreign live will be held in Taichung, Taiwan on 2014-08-10 as part of HEART-TOWN FESTIVAL 2014.
  • LIN's first national tour, Sacred illusionism, will kick off on 2014-07-01 and will end with the tour final and first oneman, Sacred illusionism -FINAL-, on 2014-08-31 at Umeda (梅田) AKASO.


  • LIN will be the first artist signed to a new label called PLUG RECORDS WEST.
  • PRW (PLUG RECORDS WEST) is a newly-established “western branch” of long-established visual label PLUG RECORDS―home to semi-famous indie bands such as Psycho le Cému, A (ACE), DaizyStripper, CELL, etc. So on one hand, we can presume that the label will have enough money to produce good quality releases; but on the other, the “brotherhood” of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands may not manifest in this new sublabel.
  • Is KISAKI the president of PLUG RECORDS WEST? I don't know. I do know, however, that KISAKI himself is listened as “organizer” for LIN's live events, which gives the impression that he'll still be fully in charge of LIN's activities―but he may not be managing other bands for the foreseeable future.
  • Just a note: that 2014-07-23 omnibus is a continuation of a classic line of visual omnibi that has been around since 2001. That, plus LIN being under an old label, plus the upcoming revival of the Rin・ne・ten・sei (輪・廻・転・生) events, gives me the impression that KISAKI is making an even bigger effort to bring old visual kei back to today's scene, somehow.
Second period LIN new lineup
Second period LIN new lineup

The second period lineup of LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) is (L→R in photo):

KISAKI you know, CERO is ex-zechs, and the rest are ex-Megaromania. Was going to wait to post the full info until KISAKI announced it himself, but I already saw it popping up in places, so there's no point in waiting anymore :)

→ LIN full member histories

What do you think about LIN's new lineup?
The new drummer of LIN is...
Sorry, this entry is locked. Please sign in or register to view it.
LIN second chapter teased
LIN's second chapter teased

KISAKI has confirmed the second chapter of LIN!!! He mentioned that the band will play two lives in June, but full details of the revival will be released on March 20, 2014. Until then, check out LIN's new logo (above) and new name (below).

LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) is the band's new name... (Yeah, they simply capitalized the subtitle.) But that's OK!―I can personally promise that the new lineup is much more exciting than the new name (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿). See you again on March 20th~
Minor updates 2/8
Some minor updates featuring GOTCHAROCKA, Syndrome, ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), CARAT (カラット), Oneness, and hurts:

  • GOTCHAROCKA bassist Shingo (真悟) had the flu and was absent at the band's lives and instores from 2014-02-01 through 2014-02-03.
  • ex-Syndrome ~ zechs vocalist Tsutaya changed his name to Pami。 (ぱみ。) and opened his new official Facebook
  • Tickets for ARLEQUIN's 2014-03-15 first oneman have sold out!
  • Oneness will hold a twoman with the Raid. on 2014-06-01 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA NEXT. Details TBA.

  • ex-hurts guitarist Mukku (むっく) will appear in session CUSUCO THE KAN CREW 【V. Mukku (ex-hurts) / G. Zin (迅) (ex-Schwein) / B. TAKA (AxiL) / D. Eve (ex-Lycaon)】 on 2014-02-28 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA NEXT.
  • GOEMON RECORDS will hold its sponsored event, Fuki no Tou (ふきのとう), on 2014-04-08 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA. ARLEQUIN and REALies appear as guests, along with Crazy★shampoo, VOW, Oneness, METEOROID, Airish, and Sick².
  • Jikkentai NEMESIS (実験体NEMESIS) performed the following setlist on 2014-02-06: 01. DELUGE (NEGA cover)
    02. BREAK DOWN (girugamesh cover)
    03. AGITATOR (Vior gloire cover)
    04. MaGARU Suiren ` KaKERU (SUZAKU cover)
FOODED SEAL new support and event
Since guitarist KaoL announced his secession from FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール), ex-LiLiCAL guitarist Rei (零) has announced that he will join as support guitarist on 2014-02-15. FOODED SEAL will perform their two lives before then as a 4-member unit. FOODED SEAL has also announced their sponsored event:

FOODED SEAL sponsored event~THE Saishidou~ (~THE 再始動~) 2014-03-24 at SHIBUYA REX
FOODED SEAL / PROJECT VARYL (PROJECT ヴァリル) / Diana / DICTATOR CIRCUS / inc.RIBON / LOG -ログ- / Virgil / F1rst MiX's

(By the way, PROJECT VARYL is the new session band of ex-Visage vocalist Hiro!)
NEGA vocalist announces new band

ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) bassist Shohei (祥平) has announced his May birthday event, and an interesting session band called TBS will appear there... Could this be ex-NEGA vocalist JIN (儿) new band, THE BLACK SWAN? Read on:

As I said, SESSION BAND TBS (セッションバンドTBS) will appear at the event―TBS just happening to be the same initials of THE BLACK SWAN. Furthermore, the lineup includes ex-Vior gloire bassist RENA and ex-ORIGAMI (オリガミ) guitarist Itsuki (樹), both of whom JIN follow on Twitter. The session's lineup is listed as follows:
【V. (undecided) / G. Itsuki / G. Chi? (千) / B. RENA / D. Kiryu? (希柳)】

But here's the real kicker: the Japanese version of the information includes the note “ボーカは未定です” (“vocal is undecided”). Notice the underlined character? ...That kanji, innocently slipped into the word “ボーカル” (“vocal”), is the kanji for “JIN”!!

So it looks like THE BLACK SWAN will be performing in May, at least in a session/prototype state. If the lineup stays the same (and I hope it does, 'cause JIN and RENA could be cool together!), we can expect THE BLACK SWAN to have the following members:
【V. JIN / G. Itsuki / G. Chi? / B. RENA / D. Kiryu?

What do you think? Will THE BLACK SWAN have the same lineup as this session? Is this a promising lineup? Do you know anything about mystery members Chi and Kiryu?
FOODED SEAL guitarist to leave
FOODED SEAL guitarist to leave

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) announced that guitarist KaoL (far right in the picture above) will depart from the band on 2014-01-31, as a result of his worse-than-initially-thought fracture. From then on, FOODED SEAL will do their best to continue as a four-member unit with [current] support guitarist KIRIA (キリア) (ex-LiLiCAL).
FOODED SEAL support and corrections
FOODED SEAL support and corrections

FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール) has announced that KIRIA (キリア) (ex-LiLiCAL) will join as support guitarist at the band's 2014-01-18 formation sponsored event. FOODED SEAL has also made corrections about its upcoming releases: both CDs will be only 500 yen, and the order of tracks in Setsunakute has been reversed.

2014-01-18 500 yen maxi-single CD

  1. ロリズラ RORIDULA
  2. Bungee SETUNASA

2014-01-22 500 yen maxi-single CD-R

  1. 真冬のポケット Mafuyu no POCKET
  2. 君がいる未来 Kimi ga Iru Mirai

2 Gatsu 22 Nichi details forming
Prototype band 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi (2がつ22にち、せかいほぼくらをしる。) has released details for the live which is foretold by their name: oneman live Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will be held on 2014-02-22 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) LIVE HOUSE D'.

It seems that Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will also be the official name of 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi once the band formally begins activities, as that phrase translates to “for example, such story” (the URL of 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi's blog).

Furthermore, at that live, 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi members will switch to using full versions of their names, and the new bassist will join (replacing ex-Dali bassist Yuu, who left 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi on 2013-12-20, before the band's first live).

In summary: on 2014-02-22, prototype band 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi will become official band Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, with lineup:
V. Sanada Ren (真田 廉) 【ex-Dali ~ LOTMAN ~ etc.】
G. Ninna Kousuke (仁和 恒介) 【ex-LOTMAN ~ etc.】
B. Takahashi Kento (高橋 研斗) 【?】
D. Kishihara Masami (岸原 雅巳) 【ex-LOTMAN ~ etc.】


Two other bits of 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi news: ① those who spent 5,000 yen on goods at their first live received a free photoset; and ② those who participated in the game of onigokko were invited to a New Year visit to a shrine with 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi members after their first live.

Posts from 2013

2 Gatsu 22 Nichi bits
A few updates on 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。):
  • Ren is using the kanji 廉 for his name.
  • The band held Onigokko (REVENGE) (おにごっこ(リベンジ)) on 2013-12-22 (Ren, Kousuke, and Masami chased participants in a game of tag). Special prizes were awarded to those who weren't caught. Admission was 1,000 yen, and a meeting (live) was held after.
  • Bassist Miyauchi Yuki (宮内結規) (aka YUU of Dali) has apparently already left the band, before even their first live.
  • They've already started with the limited items—meeting (live) DVD Ano DVD (あのデイブイデイ) will be sold at their 2013-12-31 live for 5,000 yen.
  • The band has a Twitter account: @tatoeba222. (BTW, it was formerly @2gatsu22nichi, but that account was deleted for terms of service violations, LOL.)
  • By the way, this was the band's set of rules for the onigokko revenge game: 〇 if you bother pedestrians, you will be kicked out of the area immediately!
    〇 if you use a car, etc., you will be kicked out of Japan immediately!
    〇 if you find a bandman on a date, take pictures and tweet them immediately!

So, before even their first official live, they've held a game of tag, lost a member, and had a cryptic distributed release. Sounds about right for something that Ren is involved in!
2 Gatsu 22 Nichi member updates
2 Gatsu 22 Nichi member updates

2 Gatsu 22 Nichi, Sekai ha Bokura wo Shiru。 (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。)—the recently-revealed new band of ex-Dali & LOTMAN (ロットマン) members—has been slowly divulging (officially) its members' names over several blog posts. Here's what we have so far:

  • V. Ren (苓) [a.k.a. Ren (れん)] 【ex- etc. → SUGAR FORKFUL → Dali → LOTMAN】 ※ he hasn't revealed his name in the new band yet, but since the others are using kanji names, and Ren previously used this name in SUGAR FORKFUL, I'll just assume

  • G. Kousuke (恒介) [a.k.a. SORA (ソラ)] 【ex- MeLt. → LOTMAN】 ※ not 100% sure of romanisation, or if this is actually SORA; but it is assumed by fans

  • B. Miyauchi Yuki (宮内結規) [a.k.a. YUU (ユウ)] 【ex- etc. → SUGAR FORKFUL → Dali → LOTMAN】 ※ appears to be his formal name; unsure of the full romanisation

  • D. Masami (雅巳) [a.k.a. Miyabi (雅)] 【ex- AIRA (愛飴羅) → LiLith → LOTMAN】 ※ this person was previously listed as male in their blog, but is using the prefix Mrs (ミセス) as of joining 2 Gatsu―not sure if the usage is serious

Other bits of info: ● a clearer picture of the band has been released (above); ● the band will debut at two New Year countdown events: one at Ash OSAKA and the other at Shinsaibashi soma, both on 2013-12-31; ● the band might(?) have a Twitter @2gatsu22nichi.
FOODED SEAL's bad luck
FOODED SEAL (フーデッドシール), new band of ex-CindyKate drummer Sami, has had some bad luck, despite only just forming! In a post called “the bad luck band”, Sami has mentioned that he has suffered food poisoning, drummer Sayuki (さゆき) dropped his phone in water, and guitarist KaoL has broken his foot and can't perform with the band for at least a month!

Despite this, the band continues. They're currently holding meetings regarding their first costumes and release, with details expected to be announced sometime next week.
Lilith bassist secedes
Lilith bassist secedes

Lilith announced today that bassist Long (朧) has left the band. Guitarist Lin explained in his blog that Long's reason for leaving was the oft cited “musical differences.” Nevertheless, it appears that Lilith plans to continue activities.
Cu[be] whole at last oneman

On the 24th, Cu[be] will hold their last oneman and disband. To end on a high note, the band has decided to appear once again with its full 5 member lineup for the last live!

Despite ex-drummer 亜月-athuki- being kicked out of the band for his unspecified misconduct―which also resulted in Cu[be] being kicked out of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION and disbanding―he has been allowed to return for the last live, so that Cu[be] can go out with its highest strength. The decision came with much deliberation and only after getting personal approval from KISAKI.

Cu[be] also announced a special sale of cheki at their last live. Individual cheki will cost 500 yen, and anyone who buys 3 at full price will receive 1 free. Furthermore, old and brand new cheki will be sold, and customers will be allowed to request specific ones for the same price.

Only 5 days until Cu[be] disbands!
More bad news for LIN

This morning, KISAKI tweeted a cryptic message: “Something unforgivable has suddenly happened. Must consult with the members and staff immediately. Shit!!!!” Just now, the bad news has been revealed: guitarist MIZUKI has suddenly withdrawn from LIN.

Back when LIN announced their upcoming indefinite hiatus, MIZUKI also announced his intention to withdraw from the band on that date (June 30th—when their last oneman is to take place).

However, it seems that MIZUKI messaged KISAKI this morning and announced his intention to withdraw from the band immediately (January 7th). MIZUKI then refused to return emails and phone messages, rendering his withdrawal effective immediately.

According to KISAKI's official comment on the matter, one of the reasons behind MIZUKI's original intention to withdraw was scheduling conflicts—perhaps school or family conflict. KISAKI says that the band wanted to stay as they were and so they booked lives to accommodate MIZUKI... But I guess he just couldn't wait until June to be free from band commitments.

In the mean time, LIN will continue as a 4 member band. Decisions about their last oneman on June 30th have yet to be made.

Posts from 2012


As of August 9th, bassist BB is no longer a member of FUTURISM・BOYZ. His departure is sudden and was unexpected, even to the other members of the band―it seems that he just suddenly decided to quit music, for reasons unclear.

For now, the other members have decided to continue. For their scheduled live on August 14th, they will appear as a three-person unit. For the session live which BB was scheduled to appear at on August 17th, guitarist YUKIHIRO will take his place.

It's very sad, considering that those four people have been together since forming Arc. The members say that there's still a spot for BB if he decides to return.


[Update] Guitarist YUKIHIRO just posted about the situation in his blog:

Apparently, BB had first mentioned wanting to leave the band in July. He and the other F・BOYZ members had several meetings about it with KISAKI, and through those talks, BB decided not to leave. ―Until August 9th, when he suddenly announced that he was leaving, with no further discussion.

(This is unrelated, but I found it interesting: it seems that FUTURISM・BOYZ was originally intended to be a five-member band. At the last minute, the fifth member changed his mind, and so the band was left with the exact same lineup as Arc. Now that BB is leaving, it seems that FUTURISM・BOYZ will be a three-member band... quite a change from the beginning intentions!)
CELL lineup revealed
La'Mule × NightingeiL new band CELL's lineup is revealed

As you know, legendary 90s visual kei band La'Mule came back this year to officially disband. At their disbandment live, they distributed a flyer which suggested that La'Mule would be combining with NightingeiL (the modern band of La'Mule vocalist Kon) into a new band. Today, the lineup of this new band, CELL, has finally been revealed.

Now the mystery of the hour is: who are YUKI and MASATO? One would assume they're from NightingeiL, but no members of NightingeiL used those names. One would then assume they simply changed their names (from MUKUI and HAKUYA, respectively), but ex-NightingeiL drummer HAKUYA has already opened a new personal blog (using the same name), so that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems we'll have to wait to find the answer!

※ CELL is not affiliated with UNDER CODE; I'm posting this here because La'Mule belonged to the parent label of Matina, and so La'Mule's activities are relevant to this site.

Posts from 2011

SUZAKU new member information
UNDER CODE has revealed the birth dates and blood types of the new 朱 (SUZAKU) members... They're both from Envus! So SUZAKU is basically Envus 2. (Guitarist 葉月-hazuki- is the only non-Envus member; he's originally from AIKARYU.)

Well, mystery solved!
SUZAKU revival
SUZAKU has published their revival photos! Remember, bassist 絆-kizuna- and drummer 火憐-karen- are new to the band. SUZAKU will hold their revival oneman, 鳳凰天舞 (Houou Hirai), on 2012-01-21 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) CLAPPER.
L→R: V. 樹-ituki-, G. 鴉-karasu-, G. 葉月-hazuki-, B. 絆-kizuna-, B. 火憐-karen-

[Archived] SUZAKU's bassist hospitalized
朱 (SUZAKU) bassist 時雨 (Shigure) was hospitalized on Friday due to a sudden illness. At the UNITED LINK for JAPAN VOL:2 live yesterday, guitarist 鴉 (Karasu) acted as bassist, and a support member will be found for future lives.

Really sucks for them! Hopefully Shigure doesn't end up leaving (or worse) because it would be a pretty big blow to lose two members so early. And SUZAKU is a really promising band, so they better not break up!

[Archived] Vior gloire release, event, costume weirdness
Thanks to ViSULOG, we finally have some official announcements regarding Vior gloire! The band has announced its first release, its first live/sponsored event, and its first oneman. But let's start with their first official photo!

Notice that the costumes in this photo are completely different from the original picture that was secretly uploaded to the OHP. I have no idea why KISAKI would allow money to be wasted on two sets of costumes and two photoshoots—maybe the band changed its concept, or maybe they had a pre-formation lineup change? Well, whatever the case, that second lineup we found (ex. the one with RENA) is the official one.


Anyway, on to their first live details! Although we know the band has secretly done lives as Vior, it seems that their first official live will be a sponsored event in July. Later in the month, the band will hold their first oneman. An unspecified present will be freely distributed at both.

Vior gloire debut sponsored eventCocktail party 2011-07-16 at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) CYBER
Vior gloire (first live), 朱 (SUZAKU), Arpege, Black berry, 水樂 (Byakura), Sirokuro, RAVI, RagEnd, Lauder
※ (unspecified present freely distributed to attendees)

Vior gloire formation commemoration oneman疑似カタストロフィー (Giji CATASTROPHE) 2011-07-30 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) FANJ-twice
Vior gloire (oneman)
※ (unspecified present freely distributed to attendees)


And finally, release information, alright! Vior gloire's first release will be a maxi-single, to be released in August. ...And that's it! Kind of a simple way to debut, but I guess it's my fault for expecting a lot after all the confusion about them. Anyway, details~

Vior gloire -
インスパイア (INSPIRE)
2011-08-17; 1,575 yen; maxi-single CD; sole pressing; UCCD-296
01. (Unannounced new song)
02. (Unannounced new song)
03. (Unannounced new song)


Tidbit: the name of SUGAR FORKFUL's first event was alsoCocktail Party. Rest in peace ;_;~

I still have so many questions about them: what is the point of Vior? do the two bands have truly different lineups, or just different member names? why wasn't the band revealed April 1st as planned? why did they spend money on new costumes and new photoshoots without ever revealing the first ones? why are you so angly? answer me my queltion!

Well, I guess we may never know the answers to all of Vior gloire's mysteries, but at least they seem cool. The new costumes look so much more professional than the last ones (even if less unique), and I'm super excited about their first release. What are your thoughts about everything?

Posts from 2010

[Archived] Megaromania News
The album announcement is a few days old, but the reason behind it isn't...

① This March, Megaromania will release a two-type “selection album” containing ten “unobtainable,” previously released tracks. This means anything from the band's first singles, which are now sold out, is fair game. Each copy of the album will include one of six trading cards. The A type, or “gorgeous version” will come with a DVD containing 40 minutes of live footage, while the B type (normal version) will include a bonus track.

② The band will hold three oneman lives to celebrate the release (however, the titles of the lives have not been announced). The first will take place on 2010-03-24 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA; the second, on 2010-03-25 at HOLIDAY OSAKA; and the third, on 2010-03-31 at SHIBUYA BOXX.

③ Finally, Megaromania will be losing member(s). That was revealed last night in the band's official blog. Who/how many will be leaving hasn't been revealed, but it's bad news regardless. Hopefully they won't disband...

Megaromania -
Oblivious -豪華盤 (Goukaban)-
  2010-03-10; 3,990 yen; Selection album CD+DVD; UCCD-257A; Limited pressings
  CD 01~10. “Unobtainable” previously released songs
  DVD 01. 40 minutes of live footage
  + One of six trading cards
Oblivious -通常盤 (Tsuujouban)-
  2010-03-10; 3,150 yen; Selection album CD; UCCD-257B; Limited pressings
  01~10. “Unobtainable” previously released songs
  11. Oblivious (Bonus track)
  + One of six trading cards

Posts from 2009

[Archived] Bad News for chariots
秋都 (Akito), 知 (Tomo), 絽希 (Roki), and 零也 (Reiya) are leaving chariots. That's right, 戮 (Riku) will be the only remaining member. The band's final tour with the current lineup, carnage opera, will take place from 2010-02-14 to 2010-02-27 throughout Japan.

The members have posted comments here (in Japanese) if anyone wants to read them. It seems that chariots will continue, for a while at least.


Let's look on the bright side and hope that this will somehow be beneficial to chariots in the end!

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