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Posts from 2013

ex-KALEN session
ex-KALEN (カレン) bassist (and president of label Livqueur Records) Takaya will participate in a session band on 2014-01-05 at OSAKA MUSE. DECIDE, the band produced by ex-NEGA bassist and leader Ray, will also perform in a session at the same event.

New Year session festivalPHALAENOPSIS no Uta vol.4 (ファレノプシスの唄 vol.4) 2014-01-05 at OSAKA MUSE
● Meruppoid (めるっぽいど) 【V. Meru (める) [(c・A・t)● Oo↑shii↓ (おー↑しー↓) (DECIDE)
● (full session lineup here)

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION memorial omnibus

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that, in collaboration with SHOXX, it will release its 10th anniversary memorial last omnibus, High Style Paradox 2003~2013. The mail-order-limited omnibus will be released in March, and will feature all significant bands (32 in total) signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION throughout its 10 years of activity.

Those who purchase the omnibus before February 28th will receive a special 24 month calendar.

Because the omnibus is mail-order-limited through SHOXX, it will not be available to overseas customers via usual means. However, I organize a group order as soon as I find a viable shopping service—expect a separate with details.

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Posts from 2011

hannah full album details
Back in September, I mentioned that Livqueur Records band hannah would be releasing a full album. At the time, the album was called Aquarium-切望涙色- (Aquarium-Setsubou Namidairo-), but the band decided on a change of direction, and have change the title accordingly.

The album is now called Metholoism-切望- (Setsubou) and will be released on April 11th, 2012. The price is 2,520 yen, and the album will include 4 old songs, 2 self covers of カレン (KALEN) songs, and 2(?) new songs, “Heart of Gold” and “SLEAZOID SORROW”. (“SLEAZOID SORROW” isn't listed as a new song, but I've never heard of it...)

Those who purchase the album from Livqueur's official web shop will receive a signed photo.

hannah -
Metholoism-切望- (Setsubou)
2012-04-11; 2,520 yen; full album CD; Livqueur Records
※ Livqueur official web shop privilege: signed photo
01. Heart of Gold (new song)
02. ダスティーミラー (DUSTY MIRROR) (KALEN cover)
03. 枯詩 (Kashi) (from “water -Miyuu-”)
04. invisible lover (from “Ikirutame no KAKERA・・・”)
05. 瑠璃色の泪 (Ruriiro no Namida) (from “water -Miyuu-”)
06. SLEAZOID SORROW (new song?)
07. 胡蝶の記憶 (Kochou no Kioku) (from “Ikirutame no KAKERA・・・”)
08. ファレノプシス (PHALAENOPSIS) (KALEN cover)

Relation to UNDER CODE: Livqueur Records is the record label of ex-カレン (KALEN) bassist Takaya. hannah is the project of Takaya and ex-カレン (KALEN) vocalist 直 (Nao). The recording members for this release include ex-カレン (KALEN) guitarist 雪希 (Setsuki), KISAKI PROJECT guitarist Toshihiro, and ex-Phantasmagoria drummer 纏 (Matoi).
News from Livqueur Records: hannah
Livqueur Records is the record label of Takaya, bassist of the old UNDER CODE band カレン (KALEN). Although the label is not affiliated with UNDER CODE in an official capacity, I feel that it's worth posting about certain developments—like this one!


If you're not familiar with them, hannah is the project of vocalist 直 (Nao) and bassist Takaya, both formerly of the UNDER CODE band カレン (KALEN). The project produces music which is similar to KISAKI PROJECT in feeling, but with the distinct flair.

The project was active through 2007 and 2008, but then died down without officially disbanding. Takaya has continued to manage Livqueur Records, while 直 (Nao) effectively retired, and now works as a hairdresser through Livqueur parent company.

However, it seems Nao and Takaya have decided to collaborate once again:
hannah has announced the release of a full album!


The album is called Aquarium-切望涙色- (Aquarium-Setsubou Namidairo-) and will feature 8 new songs. Although the release date has not been announced, the recording members have been:
Vo. 直 (Nao) [ex-カレン (KALEN)]
Ba. Takaya [ex-カレン (KALEN)]
Gu. 雪希 (Setsuki) [ex-カレン (KALEN), ex-176BIZ, the Riotts.]
Gu. Toshihiro [ex-Tinker Bell, KISAKI PROJECT]
Dr. 纏 (Matoi) [ex-Phantasmagoria]

So as you can see, the album may be a Livqueur Records release, but it's definitely an UNDER CODE PRODUCTION family affair! Such a great lineup!


Livqueur Records tends to make their releases available through Amazon MP3, so I hope that's the case this time as well. I'm super excited about this album, especially since hannah has such great support musicians this time. Exciting!

Posts from 2010

[Archived] KISAKI and KALEN polaroids
カレン (KALEN) just held its last one day revival on 2010-08-31. For a very limited time, the official web shop is selling polaroids taken at the live.

Each polaroid features one member with KISAKI, and costs 1,050 yen. But hurry up if you want one, because when I say limited, I mean very limited; one member has already sold out, and the others are down to one copy!

I'd really like the 旬奈 (Shunna) one! What about you guys? Do any of you like カレン (KALEN)?

[Archived] Shunsaku on Twitter...?
Okay, I'm not a bit sure whether it's really him, but that's why I'm posting it.

Takaya ((Livqueur Records, ex-カレン)) is following a certain individual on twitter. His name is 竣作 (Shunsaku) and he also has Shunsaku's photo. So, the question is, is it really Shunsaku from Dali/SUGAR FORKFUL?
I truly hope so ;__;


[Archived] Lives
All of this is old, but whatever, it's cool!

① KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION are sponsoring the live area side of this year's STRAIGHT LIFE event on 2010-06-06. The event is basically a massive tattoo convention featuring over forty tattoo shops, pole dancers, an S&M show, a DJ, and live bands. As I said, KISAKI is producing the live side, and he's chosen 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) and BALZAC to headline. Additionally, VAGERKE, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN), 宇宙戦隊NOIZ (Uchuu Sentai NOIZ), The ROMEO, In The Enz, and WHITEBLACK will also appear.

② 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will also be appearing at Kaya's ソドムの晩餐 第一夜 (SODOM no Bansan Daiichi Yoru) event on 2010-07-03 at O-EAST. The cool thing about this event is that La'Mule will also be holding a one-night revival! (Which is totally relevant since La'Mule was signed to Soleil, which was the precursor of Matina.)

③ VISUNAVI will be kicking off a new event series, SUMMER MASQUERADE 2010, in Kansai. And, well, you can't say Kansai without saying UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, so the live will fittingly be UCP supported. The specific show is called SUMMER MASQUERADE 2010 ~Phantasmagoria MEMORIAL TRIBUTE NIGHT~ and will take place at 梅田 (Umeda) SHANGRILA on 2010-08-31 (as if any other date was possible!). 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will be performing and カレン (KALEN) will hold a one-night revival. The rest of the lineup hasn't been revealed yet.

④ Eternal and CLIMAX ENTERPRISE are having a one-day revival and co-sponsoring a crazy event. (How is this relevant? Eternal was a sub-label of Matina and CLIMAX ENTERPRISE was the next version of Eternal.) The event is called ETERNALISM†CLIMAXISM and will take place on 2010-08-08 at 目黒鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rock Maykan). 弥生 (Yayoi; president of Eternal), E'm ~grief~, and ex-members of Syndrome, Earl Grey, and Kilah will appear, along with many, many others (I've only mentioned the ones relevant to UCP/Matina). Additionally, guests are allowed to exit and re-enter one time (which is rare), a secret guest will appear, a spur-of-the-moment guest will appear, and a large session featuring everyone will be held at the end of the show. Pretty freaking awesome!

Edit: Forgot this one, which was the whole reason I made this post! Anyway, Shinobu (vocalist of the perpetually inactive band Zephyr) is getting married! And since he and KISAKI are such good friends (Zephyr was once a Matina band and their comeback mini-album was to be released through UCP), he's holding a special live event to celebrate. The event is called Shinobu HAPPY WEDDING LIVE PARTY ~みんなに幸せおすそ分け・リターンズ~ (~Minna ni Shiawase Osusowake ・ RETURNS~) and will be held on 2010-05-02 at ESAKA MUSE. This basically means a bunch of Matina bands are holding one-day revivals (I love this trend!): Lavender, Zephyr, MIRAGE, DAS:VASSER, Eze:quL, ZXS, vellaDonna, Lagna, DERAIL, オルゴール (ORGEL), Distray, and a large session of random members called Shinobu&Friends. Obviously, not all of these bands will have complete lineups (ex. RUIZA definitely isn't showing up for Distray), but it's still super awesome. I wish UNDER CODE would film and release these Matina lives!

[Archived] Phantasmagoria Memorial Tribute Night and カレン one day revival
I was stalking ameba blogs again and on erize's (kelli) blog I came across this:


The event will take place on Tuesday, August 31st in 梅田SHANGRILA.

The only bands participating I know about are 凛 (Lin) and カレン (KAREN/KALEN) who will have a one day revival that day.

The actual post can be found HERE. I've noticed a similar post on Nao's, Setsuki's and Takaya's blogs. Maybe there will really be just those two bands playing, who knows. If you find more info let us know!

((Please tell me how should I tag this! Thanks~))

((Not sure if anybody's noticed, but they've changed Megaromania's picture. It's their profile pics together, without Leda though))

Posts from 2006

[Archived] Thirdstage 12th Anniversary
I don't know but since I've seen it nowhere else I think this is rare..

Thirdstage 12th Anniversary UNDERCODE

★ 12012
★ Phantasmagoria
★ カレン|Karen
★ ヴィドール|Vidoll

SS ||| MU

Please don't share it anywhere else.
And comment if you take :)

[Archived] (Untitled post 2006-07-27)
hello am new here... and i have a question... can someone know a fan site of kalen because i love this guys

[Archived] News ⇔ ダリ
Yay! I was checking KISAKI's journal today, and he's made another entry about Dari. Again, all I can do is Babelfish the hell out of it, but the important part of the entry seems to make complete sense. It may be completely wrong, but here's what I've been able to make out:

"Dari complete revival!?
The complete revival of Dari has been announced. It will be held on 8/12 (Saturday) and 8/13 (Sunday) at Osaka HOLIDAY UMEDA. It will be a sponsored 2DAYS event, and everyone must come. I will announce more details soon. [...] By the way, the last live of 'H.N[maigo]' will be held on 7/28 at HOLIDAY UMEDA."

Assuming that this is correct, it means that Dari will finally drop the name H.N[maigo] and continue activities :D! For those of you that actually have some understanding of the Japanese language, and are super excited about correcting me, here's the original entry:

最近俺様の近所に引っ越してきて周りをちょろちょろしてる(笑)HOLIDAY UMEDAのブッキングマン浅川君も合流。
8.12(土)&13(日) 大阪HOLIDAY UMEDAです。
俺はUNDER CODEの所属バンドの中で旬奈さんにだけは「さん」を付けて呼んでいる。
ちなみに「H.N[maigo]」のラストライブは7.28 HOLIDAY UMEDAだよ。

[Archived] KISAKI and Kalen News
By now, almost everyone knows about KISAKI's sudden love of photobooks, so it should come as no surprise that he's announced another one. However, the surprise this time is that he's announced to do a photobook with Kalen! Like all the other photobooks, this one will have 30 color pages. This photobook will be unique though; it will come with a free CD featuring 10 live Kalen songs. Because it basically comes with a full album, this photobook will cost a little more than others.

[Photobook] 「ARTISTIC in BLACK 1」 (2006/01/25)
Bonus: 01 Track CD

[Photobook] 「ARTISTIC in BLACK 2」 (2006/02/25)
Features: KISAKI × Tenten (KuRt)

[Photobook] 「ARTISTIC in BLACK 3」 (2006/03/25)
Features: KISAKI × Makoto (Doremidan)

[Photobook] 「emotional graduation」 (2006/04/25)
Features: KISAKI × Kalen
Bonus: 10 Track live CD

Posts from 2005

[Archived] sad news
Karen is going to disband on February 2006. This news was annouced on their concert from December 7.

[Archived] Sold Out!
UNDER CODE's OHP posted an updated list of sold out items yesterday, and it's fairly large (compared to the old list). Yay for UNDER CODE having more customers, and boo for us not being able to buy certain things! Here's the list:

The following UCP items are sold out:
昔懐かし総集編/ヴィドール [Mukashi Futokoro Kashi Soushuuhen/Vidoll]
人形界PV/ヴィドール [Ningyou Kai PV/Vidoll]
人形演説/ヴィドール [Ningyou Enzetsu/Vidoll]
四月二十六日~/ヴィドール [Shigatsu ni Juuroku Nichi, Shotaiken.../Vidoll]
柊ノ葬/ヴィドール [Hiiragi no Sou/Vidoll]
幻影像1/Phantasmagoria [Geneizou 1/-Phantasmagoria-]
独/12012 [Doku/12012]
SICK/12012 [SICK/12012]
swallow/12012 [swallow/12012]
天真爛漫~VHS、CD/カレン [Tenshi Ranman (CD&VHS)/Karen]
アクチュアリー/カレン [Actually/Karen]
BLACKMILKY/妃&関西貴族 [BLACK MILKY/Kisaki&Kansai Kizoku]
関西制圧 [Kansai Seiatsu/V.A.]
ラメタン祭り [Rametan Matsuri/V.A.]

[Archived] (Untitled post 2005-09-05)
Ok guys, I REALLY need your help~! m(__)m I didn't have any luck in the other two communities that I posted this is yesterday ;-;
I am planning on cosplaying Setsuki from Kalen
I only have one picture of the outfit I want to make, and its the one from the official site x.x
So if anyone has ANY pictures at all of him in THIS outfit, PLEASE post them~!
Thankyou m(__)m
[Archived] Huge Updates + Release List
As you all know, 2005 has been a great year for UNDER CODE PRODUCTION (and a horrible year for our wallets). Well, it looks as if 2006 will be an even better year for UNDER CODE, and several releases have already been announced. Please check out the list, as all of UC's artists have several releases planned (Some of which haven't been announced until today). (To clarify, 12012, 秘密結社コドモA, カレン, KISAKI, 音鬼, -Phantasmagoria-, and ヴィドール are all on this list)

Upcoming Releases

12012 has two albums planned, both of which will be released on February 01st. The first of these is a best album called not obtain+1, and will contain 10 tracks. One track will be a completely new song, while the rest of the tracks will be rare-ish songs from their live only CDs and various omnibus CDs. The second album will be called PLAY DOLLs, and will contain 10 completely new songs. There will be two versions--A type and B type (KISAKI's such a sneaky bastard isn't he!). The A type will contain a PV for a song from the album called "icy~cold city~." The B type of the album will come with a CD with one more new track. More information as it comes.

秘密結社コドモA (Himitsu Kessha Codomo A) will be releasing three mini-albums, along with a bonus CD that can be obtained when you buy all three. The first album will be called 再放送+予告盤 (Saihousou+Yokokuban) and will contain five tracks. It will be released on December 07th. The second and third album will both be released on January 25th of next year, and will contain five new songs each. Their titles will be オトコノ個 (Otokonoko) and オンナノ故 (Onnanoyue). Buying all three mini-albums will entitle you to a special present of some sort, which hasn't been decided on yet.

カレン (Karen) has the most release planned at this point. Later this year, on December 14th they will release a DVD entitled mellow~創の旋律~ (mellow~Sou no Senritsu~). No other details about it are available yet. They will release three CDs in the first two months of 2006. The first will be a best album entitled primary song memorial~奏の旋律~ (primary song memorial~Sou no Senritsu), and will have a release date of January 18th. The second will also be a best best album, and it's title will be primary song memorial~想の旋律~ (primary song memorial~Sou no Senritsu~). It seems that カレン is playing word games with the titles of the albums and DVD, but someone who knows Japanese will have to figure out what they're trying to say. After releasing the two albums, they plan to give away a CD at live shows on four dates. Those dates are February 19th, 21st, 26th, and 27th. The CD will be entitled プラウド (Puraudo) and will most likely contain only one track.

KISAKI is next jump on the release-bandwagon, and seems to really have a love for photobooks. His first collection of photos comes out on October 19th of this year, and will be named a basement Melody 2.... It will include 30 full color photos (and 60 pages in total), and a free CD with one unspecified track (a new KISAKI PROJECT song perhaps?). Apparently, he already knows it's going to be a hit (the UNDER CODE site seems to suggest that demand for the book has been huge), and has already announced his second photobook, which will be called a basement Melody 3.... It will be released on December 15th of this year, and will come with a bonus DVD of the making of the photobook. (And no, as far as I know there has never been a a basement Melody 1...)

音鬼 (OTO-ONI) has only one CD planned this month, and it was released a few days ago. It's official release date is October 12th, and is entitled (Koku). It contains four new tracks. This is good news for 音鬼 fans, as they hadn't released anything in quite a while.

-Phantasmagoria- has several releases planned (which isn't surprising) and are taking advantage of all the forms of media available to them. First they're releasing a single on October 19th (the same day as KISAKI's first photobook) which will be called 未完成とギルト (Mikansei to Guilt). It will contain only two tracks, but will come in two versions; A type and B type. The A type single will include a bonus DVD with a "MEMORIAL LIVE CLIP" of their tour "TOUR#2「NEO ARK」." The B type will also include a bonus DVD, but this version will have a "MEMORIAL LIVE CLIP" of their tour "2nd concept TOUR「NEO ARK」." After that, Their PV DVDs must be selling really well, because they already have a third one planned! The new PV DVD will be named 幻影像III~for degradation crowd~ (GeneizouIII~for degradation crowd~). It will be released on December 14th, and will come with an eight page booklet. The DVD continues their tradition of releasing two PVs at a time; one will be for "NEVER REBELLION," and the other for "未完成とギルト" (Mikansei to Guilt). The very next day, on December 15th, they'll release their own photobook called 幻影グラフティー I (Genei Grafitti I). Like KISAKI's photobooks, this one will contain 30 pages of full color photos, and 60 pages in total. The number on the name seems to imply that -Phantasmagoria- anticipates making another photobook, so keep your eyes out for news of that as well.

ヴィドール (Vidoll) is last but certainly not least on this list. First they're planning to release a maxi-single, which has a street date of October 26th. It will have the strange title of Chocoripeyes, and will include only two tracks. Then ヴィドール will be joining KISAKI and -Phantasmagoria- and releasing their own photobook on December 15th. Like the other two photobooks coming out that day, it will contain 30 full color photos and 60 pages extra, but will also come with a free CD of some sort! The title of the photobook will be Back of 『AI』lids. Then will be the first UNDER CODE band to release a CD in 2006. On January 01st their new five track mini-album called Deathmate will be released. In keeping with the recent trend, it will come in to versions; A type and B type. Each type will sport a different jacket, as well as a different bonus DVD. The A type will include the PV for their recent single "シャットダウン," (Shutdown) and the B type will include the PV for their upcoming single "Chocoripeyes." When both versions of the mini-album are purchased, a special present DVD will be included, which will contain a making of clip of "シャットダウン" (Shutdown). According to the UNDER CODE site, the mini-album is being released in celebration of ヴィドール's upcoming one man tour "TOUR 2006-「Reload to living doll」."

Omnibus albums are also planned for release. First is SHOCK WAVE CD the SELECT, which is the next installment of the famous omnibus series. It will contain some of the best tracks of the series, and will features songs from 12012, カレン (Karen), -Phantasmagoria-, and ヴィドール (Vidoll). The omnibus will be released on October 25th. Then UNDER CODE will release the next installment of its omnibus series, "High Style Paradox." The new CD will be entitled High Style Paradox SPECIAL ~RARE TRACKS COLLECTIONS~. It will be released on November 09th, and will contain around fourteen to fifteen tracks total. The UNDER CODE website describes it as a second press of "High Style Paradox IV~re acceleration~" with a different jacket and "rare tracks" from KISAKI's favorite bands. So far ネガ (Nega) and Zephyr are the only non-UNDER CODE bands that are known to be on the CD, but expect more information on the actual tracklist soon.

ダリ and Pasyha haven't announced any upcoming releases yet. I suspect they'll announce something with their debut during UNDER CODE's Japan-wide tour, so keep an eye out for these guys!

Well that's it. This took me a looong time to write up, so I hope you at least scanned over it all! If you have anything to add or correct, please let me know! I'm sure I made mistakes (especially with CD names xD), so any help is appreciated. Also, if anyone could explain the word-play in the titles of カレン's new CDs, I'd be really greatful.

[Archived] Hi/カレン community
Um... Hi.
I hope this is okay to post here. I didn't see a rule against it...

I just recently made a カレン community. It's just opened and has no members. xD; So it's not really the most exciting place right now...

Anyway, it's here:


Posts from 2004

[Archived] (Untitled post 2004-12-29)
It appears KALEN will have a new release arround April 2005!
I will keep you informed for more info!

[Archived] (Untitled post 2004-11-21)
Hello! I just recently joined the under code community, because all I listen to is Under Code bands.. :P
My favorite are カレン/KALEN and Mar'derayla/マーデイレイラ, even though the last disbanded, I still really like Hayato and his gang :P Also, I'm happy Jun is doing something again, that rocks!

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