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Posts from 2015

News roundup 3/5
Here's some minor news:

  • As of March 1st, Hideaki (秀暁) ex-bassist of DAS:VASSER has joined UNDEAD (which has been home to many Nagoya based bandmen: ex-AZALEA, hurts, etc.).
  • Lilith will hold their 10th oneman live, 魔都制圧 -In to the CORE-, on 2015-03-28.

    Their first China tour, 円夢中華 -The Freak of Saviour-, will begin on 2015-04-10, and will feature a live with girugämesh on the 12th and a live with Royz on the 24th. The tour final, 魔都制圧 -Neo Scream-, will be held on 2015-07-25.
  • THE BLACK SWAN will hold their threeman, KILLER×KILLER CARNIVAL vol.3, versus DEZERT and Kuroyuuri to Kage (黒百合と影) on 2015-05-22 at Ikebukuro EDGE.
  • It appears that, from 2015-03-01, ex-SUZAKU guitarist Hazuki (葉月) is once again providing support for AiM MaiM. The band also has a new look, which you can see on their artist page.
  • ARLEQUIN appeared on the 109 public TV screen in Shibuya (渋谷) from 2015-02-23 through 2015-03-01 (pic here). They also had a billboard truck (pic here).

    These are quite big promotional steps for an indie visual kei band!

Posts from 2014

First mini-album and oneman from Lucifer's underground
First mini-album and oneman from Lucifer's underground

ex-Cu[be] and ex-hurts members' new band, Lucifer's underground, will release its first mini-album!! The CD, Fujitsu na UMBRELLA will be released on 2015-03-04. The band has also announced some sponsored events, as well as its first oneman, which will be held on 2015-06-22!

  • 2015-02-24 at Nagoya (名古屋) CLUB 3STAR IMAIKE
    vocalist HINA birthday sponsored event
    ※ poster will be freely distributed
  • 2015-03-18 at Nagoya CLUB 3STAR IMAIKE
    sponsored event Lucifer's showcase No.1
  • 2015-05-26 at Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
    bassist Yuuri birthday sponsored event
  • 2015-06-22 at Nagoya CLUB 3STAR IMAIKE
    first oneman Singin' in the Last Rain

The band's Twitter is open at @Lucifers_Info, and their OHP will open in February 2015.
Lucifer's underground first official photography
Lucifer's underground—ex-hurts vocalist HINA's latest ongoing session project which features ex-Cu[be] members—has taken their first official photography. Check it out above.

HINA's lyrics
Sorry, this entry is locked. Please sign in or register to view it.
Cu[be], hurts, and SIVA sessions
ex-Cu[be] members will be appearing in the 2014-07-22 lineup of Lucifer's underground! (That's the latest session of ex-hurts vocalist HINA (ヒナ).)
  • 2014-07-22 at Nagoya (名古屋) 3STAR IMAIKE
    【V. HINA (ヒナ) (ex-hurts ~ etc.) / G. Maki (真稀) (ex-hurts ~ etc. ~ UNDEAD) / G. toki (UNDEAD) / B. Yuuri (憂里) [ex-Cu[be]] / D. Atuki (亜月) [ex-Cu[be]]

ex-SIVA drummer Kiri (霧) has been holding various unnamed session bands:
  • 2014-05-01 at Birth Shinjuku
    【V. Haku (白) [Mitht] / G. REI (レイ) [@NNIVERSARY] / G. Ue [VAMPIRE (ヴァンパイア)] / B. MA-YA (Pan-d-ra) / D. Kiri (ex-SIVA)
  • 2014-05-30 at Birth Shinjuku
    【V. Tasuke (佑) [ex-C.o.A ~ etc.] / G. Ue [VAMPIRE] / G. REI [@NNIVERSARY] / B. MA-YA (Pan-d-ra) / D. Kiri (ex-SIVA)
Minor updates 2/8
Some minor updates featuring GOTCHAROCKA, Syndrome, ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), CARAT (カラット), Oneness, and hurts:

  • GOTCHAROCKA bassist Shingo (真悟) had the flu and was absent at the band's lives and instores from 2014-02-01 through 2014-02-03.
  • ex-Syndrome ~ zechs vocalist Tsutaya changed his name to Pami。 (ぱみ。) and opened his new official Facebook
  • Tickets for ARLEQUIN's 2014-03-15 first oneman have sold out!
  • Oneness will hold a twoman with the Raid. on 2014-06-01 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA NEXT. Details TBA.

  • ex-hurts guitarist Mukku (むっく) will appear in session CUSUCO THE KAN CREW 【V. Mukku (ex-hurts) / G. Zin (迅) (ex-Schwein) / B. TAKA (AxiL) / D. Eve (ex-Lycaon)】 on 2014-02-28 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA NEXT.
  • GOEMON RECORDS will hold its sponsored event, Fuki no Tou (ふきのとう), on 2014-04-08 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA. ARLEQUIN and REALies appear as guests, along with Crazy★shampoo, VOW, Oneness, METEOROID, Airish, and Sick².
  • Jikkentai NEMESIS (実験体NEMESIS) performed the following setlist on 2014-02-06: 01. DELUGE (NEGA cover)
    02. BREAK DOWN (girugamesh cover)
    03. AGITATOR (Vior gloire cover)
    04. MaGARU Suiren ` KaKERU (SUZAKU cover)

Posts from 2013

hina × Vasalla session next month
ex-hurts (and ex- AZALEA, CHELSEA, SCHELLEN, Schwein, etc.) vocalist HINA (ヒナ) will participate in a session band on January 25 with ex-Vasalla members!

2014-01-25 at Birth Shinjuku
Watariroukagu Rentai (渡り廊下愚連隊)
V. HINA (ヒナ) (ex-hurts etc.) / G. Takayuki (隆之) (THE PIASS) / G. Kaine (戒音) (GIGA FREAKS) / B. LEAYA (ex-Vasalla) / D. Ksuke (K助) (ex-Vasalla)】
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION memorial omnibus

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that, in collaboration with SHOXX, it will release its 10th anniversary memorial last omnibus, High Style Paradox 2003~2013. The mail-order-limited omnibus will be released in March, and will feature all significant bands (32 in total) signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION throughout its 10 years of activity.

Those who purchase the omnibus before February 28th will receive a special 24 month calendar.

Because the omnibus is mail-order-limited through SHOXX, it will not be available to overseas customers via usual means. However, I organize a group order as soon as I find a viable shopping service—expect a separate with details.

( View the rest of this entry )

Posts from 2010

[Archived] UNDER CODE 8th anniversary event
UNDER CODE has just announced its 8th anniversary (!) event, DYNAMITE EXPLOSION. The event will take place over three days: 2011-03-06, 03-08, and 03-10. The event seems pretty standard, aside from Lycaon participating, but there is one really cool thing about it...

hurts will hold a one day revival! Pretty cool huh?


2011-03-06 at 吉祥寺 (Kichijouji) CLUB SEATA
凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Megaromania, Arc, PERESTROIKA, Dali, シンディケイト (CindyKate), Cu[be], Lycaon (Guest), (Large session)

2011-03-08 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) CLUB UPSET
凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Megaromania, Arc, PERESTROIKA, Dali, シンディケイト (CindyKate), Cu[be], Lycaon (Guest), hurts (One day revival), (Large session)

2011-03-10 at 大阪 (Osaka) BIG CAT
凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin), Megaromania, Arc, PERESTROIKA, Dali, シンディケイト (CindyKate), Cu[be], Lycaon, Synside, (Large session)

It's good to see that most of the UCP bands will be participating. I was hoping to see some mysterious, unknown bands playing the event, but no such luck. Guess this means no new UNDER CODE bands like we were hoping. Oh well, congrats for lasting 8 years! Let's hope the label lasts many more :D

Edit: KISAKI updated his blog saying that a new UNDER CODE band will appear!!! Hopefully he means a truly new band and not that Lycaon is joining. That would we weird.

Posts from 2009

[Archived] Esaka Seiatsu Changes
晄 (Aki) (ex-Lamina, hurts, Mëbíus, AZALEA) injured his hand, and has been unable to recover in time to appear at 江坂制圧2009 5DAYS (Esaka Seiatsu 2009 5DAYS). Because of this, there have been changes to the bands he was to perform with:
  • 2009-09-21, 尾張浪速組 (Owari Naniwagumi) will replace him with 希 (Nozomi) of ClearVeil
  • 2009-09-22, hurts' one-day revival is canceled
  • 2009-09-23, Mëbíus will replace him with 憂里 (Yuuri), ex-chariots
  • 2009-09-23, AZALEA will replace him with 梁 (Yam) of Schwein

Really sucks about hurts :/

[Archived] Schwein Comm
Like  said  this is not really under UCP, but it is Hina (ex. hurts) and his new project should have a home of it's own.

Normally, I'd wait to for a band to release something to even think about making a community if someone hasn't already, but in all honesty I'm just so excited about this one that I can't wait. The announcement seriously made my day. 

So if you'd like please check out and add  and it'll be the quick, easy way to find out what Hina and the new boys are up to.


Please delete if not allowed.

[Archived] HINA's New Band
This band does not belong to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, but I thought it was cool/relevant enough to post here.

ヒナ (HINA), best known to us as the former vocalist of hurts and AZALEA, has a new band! The band's name is Schwein, and they're currently signed with the HOLIDAY label. The band is comprised of four members: vocalist ヒナ (HINA), guitarist 梁 (Yam) (ex-SHUFT), bassist 耶要 (Yairi) (ex-℃), and drummer 武 (Takeru). They have a single planned for release on 2009-08-05 entitled 独裁ノ豚 (Dokusai no Buta). You can see a picture of Schwein here.

Again, this doesn't have anything to do with this community other than the hurts connection, but ヒナ (HINA) is awesome and it's good to see him in a new band. It's just too bad that they didn't sign with UNDER CODE!

Schwein's (really nice) OHP

Posts from 2008

[Archived] News: Dali, hurts, Kibou-YA©, Siva
① The tracklist to Kibou-YA©'s best album has finally been posted at the UNDER CODE OHP. The tracklistings (and covers, in Siva's case) for hurts' and Siva's singles have been posted as well.

② Dali announced a three month consecutive release campain through the UNDER CODE OHP today. The releases are basically following the format of ClearVeil's upcoming releases; singles with two new tracks each, and no PVs or additional content. Details are below:

Dali -
  2008-04-23; 1,260 yen; Limited 3,000; Maxi Single
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  2008-05-28; 1,260 yen; Limited 3,000; Maxi Single
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  2008-06-25; 1,260 yen; Limited 3,000; Maxi Single
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

hurts -
悪魔ノ詩 -血盟- (Akumanoshi -Ketsumei-)
  2008-02-06; 1,575 yen; UCCD-159; Maxi Single
  02. インキュバス (INCUBUS)
  03. 「I can fly」
悪魔ノ詩 -反逆- (Akumanoshi -Hangyaku-)
  2008-02-06; 1,575 yen; UCCD-160; Maxi Single
  01. 不眠症サティリアシス (Fumenshou SATYRIASIS)
  02. 欠落プリズン -反逆- (PRISON -Hangyaku-)
  03. 人でなしの恋 (Hitodenashi no Koi)

Kibou-YA© -
希望ノススメ (Kibou no SUSUME)
  2008-01-09; 3,150 yen; UCCD-157; Album
  01. 星と矢印 (Hoshi to Yjirushi)
  02. 絶望番長 (Zetsubou Banchou)
  03. トキメキスタイル社 (TOKIMEKI STYLE Sha)
  04. マシマロウエスタン (MARSHMALLOW WESTERN)
  05. 宇宙リボン (Uchuu RIBBON)
  06. 僕は君に必要とされたいのだ
    (Boku wa Kimi ni Hitsuyou to Saretai no Da)
  07. なんて不自由な自由なんだろう
    (Nante Fujiyuu na Jiyuu Nandarou)
  08. 反省しませう(Hansei Shimaseu)
  09. 自分モノサシ(Jibun MONOSASHI)
  10. 少年25秒 (Shounen 25 Byou)
  11. 君色(Kimi Iro)

Siva -
wrong of justice -A Type-
  2008-02-13; 1,995 yen; UCCD-161A; Maxi Single
  CD 01. fiction
  CD 02. concealment
  DVD 01. Brave PV
wrong of justice -B Type-
  2008-02-13; 1,680 yen; UCCD-161B; Maxi Single
  01. fiction
  02. concealment
  03. the back bottom (Bonus Track)

Posts from 2007

[Archived] News: hurts, ネガ (Nega), Siva
① The UNDER CODE OHP has been updated with several releases. To the point:

hurts -
悪魔ノ詩 -血盟- (Akumanoshi -Ketsumei-)
  2008-02-06; 1,575 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  03. Unpublished new song
  + Ticket to release party oneman on 2008-03-20
悪魔ノ詩 -反逆- (Akumanoshi -Hangyaku-)
  2008-02-06; 1,575 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  03. Unpublished new song
  + Ticket to release party oneman on 2008-03-20
  2008-03-05; 3,150 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Remastered song
  03. Remastered song
  04. Remastered song
  05. Remastered song
  06. Remastered song
  07. Remastered song
  08. Remastered song
  09. Remastered song
  10. Remastered song
  11. Remastered song
  + Ticket to release party oneman on 2008-03-20
ネガ (Nega) -
ЯeBirtH Under the Chaos -A Type-
  2008-01-30; 2,940 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  03. Unpublished new song
  04. Unpublished new song
  DVD 01. 鬱 (Utsu) PV
ЯeBirtH Under the Chaos -B Type-
  2008-01-30; 2,625 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  03. Unpublished new song
  04. Unpublished new song
  05. 侏吐羅 (Shutora?) (Bonus Track)
Siva -
wrong of justice -A Type-
  2008-02-13; 1,995 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  DVD 01. Brave PV
wrong of justice -B Type-
  2008-02-13; 1,680 yen
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  03. concealment (Bonus Track)
[Archived] flowers for hurts!
hurts is going to be releasing 2 maxi singles this summer and me and my friend want to put together a little fan book and give it to them with some flowers and some small presents.

Our florist will be OHANAYASAN. The same one Flowers For Kannivalism uses, so we know they will get the stuff. ^^
We're planning on getting a bouquet of white flowers with 4 red roses in it. One for each of the members ^^ Also we're going to request that they put little bats in the bouquet~ XD haha

We're going to buy a 8x8 scrapbook to put the pictures in. All we need is a picture of you and those signs that say "welcome to ____" the blank being where ever you live. We want to show them that they have fans all over the world so really anything that says your city name would be good (eg. picture of a highway turnoff sign, postcard, a building with the city in its name on it) ^o^
please make sure the picture is 4x6 just so all the pictures in the book will be the same size ^^; You can also write a short note to go with your picture. just remember that they dont know much english... at all... XD so keep it simple or write it in japanese lol please make your note 4x6 aswell though ^^;
pictures can be emailed to me if you dont want to mail it. I'd be glad to print it out for you~ my email is
deadline - May 16th

so far we only have hina's gift bought. lol its a small wind up pink bunny thats suppose to hop... but really it just looks like its humping the air instead XD lol
when we get the other boys preesents i'll update with what they are ^^
if you have any good ideas for presents, just let me know~ we're trying to keep it really small and light so shipping isnt toooo expensive >.< lol

obviously this is going to cost a bit of money so any donation of money would be really helpfull lol anyone that donates $5 will receive a free hurts flier if they want one lol not much of a prize... but im hoping itll persade some people to help us because im not rich ;o; hahaha

Everything will be sent to them shortly after their single is released in july. Its sort of like a thank you for working so hard present. They'll have released 15 songs in less then a year O.o; plus they play shows all the time. so really, they're really hard working guys *nods*
their live schedule isnt out yet for july, but once it is I can tell you the exact date they will be recieving the flowers and stuff ^^

any sort of help will be greatly appriciated!! the hardest thing to do with these fan projects is getting people to participate XD lol and with them being so small and unknown... i really want anyone who even likes them just a bit to at least email a picture to add to the book! ^^

any updated information about this will be put up at ^o^ so you should go join if you haven't already XD haha

[Archived] †News†
① It's safe to say that most of us have been expecting new UNDER CODE CDs for quite some time. So, it's not very surprising that a slew of upcoming releases have been announced today. Arc, hurts, KISAKI PROJECT (surprise!), ネガ (Nega), and Pashya have all announced very cool things, including some second presses (apparently the first presses have sold extremely well; good job guys!). It's a bit weird that Siva hasn't announced anything, but I'm sure we'll hear from them soon.

② Arc, hurts, and ネガ (Nega) all have new [very cool] outfits and photoshoots. It's easy to see that UNDER CODE is putting more money into that region. Last but not least, ネガ (Nega) and Dali (!) have brand new logos. Very nice. See the cuts for release information, and check out the new costumes at UNDER CODE's OHP.

Arc -
雨涙哀色 (Ame Namida Ai Iro)
  2007-06-27; 1,360 yen; 3,000 limited; UCCD-134
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  + extra recording

流れ星 (Nagareboshi) 2nd Press
  Unknown release date; 2,940 yen; 3,000 limited
  CD 01. 流れ星 (Nagareboshi)
  DVD 01. 落書き教科書 (Rakugaki Kyoukasho)
  DVD 02. 13歳人形 (13 Sai Ningyou)
  DVD 03. 一人ぼっちの二人部屋 (Hitoribocchi no Ninen Heya)
  DVD 04. 恋2カクテルの色 (Koi 2 COCKTAIL no Iro)
  DVD 05. 勝てない!負けない!花は咲き☆ (Katenai! Makenai! Hana wa Saki☆)

かくれんぼ (Kakurenbou) 2nd Press
  Unknown release date; 2,940 yen; 3,000 limited
  CD 01. かくれんぼ (Kakurenbou)
  DVD 01. 遊街道 (Yuugaidou)
  DVD 02. カゴの中のモノ (KAGO no Naka no MONO)
  DVD 03. 裏顔 (Ura Kao)
  DVD 04. 発信履歴 (Hasshin Rireki)
  DVD 05. 激しさと哀しさの故に・・・ (Hageshisa to Ashisa no Yueni・・・)

雨涙哀色 (Ame Namida Ai Iro) MAKING DVD
  Unknown release date; 0 yen
  01. 雨涙哀色 (Ame Namida Ai Iro) MAKING
  ※ Attendees to more than three Arc concerts will receive this DVD

hurts -
ア・カペラと前立腺 (A・CAPELLA to Zenritsusen)
  2007-06-20; 1,365 yen; 3,000 limited; UCCD-133
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song
  ※ Apparently the title means "A CAPELLA and prostate gland;" amazing.

絶対領域のカノン (Zettai Ryouiki no CANON)
  2007-07-25; 1,365 yen; 3,000 limited; UCCD-139
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

KISAKI PROJECT feat.樹威 (Jui) -
描写風 (Byousha Kaze)
  2007-06-20; 3,150 yen; 10,000 limited; UCCD-133
  CD 01. 描写風 (Byousha Kaze)
  CD 02. Unannounced song
  CD 03. Unannounced song
  CD + extra recording
  DVD 01. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  DVD 02. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  DVD 03. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  DVD 04. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  DVD 05. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  DVD 06. Unannounced song (LIVE)
  ※ DVD with first press only

ネガ (Nega) -
鬱 (Utsu)
  2007-05-30; 1,050 yen; 3,000 limited
  01. 鬱 (Utsu)
  + unannounced extra

自虐パラノイド (Jigyaku PARANOID)
  2007-06-27; 1,050 yen; 3,000 limited
  01. 自虐パラノイド (Jigyaku PARANOID)
  + unannounced extra

  2007-07-26; 1,050 yen; 3,000 limited
  01. illegitimacy
  + unannounced extra

dole 2nd Press
  Unknown release date; 3,150 yen; 2,000 yen; UCNG-003
  CD 01. enemy
  CD 02. dole
  CD 03. lover
  CD 04. abase
  CD 05. spiral staircase
  DVD 01. abase (PV)

hole 2nd Press
  Unknown release date; 3,150 yen; 2,000 yen; UCNG-004
  CD 01. nightmare
  CD 02. in hole
  CD 03. quadrangle
  CD 04. attempted suicide
  CD 05. alter
  DVD 01. quadrangle (PV)

Pashya -
魅惑ヒロイン (Miwaku HEROINE)
  2007-05-16; 1,365 yen; 3,000 yen; UCCD-128
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

誘惑ヴィーナス (Yuuwaku VENUS)
  2007-06-27; 1,365 yen; 3,000 yen; UCCD-136
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

愛育エンジェル (Aiiku ANGEL)
  2007-07-18; 1,365 yen; 3,000 yen; UCCD-138
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

Get your wallets ready! This summer is going to be fuuun. As usual, corrections are welcomed.

Posts from 2006

[Archived] New Release
Finally, a new UNDER CODE PRODUCTION omnibus has been announced. This one features three smaller bands of the label (the big three have enough exposure anyway) along with some UCP-friendly bands. See the cut for full information.

・ オムニバス [Omnibus] ・
・ Decadence2007-HUMAN VICIOUS- ・

February 14th, 2007; Omnibus Album
Featured artists: ダリ [Dali], hurts, Pashya, Bergerac, レプリア [Replia], カルト [Cult]
・ Additional ・

None at this time

As always, corrections welcome.

[Archived] News ⇔ Various
● Dali [ダリ]: I can't believe I haven't whored this already. and I created a community for Dari some time ago. Go join.

● hurts: Just letting you all know that has created the first fan community for hurts. ...So what are you waiting for? Go join!

Ok, I'm done harassing you all. (You guys have to get to work! There are only a few bands left without communities xD)
[Archived] News ⇔ hurts
Well, the first releases of 2007 have been announced. Weird huh? It seems like just yesterday Deathmate was being announced. Anyways, on with it!

● hurts: Brand X has updated their site with release news for hurts. After the release of their demonstration CD, the band will begin 3 months of simultaneous releases. Also, the band's concept has been announced: "GOTHIC PUNK."

ArtistDateReleaseAdditional Information
2006/12/13 Houtai Tenshi -head ache-
[包帯天使-head ache-]

01. Houtai Tenshi -head ache-
包帯天使-head ache-
UCCD-113. 525 yen. One new track.
2007/01/17 Gankyuu×NEEDLE

Tracklisting Unknown (3 Tracks)
UCHS-001. Limited 3,000 pressings. 1,575 yen. Three new tracks.
2007/02/14 Komaku×CANDLE

Tracklisting Unknown (3 Tracks)
UCHS-002. Limited 3,000 pressings. 1,575 yen. Three new tracks.
2007/03/14 Shita×SCISSOR

Tracklisting Unknown (3 Tracks)
UCHS-003. Limited 3,000 pressings. 1,575 yen. Three new tracks.

As always, romaji corrections are appreciated♥

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