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New KISAKI lucky bag
New KISAKI lucky bag

From 21:00 today, a new KISAKI lucky bag has been released at the LIN official web shop!

Each bag costs 10,800 yen, and only 10 copies are available. It is eligible toward the 8,000 yen privilege (LIN last live DVD or demo CD). There aren't any details about the number or worth of the contents, but the shop does give this brief description:

“Precious releases, goods, and α [unspecified bonus contents], related to KISAKI's various bands, which were just discovered in the warehouse.”

Of course the part about the warehouse is probably BS, but I still wonder what the contents are... probably some reproduced photos, stickers, and maybe a bootleg live DVD? Like the other lucky bags, we'll have to wait until the mid-July shipping date to find out.
LIN web shop adds a few items
The LIN official web shop has added some new items.

Three sets of offshot/backstage photos are now available for 3,456 yen each. Not very exciting, if you ask me ;0;

Also, just a reminder: please let me know if you'd like to join my LIN web shop order. I'll be paying service fees and shipping costs (from Japan to USA), and you'll get rips of both privileges (last live DVD and second demo CD).
LIN official web shop open for another month
The LIN official web shop has extended its operation through the next month!

Instead of closing on 2016-05-31 as originally planned, the shop has extended its operation through 2016-06-31. As you might expect, new items have been added:
  • LIN gorgeous last lucky bag #2 (6,000 yen)
    ※ 35,000 yen's worth of goods
    ※ orders accepted now, but ships in July
  • UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bootleg lucky bag (4,000 yen)
    ※ 4 or 5 distributed DVDs or live bootleg DVDs of UCP bands
    ※ orders accepted now, but ships in July
  • LIN × ZEAL LINK large panel (43,200 yen / limited 1)
    ※ large LIN panel which was displayed at ZEAL LINK Osaka
    ※ 150 cm × 90 cm
    ※ signed by all members
    ※ only 1 copy in the world

There are also two new privileges for spending 8,000 yen or more! Customers may choose either 2 track demo CD (with different demos than the last one) -OR- 2016.3.20 last live DVD. And, unlike last time, lucky bags do count toward the 8,000 yen.


So this is good. Those of you with messed up Syndrome DVDs have time to sort it out (hopefully).

It's also nice that the LIN lucky bag has been increased in worth (tho it costs 1,000 yen more), and that lucky bags now count toward the shop privilege. The purchase amount required to get the privilege has also been reduced, which is good.

I'm mostly excited about the UCP bootleg lucky bags! I just wish there was some sort of list of what might be in there, 'cause it could really be anything. I'll probably buy like 3 bags in hopes of getting a Vior gloire DVD, somehow .-.

As with last time, I'll place two separate orders of 8,000 yen to get both privileges. If you're only planning to buy 1 item, please feel free to join my order! I'd pay shipping from Japan and service fees, as last time.
LIN official web shop LAST FAIR
From 2016-04-10 21:00 JST, the LIN official web shop will hold its last sales fair. The shop will then close on 2016-05-31.

Those who spend 10,000 yen during the fair will receive one of the following presents (you must specify which one you want):
  • comment DVD recorded on 2016-03-20 at Nanba (難波) Hatch
  • 2-track CD w/ a demo of an unreleased song, and demo of Chaotic Resistance
!! Lucky bags do NOT count toward the 10,000 yen !!


LIN's special lucky bag will be sold during the fair (5,000 yen). Orders for the bag will be taken until 2016-05-15, and it will be shipped beginning on 2016-05-21. The bag will include 20,000 yen worth of goods.

Each lucky bag will include one of the following live DVDs:
  • 2016-03-08 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY
  • 2016-03-09 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY
  • 2016-03-10 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY
Those who buy 3 lucky bags will receive all three live DVDs.


And here's the full list of new goods which will be available during the fair:
  • several limited bootleg live DVDs (not yet revealed)
  • parka (7,000 yen)
  • t-shirt -face w/ webs ver.- (3,500 yen)
  • t-shirt -maria ver.- (3,500 yen / includes 1 of 7 bootleg live DVDs)
  • t-shirt -3/20 band logos ver.- (3,000 yen)
  • iPhone 6/6S case (3,500 yen / limited 5)
  • iPhone 6+ case (3,500 yen / limited 5)
  • web shop limited photoset (1,500 yen)
  • new mirror -flowers ver.- (1,500 yen)
  • MIZALY 2016.2.14 Ikebukuro (池袋) CYBER cheki (5,500 yen / set of 10)
  • SUI/MIZALY/KISAKI 2016.2.24 Brand X cheki


Pretty shitty of them to exclude lucky bags from the 10,000 yen present, but I need that unreleased song demo =_=!


2016-04-10 edit: The web shop fair has started! Here's the list of bootleg DVDs―it's a ton huh? (´◉◞౪◟◉);

I've marked who's buying what. If you plan on sharing your rips, please comment (or tweet @we_love_ucp) with which DVDs you plan to buy―that way we can coordinate and not overlap too much. [If you don't plan to share them, I don't care which ones you buy (/ ; ・`д・´)/]

➡ suji 2009.05.31 渋谷RUIDO K2 ワンマン
2009.10.23 心斎橋FAN j Twice
➡ suji 2009.11.08 心斎橋SOMA ワンマン
2010.03.24 HOLIDAY NAGOYA ワンマン
2010.03.31 SHIBUYA BOXX ワンマン
2010.06.22 博多DRUM SON
2011.01.31 博多DRUM Be-1
2012.02.12 心斎橋FAN J twice ワンマン
➡ inartistic 2012.10.21 LIVE HOUSE 'D ワンマン
➡ Danao 2012.11.16 高田馬場CLUB PHASE ワンマン
➡ Danao 2012.11.17 高田馬場CLUB PHASE ワンマン
2012.12.31-2013.01.01 心斎橋FAN J twice
2013.01.24 池袋RUIDO K3
2013.03.13 博多DRUM-Be1

2013.01.12 新宿RUIDO K4
➡ Danao 2015.12.01/2016.01.24/2016.01.25 3公演

LIN (YUSHI produce ver)
2015.05.25 SHIBUYA REX

1997.12.29/30/31 ライブ公演3本
1998.10.09 梅田HEAT BEAT ワンマン
1998.11.17 難波ROCKETS
➡ The Rev 1999.11.13 渋谷ON AIR WEST
1999.03.30/04.02/04.03 ライブ公演3本
1999.10.30 BIG CAT ワンマン

2001.10.13 尼崎LIVE SQIUARE

➡ suji SUI&MIZALY session 2016.02.14 池袋CYBER
➡ inartistic KISAKI PROJECT feat.砂月 2012.12.21 SHIBUYA REX
➡ inartistic MIZALY session 2014.04.24 RUIDO K3
➡ inartistic SUI 2015.04.14 サラヴァ東京
➡ inartistic 無謀バンド2012 2012.12.25 OSAKA MUSE
LIN web shop 3/30 exclusives
From 21:00 JST yesterday, the LIN official web shop added several special items.

  • Bootleg live DVD, 13-piece set (19,440 yen / limited 1)
  • KISAKI ROCK AND READ cheki, 10-set (5,940 yen / limited 1)
  • LIN live backdrop (60×150 cm) (16,200 yen / limited 1)
  • LIN live backdrop (300×300 cm) (32,400 yen / limited 1)

The cheki set immediately sold, and the bootleg set has since sold as well. The two backdrops are still available (I'm sure lots of us would like to own them, but they're just so expensive!!).

Looks like the bootleg set has lots of First Period LIN lives. From what I can see:
- 2012.1.13 at Shibuya REX 「Birth of Eclipse」
- 2010.8.09 at Nagoya BOTTOM LINE 「拝啓勇様~麝香連理想~」
- 2011.5.05 at HOLIDAY OSAKA 「The Resonant -brave-」
Minor news roundup 3/6
Minor news roundup for 3/6 🤘

  • ARLEQUIN was on TBS show BLITZ INDEX on 2016-03-04.
  • ARLEQUIN are featured in FIVESTARS MAGAZINE March edition.
  • ARLEQUIN and PENTAGON are the cover artists of Vijuttoke vol.48.
  • ARLEQUIN have a comment video for their 2016-03-09 live:

  • THE BLACK SWAN have posted the list of privileges for their upcoming album, OUSIA. It's all interview DVDs and photosets, though.
    • Like an Edison - 【A】 interview DVD 1 + member photoset / 【B】 interview DVD 2 + group photo
    • little HEARTS. - 【A】 interview DVD 3 + group photo + Kotetsu photo / 【B】 member photoset + Kotetsu photo
    • Brand X - 【A】 interview DVD 4 + photocard set (members + group) / 【B】 interview DVD 5
    • Jishuban Club - 【A】 interview DVD 6 + group photo / 【B】 member photoset
    • SKULL ROSE - 【A】 interview DVD 7 / 【B】 member photoset
    • ZEAL LINK - 【A】 interview DVD 8 + group photo / 【B】 member photoset
    • TOWER RECORDS - postcard illustrated by Len (煉)
  • THE BLACK SWAN and Minus Jin-Say Orchestra will participate in a fourman on 2016-04-29:
  • MASKED RIDER SYSTEM has mentioned that they will delete their blog soon ;(
  • Ao (碧) [ex-paradeis ~ LOTMAN, etc.] will act as support guitarist at Mis†ake's 2016-03-11 live at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋). Still not sure who the other members are, to be honest.
  • Mis†ake will release their 3-piece black tea set (1,000 yen) at their 2016-03-11 live. They'll also release a keyholder (1,000 yen) and armband (2,000 yen).

  • Mis†ake will also release a new single, Kakogawa Shinjuu, at their 2016-03-11 live.
  • At their 2016-03-26 live at Umeda (梅田) Zeela, Mis†ake will debut their new costumes and make an important announcement. (Actually, they say they will not do those things, but then say “(lying)” right beside that, lol. They're so stupid.)
  • More will be on FOOL'S MATE channel on 2016-03-07.
  • PENTAGON has re-stocked their ugly new goods at the GOEMON RECORDS official web shop.

    Those who spend 5,000 yen on the goods (cheki excluded) will receive an original totebag. Those who spend 10,000 yen will further receive an original badge (1 random of 10 possible).
  • Visual kei bar RAZZLE DAZZLE (run by HINA and Yuuri of Lucifer's underground) will hold an unofficial LIN/UNDER CODE/Matina day on 2016-03-12 in celebration of KISAKI's birthday.
  • ex-VARYL drummer Shikito (織人) has changed his name to 律-ritsu- and joined Ains band Gossip (大日本鬼端児組 悪童会に占拠され ゴシップ)! Since Shikito/ritsu isn't directly connected to UCP/Matina, we won't start following Gossip's activities, but it's cool nonetheless.

    (Kinda interesting that ex-VARYL vocalist Hiro's previous band was called gossip too!)
LIN limited sales for 3/8~3/10 lives
As expected, LIN will have limited goods/sales at their last lives on 2016-03-08~10 (with many DVDs, natch!):

  • The End of Corruption World 2010-2015
    ※ w/ live-limited privilege: 2-piece set of IC card stickers
  • original bag w/ random trading live DVD (4,000 yen / limited 50)
    ※ 7 live DVDs total, from 1st and 2nd periods
  • new design mirror (1,500 yen)
  • 2-piece set of that-day-limited cheki (1,000 yen)
  • 10-piece set of 1st Period LIN bootleg live DVDs (15,000 yen / limited 1)
  • 2-piece set of old cheki (1,000 yen)
  • old design muffler towel (2,000 yen)
  • old design mirror w/ sticker (1,500 yen)

As a reminder, their last live on 2016-03-20 will see a freely distributed t-shirt, and those who purchase a special ticket received an original parka. I assume there will be additional goods or sales limited to that day.
Minor news roundup 2/25
Here's some minor news:

  • chariots' store-distributed single, Togetoga, is officially sold out.
  • VARYL vocalist Hiro (緋絽) will participate in his long-running session band LUCY MONOSTONES (ルーシーモノストーンズ) on 2016-04-07 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE. (Btw, they are unrelated to the bands Lucy MonoStone and Lucy monostone'S.)
    V. Hiro (緋絽) [ex-VARYL]
    G. Kaie [ex-VARYL support
    G. & B. (unannounced)
    D. Masami (雅美) [D'efend Chroma]
  • ex-Oneness vocalist JUKI (ジュキ) will participate in a session on 2016-03-17, and ex-guitartist DAI will participate in a session on 2016-06-19.
    Horobi no BURST STREAM (滅びのバーストストリーム)
    V. JUKI (ジュキ) [ex-Oneness]
    G. Miru. [Lylow]
    G. (TBA)
    B. Momonari Hajime (桃生 一) [ex-MONO (モノ)]
    D. Ryou (りょう) [ex-Blitz]

    Doshaburi (土砂降り)
    V. Ryu (柳) [ex-MoNoLith]
    G. DAI [ex-Oneness]
    G. Hide [LAGNA]
    B. Rito [ex-GAKIDO]
    D. Kazuharu (和春) [DOAK]
  • AVANCHICK will hold two birthday events:
  • Several artists from Lucifer's underground, chariots, & etc. participated in a 雀羅-jyakura- session band on 2016-02-24 at Nagoya (名古屋) HOLIDAY.
    V. Asuyu (明透遊) [UNDEAD, ex-AZALEA~jyakura (雀羅), etc.]
    G. toki [Lucifer's underground, ex-UNDEAD, etc.]
    G. Nao [ex-jyakura (雀羅)~UNDEAD, etc.]
    B. Yuuri (憂里) [Lucifer's underground, ex-Cu[be], etc.]
    D. Mikage (美景) [chariots, etc.]
  • AVANCHICK are selling signed posters (on which they'll hand-write your name) through the AOOS web shop.
  • PINOKIO is selling a new towel at the web shop of TaiKutSu?, his personal fashion brand.
  • Some sort of Really Big Deal™ drama happened, regarding tickets to LIN's 2016-03-18 live at Osaka (大阪) LIVE HOUSE D'. Tbh, I don't fully understand―I don't know how ticketing works in VK, and my translation skillz aren't good enough to make sense of it―but it seems that someone's tickets were lost in the mail (allegedly).

    LIN made this post when the mistake first happened. And if I understand correctly, they said they sent two S-class tickets to the person whose tickets had been lost. Except the person actually received two A-class tickets, so they were pissed. (I think?) Cut to this apology post where they promise to fix it.

    Imo who the fuck cares, but I understand that this is important to some people, so I hope it's resolved in a way such that all parties are happy. ('ω')ノ
  • The cover of THE BLACK SWAN drummer Len's photobook, Len to Kotetsu, is up.
Minor news roundup 2/22
Minor news roundup 2/22:

  • ARLEQUIN will have an interview in SHOXX Vol.278.
  • PENTAGON D. Atsuki (篤輝) will appear in the FASHION&STYLING section of Cure Vol.151. ARLEQUIN will have an interview in the same issue.
  • ARLEQUIN has two features in DI:GA online.
  • LIN put up the limited cheki a little late. There was a set of SUI in his Evil en Lucifer costume, a set of MIZALY in no makeup, and some group shots in Santa outfits. The first two are sold out.
  • Affective Synergy will perform a new song on 2016-02-25. Special photosets will also be sold at the live. (← And check out the project's new logo!)
  • In celebration of the birthday of V. Chizuru (千吊), a special event will be held at which PENTAGON members will answer questions about him. A present will be awarded to the member with the most correct answers.
  • PENTAGON will also hold a sponsored event in April:
  • Minus Jin-Say Orchestra will hold a three-day oneman series at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) paradigm on March 2nd~4th. Their twoman vs URBANGARDE (アーバンギャルド) will be held at Shinjuku (新宿) BLAZE on 2016-06-05. Additional twoman lives will be held in the future.
  • AVANCHICK has posted samples of their new songs Haikei Tsukaisute no Kimihe, Yubikiri, and Shineba Ii no ni. The cover art of their new single is also up: check it out.
  • By the way, Seraphim previously pointed out that AVANCHICK's new single uses their own UPC instead of the usual UPC for ROCKSTAR RECORDS. However, I've since confirmed that the release is still coming out through ROCKSTAR RECORDS. So I guess they haven't changed anything~
  • AVANCHICK cheki are being sold at Chaotic Harmony. The site also sold signed copies of Eternal, but they've already sold out ;(
  • Paranoid≠circuS will hold their three-year anniversary event, SCHRODINGER no Hako (シュレーディンガーの箱), at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) paradigm on 2016-03-27.
  • Paranoid≠circuS also revealed their actual new artist photo, finally. Check it~
Some LIN updates: 2/21 edition
LIN updates! Please check it out!

  • Fledgling bandman MISAKI (美沙輝) (@misaki_hrg) posted some pictures of LIN's costumes and display at ZEAL LINK. The massive signboard of KISAKI with lilies is just gorgeous!

  • The band's memorial best box, The End of Corruption World 2010-2015, has already shipped to those who purchased it via the official web shop! Turns out that it actually is a box, similar in size to KISAKI PROJECT's final confession. Here's a shot of the booklet, taken by SEPIA (@rojam_darwin):

  • Courtesy of KISAKI, here's a shot of the custom IC card case that was awarded to those who purchased the memorial box through fiveStars:

  • The LIN × SHOXX lucky bags finally shipped, about a week ago. It seems that the bands at least contain a comment DVD, and possibly a bootleg live DVD. Will have further details once my copy arrives.
  • LIN's first and last talk event and handshake session has changed venues. The event will be held on 2016-03-19 at Osaka (大阪) Ainsneus HALL [previously, it was to be held at Nipponbashi wktk THEATRE (日本橋wktkTHEATRE)]. It's also been announced that the event is limited to 60 attendees. SUI (LIN) and 我儿-garu- (Paranoid≠circuS) will moderate the discussion. Tickets are on sale at the official web shop.
  • The official web shop supposedly added a bunch of rare cheki today. I don't pay attention to them so I can't say which ones are new, though ^^;
Minor news roundup 2/17
Here are some more minor news items:

  • ARLEQUIN × BugLug twoman, NONFICTION (ノンフィクション), will stream via NICONICO on 2016-02-20.
  • AVANCHICK guitarist REY (レイ) is on Instagram @avanchick_rey01.
  • THE BLACK SWAN will participate in a twoman with SCAPEGOAT in April:
  • THE BLACK SWAN, More, and HOLLOWGRAM will participate in a threeman, along with opening act bask in the deep, in May:
  • The 2016-02-21&28 edition of ARLEQUIN's radio show, KOTO NO HA ALGORITHM (コトノハアルゴリズム) will feature V. Aki (暁) as personality and MERRY V. GARA (ガラ) as guest.
  • Lilith appeared on International Channel Shanghai. Lin posted some clips of the appearance here.
  • PINOKIO has several songs available on KARAOKE NO TETSUJIN (カラオケの鉄人) since 2016-02-18: CHAOS RIRON (カオスリロン), ANGEL CALL (エンジェルコール), HELLO HOLLOW (ハロウホロウ), TORIKAGO (トリカゴ), Ryuusei LYRICAL (流星リリカル), TSUMETAI SEKAI (ツメタイセカイ), KOKORO NO OTO (ココロノオト), Kuroneko SHERRY (黒猫シェリー), and Tears blurred my shadow.
  • THE BLACK SWAN had an English interview at Shattered-Tranquility. There are a few interesting bits in there, but I'd thought I point out that they say the next version of OUSIA will include a few more songs, including a ballad.
  • KISAKI (LIN) will appear in magazine ROCK AND READ Vol:064, to be released on 2016-02-26.
  • GLARD uploaded the song Days from their CD From The 3 Words:

LIN × ZEAL LINK special fair
LIN will hold a special fair at the Osaka (大阪) branch of ZEAL LINK from 2016-02-20 through 2016-03-21!

  1. LIN releases (first and second period) will be sold at the store. Those who spend 3,000 yen on eligible items will receive a 10-piece group-shot photoset (chronicling all of the band's looks over both periods).
  2. Official goods will be sold at the store. Presumably these are goods that haven't been widely available before, but details are TBA.
  3. The Dedicate to Graveyard era costumes will be displayed at Osaka (大阪) ZEAL LINK for the duration of the fair. Photographs are allowed.
  4. A special LIN display, signed by the members, will be erected. Live and PV footage will be played beneath it.
  5. Those who spend 3,000 yen will also be allowed to attend a 2016-03-19 instore event, at which they will have a cheki taken with the entire band.

SUI and MIZALY oneman setlist
Just yesterday, SUI and MIZALY of LIN held a "tribute oneman" where they performed fan-requested songs of LIN, Megaromania, and Metis Gretel with their session band, 10TH REINCARNATION, at Ikebukuro CYBER. Here's what the fans requested:

1.God of Megaromania-純血ノ刻印(junketsu no kokuin)- (Megaromania)
2.Cardinal Sin (Megaromania)
3.混血(konketsu) (Metis Gretel)
4.Forbidden (凛(lin))
5.Wail of crested (Megaromania)
6.夢籠(yumekago)~Tragic Cinderella~ (Metis Gretel)
7.Sincerely (凛(lin))
8.AURORA-destinies of world- (Megaromania)
9.Sacred Xanadu (凛(lin))
10.MASK (Metis Gretel)
11.Sabbath (Megaromania)

As for their costumes, SUI chose his costume from AURORA -destinies of world-, while MIZALY went with his God of Megaromania look. (compare the top image with this one)
Minor news roundup 2/15
A quick news roundup before work. More to come:

  • LIN (SUI, KISAKI, & MIZALY) will appear on the 2016-02-24 edition of VISUAL Kei Tsuushin ・ Kai (ヴィジュアル系通信・改). Watch here.
  • Two session bands will appear at ALVION's last live oneman:
  • At the SUI&MIZALY (LIN) tribute oneman live on 2016-02-14, eight previously-unreleased live DVDs were sold. Each cost 3,000 yen; 7 were of Megaromania and 1 was of Metis Gretel. They all sold out immediately.
  • Drummer LEN (煉) of THE BLACK SWAN will release his first book, LEN to Kotetsu (煉と虎徹), on 2016-03-23. Of course it's a photo collection of his famous cat! On preorders alone, the book is the #1 bestseller in Amazon JP's “cat book” category, lol. (This will definitely be why TBS eventually breaks up, huh?)
  • MASKED RIDER SYSTEM will release their live-limited live DVD, CAST OFF, from 2016-02-20. I want it :(
  • Mis†ake sold an armband and face masks. They also freely distributed their custom tea.
    They also released a live-limited PV and a new single. Both are sold out.

    Their next live is a “oneman” on 2016-03-11:
A few KISAKI and LIN updates
KISAKI mystery meeting, LIN talk session, LIN web appearance, and Shingen Kichi SPECIAL stream:

  • KISAKI has had a meeting for an unspecified project at YAMAHA MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントグループ). Details are TBA... I wonder what it is!
  • LIN has announced that their mysterious 2016-03-19 event is a talk & handshake session (the band's first and last). The event will be held at Nipponbashi wktk THEATRE (日本橋wktkTHEATRE).
  • LIN will appear on nico nico channel FOOL'S MATE channel on 2016-02-17 from 20:00 through 21:00.

  • The YouTube version is a completely different recording from the DVD version, so please check it out even if you own the DVD. And by the way, these videos will only be up for a month, so watch them while you can!

「the end of corruption world」 update: final privilege list
Ok, LIN announced a couple more privileges for their best album today. Here's the final list:

Btw, the previously-unspecified acoustic song from little HEARTS. is Monochrome -vanished ray-.

  • NEW ☞ lives only - signed 5-piece photoset from band's photography for official t-shirts
  • NEW ☞ HMV - original totebag
  • NEW ☞ fiveStars - 2015.10.18 live DVD + IC card case w/ LIN logo
  • official web shop - custom comment DVD of preferred member
  • ZEAL LINK - DVD of 2nd period LIN's first secret live on 2014-04-26
  • PureSound - 3-track live CD
    Purchased by Seraphim, will be shared
  • Brand X - 5-set of member comment DVDs + 6-photocard set
    Purchased by Lestat, will be shared
  • Like an Edison - re-recording CD 「As If Forever Exists. ~acoustic version~」 + signed cheki
    Purchased by hitsuji-hime, will be shared
  • little HEARTS. - re-recording CD 「Monochrome -vanished ray- ~acoustic version~」 + signed cheki
    Purchased by Danao, will be shared
  • TOWER RECORDS - new song CD 「for Lapis...」
    Purchased by inartistic, will be shared
  • CDJapan - NOTHING! Losers :(

Remember, if you need help purchasing a copy from fiveStars, ZEAL LINK, or PureSound, let me know... I'm willing to pay your service fees if it means a rip of the privilege will be shared❤
「the end of corruption world」 privilege sharing
Please comment or contact me if you want to coordinate privilege sharing for LIN's best box, the end of corruption world. (Cross-posted to Monochrome Heaven.)

If you purchase a copy from one of the stores below, and share a scan/rip of your privilege with us, we'll share ours with you. Also, for any store that requires shopping service, I'm willing to place the order for you through my shopping service and pay the service fee (tho you'll still have to pay for the CD + shipping to your house, obviously).

Here's the updated privilege list:
  • PureSound - 3-track live CD
  • Brand X - 5-set of member comment DVDs + 6-photocard set
    Purchased by Lestat, will be shared
  • ZEAL LINK - DVD of 2nd period LIN's first secret live on 2014-04-26
  • Like an Edison - Re-recording CD 「As If Forever Exists. ~acoustic version~」 + signed cheki
    Purchased by hitsuji-hime, will be shared
  • little HEARTS. - unspecified re-recording CD + signed cheki
    Purchased by Danao, will be shared
  • TOWER RECORDS - new song CD 「for Lapis...」
    Purchased by inartistic, will be shared
LIN (minus KISAKI) to participate in live event, HAUNTED HOUSE Vol:4
LIN, with the exception of leader KISAKI, will make a guest appearance in the live event, HAUNTED HOUSE Vol:4, at Osaka LIVE HOUSE D'.

The event will take place on March 18. Until then, tickets will be available for sale at the band's official webshop, starting on January 17. Guitarist CERO will perform alongside Paranoid≠circuS, while the rest will perform in the session group, Chika-sen PARADOX (地下線パラドックス).

Chika-sen PARADOX (地下線パラドックス) lineup:
Gu.HIRO (ひろ。) (Gimmick.)
Ba.KATCHIN (カッチン) (THE FLYING PANTS) (⬅ yes, that's actually the band's name)

Other participating bands include FAZ, GLARD, JOKER, etc.
KISAKI and friends in Stuppy
ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION artists KISAKI (LIN), Rame (Black Gene For the Next Scene), and JUI and JUN (GOTCHAROCKA) have participated in a photoshoot for Stuppy Vol.9.
Minor news roundup 1/7
Happy New Year! Some minor news:

  • PENTAGON is the back cover artist for freepaper FIVESTARS MAGAZINE this month. (GIGAMOUS is also featured.)
  • GOEMON RECORDS will hold its label tour, Daimyougyouretsu 2016 (大名行列2016), on 2016-05-05 at ebisu LIQUIDROOM through 2016-05-29 at Nagoya (名古屋) ElectricLadyLand.
  • ARLEQUIN has a new t-shirt design.
  • Vasalla × WITH SEXY one-day-revival live DVD, Film of LOVE INSANE, is finally being shipped. It was supposed to have shipped on 2015-12-10, but was delayed due to an error in manufacturing.
  • PINOCCHIO, the new solo project of ex-ClearVeil guitarist Amamiya Ryuto, will feature the following support members:
    【V. & G. Amamiya Ryuto / G. DAI [ex-Oneness] / B. Kakeru (翔) / D. Siyu (詩悠) [ex-Nobady]】
    【V. & G. Amamiya Ryuto / G. DAI [ex-Oneness] / (others)】
    【V. & G. Amamiya Ryuto / G. RomeO. (ろみヲ.) [ex-ONE★STAR] / B. Azuki (梓姫) [ex-A'LETZA] / D. YANCY. [ex-ONE★STAR]】
  • Neologi's maxi-single, DD, has been delayed from 2016-01-27 to 2016-02-09, due to manufacturing delays. (That's happened a lot recently, huh?)
  • KISAKI (LIN) is the cover artist of POPUNITED Vol.103.
KISAKI/SUI/MIZALY to be featured in RadioNEO podcast
LIN members KISAKI, SUI, and MIZALY have been announced as guests for RadioNEO's podcast, 「ラジカルNEOナイト VISUAL REVOLUTION!」, hosted by Stuppy magazine's very own Pokkun (ぽっくん). They are scheduled to appear on January 6, 2016, presumably along with Smileberry, Chanty, and Daiki.

Posts from 2015

LIN cheki and session bootlegs
The LIN official web shop has been updated:

New 10-cheki-sets of each member are up. The first 20 people to purchase a set will further receive a bonus cheki. The band is also selling bootleg DVDs of CERO's 2014-12-01 session and the 2015-11-17 Shingen Kichi SPECIAL~PERMANENT BAND~ live. As usual, these are time- and quantity-limited.
Minor news roundup 12/23
Minor news roundup for 2015-12-23:

  • Lilith guitarist Lin's Instagram: @affectedsynergy.
  • SHOXX Vol.276 features PENTAGON.
  • PENTAGON's fashion brand PENTAGON will hold its collaborative two-part instore event with KERA at their Shinjuku (新宿) brand on 2016-01-16. Their collaborative blue parka (9,720 yen) will be sold. Those who spend 10,000 yen can participate in either part of the event, while those who spend 18,000 yen can participate in both. (Both parts consist of a talk, signing, and cheki shooting session.)
  • Cure Vol.149 features Black Gene For the Next Scene, GIGAMOUS, LIN, PENTAGON, and GOEMON RECORDS president YU-I.
  • ARLEQUIN live report is up at UREpia (ウレぴあ).
  • REVINE vs SHAPE SHIFTER twoman, Shinsaibashi Gekka Raimei (心斎橋月下雷鳴), will be held on 2016-04-06 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) paradigm, with opening act 無玄-MUKURO-.
  • PENTAGON × Belle (ベル) twoman, AGAINST THE RULES, will be held on 2016-03-03 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.
  • PENTAGON sponsored event, TEAR'S LIBERATION, will be held on 2016-02-24 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.
  • Like an Edison 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR DVD [Type-A] features: AVANCHICK, ARLEQUIN, GIGAMOUS, SHAPE SHIFTER, D, and many others.

    [Type-B] features: Dead Children
    , Devil Kitty, THE BLACK SWAN, PENTAGON, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra, More, and many more.

    Those who spend 1,000 yen at Like an Edison stores can choose either DVD, those who spend 2,000 yen receive both.
  • ARLEQUIN vocalist Aki (暁) will participate in seek's session band during Tokyo Chaos 2015 on 2015-12-31 at Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou Dainitaiikukan (国立代々木競技場 第二体育館).
    seek SESSION (seek セッション)
    【V. Aki (暁) [ARLEQUIN / G. Kazuki (一樹) [BugLug] / G. Kayuu (華遊) [ex-ν] / B. seek [Mix Speaker's,Inc.] / D. 宏崇-hirotaka- [R Shitei (R指定)]】
LIN memorial box available @ CDJapan + CD tracklists revealed
LIN's the end of corruption world is now available for preordering at CD Japan! First press bonus is still the same as in the webshop (which means you can still get the World in Flames re-recording CD and the trading card too, but no personalized message), but if you still want that, then get your copy quick, since CDJ's bonus is available for a limited time!

Also, the tracklists for the two CDs are now available! You can view it here!

SHOXX special lucky bags
For reasons unclear to me, SHOXX is participating with various artists to release special lucky bags in celebration of the magazine's 25 year anniversary and New Year 2016.

Black Gene For the Next Scene, D, GOTCHAROCKA, GIGAMOUS, and LIN (along with several non-UCP-related bands) are participating. Each bag costs 4,200 yen, and contains items “worth 2~3 time the cost of the bag.” Orders are accepted from 2015-12-21 through 2016-01-20, via SHOXX Vol.276 or online order.
「the end of corruption world」 up for order
LIN memorial best box, the end of corruption world, is available for preorder through the official web shop.

The cover has also been revealed―but the proportions are wrong for a standard jewel case or tallcase. Considering there's nothing unorthodox included in the set (eg. a charm), this seems like a really “uneconomical” design choice, which is so unlike KISAKI... (For what it's worth, I expected a 4-disc jewel case, coupled with a jewel-case-sized booklet, contained within a cardboard sleeve [à la Independent MAZE, or D's Name of the ROSE]. I guess we'll see how that works out.)

Some other minor details gleaned from the web shop's preorder listing:
  • Price with tax is 10,800 yen
  • They've explicitly stated that it comes with two DVD discs.
  • The DVDs are now described as “all songs from the performance included” (公演を全曲収録) [it also implies, imo, that MCs are not included]. Previous listings said “60 minutes from the performance included” (公演より60分収録).
  • The personalized message DVD, from member of your choice, is limited to those who preorder by 2016-01-31. The set will still be for sale after that, just sans privilege.
  • I mentioned it previously, but again: each copy includes an unsigned trading postcard, of 12 total (versus a signed trading sticker, of 6 total, as initially announced).

And finally, the band has released a new flyer―though an image from KISAKI's blog implies that there's another one coming.
“the end of corruption world” details emerge
More details of LIN's memorial best box, the end of corruption world, have been revealed.

The set will cost 10,000 yen (before tax), and will include 2 CDs + 1 DVD (I think―one site mentions 2 CDs, but another only says “CD”...).

The CDs contain 26 tracks total, from first and second period LIN. The tracks will be “remastered,” except for the newly recorded World In Flames ~Eternal Sleep~. The DVD will contain 60 minutes of footage, each, from the last lives of first and second period LIN. That means no full, uncut DVD of LIN's last live :(

The release will also include a 24 page booklet. Previously, they announced it would include 1 random signed trading sticker, of 6 possible―this has changed to an unsigned trading postcard, of 12 possible.

By the way, the band did photography for their last look today (the costumes that you saw during the activity pause live). They should be up soon.
LIN time-limited bootleg DVDs and cheki
LIN has updated their official web shop with time-limited bootleg DVDs and limited-quantity cheki sets.

The bootleg DVDs are roughly 4,000~6,000 yen, and are available for order from 2015-12-06 through 2016-01-31. Their activity pause live is not included, so we can safely say now that there will be an official DVD release for that (or it will be included with the best album). Here's the list:
- 2015.09.13 Takadanobaba AREA
- 2015.10.27&28 SHIBUYA-REX (Halloween lives)
- 2015.10.30&31 OSAKA MUSE (Halloween lives)
- 2015.11.07 Umeda Zeela (oneman)
- 2015.11.08 Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT (oneman)

They are also selling sets of 10 cheki for each member. Unspecified limited quantities of each set are available. Each set costs 5,940 yen.

official web shop
LIN to disband
LIN has made their important announcement: they will disband on 2016-03-20.

Their memorial best box, the end of corruption world, will be released on 2016-02-24. It contains previously released tracks, plus a DVD (PV collection, or perhaps footage from their activity pause live?). It will also contain a rerecording of World In Flames, and a signed trading sticker. Those who purchase through the web shop will receive a personalized comment DVD.

Their four-day disbandment event, the end of corruption world, will be held on 2016-03-08, 09, and 10 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY. The final day, and their last live, will be on 2016-03-20 at Nanba (難波) Hatch. A tshirt will be freely distributed to attendees of the last live, and those who purchase a ticket through the official web shop will further receive a LIN original parka.
LIN to release secret live DVDs
Welp, we saw this coming...

LIN will release two SECRET LIVE VIDEOS at guitarist CERO's birthday live, "Here's looking at me, kid Vol.2" at HOLIDAY OSAKA on December 1st. The first DVD will cost 3000 yen, and the second will cost 3500 yen. Both are limited to 15 copies each, but there's currently no word on the contents of the DVDs yet. We'll be sure to keep you updated.
SUI and MIZALY special oneman live
SUI and MIZALY of LIN will hold their special request live and “tribute oneman”, Proof of raison d'etre, on 2016-02-14 at Ikebukuro (池袋) CYBER. Their tribute session band “10TH REINCARNATION” will perform, along with opening acts Dead Children, RAINDIA (レインディア), and Paranoid≠circuS.

G. KAZ [ex-chariots support ~ etc.]
D. Mikage (美景) [ex-chariots support ~ etc.]

The costumes and 10-song setlist of 10TH REINCARNATION will be decided by fans' requests, which are accepted from 2015-11-30 through 2015-12-30 at (and are accepted even from people who can't attend the live). Each person may send 3 emails within that period―each must have the title “2月14日投票”, and the following contents: 3 requested songs + memories/reason for choosing those songs; requested costume + memories/reason for choosing that costume; full name; and email address.

Any Metis Gretel, Megaromania, or LIN song is eligible for request, and any costumes from the following list are eligible:
  1. Megaromania
    God of Megaromania -Junketsu NO Kokuin- / Bishuu no Kajitsu / Angelical Jewelry
  2. Transparent Shine
  4. evil / holy / deus
  5. Oblivious
  6. AURORA-destinies of world-
  7. Oath-cross of eternity-
  8. Quintessence Voyage
  9. Artistical Glint
  10. Propaganda
  11. Heaven's Novel
  12. Megaromania
  13. LIN
    Sacred Xanadu
  14. Recollection of Phoenix
  15. Memento-Mori
  16. Dedicate to Graveyard

Some comments about LIN's last live
LIN held their last live before pausing activities, Dedicate to Graveyard ~Everlasting Wish~, at Shinjuku BLAZE today. Here are some random comments about the live, mostly gathered by trolling Twitter:

(Entry image credit to @nt_hrgrski_'s tweet.)

  • First of all, judging from the pictures of guest passes, every bandman within a 10 block radius was there, lol.
  • Opinions are seemingly unanimous that the live was really good, and KISAKI gave an especially exciting performance.
  • All mentions of the new costumes have been really positive, calling them “really cool,” “kote visual,” et cetera. I've found a few pictures, but they don't give a great glimpse of the costumes, unfortunately. See here, here, and here.
    (Tbh, they look like basic, black, suit-like/military-ish outfits to me? I wonder if we'll see official photos...?)
  • I may be mistaken about the details, but it seems that anyone with a guest pass also received a paper with KISAKI's last message. (Or, it was printed on the back of their flyer. I'm not sure tbh.) See here.
  • There were a few bouquets: See this tweet.
  • Seems that they distributed a memorial postcard to attendees? Not sure if it was exclusive to this live or the last tour. See this tweet.
  • I've only seen a partial setlist so far. Please comment if you know more! 2015-11-24 Edit: found the full setlist.

       SE -Cold Sabbat-
     1 Rin (凛)
     2 Metamorphose
     3 Silent To My Pain
     4 Forbidden
     5 Monochrome -vanished ray-
     6 Cross Pageant
     7 Persecution Complex
     8 Chaotic Resistance
       SE -Memento-Mori~Scene Of Curtain Fall...~-
     9 Misery is Nothing
    10 Missing Melody
    11 Sincerely
    12 Call Back
    13 The Psalms and Lamentations
    14 Nightmarish...
    15 Sacred Xanadu
    16 Schwarz Vrain
    17 Dedicate to Graveyard
    18 Foolish
       SE -World in Flames-

  • 2015-11-24 Edit: KISAKI posted a picture of the band's last costumes.

And that's about it... SUI & MIZALY have already announced another live, but no word on activities of anyone else. I hope KISAKI comes back soon ;(
LIN's last costumes
Just a quick note...

KISAKI has mentioned that, today, LIN's new (final?) costumes arrived. It seems that they were produced by ID-JAPAN once again. And as I mentioned on Twitter, they will debut at the band's “last live” on 2015-11-22. (So strange, huh?)

LIN will also have different SE for their final live.

(Accompanying picture is a doll that decorates the ID-JAPAN offices. It wears a Kami [神 / God / KISAKI nickname] band from Phantasmagoria days!)
LIN last live special goods
LIN will sell several special items at their last live [before pausing activities] on 2015-11-22 at Shinjuku BLAZE―including some that are limited to 1 copy. Furthermore, customers who spend 4,000 yen will be allowed to take a photograph with the band (or favorite member). The band will also collaborate with visual shop Like an Edison for regular sales.

  • BOOTLEG LIVE DVD 2015.9.13 Takadanobaba AREA (4,000 yen / limited quantity)
  • KISAKI special lucky bag (10,000 yen / limited 1)
    ※ KISAKI's costume from 2015-11-17 live (see this post)
    ※ 10 videos (probably VHS) from KISAKI's personal collection―contains live footage of MIRAGE and Syndrome (originally produced for the bands' personal review)
    ※ CD-R containing rip of Levia's live-distributed demotape
    ※ more?
  • MIZALY special lucky bag (10,000 yen / limited 1)
    ※ contents undecided
  • new photoset (2,000 yen / set of 6 photos)

  • large artist photo
    (1,500 yen per photo / member comment & signature / A3-sized [29.7×42 cm / 11.69×16.54 in])

  • large group photo
    (2,000 yen / signed / A3-sized [29.7×42 cm / 11.69×16.54 in])

  • current cheki (1,000 yen per set of 2)
  • old cheki (1,000 yen per set of 2)
  • muffler towel (2,000 yen)
  • mirror w/ sticker (1,500 yen)
  • Chaotic Resistance double-sided poster (1,000 yen)
  • Memento-Mori ~Embrace of Utopia~ DVD (4,800 yen / only 10 copies available)

Visual shop Like an Edison will maintain a special booth before the live, at which old LIN releases can be purchased. Furthermore, customers who purchased either Dedicate to Graveyard or Sacred illusionism through the Tokyo branch of Like an Edison, and received a special coupon, can receive a signature on the booklet of that release, after the live.
Second part of LIN's appearance at FEST FES 2015

Another song from the performance, Sacred Xanadu, is already available for viewing on the mine YouTube channel (in collaboration with CYBER CIRCUS TV), and two other tracks will be featured on the upcoming FEST FES 2015 DVD. Here's the Sacred Xanadu performance:

UCP session band, Rame in an ambulance, & upcoming reunion?
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION session band Shingen Kichi SPECIAL ~PERMANENT BAND~ (神言基地SPECIAL ~パーマネントバンド~) successfully completed its live at Abeno ROCKTOWN. They played several staples of Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku setlists:

V. Rame [ex-VIDOLL] / B. KISAKI [LIN] / G. MIZALY [LIN] / G. SAN [ex-NEGA] / D. TERO [ex-VIDOLL]

1. WAISETSU Ningyou (ワイセツ人形) [VIDOLL cover]
2. Pixy false [Phantasmagoria cover]
3. Freedom [LIN cover]
4. Tree [VIDOLL cover]
5. Kamiuta (神 歌) [Phantasmagoria cover]
6. WAISETSU Ningyou (ワイセツ人形) [VIDOLL cover]

Unfortunately, it seems that, after the live, Rame left in an ambulance D:! But he says it was only due to expending too much energy during the live―he's fine now.


On a related note, it seems that KISAKI, Jui [VIDOLL/GOTCHAROCKA], JUN [Phantasmagoria/GOTCHAROCKA], and Rame [VIDOLL/Black Gene For the Next Scene] did a photography/interview session with each other yesterday?! I guess it's for some upcoming magazine, probably... hopefully something really good!
LIN to be featured in omnibus DVD, FEST FES 2015
Missed out on LIN's performance at FEST FES 2015 back in August? Then worry no more, the live event is now available to watch on DVD!

LIN will be featured in the FEST FES 2015 live DVD, along with hosting band FEST VAINQUEUR, amongst other bands. In fact, they're the first act to perform! The DVD will be released under Plug Records West, and it will cost ¥4,860. There will also be backstage interviews with the bands, plus an encore session towards the end! Check out the tracklist here.

LIN guitarist CERO will be absent from live
Due to a sudden family emergency, LIN guitarist CERO will be absent from the band's 2015-10-30 live at OSAKA MUSE.

The band will still perform on that day, but with 4 members. They will, however, perform with 5 members on 2015-10-31 (I assume this means CERO, but it could be a support member―they don't specify).
Minor news roundup 10/7
Here's some minor news that I've been neglecting to post. (I've been too busy working on the discography section!)

  • AVANCHICK will hold their second fanclub event, Moumoku Shoujo no Tsudoi (盲目少女の集い), at KARAOKE no Tetsujin (カラオケの鉄人) in Shibuya Dougenzaka branch (渋谷道玄坂店) on 2015-10-25.
  • LIN is the cover artist for freepaper POPUNITED Vol.100.
  • Shohei (祥平) (ARLEQUIN), MIZALY (LIN), and Rame and SAN (Black Gene For the Next Scene) were on KSP CHANNEL yesterday.
  • PENTAGON debuted new goods. They're pretty cute!
  • ARLEQUIN debuted new goods. Some are kinda ugly, huh?
  • HINA (ヒナ) [Lucifer's underground] will act as guest vocalist for GRIM (グリム) at their 2015-11-13 sponsored event, 13 Nichi no Kinyoubi ~Samayoeru Mamono to 13 no Shito~ (13日の金曜日 ~さまよえる魔物と13の使徒~), at Deto (出戸) ORTOLOUNGE.
  • ARLEQUIN and PENTAGON posted a comment video:

  • ARLEQUIN live footage is played on MUSIC JAPAN TV show, Velvet Music, starting on 2015-10-01 and repeating through the month.
  • RHEDORIC's first album second press is available for overseas digital purchase via CD Baby.
  • Mischievous will participate as guest at the CARDIA (カルディア) VS GAGA threeman tour, MAD, on 2015-12-07 at Dotonbori (道頓堀) SHRIMP.
  • ex-ClearVeil~carat guitarist Ryuto Amamiya (雨宮 流斗) is posting his original vocaloid songs on his blog.
  • New king zeebra band Riddle=Dect has posted their official photo.
UNDER CODE session band 「Shingenkichi SPECIAL」 will perform
A special session band made of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION members will perform on 2015-11-17!

Session band Shingen Kichi SPECIAL ~PERMANENT BAND GUEST~ (神言基地SPECIAL ~パーマネントバンドゲスト~) will appear at the CYBER CIRCUS TV featuring 【~Chikasen Shingen Kichi~ 2015】 (CYBER CIRCUS TV featuring 【~地下線神言基地~ 2015】) event at Abeno (あべの) ROCKTOWN.

B. KISAKI [ex-Phantasmagoria ~ LIN]
V. Rame [ex-VIDOLL ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene]
G. MIZALY [ex-Megaromania ~ LIN]
G. SAN [ex-NEGA ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene]
D. TERO (テロ) [ex-VIDOLL ~ †яi¢к]

By the way, the “Chikasen Shingen Kichi” title is a reference to a 2006~2007 television program of the same name which KISAKI hosted in collaboration with HOLIDAY. It appears that the session will perform Kamiuta (神 歌), the representative song of Phantasmagoria which often ended UNDER CODE PRODUCTION events.

The full lineup of masked idol group Kamen Joshi (仮面女子) will appear as a second special guest. The bands XENON, Paranoid≠Circus, and Mischievous will also appear (adding to the UCP reunion!).

LIN limited-time webshop offers
LIN is offering two time-limited offers through their official web shop:

  • 2015-07-12 at ESAKA MUSE BOOTLEG LIVE DVD (3,780 yen / 50 min)
    ※ for sale 2015-09-28 22:00 through 2015-10-11 23:59
  • set of 10 past cheki (5,000 yen / random selection)
    ※ for sale 2015-09-28 22:00 through 2015-10-05 23:59
    ※ privilege is a custom comment DVD recorded by the member of your choice
Riku band「C」to perform at ROCKSTAR RECORDS event, "大激突"
「C」 SESSION, the newest band of Riku (ex-LIN, chariots, etc.) will be performing again (and have also uploaded their first promo picture~)! This time they'll be performing with ROCKSTAR RECORDS bands at Shinjuku Blaze on December 14.

Now shortened as 「C」, and with the same lineup, the band will perform as guests at the ROCKSTAR RECORDS presents event, 大激突, alongside ROCKSTAR bands AVANCHICK, Devil Kitty, etc. Other bands include SHAPE SHIFTER, THE GALLO, Synk;yet, NINJAMAN JAPAN, and GELLONIMO.
LIN's surprise live DVD announcement
LIN announced today that they will release a live DVD of their anniversary oneman, Memento-Mori ~Embrace of Utopia~, from 2015-05-31.

The DVD will be released on 2015-11-11. You can check the tracklist here and preorder from the official web shop. Those who purchase from the web shop (which seems to be the only place it's sold) will receive a bootleg live DVD with about 20 minutes of unspecified footage.
LIN's 「Dedicate to Graveyard」 PV is webshop privilege
This won't surprise those of you who guessed as much, but LIN's Dedicate to Graveyard PV is the new 5,000 yen purchase privilege at the band's official web shop, starting on 2015-09-12.
Minor news roundup 9/2
Here's the latest roundup of minor news:

  • PENTAGON will appear in the following media outlets:
    • Radio program REDNIQS on 2015-08-31
    • Fashion magazine smart October edition
    • Free paper VR Virtual Reality vol.038
  • AVANCHICK will appear in Free paper EvoL'v vol.6.
  • VARYL members appeared in a session band on 2015-08-25:
    Shikito SESSION (織人セッション)
    【V. Siyu [ex-GLIEVE] / G. Tomo (友) [ex-A→Z] / G. Hinano。 (ひなの。) [VARYL support] / B. Yuto (侑斗) [LeviuS] / D. Shikito (織人) [VARYL]】
  • FAZ (the reincarnation of Matina band Facizm [aka Philia]) recently gained two new members: G. mitsuru / D. TAKAHIRO. The remaining members also changed their names:
    V. toshia → ToshiA / G. SHINYA (シンヤ) → SHINYA / B. kappy → KATSUHISA
  • At Lucifer's underground's 2015-09-01 event, Shisakupj≠617■2 (試作pj≠617■2) was replaced by RARARAIBU (ララライブ).
  • On 2015-11-18, AVANCHICK and Dead Children members will participate in a session band:
    liki BIRTHDAY SESSION (莉希-liki-BIRTHDAYセッション)
    【V. 莉希-liki- [Synk;yet] / G. Sin (秦) [Minerva] / G. Noah [AVANCHICK] / B. Ray [Dead Children] / D. SAKU [VAASTU]】
  • PENTAGON have released new rubber wristbands designed by minpha (眠花).
  • As of 2015-09-01, AVANCHICK fans are officially called “Moumoku Shoujo (盲目少女)” (blind girls).
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi put up more items for mail-order.
  • On 2015-09-03, Dead Children and Vasalla members will participate in a session band:
    the gravity
    【V. MINAMI (ミナミ) [Dead Children] / G. Shun (舜) [Vasalla] / G. Cain [Dead Children] / B. Akito [buccal cone] / D. Zukki [ex-OZ]】
  • MIZALY [LIN], Rame and SAN [Black Gene For the Next Scene], and Shohei (祥平) [ARLEQUIN] will appear on internet talk show YaME TALK (矢メトーク) on 2015-10-06. See the KSP channel for more info.
Minor news roundup 8/21
The latest minor news:

  • The songs from LIN's Memento-Mori are available for karaoke through LIVE DAM. See KISAKI's post for more info.
  • Visual shop fiveStars is holding its three-day event, fiveStars no Natsumatsuri -2015- (ファイブスターの夏祭り-2015-), on 2015-08-21, 22, and 28. Attendees who purchase any CD from the shop's booth, which will be set up at each live, will receive a special signed fan featuring the participating artists. Those artists include Black Gene For the Next Scene and PENTAGON.
  • ARLEQUIN will participate in a twoman versus DIAURA, DARK AGES -The third Rebellion-, on 2015-11-29 at Yokohama (横浜) BAYSIS.
  • PENTAGON sold a few additional quantities of their original parkas, but they've since sold out again.
  • Those who purchase all 5 types of PENTAGON's upcoming single are eligible to receive a privilege “TETSUKIZU letter”. To apply, one must mail in all 5 application coupons before 2015-09-10. More details here.
  • Dead Children has uploaded samples of their mini-album, Haunted Vox, which is out now.

Media roundup 8/20
The latest magazine and television appearances from our lovely bands:

  • ARLEQUIN and PENTAGON are the cover and back cover artists of Vijuttoke vol.42. Black Gene For the Next Scene is also featured.
  • PENTAGON is in SHOXX vol.272.
  • KISAKI (LIN) is the back cover artist of Cure Vol.145. ARLEQUIN, Black Gene For the Next Scene, GIGAMOUS, GOTCHAROCKA, and PENTAGON are also featured.
  • On 2015-08-18, LIN was the special featured artist on MUSIC ON! TV program BMXrobot Presents! 「V to I no Gakkou ~Amen: VISUAL no Kyoushitsu / Bmen: IDOL no Kyoushitsu~」 (BMXrobot Presents! 「VとIの学校 ~A面:ビジュアルの教室/B面:アイドルの教室~」). GIGAMOUS was also featured.
  • ARLEQUIN and PENTAGON will appear on talk program NICO Visu (ニコびじゅ) on 2015-08-25.
  • Live reports (with image galleries) of ARLEQUIN's 2015-08-09 oneman were featured on Pia (ぴあ) and OKMusic.
LIN World Visual Festival message video
Here's a message video recorded by LIN (with English subtitles!) in support of their upcoming appearance at World Visual Festival. It appears the video was recorded a while ago, though, as it features their old costumes...

Dedicate to Graveyard + Sacred illusionism privileges
The privileges for purchasing LIN's last single, Dedicate to Graveyard and/or their live DVD, Sacred illusionism have been announced!

  • For purchase of Dedicate to Graveyard

    • 【official webshop】 BOOTLEG LIVE DVD (20 min); unknown 5000 yen purchase bonus if purchasing both CD & DVD (♦to be announced) (I bet it's the DtG PV...)
    • 【Like an Edison】 members (individual) last message comment DVD (randomly distributed) + artist photo
    • 【Jishuban Club】 individual off-shoot photoset; LIVE CD & off-shoot photoset if purchasing both CD & DVD
    • 【ZEAL LINK】 live DVD A (1 song)
    • 【Brand X】 live CD
    • 【TOWER RECORDS】 B2-sized autographed poster

  • For purchase of Sacred illusionism

    • 【Like an Edison】 autographed cheki (特攻服 ver.) (possibly referring to this)
    • 【Jishuban Club】 individual off-shoot photoset; LIVE CD & off-shoot photoset if purchasing both CD & DVD
    • 【ZEAL LINK】 live DVD B (1 song)
    • 【Brand X】artist card set

    News roundup 8/11
    Here are some minor pieces of news from GOTCHAROCKA, KISAKI, Oneness, Paranoid≠circuS, REALies, and the:Ø:

    • Paranoid≠circuS will participate in a threeman with REVINE and Galumia, and it appears that the band plans to “hijack” the event as a celebration for drummer 紲-kizuna-. In addition to distributing an acoustic version of their song Utsusemi (空蝉), the band will hold a photo session, and distribute kizuna's apple juice. (IDEK)
    • REALies sold this towel. Rest in peace, REALies!
    • LIN will participate in the latest edition of HOPE AND LIVE, an AIDS awareness and benefit concert series. The event, to be held on 2015-10-04 at Shinjuku ReNY, will also feature SPEED-iD, HIGHFASHIONPARALYZE, and Kawamura Ryuichi (河村 隆一) of LUNA SEA, among others.
    • KISAKI had an interview in freepaper VR Virtual Reality SPECIAL ISSUE.
    • ex-Oneness vocalist JUKI (ジュキ) will appear in a session band on 2015-09-01 at Ikebukuro (池袋) CYBER.
      Sayonara Natsuyasumi SESSION (さよなら夏休みセッション)
      【V. JUKI (ジュキ) [ex-Oneness] / G. Tsubaki (椿) [Blitz] / G. Miru. [Lylow] / B. Kamiki Miharu (神木 壬晴) [Blitz] / D. Ryou (りょう) [Blitz]】
    • At Oneness' last live, a lottery (3,000 yen spent on goods = 1 ticket) was held, through which members' personal belongings and other items were available. One of the items was a live DVD of their 2015-07-10 live.
    • GOTCHAROCKA has collaborated with jewely brand GIGOR to produce a series of GOTCHAROCKA pendants. Each member's version has a different jewel color. Orders were accepted through 2015-07-31, but seem to be closed now.
    • ex-the:Ø vocalist 槐-saica- will hold his birthday presents live at OSAKA MUSE on 2015-10-20.
    [Quick update] Cecir (ex-E'm ~grief~) will NOT be participating in CERO (LIN) session
    Cecir (ex-E'm ~grief~) will no longer be able to participate in Cero (LIN)'s birthday event, Here's looking at me, kid VOL:2, this year due to family reasons. This also means he will not be able to perform on guitar for Cero's session band...(hope Cero finds a replacement!)
    LIN's Visual Festival 2015
    LIN will appear alongside other visual kei bands for not only one visual festival, but two this year!
    • First, the band appeared at the event, 「V-BAND 祭」 ~SUMMER FESTIVAL 2015~ at Shibuya REX on July 31, alongside HERO, MeteoroiD, Black Gene for the Next Scene, Souiumono, BLaive, etc. They will then perform for the next three days of the event at Osaka MUSE on August 7, at Nagoya E.L.L on August 9, and at Tsutaya O-WEST on August 14.
    • Then, later on October 18, they will appear alongside other visual kei bands from all over Japan and from other countries for the Visual Unite sponsored World Visual Festival at Shibuya SOUND MUSEUM VISION. Familiar faces include UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ, Jin-Machine, Scarlet Valse, and NINJAMAN JAPAN, while the foreign bands participating are DIE/MAY (from Sweden and Finland, consisting of ex-Seremedy members *cringes*), DNR (Dreams Not Reality) (from Italy and Germany), and MaleRose (from Thailand). The video that showcases the participating bands can be viewed below.

    • LIN will also be making a guest appearance at the SAITAMA Summer Rock Festival on August 11-12. Other bands performing will include THE BLACK SWAN, Devil Kitty, AVANCHICK, and VARYL.
    • In other news, they have also sold some bootleg DVDs at their live at Shibuya REX on July 31. The live footage featured are from their performances at Meguro Rokumeikan on June 30 and at Takadanobaba AREA on July 1. The DVDs were 3000 yen each.

    Minor news roundup 7/31
    I've been too busy updating layout stuff to bother posting news m(_ _)m. So here's the latest minor stuff:

    • ARLEQUIN will stream at NICONICO on 2015-08-05 from 21:00. They'll watch and talk about offshot footage from their tour for 1 hour.
    • ARLEQUIN and PENTAGON are featured in free paper VR Virtual Reality vol.037.
    • ARLEQUIN bassist Shohei (祥平) and PENTAGON guitarist Yutori (ゆとり) are in Cure Vol.144.
    • Session band G:K will perform on 2015-08-17 at Ikebukuro (池袋) RUIDO K3 with lineup 【V. toshia [ex-Philia~FAZ] / G. YOUDAI [ex-WHITEBLACK] / B. leaya [Vasalla] / D. Mikage [ex-chariots support ~ etc.]】.

      FOODED SEAL vocalist Sami (雅美) will also have a session band at the event (as drummer). [And completely unrelatedly, ex-SULFURIC ACID vocalist MASAKI will be there. Cool~]
    • On 2015-08-07 at Osaka (大阪) MUSE, KISAKI (LIN), and SAN and Rame from Black Gene For the Next Scene, will appear in a session band together:

      【V. KOU (コウ) [Shounenki (少年記)] / V. YOU (ヨウ) [BLaive] / V. SACCI [SOUIUMONO (サウイフモノ)] / G. SAN [Black Gene For the Next Scene] / G. SARSHI [HERO] / B. KISAKI [LIN] / D. Ichirou (一朗) [Lycaon] / MC. RAMEtan (ラメたん) [Black Gene For the Next Scene]】
    • LIN is the cover artist for free paper SEVEN Vol.025. They'll have a special interview about their activity pause.
    • Oneness, who recently disbanded, are liquidating their goods via the Double River Record web shop. Rare posters, towels, cheki sets, and other goods are available again, as are additional quantities of their memorial pamphlet.
    • Paranoid≠circuS has uploaded the cover art and tracklist for their upcoming single, 69. It's on sale at CDJapan now.
    • PENTAGON have a new towel designed by 眠花-minpha-.
    LIN bootleg DVD sale end
    LIN recently put two bootleg live DVDs for sale through their official web shop. The end of the acceptance period for orders has been announced as 2015-07-27. If you were interested in those DVDs, better get them now!
    Namamail V price increase
    Namamail V (生メールV)―the subscription service which allows fans to send and receive exclusive emails from LIN members (among others)―is increasing its monthly subscription fee from 300 yen to 500 yen, per band member subscription. The company's reasoning is that they need to make more profit to pay the artists fairly... pretty straightforward.

    I've been subscribed to the KISAKI feed since the service debuted. He sends the occasional email with a behind-the-scenes picture, but weeks―or months―often go by without any update. There have been a couple of really cool photos over the years (such as an early look at LIN costumes), but I'd say the service isn't worth 500 yen, unless you consider that to be a disposable amount.
    LIN to sell Syndrome VHS
    LIN will sell a Syndrome live-recording VHS―yes, VHS―at their live today. The video features footage from Syndrome's 2001-10-13 live at Amagasaki (尼崎) LIVE SQUARE.

    The band says that quantities are limited, but I assume that they mean “limited to 1 copy”. Right? Because if KISAKI is selling multiple hand-made copies of the same VHS 😒... At any rate, boooo that none of us will be able to buy it.
    LIN new bootleg DVDs and SUI×MIZALY session
    LIN has released two new bootleg live DVDs from last month. The first features the band's Rame cosplay live and their appearance at an Ains event. The second features two dates from the Blazing Trianglum tour; including the show at which they announced their pause, and the show at which they performed in street clothes due to misplacing their costumes.

    Also, the second guitarist, bassist, and drummer have been announced for the SUI×MIZALY session on 2015-09-25:
    LIN 「Dedicate to Graveyard」 PV spot
    LIN has uploaded a PV preview for their upcoming (and last, before pausing activities) single, 「Dedicate to Graveyard」. It sounds great, and the PV looks really good! (By the way, I wonder if/when/how they'll release the full PV...) You can check out the clip below and and preorder the single here.

    Yougenkyou -WEST- vol.2 preview

    Too bad there's not a sample of the bonus track featuring all the vocalists...I can't wait to hear the rest of Lin's song!

    SUI and CERO birthday event details announced
    LIN guitarist CERO will hold his birthday event in December, at which his session band 「CERO BIRTHDAY SESSION RETURNS」 will perform. Vocalist SUI will hold his two-day birthday event, The Blessing Day, in January of 2016, at which his sessions 「Evil en Lucifer」 and 「MADEMOISELLE na Yaroutachi」 will perform. (Is it a Madeth gray'll cover band?! I really hope so 😍

    LIN: members' activity pause comments, and last tour
    LIN has published its members' comments about pausing activities (find behind the cut). Although I can't translate, it sounds as if lack of success is the cause. The band also announced that their last tour, Unlimited Aesthetic, began on 2015-06-11, and will end with their tour final 4-day sponsored event, Unlimited Aesthetic~Halloween Night 4Days~. Finally, their three-stop last oneman tour, Dedicate to Graveyard~Everlasting Wish~, will be held on 2015-11-07, 2015-11-08, and 2015-11-22.

    The first 50 people who buy tickets to a Dedicate to Graveyard~Everlasting Wish~ show, through the official web shop, will receive a limited LIN t-shirt.

    ( View the rest of this entry )
    EDIT: Shattered-Tranquility finally translated the comments. You can check them out here.
    LIN last single 「Dedicate to Graveyard」 revealed
    LIN's last maxi-single, 「Dedicate to Graveyard」, will be released on 2015-09-09. It includes one new song (the title track), a re-recording of Misery is Nothing, and an unspecified bonus (probably instrumental versions of those two songs). An application ticket for an unspecified privilege will be included in the release.

    Those who purchase the single through the band's official web shop will receive a privilege live DVD (about 20 minutes).

    By the way, the band's live DVD, Sacred illusionism, will be re-released through general stores on 2015-09-09, but it seems that it's exactly the same as before.
    Yougenkyou -west- vol.2 tracklisting revealed
    The tracklisting for upcoming omnibus Yougenkyou -west- vol.2 ~Osaka・Nagoya Rengou~ has been revealed. LIN will contribute the song Missing Melody, which we've seen mentioned a few times before. Also, the bonus track will feature FEST VAINQUEUR plus all other vocalists (including SUI), although the song is TBA.

    The cover has also been revealed. It was designed by DAIKI, of GLAM BOY, which is the graphic design unit that often works for FEST VAINQUEUR.

    At most shops, the album will include a privilege comment DVD. There are 4 types in total, and each customer will receive one at random. All 4 types include all 11 bands (excluding Cocoon), and differ only in contents of the comment.
    In media 6/25
    Here are a few upcoming media appearances (mostly from GOEMON RECORDS bands):

    • SHOXX Vol.270
    • Cure Vol.143
    • GIRAGIRA J Shirogumi (GIRAGIRA J 白組) ending theme for June
      ARLEQUIN's Douke NO Hana (道化ノ華)
    LIN will be on (another) hiatus after November + last single in September
    LIN has announced at their 6/24 live at Umeda ZEELA that they will be on hiatus after their live at Shinjuku Blaze on November 22...before then, they've also announced a new single for September and revealed their last look.

    I'm not surprised, but I'm still kinda pissed. What do you guys think?
    LIN threeman with dieS, emmuree
    LIN will participate in a threeman with dieS and emmurée in September. Pretty strange combination, huh?
    LIN to make important announcement
    LIN will make an important announcement at their upcoming threeman on 2015-06-24. Hopefully it's something good D:!

    In related news, legendary band EX-ANS is reviving. KISAKI has contributed a comment to the band's official website (along with ex-MALICE MIZER közi).
    SUI and MIZALY sessions
    LIN V. SUI and G. MIZALY will hold a session at Re;aL's sponsored event on 2015-09-25. The other members have not yet been announced. SUI will also participate in a session event on 2015-07-23 (which includes some ex-chariots and SHAPE SHIFTER members).
    New RIKU band: 「C」 SESSION
    Vocalist RIKU (ex-Phantasmagoria~etc.) has announced his new session band, 「C」 SESSION, comprised completely of ex-chariots support members. 「C」 SESSION will hold its first live on 2015-08-25.

    「C」 SESSION are:
    V. RIKU (戮) [ex-Phantasmagoria, chariots, LIN, etc.]
    G. KAZ [ex-chariots support, etc.]
    B. Jin (迅) [ex-chariots support, etc.]
    D. MIKAGE (美景) [ex-chariots support, etc.]

    「C」 SESSION has opened its official website.
    LIN four-day Halloween event
    LIN will hold their 4-day Halloween sponsored event, Unlimited Aesthetic:
    Media appearances: ARLEQUIN, KISAKI, PENTAGON
    ARLEQUIN is appearing in a shit-ton of media lately (including 4 as cover artist!!). Here's a list of all their stuff, plus some other recent appearances by other artists:

    • Cure Vol.142
      ARLEQUIN (back cover artist)
    • SEVEN Vol.024
      ARLEQUIN (cover artist)
    • Vijuttoke Vol.39
      ARLEQUIN (cover artist)
    • Men's SPIDER 2015.7月号
      ARLEQUIN (cover artist)
    • GIRAGIRA J 白組 5月14日
    • LIFE IS V
      ARLEQUIN (“Douke NO Hana” opening song for June)
    • NICO Visu (ニコびじゅ) 6/2
      ARLEQUIN, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra
    • SHOXX Vol.269
    • SHOXX Vol.270
    • Stuppy Vol.5
      ARLEQUIN, Black Gene For the Next Scene, PENTAGON, GOTCHAROCKA, KISAKI
    • VISUAL Kei Tsuushin・Kai (ヴィジュアル系通信・改) #114
    • VISUAL Kei Tsuushin・Kai (ヴィジュアル系通信・改) #115
      Black Gene For the Next Scene
    • VISUAL Kei Tsuushin・Kai (ヴィジュアル系通信・改) #116
    • VISUAL Kei Tsuushin・Kai (ヴィジュアル系通信・改) #117
    • ViSULOG feature
    • VR Virtual Reality vol.034
    • Yame TALK (矢メトーク) #07
      ARLEQUIN, Black Gene For the Next Scene
    LIN to be featured in new Yougenkyou -WEST- omnibus album
    LIN will be featured in the latest omnibus album from Plug Records West, 『妖幻鏡 -​w​e​s​t​-​ V​o​l​.​2​ ~大阪・名古屋連合~』 (Yougenkyou-WEST- Vol.2 ~Osaka•Nagoya rengou~), which is due for release on August 5, 2015 and is priced at 3240 yen.
    The CD will also feature:
    • The 3rd Birthday
    • メカクシ (mekakusi)
    • パノラマ虚構ゼノン (XENON)
    • Shellmy
    • FoLLoW
    • Link
    • Rides in ReVellion
    Besides having 11 songs, the album will also include a bonus track featuring the vocalists of all participating bands.
    Minor news roundup 5/9
    Here's some recent minor news:

    • ARLEQUIN is releasing new wristbands designed by Aki.
    • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi will hold a sponsored event on 2015-06-19:
    • ARLEQUIN will appear in the July edition of Men's SPIDER, to be released on 2015-05-25.
    • ViSULOG has posted an article with loads of pictures from PENTAGON's 2015-04-25 Harajuku jack event: check it out!
    • Several artists will feature comments and photos in a pamphlet by TOWER RECORDS, VISUAL LIFE Vol.1: ARLEQUIN, GIGAMOUS, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, Dead Children, Black Gene For the Next Scene, THE BLACK SWAN, PENTAGON, REALies, Lucifer's underground, and Oneness.
    • Shop fiveStars recently sponsored a tour called Realistic ideal 2015. Starting on 2015-05-12, the shop is running a campaign: those who spend 1,500 yen will receive a pamphlet containing comments and photos from the tour. Among others, PENTAGON and Oneness will be featured.
    • Oneness posted a privilege list for their upcoming final single, GO!!.
    • LIN, ARLEQUIN, and PENTAGON will appear in VR Virtual Reality vol.034.
    • REALies' 2015-06-20 and 2015-06-21 sponsored events are sold out!
    • REALies has new goods featuring the slogan “I DID IT MY WAY”. They were designed by Ritsu and look pretty cool!!
    Minor news roundup 4/27
    The latest minor news from ARLEQUIN, Black Gene For the Next Scene, LIN, PENTAGON, REALies, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, and the:Ø:

    • ARLEQUIN has released some new goods.
    • Black Gene For the Next Scene uploaded the full PV for their new song Uragaeri (裏返り):

    • I added lyrics for LIN's latest single, Memento-Mori.
    • In TYPE:C of PENTAGON's new single, Shounen WALTZ (少年ワルツ), the bonus track ANEMONE (アネモネ) was misprinted as Suisai (水彩). GOEMON RECORDS apologizes for the mistake.
    • REALies vocalist Rayka has produced his own clothing brand, MY/WAY. The first item of the collection is a shirt called “-DROWN ME-”, which he designed. The size-free shirt will be sold at lives beginning on 2015-04-28 for 3,500 yen. Check it out here.
    • At their 2015-04-29 live, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi [performing under the name NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル)] will release a demo of “new song 5” (awarded to those who spend 5,000 yen on goods).
    • Recently-disbanded the:Ø has re-opened their web shop after their previous drama, and is selling limited quantities of their last mini-album, cold the:Øry. I bought a copy, so I'll share it here if it's not available any more...
    LIN to stop selling current bootleg DVDs
    LIN will stop selling certain bootleg live DVDs through their web shop at 2015-04-30 23:59 JST. The following items will be unavailable for purchase after that time:

    • LIN - 2014-07-20 Rin・ne・ten・sei~Cry-Max Pleasure 2014~
    • LIN - 2014-08-21 Summer Cup Tour~Ikuzee!!~
    • LIN - 2014-08-14 / 2014-08-15
    • LIN - 2014-10-29 V-BAND Matsuri ~HALLOWEEN PARTY 2014~
    • LIN - 2014-11-16 HELL ON EARTH
    • LIN - 2014-11-22
    • LIN - 2014-11-29 Infinite ~Gekishin no Toki~
    • MIRAGE - 2012-03-31
    • MIRAGE - 2014-03-16
    • MIRAGE - 2014-03-21
    • MIRAGE - 2014-03-22
    LIN to appear at Ryuketsu BLIZZARD event
    LIN will appear at the birthday event for often naked vocalist YUDA (ユダ) of Ryuketsu BLIZZARD (流血ブリザード). The two bands have been somewhat close in recent years, since their first twoman in 2013.
    News roundup 4/11
    Here's the news that I never got to. Featuring ARLEQUIN, Black Gene For the Next Scene, carat, GOTCHAROCKA, LIN, and the Samurai Crows:

    • ARLEQUIN will participate in Lycaon's last twoman, Masochist×Modernist, on 2015-09-20 at Shinjuku ReNY.
    • ARLEQUIN will participate in a twoman with DIAURA, Takadanobaba WO SenkyoSEYO。Date:20150531 (高田馬場ヲ占拠セヨ。Date:20150531), on 2015-05-31 at Takadanobaba AREA. Tickets are already sold out.
    • Rame (Black Gene For the Next Scene) will hold his birthday event, Sei☆maguso Gakuen Kessei LIVE (聖☆馬糞学園結成LIVE), on 2015-06-11 at Takadanobaba AREA. Alongside BFN, LIN will appear in a special Rame cosplay version. MEGMASSO (メガマソ), an unannounced session band, and an unannounced additional band will also appear.
    • carat members and THE RHEDORIC members will participate in a special event, RHEDORIC VS carat ~Yuushi/Yuuji。 Machi Shonichi~ (RHEDORIC VS カラット ~雄志/ゆーじ。待ち初日~), on 2015-04-27 at WILD SIDE TOKYO. Details TBA.
    • GOTCHAROCKA has begun releasing details about their upcoming second album.
    • LIN is the cover artist for this month's POPUNITED freepaper.
    • the Samurai Crows guitarist NAOYA (ナオヤ) and drummer Myb (聖人) will secede from the band after their 2015-05-06 live, due to differences in musical direction.
    LIN on NICO Visu broadcast
    LIN will appear on NICO NICO web show, NICO Visu (ニコびじゅ) on 2015-04-07 at 16:00 JST, along with Anli Pollicino. I'm pretty sure this program only includes talking, unfortunately. Still, if you'd like more info, check here.

    LIN Memento-Mori previews
    LIN has uploaded previews of upcoming maxi-single, Memento-Mori. IMO they sound really good―the title track is a fresh sound from them, and “Forbidden” sounds straight out of Megaromania's discography (in a good way). Interestingly, “Cross Pageant” appears to be a cover of the KISAKI PROJECT song Shoukei (憧憬). What do you think?

    If I understand correctly, “Memento-Mori” (the song) is produced by SHOJI NEMETO (根本 尚司) [ex-LADIES ROOM] and features guest player bassist Hitoki (人時) [KUROYUME]. (Maybe that's why there's an actual bassline in the song?!) The rest of the single is produced by Matsuura Takeomi (松浦 武臣).

    SUI guest appearance at Kaya acoustic event
    SUI (LIN) will make a guest appearance at the SARAVAH Tokyo event, かやアコースティックライブ 「CafeNOIR~かや、ビジュアル系を歌う」 (Kaya Acoustic Live "CafeNOIR~Kaya Sings Visual Kei") on April 14.

    For more information, go here.

    Sounds like an interesting duet...
    Memento Mori privileges
    Lin's upcoming single, Memento Mori, now has some privileges:

    • 【official webshop】 Comment message & live DVD
    • 【Like an Edison】 cheki + "Cross Pageant" instrumental CD
    • 【Jishuban Club】 Live DVD (details to come later)
    • 【ZEAL LINK】 live DVD
    • 【fiveStars】 offshot set photo
    • 【Brand X】 Comment DVD & artist card set
    • 【HMV】 postcard
    • 【TOWER RECORDS】 B2-sized poster
    • 【Little Hearts】 Comment DVD (※ content may vary from each store)
    LIN's new look revealed + coupling tour
    LIN has revealed their new official artist photo! What do you think? The band has also announced their coupling tour with Femme Fatale and THE BEETHOVEN, details below.

    View more LIN photos, including two new flyers, at LIN's artist page.
    LIN and THE BLACK SWAN will participate in KUROYUME (黒夢) tribute cover album, Revision Underwear, to be released on 2015-03-25! Check here for the full tracklist, and check out these previews of the original songs which those two bands are covering:

    (Unfortunately, full studio versions are available on YouTube, sorry!)



    Minor news roundup 2/8
    Here's some minor news regarding ALVION, ARLEQUIN, AVANCHICK, LIN, Oneness, Paranoid≠circuS, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

    • I've added 5 live-limited live DVDs to the Tatoeba Konna Hanashi discography. As usual, they were privileges for spending 5,000 yen at a live.
    • In January, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi sold lucky bags (5,000 yen each) via online mail-order, limited to 10 copies. Unfortunately, they didn't contain any CDs or DVDs―instead, they contained a calendar, photoset, masks, and t-shirt.
    • In an attempt to promote their upcoming oneman of the same name, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi is performing under the name 90min no AUDITORIUM (90minのオーディトリアム) at their 2015-02-17 live.
    • LIN's re-recording mini-album, Recollection of Phoenix, is available on Japanese iTunes. Unfortunately, it's not available on American iTunes―not sure about European, etc. Fairly pointless if we can't buy it though :'D
    • ALVION, ARLEQUIN, LIN, and label king zeebra are featured in Vol.021 of freepaper SEVEN.
    • With their latest single, Oneness reached #8 on the ORICON indies and #65 on the ORICON major charts, respectively. Good job!
    • Paranoid≠circuS buffalo 紲-kizuna- had a hernia and didn't attend the band's 2015-02-05 live. The band performed with 3 members instead.
    • ARLEQUIN is in the midst of a 4-part interview with club Zy..
    • AVANCHICK have announced the lineup for their 2015-04-11 event:
    • Today, LIN began shipment of the double-purchase mail-order-application privilege of their single Chaotic Resistance―a signed postcard. (There's no explanation of why it took so long... a postcard shouldn't take much time to produce, I would think!)
    LIN's new song
    I've added the setlist to LIN's 2015-01-25 oneman performance, where they performed a new song, Missing Melody. The song seems to be important to the band as several members blogged about it... but it doesn't seem that it will be released any time soon, haha♪
    LIN announces new single Memento-Mori
    LIN has announced their new single \m/ The one-type CD, Memento-Mori, contains 4 new songs and will be released on 2015-04-15. The band will reveal their new look on March 1st, kick off their next tour on March 10th, and hold their tour final oneman, Memento-Mori~Embrace of Utopia~, on 2015-05-31.

    Those who purchase Memento-Mori from the official web shop will receive a 30 minute live + comment DVD.

    Update on deceased LIN staff
    As I guessed, it was Shirakawa Yoshihisa (白川 善久), of white Great wall, sound advisor to LIN, who passed away.

    KISAKI has edited his blog entry about the matter a bit... but the bits regarding the band are more or less the same. Basically, in my interpretation of the post, LIN is not going on hiatus or disbanding as lots of people are saying. However, they were in the middle of recording an unannounced release with Shirakawa, and that release has been effectively cancelled. All activities related to that release (new costumes, event lives, etc.) have been postponed as well.

    Unless something happens, the band will still decide on a new release in some months; it will just take longer than anticipated. And until then, all live appearances should continue. So, it's not really that dire for the band.
    Latest LIN bootleg live DVDs
    LIN has added a few more 1-copy-limited bootleg DVDs to its web shop today:

    And as always, they've added several sets of 10 cheki (limited 1 each) which sold out immediately.
    LIN staff member passes away
    From cryptic entries posted by KISAKI, SUI, and MIZALY, it appears that a member of LIN's sound production team has passed away.

    None of the entries actually say who it was, but it was someone who was “indispensable to LIN's sound” and who had worked with KISAKI for about 5 years now on LIN and KISAKI PROJECT releases. I wonder if it was their sound advisor from great White wall...

    Unfortunately, LIN has cancelled recording on whatever they were planning to release.
    LIN comment for VISUALZINE VOL.15
    LIN has posted this comment video (with Chinese subtitles) for VISUALZINE VOL.15:

    LIN twoman tour with AvelCain
    LIN will hold their twoman tour with AvelCain, the end of envy, on 2015-03-16, 24, and 25. There will be a large session at the end of each live, and a sticker will be freely distributed to attendees.

    Also, LIN's DVD Sacred illusionism ~Battle Revival~ VOL:3 was awarded to those who spent 4,000 yen at lives beginning on 2014-12-28.

    Posts from 2014

    Minor news update 12/24
    Here's the latest:

    • A new VK metal solo project called “VANITAS VANITATUM” will release its first single, UNDER THE DECAY. I wonder if they're a fan of NEGA :3.
    • Several AVANCHICK songs are available at karaoke: list here.
    • Related artists appearing on Like an Edison's 2015 New Year comment DVDs: AVANCHICK, ARLEQUIN, GIGAMOUS, the:Ø, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra, REALies, LIN, Oneness.

    • Lilith have an English interview over at musicJAPANplus.
    • Lyrics to new KARMA=SHENJING songs have been posted here. I'll archive them here at WE LOVE UNDER CODE soon.
    • Here is the setlist of 12012's last live before their activity pause, which is being released on DVD.
    • LIN announced more privileges for their mini-album which was released today. Check the updated post here.
    • ex-Cu[be] vocalist has mentioned starting a new band soon. His session will perform on 2015-01-23 with this lineup:
      【V. Lara (螺々) [ex-Cu[be]] / G. Mayu (繭) [ex-ArcGarden] / G. Ayato (絢都) / B. KAIRI (カイリ) [ex-Avidit.] / D. Azuki (梓姫) [A'LETZA]】
    SUI session lineup change
    LIN vocalist SUI will hold his birthday event on 2015-01-23, and his session band, PSYCHOSONIC SHAKE, will appear. However, a change has been made to the lineup. The new lineup is:

    PSYCHOSONIC SHAKE 【V. SUI (LIN) / G. Cecir [ex-E'm ~grief~] / B. 篝-kagari- (AVANCHICK) / D. MIKAGE (ex-chariots, etc.)】

    Previously, the bassist was to be YUKI (CELL), but he stepped out due to “various reasons”. And just to make it clear, LIN wants you to know: no refunds will be accepted based on this member change, lol.
    Recollection of Phoenix privileges
    LIN's upcoming mini-album, Recollection of Phoenix, finally has some privileges available:

    • 【lives】 Recollection of Phoenix instrumental versions CD-R
    • 【Like an Edison】 cheki + live DVD (「Sincerely」 from 2014-11-23)
    • 【Jishuban Club】 comment DVD + group offshot photo
    • 【ZEAL LINK】 live DVD (「Sacred Xanadu」 from 2014-09-23)
    • 【fiveStars】 live DVD (「Persecution Complex」 from 2014-11-23)
    • 【Brand X】 live DVD (「Psalms and Lamentations」 from 2014-11-23)
    • 【official web shop】 re-recording CD-R 「Silent To My Pain」
    • 【TOWER RECORDS】 signed photoset

    And of course, all copies still include an application form for a ticket to the band's oneman.

    By the way, I've added high resolution artwork for the mini-album in LIN's discography.
    LIN first full length live DVD
    LIN has announced the release of their first full-length live DVD! Sacred illusionism, which contains footage from the 2014-08-31 oneman of the same name, will be released on 2015-01-20. The DVD can be pre-ordered for 4,800 yen from the band's official web shop. Check here for the tracklist~
    LIN live stream at XENON LA
    LIN has announced that they will participate in a digital live stream Q&A session in American visual kei store XENON in LA!! The free event will be on 2014-12-13 (Saturday) from 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm. Full details below:

    MIZALY birthday event
    LIN has announced that guitarist MIZALY will hold his birthday event, at which a special version of the band will perform, in April:

    MIZALY (LIN) BIRTHDAY EVENT 【MIZALIN】 ~Mizaju~ WASSHOI!! 2015 (【MIZALIN】~みざ充~ワッショイ!!2015)
    2015-04-24 at SHIBUYA-REX
    LIN (MIZALY PRODUCED SPECIAL VERSION) / AVANCHICK / MeteoroiD / Nihilizm / Synk;yet / The 3rd Birthday / SAVAGE / Minerva

    LIN web shop temporary order privilege
    LIN will award those who spend 5,000 yen at the official web shop, from 2014-11-10~30, a present photo of the band's maid outfits from their Halloween live.

    In addition, the band has sold several 1-copy-limited cheki sets (10 cheki / 5,400 yen) of each member. (CERO and YUSHI have had fewer sets, as theirs don't sell out often, lol.) Of course they've also had several 1-copy-limited bootleg DVDs, which will be added to their discography.

    Currently, you can still buy two MIRAGE limited revival bootleg DVDs.
    LIN 「Nightmarish...」 lyrics released
    KISAKI posted the lyrics for LIN's new song, Nightmarish..., in his blog. Check here for the Japanese and romanized lyrics.

    News roundup 10/21
    Here's a roundup of the latest news related to ARLEQUIN, ISORA, VARYL, SIVA, E'm ~grief~, LIN, MASKED RIDER SYSTEM, and Vior gloire.

    • ARLEQUIN will begin their latest collaboration with Like an Edison on 2014-10-20. Like before, it includes special instores, shopping bags, etc., but more importantly, they'll distribute a new song called Ichijiku (無花果). Also like before, Like an Edison is an asshole, so this only applies in store; web orders won't include the distributed CD.
    • VARYL (ex-Visage vocalist new band) will release their maxi-single, Aitou (哀悼), in 2015. Their celebration event, Kaihou Junrei -Daiisshou- (解放巡礼 -第一章-), will be on 2015-01-23 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE.

    • Here's a sample from MASKED RIDER SYSTEM's upcoming single:

    • Soon-to-disband super indie band, Emlibeur, released their first (and last) single on 2014-10-19. Interestingly, they thanked ex-Vior gloire vocalist shall in the credits, so I guess he helped them somehow :) Here's a sample of some other songs from them, just for kicks:

    • LIN is in Vol.15 of Chinese visual magazine VISUALZINE.
    • ISORA will hold their threeman, Butterfly Effect, with DISGUST and CielGrave on 2014-12-05 at LIVE HOUSE D'.
    • ex-SIVA session Bakemonogo (化物語) will appear on 2014-10-28 with the lineup:
      【V. KAIRI (カイリ) [ex-SIVA] / G. HIKARU (ヒカル) [THE GALLO] / G. Narumi (成海) [ex-Bergerac] / B. Mayu (真悠) [ex-HALCION (ハルシオン)] / D. aki [ex-E'm ~grief~, etc.]】
    LIN V. Sui birthday event announced
    LIN has announced a birthday event for vocalist SUI, featuring a really cool session band:

    SUI (LIN) birthday celebration sponsored event The Blessing Day
    2015-01-23 at Ikebukuro (池袋) RUIDO K3
      【V. SUI [LIN] / G. Cecir [ex-E'm ~grief~, etc.] / B. YUKI [CELL] / D. MIKAGE (ex-chariots support, etc.]】
    • Ruellia / Qualius / DEEP RAVE / Diana / Mitht / Paranoid≠circuS / Kimi ha Surudoku。 (君は鋭く。) / JeNeric / MELVEL (メルヴェル)

    LIN latest distributed DVDs
    Those who spent 4,000 yen at LIN's 2014-10-05 received a DVD with two more songs from their 2014-06-01 oneman live. (Two different songs from the same live were on this DVD.) Furthermore, the band's Twitter mentions that bootleg live DVDs were on sale at that live (4,000 yen each), but doesn't say whether they're new or previously-released.

    Check out LIN's extensive distributed DVD discography
    News roundup 7/27
    The latest minor news, featuring: AiM MaiM, ARLEQUIN, DECIDE, GLARD, LIN, Paranoid≠circuS, and REALies.

    • AiM MaiM will make an announcement at 19:00 JST on 2014-09-28.
    • ARLEQUIN have collaborated with fashion brand WRouge to produce their own t-shirts, which feature a caricature of vocalist Aki (with his signature hairstyle). They could have been purchased here―but sold out immediately.
    • DECIDE, the band which ex-NEGA bassist Ray produced, has announced their disbandment.
    • GLARD have announced their first oneman and mini-album!! The mini-album, From The 3 Words, doesn't have a release date yet, but their first oneman live, Straight Ahead, will be held on 2014-12-13 at FANJ-twice.
    • GOEMON RECORDS has re-opened its OHP. It seems that the label will start something called “goemon club” soon―maybe a fan club or a live stamp card.
    • GOEMON RECORDS has announced its Christmas live, which will feature ARLEQUIN, REALies, and a mysterious opening act: which―let's be real―is probably Call Me in their “we're an official band now!” form. Right?

      GOEMON RECORDS Presents Merry ChREALies ☆ 2014 ~ARLEQUIN to SANTA no Oshigoto Hajimemashita~ (めりくりあらいず☆2014 ~アルルカンとサンタのお仕事始めました~)
      2014-12-24 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE
      ×XxXxx (opening act) / ARLEQUIN / REALies

      ※ attendees will receive “GOEMON RECORDS ALL MEMBERS” special Christmas card

    • LIN has another comment DVD.
    • Paranoid≠circuS will begin their second tour, SUICIDE PARADE ~Kyousei Renkou~ (SUICIDE PARADE ~強制連行~), on 2014-11-27. Their tour final oneman, NECROPHILIA, will be held somewhere in Osaka in January, 2015.
    LIN limited items at 2014-09-13&15
    At their lives on 2014-09-13 and 2014-09-15, LIN will sell several limited items:

    • “MIZAKO & CEROTASU” message DVD (limited 20 / 4,000 yen)
    • BOOTLEG DVD PART:2 (limited 1 / 5,000 yen)
    • BOOTLEG DVD PART:1 (limited 1 / 6,000 yen)
    • SPECIAL lucky bags (limited 3 / 10,000 yen) - includes 10 CDs & DVDs, member's worn yukata (SUI / CERO / YUSHI), set of 8 aloha cheki (all members included), goods, and member's personal belonging (SUI / CERO / YUSHI)
    • KISAKI cheki set (limited 1 / 5,000 yen) - 11 cheki, KISAKI's worn yukata, his hawaiian shirt, and personal belonging
    • MIZALY cheki set (limited 1 / 5,000 yen) - 11 cheki, MIZALY's worn yukata, his hawaiian shirt, and personal belonging
    • Yukata message DVD - included with “past cheki” set (2 old cheki / 1,000 yen); may ask for message DVD of favorite member; two types for each member (10 in total).
    LIN latest bootleg DVDs
    LIN has upped another batch of 1-copy-limited bootleg live DVD-Rs to their official web shop today: MIRAGE 1, 2, 3, and Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku.
    Back in his Syndrome days, KISAKI was a guest member of ANTIFEMINISM (アンチフェミニズム). This year, the project will reach its 15th anniversary―and KENZI and KISAKI have collaborated to produce an ANTIFEMINISM special event!

    2014-12-22 at Meguro ROCKMAYKAN

    Before that, LIN will serve as special guest during MANIPULATED SLAVES' 20 year anniversary event in November:

    MANIPULATED SLAVES (main act) / LIN (special guest) / DEAD STOCK Co. / CRYING MACHINE / G∀LMET / CROSS VEIN / ANCIENT MYTH / Barbariancherry / the PiNK BURST / Amiliyah

    LIN new look and live details
    LIN has announced their new tour, a birthday celebration, their Christmas sponsored event, and their tour final two-day oneman. They've also debuted new photography (same costumes, but restyled). Check it all out in this post!

    • Their national tour ♯2-2, Genesis of Empathize, will kick off on 2014-09-13, and will run through 2015-01-14, with final to be held later that month.

      LIN national tour ♯2-2 Genesis of Empathize
      2014-09-13 at Takadanobaba AREA
      2014-09-15 at Sapporo SUSUKINO 810
      2014-09-23 at Takadanobaba AREA
      2014-10-05 at Kobe SONIC
      2014-10-12 at Hattoriryokuchi Yagaiongakudou
      2014-10-26 at Hakata DRUM SON
      2014-10-29 at SHIBUYA-REX
      2014-10-31 at Kanazawa AZ
      2014-11-03 at Spporo DUCE
      2014-11-05 at TSUTAYA O-WEST
      2014-11-07 at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
      2014-11-08 at OSAKA RUIDO
      2014-11-09 at Kyoto GROWLY
      2014-11-14 at Sendai JUNK BOX
      2014-11-16 at OSAKA MUSE
      2014-11-22 at EDGE Ikebukuro
      2014-11-23 at Takadanobaba AREA
      2014-11-26 at Ash OSAKA
      2014-11-27 at Umeda zeela
      2014-11-28 at Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
      2014-11-29 at EDGE Ikebukuro
      2014-12-02 at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'
      2014-12-22 at Meguro ROCKMAYKAN
      2014-12-25 at OSAKA MUSE
      2014-12-28 at Takadanobaba AREA
      2014-12-31 at OSAKA RUIDO
      2015-01-05 at Osaka JANUS
      2015-01-14 at Shibuya DUO -Music Exchange-

    • Guitarist CERO will celebrate his birthday with a sponsored event, at which his special session will appear, on 2014-12-01:

      CERO birthday celebration sponsored event Here's looking at me, kid
      2014-12-01 at Ikebukuro (池袋) RUIDO-K3
      • CERO BIRTHDAY SESSION (CEROバースデーイエーセッション) 【V. SUI [LIN] / G. CERO [LIN] / G. sena [GLARENOVEL] / B. Ray [ex-NEGA] / D. YUSHI [LIN]】
      • FOODED SEAL / ROZERO (ロゼロ) / 2nd awake / Xeno。 (ゼノ。) / Scarlet Valse / PLACEBO / La'veil MizeriA / GLARD / SNUFKIN (スナフキン) / AxiA
    • LIN will hold their Christmas sponsored event, with lots of ex-UCP members' bands, on 2014-12-25:

      CD release celebration event 2014 Exalted Masquerade -a Holy X'mas-
      2014-12-25 at OSAKA MUSE
      LIN (40 minute stage) / THE BLACK SWAN / RevleZ / CELL / Tatoeba Konna Hanashi / the:Ø / AVANCHICK / XENON / ZIN (ジン) / MEKAKUSI (メカクシ) / UnRealistic

      ※ unspecified special plans

    • As previously mentioned, LIN will act as countdown guest during New Year countdown event Naniwa Tamashii ~Kansai Seiatsu 2014-2015~.
    • LIN will end their national tour, Genesis of Empathize, with their first Tokyo oneman two-days!

      LIN national tour FINAL and first Tokyo oneman Genesis of Empathize -Kaisouroku- (-回想録-)
      2015-01-24 at EDGE Ikebukuro
      LIN (oneman)

      Genesis of Empathize -Tsuisouroku- (-追想録-)
      2015-01-25 at EDGE Ikebukuro
      LIN (oneman)

    • Finally, the band will hold its 2nd period 1 year anniversary celebration oneman on 2015-05-31, although details and location have not yet been announced. Those who purchase Recollection of Phoenix will receive an application coupon for tickets.
    LIN new CD and oneman lives
    LIN just finished their first oneman, and they've announced a new CD! First period re-recording CD Recollection of Phoenix will be released on 2014-12-24, and those who purchase through the web shop will further receive a re-recording of Silent To My Pain. LIN will kick off their tour Genesis of Empathize to support the release, with a two-day tour final oneman in Tokyo!

    Those who purchase the mini-album will receive an application coupon to receive tickets to the band's 2015-05-31 second period first anniversary oneman, although details of that live haven't been announced yet.

    More details will arrive once the info is officially announced, but for now you can check out the tracklist of their mini-album!
    Kansai Seiatsu continues! Sort of
    Kansai-promotion visual group NANIWA V (NANIWA V系連合軍) has announced that they will hold Naniwa Tamashii ~Kansai Seiatsu 2014-2015~ (なにわ魂 ~関西制圧2014-2015~) to count down to the New Year. LIN will serve as the special countdown guest (along with FEST VAINQUEUR).

    Not quite the same as an UNDER CODE PRODUCTION countdown live, but it's nice to see the name/legacy continue :)

    NANIWA V PRESENTS New Year countdown live Naniwa Tamashii ~Kansai Seiatsu 2014-2015~ (なにわ魂 ~関西制圧2014-2015~)
    2014-12-31 ~ 2015-01-01 at OSAKA RUIDO
    • LIN / FEST VAINQUEUR / Crimson Shiva / the:Ø / Shounenki (少年記) / ZIN (ジン) / Shellmy / Tatoeba Konna Hanashi / XENON / Paranoid≠circuS / FoLLoW / RevleZ
    • LIN × FEST VAINQUEUR (countdown guests)

    LIN threeman in November
    LIN will participate in a threeman with BIOSPHIA and Xepher on 2014-11-26:

    2014-11-26 at Ash OSAKA
    LIN / BIOSPHIA / Xepher (threeman)

    LIN official web shop updates
    LIN's official web shop has had a number of updates (namely, a metric shit-ton of 1-copy-limited bootleg live DVDs). So here's a little roundup:

    • The shop's first shipments of items began on 2014-08-13. After the slow first weeks, items should now ship in real time.
    • Over 15+ bootleg DVDs (1-copy-limited, 3,240 yen each) have been added in spurts. The DVDs mostly feature MIRAGE, but also Syndrome, LIN, and Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku. Check their respective discography pages for full details.
    • Signed versions of LIN's poster and KISAKI's poster are now sold out. For now, any posters that are purchased will be unsigned.
    • Shirts and stickers from their threeman with RAPES and ROSENFELD are on sale.
    LIN to distribute message DVD
    At their 2014-08-28 live, LIN will award a message DVD, recording during their visit to Taiwan, to the first 10 people to spend 3,500 yen on their goods.

    Full details here.
    LIN new coupling CD and tour!!
    LIN has announced that they will release a coupling CD with CELL!! The CD will be sold exclusively at the lives during the two bands' coupling tour, 「Infinite」 ~Gekishin no Toki~ (「Infinite」 ~激震の時~), which will begin in October.

    LIN × CELL coupling tour 「Infinite」 ~Gekishin no Toki~ (「Infinite」 ~激震の時~)
    • 2014-10-26 at Hakata (博多) DRUM SON
      LIN / CELL / Visper (opening act)
    • 2014-10-31 at Kanazawa (金沢) AZ
      LIN / CELL / Crimson Shiva (opening act)
    • 2014-11-03 at Sapporo (札幌) DUCE
      LIN / CELL / 2nd awake (opening act)
    • 2014-11-27 at Umeda (梅田) Zeela
      LIN / CELL / SoniqRush. (opening act)
    • 2014-11-28 at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA
      LIN / CELL / Crimson Shiva / The 3rd Birthday / RevleZ / (TBA on 2014-11-02)
    • -FINAL-
      2014-11-29 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE
      LIN / CELL / SAVAGE (opening act)

    ※ live-limited coupling CD, Infinite, sold exclusively during tour

    LIN members on Namamail V
    LIN is now available on Namamail V, a service in which you pay 300 yen per month (per subscription) to receive realtime emails from your favorite musicians. Users can actually reply to these emails as well, although the musicians' email addresses are kept secret.

    Some of you might remember that KISAKI actually did this last year as well―anyone who still has a subscription to his solo Namamail will be transferred over to the new one.

    ( View the rest of this entry )

    By the way, here's KISAKI's horrible Namamail commercial from last year:

    KISAKI's fracture
    KISAKI fractured his foot at a recent LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) live, and it will take about a 1½ months to heal. LIN will be very busy lately, but it seems that KISAKI plans to push through the pain.

    By the way, KISAKI also mentioned that LIN are doing photography for something today.
    News roundup 8/2
    Minor news from ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), Lilith, and LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-):

    LIN official web shop, blog, and Twitter open
    LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) have opened their official blog, official Twitter (@LIN_V_OFFICIAL), and official web shop. In true KISAKI fashion, the web shop already has a number of exclusives, including a bunch of 1-limited releases we'll never see 8|

    As I've mentioned previously, those who purchase both types of Chaotic Resistance via the official web shop will receive a re-recording of Metamorphose. Those who spend 5,000 yen (buying both singles isn't enough) will further receive a DVD with the PV for Sacred Xanadu. Those who spend 8,000 yen will receive free shipping.

    The 1-limited items I mentioned are all bootleg DVDs, mostly around 3,500 yen each. There have been about 10 so far, and all are sold out already. MIRAGE lives, Syndrome lives, Matina sessions, 1st period LIN lives... ;_; In addition to that, the shop is selling limited goods such as photosets, Slander Crime, etc.
    Rinne Tensei 2014 pictures, setlists
    A roundup of information from the recent Rin・ne・ten・sei ~Cry-Max Pleasure 2014~ (輪・廻・転・生 ~Cry-Max Pleasure 2014~) event (continued from this post):

    ( View the rest of this entry )

    And here's a biography about the event series, from the flyer:

    LIN roundup
    LIN's (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) new single, Chaotic Resistance, is out now. What did you think about it? While we wait for announcement of another release, here's a roundup of minor LIN news:

    ( View the rest of this entry )
    Rinne Tensei 2014 a success
    KISAKI's monster 90s VK band revival project, Rin・ne・ten・sei, continued today with ~Cry-Max Pleasure 2014~ (輪・廻・転・生 ~Cry-Max Pleasure 2014~). The event was held at ESAKA MUSE and was completely sold out!

    I'm sure we'll see setlists and the like in coming days, but here are a few details in the mean time:

    ( View the rest of this entry )
    News roundup 7/14
    Latest news featuring Cu[be], FOODED SEAL, hurts, LIN, Oneness, Paranoid≠circuS, and Visage members:

    • FOODED SEAL vocalist Masami ()雅美 will act as support vocalist for Nobady on July 20th and 28th, as that band's vocalist Soyogi (梵) has failed to contact the other members.
    • LIN are featured in freepaper ZEAL LINK No.010.
    • LIN will appear on 2014-07-22 edition of NICO NICO talkshow Tokimeki☆Visu NIGHT (ときめき☆びじゅナイト) with MATENROU OPERA (摩天楼オペラ).
    • ex-Cu[be] and hurts session Lucifer's underground will perform through November. 【V. HINA (ヒナ) [ex-hurts] / G. Maki (真稀) [ex-hurts] / G. toki (UNDEAD) / B. 憂里-yuuri- [ex-Cu[be]] / D. 亜月-athuki- [ex-Cu[be]]】
    • Oneness members lost contact with guitarist DAI and performed on 2014-07-08 without him. After contacting police to search his home, his family contacted the band and said he was safe. For the time being, he will be absent from Oneness, however.
    • Paranoid≠circuS support drummer 紲-kizuna- [ex-KOKUYOKU, etc.] officially joined the band on 2014-07-09.
    • Paranoid≠circuS will hold their tour, SUICIDE PARADE, from 2014-07-22 through 2014-08-17, with tour final oneman SUICIDE CIRCUS on 2014-09-18.

    News roundup 7/10
    Here's the latest news, featuring ex-chariots, carat (カラット), ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト), ex-ClearVeil, KISAKI, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), ex-Vasalla (覇叉羅), and more:

    • An ex-ClearVeil members' session will perform on 2014-09-29:

      Shachihoko ROCKER'S (鯱鉾ROCKER'S)
      【V. HIRO (ヒロ) [ex-EAT YOU ALIVE] / G. Takaki (貴樹) [DEATHGAZE] / G. Nozomi (希) [ex-ClearVeil ~ carat] / B. HISAYOSHI [ex-ClearVeil] / D. Yuize (ゆいぜ) [ex-ASS'n'ARRow]】
    • LIN song Sacred Xanadu was ranked #1 in downloads via INDIES OFFICIAL SOUND last week. The song was #2 the week previous and is #2 this week as well.
    • LIN sell special cheki sets at their live today. Each set costs 5,000 yen and contains 11 cheki, and includes some bonus purikura.
    • NANIWA V has revealed its official mascots (which were decided via designers' contest): Hirokuma (ひろくま) [a bear based on FEST VAINQUEUR bassist HIRO] and Kisakirin (きさきりん) [a giraffe based on KISAKI].

    • The first 100 people who purchase LIN goods at lives will receive PROMOTION DVD 「Chaotic Resistance」. According to the photo in this post, I'm guessing that it's a live clip or live footage PV?
    • Paranoid≠circuS' latest single, Chikonka (鎮魂歌) is now on sale. By the way, if I haven't mentioned it yet, they're signed to ex-DAS:VASSER label ELE-MUSIC!
    • Paranoid≠circuS drummer YUSURA (ユスラ) seems to have left the band on 2014-05-21, due his mental instability caused by an accident he was involved in. The band announced that it seems implausible for him to continue band activity, although this wasn't a 100% concrete statement.
    • As always, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi have a bunch of live-limited stuff going on: demo single MVL, 2014-07-04 live DVD, new song CD-R, scarf + member badge set... Check the Tatoeba Konna Hanashi discography for full information.
    • ZI:KILL cover session band featuring ex-chariots, CindyKate (シンディケイト), and Vasalla members will perform on 2014-08-11 and 2014-08-28:

      G:K (on 2014-08-11)
      【V. ToshiA / G. KAIE (カイエ) [ex-Vasalla ~ KISSBULLET] / B. LEAYA [ex-Vasalla ~ L.S.K] / D. MIKAGE [ex-chariots support ~ etc.]】

      G:K (on 2014-08-28)
      【V. ToshiA / G. KAIE (カイエ) [ex-Vasalla ~ KISSBULLET] / B. LEAYA [ex-Vasalla ~ L.S.K] / D. Masami (雅美) [ex-CindyKate ~ FOODED SEAL]】
    Chaotic Resistance privileges
    The privileges for upcoming LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) single Chaotic Resistance have been announced:
    • At lives
      【Usual & Kansai types】 two posters
    • OFFICIAL WEB SHOP (to open on 2014-08-01)
      【Usual & Kansai types】 Metamorphose RERECORDING CD
    • CDJapan
      【Usual】 poster
      【Usual】 photoset 【Kansai】 comment DVD (member introductions)
    • HMV
      【Usual】 photoset 【Kansai】 comment DVD (members' reasons for joining)
    • Like an Edison
      【Usual】 Chaotic Resistance LIVE VER CD + cheki 【Kansai】 Metamorphose LIVE VER CD
      【Usual】 Chaotic Resistance LIVE VER CD + cheki 【Kansai】 Sincerely LIVE VER CD
    • PureSound
      【Usual】 Chaotic Resistance LIVE VER CD + cheki 【Kansai】 comment DVD (members' like and dislikes)
    • Brand X
      【Usual】 Chaotic Resistance LIVE VER CD + cheki
    • Jishuban Club
      【Usual】 Metamorphose LIVE VER CD + cheki
    • little hearts.
      【Usual】 comment DVD (members' impressions of Nagoya and MIZALY skit)
    • fiveStars
      【Usual】 comment DVD (members discuss KISAKI) + cheki

    KISAKI had actually released this information earlier in the week, but that post was taken down. I know for sure that the original web shop privilege was going to be a rerecording of Silent To My Pain instead, but it looks like they changed their mind. I think there were other changes as well, but I'm not sure...

    By the way, LIN's official web shop is supposed to open on 2014-08-01, and those who spend 5,000 yen will receive the full PV for Sacred Xanadu. Furthermore, those who spend 8,000 yen will receive free shipping. It looks like the shop will further feature reduced-price 1st period LIN items, as well as occasional rare Matina/bootleg items.

    LIN artist page LIN discography
    LIN - Chaotic Resistance samples
    LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) has uploaded samples of the songs from their upcoming single, Chaotic Resistance!

    What do you think?
    News roundup 6/18
    Here's the latest minor news from BALA★NCE, KISAKI, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Oneness, REALies, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし).

    • KISAKI is the cover artist of brand new visual freepaper GASHU KIGYOU (我執鬼行).
    • At their recent lives, LIN is rewarding a Offshot Photo Ver.1 (randomly chosen, of five possible) to those who spend 4,000 yen on goods. Furthermore, those who purchase a cheki will receive a member's purikura.
    • Oneness and Like an Edison are collaborating to produce special Oneness shopping bags.
    • REALies are selling a new chouchou (scrunchy).
    • Check out the Tatoeba Konna Hanashi and BALA★NCE discography sections for the info about their latest live-limited releases.
    Minor news roundup 6/9
    Here's the latest, featuring Lilith, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Oneness, and REALies:

    ( View the rest of this entry )
    LIN revival live setlist
    LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) held their revival live, Sacred illusionism~Battle Revival~, yesterday at Ikebukuro (池袋) LIVE INN ROSA. Here's the setlist:

    1. SE
    2. Rin (凛)
    3. Metamorphose
    4. Freedom
    5. MC
    6. Chaotic Resistance
    7. Silent To My Pain
    8. Monochrome -vanished ray-
    9. MC
    10. Sacred Xanadu
    11. Schwarz Vrain
    12. 【encore】 Sincerely
    13. 【encore】 Foolish

    Sacred Xanadu sold out
    The first release of second period LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Sacred Xanadu, has officially sold out! (Copies are still readily available online if you're looking to pick one up, though.) Good job guys!
    LIN covers Cure and other media
    LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) is the [back] cover artist for this month's edition of Cure magazine! Check out the impressive―especially in the amount of Photoshop used on CERO's face―cover shot above, and check below for a list of other recent media appearances by LIN.

    ( View the rest of this entry )
    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION models for Tritt fur Tritt anniversary
    On 2014-09-22, legendary visual kei hair & makeup house Tritt für Tritt will celebrate its 10th(!) anniversary with a huge modeling & live event in Ikebukuro (池袋). After teasing details for the past five months, Tritt für Tritt has finally announced the full lineup of participants in its event―and a plethora of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION musicians will appear!

    Tritt für Tritt 10th anniversary event Tritt für Tritt, Ikebukuro wo JACK!? ~Shikaku to Choukaku no 「Jikohyougen」~ =HAIR MAKE & LIVE SHOW= (トリトリ,池袋をジャック!? ~視覚と聴覚の「自己表現」~ =ヘアメイク&ライブショー=)
    2014-09-22 at Ikebukuro Toshima Koukaidou (池袋豊島公会堂)

    • SUI (ex-Megaromania ~ LIN)
    • MIZALY (ex-Megaromania ~ LIN)
    • YUSHI (ex-Megaromania ~ LIN)
    • CERO (LIN)
    • Rame (ex-VIDOLL ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene)
    • SAN (ex-NEGA ~ the:Ø)
    • Ray (ex-NEGA ~ Licht Entertainment president)
    • Cecil (ex-E'm ~grief~)
    • RENA (ex-Vior gloire ~ THE BLACK SWAN)
    • Otake (ex-CindyKate ~ AVANCHICK)
    • (unknown vocalist of AVANCHICK) (AVANCHICK)

    【other models】
    yo-ka (DIAURA) / Kayuu (ν) / Sizna (Moran) / Ice (BFN) / MINAMI / YUKI (CELL) / kyouki (Grieva) / Hisame (Grieva) / mikado (Oneness) / syuma (Oneness) / rui (MISARUKA) / rin (MISARUKA) / Agato (Tokami) / Yutaka (LUCHe.) / Hikaru (LUCHe.) / rino (Synk;yet) / yuiha (Synk;yet) / VAMPIRE ROSE / Humiya (SERIAL⇔NUMBER) / Seiran (HiMeDOKI) / Luy (ZIN) / Kei (ZIN) / Riku (ZIN) / Louie (Rose Noire) / Jill (Rose Noire) / Tomoya (LIV'ERT) / Tamaki Souji (MARBLE HEAD) / Shion (AXIA) / TAKUYA (REVIL) / RayJi (ViV) / TAKA (White Palette) / Sakinew (ex-TRUST) / Yuuka (ex-Fi'Ance.)

    【live performances】
    Royz / DIAURA / GOTCHAROCKA / ν / Kiryu (己龍)

    While Tritt für Tritt will handle all hair and makeup for the modeling portions, they will collaborate with the following fashion houses for clothes and accessories: SEX POT, Royal Princess Alice, Angelic Pretty, SUPER LOVERS, Rion, and mIRA..

    LIN with hardcore acts
    LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) has announced that they will appear at Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE's 10th anniversary special event, at which legendary hardcore/metal bands RAPES and ROSENFELD will appear!

    Club ALIVE 10TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Blade of Screaming
    2014-08-03 at Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE
    LIN / RAPES / ROSENFELD (one day revival)

    News roundup 4/26
    Here's the latest minor news:

    • GOEMON RECORDS will sponsor its event Goemon NO Kado -Sono Ichi- (五右衛門ノ門-その壱-) on 2014-07-08 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA. ARLEQUIN will appear as guest.
    • ARLEQUIN guitarist Kuruto (來堵) has healed from his ligament injury and is planning to return at the band's 2014-05-05 live appearance.
    • Those who purchase tickets for Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし)'s 2014-05-02 sponsored event through the band will receive a 2-song live DVD or a CD(?) with drummer Kishihara Masami (岸原 雅巳)'s version of Binetsu Tairiku (微熱大陸).
    • Some self liner notes of upcoming omnibus Yougenkyou -WEST- THE CONQUEST OF NANIWA (妖幻鏡-WEST-) have been posted. About LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)'s song, the band says:
    • Vocalist KAGUYA (ex-BERLIN~GRIEVER) has mentioned that he plans to start a new band soon.
    • Mizuki (美冬), former roadie for Vior gloire, has mentioned that former UNDER CODE PRODUCTION roadies are planning to reunite for a special session band! Details TBA.
    • There was a printing error in the booklet of carat (カラット)'s latest single. If you purchased it, please see the notice.
    • Lilith has served as the opening act for Kiryu (己龍)'s overseas live on 2014-04-20.
    • ex-Syndrome vocalist who now calls himself Pami。 (ぱみ。) has released the PV for his first solo song. Despite seeming like it's going to be unbearably embarrassing, it's not half bad in the end!

    News roundup 4/21
    Here's the latest news featuring ARLEQUIN, carat, KISAKI, LIN, REALies, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

    • ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) appears on VISUAL Keiji Z Vol.38 (ヴィジュアル刑事Z) which is broadcasting from April 16 until April 30.
    • carat (カラット) will hold their threeman tour with the Raid. and LUCHe. beginning in August, and will finish the tour with their 2 year anniversary oneman in September:
      Sound Addict Laboratory presents carat 2 year celebration tour THREE ARROW TOUR! 3bon no Ya ha Orenaize!! (スリーアローツアー!3本の矢は折れないぜ!!)
      2014-08-25 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA
      2014-09-01 at Fukuoka (福岡) DRUM SON
      2014-09-03 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) soma
      2014-09-04 at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA
      2014-09-05 at Hamamatsu (浜松) FORCE
      2014-09-09 at HooK SENDAI
      carat / the Raid. / LUCHe. (threeman)

      Takadanobaba Utagejou (高田馬場宴場)
      2014-09-17 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA
      carat (oneman)

    • GOEMON RECORDS has announced two new sponsored events.
      GOEMON RECORDS presents
      GOMI ha GOMIbakoE from-G- (ゴミはゴミ箱ヱ from-G-)
      2014-07-17 at SHINJUKU RUIDO K4

      2014-06-28 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE
      ARLEQUIN / REALies / (band TBA 2014-05-01) / LUCHe. / METEROID / Sick² / VOW

    • KISAKI will be featured [briefly] in the first issue of new visual kei magazine Stuppy (which features an awkard-looking RUKI on the cover). It will be released on 2014-04-24 for 980 yen.
    • The cover of upcoming omnibus featuring LIN, Yougenkyou -WEST- THE CONQUEST OF NANIWA, has been revealed. Check it here.
    • Goods sold at LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) guitarist MIZALY's birthday event have been announced: cheki from LIN's photoshoot and PV shooting (set of 2 / 1,000 yen), MIZALY birthday session cheki (set of 2 / 1,000 yen), and SchwarzVrain's live DVD (3,500 yen).
    • REALies and ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) live photosets, from their respective 2014-03-19 and 2014-03-15 oneman lives, are being sold via 7-ELEVEN. They can also be purchased online (with shopping service) via AOO Store.
    • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will release a “silent music video” for their song MONOLEON (モノレオン) on 2014-06-01. It's intended to be watched while listening to the Yougenkyou -WEST- omnibus which will feature that song.

    • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will sell their limited-design t-shirts for 3,000 yen at their 2014-05-02 sponsored event.
    • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) continues a tradition started by LOTMAN (ロットマン) and will hold their game of onigokko with fans on 2014-04-26. Purchase of a 1,000 yen balloon is required to participate.

      Prize for capturing Ren is a live DVD #1; prize for capturing Kousuke is 3,000 yen; prize for capturing Kento is live DVD #2. There are further prizes of a Tatoeba mask an unspecified good. Follow their onigokko Twitter account @1222_222 for more info.
    LIN recording news roundup
    LIN has finally finished their song recording sessions, which started in December(!) of last year! Here's a bit of info about that, and some speculation:

    Guitarist MIZALY has mentioned that they've recorded enough songs for a full album's worth of material, and KISAKI further confirmed that this includes some rerecordings of old songs.

    We know about 7 of those songs already (8, if that includes Slander Crime), from their upcoming singles and omnibus feature... So if MIZALY's definition of “full album” is the same as mine, that leaves probably 3~5 songs that we don't know about yet?

    Maybe we'll see a mini-album with re-recordings later? Maybe it will include the PV for Sacred Xanadu which they've recorded but haven't announced a release for...? Just a guess. What do you think?

    Yougenkyou -WEST- tracklisting
    I've found the tracklisting for the upcoming omnibus Yougenkyou -WEST- (妖幻鏡 -WEST- The Conquest of NANIWA) featuring LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), Minus Jin-Say Orchestra (マイナス人生オーケストラ), and more (track order still unconfirmed).

    Yougenkyou -WEST- The Conquest of NANIWA- tracklist
    News roundup 4/11
    The latest news, featuring chariots, KISAKI, LIN, Oneness, SIVA, and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

    • At the chariots-requiem live on 2014-04-15, the band will sell special cheki, chariots releases, and “Alfred rich rock” branded lighters.
    • I thought I'd posted about this, but guess I didn't...?

      KISAKI and KAMIJO will hold a special talk event sponsored by ZEAL LINK on 2014-04-11 (today!) as part of the store's new ZEAL LINK CHANNEL series. Kaya and Kon (紺) (CELL) will appear as special guests. Tickets were awarded to those who purchased special ZEAL LINK-limited photocards.

      Purchase of a photocard (1,500 yen, limited 40) would gain a standing-area ticket to the event, and purchase of a set (2,000 yen, limited 60) would gain a sitting-area ticket. Furthermore, special cheki will be sold at the event (1,000 yen each), and purchase of 3 would be awarded with a threeshot cheki taken of the customer with KISAKI and KAMIJO.
    • LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) is on the cover of SEVEN Vol.016 and will be on the cover of Zeth Vol.4.
    • KISAKI and the other LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) members have been TwitCasting occasionally. Follow KISAKI's TwitCasting account for future updates.
    • LIN guitarist CERO has clarified that his name is pronounced セロ (sero); I guess some people were mistakenly calling him ケロ (kero).
    • Oneness is in the middle of shooting photos for their new look. In the mean time, vocalist JUKI (ジュキ) has written an interesting blog post about the band's past costumes.
    • On the topic of Oneness, we all know that the initial press of their single SETSUNA SAKURETSU (セツナサクレツ) sold out immediately and reached #4 on the ORICON indies chart. Well, if you recall, the band quickly put out a 2nd press, and it seems that too has sold out.
    • ex-SIVA drummer Kiri (霧) will hold his session at Freaks' Music Production's sponsored event, Age of the Neo Freaks Vol.1, on 2014-05-01 at Birth Shinjuku. 【V. (TBA) / G. REI (レイ) (@NNIVERSARY) / G. Ue (Vampire) / B. MA-YA (Pan-d-ra) / D. Kiri (ex-SIVA)】
    • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) will sell two previously-out-of-stock photosets at their 2014-04-12 live for 1,000 yen each. Each set contains 4 photos, and those who purchase both sets will further receive a 4 piece offshot photoset.
    LIN's Sacred Xanadu CM spot :D
    KISAKI upload to his youtube account a preview from Sacred Xanadu pv :D

    What do you think? It's Lin with new vocalist or is Megaromania with Kisaki influence?
    [April Fool] LIN members have been fired
    KISAKI has fired the new members of LIN (SUI / MIZALY / CERO / YUSHI) due to their “incompetence and conspiring against him”. He has revealed the new new lineup of LIN:

    【LIN new new (3rd) lineup】
    V. LARA (ex-Cu[be])
    G. KANATA (ex-Pashya)
    G. IO (ex-Pashya)
    D. HINA (ex-hurts)

    9:01 am edit: KISAKI has fired the new new members of LIN (LARA / KANATA / IO / HINA), including himself (KISAKI), due to them not appearing at today's emergency meeting in Nagoya. Membership has transferred to “backup members” chosen by PLUG RECORDS WEST, and new new new lineup of LIN has been decided:

    【LIN new new new (4th) lineup】
    V. RIN (凛) (ex-CleA virgin)
    G. rin (ex-MISARUKA)
    G. RIN (凛) (ex-D'sko)
    B. LiN (ex-UNiTE)
    D. RIN (凛) (ex-jewelry)

    Please check LIN OHP for further developments:
    LIN member firing announcement

    LIN re-recording songs
    Just a quickie: KISAKI has mentioned that, in addition to recording new songs, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) has started re-recording songs from their first period. No word on if these re-recordings will be featured on their upcoming releases, or something further down the line.
    LIN and Tatoeba join Kansai promotion group NANIWA V
    LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし) have announced their participation in the newly-established Kansai visual kei promotion group NANIWA VK Rengougun (NANIWA V系連合軍)!!

    NANIWA V's first project is the Yougenkyou -WEST- (妖幻鏡 -WEST-) omnibus, which will be published in June by PLUG RECORDS' new Kansai sublabel―the one to which LIN now belongs―PLUG RECORDS west (again, West ≈ Kansai). An awesome lineup of bands (including LIN and Tatoeba Konna Hanashi) will contribute brand new (or unreleased) songs to the album.

    The same bands featured in the omnibus will then participate in NANIWA V's first live event, Naniwatama ~Kekkishuukai~ (なにわ魂 ~決起集会~), on 2014-07-04 at Osaka (大阪) BIG CAT.

    NANIWA V has promised more projects in the future, and I'm sure that LIN (or KISAKI) will continue to be involved. You can keep up by following the organization's OHP or official Twitter:
    NANIWA V website NANIWA V official Twitter
    LIN officially revealed and releases announced
    As mentioned last week, the second period of LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) features SUI, MIZALY, and YUSHI of Megaromania plus CERO of zechs. Today, the band has been officially revealed, meaning we have a slew of releases and live details. Let's get to it!


    • LIN will release their first maxi-single, Sacred Xanadu (what a name!), via mail-order in the 2014-04-21 edition of Cure magazine.
    • Their second maxi-single, Chaotic Resistance, will be released in two types on 2014-07-23. The normal type will be sold nationwide, while a Kansai-limited version with alternate jacket and different bonus track will be sold only at visual shops in Kansai. A double-purchase-application privilege will also be available; details TBA.
    • LIN will make their first omnibus contribution to Yougenkyou-WEST- (妖幻鏡-WEST-) on 2014-07-23. Further details about the omnibus TBA.


    • LIN's first lives will be two twoman events, Sacred illusionism~Battle Revival~, versus Grieva (グリーヴァ) and Black Gene For the Next Scene on 2014-06-01 and 2014-06-11, respectively. Special projects, TBA, will be held.
    • Their coupling tour with Jupiter and Black Gene For the Next Scene, Battle for Clans Tour 【V3】, will be held on June 12, 13, and 17, in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo, respectively.
    • Their first foreign live will be held in Taichung, Taiwan on 2014-08-10 as part of HEART-TOWN FESTIVAL 2014.
    • LIN's first national tour, Sacred illusionism, will kick off on 2014-07-01 and will end with the tour final and first oneman, Sacred illusionism -FINAL-, on 2014-08-31 at Umeda (梅田) AKASO.


    • LIN will be the first artist signed to a new label called PLUG RECORDS WEST.
    • PRW (PLUG RECORDS WEST) is a newly-established “western branch” of long-established visual label PLUG RECORDS―home to semi-famous indie bands such as Psycho le Cému, A (ACE), DaizyStripper, CELL, etc. So on one hand, we can presume that the label will have enough money to produce good quality releases; but on the other, the “brotherhood” of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands may not manifest in this new sublabel.
    • Is KISAKI the president of PLUG RECORDS WEST? I don't know. I do know, however, that KISAKI himself is listened as “organizer” for LIN's live events, which gives the impression that he'll still be fully in charge of LIN's activities―but he may not be managing other bands for the foreseeable future.
    • Just a note: that 2014-07-23 omnibus is a continuation of a classic line of visual omnibi that has been around since 2001. That, plus LIN being under an old label, plus the upcoming revival of the Rin・ne・ten・sei (輪・廻・転・生) events, gives me the impression that KISAKI is making an even bigger effort to bring old visual kei back to today's scene, somehow.
    Second period LIN new lineup
    Second period LIN new lineup

    The second period lineup of LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) is (L→R in photo):

    KISAKI you know, CERO is ex-zechs, and the rest are ex-Megaromania. Was going to wait to post the full info until KISAKI announced it himself, but I already saw it popping up in places, so there's no point in waiting anymore :)

    → LIN full member histories

    What do you think about LIN's new lineup?
    The new drummer of LIN is...
    Sorry, this entry is locked. Please sign in or register to view it.
    LIN second chapter teased
    LIN's second chapter teased

    KISAKI has confirmed the second chapter of LIN!!! He mentioned that the band will play two lives in June, but full details of the revival will be released on March 20, 2014. Until then, check out LIN's new logo (above) and new name (below).

    LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) is the band's new name... (Yeah, they simply capitalized the subtitle.) But that's OK!―I can personally promise that the new lineup is much more exciting than the new name (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿). See you again on March 20th~
    LIN live limited sales
    KISAKI has announced that several limited goods will be sold at the KISAKI birthday event / the end of corruption world live on 2014-03-09:
    • LIN new single (1000 yen / limited 100)
    • SchwarzVrain 2013-12-25 bootleg live DVD (4000 yen / limited 50)
    • LIN 2010-05-23 (first live) bootleg live DVD (3000 yen / limited 5)
    • unspecified LIN & KISAKI previous band bootleg live DVDs (3000 yen each / limit undecided)
    • LIN cheki 2 set (old cheki + new cheki) (1000 yen / limited quantities)

    So, um... DEFINITELY need that SchwarzVrain DVD. And LIN's first live wouldn't be too shabby either.

    BTW, although he doesn't specify, I'm pretty sure that the “KISAKI past band bootlegs” will be Stella Maria, MIRAGE, and Syndrome ones mentioned here, here, and here.
    SAN and Ray event details
    Further lineup details have been revealed for the Musoukai (無双会) live event on 2014-03-08:

    Musoukai PresentsShinsaibashi Bakuon Matsuri ~Naniwa Hatsujouriku~ (心斎橋爆音祭り~なにわ初上陸~) 2014-03-08 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) soma
    • Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) 【V. Itsuki (樹) (ex-SUZAKU) / G. Ao (碧) (ex-paradeis) / G. KAEDE (カヱデ) (ex-MEKAKUSHI (メカクシ)) / B. Ray (ex-NEGA) / D. REIYA (ex-LIN)
    • Jikkentai NEMESIS (実験体NEMESIS) 【V. Saica (槐) (ex-Reeper) / G. SAN (ex-NEGA) / G. Hiroya? (尋弥) / B. Nagi (凪) (REGALIA (レガリア)) / D. ARU (アル) (ex-Vior gloire)
    • ABSOLUTE TERA.F (アブソリュートテラ.F) (ex-SUZAKU Kizuna prototype band) 【V. Syuuya (秋夜) (ex-scarlet) / G. ciel (空-ciel) (ex-Metztli) / G. Yuho? (優歩) (ex-EINSEELE sp.) / B. Kizuna (絆) (ex-SUZAKU) / D. Karen (火燐) (ex-SUZAKU)
    • DECIDE (produced by ex-NEGA Ray) / [Chou]RaRa. ([螺]RaRa.) / Gekisou! Sakamoto Kinpachi 24 Ji (激走!坂本金八24時) / SAMUKURO (サムクロ)
    Roundup 2/16
    Here's the latest mini-news roundup, featuring 12012, 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi, ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), chariots, E'm ~grief~, Megaromania, Oneness, REALies, and SIVA members.

    • After over 11 years of activity, 12012 will indefinitely pause activities after their 2014-12-12 event/oneman (details TBA). Their reason given is essentially “lack of direction”, but the members' full comments are available (in Japanese) here.
    • Oneness will hold a free oneman, KANSHA SAKURETSU (カンシャサクレツ), on 2014-04-06 at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA to celebrate the #4 indies ORICON ranking of their latest single. The title strip from any type of the single (including the 2nd press) is required to receive a ticket.

    • 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。) has given another obscured view of their upcoming official photography.
    • REALies latest single, SETSUNA CANDLE (セツナキャンドル), has ranked #5 on the ORICON indies chart.
    • More information about RIKU's chariots-requiem: according to his blog post, it seems to be an ongoing session band, as he has not yet put together a new official band. Their 2014-04-15 live is called King of 『M』 Order, and guest players are 【V. RIKU / G. KAZ / G. Takeru (猛) (SAVAGE) / B. Jin (迅) / D. MIKAGE】.
    • As far as I can tell, Lilith's upcoming 3rd “EP” might be a single with the songs Galassia and Legacy. They will also hold a oneman in April. Details should be released soon.
    • ex-Megaromania drummer 邑詩-yushi- was supposed to appear at VAMPIRE ROSE's 2014-02-16 oneman at Kanazawa (金沢) van van V4. However, the live was cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date (TBA), due to support members' inability to travel because of bad winter storms.
    • ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) international street team has translated the band's interview with ViSULOG. The translation is available in three parts (so far): part 1, part 2, part 3.
    • The lineup of ex-SIVA vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) session band Bakeneko (化け猫) has been revealed: 【V. KAIRI / G. ShinyA (ex-Signal) / G. Keisuke (圭介) (ex-gaNesha) / Dr. Majyu (摩珠) (ex-E'm ~grief~)】.
    • The lineup of Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) on 2014-03-08 has been finalized: 【V. 樹-Itsuki- (SUZAKU) / G. Ao (碧) (ex-paradeis) / G. KAEDE (カヱデ) (ex-MEKAKUSI (メカクシ)) / B. Ray (ex-NEGA) / D. REIYA (ex-LIN)】
    • The full lineup at ex-SUZAKU (朱) new band ISORA (イソラ) formation event on 2014-03-29 has been announced: Delia and REIRA SESSION (レイラセッション) will perform in addition to the previously-mentioned bands.
    LIN first period last release
    LIN first period last release

    KISAKI mentioned that LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) has finished recording on a new live-limited release which will be sold at the the end of corruption world live on 2014-03-09. This new recording will be the last of LIN's first period lineup (RIKU / KANATA / KISAKI / REIYA) ...meaning that “second period LIN” with a new lineup will debut sometime in the future!

    2014-02-14 edit: More details have been revealed: LIN's first period last song is Slander Crime! The live-limited single will be limited to 100 copies and cost 1,000 yen.

    And for those who don't remember: Slander Crime was actually planned to be released last year! It was originally slated to be released via mail-order to those who purchased Reflect of Killing Fleur and 「Obscure Ideal」 (and it was called LIN's last song, even back then), but that plan was cancelled for reasons unknown. Nice to see them finally record and release the song, even if it is a year later!

    Slander Crime
    2014-03-09 1,000 yen single CD

    1. Slander Crime

    Session updates 1/27
    Here are the latest session band updates, this time featuring SUZAKU (朱), LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-), NEGA, and more:

    Musoukai Presents Shinsaibashi Bakuon Matsuri ~Naniwa Hatsujouriku~ (心斎橋爆音祭り~なにわ初上陸~)
    2014-03-08 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) soma
    • Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) 【V. 樹-Itsuki- (ex-SUZAKU) / G. TBA / G. TBA / B. Ray (ex-NEGA) / D. REIYA (ex-LIN)
    • Jikkentai NEMESIS (実験体NEMESIS) 【G. SAN / others TBA】
    • MonoLogSupport D. 火憐-Karen- (ex-SUZAKU) / etc.】
    • DECIDE (produced by ex-NEGA Ray) / [Chou]RaRa. ([蝶]RaRa.) / SAMUKURO (サムクロ) / others TBA

    rivabook presents Neo STARGATE
    2014-04-07 at Osaka RUIDO
    • Shungokusatsu (瞬獄殺) 【V. Itsuki (ex-SUZAKU) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire) / others TBA】
    • landz. / ELM (エルム) / Xenon / WeZ / SIBILE BASHIR (シビレバシル) / Dangan NO LIMIT (弾丸 NO LIMIT)

    Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji live and release
    Continual session band Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji (財団法人黒十字) will perform today in a RIKU-less version called Zaidan Hitori Kurojuuji (罪団一人黒十字). At the live, Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji (the normal version of the session) will release a demo CD-R containing a new song.

    Planet CHILD Music 7th AnniversarySousei Ryouran -SESSIONhen- (創世繚乱-セッション編-) 2014-01-08 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) soma
    Zaidan Hitori Kurojuuji (罪団一人黒十字) 【V. Ren (Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji ~ etc.) / G. Kousuke (2 Gatsu 22 Nichi ~ etc.) / G. Yuu (2nd Dyz) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire) / D. Kaede (2nd Dyz)】 / (full lineup)

    Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji
    2014-01-08 1,000 yen single CD-R

    1. オーバードーズ OVERDOSE

    KISAKI birthday event / LIN update

    As you recall, KISAKI announced his 2014 birthday celebration event, FREEDOM 20140309, to be held at shinsaibashi BASSO. A high resolution version of the flyer for the event has been released (above), and KISAKI has cleared up the LIN “revival(?)” business:

    the end of corruption world is just a one-day-limited reunion of KISAKI and the ex-LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) members. So it's not an official revival of LIN as some of us speculated. However, KISAKI mentioned that he does plan to properly revive LIN in 2014, so wait for that news to come, perhaps in the later half of the year.

    KISAKI BIRTHDAY EVENT 2014FREEDOM 20140309 2014-03-09 at shinsaibashi BASSO
    the end of corruption world (one-day-limited band) 【V. RIKU / G. KANATA / B. KISAKI / D. REIYA】 / GIGAMOUS / Lycaon / Hana Shounen BADDIES (花少年バディーズ) / Black Gene For the Next Scene / ARLEQUIN (アルルカン)

    RIKU, Sui, ARU sessions
    ex-LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) vocalist RIKU and ex-Megaromania vocalist Megaromania will participate in VELBET (ベルベット) session live BLOODY【Y】BIRTHDAY on 2014-02-06.

    • ASSAULT (Kaie session) 【V. RIKU (ex-LIN) / G. Kaie (VELBET) / G. shinno (NoGoD) / B. akiya (AUBE) / D. Shuu (しゅう) (AUBE)】
    • F4 -the Final- (NATSUKA (ナツカ) session) 【Sui (翠) (ex-Megaromania) -as- Doumyouji Tsukasa (道明寺 司) / KEITA (ケイタ) (MoNoLith) -as- I Jeha (織部順平) / Yumeji (夢時) (HOLLOWGRAM) -as- Yun Jifu (花沢類) / Sho (翔) (D.I.D.) -as- Doumyouji Tsukasa (西門総二郎) / NATSUKA (ナツカ) (VELBET) -as- Mimasaka Akira (美作あきら)】

    ex-Vior gloire drummer ARU (アル) will participate in ZIN (ジン) session event Shinshun SESSION Matsuri (新春セッション祭り) on 2014-01-06.

    ZIN sponsored eventShinshun SESSION Matsuri (新春セッション祭り) 2014-01-06 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) soma
    • Orochi SESSION (大蛇セッション) 【V. MASASHI (FoLLoW) / G. GAK (Purple Stone) / G. (TBA) / B. Orochi (ZIN) / D. ARU (ex-Vior gloire)

    Posts from 2013

    SchwarzVrain, KISAKI birthday event, and LIN
    SchwarzVrain, KISAKI birthday event, and LIN

    One-day-limited band SchwarzVrain held their oneman today, at which a distributed flyer announced KISAKI's birthday live, FREEDOM 20140309. The main act at the event will be the end of corruption world, a [one-day-limited?] band with the same lineup as LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-).

    KISAKI BIRTHDAY EVENT 2014FREEDOM 20140309 2014-03-09 at shinsaibashi BASSO
    the end of corruption world 【V. RIKU (LIN) / G. KANATA (LIN) / B. KISAKI (LIN) / D. REIYA (LIN)】 / GIGAMOUS / Lycaon / Hana Shounen BADDIES (花少年バディーズ) / Black Gene For the Next Scene / ARLEQUIN (アルルカン)

    It's unclear if “the end of corruption world” will exist beyond that performance, or what exactly the group is. Is it: a “new” band? a name change? a limited revival? a disbandment performance? Personally, I can't see those 4 working together again, due to RIKU's activities and KANATA and REIYA's lack thereof. I really expected KISAKI to announce a new band or a new version of LIN today, but neither of those things happened... I just hope he gives us some clear information soon, because these mysteries are tiring!

    What are your thoughts?


    By the way:
    ● There was a Christmas party after the live at TAKAFUMI's bar Brand New Lounge tres.
    ● At the party, KISAKI sold a 5-piece bootleg DVD set featuring lives of his previous bands (limited 5 copies, 4,000 yen each). He also sold a lucky bag (limited 1 copy, 5,000 yen) which featured 2 different live DVDs of his past bands.
    ● The picture used for “the end of corruption world” on the flyer is from LIN's black mask collection which they produced in collaboration with JIGGYS SEANA.
    ● Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) played a CindyKate, NEGA, Phantasmagoria, and Dali song (specifics unknown).
    Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji will perform
    Long-running session UNDER CODE PRODUCTION session band Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji (罪団法人黒十字) will perform in 2014―sort of. The session classically features dual vocalists Ren (ex-Dali) and RIKU (ex-LIN), but RIKU will not appear this time; the session has therefore been renamed to Zaidan Hitori Kurojuuji (罪団1人黒十字). Besides Ren, the session will also feature LOTMAN guitarist SORA and ex-Vior gloire bassist RENA.

    Planet CHILD Music 7th anniversarySousei Ryouran -SESSIONhen- (創世繚乱-セッション編-) 2014-01-08 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) soma
    Zaidan Hitori Kurojuuji 罪団1人黒十字 【V. Ren (れん) (ex-Dali ~ LOTMAN) / G. SORA (ソラ) (LOTMAN) / G. Yuu (柚) (2nd Dyz) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire) / D. Kaede (楓) (2nd Dyz)】
    full session lineup here

    RIKU web activity and birthday event
    RIKU web activity and birthday event

    ex-LIN vocalist RIKU has finally taken tentative steps toward new musical activities! Just a few days ago he launched his official Twitter account (@rikuvoice), and today he announced a sponsored event in celebration of his birthday! Let's hope that this marks a coming full return to the music!

    Full details of RIKU's live event have yet to be announced—it's uncertain if he will appear as chariots (his solo project) or completely solo under his own name—but he's at least announced some guest players who will appear (many of whom have played for chariots or other UCP bands in the past!):

    RIKU birthday sponsored event Alfred rich rock
    2014-01-17 at EDGE Ikebukuro
    featured guest players, in no particular order:
    • 【V】 RIKU (ex-LIN)
    • 【G】 KEN (ex-DOREMIDAN) / Ryu (SLIME) / TOMOZO (TRIGGAH) / Chikage (ex-Megaromania) / Otake (ex-CindyKate) / +Yu (ex-ZODIA) / KAZ (ex-chariots support)
    • 【B】 Shigure (THE RHEDORIC) / Jin (ex-chariots support)
    • 【D】 Reika (ex-Madeth gray'll) / MIKAGE (ex-chariots support) / Shou (ex-chariots support)

    WEB SHOP requested items
    The WEB SHOP has added two requested items and has upgraded the KISAKI lucky bag:
    • LIN first live bootleg DVD - 3,150 yen (※ limited 20 / sale excluded / fair eligible)
    • LIN feat. Haruto (JIN) bootleg DVD - 3,150 yen (※ limited 20 / sale excluded / fair eligible)
    • KISAKI lucky bag SPECIAL DVD - 0 yen footage from 2010-11-03 LIN live at KERA fashion event; lucky bag costs 10,500 yen and features items hand-selected by KISAKI

    ● Sale: most items 50% off (LIN bootlegs, lucky bags, HOLIDAY TV set excluded)
    ● Fair: for every 5000 yen spent, choose one special bootleg DVD
    ● Shop closes 10/14

    FUTURISM・BOYZ' UNDER CODE family session event
    FUTURISM・BOYZ vocalist CO- is sponsoring a session event comprised almost entirely of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band members! Check out the awesome lineup below:

    FUTURISM・BOYZ vocalist CO- sponsored event Yamaguchi FESTIVAL!! (山口フェスティバル!!)
    2013-10-06 at Ash Osaka

    • Yatter Man 【V. CO- (F・B) / G. KANATA (ex-LIN) / B. Karasu (ex-SUZAKU) / D. REIYA (ex-LIN)】
    • SAN BAND 【V. YU-I (ex-CindyKate) / G. SAN (ex-NEGA) / G. YUKIHIRO (F・B) / B. Yu (ex-NEGA(?)) / D. ARU (ex-Vior gloire)】
    • Zutsuu (頭痛) 【V. Ren (ex-Dali) / G & B & D. (undecided)】
    • RENA with “CrazySound” Makers 【V. Ryu (holyclock) / G. Takuya (holyclock) / G. Go (HYRAL) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire) / D. Kyong Kyong】
    • Mon☆ster (もん☆すたぁ) 【V. garu (Paranoid≠circuS) / G. zyaki (Paranoid≠circuS) / B. SHUU / D. PIICHI】

    By the way, I wonder if Zutsuu will be a “prototype” for a band which Ren has mentioned thinking about.
    Recent additions to web shop
    Here are the most recent additions to the official web shop (which closes on October 14):
    • KISAKI hand-selected luxurious lucky bag - 10500 yen (※ limited 10 sets)
    • RIKU poster ① - 1575 yen (※ limited 1 / sold out)
    • RIKU poster ② - 1575 yen (※ limited 1 / sold out)
    • RIKU cheki 6 set - 3150 yen (※ limited 6 sets)
    • RIKU cheki 11 set - 5250 yen (※ limited 2 sets / sold out)
    • KANATA cheki 6 set - 3150 yen (※ limited 5 sets)
    • KANATA cheki 11 set - 5250 yen (※ limited 2 sets)
    • KISAKI cheki 6 set - 3150 yen (※ limited 5 sets / sold out)
    • REIYA cheki 6 set - 3150 yen (※ limited 7 sets)
    • REIYA cheki 11 set - 5250 yen (※ limited 3 sets)

    More limited web shop additions
    More limited web shop additions

    Several new limited items have been added to the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION official web shop:

    • KISAKI photo set ① - 2,100 yen ※ 3 photos (~A4 size) from MIRAGE~Syndrome period / limited 1 / sold out
    • KISAKI photo set ② - 2,100 yen ※ 3 photos (~A4 size) from Syndrome period / limited 1 / sold out
    • KISAKI photo set ③ - 2,100 yen ※ 3 photos (~A4 size) from Syndrome period / limited 1 / sold out
    • KISAKI SPECIAL lucky bag (beautiful edition) - 10,500 yen ※ 100,000 yen's worth of goods selected by KISAKI / limited 4 / sold out
    • RIKU (LIN) cheki set - 3,150 yen ※ set of 6 cheki / limited 5 sets
    • KANATA (LIN) cheki set - 3,150 yen ※ set of 6 cheki / limited 8 sets
    • MIZUKI (LIN) cheki set ① - 5,250 yen ※ set of 11 cheki / limited 4 sets / sold out
    • MIZUKI (LIN) cheki set ② - 3,150 yen ※ set of 6 cheki / limited 7 sets / sold out
    • REIYA (LIN) cheki set ① - 5,250 yen ※ set of 11 cheki / limited 4 sets
    • REIYA (LIN) cheki set ② - 3,150 yen ※ set of 6 cheki / limited 8 sets

    The UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OFFICIAL WEB SHOP has announced the second (and last?) part of its last special fair. This 2nd part introduces a handful of new, rare items, but unfortunately does not include any new privileges (however, the 5000 yen bootleg live DVD privilege from the 1st part of the fair still applies―at least until the end of July). Check out the list below:

    • KISAKI new look cheki (4 set, w/ 1 signed) (2100 yen)
    • KISAKI giant panel (from UCP last live) (52500 yen ※limited 1)
    • UCP 2 year calendar (HSP 2003~2013 SHOXX privilege) (1575 yen ※limited 10)
    • LIN 2012-12-02 oneman Psalms and Lamentations bootleg (4200 yen)
    • LIN 2013-06-23 event Obscure Ideal~Judgment of Fortune~ bootleg (3150 yen)
    • Matina data CD DEMO TAPE COLLECTIONS (Matina MP3 disc) (5,250 yen)
    LIN VISUALZINE comment
    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) has shared a new comment video with Chinese visual magazine VISUALZINE. Check it out below:

    LIN last live DVD
    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) will release a live DVD of their June 30th indefinite activity pause oneman live, Obscure Ideal ~Judgement of fortune~.

    The DVD will be released on 2013-08-28 at a cost of 6,300 yen, and will include the entire live (about 150 minutes of footage in total). Furthermore, all copies will include a ticket to a 2013-09-15 special event at which the ex-LIN members will appear (further details TBA). Those who purchase the DVD from the UCP official web shop will further receive a postcard signed bye, and with a handwritten message by, their favorite member, as well as a bonus DVD containing about 30 minutes of footage from the band's live in Taiwan.

    By the way, the product number of the release is “LDV-001”, as in “LIN DVD 1”. Translation: the DVD is being released independently by the band itself―UNDER CODE is really over ;(
    ARCHIVES special event updates
    As previously mentioned, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's treasure book ARCHIVES 2003~2013 includes a ticket to a special launch event. Since it was originally announced, the event has changed venues, and additional details have been released:

    The event (which will still be held on June 29th at 14:30 JST) will now be held at Rozetta (across the street from Shinsaibashi FANJ-twice), rather than Shinsaibashi food & bar Beginning as was initially announced.

    The event will feature talk sessions, Q&A, games with prizes, and more. UNDER CODE is currently asking for question submissions for the Q&A section (email with title 「インストアイベント」 to And, of course, goods will be sold during the event, with those who spend 4,000 yen being allowed to participate in satsueikai.

    The following goods will be sold at the event:
    • cheki (set of 2)
    • LIN: 「Obscure Ideal」, 「Reflect of Killing Fleur」, AWAKING FROM -INDEPENDENT “MAZE”-
    • Megaromania: Megaromania (TYPE A/B/C), Artistical Glint TYPE A, Propaganda (TYPE A/B)
    • FUTURISM・BOYZ: Jibunbyou, New period (TYPE A/B)
    • REALies: to 「B」 continued (TYPE A/B), Plug [I]n
    • High Style Paradox 2003~2013

    As originally announced, members of LIN, NEGA, Megaromania, FUTURISM・BOYZ, and REALies will appear.
    LIN × Megaromania session
    It has been announced that special session band featuring LIN and Megaromania members, ATO HA SORA (アトハソラ), will appear as a special guest at Ash OSAKA's 2013-06-29 session event, MOVING TARGET. This is in addition to several session bands featuring members of FUTURISM・BOYZ, REALies, SUZAKU, and Vior gloire.

    For the full lineup, and member information, see the original post about the event.
    LIN in Taiwan
    KISAKI and LIN are heading to Taiwan in a few days. Check out their special event lineup below:

    The main event is KISAKI ADVENT IN TAIPEI 「~Obscure Extra Show~」, at which LIN will perform a oneman show (with opening act Taiwanese visual kei band NARAKU).

    The night before the oneman, KISAKI will appear as special guest at a visual event featuring Chinese visual bands Lycoris (蕊), SPADE14, Initial Retribution, virulent hana (罌粟花), and Februarius (貳月).

    While KISAKI is busy at the special event live, other LIN members RIKU, KANATA, and REIYA will appear at a special handshake event. The event is limited to 100 participants, and tickets will be freely given to those who arrive with a copy of Chinese visual magazine VISUALZINE VOL.9 (which features a pullout poster of KISAKI).

    ( View the rest of this entry )
    KISAKI ADVENT IN TAIPEI official Facebook
    ADVENT Zenyasai official Facebook
    VISUALZINE official website
    LIN memorial CD now shipping
    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) has commenced shipping on their memorial CD, 「Obscure Ideal」. Those who purchased it should receive it, and the web shop privilege special DVD, in the next few days.

    By the way, the web shop is still offering the special DVD as a privilege for buyers of the memorial CD, but it will no longer be signed.

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION announced the first part of its web shop's last special fair today (I detailed the “0th part” in the previous post). For LAST FAIR PART:1, the web shop has updated with tons of special new items―mostly bootleg live DVDs―and has announced a very special privilege campaign!

    ( View the rest of this entry )
    Treasure Book special event
    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION “treasure book” ARCHIVES 2003~2013 is set to be released on June 20, and certain ex-members of the label have decided to hold a special event to celebrate it!

    The special event will be held on June 29, 2013, at Shinsaibashi food & bar Beginning, and tickets will be included with purchases of the Treasure Book (otherwise, tickets can also be obtained by spending 3,000 yen on UCP goods from June 20 through June 29 at Amemura PureSound). The event will include special talks, quizzes and games with presents, and more. And best of all, certain members of LIN, Megaromania, NEGA, FUTURISM・BOYZ, and REALies will participate!

    If you're in Japan and plan on attending, more information can be found here.
    LIN memorial CD delayed
    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) has announced that the release of their memorial CD, Obscure Ideal, will be delayed.

    The live and web shop limited CD was originally scheduled to be shipped out from the official web shop on June 1st but, due to manufacturing delays, will instead begin shipment on June 5th. (The CD will, however, be available for purchase at the band's June 2nd live.)

    Another note: the tracklist shown by UNDER CODE's official blog no longer mentions a bonus track being included in the CD. I'm not sure if this was an oversight or if the bonus track has indeed been cut.

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has closed・・・ In memorial of 10 years of this legendary and unorthodox label, a new bible will be released: ARCHIVES 2003~2013. Furthermore, this timeless collector's item will include UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's last live DVD!!

    UNDER CODE's “treasure book” is called ARCHIVES 2003~2013 and will be released on June 20th, 2013, through the label's official web shop. The book will collect 128 full color pages, and will cost 12,600 yen. The book will feature 6 major sections, but will also include a two-point special privilege, as well as a web shop limited privilege:

    1. A great number of artists' official photos
    2. Exclusive live report of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION last event Nihon Seiatsu FINAL -since 2003~2013- 2013.5.03 at Osaka BIG CAT
    3. Extensive biography and discography files for all signed artists
    4. Personal interviews: Ray (NEGA) × CO- (F・B) / SAN (NEGA) × Maaya (CindyKate) / YUUI (CindyKate) × Rayka (REALies) / KANATA (LIN) × Misery (Megaromania) / RIKU (LIN) × JIN (NEGA) × Yamada Takafumi (UCP staff)
    5. 10 years' worth of private offshot photos, about 700 in total
    6. KISAKI's last interview
    7. ...and more
    1. Application ticket to special project exclusively for purchasers (application deadline: 2013-07-20)
    2. Complete live DVD (over 3 hours of footage) of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION last event Nihon Seiatsu FINAL -since 2003~2013- 2013.5.03 at Osaka BIG CAT
    • Unique, only-one-in-the-world special CD by Ray (NEGA) × CO- (F・B) special unit AD LIBBERS (アドリヴァーズ), in which they create a completely original song based on the title you specify

    KISAKI has finally revealed the “UNDER CODE PRODUCTION LAST COLLABORATION”... It's a special collaboration unit band, 「D・N・A」 which will appear on a new tribute to hide omnibus!!

    As part of hide anniversary project ROCKET DIVE 2003-2014 (which celebrates the 15th anniversary of his passing, 20th anniversary of his musical activities, and 50th birthday), his tribute album series hide TRIBUTE SPIRITS has been expanded. Throughout these two years, 6 more entries to the series will be released―starting with two visual kei entries, hide TRIBUTE Ⅱ -Visual SPIRITS- and hide TRIBUTE Ⅲ -Visual SPIRITS-.

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION special collaboration unit 「D・N・A」 will appear in the second omnibus, covering hide's Junk Story. The lineup of the unit is unknown, but the photoshoot featured all vocalists of UNDER CODE's currently-active bands, plus KISAKI―so, we can assume those people will be involved.

    hide TRIBUTE Ⅱ -Visual SPIRITS- will be released on July 1st, 2013. Tracklist is below:

    2013-07-03 3,000 yen omnibus album CD

    1. TELL ME
    2. DICE
    3. OBLAAT
    4. D.O.D
    5. ピンク スパイダー PINK SPIDER
    6. ever free
    7. DOUBT
    9. MISERY
    10. Beauty & Stupid
    11. DAMAGE
    12. Junk Story
    13. 50% & 50%

    UNDER CODE teases last collaboration

    KISAKI has been dropping hints about “UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's last collaboration.” Although it's unclear what the collaboration is, we have the following information:

    • It involves the vocalists of all current UNDER CODE bands―they just did a photoshoot (see above) with KISAKI specifically for the collaboration.
    • It probably involves music―KISAKI's been in the studio working on arrangement.
    • It seems to have been decided at the last minute―KISAKI said that he's been in the studio for hours, under intense pressure, trying to finish by the upcoming deadline.

    My guess is a last collaboration song, maybe something like KISAKI did with Wataru, RIKU, and Jui in 2007 when 12012, Phantasmagoria, and VIDOLL were graduating from the label (...well, were planning to, anyway). What do you think? Whatever the last collaboration is, we'll find out on May 3rd, when it's announced at UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's last live.

    2013-04-30 edit: A special photoset of the collaboration photos (seen above) will be sold at UNDER CODE's dissolution event for 2,000 yen. Cheki from the photoshoot will also be sold, in pairs, for 1,000 yen.
    KANATA's yellow radio
    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) guitarist KANATA has been releasing a series of comment CDs entitled KANATAN no YELLOW RADIO (KANATAんのイエローラジオ). The latest one is V♡L:3, given to those who spent 4,000 yen at the band's 2013-04-24 live―and for a limited time, the CD will also be awarded to anyone who spends 4,000 yen through the UCP official web shop. That offer is valid only from April 26th through the 30th, so hurry if you want to take advantage!

    2013-02-14 3,000 yen comment CD-R

    1. (Comment)

    2013-03-30 3,000 yen comment CD-R

    1. (Comment)

    2013-04-24 4,000 yen comment CD-R

    1. (Comment)

    凛 new PVs
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    凛 - World In Flames PV spot

    LIN announces new release

    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) has announced a new release!! Their memorial CD Obscure Ideal will be released through lives and the official web shop on June 1st, 2013.

    Obscure Ideal will cost 2,100 yen and contains 3 new songs plus 1 unspecified bonus track. (Interestingly, one of the new songs is “Fell Asleep”, which was originally announced to be the bonus track in The Psalms and Lamentations TYPE B.)

    「Obscure Ideal」
    2013-06-05 2,100 yen single CD

    1. Mist in Reminisce
    2. Re-frain
    3. Fell Asleep
    4. Re-frain (instrumental)
    5. Fell Asleep (instrumental)

    The privilege for purchasing the memorial CD through the UCP official web shop is a signed special DVD containing a personalized message from the member of your choice and about 30 minutes of unspecified video footage.

    Additionally, Obscure Ideal will include “proof-of-purchase coupon B”, which―along with “coupon A” (included in Reflect of Killing Fleur)―can be redeemed for a special privilege.

    Strangely, which Reflect of Killing Fleur was announced, it was said that the double-coupon-privilege was an unreleased song, “Slander Crime”. However, mention of that song has been scrubbed from the band's news page, and the flyer for Obscure Ideal lists the privilege as a special DVD. So it seems that the new song may have been cancelled―hopefully we'll have more information on this at a later date.
    UNDER CODE omnibus features
    UNDER CODE artists have been featured in a lot of omnibuses lately. First, there's the last memorial omnibus, High Style Paradox 2003~2013, which features all UCP artists. Second, Megaromania and LIN will participate in a special omnibus compiled by PENICILLIN guitarist Chisato (to which LIN will contribute a new song). And finally, sever UNDER CODE bands have been featured in a digital compilation series called VISUAL☆INVASION. Details for all are below:

    ( View the rest of this entry )
    Collection album privileges
    I've compiled a list of all shop privileges for UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's recently-released and upcoming collection albums. So if any of you are planning to buy any, be sure to get the best privileges! (And maybe even coordinate with each other to get different privileges and share them~!)

    ( View the rest of this entry )
    KISAKI 20th anniversary lucky bags & birthday party

    KISAKI will release a special lucky bag to celebrate his 20th year of band activity! Furthermore, he has decided on a spur-of-the-moment birthday party, to be held shortly after his 20th anniversary memorial live.

    KISAKI's lucky bag will include a great number of rare items (music, goods, etc.) of his successive bands from throughout his 20 year history. Furthermore, the purchase privilege is 1 cheki, and 2 photos (of 5 possible) from KISAKI's mysterious early bands (when he was only 18~20 years old!). The bag is available, in extremely limited quantities, for 3,675 yen through the official web shop.

    Furthermore, KISAKI has decided on a spur-of-the-moment birthday party, to be held late on March 10th at Shinsaibashi soma, shortly after his 20th anniversary memorial live at Osaka BIG CAT earlier that day. KISAKI will appear along with his hand-picked “Chikasen's most interesting”―Ray (NEGA), KANATA (LIN), KEETO (Dali), CO- & YUKIHIRO (FUTURISM・BOYZ)―and will spend the night comfortably celebrating (no performances will take place) with attendees.

    Tickets to the party are available now through the official web shop for 6,000 yen. Only an extremely limited number of attendees will be allowed, and only those 20-years-old or older will be allowed to enter!
    Tritt fur Tritt × UNDER CODE PRODUCTION

    Hair and makeup studio, and frequent UCP collaborator, Tritt fur Tritt has announced a special festival to celebrate UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's 10th anniversary!

    The festival is called Kami Matsuri (神まつり), and will be held on 2013-03-03 from 13:00 to 16:00 (JST). Several special programs will take place:

    1. 【Kami Matsuri part ①】 In commemoration of UNDER CODE's upcoming dismantling, special Tritt fur Tritt × UNDER CODE PRODUCTION history booths will be erected!
      • The first booth will feature photos of hair and makeup creations by Tritt fur Tritt of UNDER CODE's past and present artists. It will also feature music samples of those artists.
      • The second booth will feature a special history of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION exhibition.
    2. 【Kami Matsuri part ②】 KISAKI and Sui (Megaromania) will act as employees at the front desk for 3 hours! They will appear in full hair, makeup, and costume. (Of course, they won't actually perform any beauty treatments on customers!)
    3. 【Kami Matsuri part ③】 A special 3-hour-limited beauty treatment menu will be featured! All treatments on the special menu will cost only 1,500 yen! (However, each customer is limited to 2 treatments only.)
      • Petite EX (hair color treatment―up to 3 natural colors; or 2 vivid or special colors)
      • Petite Mori (quick, simple hair styling)
      • Flat iron or loose curls
      • Loose up-do
      • Braided style
      • Original 2 braids (KISAKI or Sui will give counsel on the style of the 2 braids!)
    4. 【Kami Matsuri part ④】 All visitors will receive special welcome drink “God's extravagant drink”! It will be presented in a special Tritt fur Tritt cup.
    5. 【Additional projects】
      • Two-shot cheki! For 1,000 yen, each customer will receive an original cheki of themselves with KISAKI or Sui.
      • Club-Zy special goods! The first 5 customers to present their club Zy. premium membership number will receive a special comment + signature card from KISAKI and Sui, as well as original Tritt fur Tritt goods.

    LIN last live and punk coupling
    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) has announced the full details for their 3rd anniversary oneman, at which they will pause activities indefinitely. As a present to fans, the band has given the tickets a special price of only 1,500 yen.

    LIN 3rd ANNIVERSARY & indefinite activity pause oneman Obscure Ideal ~Judgement of fortune~
    2013-06-30 at Osaka BIG CAT
    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) (oneman) (indefinite hiatus)

    special ticket price
    special present freely distributed to those who preorder tickets

    Before that, LIN will be participating in a “water and oil” twoman show with Ryuketsu BLIZZARD (流血ブリザード). A special present will be given to all those who attend, and special collaboration goods will be sold afterward.

    (Ryuketsu BLIZZARD are a band signed to legendary punk label Satsugai Enka VINYL (殺害塩化ビニール), which is home to bands such as QP-CRAZY. The label often skirts the visual kei scene, despite not directly being a part of it—and KISAKI himself is known to be a personal fan.)

    THE water and oil TWOMAN SHOW!! Kyouki!! Kichiku Chikasen Shuukai (狂喜!!鬼畜地下線集会)
    2013-03-16 at Shinsaibashi LIVE HOUSE Pangea
    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) / Ryuketsu BLIZZARD (流血ブリザード) (twoman) / (large session)

    special present freely distributed to attendees
    special collaboration goods on sale

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION memorial omnibus

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that, in collaboration with SHOXX, it will release its 10th anniversary memorial last omnibus, High Style Paradox 2003~2013. The mail-order-limited omnibus will be released in March, and will feature all significant bands (32 in total) signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION throughout its 10 years of activity.

    Those who purchase the omnibus before February 28th will receive a special 24 month calendar.

    Because the omnibus is mail-order-limited through SHOXX, it will not be available to overseas customers via usual means. However, I organize a group order as soon as I find a viable shopping service—expect a separate with details.

    ( View the rest of this entry )

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced its 10th anniversary last tour: Nihon Seiatsu FINAL -since 2003~2013- (日本制圧FINAL -since 2003~2013-). The tour will take place from March 1st through May 3rd, after which UNDER CODE will dismantle.

    ( View the rest of this entry )
    More bad news for LIN

    This morning, KISAKI tweeted a cryptic message: “Something unforgivable has suddenly happened. Must consult with the members and staff immediately. Shit!!!!” Just now, the bad news has been revealed: guitarist MIZUKI has suddenly withdrawn from LIN.

    Back when LIN announced their upcoming indefinite hiatus, MIZUKI also announced his intention to withdraw from the band on that date (June 30th—when their last oneman is to take place).

    However, it seems that MIZUKI messaged KISAKI this morning and announced his intention to withdraw from the band immediately (January 7th). MIZUKI then refused to return emails and phone messages, rendering his withdrawal effective immediately.

    According to KISAKI's official comment on the matter, one of the reasons behind MIZUKI's original intention to withdraw was scheduling conflicts—perhaps school or family conflict. KISAKI says that the band wanted to stay as they were and so they booked lives to accommodate MIZUKI... But I guess he just couldn't wait until June to be free from band commitments.

    In the mean time, LIN will continue as a 4 member band. Decisions about their last oneman on June 30th have yet to be made.

    Posts from 2012

    LIN last release and lives

    LIN has announced their last activity before their activity pause on June 30th, 2013!

    First, in March, they'll release a best album! It features a great selection of tracks from their debut all the way to their latest release. More importantly, it also features a DVD with unreleased PV clips, including a brand new one for World In Flames (one of their best songs!).

    Included in the best album is Ticket A, part of a double mail-order application to receive the unreleased song Slander Crime. However... that means there's yet another unannounced LIN release to come which will include Ticket B...! Customers who buy both the best album and the yet-unannounced release through the official web shop will receive a personalized last message + live footage DVD.

    LIN also announced their last live activity. On February 2nd, 2013, they'll kick off their last tour, Reflect of Killing Fleur. Then, finally, June 30th, 2013, at Osaka BIG CAT, LIN will hold their last oneman live and pause activities indefinitely.

    「Reflect of Killing Fleur」
    2013-03-20 4,830 yen collection album CD + DVD

    1. The Psalms and Lamentations
    2. Insane flashback show
    3. Royal Blood
    4. Ambient Cosmo
    5. Freedom
    6. Gasp For Breath
    7. Feeling Universe
    8. Call Back
    9. Walking in the rain
    10. Lunar Eclipse~in the shadow~
    11. Foolish
    12. World In Flames

    1. Royal Blood
    2. The Psalms and Lamentations
    3. World In Flames

    Slander Crime
    2014-03-09 1,000 yen single CD

    1. Slander Crime

    UNDER CODE last birthday event

    At today's UNDER CODE PRODUCTION last New Year countdown event (which was SOLD OUT, by the way!), several of the label's last lives were announced. First up: the last UNDER CODE birthday event will celebrate the birthdays of LIN drummer REIYA and NEGA bassist Ray!

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION LAST BIRTHDAY EVENT Ray&REIYA dream double birthday event!! 桜舞い散る季節に俺たちは生まれた。 (Sakura Maichiru Kisetsu ni Oretachi ha Umareta。)
    2013-04-20 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA

    • LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-)
    • NEGA
    • Megaromania
    • REALies
    • THE PIERO (ザ・ピエロ) [V. RIKU (LIN) / G. SAN (NEGA) / G. Otake (CindyKate) / B. Ray (NEGA) / D. REIYA (LIN)]
    • IDOL (アイドル) [V. JOSE KOJI (FUTURISM・BOYZ) & YUUI (CindyKate) / G. MIZUKI (LIN) / B. Ray (NEGA) / D. Yu (NEGA) & REIYA (LIN)]
    • BEACH BOYS (ビーチボーイズ) [V. Rayka (REALies) / G. KANATA (LIN) / G. Chikage (Megaromania) / B. Ray (NEGA) / D. REIYA (LIN)]
    • Kuroi Bara no xxx no Nanji ni xxxsareta xxxxa xxsa xxxma fexxfonba ni Gankyuu wo Sasagenasai・・・。 (黒い薔薇のxxxの汝にxxxされたxxxxあxxさxxxまふぇxxふぉんばに眼球を捧げなさい・・・。) [V. Sui (Megaromania) / G. Ritsu (REALies) / G. YUKIHIRO (FUTURISM・BOYZ) / B. Ray (NEGA) / D. REIYA (LIN)]
    • SHAPE UP BOYS (シェイプアップボーイズ) [V. TAKAFUMI (ex-Marvelous Maiden) / G. Misery (Megaromania) / G. KEETO (Dali) / B. Ray (NEGA) / D. REIYA (LIN)]

    Pretty ambitious of the boys to play in every session band!! Sounds like an awesome event.
    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION event series finals

    As part of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's 10th anniversary special events, the final edition of the label's long-running event series, act unlawfully, has been announced. A final edition of the recent newcomer's event series, NEXT INNOVATORS, has been announced as well.

    2013-02-14 at OSAKA MUSE
    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) / REALies / Crimson Shiva / Called≠Plan / SUZAKU (朱) / Rext / Xenon / Vallquar / FOWR

    2013-02-10 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) VARON
    SUZAKU (朱) / Vior gloire / Cu[be] / SUZACUBGLOIRE Ⅱ (スザキューブグロアⅡ) [V. shall (Vior gloire) / G. Toya (Cu[be]) / G. serra (Vior gloire) / D. Karen (SUZAKU)] / Adabana (徒花) [V. Itsuki (SUZAKU) / G. Karasu (SUZAKU) / G. Nao (Cu[be]) / B. RENA (Vior gloire) / D. ARU (Vior gloire)] / (large session)

    KISAKI 20th year memorial event

    As part of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's 10th anniversary special events, a special live will be held to commemorate KISAKI's 20 years (!!) of legendary band activity. UNDER CODE's biggest bands will appear at the event, and will each play 2 cover songs from KISAKI's bands.

    KISAKI 20 year band activity celebration event “Chikasen version” C'est la vie ~REMAIN OF THE 20TH YEARS HISTORY~
    2013-02-02 at OSAKA RUIDO
    LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) / Megaromania / NEGA / REALies / FUTURISM・BOYZ

    each band will play 2 songs from KISAKI's bands!!

    By the way, this is labeled the “Chikasen (UNDER CODE) version”. I wonder if there will be a Matina version announced later??

    LIN pausing activities indefinitely

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) has made an important announcement: they're pausing activities indefinitely.

    The band's upcoming December 1st&2nd oneman live to celebrate the release of The Psalms and Lamentations will be their last oneman ever, and the band will indefinitely pause with UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's closure in 2013. The members have released comments here, but I'm personally not able to translate them (they seem to be of the expectedly vague “this is the result of many discussions...” variety).

    If you've been a longtime fan of LIN, you'll remember that they paused activities once before. However, that activity was much less formal―it was offhandedly mentioned by KISAKI one day, and lasted only a short time. This “indefinite activity pause” is much more serious: although the term has a slightly less grave meaning than “disbandment,” these things often turn out the same way―and with UNDER CODE closing, it's hard to imagine that LIN will actually come back.

    What are you thoughts?
    LIN and SUZAKU fashion show

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) and 朱 (SUZAKU) will be participating in a fashion show sponsored by KERA!

    On November 3rd, fashion shop KERA, venue BIG STEP, and fashion academy Vantan will collaborate to present a fashion show. Along with traditional models, several musicians will appear to model clothes, and a few will even stick around to put on a mini live performance!

    The event is free to observe, but special tickets will be available to guarantee entry. Those tickets can be obtained by purchasing one of the special collaboration items (proceeds of which go to charity), which also come with a special cheki of the collaborator.

    UNDER CODE bands 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) and 朱 (SUZAKU) will be appearing at the event: LIN members RIKU, KANATA, and MIZUKI will be modeling clothes, as will all members of SUZAKU. RIKU, KANATA, and MIZUKI (of LIN) will stick around to perform during the mini-live (SUZAKU will not). Both bands collaborated with KERA to produce t-shirts (part of the charity collaboration series which comes with a special ticket and cheki), which can be seen below:

    Left: LIN's t-shirt / Right: SUZAKU's t-shirt


    UNDER CODE has hastily decided to hold another edition of CLUB★地下线 (CLUB★Chikasen) immediately after its New Year countdown live. At the event, all UNDER CODE band members (except from Cu[be]) and 120 lucky attendees will drink and have fun!

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION New Year's Eve SPECIAL PARTY CLUB★地下线★新年会 (CLUB★Chikasen★Shinenkai)
    2013-01-01 at HOLIDAY OSAKA
    All members from: 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN), NEGA, Megaromania, シンディケイト (CindyKate), FUTURISM・BOYZ, REALies, 朱 (SUZAKU), Vior gloire

    limited 120 people
    outside drinks and food are allowed
    ID check will be performed

    LIN birthday events

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) recently announced birthday events for vocalist RIKU and guitarist KANATA. Details below:

    RIKU BIRTHDAY EVENT-sary-sary Anniversary 『℃』 2013-01-12 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) RUIDO K4
    • 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN)
    • 『℃』 [V. RIKU (LIN) / G. おたけ (Otake) (CindyKate) / G. 蜘影-Chikage- (Megaromania) / B. まぁや (Maaya) (CindyKate) / D. 成华 (Naruka) (ex-ClearVeil, CARAT)]
    • Megaromania
    • 血と包带 (Chi to Houtai) (CELL)
    • シンディケイト (CindyKate)
    • Annie's Black
    • カラット (CARAT)
    • グリーヴァ (Grieva)

    • 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN)
    • YELLOW PROJECT 2013 [V. CO- (FUTURISM・BOYZ) / G. KANATA (LIN) / G. 美沙丽-Misery- (Megaromania) / B. 忧里 (Yuuri) (Cu[be]) / D. REIYA (LIN)]
    • Megaromania
    • REALies
    • Cu[be]
    • DecoLa Hopping
    • Lustknot.
    • hina solo project (ex-hurts)
    • UNDEAD
    Small change for LIN's mini-album

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) recently announced their first mini-album. It seems that they've since decided to make a small change: the bonus track of TYPE A is now Prophecy from Nightmare, rather than the previously announced Fell Asleep.

    Furthermore, the official web shop privilege has been announced: those who buy both types will receive OFF SHOT DVD VOL:6, as well as a signed cheki of the member of the customer's choosing.

    And finally, the tracklist for shadow of envy, the application privilege live DVD, has been fully revealed. All updated tracklists are shown below.

    The Psalms and Lamentations TYPE A
    2012-11-21 2,625 yen mini-album CD

    1. The Psalms and Lamentations
    2. Undefined...
    3. Lunar Eclipse~in the shadow~
    4. Over the rainbow
    5. Misery is nothing
    6. Prophecy from Nightmare

    The Psalms and Lamentations TYPE B
    2012-11-21 2,625 yen mini-album CD

    1. The Psalms and Lamentations
    2. Undefined...
    3. Lunar Eclipse~in the shadow~
    4. Over the rainbow
    5. Misery is nothing
    6. Lovers ~ラヴァーズ~ Lovers ~LOVERS~

    the shadow of envy -2012.4.30 OSAKA BIG CAT-
    2013-02-01 0 yen live recording DVD

    1. Flowers Bloom
    2. Metamorphose
    3. Ambient Cosmo
    4. Deep Labyrinth
    5. Rin

    KISAKI Satsuei & Henshuu ni Yoru OFF SHOT DVD VOL:6
    2012-11-21 0 yen other DVD

    1. OFF SHOT

    凛(LIN) new PV

    KISAKI mentioned on twitter yesterday, that new PV shooting is ended. But no information about which song or release date still.
    He uploaded some pictures.

    凛 new mini album and 2 day one-man live

    KISAKI announced today, that 凛 will release a new mini-album with 7 brand new songs. Title is 「The Psalms and Lamentations」 and it will release on 2012/11/21 in 2 TYPE. Every type is 2,625 yen.
    [track list]
    01.The Psalms and Lamentations
    03.Lunar Eclipse~in the shadow~
    04.Over the rainbow
    05.Misery is nothing
    06.Fell Asleep (TYPE A bonus track)
    06.Lovers~ラヴァーズ~ (TYPE B bonus track)

    Who buy both type get a LIVE DVD, from UCP WEB SHOP the 「OFF SHOT DVD VOL:6」 also.
    LIVE DVD's title is 「the shadow of envy」
    [set list]
    01.Flowers Bloom
    03.Ambient Cosmo
    04.Deep Labyrinth
    05. 凛
    Moreover they will hold a 2 day one-man at Shinjuku ACB HALL at 2012/12/01-02, and embark for a release tour in october.

    LIN release TOUR 「The Psalms and Lamentations」

    2012-10-14 at HOLIDAY OSAKA (Free oneman)
    2012-10-28 at ESAKA MUSE
    2012-10-31 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) RUIDO-K4
    2012-11-20 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) AVALON (Twoman)
    2012-11-23 at 札幌 (Sapporo) KRAPS HALL (Guest)

    LIN release ONEMAN lives 「The Psalms and Lamentations」

    2012-12-01 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) ACB HALL
    2012-12-01 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) ACB HALL

    The Psalms and Lamentations TYPE A
    2012-11-21 2,625 yen mini-album CD

    1. The Psalms and Lamentations
    2. Undefined...
    3. Lunar Eclipse~in the shadow~
    4. Over the rainbow
    5. Misery is nothing
    6. Prophecy from Nightmare

    The Psalms and Lamentations TYPE B
    2012-11-21 2,625 yen mini-album CD

    1. The Psalms and Lamentations
    2. Undefined...
    3. Lunar Eclipse~in the shadow~
    4. Over the rainbow
    5. Misery is nothing
    6. Lovers ~ラヴァーズ~ Lovers ~LOVERS~

    LIN to hold first overseas oneman

    KISAKI has announced that 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) will hold their first overseas oneman! On November 3rd, the band will appear at LIVE HOUSE MAO in Shanghai, China; further details TBA.
    凛 full new songs
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    凛 - Royal Blood PV
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    LIN - AWAKING from -Independent "MAZE"- preview

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OHP updated the 2 new song's preview of Lin new album 「AWAKING from -Independent "MAZE"-」.
    The 2 new song's title are 「Insane flashback show」 and 「come out of your shell」. Both are half minute long.
    Announcement from LIN

    KISAKI said via twitter that the band will make an announcement in 8 days, the 29th.
    He want us to check official site, blogs and twitter. Let's hope it's something good!
    What do you think it will be?
    13 new releases available at CDJapan

    Finally! The first full albums from Cu[be], REALies, SUZAKU, and Vior gloire are now available for preorder at CDJapan! Dali's last best album, LIN's album re-release and live DVD, and Megaromania's new singles and live DVD are available as well.

    2012-09-05 3,150 yen collection album CD

    1. タナトス THANATOS
    2. 償いは自決にて・・・ Tsugunai ha Jiketsu nite・・・
    3. 256錠と後悔 256 Jou to Koukai
    4. 閃光プロローグ Senkou PROLOGUE
    5. 鬱色サヴァンと機械人形 Utsuiro SAVANT to Kikai Ningyou
    6. 断罪の雪 Danzai no Yuki
    7. Twilight ST★R
    8. Colorless Device
    9. the last wedding.
    10. ロジカルシューター LOGICAL SHOOTER
    11. split heroine days
    12. 空の記憶 Sora no Kioku

    ダリコレ ディスク
    2012-10-10 4,200 yen collection album CD + DVD

    1. 25:54 (SE)
    2. 25:55
    3. [s]hit parade
    4. どピンクナンバー D PINK NUMBER
    5. 星屑 Hoshikuzu
    6. S.O.S
    7. 印象派ポルノ Inshouha PORNO
    8. H.N[迷子] H.N[maigo]
    9. イタミワケ ITAMI WAKE
    10. Heroine
    11. a habit
    12. -
    13. アンプレザント リハビリテーション UNPLEASANT REHABILITATION
    14. りゅうせいこうば Ryuusei Kouba
    15. スロウメロウ SLOW MELLOW

    1. Placebo
    2. ant gallery
    3. sunny
    4. [s]hit parade
    5. 星屑 Hoshikuzu
    6. イタミワケ ITAMI WAKE
    7. 印象派ポルノ Inshouha PORNO
    8. downer
    9. ヨルノハテ YORU NO HATE
    10. マイン MINE

    2012-09-05 3,360 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

    1. In stin ctive
    2. Insane flashback show
    3. come out of your shell

    1. Cold Sabbat
    2. From The End...
    3. Silent To My Pain
    4. Fall・・・
    5. Matamorphose
    6. Royal Blood
    7. As If Forever Exists.
    8. Continuation of dream
    9. Mind confusion
    10. Replicant Blue
    11. A.Hitlor.
    12. Flowers Bloom
    13. The ins and outs
    14. World In Flames

    2012-09-05 5,040 yen live recording DVD

    1. Flowers Bloom
    2. Metamorphose
    3. A.Hitlor.
    4. Silent To My Pain
    5. Ambient Cosmo
    6. Continuation of dream
    7. Fake Dance
    8. Walking in the rain
    9. Sterilization
    10. DRUM SOLO
    11. As If Forever Exists.
    12. Deep Labyrinth
    13. Feeling Universe
    14. Royal Blood
    15. Insane flashback show
    16. Call Back
    17. Rin
    18. FREEDOM
    19. Foolish

    Propaganda TYPE:A
    Propaganda -PROPAGANDA-
    2012-10-17 3,150 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

    1. Propaganda
    2. Necrophilia

    1. Propaganda (PROMOTION CLIP)
    2. 「European tour 2012」 ドキュメント前編 「European tour2012」 DOCUMENT Zenpen

    Propaganda -プロパガンダ- type B
    Propaganda -PROPAGANDA-
    2012-10-17 1,890 yen maxi-single CD

    1. Propaganda
    2. Demonic Mephist
    3. God of Megaromania-純血ノ刻印‐ (BONUS TRACK) God of Megaromania-Junketsu no Kokuin- (BONUS TRACK)

    The Vision of Engraving -2012.7.29 SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO-
    2012-11-14 5,040 yen live recording DVD

    1. a prelude to Glint
    2. Crimson
    3. Heretical Voice
    5. Cynthia
    6. Spell of Mystery-幻色螺旋- Spell of Mystery-Geniro Rasen-
    7. Wail of crested
    8. with Sympathizer
    9. Silvery Divorce
    10. Tragedy
    11. Deus
    12. Absolute obedience
    13. Cardinal Sin
    15. Rain fall in solitude
    16. Ideal future
    17. Oath-cross of eternity-
    18. Sabbath
    19. AURORA-destinies of world-

    Heaven's Novel -ヘヴェンズノベル- TYPE:A
    Heaven's Novel -HEAVEN'S NOVEL-
    2012-12-12 3,150 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

    1. Heaven's Novel
    2. Lily-幻想に覆われる空と天空の華- Lily-Gensou ni Oowareru Sora to Tenkuu no Hana-

    1. Heaven's Novel (PV)
    2. 「Europe tour 2012」 ドキュメント後編 「Europe tour 2012」 DOCUMENT Kouhen

    Heaven's Novel -ヘヴェンズノベル- TYPE:B
    Heaven's Novel -HEAVEN'S NOVEL-
    2012-12-12 1,890 yen maxi-single CD

    1. Heaven's Novel
    2. Holy Scars
    3. Reincarnation -輪廻季想- *(Re:birth of creation) Reincarnation -Rinne Kisou- *(Re:birth of creation)

    Buy at CDJapan

    2012-10-03 5,250 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

    1. Lv.
    2. 衝動 Shoudou
    3. NEXT⇒
    4. As'ever
    5. CHANGE!
    6. Plug[I]n
    7. ability Aggregate
    8. 180
    9. 星の降る街 Hoshi no Furu Machi
    10. NuAGE

    1. NuAGE
    2. D.O.P.E
    3. 曖昧カテゴライズ Aimai CATEGORIZE
    4. 色彩Polaroid. Shikisai Polaroid.
    5. Plug[I]n
    7. 浮遊グラフィック Fuyuu GRAPHIC
    8. CHANGE!
    9. LaST A GaINST
    10. NEXT⇒

    Buy at CDJapan

    2012-10-03 3,150 yen maxi-single CD

    1. Lv.
    2. 衝動 Shoudou
    3. NEXT⇒
    4. As'ever
    5. CHANGE!
    6. Plug[I]n
    7. ability Aggregate
    8. sweet/rouge (BONUS TRACK)
    9. 180
    10. 星の降る街 Hoshi no Furu Machi
    11. NuAGE

    2012-09-26 3,990 yen album CD + DVD

    1. 人間失格 -SE- Ningenshikkaku -SE-
    2. 曲ガル睡蓮`駆ケル[11ul] Magaru Suiren ` Kakeru [11ul]
    3. テオナナカトル TEONANACATL
    4. 腐れ恋 Kusarekoi
    5. 桜歌乱舞 Oukaranbu
    6. 大義乃桜 Taigi no Sakura
    7. Go
    8. 妙楽ノイド -class C- Taeranoid -class C-
    9. 舌禍粧 Zekkashou
    10. 『 』曰わく、 『』 Iwaku、

    1. 腐れ恋 (PV) Kusarekoi (PV)

    Vior gloire
    Gloomy and wakeful night
    2012-10-24 3,150 yen album CD

    1. prologue1
    2. 悲しみの地に咲く花 Kanashimi no Chi ni Saku Hana
    4. インスパイア INSPIRE
    5. prologue2
    6. 狂い果てた現実に見た世界 Kurui Hate Genjitsu ni Mita Sekai
    7. リリアス・ソフィーと憂鬱 LILIAS ・ SOPHIE to Yuuutsu
    8. prologue3
    9. DEAD the CREATOR
    10. despair
    11. prologue4
    12. イロノナイセカイ IRONONAI SEKAI
    13. 君が居ない部屋 Kimi ga Inai Heya
    14. Locus

    Last Rinne Tensei
    On August 5th, 輪・廻・転・生 -Matina VS UNDER CODE PRODUCTION- (Rin・ne・ten・sei) was held at HOLIDAY OSAKA. I thought I'd post the setlists and a couple of photos from the event.

    ( View the rest of this entry )

    Unfortunately, KISAKI has revealed that this was the end of the 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN OF “VISUAL MONSTER” (Rin・ne・ten・sei) event series. Furthermore, he revealed that it's the very last revival live of MIRAGE as well. This was a great year for 90s visual kei revivals―can't last forever, can it?

    LIN to distribute Royal Blood PV

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) has announced that they will distribute the unreleased PV for Royal Blood. The first 100 customers to spend at least 5,000 yen at the band's 2012-08-03 live will receive the PV. Currently, there is no other release planned for the PV.

    Royal blood -PROMOTION CLIP-
    2012-08-03 0 yen PV collection DVD

    1. Royal blood -PROMOTION CLIP-

    TAKAFUMI's birthday sessions revealed

    Last month, an event to celebrate the birthday of UNDER CODE staff member TAKAFUMI was announced. The session band lineup for the event has finally been announced, and it's incredible!

    TAKAFUMI BIRTHDAY EVENT YMD28 ~会いたかった×3 YES!!君に~ (YMD28 ~Aitakatta ×3 YES!! Kimi ni~)
    2012-08-30 at HOLIDAY OSAKA
    • YMD28 [V. タカフミ (TAKAFUMI; ex-Marvelous Maiden) / G. +悠 (+Yu; Ultimate Sonic) / G. 葉月-hazuki- (朱 (SUZAKU)) / B. HINA (FOWR) / D. zodd (ex-Diverse glare in Riot)]

    • Ultimate Sonic [V. +悠 (+Yu; Ultimate Sonic) / G. 葉月-hazuki- (朱 (SUZAKU)) / G. ユッキー (YUKKIE, N@H) / B. Ena (ex-HenzeL) / D. ライ (RAI, N@H)]

    • トモダチ (tomodachi)

    • Riddick


    • 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) (special)

    • スザキューブグロア (SUZACUBEGLOIRE) (special) [V. 樹-ituki- (SUZAKU) / V. シャル (shall, Vior gloire) / G. 尚-nao- (Cu[be]) / G. serra (Vior gloire) / B. 憂里-yuuri- (Cu[be]) / D. 火憐-karen- (SUZAKU)]

    • ネガロマニア (NEGAROMANIA) (special) [V. 儿-JIN- (NEGA) / V. 翠-Sui- (Megaromania) / G. 美沙麗-Misery- (Megaromania) / G. SAN (NEGA) / B. Ray (NEGA) / D. 邑詩-yushi- (Megaromania)]

    • ダリアライズ (DALIALIES) (special) [V. 苓 (Ren, Dali) / V. Rayka (REALies) / G. ケエト (KEETO, Dali) / G. 律 (Ritsu, REALies) / B. ユウ (YUU, Dali) / D. 一砂 (Kazna, REALies)]

    • シンディケイト・BOYZ (CindyKate・BOYZ) (special) [V. ユーイ (YUUI, CindyKate) / V. CO- (FUTURISM・BOYZ) / G. おたけ (Otake, CindyKate) / G. ユキヒロ (YUKIHIRO, FUTURISM・BOYZ) / B. まぁや (Maaya, CindyKate) / D. 俊 (Shun, FUTURISM・BOYZ)]

    Which band would you most like to see? Personally, I'd love to hear YMD28 (seems very similar to ZODIA) or SUZACUBEGLOIRE.
    Update on KISAKI's hospitalization

    KISAKI has been released from the hospital! After being taken in for emergency surgery on the 12th, KISAKI has finally been given doctor's permission to leave. Furthermore, KISAKI says that he is well enough to perform, so 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) will appear at today's 2012-07-17 event as scheduled.
    KISAKI hospitalized
    Yesterday morning, KISAKI awoke to pain and repeated vomiting of blood due to his long standing condition of internal ulcers. He has been taken to the hospital and will receive emergency surgery today. His doctor has ordered a stop to KISAKI's activities for the time being, and as such, he will not appear at today's planned live with 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN). Any changes or updates to his condition will be shared here.
    New LIN photos on sale

    Several 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) items have been added to the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION official web shop. (The official web shop unfortunately does not accept overseas orders, and these items are not yet at CDJapan—you'll have to use a shopping service.)

    First up, three photosets (1,575 yen each) from the band's previous look: 11-A, 11-B, and 11-C (which seems to be the “goofy” set—but also lacks that badly done CG background). Each picture links to its respective set at the web shop.

    Next, some more recent items. One photoset (1,575 yen) of the band's latest look (which was only revealed a few days ago!) is up, as are sets of two cheki (1,050 yen for one set) featuring the new costumes.

    As is becoming a trend, t-shirts personally owned and worn by KISAKI and RIKU (including a cheki of the member wearing the shirt) were put up for sale, but these were snatched up immediately and are no longer available.
    LIN reveals new look
    LIN reveals their new look

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) has revealed their new look. The latest costumes go back to the band's roots of black, gold, and red—and they look amazing! But what do you think? Check out the pictures above and below (click each image for the original version) and share your thoughts!

    The costumes are in celebration of the band's upcoming releases: AWAKING from -Independent “MAZE”-, a re-release of their first album with a new single attached, and VALUE-EXCLAIM -FILM-, a new live DVD. Both are now available for pre-order at CDJapan.

    2012-09-05 3,360 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

    1. In stin ctive
    2. Insane flashback show
    3. come out of your shell

    1. Cold Sabbat
    2. From The End...
    3. Silent To My Pain
    4. Fall・・・
    5. Matamorphose
    6. Royal Blood
    7. As If Forever Exists.
    8. Continuation of dream
    9. Mind confusion
    10. Replicant Blue
    11. A.Hitlor.
    12. Flowers Bloom
    13. The ins and outs
    14. World In Flames

    2012-09-05 5,040 yen live recording DVD

    1. Flowers Bloom
    2. Metamorphose
    3. A.Hitlor.
    4. Silent To My Pain
    5. Ambient Cosmo
    6. Continuation of dream
    7. Fake Dance
    8. Walking in the rain
    9. Sterilization
    10. DRUM SOLO
    11. As If Forever Exists.
    12. Deep Labyrinth
    13. Feeling Universe
    14. Royal Blood
    15. Insane flashback show
    16. Call Back
    17. Rin
    18. FREEDOM
    19. Foolish

    KISAKI and the two Lin's (?!) in China

    KISAKI has announced that he will appear as special guest at a Chinese visual kei event in Shangai, China! The event, KISAKI ADVENT IN SHANHAI, will be held on June 29th at Kento's Live House.

    The event will feature live performances from four Chinese visual kei bands and one Japanese band. KISAKI will participate in a session band along with ex-Synside guitarist Lin (who lives in China). 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) will also “appear” by way of a film concert (eg. pre-recorded live footage of the band will be shown).

    After the concert ends, KISAKI will participate in a handshake and signing event open to those who purchase merchandise at the venue. Sounds like it's going to be a great event! (And now that he has his passport updated... maybe KISAKI will finally come back to the West!)

    KISAKI ADVENT IN SHANHAI「視覚系 hui yi」 (「Shikakukei hui yi」) 2012-06-29 at Kento's Live House (Shanghai, China)
    • Wheel Of Fortune
    • NOW (Chinese)
    • Lilith (Chinese)
    • VIPER (Chinese)
    • 琉璃蔷薇 (Glazed Rose) (Chinese)
    • 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) (film concert)
    • Lin (ex-Synside, Affective Synergy) (session guest)
    • KISAKI (special guest) (session guest + handshake and talk event)
    LIN personal goods
    LIN members old their personal belongings

    The official web shop put a few special items up for sale earlier this week: shirts which personally belonged to the members of 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN). Each shirt, most costing around 3,675 yen, included a signed cheki of the member wearing the shirt. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, the shirts almost immediately sold out.
    Preview LIN's new PV
    LIN has just released a short CM clip for their upcoming releases, and it includes a short preview of their Royal Blood PV. (They have not yet announced when/how the full PV will be released.) Check it out below.

    New releases from LIN
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) has just announced two semi-new releases: an album re-release and a live DVD.

    It seems that LIN's first full album, Independent “MAZE”, is now sold out!! Congrats guys. Not one to let an opportunity go wasted, KISAKI has now announced a re-release of that album. The new version collects all tracks from the initial version (including the 4 bonus tracks from the 2 bonus discs) into one complete disc. But to make the release even more worthwhile, it includes another disc... a brand new single!

    2012-09-05 3,360 yen maxi-single CD + DVD

    1. In stin ctive
    2. Insane flashback show
    3. come out of your shell

    1. Cold Sabbat
    2. From The End...
    3. Silent To My Pain
    4. Fall・・・
    5. Matamorphose
    6. Royal Blood
    7. As If Forever Exists.
    8. Continuation of dream
    9. Mind confusion
    10. Replicant Blue
    11. A.Hitlor.
    12. Flowers Bloom
    13. The ins and outs
    14. World In Flames

    On the same day, LIN will release a new live DVD, VALUE EXCLAIM -FILM-. It includes footage from the band's 2012-05-20 oneman live, which celebrated their 2nd anniversary.

    2012-09-05 5,040 yen live recording DVD

    1. Flowers Bloom
    2. Metamorphose
    3. A.Hitlor.
    4. Silent To My Pain
    5. Ambient Cosmo
    6. Continuation of dream
    7. Fake Dance
    8. Walking in the rain
    9. Sterilization
    10. DRUM SOLO
    11. As If Forever Exists.
    12. Deep Labyrinth
    13. Feeling Universe
    14. Royal Blood
    15. Insane flashback show
    16. Call Back
    17. Rin
    18. FREEDOM
    19. Foolish

    Those who buy both the ablum and live DVD can apply for OFF SHOT DVD VOL:5. Those who buy both the album and live DVD from the official web shop will receive a personalized message DVD and a signed offshot photo.

    LIN has announced the start of a new tour, -TOUR「AWAKING from -Independent “MAZE”-」- and a new sponsored event series, AWAKING from -Independent “MAZE”-, to celebrate the new releases. (Kind of hard to tell the tour from the event series, huh?)


    In related news, it was also announced today that LIN's VALUE-EXCLAIM collection album, their Independent “MAZE” FILM live DVD, and Phantasmagoria's 「Wailing Wall」 2004-2010 collection album—all previously sold only at the official web shop—will now be sold at all common stores beginning August 8th.
    Phantasmagoria tribute 2012

    In 2007, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION sponsored a “Tribute to Phantasmagoria” tour at which all bands payed homage to Phantasmagoria. It has since become tradition for the label to host an annual “Tribute to Phantasmagoria” memorial live on the band's disbandment anniversary. And this tradition continues in 2012!

    2012-08-31 at 梅田 (Umeda) SHANGRILA

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN), Megaromania, NEGA, Dali, FUTURISM・BOYZ, シンディケイト (CindyKate), REALies, Vior gloire, 朱 (SUZAKU), Cu[be], (closing large session band which will play “Kamiuta”)


    At yesterday's session live, KISAKI announced a new volume of his 轮・回・転・生 (Rin・ne・ten・sei) event series: Matina VS UNDER CODE PRODUCTION! The live will be held in August and will feature 3 Matina bands, 3 UNDER CODE bands, and a special session band.

    KISAKI PRODUCE 90s visual kei revival event 轮・回・転・生 -Matina VS UNDER CODE PRODUCTION-
    2012-08-05 at HOLIDAY OSAKA

    MIRAGE (guest), NEGA, DAS:VASSER, Megaromania, Zephyr, Vior gloire, 地下线魔帝那松浦一家 (Chikasen Matina Matsuura Ikka) [V. 龙夜 (Tatsuya) (Syndrome); G. KANATA (LIN); G. MIZUKI (LIN); B. 紫绪 (Shio) (HISKAREA); D. 紫音 (Shion) (Syndrome)]

    [Archived] Lin fansite

    I started to make a fansite for my favorite band around February. Sometimes i didn't have enough time or mood for it, so the site is still under construction. I try to do my best to finish and make better the site in few months.
    Please check it often ^ - ~

    - Members: Done
    - Biography: Done
    - Discography: Done
    - Goods: Under Construction, cause i have to thinking about something good style
    - Gallery: Under Construction, honestly, i have no idea, i think i dont have right to share magazine photos
    - Live History: Under Construction, really busy work, it needs many many information
    - Lyrics:  Under Construction, i have every song's text in japanese, romaji and the translation, just i have to put it.
    - Interview: I didn't translated still any, and i think i can't share magazine interviews because of copyright (?)

    and thanks for inartistic to hosting my site ^ ^

    [Archived] Lin - Insane flashback show
    Today Lin played the new song "Insane flashback show".
    The keyboard is similar to Ambient Cosmo, but the melody and rythm is much better and the refrain is really catchy. even if the song's live perfomance was not the best, but i think it will be their number1 song, or one of their bests.
    but nothing information about release still..

    [Archived] 「FREEDOM 20120314」

    KISAKI just posted the infos about their oneman live held yesterday (the numbers between parentheses are the results of the fan's poll for decide the setlist) :

    -SET LIST-
    1.Call Back(10位同率)
    2.Royal Blood(10位同率)
    3.Continuation of dream(9位)
    5.As If Forever Exists.(7位)
    6.Insane flashback show(新曲)
    7.Replicant Blue(6位)

    11.映像(FUTURISM・BOYZ~Dali~NEGA~Megaromania~ラメ) -what is this? •_•-
    13.Flowers Bloom(3位)
    14.World In Flames(2位)

    I want a bootleg DVD of this SO bad!

    UNDER CODE 9th anniversary addition
    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION recently announced an additional event to its “RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS” live series, which celebrates its 9th anniversary.

    The new event is called 江坂遊戯 (Esaka Yuugi; Esaka Games) and will be divided into two parts: the first part featuring most of UNDER CODE's bands, and the second part featuring session bands made up of those members.

    Tickets are on sale now: a regular ticket (good for one part of the live only) can be purchased for 3,150 yen through the normal venues; but a special picture ticket, which is good for both parts of the live, can be purchased exclusively through the official web shop for 5,500 yen. Tickets #1 ~ #100 were initially sold at the web shop, but those immediately sold out, so tickets #101 ~ #200 have now been added.

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION 9th anniversary addition 江坂遊戯 (Esaka Yuugi)

    -First Part-
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN), NEGA, Megaromania, FUTURISM・BOYZ, Dali, シンディケイト (CindyKate), REALies

    -Second Part-
    • KISAKI SLAVES [V. 苓 (Ren, Dali) & RIKU (LIN) / G. 美沙麗-Misery- (Megaromania) / G. ユキヒロ (YUKIHIRO, FUTURISM・BOYZ) / B. KISAKI (LIN) / D. 俊 (Shun, FUTURISM・BOYZ)]]
    • 顔面偏差値TOP6 (Ganmen Hensachi TOP6) [儿 (JIN, NEGA) / SAN (NEGA) / B.B. (FUTURISM・BOYZ) / まぁや (Maaya, CindyKate) / REIYA (LIN) / 一砂 (Kazna, REALies)]
    • アイドル (IDOL) [ジョゼコージ (JOSE KOJI, FUTURISM・BOYZ) / MIZUKI (LIN) / 優 (Yu, NEGA)]
    • ダンディーズ (DANDIES) [V. Rayka (REALies) / G. ケエト (KEETO, Dali) / G. 律 (Ritsu, REALies) / B. ユウ (YUU, Dali) / D. 邑詩-Yushi- (Megaromania)]
    • 時代錯誤!?な人々 (Jidaisakugo!? na Hitobito) [V. 翠-Sui- (Megaromania) / G. おたけ (Otake, CindyKate) / G. 蜘影-Chikage- (Megaromania) / B. 明イ (Akino, REALies) / D. 沙美 (Sami, CindyKate)]
    • 全員長渕 (Zenin Nagafuchi) [V. ユーイ (YUUI, CindyKate) / G. KANATA (LIN) / G. N∀O (REALies) / B. 氷牙-Hyoga- (Megaromania) / D. 旬奈 (Shunna, Dali)]

    [Archived] Lin news

    Yesterday Lin played a new song "Insane flashback show".

    I'm really curious, maybe they will announce a new release on their one-man live !? (3.14)

    [Archived] Lin - BELIEVE (Luna Sea cover)
    I uploaded only this part of the OFF SHOT DVD VOL:4
    'Cause its really amazing, should hear everybody

    [Archived] 凛 Deep Labyrinth lyrics
    Here is the japanese and romaji. But i couldn't translate still cause the lyrics is really hard, or my recently mood is not enough.

    Deep Labyrinth
    作詞: KISAKI 作曲: KISAKI 編曲:凛

    白い息で 曇るこの景色, 綺麗な花 は咲くのだろうか ?
    別れ惜しみ 言えない告白と 朽ちかけた Blind Sky
    「I wish you will be happy」

    さよなら…声が枯れて届かない 未来を塞ぐ

    あの場所へ 帰れない 怯えて明日が見えなくなる

    星屑に なった涙は 雨になり降り出した、心に搦む
    風に誘われて、ゆらゆら揺れていたよ 記憶の中の夢…

    愛を信じた 僕のこの心 ひび割れた過去の感覚に泣いた

    心溶かし 眠りにつく君 朽ちかけた Blind Sky
    「I promise i make you happy」

    さよなら…月が悲しく光る 空に舞って

    あの場所へ 帰れない 怯えて明日が見えなくなって

    星屑に なった涙は 雨になり降り出した、心に搦む
    風に誘われて、ゆらゆら揺れていたよ 記憶の中の夢…

    背徳の調べ…奏でる悲鳴は 静寂と歪な 過去を作り出す

    さよなら…声が枯れて届かない 未来を塞ぐ

    願ってた、消えないように 真っ黒な キャンバスに 君を描く

    星屑に なった涙は 雨になり降り出した、心に搦む
    風に誘われて、ゆらゆら揺れていたよ 記憶の中の夢…

    深い迷路、光と影に 心を霞めてもう 歩けなくなった
    風に誘われて、ゆらゆら歩く君は 幻想の中の夢

    Deep Labyrinth
    Lyrics: KISAKI Composition: KISAKI Arrangement: Lin

    Shiroi iki de kumoru kono keshiki, kirei na hana wa saku no darou ka ?
    Wakare oshimi ienai kokuhaku to kuchiketa Blind Sky
    「I wish you will be happy」

    Sayonara... Koe ga karete todokekanai asu o fusagu

    Ano basho e kaerenai obiete ashita ga mienakunaru

    Hoshikuzu ni natta namida wa ame ni nari furi dashita, kokoro ni karamu
    Kaze ni sasowarete, yura yura yureteita yo kioku no naka no yume...

    Ai wo shinjita boku no kono kokoro hibi wareta kako no kankaku ni naita

    Kokoro tokashi nemuri ni tsuku kimi kuchiketa Blind Sky
    「I promise i make you happy」

    Sayonara... Tsuki ga kanashiku hikaru sora ni matte

    Ano basho e kaerenai obiete ashita ga mienakunatte

    Hoshikuzu ni natta namida wa ame ni nari furi dashita, kokoro ni karamu
    Kaze ni sasowarete, yura yura yureteita yo kioku no naka no yume...

    Haitoku no shirabe... Kanaderu himei wa seijaku to ibitsu na kako o zukuri dasu

    Sayonara... Koe ga karete todokekanai asu o fusagu

    Negatteta, kienai you ni makkuru na kyanbasu ni kimi wo egaku

    Hoshikuzu ni natta namida wa ame ni nari furi dashita, kokoro ni karamu
    Kaze ni sasowarete, yura yura yureteita yo kioku no naka no yume...

    Fukai meiro, hikari to kage ni kokoro wo kasumetemou arukenakunatta
    Kaze ni sasowarete, yura yura aruku kimi wa gensou no naka no yume
    Kaisou to kuchizuketa

    [Archived] 凛 - OFF SHOT DVD VOL:4

    It's not the full, cause it was too long so i cutted some parts, like Yellow Voice live and chariots live. These around 8 minutes.
    But at the end is the LINN SEA live.

    [Archived] Lin - Deep Labyrinth preview

    Here u can listen the preview of the new Lin song. and of course u can buy.
    and here too
    ah iTunes preview is better.

    And i think the other songs are REMASTERED, so not totally same, i'm glad to hear it.
    I got mail from the staff, today they sent it, but if tomorrow it wont arrive i will buy the new song in mp3.

    凛 —the end of corruption world— missing song
    Hi, I was wonder about if this Lin's song "地下線忠史歌 (Chikasen tadashi uta)" really exists and if someone heard it. This song is supposed to be the free song if you bought the two versions of -Independent "MAZE"- on the UCP Official shop as far as I know...

    well, see ya later, have a nice week^^
    [Archived] KISAKI BLOG VOL:4235
    「凛」 recording continued.
    Although vocal record was the main, RIKU's throat is not in good condition, im anxious.
    Let's do our best today !
    REIYA's birthday event
    RIKU and KANATA of 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) recently held their birthday events, and KISAKI will hold his soon—so what about poor REIYA?! He announced his own birthday event today, which will take place in April.

    REIYA BIRTHDAY EVENTREIYA生誕祭 ~大和魂燃え尽くせ~ (REIYA Seitanmatsuri ~Yamatodamashii Moezukuse~) 2012-04-18 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA
    • REIYA with アイドル (REIYA with IDOL) [REIYA (LIN), ジョセコージ (JOSE KOJI) (CO- of FUTURISM・BOYZ) / MIZUKI (LIN) / 苓 (Ren of Dali) / 俊 (Shun of FUTURISM・BOYZ)]
    • 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN), REALies, FUTURISM・BOYZ, Cu[be], BAELSCOPE, ISK;M, MILKY EMILY, ドメスティック (DOMESTIC), Avel Cain, Black Klaxon
    • (large session)

    Poor MIZUKI... his birthday isn't until December!
    [Archived] Lin - World In Flames lyrics
    I didnt make new lyrics on youtube lately cause it takes much time, but here is a new. i think its the most beautiful song from the band. enjoy.

    [Archived] 凛 news

    1. UNDER CODE putted some new 凛 goods on cdjapan

    - an epidemic of "OVERTURE" got SOLD OUT
    - VALUE-EXCALIM - 10 more copies remaining to become available for shipment on the release date
    - Independent MAZE FILM - 5 more copies remaining to become available for shipment on the release date
    - Ambient Cosmo 15 copies - 5 copies remained
    - Summer Masquerade 2011 15 copies - 8 copies remained
    - Poster 01 5 copies - SOLD OUT
    - Poster 02 5 copies - 1 copy remained
    - Poster 03 5 copies - SOLD OUT

    2. 凛 will appear in the next Cure(2.21) and Fool's Mate(2.29) magazine

    3. VALUE-EXCALIM cover

    Independent "MAZE" FILM cover

    the shipment will start on 2.29
    and its sure the DVD will contain the full live. around 150 minutes

    3.From The End...
    4.Fake Dance
    5.Continuation of dream
    6.Royal Blood
    8.Aspiration(DRUM SOLO)
    10.Silent To My Pain
    11.Ambient Cosmo
    12.Lost in the mist of time.
    13.Feeling Universe
    15.Call Back
    16.Flowers Bloom
    17.World In Flames

    4. Silent To My Pain Type A and Metamorphose All Type got SOLD OUT (only 30 copies remained on cdjapan.)

    [Archived] LIN items on CDJapan
    New LIN items are now finally made available on CDJapan.
    • Ambient Cosmo - 1 Song Single recently only live distributed
    • SUMMER MASQUERADE 2011 - LIVE DVD of the event "SUMMER MASQUERADE 2011 - Phantasmagoria MEMORIAL TRIBUTE NIGHT -" at Umeda SHANGRILA on August 31st 2011
    Posters are extremely limited quantity (5 each) get them whilst you can!
    I don't see the other new releases being posted here so I'll post them anyways.

    Official web shop photoset blitz
    The official web shop has added a handful of the newest photosets:
    [Archived] 凛 3.14 one-man live

    On 凛's return one-man live (3.14 Shinsaibashi LIVE HOUSE soma) the members will take a talking event and the fans compile the live's setlist

    You can write to them here:

    - name
    - requested songs (maximum 2)
    - why u like it, what is your opinion about your requested songs
    - question for members

    i wrote them in japanese
    - i requested the "Fall..." and "The ins and outs"
    - Because these songs never played at live, but my favorites from Independent "MAZE". Fall... is really hard and screaming song, its not usual for  凛 but i love this style and The ins and outs chorus is just beautiful
    - and i asked from them when they wanna make new PVs

    btw. i sent back to office my copy of "an epidemic of "OVERTURE". and i got a new today. but it has same problem around 2 minutes, the end of Metamorphose and the beginning of GASP FOR BREATH doesn't work, my driver cant read it. i tried it on DVD player by TV, but doesnt work neither, even if new copy, same problem, same place, maybe 10-20 sec later, but same. i dont understand... they made a lot of wrong writed DVD? so if somebody bought it please tell me they have problem with copy or not?

    but i got autograph on the photo! yeah

    [Archived] 凛 news

    凛 appeared in the newest Cure vol. 102
    It has 3 page about the band with new studio photos.
    Interview is really interesting with them, i share some part of it, what for i remember. Maybe later i will come with the full interview.

    - KISAKI didn't say activity stop, just they take a short pause about live performance. He didn't think this announce will be so big news.
    - KISAKI was very frustrated because the sales were bad, and 凛 couldn't became so big like the Phantasmagoria. But now it seems everything goes in all right.
    - In this pause REIYA worked on his drumming skill, KANATA watched comedy for better MC (laugh), MIZUKI thinks that his live appear was not so good, so he worked on to change this, KISAKI worked on KISAKI PROJECT and RIKU on chariots.
    - KISAKI thinks the 凛 concept was not so good for the current visual kei scene, so maybe it will change.
    - KANATA wrote some new songs, but these are far from 凛, so maybe never will release.
    - In the future KISAKI will be the main composer as well.
    - KISAKI thinks this is the time for release a collection album, because many single are sold out, so its not able to buy anymore, and Independent "MAZE" FILM should be release to close a period.
    - When KISAKI was busy with KISAKI PROJECT, 3-4 days didn't take contact with other members, although he missed them, so he is very excited now.
    - Deep Labylinth is not new song. of course not released yet, but they composed it a long time before.
    - KISAKI thinks the Idependent "MAZE" two oneman in October (Osaka and Tokyo) were very good, and he didnt want the pause stop already, and said on 5000 followers twitter event, that he doesn't care of the pause. it surprised the other members.

    i dont remember more information now.. sorry ^ ^"

    [Archived] [REQ] 凛 Foolish lyrics

    I couldn't find nowhere and i dont own this omnibus disc

    so, have somebody this lyrics or own the 「NEO VOLTAGE」 omnibus or know somebody who have this?
    enough a picture for me, i dont need to type by you.
    it would be really important.
    so please share.

    [Archived] 凛 関西制圧2011~2012

    I ordered over 7000yen from UCP webshop and i got my kansai seiatsu present DVD today.
    Of course it was 凛

    I was very excited until i started to play.
    The whole of the DVD is only 10 minutes. 5 minutes comment + Metamorphose.
    Maybe i wanted too much. but i thought they will put on the DVD all 7 song what they played.

    Who recorded the full new year live. please share.

    [Archived] LINN SEA

    ●RIKU BIRTHDAY EVENT「Birth of Eclipse」 
    2012.1.13 SHIBUYA-REX
    -SET LIST-
    5.Flowers Bloom
    7.Call Back

    as i see its Teruki and Miku (ex-An Cafe)

    [Archived] 凛 news

    1.12 (Today)
    RIKU KANATA MIZUKI appear in amebastudio 20:00~21:30

    (Luna Sea cover band by 凛)

    - 凛 (NEW!)
    - YELLOW PROJECT  [ CO (Futurism Boyz) KANATA (凛) Misery (Megaromania) Rame (ex-Vidoll, Black Gene For the Next Scene) REIYA (凛) ]

    4.02 Mad tea party vol.23
    - 凛
    - D
    - Versailles
    - Dolly
    [Archived] 凛 VALUE-EXCALIM promotion group picture

    [Archived] 凛 announcement

      凛 Revival from 2012 March!



    2012.03.01; 2,940yen; only live and web shop limited
    it will enclose a special CD-subscription ticket

    01.Deep Labylinth

    B-Side Collection disk
    02.Imaginary Lover
    03.Fake Dance
    05.Walking in the rain
    07.Call back
    08.Lost in the mist of time

    「Independent "MAZE" FILM」

    2012.03.01; 5,040yen; only live and web shop limited
    it will enclose a special CD-subscription ticket

    include scene of their one-man live "Independent "MAZE"" at HARAJUKU ASTRO HALL at 2011/10/08 (around 150 minutes)

    Who purchase both get the OFF SHOT DVD VOL:4

    3. LIVES
    They will hold their presents live 「the shadow of envy」
    3.10 Tokyo Kinema Club 凛/Black Gene For the Next Scene/DIAURA/Lycaon/Megaromania/kaiki!! doubutsu agitator/N@H/SOMATIC GUARDIAN
    3.14 Shinsaibashi THE LIVE HOUSE soma (one-man)
    4.30 Osaka BIGCAT 凛/Black Gene For the Next Scene/Lycaon/VII-Sense/BIOSPHIA//kaiki!! doubutsu agitator/MoNoLith/N@H/Oyuugi Wagamama Dan×【PaRADEiS】

    5.20 Shibuya REX
    5.27 Osaka ROCKTOWN

    Posts from 2011

    LIN oneman and new release?!
    KISAKI has just updated his blog with new 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) information: the band will hold a special oneman live in March to celebrate KISAKI's birthday, celebrate the fans, and celebrate the release of a CD and DVD... !?

    So this means we'll presumably be getting a new CD and DVD from LIN in 2012. Let's hope it's something good!

    LIN special oneman announced

    CD&DVD release and KISAKI birthday celebration, and fan thanksgivingFREEDOM 20120314 2012-03-14 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) THE LIVE HOUSE soma
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN)

    setlist will be decided by fan enquette
    talk session, karaoke with attendees, and other special projects are planned

    This announcement comes just a few hours before 関西制圧2011~2012 (Kansai Seiatsu), but LIN still has another important announcement to make there. So don't miss it! (The important announcement will also be published at the UNDER CODE OHP and KISAKI's blog on January 1st.)
    [Archived] 凛 an epedemic "OVERTURE"

    i got my copy today evening.

    it has a bonus DVD with the original first live's 5 minutes and a short back stage images before, so totally 10 minutes
    and they sent a photo of the band, i don't know everybody get same or its random.
    the DVD is without booklet but nice CD design so ok.

    but i have problem with the disk, around 35th minute, in the middle of Metamorphose has problem. my driver cant read this part, i checked the CD and it has a small circle (not wound and not hurt, its the disk's deformation)

    anyone who get it has same problem, or just my copy is not right?

    edit: i couldnt rip the DVD neither. 5 or 6 minutes have error.

    but the present DVD is working well.

    [Archived] questions for REIYA

    REIYA answered some quests by fans and posted it in his blog. It's not all, others will come soon, later.

    Q.wich sauce do u prefer for fried egg, worcester sauce or soy sauce?
    A.worcester sauce & mayonnaise.
    Q.lately.i really love 邑詩 from Megaromania, what should i do?
    A.i dont know neither but,,,he is the good drummer so,i like him too.
    Q.lately,im very can i live with hope?,im not gloomy at all so...i dont know but,thinking too much is not good maybe? let's think positively!!
    if some bad things happen on u,good things will come after it surely u know.let's be strong!!
    Q.what kind of relationship with KISAKI-sama & KANATA?
    A.the God and Watchdog? LOL
    Q.what kind of cigarettes do u smoke?
    A.KOOL Mild
    Q.u look like daddy or mommy?
    A.i dont know well by myself but,maybe mix.
    Q.what do u like of MIZUKI?
    A.he is a healing type of person.
    Q.u got Magic lamp,what will u wish?
    A.i want good eyes. are u? fine.
    Q.are u fine really?
    A.of course yes!! LOL
    Q.pls tell me your pick-up line.
    A.i love u baby~~
    Q.what kind of a pick-up line have u gotten until now?
    A.nobody courted me(;´д`)
    Q.which temple do u recommend in Kyoto?
    A.the temple where the dragon is drawn on a ceiling.i forgot the name...
    Q.if you are courted in what kind of language, do u fall in love?
    A.think it by yourself★
    Q.which place in Kyoto is your favorite?
    A.absolutely,the place relevant to the time of the end of Edo Period~.the real clothes and letters from Edo Period in Ryozen Museum make me high.i thought like the person who was in old era could write a good hand.
    pls carry out♪
    Q.pls tell me the BEST 3 of the noodle.
    A.1st.greasy Ra-men
    2nd.Spaghetti Carbonara
    3rd.Tempura Soba u have any ideal wedding?
    A.i dont wanna get married,so i have no idea~
    Q.who is the best of the Johnny's for u?!!
    Q.assume that u with a balloon float to the sky.u cant come down to the ground unless u release your hand from balloon or untill the balloon will wither.but u have important errand after 1hour.what will u do? this a psychological test?i will release my hand from the balloon on the lake or sea where is safe to land. do u overcome when u are in distress?
    A.maybe i will go to watch the sea and space out in there.coz the sea is large right? and there is the sky on the sea what is more large and never end u know.
    when i see the large sky and sea,i can think like my worries and troubles are trifles.
    if a view is extended and things are considered,it can be easy,i think.
    Q.when u are depressed,how can u overcome?
    A.↑pls read it★
    Q. what is your favorite color?
    A. Purple
    Q. do you want twitter?
    A. No

    [Archived] 凛 OFFSHOT DVD VOL 3 (2011.12.16)

    i got it today morning. and its really funny, much better than previous 2. but i dont like josekouji-san or who is it.
    it has 3 section.

    Section 1: its a secret live what they did in 2011.06.04 Holiday Osaka. Nobody knew about it, the 凛 will appear, and KANATA said "im worrying cause not so much people here, KISAKI will be mad" w

    Section 2: visit a karaoke bar. but KISAKI dont try T _ T

    Section 3: appear in a TV show on MBS channel (its famous in japan)

    ok i need to watch it again ^ ^v
    San (NEGA) appear too

    if somebody interested to watch it before arrive

    [Archived] 凛 OFF SHOT DVD VOL:3

    OFF SHOT DVD VOL:3 will be send on 12.16th !
    its a privilege DVD for everybody, who purchased both type of first full album 「Independent "MAZE"」

    wahhh im so excited, i will get it around 18th because i live near to Osaka ^^v

    btw: don't forget the new year event live stream. we need more people.

    [Archived] Animal photoset

    Because ambiantcosmo shared a lot of photoset i deicided to show the Animal.


    I have the X'mas photoset too. but. it will be the Christmas present for you, so wait for it on 24th !

    [Archived] 凛(Lin)'s photosets.
    Here is some photoset I've scanned for you! I haven't put credits on the pics, so please be nice, and keep them in the community, thanks.

    EDIT : Here you go, all my photoset are online for you








    [Archived] 凛(Lin)'s 1st DVD "An epidemic of "OVERTURE"" cover.

    I love it ! Can't wait to received it!
    [Archived] 凛 new flyer scan

    i got some new flyer from the visual kei shops in Japan. i have still REALies, NEGA, Megaromania, Dali, spiv states, Kaiki!! doubutsu agitator, undercode countdown event, chariots, cindy kate, RIKU and KANATA birthday event.

    write if u need something more.

    Kaiki!! doubutsu agitator
    Under Code, chariots, RIKU and KANATA
    spiv states

    [Archived] 凛 (Lin) - 「SUMMER MASQUERADE 2011」

    [Archived] 凛 -the end of corruption world- European tour confirmed !
    Finally ! Lin is coming for 4 gigs in Europe in February !

    It was announced yesterday evening by Steff from AstanMagazin on his facebook page. Only 2 dates are confirmed :

    02/25 : Bochum (Germany)
    02/26 : Paris (France)

    The livehouses and the 2 other dates are to be announced later.

    Exciting, isn't it ? Let's welcome Kisaki and his mates !

    [Archived] 凛 - Independent "MAZE" Like an Edison comments

    [Archived] 凛 another new live DVD 「SUMMER MASQUERADE 2011」
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin)

    2011.10.02; 3150 yen; DVD; LIN-0831

    1.Flowers Bloom
    2.Unknow zero distance
    4.凛 (Lin)

    アンコール (encore)
    6.Call Back
    7.神歌(大セッション) (Kami uta/ Session)


    Im not sure in the release date but maybe they sold it first time at the Osaka Ruido one-man at 10.02.

    [Archived] 凛 -the end of corruption world- new flyer.

    [Archived] RIKU and KANATA birthday events
    UNDER CODE has announced two special birthday events for both RIKU and KANATA (vocalist and guitarist of LIN)! Both lives will feature special session bands and as-of-yet-unannounced special projects.

    RIKU BIRTHDAY EVENT Birth of Eclipse
    2012-01-13 at SHIBUYA-REX
    LINN SEA (LUNA SEA cover session) [V. RIKUICHI (RIKU); G. KANAZO (KANATA); G. MIZURAN (MIZUKI); B. 白鳥妃 (Hakuchoukisaki (KISAKI)); D. 零矢 (Reiya)], Annie's Blac, Art Cube, TRIGGAH, the Raid., DEPAIN, Fi'Ance., (additional band TBA 2011-12-12), (unspecified special project)

    2012-01-14 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA
    YELLOW PROJECT [V. CO- (FUTURISM・BOYZ); G. KANATA; G. 美沙麗-Misery- (Megaromania); B. Rame (Black Gene For the Next Scene); D. REIYA], FUTURISM・BOYZ, シンディケイト (CindyKate), Cu[be], DecoLa Hopping, ISK;M, MILKY EMILY, (unspecified special project)

    [Archived] 凛 - Ambient Cosmo auction

    This single was live distirbuted only on their 2 one-man live at Osaka Ruido (2011.10.02) and Harajuku Astro Hall (2011.10.08)

    Nobody uploaded it still. But now has a chance to buy it


    [Archived] KISAKI PROJECT, LIN, and NEGA exclusively at CDJapan
    Great news! KISAKI PROJECT's upcoming single, Lin's live and video clip DVD, and NEGA's upcoming live DVD are all now available at CDJapan!! CDJapan is the only place to buy these releases if you live overseas. But hurry—quantities are very limited!

    KISAKI PROJECT feat.Satsuki - Shouei at CDJapan

    Lin - an epidemic of “OVERTURE” at CDJapan

    ⇒ Buy NEGA - PEREUNION-CODE20110726- at CDJapan


    And remember, any purchases made through this link go to support the community!

    [Archived] 凛 FIRST LIVE DVD 「an epidemic of "OVERTURE"-2011.8.07 OSAKA BIG CAT-」

    Available on cdjapan !

    The overseas fans can buy it easier ^^

     Features deluxe jacket and includes an autographed trading photo card randomly selected from five kinds.

    First press is still available so u get the bonus DVD what contains the 4 PV (As if Forever Exists., Metamorphose, Silent To My Pain, Flowers Bloom)

    [Archived] 凛 new promotion picture

    its pretty goood ! i love it !

    [Archived] Lin oneman DVD re-announced
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has finally re-announced a live DVD containing footage from their first oneman live, an epidemic of “OVERTURE”. (Remember, that's the live that was originally held on June 18th, but was cancelled after 5 minutes due to a pyrotechnic malfunction—it was then postponed to August 7th.)

    The DVD was actually announced way back in June, but the release date of September came and went with no updates ( and I thought it had been canceled!). Well, it seems that they were taking that time to upgrade a few things!

    The DVD will still cost only 4,830 yen, but it will now include a beautiful jacket and a signed trading card (of 5 total). Furthermore, in addition to live footage, the DVD will also include offshot footage and the band's complete PV collection. But there's even more: the first 500 people who buy the release will receive a bonus DVD which will include footage of the infamous 5 minute show from June 18th (as well as an offshot from the same day)! However, the DVD can only be purchased through the official web shop or at lives, so plan ahead!

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) -
    an epidemic of “OVERTURE” -2011.8.07 OSAKA BIG CAT-
    2011-12-25; 4,830 yen; live + offshot + PV DVD; complete limited pressing
    official web shop and live limited
    includes 1 of 5 random signed trading cards
    includes PV collection (first press only)
    official web shop privilege: 5 minute live + offshot DVD
    01. 凛 (Rin)
    02. Feeling Universe
    03. FREEDOM
    04. Fake Dance
    05. Sterilization
    06. Metamorphose
    08. Flowers Bloom
    09. Call Back
    10. (offshot footage)
    11. As If Forever Exists. (PV)
    12. Metamorphose (PV)
    13. Silent To My Pain (PV)
    14. Flowers Bloom (PV)


    I'm really glad that the release wasn't cancelled after all! And now it sounds a million times better, especially for that price! Any of you planning to buy it?

    [Archived] 凛 - Call back with lyrics and translate

    [Archived] Lin's 10/8 oneman
    Tonight was the last 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) oneman of 2011. And thanks to UNDER CODE and EnTicke, some of us were allowed to watch a live stream of the event! So I thought I'd talk about it a little.


    First, I have to say that the band's SE tracks were super cool: especially the second one, which featured operatic male and female voices chanting Latin verses (“requiem, requiem”). I really hope that one makes it to a CD someday—it's so dramatic and epic; you just have to hear it!

    The band opened with 凛 (Rin), which has become their trademark song. Over the past year, they've really grown to embody the epic feeling that's embedded in that tune. At any rate, they played Continuation of dream a few songs after, and that was really great to hear live. It's so nice to see KISAKI really take the spotlight in a song!

    Before Sterilization, the lights dimmed and the band could be heard scurrying around; when the lights came back up, KANATA had taken MIZUKI's spot, and MIZUKI had moved center-stage with RIKU to act as a second vocalist! Throughout the song he did little dances and sang/screamed verses in several different voices--it was really cool!

    After Sterilization, the band left the stage, but REIYA remained. The lights dimmed and an SE started playing—but it turned out to be the intro to REIYA's drum solo! Not only did he play the solo, but he even had coordinated screams with certain parts of the song. It was really cool! The solo led seamlessly into Metamorphose, which was awesome as usual.

    Silent To My Pain and another MC followed, and then the band played Ambient Cosmo (their newest song, sold only at these recent lives). I can't quite remember how it sounded (I wish I could!), but I do remember liking it. It was sort of in the vain of Feeling Universe, if I recall? At any rate, I'm really looking forward to hearing the official version now.

    The live ended with Call Back, but then the audience ~called them back~ for an encore. The band played Flowers Bloom (MIZUKI's dances during that song... ridiculous) and then World In Flames. That second song is one of my favorites, so it was great to hear live—it was beautiful. After that song, the band left again, and the audience began their “encore” chant again.

    For the second encore, the band came back in jeans and Lin t-shirts. After a short MC, they played Foolish, which was by far the craziest song of the night: at one point, the staff brought KISAKI a fire extinguisher, and he began spraying the crowd and stage! But finally, as the song finished, KISAKI hit the gong (ever-present at Lin lives) to signify the end of the live. As an instrumental version of World In Flames played, the guys joined hands and did a customary jump with the audience, and that was that.

    01. 凛 (Rin)
    02. A.Hitlor.
    03. From The End...
    04. Fake Dance
    05. Continuation of dream
    06. The ins and outs Royal Blood
    07. Sterilization
    08. Aspiration
    09. Metamorphose
    10. Silent To My Pain
    11. Ambient Cosmo
    12. Lost in the mist of time.
    13. Feeling Universe
    14. FREEDOM
    15. Call Back
    -EN1 MC-
    01. Flowers Bloom
    02. World In Flames
    -EN2 MC-
    01. Foolish

    Please let me know if I got anything wrong or mixed up!


    It was a really great show! Surprisingly, [unless I missed something] they didn't really mention the activity pause or make any announcements, but I suppose that just reinforces how not-a-big-deal it is. At any rate, everything went off without a hitch, and I'm super grateful to EnTicket for allowing us to watch the oneman. Which reminds me, I have to apologize to you guys: to watch the stream, you had to buy a ticket; but they were limited in quantity, and by the time I realized that, there were only three left! So I never made a post about it, and I'm sorry ;(

    But! Hopefully this was successful enough that they'll do it again (I really wish UNDER CODE would stream the New Year countdown!).

    [Archived] 凛 - Flowers Bloom with lyrics and translate

    of course the dance sing is missing from the booklet.
    [Archived] 凜 - As if Forever Exists. on piano

    i found this video on youtube nowdays. i think its awesome, and the melody is great. what do u think ?

    [Archived] 凛 - Ambient Cosmo cover

    wow its good ! i like it !

    [Archived] 凛 2011 Last Oneman Tour

    凛 Oneman Tour Product sales information

    凛 celebrate the first full album「Independent "MAZE"」with 3 oneman concerts in different citys
    10.02(日)-大阪-OSAKA RUIDO
    10.05(水)-名古屋-HOLIDAY NAGOYA (free)
    10.08(土)-原宿-ASTRO HALL

    【NEW】Collaboration Bracelet 4,980 yen
    【NEW】Checki Case 2,500 yen
    【NEW】Animal Costume Cheki (2 Random Set) 1,000 yen
    【NEW】Santa Costume Cheki (2 Random Set) 1,000 yen
    【NEW】Limited Lucky Bag 3,000 yen
    Polaroid Files 2,500 yen
    Original Mirror 1,000 yen
    Photosets 1,500 yen
    OFFSHOT Photoset 2,000 yen
    CLUB★地下線 Lighter 500 yen
    KISAKI Poster 1,000 yen
    Live Cheki (2 Random Set) 1,000 yen
    Previous Costume Cheki 1,000 yen

    【NEW】凛 Live distributed CD「Ambient Cosmo」1,000 yen
    凛FIRST FULL ALBUM「Independent"MAZE"」(TYPE A) 3,500 yen
    凛FIRST FULL ALBUM「Independent"MAZE"」(TYPE B) 3,500 yen
    凛4th MAXI SINGLE「Flowers Bloom」(TYPE A) 2,000 yen
    凛4th MAXI SINGLE「Flowers Bloom」(TYPE B) 2,000 yen
    凛3rd MAXI SINGLE「Silent To My Pain」(TYPE A) 2,000 yen
    凛3rd MAXI SINGLE「Silent To My Pain」(TYPE B) 2,000 yen
    凛2011.8.31梅田SHANGRILA「Phantasmagoria MEMORIAL TRIBUTE NIGHT」 BOOTLEG DVD 3,000 yen
    Omnibus CD「UNITED LINK for JAPAN」2,500 yen
    Omnibus CD「EXPLOSION SHOWCASE」3,000 yen

    [Gatcha prizes]
    Members Purikura (like this) Photos
    Special OFFSHOT Photo
    Comment CD (Different in every city)

    + Who spend over 5,000 yen, than get the chance to take a photo with the band members after the show at the venue, with own photographic
    but hurry, cause the tickets are limited

    anyway, they said that the live dvd will be sold at the One-man concerts, so, i gave up the hope finally
    but i wanna see that bootleg dvd about Phantasmagoria Memorial Tribute Night !
    sadly, i cant see them, i go there one month later.

    [Archived] 凛 - A.Hitlor. with lyrics and translate

    [Archived] 凛 - Fall... with lyrics and translate

    the english parts are missing in the booklet, so if u find something better word, recommend. 
    [Archived] 凛 - Continuation of dream with lyrics and translate

    btw 凛 comes back to the stage on 12.25 !!!
    [Archived] [scans] Lin's Independent Maze - Type B
    Sorry that it took so long! m(_ _)m Finally got off my lazy butt and scanned the booklet, n_n;;; Love their look, :).

    Click here to have a look at Type A booklet and signed photograph.
    Click here here to have a look at Type B signed photograph.

    Images are located under the cut. ^^

    If you would like to repost this, please credit me as I did spend some money to get this, ^^;;;. Comments are <3 and it'd be nice to let me know where you post it. Thanks a lot and enjoy! :D

    [Archived] 凛 - From the End lyrics & translate

    [Archived] 凛 REQ
    has anybody the 凛 - Foolish or Gasp for Breath lyrics?
    enough a picture, it would be nice to know it.
    thanks in advance
    [Archived] 凛 Independent "MAZE" oricon
    Though its sold out by CDJapan. 凛 first album didnt reached the top 200 on the oricon list.
    They got only the 241th place. so they sold lesser than 300 copies...
    Its very sad, cause i know a many overseas fan ordered it...
    where are the japanese fans !?
    if the next release wont reach a good place.
    i wont upload nothing more, especially before the release.

    first week sells
    As if Forever Exists 2,790
    Metamorphose 758
    Silent To My Pain 615
    Flowers Bloom 574
    [Archived] [scans] Lin's Independent "MAZE" Type A + bonus photocard A
    Here are my scans of Lin's Independent "MAZE" -Paranoia Disturb-
    Please go to this entry to have a look at the type B signed card.

    All scanned and uploaded by me.
    Please don't repost anywhere, and never claim as your own.
    Feel free to use for thanslations/graphics.

    [Archived] Lin's Independent Maze Type B Photograph Scan
    Hello, it's my first time posting here so I hope I'm doing this right, ^^;;;.

    I just received my copy of Lin's new album and I absolutely love it! <3

    I'm not sure whether I'll scan the booklet or not, but I did scan the signed photograph. (It's very lovely! <33)

    I stared at it for a good while before I could take my eyes off, xD. They all look so awesome, *.*.

    If you would like to repost this, please credit me as I did spend some money to get this, ^^;;;. Comments are <3 and it'd be nice to let me know where you post it. Thanks! :D

    [Archived] Lin's emergency announcement + twitter surprise
    Last night, KISAKI tweeted that he was in an emergency meeting and would be making an urgent announcement at 17:00. Well, the announcement is here: 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will hold a free oneman live in Nagoya!

    The live is thanks to the president of Double River Record/HOLIDAY NAGOYA, who, after the UCP vs DRR battle event, offered to sponsor the event and hold it at his live house. How nice of him! At any rate, the oneman will be held on October 5th and is limited to 60 minutes. Furthermore, attendance will be limited to 250 people, but the tickets will be free!

    Double River Record PRESENTS Lin limited 60 minutes oneman Independent -MAZE- ~特別夜~ (~Tokubetsuyoru~)
    2011-10-05 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) (oneman)

    On a similar note, you'll remember that KISAKI promised something special if he reached 5,000 followers by the end of July. That something special was a free oneman live, which will be held on November 4th, somewhere in Osaka. No other details are available at this time, but, according to KISAKI, will be announced during either the band's October 2nd or October 8th oneman lives.

    [Archived] Survey review: Independent “MAZE”
    What did you think of the first full album from 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin)? Please quickly share your thoughts in the survey below!

    [Archived] Independent “MAZE” available digitally
    The first full album from 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Independent “MAZE”, has officially been released through digital retailers!

    If you haven't ordered a copy but are interested in the album, please consider buying a digital version! iTunes US has each type available for $11.99 USD—or, you can pick and choose the new songs only, which would total to $12.99. Amazon MP3 (US) has each type for only $9.99 USD—again, buying only the new songs will total to $9.99 as well. If you'd like to sample the album, you can do so below:


    Also, if you've purchased the album, please tweet a picture of it to KISAKI (@KISAKI_LIN) or tell him your favorite song. I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

    [Archived] 凛 (Lin) - OFFICIAL BOOTLEG DVD VOL:1

    [Archived] 凛 (Lin) - Independent "MAZE"
    so... here is the new album
    listen and enjoy it
    do u like it? which is your favorite? what is your impression?

    and dont forget to buy and support them !!!
    [Archived] 凛 Independent "MAZE" shipped

    凛 FIRST FULL ALBUM「Independent "MAZE"」 was shipped yesterday from the UCP webshop.
    i was surprised they do it so soon, their plan was shipping on 25th, i dont understand why they changed it. 
    but maybe i get it tomorrow. latest at 26th. i dont know they will send the secret unreleased CD too.
    and the OFFSHOT DVD VOL:3 will come later surely. sometimes in autumn.
    so i upload it to youtube in 3 days.
    but dont forget to buy the CDs if u love it.

    UCP webshop

    (2x3675 yen)


    (2x3500 yen)

    Brand X

    (2x3675 yen)

    or just the mp3 as symbolical support


    (price is not available yet, but maybe around 11£)

    (not available on itunes yet)

    TYPE A
    1.Cold Sabbat 
    2.From The End... 
    3.Silent To My Pain 
    4.Royal Blood 
    6.As If Forever Exists. 
    7.Continuation of dream 
    8.Mind confusion 
    9.Flowers Bloom 
    10.World In Flames 
    BONUS DISC「Paranoia Disturb」 
    2. A.Hitlor. 

    TYPE B
    1.Cold Sabbat 
    2.From The End... 
    3.Silent To My Pain 
    4.Royal Blood 
    6.As If Forever Exists. 
    7.Continuation of dream 
    8.Mind confusion 
    9.Flowers Bloom 
    10.World In Flames 
    BONUS DISC「Ashes Melodies」
    1.Replicant Blue 
    2.The ins and outs

    UCP webshop privilege
    unreleased song CD

    cdjapan privilege
    original 2L-size photo with autograph

    Brand-X privilege
    2 different comment DVD
    photo card

    [Archived] Lin new collaboration t-shirts
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has announced the release of new t-shirts in collaboration with Death trap-ID. As is usual with these collaborations, the shirts will come in three color variants, 5,145 yen each. And of course, there will be different sets of privileges, depending on how many you buy and when you buy them.
    • Those who buy only 1 shirt will receive Present B, which is a ticket to either part 1 or part 2 of a handshake + photograph session. Photographs at the 1st part of the session will be the customer + all five members, while photographs at the 2nd part will be the customer + their favorite member.
    • Everyone who buys all 3 shirts will receive a set of two large photos of the band.
    • Those who buy all 3 shirts on the day that they go on sale (2011-08-29) will receive a comment DVD from the band.
    • The first 30 people to buy all 3 shirts will receive Present A, which is a ticket to both parts 1 and 2 of the handshake + photograph session, as well as a ticket to a “Lin SPECIAL TEA PARTY.”

    [Archived] 凛 Independent "MAZE" long samples on Amazon
     All song from the new full album with longer & other samples like on the UCP-OHP

    awesooomee :Q____

    enjoy, and buy on the release date !
    [Archived] Lin oneman-limited goods
    As you know, 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) held their oneman, an epidemic of “OVERTURE”, two days ago. So I'm a bit late posting this, but who's surprised?! (In cases like these, I've had a tab open in my browser for two days with the information, but haven't posted it. Sad |D)

    Anyway, in addition to the usual CDs and photosets and things of that nature, the band sold several goods at the oneman that were new or not available anywhere else. New items included an offshot photoshoot (2,000 yen), a band hand-fan (1,000 yen), and a KISAKI solo poster (1,000 yen).

    A bubble-toy machine (500 yen for one turn) was set up and included two exclusive items (in addition to the normal ones). First, a live DVD limited to 5 copies(!) filmed at their 2011-07-20 session event. And second, an offshot photoset taken at the same live (also limited to 5 copies).

    Finally, those who spent 3,000 yen on goods were given either a comment CD or a purikura of a band members (customer's choice). Those who spent 5,000 yen were allowed to take part in a photograph session with the band.

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) -
    新宿RUIDO-K4 「凛夏祭 ~新宿編~」 (Shinjuku RUIDO-K4 「Lin Matsuri ~Shinjukuhen~」)
    2011-08-07; 0 yen; live-limited gacha gacha prize live DVD; limited 5 pressings
    potential prize in gacha gacha machine at oneman
    01. (Unspecified live footage from 2011-07-20 event)

    コメントCD (COMMENT CD)
    2011-08-07; 3,000 yen; live-limited present comment CD; limited pressings
    given to those who spent 3,000 yen on goods at oneman
    01. コメント (COMMENT)

    I want that live DVD. >|.

    [Archived] 凛 1st Anniversary Festival Oneman Live「an epidemic of "OVERTURE"」 Setlist

      KISAKI posted on his blog the setlist of 1st anniversary live


    2.Feeling Universe
    4.Fake Dance
    5.Silent To My Pain
    7.In stin ctive ( drum solo )
    9.Royal Blood
    10.Walking in the rain
    11.As If Forever Exists.
    13.Lost in the mist of time.
    14.Flowers Bloom
    15.Call Back

    Ending SE


    what a wonderful setlist ! i think its more than 100 minute live, as they planned on 6.18

    they played all released song ! (except Imaginary Lover, but they dont play it a long time ago, i dont know why)
    and + 2 song from the coming album.

    i will buy the DVD about it surely, what comes out on 9.30 !

    [Archived] 凛 (Lin) - Independent "MAZE" previews

    [Archived] 凛 - Independent "MAZE"

    [Archived] Lin's new costumes
    The OHP has sort of been updated with new pictures of 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin)—the main picture of them has been updated, but the profile pictures are still old. Anyway, I found a bigger group photo, which you can see here:
    ⇒ new group photo


    It's funny... The pastel color palette, along with the variety of materials (which wasn't evident in the small preview picture) makes the photoshoot seem a lot richer than I expected. Furthermore, RIKU, KISAKI, and KANATA look much better than in the small picture. But MIZUKI, who was my favorite in the small picture, just looks bad! I don't like his makeup, his hat/hair, or the details in his costume. (Oh, and REIYA still has lame hair and looks cheap.) Funny how my opinions almost completely reversed upon seeing the larger image.

    Anyway, what's your opinion now?

    [Archived] Lyrics: Lin - Feeling Universe
    Hello~ I finally got my copy of UNITED LINK for JAPAN, and I really liked the new Lin song! So, I decided to type up the lyrics. Just Japanese and romaji, but if someone would like to translate them as well, go for it!

    Feeling Universe
    作詞:RIKU 作曲:KANATA 編曲:凛

    Turn a thing upside down.
    An image of upside down.
    目に飛び込んで 来た星屑は
    Turn a thing upside down.
    An image of upside down.
    掴めずに でもそう目の前に

    この声は今 周りに響く
    地に足をつけ 叫ぶ姿は
    日々が過ぎれば 形を変えて
    掴みとる 今この手で

    微かに感じる 彷徨う様に
    壊れてゆく 絵の中の宇宙
    僅かに感じる 限られた時

    僕が見た世界で 揺らめく星空
    流れる 光に この思いを込めて

    いつまでも 遥か遠く 優雅に揺れたまま
    例え近付いても 手に届きはしないけど

    微かに感じる 彷徨う様に
    壊れてゆく 絵の中の宇宙
    僅かに感じる 限られた時

    あの空を 眺めて 一つのImage
    敷き詰められてる 無数の星 すべてが
    僕が見た世界で 揺らめく星空
    流れる 光に この思いを込めて

    Feeling Universe
    Writing: RIKU   Composition: KANATA   Arrangement: Lin

    Turn a thing upside down.
    An image of upside down.
    Me ni tobikonde   Kita hoshikuzu wa
    Turn a thing upside down.
    An image of upside down.
    Tsukamezu ni   Demo sou me no mae ni

    Kono koe wa ima   Mawari ni hibiku
    Chi ni ashi wo tsuke   Sakebu sugata wa
    Hibi ga sugireba   Katachi wo kaete
    Tsukamitoru   Ima kono te de

    Kasaka ni kanjiru   Samayou you ni
    Kowareteyuku   E no naka no sora ※1
    Wazuka ni kanjiru   Kagirareta toki

    Boku ga mita sekai de   Yurameku hoshizora
    Ima nimo kiesou
    Nagareru   Hikari ni   Kono omoi wo komete
    Negai wa kanau to shinjite

    Itsumademo   Haruka tooku   Yuuga ni yureta mama
    Tatoe chikazuite mo   Te ni todoki wa shinai kedo

    Kasaka ni kanjiru   Samayou you ni
    Kowareteyuku   E no naka no sora ※1
    Wazuka ni kanjiru   Kagirareta toki

    Ano sora wo   Nagamete   Hitotsu no Image
    Mikata wo kaereba
    Shikitsumerareteru   Musuu no hoshi   Subete ga
    Boku ga mita sekai de   Yurameku hoshizora
    Ima nimo kiesou
    Nagareru   Hikari ni   Kono omoi wo komete
    Negai wa kanau to shinjite

    ※1 written “uchuu” but sung “sora”

    Enjoy! And let me know if you notice any mistakes please.

    [Archived] 凛 is going on pause activity

     凛 (Lin) will be inactive after October. Before it they will hold an oneman in Osaka and Tokyo. Kisaki said more details in Cure, what out on 07/21. 

    Source: Kisaki blog.

    [Archived] Lin new costumes

    what do u think about new style? 


    [Archived] Lin oneman, dist CD, live DVD, album details
    First, to celebrate the release of their first full album, 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has announced that they will hold two oneman lives at the end of the year. At those two lives, the band will sell a live-limited CD with a new song, Ambient Cosmo.

    Lin release celebration Tokyo and Osaka CLUB 2011 LAST ONEMAN Independent -MAZE-
    2011-10-02 at OSAKA RUIDO
    2011-10-08 at ASTRO HALL
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) (oneman)
    live-limited CD sold at both venues

    Second, as posted, the band's anniversary live, an epidemic of “OVERTURE” has been pushed back and turned into a oneman. 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has announced that they will release a full live DVD of this new oneman! The DVD will be sold only at lives and through the official web shop.

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) -
    Ambient Cosmo
    2011-10-02; 1,000 yen; live-limited single CD; limited 500 pressings
    sold only at oneman club tour
    01. Ambient Cosmo

    an epidemic of “OVERTURE”
    2011-09-30; 4,830 yen; live DVD
    sold only at lives and official web shop
    01. (120 minutes of live footage from 2011-08-07 oneman)

    Lastly, two new details about Lin's full album. First, the official web shop privilege will be an early release date (2011-08-25) and OFF SHOT DVD VOL:3, which was shot and edited by KISAKI this time (instead of the usual KANATA). And second, I made a mistake in the tracklisting yesterday: it's actually A.Hitlor., not just Hitlor.. Hopefully they fix their spelling error though.


    Lots of good new today, it's awesome! But man, I wish this stuff would happen sooner somehow so we wouldn't have to wait excitedly.

    Well anyway, the live DVD seems like a good value—around double the price of their bootleg live DVD, but with a looot more songs. And UCP live DVDs are usually in the 7,000 range, so~ Yeah, I want it! Also, I hope they decided to sell that limited CD in the web shop so we can get it too!

    [Archived] Lin first full album
    Somehow I feel like they weren't yet supposed to, but closet child has revealed that 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will release their first full album!!!

    The album is called Independent “MAZE”, and it will be released in two types on August 31st. The album will sport a “gorgeous cover” and will include a bonus disc featuring an additional two new songs. The tracks on the bonus disc will differ between the two types.

    Lastly, each type will include an application form—both can be mailed in for a CD with yet another new song.

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) -
    Independent “MAZE” TYPE:A
    2011-08-31; 3,675 yen; full album CD+CD; complete limited pressing; UCCD-297A
    [CD] 01. Cold Sabbat
    [CD] 02. From The End...
    [CD] 03. Silent To My Pain
    [CD] 04. Royal Blood
    [CD] 05. Metamorphose
    [CD] 06. As If Forever Exists.
    [CD] 07. Continuation of dream
    [CD] 08. Mind confusion
    [CD] 09. Flowers Bloom
    [CD] 10. World In Flames
    [CD2: Paranoia Disturb] 01. Fall...
    [CD2: Paranoia Disturb] 02. Hitlor. (2011-06-20 edit: it's actually A.Hitlor.)

    Independent “MAZE” TYPE:B
    2011-08-31; 3,675 yen; full album CD+CD; complete limited pressing; UCCD-297B
    [CD] 01. Cold Sabbat
    [CD] 02. From The End...
    [CD] 03. Silent To My Pain
    [CD] 04. Royal Blood
    [CD] 05. Metamorphose
    [CD] 06. As If Forever Exists.
    [CD] 07. Continuation of dream
    [CD] 08. Mind confusion
    [CD] 09. Flowers Bloom
    [CD] 10. World In Flames
    [CD2: Ashes Melodies] 01. Replicant Blue
    [CD2: Ashes Melodies] 02. The ins and outs

    I truly can't believe this, it's so unexpected and awesome! I suppose this is what they would have announced at their anniversary live if it hadn't been cancelled... But ah well, let's celebrate!

    Also, I have to give props to UNDER CODE this time. Six new songs, plus four additional new songs divided between the two types, plus one more new song as a privilege—it's a lot! And all for a pretty reasonable price too. Ahhhhh I'm so excited~ Yay!

    [Archived] Lin one year anniversary live cancelled
    There should be an official message from UNDER CODE PRODUCTION about this soon, but I thought I would post an update for anyone who might be interested... Lin had to cancel their one year anniversary live today due to problems with a smoke effect they had. They got through all the session bands and they were just playing the first song, and they had to stop and get everyone out.

    It's very sad, and I'm just hoping KISAKI-san doesn't get too stressed out because of this, with his health and everything...
    [Archived] Lin oneman special goods
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) is holding their anniversary festival today—well, in an hour or two actually!—and they've announced the goods that will be sold at the event. In addition to the usual photosets, straps, mirrors, etc., the band will also sell some very special goods:
    • set of 2 random cheki, taken today (1,000 yen)
    • set of 2 old cheki, customer's choice (1,000 yen)
    • set of 2 random cheki, members in Cure shirts (1,000 yen)
    • set of 2 random cheki, members in aloha shirts (1,000 yen)
    • set of 2 random cheki, members in AKB uniforms (1,000 yen)
    • lucky bag with photo session ticket (4,000 yen)
    • signed aloha shirt worn by member with cheki, only 5 available (4,000 yen)
    • gacha gacha machine (500 yen for one turn)
    In addition, the band will hold a special photography session after the show, at which they'll take photos with attendees. Attendees who purchase at least 5,000 yen's worth of goods will receive tickets to the event (alternatively, anyone who buys a lucky bag will receive a ticket).

    And finally, the band will have gacha gacha (capsule toy machine) set up. One turn costs 500 yen, and potential prizes include purikura, offshot photos, a comment CD, and other super rare and unique items. The comment CD is called かなたんのガチャガチャプレゼントトーク (Kanatan no GACHA GACHA PRESENT TALK) and was recorded specifically as a gacha gacha prize.


    I'm really excited for the event, even though I can't attend or watch (well, one fellow community member is attending, right?!). I got the feeling from KISAKI's blog posts that he wasn't happy with the ticket sales (which may just mean that they didn't sell out), but hopefully the event goes really well regardless. I hope Lin becomes really successful!

    [Archived] 凛 Flowers Bloom

    [Archived] Lin session event details
    Earlier this month, I made a post about the upcoming 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) summer festival. At that live, each member will hold a special session—those special sessions have just been revealed.

    Lin summer session festival 凛夏祭 ~新宿編~ (Lin Natsumatsuri ~Shinjukuhen~)
    2011-07-20 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) RUDIO-K4
    • RIKU session band チャリオッツリック少年ボウイ (CHARIOTS RIKU Shounen BOY)
      [V. RIKU; G. シノ (SHINO, MiU); G. 慎太郎 (Shintarou, キッド (KID)); B. 時雨 (Shigure, ex-uBuGoe); D. 兼継 (Kentz, ex-GeNe)]

    • MIZUKI session band とある舞台の禁止事項 (Toaru Fudai no Kinshi Jikou)
      [V. タカフミ (TAKAFUMI, ex-Marvelous Maiden); G. erina (Ⅶ-sense); G. MIZUKI; B. 迅 (Jin); D. 摩珠 (Maju, E'm ~grief~)]

    • KANATA session band あなたの♪み・か・た♪ん (Anata no ♪ Mi ・ ka ・ ta ♪ n)
      [V. ユーイ (YUUI), G. おたけ (Otake), B. まぁや (Maaya), D. 沙美 (Sami) (シンディケイト (CindyKate)); G. KANATA]

    • KISAKI session band 妃&関西貴族 (Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku)
      [V. ラメ (RAME, ex-VIDOLL); G. シュン (SHUN, ex-VIDOLL); G. 沁 (Shin, ALSDEAD); B. KISAKI; D. MIKAGE (Ⅶ-sense)]

    • REIYA session band アニマルBOYS2011 (ANIMAL BOYS2011)
      [V. カイリ (KAIRI, ex-SIVA); G. 雄一 (Yuuichi, ex-SIVA); G. 蜘影-Chikage- (Megaromania); B. 氷牙-Hyoga- (Megaromania); D. REIYA]

    • (large session)

    Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku! E'm ~grief~, SIVA, and VIDOLL ex-members! TAKAFUMI! Seems like it will be a really great UNDER CODE -flavored event. Wish I could go!

    [Archived] 凛 Flowers Bloom preview

    U will have chance to buy the new Lin single online!

    here u can listen the preview of songs already !

    and Kisaki said new single(s) will coming soon after this.

    [Archived] Lin's summer festival
    KISAKI has announced that 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will hold a summer festival in July. Full details aren't available, but KISAKI says they'll be revealed on 2011-05-21.

    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION PRESENTS 凛夏祭~新宿編~ (Lin Natsumatsuri ~Shinjukuhen~)
    2011-07-21 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) RUIDO-K4
    (RIKU session band, TBA), (KANATA session band, TBA), (MIZUKI session band, TBA), (KISAKI session band, TBA), (REIYA session band, TBA), (large session)
    full details to be revealed 2011-05-21

    By the way, Flowers Bloom comes out soon huh? Anyone ordered already?

    [Archived] 凛 - Feeling Universe
     Here u can buy online or listen the preview of the newest 凛 song "Feeling Universe"
    or iTunes
    [Archived] Lin single covers
    The covers of the upcoming 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) single, Flowers Bloom, have been revealed, thanks to the official web shop: A type, B type.

    Thoughts? I kinda like the Baroque-painting-esque vibe, although it's a bit strange for the band~ Have you ordered your copies yet?

    [Archived] RIKU's Call back furitsuke
    Yesterday, RIKU posted some furitsuke demonstration videos for the 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) song Call back. I haven't been able to rip the videos (sorry!) but here are links to all four:
    Notice the special appearances from the other members~ Pretty cute huh?

    [Archived] Lin × HERO twoman
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has just recently announced that they'll be holding a twoman live with HERO! The twoman, PLATONIC KNOCK OUT, will be held over two days in June.


    2011-06-03 at OSAKA MUSE
    2011-06-09 at 高田馬場 (Takadanobaba) AREA

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), HERO (twoman)

    Is HERO actually on LA? I know MASK was, but I must have missed the memo if HERO joined.

    [Archived] New Lin interview
    KISAKI posted on his twitter a few days ago a special interview of Lin for VISULOG. From what I understood it simply talks about how the members' got into becoming musicians and Visual Kei as well as their thoughts on Lin.

    Click to read

    P.S. If someone could translate the interview that would be great!
    [Archived] Lin's 1st anniversary festival
    Some time ago, 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) announced that they would hold a “1st anniversary festival;” details of the event have just recently been announced.

    The festival is called an epidemic of “OVERTURE”, and it will be held on 2011-06-18 at 大阪 (Osaka) BIG CAT. It will feature a long, 100 minute set from Lin, plus a special session for each member of the band. The 己龍 (Kiryu) alter-ego band マイドラゴン (MY DRAGON) will also make a special “friendship appearance.”

    KISAKI's session is a “virtual band” put together by SHOXX and ID JAPAN, in commemoration of ID JAPAN's 25th anniversary. This will be the virtual band's first live (which means there will be more?). RIKU's session is the long-running 罪団法人黒十字 (Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji). MIZUKI's is the recently formed ☆アイドル☆ (☆ IDOL ☆). And finally, KANATA and REIYA will participate in Pashya's one day revival.

    The festival features a long set from Lin, an appearance from a special “virtual band” commemorating ID JAPAN's 25th anniversary, an appearance from long running session Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji, a one night Pashya revival, and other sessions.

    Lin 1st Anniversary Festival an epidemic of “OVERTURE”
    2011-06-18 at 大阪 (Osaka) BIG CAT
    • 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) (100 minute set)
    • MK5 (ID JAPAN 25th anniversary × SHOXX “virtual band”) V. JIN (HERO); G. 美沙麗-Misery- (Megaromania); G. 未散 (Michiru, 鬼仮面 (Onikamen)); B. KISAKI; D. leon (aicle.)
    • 罪団法人黒十字2011 (Zaidan Houjin Kurojuuji 2011) V. RIKU & 苓 (Ren, Dali); G. ケエト (KEETO, Dali); B. ユウ (YUU, Dali); D. 旬奈 (Shunna, Dali)
    • ☆アイドル☆ (☆ IDOL ☆) V. KO-JI (Arc); G. MIZUKI; G. SAN (Nega); B. Ray (Nega); D. 俊 (Shun, Arc)
    • Pashya (one day revival)
    • マイドラゴン (MY DRAGON) (friendship performance)

    Seems like an awesome lineup to me! I'm especially interested in Zaidan~ UNDER CODE needs to release many more bootleg live DVDs!

    [Archived] Silent To My Pain scans, including the lyrics
    [Archived] UNITED LINK for JAPAN charity items (+omnibus)
    As part of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's earthquake charity campaign, UNITED LINK for JAPAN, two special items will be sold at the web shop, and all profits will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. The items will go on sale on 2011-04-15. (Anyone who buys these items will be eligible for a ticket to the UNITED LINK for JAPAN charity event on April 30th, although that doesn't really apply to us.)

    First, UNDER CODE is releasing an earthquake charity compilation album, UNITED LINK for JAPAN. The album will contain 7 previously released songs, plus a brand new song from 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin). The album's cover art has already been released here

    Omnibus -
    2011-04-15; 2,625 yen; earthquake charity compilation album CD
    01. Megaromania: Oath-cross of eternity-
    02. Dali: スロウメロウ (SLOW MELLOW)
    04. Cu[be]: 断罪の雪 (Danzai no Yuki)
    05. 朱 (Suzaku): 曲ガル睡蓮`駆ケル[11ul] (Magaru Suiren, Kakeru [11ul])
    06. シンディケイト (CindyKate): 濱NIGHT☆CITYBOY (Hama NIGHT☆CITYBOY)
    07. Arc: メッセージ (MESSAGE)
    08. 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin): Feeling Universe

    Second, 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will be releasing that bootleg live DVD, which I posted about here. If you remember, the release was put up for sale and then taken down a few days later. Seemingly, though, no details have changed between then and now, except the release date.

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) -
    2011-04-15; 2,625 yen; official bootleg live DVD
    01. FREEDOM (live clip from 2010-10-24)
    02. Metamorphose (live clip from 2011-01-07)
    03. Fake Dance (live clip from 2011-01-07)

    [Archived] Lin Brand X campaign + live DVD delayed
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has decided to hold a 2011 release commemoration campaign with Brand X!

    Anyone who orders Silent to my pain or Flowers Bloom (either type) will be entered in a special prize raffle. Prize examples include badge sets, signed posters, photosets, offshot photographs, message DVDs made exclusively for the recipient (these will be mailed later), and so on. The campaign will start on 2011-03-30 and end on 2011-06-18. Brand X ships overseas, so go ahead an order the singles from them if you haven't already!


    Earlier this month, I made a post about 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) releasing their first bootleg live DVD. However, the posting soon disappeared from the official web shop. I emailed UNDER CODE and, unfortunately, they said that plans for the release have been temporarily cancelled. According to UNDER CODE, they're still working out the specifics, and details will be announced soon.


    The Brand X campaign is exciting, but too bad about the live DVD, I was really looking forward to it! It seems that they still have plans to sell it, but that it will just be a little later than announced. Perhaps it will be sold in April as they had originally planned, before deciding to release it early.

    [Archived] Off topic: planning to buy Lin or Megaro?
    Anyone want to join an official web shop order that I'm placing?

    Basically, I'd like to see the privileges that come with buying both types of Lin's singles or both types of Megaromania's singles from the official web shop, but I can't afford that much. Soooo, if you were planning to buy those singles anyway, join my order :D? I'll pay all of the shipping, in return for rips (and you are free to rips of the Lin bootleg DVD and CindyKate single that I'll be ordering).

    Sorry to those who are embarrassed to see me scheming like this :D

    [Archived] Lin BOOTLEG DVD
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has announced the release of OFFICIAL BOOTLEG DVD VOL:1, which will contain live footage. No specific release date has been decided (see below), but it is exclusively for order at the official web shop, and will ship out sometime late this month.

    The original plan was to announce this release in April. However, since UNDER CODE decided to donate proceeds from all official web shop sales to victims of the earthquake, they decided to announce the release and put it up for order early, to encourage more purchases/donations. Because it's been announced earlier than originally planned, they haven't even finished editing the footage and pressing the DVDs, which means that no specific release date can be given. However, the expected time-frame is sometime late this month.

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin)
    2011-03-??; 2,625 yen; official bootleg live DVD; LINDVD-01
    01. FREEDOM (live clip from 2010-10-24)
    02. Metamorphose (live clip from 2011-01-07)
    03. Fake Dance (live clip from 2011-01-07)

    I think it's really cool of them to announce this early, just so that more proceeds will go to the victims.

    2011-03-26 edit: the bootleg live DVD release has been indefinitely delayed. According to UNDER CODE, it will be put back up for sale once they've worked certain details out.

    2011-03-31 edit: According to UNDER CODE, the bootleg live DVD will now be released on 2011-04-15 through the official web shop, and all proceeds will go to charity to support victims of the earthquake. No details (tracklisting/title) have changed from the initial announcement.


    Has this convinced any of you to make an order? I think I'll place one tomorrow with this DVD, CindyKate's single, maybe some other stuff. If anyone would like to go in with me (either to save on shipping/fees, or just to coordinate buying different releases so we get rips!), feel free to contact~


    UNDER CODE PRODUCTION donation project: from now until 2011-04-30, proceeds from sales at the official web shop will go to help victims of the recent earthquake. A shopping service is required to order; if you're unsure how to do this, please refer to this community's shopping guide, or contact me directly and I'll help you.

    [Archived] Lin covers
    The covers of the upcoming 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) single, Silent to my Pain, have been revealed: A type, B type.

    A little hard to tell what's going on, but I like that they sort of mirror the covers for Metamorphose. What do you think?

    Oh, and you may have noticed that the title of this single was written differently all over the place... Now that we have the cover, we can say for sure that it's written like above, with only the first and fourth word capitalized. ...I realize that is something crazy to care about.

    [Archived] Lin's interview from Cure 91
    Thought it might interest some of this comm's members so here it is:

    [Archived] Lin's threeman club tour + extra
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has announced a three-date, three-city, three-band tour. Each of the three bands represents a different region--Lin as Osaka, Lycaon as Nagoya, and UnsraW as Tokyo--and each stop of the tour will be in one of those regions. Some sort of “secret project” will be held at each stop.

    Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka CLUB TOUR BATTLE CIRCUS 2011
    2011-05-08 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) STAR LOUNGE
    2011-05-13 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) HEART LAND
    2011-05-15 at 難波 (Nanba) ROCKETS

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Lycaon, UnsraW

    Also, these two things aren't really worthy of individual posts, so I'll stick them here: 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has a new flyer up, which you can see here. (I like it much more than their last!) Also, the details of that 1st anniversary festival I mentioned will be revealed on 2011-04-01.

    I bet those will be some great shows! Wonder what the secret project is though.

    [Archived] Lin anniversary show
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) has announced a special festival event to celebrate their 1st anniversary.

    Complete details aren't available yet, as it was just announced via MC/KISAKI's blog, but it seems that the event will be a semi-oneman; the band will play a long set, and then a session band for each member will appear. Of course I'll update when more specifics have been announced.

    Lin 1st Anniversary Festival an epidemic of “OVERTURE”
    2011-06-18 at 大阪 (Osaka) BIG CAT
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) (100 minute set), (unannounced sessions)

    One thing I don't get is why it's in June if they formed last April. But regardless of the timing: has it really been that long already!?

    [Archived] Lin lucky bag single correction
    Ok, just wanted to post a correction about that 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) lucky bag CD.

    I've seen some better pictures of the CD, and the title is definitely PERFECT LOVE ~Tribute by Lin~.

    Second, we know that they definitely do romanize their name as Lin. So that's that.
    [Archived] New Lin look official photo
    It's here~

    Lin's UCP OHP has been updated with a photo of their new look! See here.

    Now that you can see them better, what do you think? I like it a lot, especially MIZUKI and KISAKI! And you can see the other side of KISAKI's face...

    [Archived] Lin lucky bag CD
    If you recall, those who buy 7,000 yen's worth of lucky bags (aka at least two lucky bags) from the official web shop will receive a special 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) CD.

    RIKU posted a picture of the CD, and it seems like it contains an actual song (rather than just a comment like many of us assumed). The picture isn't great, but it looks as if the title is PERFECT LOVE ~friends by tie~. Can anyone make out the subtitle more clearly?

    Interesting cover huh? And did any of you buy at least two lucky bags to get this privilege? I purchased three (not all for myself!), so, as long as nothing goes wrong, I'll post a rip of the CD here if no one else does!

    [Archived] Sample of Lin's new photos
    KISAKI's blog has been updated with the first official photo from the new 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) photoset. Check it out!

    Amazing! I've been following all the members' blogs as they've posted cell phone pics of their costumes, but the first official photo really does them justice. I love how you can see each member's flavor, though they're still cohesive. What do you think?

    (I'll be making another post about their photoshoots later)

    [Archived] Lin song change
    For the upcoming 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) release, Flowers Bloom, it was originally announced that the second song for both types would be fall.... However, it seems that the coupling track will now instead be Lost in the mist of time. Nothing else has been changed.

    Also, I wanted to talk about the types a bit more. At Brand X, closet child, etc., Flowers Bloom is listed as “TYPE A -店頭初回受注生産-” and “TYPE B -通販限定期間限定生産-.” These specifically mean “TYPE A -store-only, first, built-to-order press-” and “TYPE B -mail-order-limited, time-limited press-.”

    So it seems that only enough copies of the A type will be printed to fulfill demand, and that the B type is mail-order, but is only available for a certain amount of time. However! Neither the UNDER CODE website nor the official shop mention anything about these conditional presses, so... So I guess either these were abandoned ideas or just something that they haven't officially announced yet. Guess we'll see!

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin)
    Flowers Bloom TYPE A -store-only, initial, built-to-order press-
    2010-05-25; 2,100 yen; maxi-single CD+DVD; UCCD-289A
    + 1 trading card (of 6 total) from Set Four
    + application form for MAKING OF Flowers Bloom DVD
    + official web shop privilege for both types: OFF SHOT DVD VOL:2

    CD 01. Flowers Bloom
    CD 02. Lost in the mist of time
    DVD 01. Flowers Bloom (PV)

    Flowers Bloom TYPE B -mail-order-limited, time-limited press-
    2010-05-25; 2,100 yen; maxi-single CD+DVD; UCCD-289B
    + 1 trading card (of 6 total) from Set Four
    + application form for MAKING OF Flowers Bloom DVD
    + official web shop privilege for both types: OFF SHOT DVD VOL:2

    CD 01. Flowers Bloom
    CD 02. Lost in the mist of time
    DVD 01. (Unannounced live clip from Tour-Silent To My Pain-)
    DVD 02. (Unannounced live clip from Tour-Silent To My Pain-)

    Seems they announced this single before they were really decided on it, huh? Do you think they've just changed a title, or could it be a different song entirely? And what about this “special type” business? At any rate, both types of the new singles are available for pre-order at the official web shop now.

    [Archived] Lin new single web shop privileges
    KISAKI posted a bit about the official web shop privileges for the upcoming 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) singles. First, the shop will send them out a week early, so Silent To My Pain will be sent on 2011-03-21 and Flowers Bloom on 2011-05-20.

    Second, I already mentioned that buying both types of Silent To My Pain from the shop would get you OFF SHOT DVD VOL:1, but forgot to mention that buying both types of Flowers Bloom will get you OFF SHOT DVD VOL:2. Also, it seems that the DVDs are footage recorded and edited by KANATA.

    [Archived] Another new maxi-single for Lin
    If you recall, the recently announced 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) single SILENT TO MY PAIN was announced as the first part of a release series, but no other releases were mentioned. Well, the next release has been revealed thanks to Brand X.

    The band will release another maxi-single, called Flowers Bloom, in two types on 2011-05-25. Like the first single, both types include the same tracks, but the A type includes a PV DVD and the B type includes a live DVD. Each CD includes one of six trading cards, and there is an application form in both types that can be sent in to receive a making of Flowers Bloom PV DVD.

    Edit: I just noticed that Brand X lists the A type as “shop-limited” and the B type as “mail-order limited,” although I'm not sure why a store would be selling both if that's the case... Also, Brand X's description includes the phrase “2011 consecutive release;” we already knew that there would be more than one release, but could that phrase imply that they'll have a release every month? Guess we'll see!

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin)
    Flowers Bloom -A Type-
    2011-05-25; 2,100 yen; maxi-single CD+DVD; UCCD-289A
    + one of six trading cards
    + application form for Making of Flowers Bloom PV DVD

    CD 01. Flowers Bloom
    CD 02. fall... Lost in the mist of time (change announced 2011-01-20)
    DVD 01. Flowers Bloom PV

    Flowers Bloom -B Type-
    2011-05-25; 2,100 yen; maxi-single CD+DVD; UCCD-289B
    + one of six trading cards
    + application form for Making of Flowers Bloom PV DVD

    CD 01. Flowers Bloom
    CD 02. fall... Lost in the mist of time (change announced 2011-01-20)
    DVD 01. (Unannounced live clip)
    DVD 02. (Unannounced live clip)

    MAKING OF Flowers Bloom
    2011-05-25; 0 yen; mail-order present making DVD
    with mail-in of two application forms from Flowers Bloom

    01. MAKING OF Flowers Bloom PV

    Are you excited for another single?
    [Archived] Explosion showcase tracklist
    The tracklist of the SHOXX × UNDER CODE PRODUCTION omnibus Explosion showcase has been revealed today. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the songs aren't new or rare... Oh well. The cover has been revealed as well, and you can see it here.

    Explosion showcase
    2011-02-01; 3,360 yen; mail-order omnibus CD; UCSP-008
    MAIN DISC -Paradoxical Alliance-
    01. 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) (Guest): GASP FOR BREATH
    02. UnsraW: BREATH
    03. Lycaon: EROS
    04. ベルベット (VELBET): E【R】iott
    05. 己龍 (Kiryu): 朔宵 (Sakushou)
    06. Megaromania: AURORA-destinies of world-
    07. Ⅶ-Sense: Be Sacrificed
    08. エルム (ELM): 切り裂きジャックの憂鬱 (Kirisaki JACK no Yuuutsu)
    09. お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】: ピノキオと砂時計 (PINOCCHIO to Sunadokei)
    10. ALSDEAD: PMS
    11. DIAURA: Virgin Mary
    12. シンディケイト (CindyKate): 濱NIGHT☆CITYBOYwant U mix feat. D.J.maurta
    13. ArtCube: Breath of mind
    14. Para:noir: Re:gret
    15. 砂月 (Satsuki): AWAKE (“Explosion showcase Mix”)

    BONUS DISC -expect meeting-
    01. lam.: Waltz - live.ver
    02. Tu[ism]: 見上げた桜 (Miageta Sakura)
    03. 我羇道 (Gakido): 今辛いことに嘘はつかないで (Ima Tsurai koto ni Uso wa Tsukanaide)
    04. SwallowtaiL: 朝凪 (Asanagi)
    05. MoNoLith: Sherry
    06. RED universe: 共生 (Kyousei)
    07. SCAPEGOAT: deletion noise
    08. dolore: PANDORA-BOX
    09. Secilia Luna: Providence
    10. Pan-d-ra: GIFT
    11. Zig+Zag: ヤマイ (YAMAI)
    12. Vallquar: 惨愴プレリュード (Sansou PRELUDE)
    13. M: 無感の住人 (Mukan no Juunin)
    14. Re:dis: birth.
    15. Rubik: lalala...
    16. Amber Bullet: I am...

    What do you think about the tracklisting? Have any of you bought the album?
    [Archived] 凛 - making of Metamorphose PV + Metamorphose & Walking in the rain lyrics

    [Archived] Lin's new single: 「SILENT TO MY PAIN」
    Kisaki announced it half an hour ago~

    「SILENT TO MY PAIN」 release date 30.3

    I'm not good in japanese, but what I understood, type A is with the PV and type B with Metamorphose and FREEDOM live. Correct me if I'm wrong


    The title is "Consecutive release first part", so we'll get something in april~?

    With each CD you get a trading card, there's six in total

    Both type A and B have the same tracklist:
    02. Call back

    Enclosed in the single (no matter where you buy) is an application form that can be sent in to receive the MAKING OF SILENT TO MY PAIN DVD

    If you buy the single (presumably both types) from the official web shop, not only will they ship the single to you on 2011-03-21 (week early), but they'll also give you a signed copy of OFF SHOT DVD VOL:1

    thanks to with the translating~

    Posts from 2010

    [Archived] [REQ] 凛 lyrics
     I would request some 凛 lyrics, if it's possible the translation too
    - Foolish
    - Metamorphose
    - Walking in the rain
    - Sterilization

    + Freedom (only english translation)

    Thanks in advance ^_^
    [Archived] Lin's omnibus track and TV appearance
    Thanks to VISUNAVI for this tidbit: the Explosion showcase omnibus will feature a new 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) song called GASP FOR BREATH.

    Also, the band appeared on the TV show Vの流儀 (V no Ryuugi) on 2010-11-09 and performed live! I'm not entirely sure, but I think they may have performed that new song.

    [Archived] Off topic: opinion on Metamorphose?
    Ok Underko, it's that time again~ Those of you who have heard it, what did you think of the new 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) single?

    Better than As If Forever Exists.? Worse? Favorite song?

    I'll start: I liked it! I'm not sure if I liked it more than the first single, but it's definitely a good, solid release. Metamorphose is great, especially the organ. Walking in the rain was weird, but in a neat way (remind anyone else of Versailles' zombie?). Sterilization is too rush-y for me, I think, but at least it's really interesting for an aggressive song. I'm loving how much variety they've shown in just two singles!

    [Archived] Lin photosets
    UCP sure has been in a photoset mood recently! They've added 3 Lin photosets featuring the new outfits to their web ship. Click here to see.

    Which one do you like the best? I'd go for A or C, 'cause B seems to have the same pics as their profiles on UCP OHP. 
    Any of you buying? :3

    [Edit: Fixed, now there actually IS a link, Sorry 8D]

    [Archived] CindyKate, Megaromania, and Lin in new SHOXX omnibus
    SHOXX has decided to release a new omnibus in February to promote the bands that are building a new visual kei scene. The omnibus will be comprised of two discs (some new songs, some “rare” songs), and will be mail-order only. Those who order early will receive a cheki of the band of their choice (“main side” bands only--see below), as well as a special certificate that they can bring to the supporting tour, for which they'll receive a special, unspecified present.

    Explosion showcase
    2011-02; 3,360 yen; mail-order omnibus CD

    MAIN DISC -Paradoxical Alliance-
    01. 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) (Guest)
    02. UnsraW
    03. Lycaon
    04. ベルベット (Velbet)
    05. 己龍 (Kiryu)
    06. Megaromania
    07. Ⅶ-Sense
    08. エルム (ELM)
    09. お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】
    10. ALSDEAD
    11. DIAURA
    12. シンディケイト (CindyKate)
    13. ArtCube
    14. Para:noir
    15. 砂月 (Satsuki)

    BONUS DISC -expect meeting-
    01. lam.
    02. Tu[ism]
    03. 我羇道 (Gakido)
    04. SwallowtaiL
    05. MoNoLith
    06. RED universe
    08. dolore
    09. Secilia Luna
    10. Pan-d-ra
    11. Zig+Zag
    12. Vallquar
    13. M
    14. Re:dis
    15. Rubik
    16. Amber Bullet

    In addition to the omnibus release, SHOXX will be sponsoring two supporting live tours. And of course, at most of the shows, those who attend will receive free presents of some kind.

    SHOXX omnibus release commemoration TOUR #1 Explosion showcase ~Paradoxical Alliance~
    2011-01-21 at 目黒鹿鳴館 (Meguro rockmaykan) Я
    2011-01-28 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) BOTTOM LINE Я※
    2011-01-29 at OSAKA MUSE Я※
    2011-01-31 at 博多 (Hakata) DRUM Be-1 Я※
    2011-02-05 at 仙台 (Sendai) JUNK BOX Я※
    2011-02-07 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) O-WEST Я※
    2011-02-27 at 横浜 (Yokohama) SUNPHONIX HALL Я※

    Я = feat. 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) (Guest)
    ※ = feat. Megaromania

    SHOXX omnibus release commemoration TOUR #2 Explosion showcase ~expect meeting~ 特別夜 (Tokubetsu Yoru)
    2011-01-22 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) RUIDO K4

    Explosion showcase ~expect meeting~
    2011-01-24 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) RUIDO K4 †$
    2011-02-06 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) RUIDO K4 $
    2011-02-12 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) HEART LAND $
    2011-02-13 at ESAKA MUSE $

    ※ = feat. Megaromania
    † = feat. Dali
    $ = feat. シンディケイト (CindyKate)

    Since it's mail-order only (meaning the applicant has to actually go to the post office), we can't really purchase the omnibus normally, and many shopping services won't be willing to help. But if you know your shopping service will help you out, here is the post explaining how to order.

    Will any of you be trying to buy this omnibus?

    [Archived] 凛「Metamorphose」 preview

    ..what do you think?
    I like it^^

    [Archived] Lin's Metamorphose PV
    KISAKI just posted a tiny preview of the Metamorphose PV here. It seems to be a shot from a CM, so hopefully UNDER CODE will use their YouTube channel to upload a preview some time.

    Anyway, did you know that this PV isn't being made by Bands@id (who usually does UCP's PVs)? This time they hired VISUAL TRAP, which is a pretty old and respected video company. They've done PVs for bands such as DIR EN GREY, D, Plastic Tree, and KAGEROU. So this PV might be pretty good!

    Edit: Didn't see 's post |D Thanks!

    [Archived] Shikkoku no SYMPHONY live photographs
    Live photographs of several UNDER CODE bands are available for purchase through and 7-Eleven. The photos seem to have been taken at the three day 漆黒のシンフォニー (Shikkoku no SYMPHONY) event at 埼玉会館ホール (Saitamakaikan HALL) in August.

    For those of you familiar with the concept of digiphoto, you'll understand; basically, you select the photos you want online, and then you go to an actual 7-Eleven (in Japan only) and print them off at a special kiosk. This means that we overseas fans can't buy these the regular way, and I'm actually not even sure that many shopping services would be willing to help, since they would have to physically go somewhere.

    But for those of you with especially nice shopping services or friends in Japan, here are links to the order pages:
    [Archived] new Kisaki profile photo + new 凛 song

    2010.10.11 OSAKA MUSE
    -SET LIST-
    2.Fake Dance
    3.Imaginary Lover
    4.Walking in the rain
    5.As If Forever Exists.
    7.Flowers Bloom(新曲)
    [Archived] [Lin] "Metamorphose" artwork covers
    Artwork covers for Lin's upcoming single are under the cut (warning: big images)!



    Personally, I think those covers are way nicer than As If Forever Exists..

    [Archived] Lin postpones Korea live
    KISAKI is apparently in poor health again, so his doctor has ordered him to take a rest. He took this to mean “domestic shows only,” so the 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) live in Korea scheduled for 2010-11-13 and 2010-11-14 has been postponed. It's unclear whether the live will be rescheduled at some point, but those who want refunds can contact UNDER CODE.

    Anyone proficient in Japanese or Korean can check out the original comment here.

    I was originally annoyed at another overseas live cancellation, but it's hard to be mad at KISAKI for having poor health. On the plus side, at least it wasn't incompetent organizers; on the minus side, KISAKI really needs to find some way to stop aggravating his condition with stress ;( maybe he should drink more

    [Archived] Lin new samples!
    Samples of Metamorphose and Walking in the rain by 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) have been posted at the OHP. Check them out!

    The samples sound pretty interesting to me. What do you guys think?

    [Archived] Lin pics
    Lin's profile pics have been updated on the UCP OHP. Click HERE to see them.

    What do you think? I'm liking the costumes more and more, they all look so amazing.

    Also, a new flyer advertising Metamorphose has been upped. See HERE

    [Archived] Lin's new costumes!
    Still old photo on Under Code's site, but

    Kisaki had it in his blog and a pic of nerd glasses

    [Archived] Lin's second single details
    Thanks to Brand X, the full details of the second 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) maxi-single have been revealed. (And also thanks to the LJ community !) As predicted, it contains those two new songs they'd been playing live, but the B type will come with a third song we had no idea about!

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin)
    Metamorphose -A Type-
    2010-11-10; 2,100 yen; maxi-single CD + PV DVD; UCCD-276A
    Comes with one of six trading cards

    CD 01. Metamorphose
    CD 02. Walking in the rain
    DVD 01. Metamorphose PV

    Metamorphose -B Type-
    2010-11-10; 1,890 yen; maxi-single CD; UCCD-276B
    Comes with one of six trading cards

    01. Metamorphose
    02. Walking in the rain
    03. Sterilization (Bonus track)

    [Archived] HEISEI ISHIN and Lin live clips online
    Visualand.TV has posted two new 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) and 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) live clips from their 2010-07-18 show. They'll be available to watch online until 2010-09-07. (I'll try to rip/upload them for everyone later!)

    平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) - Microburst
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) - Foolish

    [Archived] Lin two-day live in Korea!
    It was just announced that 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will be playing its first overseas live in Korea! The event type is officially “KISAKI ADVENT IN KOREA,” and its title is Metamorphose. The live will take place over two days, on 2010-11-13 and 2010-11-14.

    KISAKI ADVENT IN KOREA Metamorphose2010-11-13 at Live club SSAM, Seoul, Korea 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin)

    2010-11-14 at Live club SSAM, Seoul, Korea
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin)

    Hopefully this one isn't cancelled like the other overseas concerts UCP has planned!

    [Archived] Lin news + Megaro new PV
    New picture was uploaded for Lin!

    However it wasn't changed on the band profile (yet?) but only on the main page of the OHP. Personally I like it a lot.

    Along with a new flyer. When you look closely at it you can read "2nd maxi-single release November 2010"!

    [Archived] Lin twoman tours
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will be participating in a twoman live with 12012 and joining Sadie for a few dates on their tour!

    12012 twoman THE FANGS OF KILLER 「SEVEN」 SADNESS -Case 3-2010-10-11 at OSAKA MUSE 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), 12012

    Sadie tour Deep Impact2010-11-20 at 長野 (Nagano) CLUB JUNK BOX 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Sadie

    2010-11-21 at 金沢 (Kanazawa) AZ
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Sadie

    2010-11-23 at 新潟 (Niigata) CLUB JUNK BOX
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Sadie

    2010-12-03 at 高知 (Kouchi) X-pt.
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Sadie

    2010-12-04 at 松山サロンキティ (Matsuyama SALON KITTY)
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Sadie

    [Archived] Lin's new songs
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) played two new songs at their 2010-07-31 live! The first is called Sterilization and the second is called Metamorphose. I guess one must be the hard, twin-vocal song, and I think KISAKI mentioned the other is ballad.

    I wonder when we'll get to hear them~

    [Archived] Mizuki as vocalist?
    People who follow the blogs might have noticed that they've recorded a new song~
    What's different this time is that it experiments with a Riku and Mizuki "twin vocalist" set-up. It sounds like Mizuki will "shout" more than sing though... They will be doing this song live for the first time tomorrow. I'm curious what it will be like~!!
    [Archived] Webshop Updates
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) polaroids: you can now buy one-of-a-kind, signed polaroids of the members. Available types are a group photo, individual photos (except KANATA), and twoshots of RIKU with another member (except KANATA).

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) poster! I'm pretty sure this is the same poster that's CDJapan's privilege for buying the singles (can anyone confirm?). It's basically a giant version of their flyer.

    Megaromania's new singles are up for preorder. The privilege for buying all types is a cheki of the member of your choice, along with a message + live DVD recorded on 2010-05-15.

    ④ Tons of 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) photosets! There are three photosets from their Prism. singles and four coupling photosets with 花少年バディーズ (Hanashounen BADDIES).

    E'm ~grief~'s new singles are also up for preorder. The privilege for buying both is a cheki of your choice plus a live DVD recorded on 2010-05-30.

    シンディケイト (CINDYKATE) new single is up for preorder (privilege: special DVD) and two photosets are up for sale (one from their first UCP look, the other from their new look)!

    Synside new mini-album is up for preorder (privilege undecided) and two photosets are up for sale (one from their previous look, one from their new look). I want these so bad ;_;

    ⑧ Finally, ClearVeil last live DVDs! These are official bootlegs, so don't expect great camera work. But it's the only chance to see ClearVeil's last oneman lives (2010-06-20, 06-30, and 07-04)!

    As always, the UNDER CODE official web shop is Japanese only, so you'll need a shopping service to buy from it. Get in touch with me if you need help!


    I had a dream last night that UNDER CODE was selling special photobooks of old bands such as Schwardix Marvally and Eze:quL (they also sold photobooks of old Power Rangers shows, but it made sense in my dream). I really wish that were true ;(

    Any of you buying this cool stuff? I'd love ClearVeil's DVDs or Synside's stuff!

    [Archived] Watch CINDYKATE and Lin Live!
    Click here to watch the 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) live performance from 2010-06-18! It's thanks to a new streaming video site, Visu-a-Land.TV. They'll only be hosting the clip until 2010-07-31, so be sure to watch it now.

    They'll also be streaming a L∞p・Ash RECORDS anniversary event live at 2010-07-02 17:30 JST. (That's 4:30 AM on the US east coast and 1:30 AM on the US west coast; use this site to figure out the time in your time zone.) シンディケイト (CINDYKATE) is participating in that event, so be sure to watch! It's only in a few hours!

    Click here for the NEO VOLTAGE on demand page.
    Click here for the on air streaming page.
    By the way, the live stream page is password protected right now. I assume that will go away when the event starts, but I'm not sure. Can anyone translate that for us?


    Yay for more web events! Hopefully this site lasts a little longer than most of these ventures. Will any of you try to catch the streaming event later tonight? And what did you guys think of the Lin performance?

    [Archived] Misc~
    平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) also revealed a new look yesterday. You can check it out here and here.

    ② As you know, Synside revealed a new look yesterday. The profile pictures weren't up at the time, but they've been added today. Check them out.

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) placed on the oricon charts with their first single! As If Forever Exists. was #1 on the indie charts! It even placed on the major charts (#33), which is awesome. Thanks to all you overseas fans who purchased copies~

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) members RIKU, MIZUKI, KANATA, and REIYA are sponsoring a session event called 池袋凛夏祭 (Ikebukuro Lin Natsumatsuri) on 2010-07-19 at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) CYBER. The session details have just been announced, so here they are:
    • RIKU SESSION BAND フミ団法人黒十字 (Fumidan Houjin Kurojuuji)
      V: RIKU
      V: タカフミ (TAKAFUMI, ex-Marvelous Maiden)
      G: Takashi (kalvary)
      G: (Undecided)
      B: Ko-ich (kalvary)
      D: 姫雛 (Hina, ex-Anjyu')

      V: rui (ミサルカ (MISARUKA))
      G: MIZUKI
      G: 流 (Luu, DEPAIN)
      B: ムクイ (MUKUI, NightingeiL)
      D: ハクヤ (HAKUYA, NightingeiL)

    • KANATA SESSION BAND あなたのミ・カ・タ・ん♪ (Anata no Mi・ka・ta・n ♪)
      V: ミヤミチ (MIYAMICHI, ex-Pashya)
      G: 依織 (Iori, cocklobin)
      G: KANATA
      B: 空 (Sora, ex-Sylmeria)
      D: りょう (Ryou, ex-LiZ)

    • REIYA SESSION BAND 零式特攻舞台 (Reishiki Tokoubutai)
      V: カイリ (KAIRI, ex-SIVA)
      G: 雄一 (Yuichi, ex-SIVA)
      G: 清 (Kiyo, ex-VARB)
      B: 奏 (Kanade, ex-Gizmo)
      D: REIYA

    • GALAXY SESSION BAND (Friendship performance) GALAXY@GO!GO!!
      V: 雪花 (Yukika, GALAXY president)
      V&G: maki (ALSDEAD)
      G: 沁 (Jin, ALSDEAD)
      B: 玲人 (Reito, ALSDEAD)
      D: 刹亞 (Setsua, ALSDEAD)

    • ID JAPAN SESSION BAND (Friendship performance) 絵流宮☆涼太の憂鬱 (Erukyuu ☆ Ryouta no Yuuutsu)
      V: 涼太 (Ryouta)
      G: 絵流 (ex-VAJRA)
      G&B: (Undecided)
      D: まつり (Matsuri, C.o.A)

    [Archived] Lin's "As If Forever Exists." on CDTV
    Lin's PV for "As If Forever Exists." ranked on this week's (06/12/2010) TOP 100 on Countdown TV. For those who don't know CDTV is a very popular music and PV ranking TV show on TBS. Rin ranked #45 on the list.

    Congratulations to Lin!!

    Check out the rest of the ranking here.
    [Archived] Legend of CROW MUSIC Event
    Although this isn't related to UNDER CODE, many of you already know of the memorial event being held in honor of the legend of TATSUYA and CROW MUSIC. For those of you that don't know of it, it's a “super premium” event at which the legendary old bands of CROW MUSIC will revive for one night. The event is called GOLD RUSH EXTRA☆, and it will be held on 2010-07-21 at KYOTO MUSE. The cast includes 7seven, NUDE, 藍華柳 (Aikaryu), Crack brain, MYTH, LUAZY, WHITEBLACK, and n'DooL.

    HIZAKI (Versailles, ex-Crack brain) and TERU (Versailles, ex-Aikaryu) weren't announced to be appearing, but that changed last night! They will be appearing with their old bands on that night. So it's awesome for fans of those old bands and pretty cool for Versailles fans as well. (And I really respect that they still care about CROW MUSIC, even though they're much more successful now.)

    Anyway, here's where it ties in with UCP: in addition to HIZAKI and TERU attending, it was also announced last night that 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will be appearing as a special “friendship guest”!


    It already sounded like an awesome night, but these two announcements make it even better. Are any of you over there and attending?

    [Archived] As If Forever Exists. Lyrics
    Unofficial and done by me =D Corrections are welcomed as usual. Please enjoy~

    As If Forever Exists.

    "There is something I want to tell you who loved me."
    The tears you shed that day, melted my frozen heart.
    Seeing everyone shining, I always thought,
    The courage to set out strong, I wish I could have it...

    However, however, I couldn't, (the promise)*
    Because I didn't break away from the past...

    I heard the sound of stars that disappeared in the night sky, it always enraptured me,
    I sent along my wish once more, with the wind, illustrated it.

    missin' song? sepia color screen
    missin' me? don't forget you.

    I closed my eyes and remembered, the traces that don't fade,
    The place where I decided "someday I'll go" shines faintly in the distance.

    Softly, softly, I spread my wings.
    Because this is the only place I return to...

    I thought we wouldn't be able to meet again except in memories, forgive me,
    I suffered from always locking in my true intentions.

    I hear the sound of stars that disappear in the night sky, and rise up,
    At the instant (time)* of changing, a promise... "The song reaches you."

    Now, an expanse of sky
    I see swaying when I close my eyes. yes, forever...

    Even if I'm not  the earth though it turns
    When the dream is lost, I think that all disappear. **

    *Words in brackets are... "promise" was sung but not written in the booklet, and "instant" was written but sung as "time".
    ** I think this bit of English lyrics is trying to say "Even when I'm gone, the Earth still turns. I think everything will disappear when the dream is lost. " But your guess is as good as mine >.<

    Imaginary Lover

    The sky I see and
    The sky you see,
    We overlap them, join them and create.

    Ah I embraced tightly thousands of stars,
    Exhausting my voice, I called to you who disappeared.

    In the light tears flowed.
    The bell of love was resounding but...

    Forever, forever, until the day the world disappears.

    The sky I saw and
    The sky you saw into the eye
    Discovered that it was the other side of the ideal. into the maze

    Ah Dimmed by faint sighs,
    Lies disappear in the tainted sea of Lost Paradise.

    In the light, as if my heart was breaking,
    I waited for the passing of seasons and time.

    In every way, in every way, being wounded and falling

    Imagination Inside imaginary "you",
    Imagination "I" am existing.

    Forever, forever, until the day the world disappears.

    The sky that emptiness and you
    whom I had seen saw
    It knew that it was the other side of the ideal.

    Fake Dance

    I too, will set out for the world of dreams,
    Dance, on a brilliant stage.
    I can see, sprites dance and fly across the floor,
    Staining past and future rose-red...

    I forgot about everything and went mad in innocence.

    I forgot about everything and laughed in innocence.

    Here, lonely people gather,
    Hearts, liberated and exposed.
    Now, morality and reason break down,
    Staining past and future rose-red...

    I forgot about everything and I was going mad in innocence.

    I forgot about everything and I was laughing in innocence.

    Magical paper scraps*
    Seem to grant the wonderful thing that crossed my mind.
    Even if everything was decaying,
    You, who made me think I wouldn't be wounded anymore, were there.

    *"paper scraps" was indicated to say "rules" but was still sung as "paper scraps". Refer to  's original posting of the lyrics if confused =D
    [Archived] [SHOXX vol.209 INTERVIEW] Finally starting, amidst earnest expectations, is KISAKI'S new band, LIN.
    This an official translation of LIN's interview in SHOXX Vol. 209.
    We hope you drop by and give it a look!

    Their first commemorative sound source since the band formed is "As If Forever Exists," which will be released on June 2nd. The melody is from a wide range of songs, but you still cannot grasp the whole picture of the band with just "static" and "dynamic" in contrast to convey to the world: The cold will set forth this concept that you can feel strongly. A live is determined to be seen soon. Don't miss out.

    -- It also came with the title track ballad, but it is quite an adventure isn't it?

    KISAKI: Inside of me there is nothing adventurous, though. Why originally a ballad? (laughs). I have this scene I returned to, a mental state where I return to the strait words of my lyrics.

    -- How did everyone react?

    REIYA: Well, they were a little surprised (laughs). But the nature of the message, I believe is easy to understand.
    KANATA: I think it's what Mr.KISAKI want to convey mostly. It's very important to do this at the very beginning.
    KISAKI: Because I hope that we can proudly announce: "This is LIN".

    -- Is that so, I think your band is very quiet, isn't it?

    KISAKI: From the perspective of the people who supported me and my music career, I don't think it's a question. In KISAKI PROJECT, there were only ballad, and coming up with a beautiful tone, or a subtle aspect, of a music portion of vanity took on a serious look.

    -- Sure. The band's name was credited for composing the songs, but in what way were they made?

    KISAKI: It was originally demonstrations and melodies, KANATA and I felt we had to extend the guitar.
    KANATA: When I read the lyrics, I thought, "What would best fit this magnificent ballad?" While there is the commitment to complement the lyrics, even without lyrics, the feelings transmitted into images that work.

    1  2  3  4

    [Archived] Lin Present DVD Error
    If you recall, those who buy all three types of the 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) singles can mail in three proofs of purchase and receive a PV making DVD in return.

    Well, Bands@id messed up, so those proofs of purchase weren't included with the CDs! As such, the method of getting the PV making DVD has changed a little. Instead of sending in three proofs of purchase, you'll have to instead send all three obi's (title strips). But not to worry, they'll send the obi's back with the DVD.

    They'll only allow applications through 2010-07-31, so hurry up if you want the DVD. And remember, they don't ship overseas, so you'll have to use a shopping service if you're not in Japan. And finally, although the present DVD is free, the shipping is not!

    The address to send your obi's:
      株式会社 ビーフォレスト 凛 DVD プレゼント係
      〒651-2224 神戸市西区秋葉台1-18-16
      Tel. 078-998-0670

    [Archived] As If Forever Exists. Lyrics
    Someone asked me to type out the lyrics (Japanese and romaji) for As If Forever Exists., so I decided to do them all! I hope you'll sing along now! Enjoy.

    Please correct me if you notice a mistake, especially with missing spaces (my text editor tends to delete them). And I wouldn't argue if anyone felt like translating!

    As If Forever Exists. (Japanese)
    作詞:KISAKI 作曲:凛 編曲:凛


    だけど,だけど,出来なかったんだ ※1


    missin' song? sepia color screen
    missin' me? don't forget you.




    変わっていく瞬間に約束を・・・ 「君に歌が届くように」 ※2


    Even if I'm not the earth though it turns.
    When the dream is lost, I think that all disappear.

    ※1 Actually sung “だけど,だけど,出来なかった約束”
    ※2 Printed pronunciation guide for 瞬間: “トキ”


    As If Forever Exists. (Romaji)
    Writing:KISAKI Composition:Lin Arrangement:Lin

    「Aishitekureta kimie tsutaetai koto ga aru」
    Ano hi negashita namida ga, itetetsuita kokoro wo tokashita。
    Kagayaku minna wo mite, zutto omotteta kimochi
    Tsuyoku aruki dasu yuuki, motsu koto ga dekitaraii to・・・

    Dakedo, dakedo, dekinakattanda ※1
    Kako wo suteta wakedeha nai kara・・・

    Yozora ni kieru hoshi no oto wo kiite, zutto maiagatte
    Todoke, negai wo mou ichido, kaze ni nosete egaite mita

    missin' song? sepia color screen
    missin' me? don't forget you.

    Hitomi tojite, omoidashita, iroaseru kotonai kiseki
    Itsuka ikouto kimeta basho ga tooku ni usuku hikaru

    Sotto, sotto, hane wo hirogeta
    Kaeru basho wa kokoshika nai kara・・・

    Omoide deshika aenai to omotteta, boku wo yurushitekure
    Zutto honne wo tojikomete kurushin da yo

    Yozora ni kieru hoshi no oto wo kiite, tachi agatte
    Kawatteiku toki ni yakusoku wo・・・ 「Kimi ni uta ga todoku youni」

    Ima, hirogaru sora
    Mabuta de yureteiru yo, sou, eien ni

    Even if I'm not the earth though it turns.
    When the dream is lost, I think that all disappear.

    ※1 Actually sung “dakedo, dakedo, dekinakatta yakusoku”

    FREEDOM (Japanese)
    作詞:戮 作曲:KISAKI 編曲:凛

    There was something funny about the theory.
    マイナスとマイナスが プラスになる事

    There was something funny about the theory.
    晴れ渡る空が 過去に感じても

    He's a very funny fellow.あぁ 見事に

    Fry right from...

    a funny story. I'm not being funny,but it.
    a funny story. 思いは重なる
    a funny story. I'm not being funny,but it.
    a funny story. 続きを届けたいから

    Fry right from...

    Freedom. x4

    Fry right from...

    Fever. x4

    羽根を広げ 大空を舞う
    a funny story. 人も飛べるから
    a funny story. I'm not being funny,but it.
    a funny story. 思いを 今
    a funny story. 空に向け
    a funny story. 羽根広げ
    a funny story. 空に叫ぶ
    a funny story. 続きを届けたいから


    FREEDOM (Romaji)
    Writing:RIKU Composition:KISAKI Arrangement:Lin

    There was something funny about the theory.
    MINUS to MINUS ga    PLUS ninaru koto

    There was something funny about the theory.
    Harewataru sora ga    Kako ni kanjitemo

    He's a very funny fellow. Aa    Migoto ni

    Fry right from...

    a funny story.    I'm not being funny,but it.
    a funny story.    Omoi wa kasanaru
    a funny story.    I'm not being funny,but it.
    a funny story.    Tsuduki wo todoketai kara

    Fry right from...

    Freedom. x4

    Fry right from...

    Fever. x4

    Hane wo hiroge    Oozora wo mau
    a funny story.    Hito mo toberu kara
    a funny story.    I'm not being funny,but it.
    a funny story.    Omoi wo    Ima
    a funny story.    Sora ni muke
    a funny story.    Hane hiroge
    a funny story.    Sora ni sakebu
    a funny story.    Tsuduki wo todoketai kara

    Imaginary Lover (Japanese)
    作詞:KISAKI 作曲:KISAKI 編曲:凛


    Ah 幾千の星を抱きしめて



    君が見た空は into the eye
    理想の裏側だったんだと知った into the maze

    Ah 微かな吐息で曇ってく



    Imagination 架空の「君」の中で
    Imagination 「僕」は存在している


    The sky that emptiness and you
    whom I had seen saw
    It knew that it was the other side of the ideal.


    Imaginary Lover (Romaji)
    Writing:KISAKI Composition:KISAKI Arrangement:Lin

    Boku ga miru sora to
    Kimi ga miru sora wo
    Kasanete hitotsu nishite souzousuru

    Ah    Ikusen no hoshi wo dakishimete
    Koe wo karashite kieta kimi wo sakenda

    Hikari no naka namida negashite tane
    Ai no kane wa narihibiitei takedo・・・

    Itsumademo itsumademo, sekai ga kiesaru hi made

    Boku ga mita sora to
    Kimi ga mita sora wa    into the eye
    Risou no uragawa dattanda to shitta    into the maze

    Ah    Kasukana toiki dekumotteku
    Uso wa yogoreta shitsuraku no umi ni kesu

    Hikari no naka mune ga harisake sou de
    Kisetsu to toki ga sugiiku no wo matta

    Dokomademo dokomademo, kizutsuite ochiteiku

    Imagination    Kakuu no 「kimi」 no naka de
    Imagination    「Boku」 wa sonzaishiteiru

    Itsumademo itsumademo, sekai ga kiesaru hi made

    The sky that emptiness and you
    whom I had seen saw
    It knew that it was the other side of the ideal.

    Fake Dance (Japanese)
    作詞:KISAKI 作曲:KISAKI 編曲:凛

    僕も, 夢の世界に旅出とう
    踊る, 華やかな舞台の上で
    見える, 妖精が舞い飛ぶフロアを
    染める, 過去も未来も薔薇色に・・・



    此処に, 孤独な人は集まって
    心, 開放させてさらけ出す
    今は, モラルも理性も壊して
    染める, 過去も未来も薔薇色に・・・



    魔法の紙屑 ※1

    ※1 Printed pronunciation guide for 紙屑: “法則” (although still sung “紙屑”)


    Fake Dance (Romaji)
    Writing:KISAKI Composition:KISAKI Arrangement:Lin

    Boku mo,    Yume no sekai ni tabidetou
    Odoru,    Hanayaka na butai no uede
    Mieru,    Yousei ga mai tobu FLOOR wo
    Someru,    Kako mo mirai mo barairo ni・・・

    Subete wo wasurete mujaki ni kuruttayo

    Subete wo wasurete mujaki ni warattayo

    Koko ni,    Kodoku na hito wa atsumatte
    Kokoro,    Kaihou sasete sarakedasu
    Ima wa,    MORAL mo risei mo kowashite
    Someru,    Kako mo mirai mo barairo ni・・・

    Subete wo wasurete mujaki ni kurutteta

    Subete wo wasurete mujaki ni waratteta

    Mahou no kamikuzu ※1
    Kokoro ni ukabu suteki na koto ga kanaisou
    Subete ga kuchite mo
    Kizutsuku koto wa mou naito omowasete kureta kimi ga ita yo

    ※1 Printed pronunciation guide for kamikuzu: “housoku” (although still sung “kamikuzu”)


    So what did you guys think of the single anyway? Did you like it or think it was just ok? What was your favorite song?

    [Archived] 凛 LIN new omnbius track FOOLISH

    I ripped it out from the lossless version to 320 kbps Download
    I also request the lyrics and translation ^^

    Enjoy their new song

    [Archived] Official web shop updates
    Ok, I've been putting this off 'cause I'm lazy, but the official web shop added several cool items this month.

    ① First is a 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) logo mirror. Nothing very special about it, but I guess some girls like that sort of thing~

    ② In the Phantasmagoria department, you can now purchase that pamphlet + CD set that I mentioned before (and they were kind enough to reveal the tracklist). But more importantly~ Remember that DVD they distributed that was limited to 30 copies? Well now you can buy that :) Someone want to buy it and share?

    ③ And finally, remember those bootleg live DVDs that were for sale a while back? Well now you can buy ones from chariots' last tour as well as chariots' first live as RIKU's solo project (which features members of Cu[be], ゾディア (ZODIA), etc.).

    As always, you can find the official web shop here, but you'll have to use a shopping service since they don't ship overseas.

    chariots -
      2010-05-06; 3,675 yen; Bootleg live DVD; Limited pressings
      01. (Live footage from 2010-02-13 last live as band)
      2010-05-10; 3,675 yen; Bootleg live DVD; Limited pressings
      01. (Live footage from 2010-02-21 last live as band)
      2010-05-06; 3,675 yen; Bootleg live DVD; Limited pressings
      01. (Live footage from 2010-02-28 last live as band)

    chariots (RIKU solo project) -
      2010-05-06; 2,100 yen; Bootleg live DVD; Limited pressings
      01. (Live footage from 2010-05-03 revival as solo project)
      (RIKU, ASHITO, 憂里 (Yuuri) from Cu[be], and 悠 (Yuu) and zodd ex ゾディア (ZODIA))

    Phantasmagoria -
      2010-06-16; 3,150 yen; Pamphlet + live CD set; OSPH-001
      CD 01. Unknow zero distance (Live from 2010-03-19)
      CD 02. Actuate Eden (Live from 2010-04-05)
      CD 03. 光に降る雨 (Hikari ni Furu Ame) (Live from 2010-04-05)
      + SHOXX photograph/history pamphlet

    [Archived] Lin - New As If Forever Exists PV preview

    [Archived] LIN BLOGS
    The blogs are still empty. After all, it wasn't announced anywhere that they already have them, it was just my curiosity and impatience that found them. Actually I just changed "undercode-riku" into "undercode-mizuki" and there was the blog, new and shiny. So, here you go:

    And in case you don't have them, here's RIKU and KISAKI.
    As I mentioned, the blogs are new so there's nothing on them yet. Just add the guys to show your love!

    [Archived] Lin Lyrics Translation
    Translated from  's transcribed lyrics

    glassy Imprinted into your eyes,
    glassy I want this form to be captured.
    glassy Immediately, I want to escape,
    glassy But I can't move my body anymore.

    glassy Right now, what are you thinking?
    glassy You're laying out a spider's web 
    glassy And already I can't escape anymore.
    glassy When you see me what are you thinking of?

    charged through the dark.

    Let's proceed together.

    Your dignified* form, I've burnt it into my eyes.
    If I could become just a little like that....
    Even more than words, it's the thought that ties our hearts together
    That I want to tell to you, just like this.

    charged through the dark.

    with a resolute attitude
    never lost fortitude
    with a resolute attitude
    never lost fortitude

    in a dignify
    in a dignify
    in a dignify
    in a dignified voice

    Your dignified* form, I've burnt it into my eyes.
    If I could become just a little like that....
    Even more than words, it's the thought that ties our hearts together
    That I want to tell to you, just like this.

    *This character 凛 is hard to translate. It's a little more than plain dignified, but I can't really explain it in english D= I guess it's more epic feeling?
    [Archived] Lin Lyrics
    I got bored today and decided to transcribe the lyrics from the first 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) song. I'm not sure if they've been posted yet, but enjoy singing along if you've never seen them before :D Japanese and romanized versions are under the cut (feel free to translate if you know Japanese!).

    作詞:RIKU 作曲:KANATA 編曲:凛

    glassy 君の瞳に写り込んだ
    glassy この姿捕らえられたい
    glassy 今すげに逃げ出したい
    glassy だけどもう身動きとれずに

    glassy 君は今何を思う
    glassy 蜘蛛の巣を張り巡らして
    glassy もうすでに逃げ出せない
    glassy 僕を見て何を思ってるの

    charged through the dark.


    凛とするその姿 僕は目に焼き付けていた

    charged through the dark.

    with a resolute attitude
    never lost fortitude
    with a resolute attitude
    never lost fortitude

    in a dignify
    in a dignify
    in a dignify
    in a dignified voice

    凛とするその姿 僕は目に焼き付けていた
    言葉よりも 心で繋がる思い

    Writing: RIKU Composition: KANATA Arrangement: Lin

    glassy Kimi no hitomi ni utsuri konda
    glassy Kono sugata toraeraretai
    glassy Imasuge ni nigadashitai
    glassy Dakedo mou miugokitorezu ni

    glassy Kimi wa ima nani wo omou
    glassy Kumo no su wo harimegurashite
    glassy Mou sudeni nigedasenai
    glassy Boku wo mite nani wo omotteru no

    charged through the dark.

    Tomo ni ikou

    Rin tosuru sono sugata Boku wa me ni yakitsuketeita
    Sukoshi demo hitotsu ni nareru nara
    Kotoba yorimo kokoro de tsunagaru omoi
    Kimi ni tsutaetai konomama

    charged through the dark.

    with a resolute attitude
    never lost fortitude
    with a resolute attitude
    never lost fortitude

    in a dignify
    in a dignify
    in a dignify
    in a dignified voice

    Rin tosuru sono sugata Boku wa me ni yakitsuketeita
    Sukoshi demo hitotsu ni nareru nara
    Kotoba yorimo Kokoro de tsunagaru omoi
    Kimi ni tsutaetai konomama

    So what do you guys think of the song anyway? I personally liked it, but I'm not in love with it. KANATA is cool, but he's just never been my favorite composer; I think it could have been just a tad more melodic.

    [Archived] More Lin comments
    Alright so here are few Lin comments, 

    From CDjapan (and I believe any CD page has this)

    And Kisaki on his blog posted a few links as well, so in case you missed them...

    This one is rather cute!

    And one more

    Be sure to scroll down a little to get to Lin's.

    I hope this links are alright to post here...And also I hope someone can rip those videos. >-> Just so I can always have them XD

    PS- should I also tag this with the website tag, or no?
    [Archived] Buying Lin?
    Anyone who wants to buy Lin's first single but hasn't ordered yet? I'm hoping to find two people to go in with me on an order (I'd buy one type, other two would buy the other types) from Bands@id.

    I want to buy from there to get the furitsuke DVD (or at least a rip of it, I'm willing to give it to someone else in the order), but I don't really want all three types/outrageous shipping charge. Also, it would ensure that we could get rips of all three types.

    So yeah, anyone interested?

    [Archived] LIN Twitter Event
    The twitter event had just ended and these are what among the members had tweeted.

    These are Q&A so I just put in their answers. Not all ques from fans were answered

    Musical influence

    Kisaki - X JAPAN
    Kanata - Michael Romeo
    Reiya - Luna Sea
    Riku - Kiyoharu


    Kisaki - Super Mario Brothers
    Riku - Street Fighter 4 Play online sometimes
    Kanata - Final Fantasy 13

    lol this is random:

    A.DO* Hair make artist of Rin*- My favorite Game is SANMA NO MEITANTEI ! Do you know this??

    A.DO*Hair make artist of Rin* - Yes, SANMA NO MEITANTEI is detective game. Let's play!


    Kisaki - Elite Yankee SABUROU (Manga)
    Riku - My favorite Manga is JOJO (JOJO = JoJo as in jojo's bizarre adventure.)
    Mizuki - "DOKUTORU MANBOU KOUKAIKI" (book)
    Reiya - DORAEMON

    (Someone asked about his goggles)

    The purpose of my putting on the goggle is to defend eyes when the wind is strong lol - Kanata

    We want to go to everyone's country...! - members of Rin

    I like clothes of ethnical. All clothes that I put on become brands. Because I am a rock star!! lol - RIKU

    My favorite food is Peach! - Reiya

    I don't know Vkei band from overseas. But, I want to live together some time. - KISAKI

    Yes! I remember brazilian fans. I want to become a deep relation some time lol - KISAKI

    Extra: "The end of corruption world" mean is end of "retrogression" and "abolished" world. Thanks! - Curestaff

    (Random) Messages from the members

    Message for my fans : Rin thinks about the world. The day when we can meet you will come some time. - RIKU

    First CD drop out in June. You should surely obtain and listen! Moreover, let's meet !! - KISAKI


    Q1 What kind of girl like?

    Mizuki - I like cute girl.

    Reiya - I like Gorgeousness and funny girl Reiya

    Kanata - I like beautiful girl.

    And CURE posted up some of their photoshoot pics! It's picture heavy!

    If you prefer, click here to see the pictures.

    They uploaded the pics at twtpic.

    All member taking a picture!

    Waiting Time - Reiya

    Waiting Time...

    KISAKI is taking a picture =) yay!

    Everyone is serious


    Rest a moment

    Kanata, Reiya, Mizuki

    And if you're wondering about the umbrella Mizuki has, this is the comment - "Yes, rainyday in

    Tokyo! The umbrella that MIZUKI has is mine lol - Curestaff" XD

    Riku funny face XD

    Photo shoot is finished! Thank you everyone!!! see you next time :) love,Rin and Cure staff 

    X-posted to
    [Archived] Lin twitter Event
    I just wanted to remind everyone that the 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) twitter event is currently going on. It started thirty minutes ago and is scheduled to run for another 2 and a half hours. You can view Cure's twitter here.

    [Archived] Miscellaneous Stuff
    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will hold a special event at TOWER RECORDS to commemorate the release of their first single. Those who reserve the single in store (phone orders and online orders aren't accepted) will receive a ticket to the event, which includes a mini-live and a handshake session. The event will take place on 2010-06-17 at TOWER RECORDS 渋谷 (Shibuya) STAGE ONE.

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will also be participating in an event sponsored by INDIVISUAL (the people who streamed Phantasmagoria's last live). The event, INDIVISUAL DAY, will take place on 2010-06-15 at SHIBUYA-AX. (Among others, VIDOLL will be there as well!)

    ③ The OFFICIAL WEB SHOP has updated with 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) single As If Forever Exists.. The privilege for purchasing any type is a signed cheki from the member of your choice, to be sent out on 2010-06-15.

    E'm ~grief~ is planning a new release! They haven't announced what kind or when it will be released, but details should be announced soon.

    Synside's vocalist Rayka has contributed some chorus vocals to Nega's NEGATIVISM album. Pretty cool!

    ⑥ UNDER CODE still hasn't officially revealed the tracklists for Arc's latest single, but it's actually out now so... Details below, for completion's sake.

    ⑦ Similarly, UNDER CODE just got around to releasing the covers for the latest シンディケイト (CINDYKATE) single, even though you could see them at Brand X for a while now. Anyway, check out the A type and the B type, both of which feature an alien!

    KISAKI's blog now has an updated header to reflect his new look. Seriously Mr. Designer, it sucks balls. Please do better next time.

    凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) is holding a live twitter event on 2010-04-22 at 12:30 JST. This event is similar to the one Phantasmagoria held; the members will be tweeting while doing a photoshoot for Cure. The event is scheduled to last three hours. Please see this post for information and use this site to convert the time to your timezone.

    Arc -
      2010-04-14; 2,100 yen; maxi-single CD + live DVD; UCCD-262A; limited 3,000
      CD 01. SE
      CD 02. コントラスト (CONTRAST)
      CD 03. 未完成 (Mikansei)
      DVD 01. 「Lady」&「Gentleman」 (Live clip)
      DVD 02. Drop outer (Live clip)
      2010-04-14; 1,890 yen; maxi-single CD; UCCD-262B; limited 3,000
      01. SE
      02. コントラスト (CONTRAST)
      03. 未完成 (Mikansei)
      04. Joke (Bonus track)

    [Archived] Twitter Event, Lin *update
    *update at the bottom

    Sorry I did not post this sooner, I found out a little after it was posted but I was so busy I did not have time to post and update.

    This is from facebook, probably also on twitter, from cure magazine official

    *************** KISAKI's NEW BAND "Rin" *********************Rin will be the cover artist of Cure Magazine Vol.81. They will
    appear for our Cure Twitter Event!The long awaited band from UNDER CODE PRODUCTION "Rin" lead by
    Cure will feature them on VOL 81 of Cure Magazine. This will be
    the first time that "Rin" will unveil their look to the world!
    Join the members of "Rin" for their Cure Mag cover photo shoot and
    tweet with them. You don't want to miss this opportunity to tweet
    with "Rin"!
    April 20. 2010 Thr. Starts from 12:30PM JPT (Event length 3 hrs)
    Please follow 'cure_office' (Hush tag: # CureVKei)

    I believe that will be tonight 10:00 pm for central time in the US (I could be wrong, please let me know if so)
    I hope everyone can attend this event.

    ...I'm also a little worried how it says April 20, but has Thursday after this...Perhaps it's a typeo?
    I guess we'll find out?

    **** EDIT ****

    on Cure magazine's myspace, the correction that we have all assumed right, has been made.


    April 20, 2010 - Tuesday

    Attention!! --about Twitter event
    Twitter event starts on April 22, 12:30PM at JPT.
    Prolly soon on facebook and twitter the updates will soon follow.
    [Archived] Lives
    All of this is old, but whatever, it's cool!

    ① KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION are sponsoring the live area side of this year's STRAIGHT LIFE event on 2010-06-06. The event is basically a massive tattoo convention featuring over forty tattoo shops, pole dancers, an S&M show, a DJ, and live bands. As I said, KISAKI is producing the live side, and he's chosen 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) and BALZAC to headline. Additionally, VAGERKE, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN), 宇宙戦隊NOIZ (Uchuu Sentai NOIZ), The ROMEO, In The Enz, and WHITEBLACK will also appear.

    ② 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will also be appearing at Kaya's ソドムの晩餐 第一夜 (SODOM no Bansan Daiichi Yoru) event on 2010-07-03 at O-EAST. The cool thing about this event is that La'Mule will also be holding a one-night revival! (Which is totally relevant since La'Mule was signed to Soleil, which was the precursor of Matina.)

    ③ VISUNAVI will be kicking off a new event series, SUMMER MASQUERADE 2010, in Kansai. And, well, you can't say Kansai without saying UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, so the live will fittingly be UCP supported. The specific show is called SUMMER MASQUERADE 2010 ~Phantasmagoria MEMORIAL TRIBUTE NIGHT~ and will take place at 梅田 (Umeda) SHANGRILA on 2010-08-31 (as if any other date was possible!). 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will be performing and カレン (KALEN) will hold a one-night revival. The rest of the lineup hasn't been revealed yet.

    ④ Eternal and CLIMAX ENTERPRISE are having a one-day revival and co-sponsoring a crazy event. (How is this relevant? Eternal was a sub-label of Matina and CLIMAX ENTERPRISE was the next version of Eternal.) The event is called ETERNALISM†CLIMAXISM and will take place on 2010-08-08 at 目黒鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rock Maykan). 弥生 (Yayoi; president of Eternal), E'm ~grief~, and ex-members of Syndrome, Earl Grey, and Kilah will appear, along with many, many others (I've only mentioned the ones relevant to UCP/Matina). Additionally, guests are allowed to exit and re-enter one time (which is rare), a secret guest will appear, a spur-of-the-moment guest will appear, and a large session featuring everyone will be held at the end of the show. Pretty freaking awesome!

    Edit: Forgot this one, which was the whole reason I made this post! Anyway, Shinobu (vocalist of the perpetually inactive band Zephyr) is getting married! And since he and KISAKI are such good friends (Zephyr was once a Matina band and their comeback mini-album was to be released through UCP), he's holding a special live event to celebrate. The event is called Shinobu HAPPY WEDDING LIVE PARTY ~みんなに幸せおすそ分け・リターンズ~ (~Minna ni Shiawase Osusowake ・ RETURNS~) and will be held on 2010-05-02 at ESAKA MUSE. This basically means a bunch of Matina bands are holding one-day revivals (I love this trend!): Lavender, Zephyr, MIRAGE, DAS:VASSER, Eze:quL, ZXS, vellaDonna, Lagna, DERAIL, オルゴール (ORGEL), Distray, and a large session of random members called Shinobu&Friends. Obviously, not all of these bands will have complete lineups (ex. RUIZA definitely isn't showing up for Distray), but it's still super awesome. I wish UNDER CODE would film and release these Matina lives!

    [Archived] Miscellaneous
    ① The official web shop is now selling live photosets from Phantasmagoria's last live.

    ② Someone here said this already, but I can't remember if it was in a post: the official web shop is also selling Phantasmagoria lucky bags. Seems to be nothing particularly special about them this time, just 20,000 yen's worth of goods for 3,150.

    ③ Want to see the first real group photo of 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin)? Like an Edison posted one here.

    ④ 凛 (Rin) guitarist MIZUKI's birthday and blood type were revealed on the OHP, so it's now confirmed that he's ex-ミサルカ (MISARUKA). (It wasn't actually 100% confirmed prior to that.)

    ⑤ The flash header at the UNDER CODE OHP was just updated, and chariots is still there. So it's definitely deliberate that chariots is being left on the site. Curious.

    [Archived] actuality
    To everyone who wanted to buy Phantasmagoria's memorial single actuality, both types are now for sale at the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP. The shop is also selling 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) polaroids and photosets.

    So go buy them and share them here :D!


    Any idea why chariots hasn't been taken off UNDER CODE's artist page? Weird.

    [Archived] Lin comments
    The Lin comment is finally available to watch…But be sure to watch BOTH comments. They are different.

    This comment is so funny X3

    And also, this one is funny and has English subtitles.

    PS-- I hope making this entry was okay, and I wasn't sure how to tag it, so please notify me if I should change something.
    [Archived] Lin official page
    Lin's section is now available on UNDER CODE: 凛 -the end of corruption world-
    Including the profile (with the tiny pictures as usual) and all the other sections.

    A flyer was also posted on the "Artist News" and I decided to upload it here just for the fun lol

    [Archived] Official info about KISAKI's new band "Rin"
    -the end of corruption world-

    also they will release a new maxi single "As If Forever Exists." on 2 June in 3 types.

    [初回限定盤TYPE:A]DVD「As If Forever Exists.」(PROMOTION CLIP)付二枚組仕様(BPRVD-011/価格2,100円)
    [通常盤TYPE:B]ボーナストラック「Imaginary Lover」収録(BPRVD-012/価格1,670円)
    [通常盤TYPE:C]ボーナストラック「Fake Dance」収録(BPRVD-013/価格1,670円)

    there are also more info at visualnavi
    [Archived] Lin Member Correction
    When I posted about 凛 (Lin), I said that KANATA was probably ex-LOGiQ. However, suggested it might be ex-chariots Akito, and I now think that's right.

    Even though that YouTube message on their MySpace is set to private, you can still see the preview image before you hit play. And there, it definite looks like Akito's weird, squat chin action. I still say it doesn't look like him at all in the official photo, but the video doesn't lie!

    So yeah, I'm still not 100% certain, but I think was right (thank you!). Please change any news posts you may have made anywhere!

    2010-04-06 Edit: Their page is up at the UCP OHP, and KANATA has the same birth date as Akito. So yeah, chariots 2.0, sweet.

    [Archived] Phantasmagoria Screen Caps
    I managed to screen cap some of the live coz the stream lags so much that I bother do it

















    This has to be the best screen cap that I like XD


    Do whatever you want but don't claim it as yours =)

    [Archived] Lin -the end of corruption world-
    凛 -the end of corruption world-

    Vocals: RIKU (ex. KAWON → HISKAREA → Phantasmagoria → chariots)
    Guitar: MIZUKI (ex. ミサルカ (MISARUKA))
    Guitar: KANATA (ex. chariots)
    Bass: KISAKI (ex. La:Sadie's → MIRAGE → Syndrome → Phantasmagoria)
    Drums: REIYA (ex. Pashya → chariots)

    They already have several releases planned!
      2010-04-25 Mail-order-limited premium CD (Lin)
      2010-05-23 Omnibus participation NEO VOLTAGE
      2010-06-02 Formation celebration maxi-single As If Forever Exists.

    And many lives as well!
    Tour 2010: As If Forever Exists.
      05-23 at 難波 (Nanba) HATCH
      06-06 at 大阪住之江名村造船所跡地 (Osaka Suminoe Shokugyoukunrenkou Atochi)
      06-15 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) AX
      06-18 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) O-EAST
      07-18 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) O-EAST
      08-09 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) BOTTOM LINE
      08-15 at 埼玉会館 (Saitamakaikan)
      08-31 at 梅田 (Umeda) SHANGRILA


    • It looks like we were wrong in calling them Rin. All of their websites are using Lin, so I guess that's actually the right one!
    • Glad to see KISAKI kept it in the UNDER CODE family a bit. Se'ikspia released a CD through UCP, if you didn't know. (2010-04-06 edit: I originally thought KANATA was ex-Se'ikspia, because that guy has the same name, plays guitar, and currently is without a band. Buuut it turned out to be Akito in disguise, so I guess this band did turn out to be chariots 2.0) I'm not sure where the MIZUKI connection comes from, but it's cool. I know some of us are surprised that a certain Megaromania drummer didn't join!
    • The band's first singles are being released through the Bands@id music label B.P.Records. I'm not really sure why that is; hopefully nothing bad is going on at UNDER CODE. May just be that Bands@id is doing a really great PV for them or something, or maybe they're doing premium packaging... Who knows
    • The covers are already up: premium CD and maxi-single A type, B type, and C type.
    • Official MySpace

    凛 (Lin) -
    凛 (Lin)
      2010-04-25; 1,050 yen; mail-order-limited premium CD; limited 1,000
      01. (Unknown contents)
      ※ Available only through UCP OFFICIAL WEB SHOP
    As If Forever Exists. -A Type-
      2010-06-02; 2,100 yen; maxi-single CD; limited pressings
      published by B.P.Records; BPRVD-011

      CD 01. As If Forever Exists.
      CD 02. Fall...
      DVD 01. As If Forever Exists. PV
      + one of twelve trading cards
    As If Forever Exists. -B Type-
      2010-06-02; 1,670 yen; maxi-single CD; limited pressings
      published by B.P.Records; BPRVD-012

      01. As If Forever Exists.
      02. Fall...
      03. Imaginary Lover (Bonus track)
      + one of twelve trading cards
    As If Forever Exists. -C Type-
      2010-06-02; 1,670 yen; maxi-single CD; limited pressings
      published by B.P.Records; BPRVD-013

      01. As If Forever Exists.
      02. Fall...
      03. Fake Dance (Bonus track)
      + one of twelve trading cards
    As If Forever Exists. -MAKING DVD-
      0 yen; present making DVD
      01. Making of As If Forever Exists.
      ※ The DVD will be signed; given to those who send proof of purchase of all three types.
    Fake Dance
      2010-05-25; 0 yen; present furitsuke DVD
      01. RIKU teaches Fake Dance furi
      ※ Mailed to those who preorder all three types through Bands@id.

    V.A. -
      2010-05-26; 2,500 yen; omnibus CD

      published by blowgrow/avex; XNBG-10001
      ??. 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin): (Unknown song)

    [Archived] Diamond Dust in Truth
    Phantasmagoria's last live is now over! Thanks to all the wonderful members who watched and chatted with me. Here's a little recap for those who missed it:

    01. NEO ARK
    02. Unknow zero distance
    03. Material pain
    -MC 1-
    04. Glitter
    05. Actuate Eden
    06. 幻想曲 -Eternal Silence- (Gensoukyoku -Eternal Silence-)
    07. fairy times memory
    -MC 2-
    08. 狂想曲 -Cruel Crucible- (Kyousoukyoku -Cruel Crucible-)
    09. Pixy false

    -MC 3-
    01. 光に降る雨 (Hikari ni Furu Ame)
    -MC 4-
    02. 神歌 (Kamiuta)
    03. 走馬灯 ~PAST SKY~ (Soumatou ~PAST SKY~) (Instrumental version)

    It started like 20 minutes late (the stream started around 18:40 JST and the band started playing at around 19:20 JST), but it was well worth it. 幻想曲 -Eternal Silence- (Gensoukyoku -Eternal Silence-) had an alternate intro. During Pixy false, 戮 (Riku) did the shriek AND the fall. During MC 3, 戮 (Riku) revealed that he is the vocalist for 凛 (Rin), and 纏 (Matoi) and JUN wished KISAKI good luck with his new band. During 神歌 (Kamiuta), IORI stagedived, then KISAKI stagedived, then KISAKI stagedived again! During the second stagedive, JUN played KISAKI's bass.

    After 神歌 (Kamiuta), the band lined up to do the countdown jump as the instrumental version of 走馬灯 ~PAST SKY~ (Soumatou ~PAST SKY~) played. 戮 (Riku) forgot his microphone the first time, so he ran out of the line to get it and KISAKI whacked him on the head. After that, everyone held hands and jumped with the band. As of 21:00 JST, Phantasmagoria is no more.

    The live stream stopped soon after that and changed to a teaser image about 凛 (Rin). It showed their logo, along with a message: the band's full details will be revealed at 0:00 on 2010-04-06 (that's just a few hours away)! The details will be revealed through INDIVISUAL and VISUNAVI, so be sure to check them out!

    The live was definitely a success. Over 500 people were watching at one time, and that's leaving out all the people who couldn't make it or had to leave in the middle. In total, there were well over 1,000 views. And guess what: there was a camera below the stage and another on an aerial crane, in addition to the one filming the stream, so this will have a DVD release of some form! Thanks for all you guys who watched with me :D It was lots of fun.

    And thank you INDIVISUAL, Phantasmagoria, and KISAKI for allowing us to watch!


    I did record the entire live. I'm uploading it now, and will post here when I'm done. However, my recording is really bad! So please post if you recorded it too! I think will be posting some clips to YouTube later.

    In the meantime, please check out 's screencap post! There are a bunch of nice shots from throughout the live. The post is here if you missed it.

    [Archived] Phantasmagoria Live Recorded
    For anyone who couldn't watch the stream (or in some cases were sane enough to sleep through it), you can watch the live on U-Stream here:

    False alarm....UCP removed the video. T.T

    Additionally, they're saying that Rin will be revealed at midnight tonight (Japan time).

    [Archived] Rin Community
    I hate to add to the post-live community spam (lol), but I thought I'd go ahead and post about the Rin community I created (Since we at least know Riku will be the vocalist, and more details are to be revealed in about 2 1/2 hours).

    Please join if you're interested! (^-^)b

    [Archived] Rin
    Riku just announced he's Rin's vocalist!!!
    [Archived] Mass Update Part ③
    ・・・Mass Update Trilogy・・・
    —Blood-red Final Chapter—

    (Rin) updates!
    • Yesterday, KISAKI posted a sneak peek of his outfit. Today, he changed the picture, so it now gives a glimpse of another member! Anyone happen to recognize that hand?
    • KISAKI posted a full-shot solo picture here. Looks good!
    • On 2010-04-13 and 2010-04-20, KISAKI will appear on television program LIVE Cheese. He'll give a comment and play a PV (not sure what the PV is for!).
    • The band members apparently did an interview. And in the 2010-04-21 issue of Cure, KISAKI will have a large feature as a member of 凛 (Rin). I don't think the other members will appear though ;(
    ② TAKESHI of VAGERKE was in the recording studio with KISAKI to do the chorus for a song. I'm pretty sure it was for 凛 (Rin), but it could possibly be Phantasmagoria. Hopefully this doesn't mean 凛 (Rin) is going in a super hardcore chariots-esque direction!

    ③ As part of the UNDER CODE 7th anniversary, more special photosets are on sale at the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP.
    • Two are of Phantasmagoria's 2010 look.
    • The other is a set with pictures of session bands that played at UNDER CODE's 2010-03-14 event. The session bands include 水風船 (Mizufuusen), (有)ネガエンタープライセス ((Yuu) NEGA ENTERPRISES), 罪団法人黒十字2010 (Tsumidan Houjin Kurojuuji 2010), メガ龍 (Megaryuu), ハッピーセット (HAPPY SET), 地下線顔面偏差値トップ5!? (Chikasen Ganmen Hensachi TOP 5!?), and バースデー祝い隊 (BIRTHDAY Iwaitai).
    ④ The privilege for buying both types of 平成維新's (HEISEI ISHIN's) Prism. single from the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP is a signed cheki of the member of your choice. (May have posted that before, but it can't hurt to do it again.)

    ⑤ By the way, this is the ugly mirror that you could receive by purchasing Phantasmagoria's Diamond Dust and Seeds of Brain through the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP. It was designed by IORI. Good job bro.

    ⑥ Pretty sure no one reads all of these. New band: 「THE CAPITALS」 feat.KISAKI, MIYAVI, and LADY GAGA.

    ⑦ Old news, but relevant news: Cure Vol.81 will include a free omnibus CD called Cure NEW AGE COLLECTIONS, which features シンディケイト (CINDYKATE), ex-chariots band Cu[be], ロットマン (LOTMAN) -related band LOKI, and many others. And the whole thing was produced by KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION! Apparently, a second CD will be included with Vol.82 and will feature different artists, but those haven't been announced yet.

    ⑧ Really old news! You know those unspecified presents UNDER CODE bands like to distribute? Here's what a few of them turned out to be.
    • The Synside present on 2010-02-27 was a comment CD.
    • The Megaromania present on 2010-02-28 was a comment CD(?). The Megaromania present on 2009-11-13 was Amethyst DJ MIX.
    • The シンディケイト (CINDYKATE) present on 2010-03-13 and 2010-03-14 was シンディケイトCM音源 (CINDYKATE CM Ongen), a sampler CD.
    • The 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) present on 2009-11-28 was a postcard and a special CD with unknown contents. The 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) present on 2009-12-25 was the same postcard and Merry Christmas SPECIAL CD with a comment and サンタが街にやってくる (SANTA ga Machi ni Yattekuru). 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) also released two untitled sampler CDs, one with a blank white label and the other with the default CD-R surface. I'm not sure when they were released, but it seems to have been at the same events as the last two presents I mentioned.
    ⑨ The Phantasmagoria version of the UCP 7th anniversary lucky bag present DVD that I mentioned here was filmed on 2010-03-18. Dali and Megaromania versions still haven't been announced. They better hurry up! Bag's supposed to ship soon!

    ⑩ Online store THE OFFICIAL SHOP sells Japanese photosets to overseas customers. Apparently, UNDER CODE released a bunch of photosets through the store way back in February and decided not to tell anyone. Anyway, you can find photosets of Phantasmagoria (2010), chariots, ClearVeil, Synside, two sets of Megaromania, two of Arc, two of 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN), and a special live photoset of Nega. Buy them and scan them for us!

    V.A. -
      2010-04-21; 860 yen; Omnibus CD; Published by Cure
      01. Cu[be]: 閃光プロローグ
      02. Gallows: Masochist【K】
      03. Six Bullet'z: Guilty
      05. SIN: Faith less
      06. My heaven's luck sisters: Love carved for the memories
      07. アケノカラス (AKE NO KARASU): 職権乱用 (Shokkenranyou)
      08. 69: Fly high
      09. LYCORICE: 夕食 (Yuushoku)
      11. Serendipity: 欠けた音符 (Kaketa Onpu)
      12. Marie: Visualize Cinderella
      13. ACTWEED: VampiЯe
      14. SWEET MADONNA: Voice
      15. LOKI: 真夜中衛星 (Mayonaka Eisei)
      16. シンディケイト (CINDYKATE): -警告- (-Keikoku-)


    Mass updates part one and part two.

    Um, hmm. That's all I can think of. Hopefully three mass update posts is enough, hahaha. Let me know if you think of anything else~

    [Archived] Mass Update Part ②
    ・・・Mass Update Trilogy・・・
    —Azure-blue Rose and Fog-grey Core—

    Mass update part one can be found here.

    (Rin) recently finished their costuming, and finally had their official photography session today. I wouldn't be surprised if more sessions were planned, but hopefully they'll reveal these first official photos soon. KISAKI was kind enough to provide two tiny sneak peaks: here and here. They look pretty promising to me! What do you think?

    Megaromania has already announced their comeback! They will celebrate their 2nd anniversary with a sponsored event, 美醜の館 -Metempsychosis- (Bijuu no Kan -Metempsychosis-), on 2010-05-15 at 目黒鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rock Maykan) and on 2010-05-22 at OSAKA MUSE. Of course, an unannounced present will be distributed to those who attend. According to KISAKI, the lives will also kickoff a nationwide tour. No official drummer yet; a support drummer will be playing at the lives. (Side note: KISAKI says 憐蛇-Leda- “graduated” rather than left the band. I wonder if he's sticking around at UNDER CODE~)

    ③ I think I forgot to mention this before: Megaromania's 2010-03-31 activity pause live was filmed. The attendees got to write their names and addresses down. Those attendees will have their name appear in the credits for a DVD of the live that will be shipped to their home at a later date.

    ④ The covers of the new Arc single, コントラスト (CONTRAST), have been revealed. Here's the A type and the B type. Neither one of them looks that good, though ;x

    ④ If you recall, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) just held a twoman with ν. As part of the UNDER CODE 7th anniversary celebration, photosets featuring the two bands are on sale at the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP.

    平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) is holding a twoman with 愛狂います。 (aicle。) on 2010-05-14 at ESAKA MUSE called 大阪brilliant city (Osaka brilliant city). According to official information, a “secret plan” will be enacted on that day, whatever that's supposed to mean!

    平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) is also holding a coupling tour with 花少年バディーズ (Hana Shounen BADDIES) and guests ALiBi and DOGinThePWO. The tour is called ストレンジラボラトリィ (STRANGE LABORATORY) and takes place on 2010-06-18 at HOOK SENDAI, 2010-06-19 at 新宿 (Shinjuku) Live Space MARZ, 2010-06-25 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) HEART LAND, and 2010-06-26 at OSAKA MUSE. Another “secret plan” will be enacted during the lives, but I still have no idea what that's supposed to mean.

    Nega recently began filming their NEO DESTRUCTION PV. So far, it's just forest and some old tunnels, but it should be cool anyway. KISAKI and the members posted a few preview pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4.

    More stuff to post, but I'm ti-r-ed. Maybe there will be a mass post part three~

    [Archived] Rin's First CD!
    (Rin), KISAKI's new band, has announced their first release. The release is a mail-order-limited “premium CD” available only through the UNDER CODE OFFICIAL WEB SHOP. The CD will be mailed out on 2010-04-25.

    Pre-orders begin on 2010-04-06, and you better order right away if you want one! The CD is limited to 1,000 pressings, and they specifically state that there will never be another pressing and the song(s) will never appear on another CD.

    There's still no image of the band, no word on the members, etc.. I'm not sure what will actually be on the CD either. The CD is self-titled, so maybe it just contains one self-titled song as well? Not sure! I'll update if any more information is released.

    凛 (Rin) -
    凛 (Rin)
      2010-04-25; 1,050 yen; mail-order-limited premium CD; limited 1,000
      01. (Unknown contents)
      ※ Available only through UCP OFFICIAL WEB SHOP

    [Archived] KISAKI's New Band
    The name of KISAKI's new band has been revealed: 凛 (Rin).

    As of now, the band's logo says 凛 -the end of corruption world-, but I'm not sure if the subtitle will turn out to be a part of the name or just a band concept.

    凛 (Rin) will play its first live on 2010-05-23 at なんば (Nanba) HATCH during the Over the Edge'10 @OSAKA event. The other bands playing are 12012, girugämesh, Sadie, ダウト (DOUT), ドレミ團 (Doremidan), heidi., VIDOLL, and Mix speaker's,inc., and two session bands.


    No details of 凛's (Rin's) lineup or potential first release have been announced. I'll post again as soon as any more details are revealed.

    [Archived] KISAKI's Huge Announcement
    ① KISAKI has made an important announcement to all fans. As you know, on 2009-12-31, Phantasmagoria began an activity revival. However, this revival was never to be permanent. Therefore, Phantasmagoria's limited revival will end on 2010-04-05.

    However! After much deliberation, KISAKI has decided on his future. KISAKI is officially coming out of retirement, and, later this year, KISAKI will form a new band and continue activities. He knows that many people will disagree, but asks that true fans come with him.

    Read KISAKI'S announcement here.

    Quite a surprise... I expected the big announcement to be a full Phantasmagoria revival. Guess not.

    ② Phantasmagoria's online event is still going on! The guys just came back and started tweeting again. I'm keeping track of important events at my previous post here. Also, a bunch of us are chatting about the event. Feel free to join your fellow friends at the online event chat!