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Posts from 2015

I'm selling stuff: members get early access
~*~POP MUSIC EMERGENCY~*~ I'm selling a bunch of duplicates and lame stuff from my VK collection. For the next 24 hours, members get early access. Everything's cheap as fuck, so please buy something m(_ _)m

Member-exclusive sale has ended. Please see Monochrome-Heaven thread for general sale.

Posts from 2013

High Style Paradox group order

Good news everybody!—I've checked with my shopping service, and they can help us buy High Style Paradox 2003~2013! I've created a special group order page at WE LOVE UNDER CODE; check it out below if you'd like to order the album.

Join group order

Please be advised that the album will be a little expensive, due to SHOXX limiting it to mail-order and convenience store payment only. The initial cost of the album (base price + domestic shipping + initial service fees) is 5,790 yen.

Once the order is placed, the albums will be shipped to my house; all participants in the group order will pay an equal share of that fee. Finally, all participants will pay a 3rd fee encompassing an equal share of the final service fees + full cost of shipping to their house. (If the initial service fees turn out less than I'm estimating, the overage will be applied toward the final service fees.)


Regardless of the expense, there's no other way for overseas customers to get UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's final omnibus! So, if you want it, better join now. I'll be placing an order at the end of the week.
UCP 2013 lucky bag group order
OK, since there was a lot of interest, I've decided to do a group order for UNDER CODE 2013 lucky bags. If you want to join, please follow this flow:

  1. Email me at weloveucp @ Include the following information:
    • Name
    • Home address
    • Lucky bag version (3,500 yen or 5,000 yen)
    • PayPal email address

  2. Pay invoice ①. I will charge you for the cost of the lucky bag + PayPal service fee + shopping service fee (200 yen). ↓
  3. I will order the lucky bags. When they arrive, I will notify you via email. ↓
  4. Pay invoice ②. I will charge you for your portion of shipping + service fees. These fees will be divided evenly among participants (more people, lower fees). ↓
  5. I will ship your lucky bag.

The cutoff date is January 5th for initial contact and payment ①. The 10,000 yen bag has already sold out (KISAKI even added 10 more copies, but they're already gone), and we don't want to miss our chance of getting the cheaper ones.

Posts from 2012

Secret Santa: ship today!

Don't forget to ship your Secret Santa gifts! Today is the deadline to receive the special bonus present for shipping your gift on time. You can confirm shipment via the Secret Santa page or email (weloveucp @

Merry Christmas everyone!
Secret Santa: recipients announced!

Secret Santa recipients have been announced! If you signed up for the event, an email with your recipient's information has just been sent to the address you provided. You can also find your recipient's information on the Secret Santa 2012 page.

Please send your gifts by December 20th, and notify me by clicking the confirmation button on the Secret Santa 2012 page, or by replying to the email that you just received. Those of you who report that you've shipped your gift by December 20th will receive a special bonus gift from me.

As a special thanks, all participants will receive a custom UNDER CODE Christmas post card!

If you didn't receive an email (check your spam folder!), or have any other problems, questions, or general comments, please feel free to contact me via email (weloveucp @ gmail . com), at Twitter (@we_love_ucp), or by commenting on this entry.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Merry Christmas from WE LOVE UNDER CODE!

Secret Santa: two more days

There are two days left to register for the UNDER CODE Secret Santa gift exchange! Tomorrow is your last chance, so sign up now! Remember, everyone who participates will receive a free postcard, and those who ship their gifts on time will receive an extra bonus gift. All countries are welcome, and it doesn't matter how much you spend on your gift.

Join Secret Santa
Secret Santa 2012 update

Secret Santa 2012 registration has been extended to December 3rd so the last of you can join! All you need to do is visit this page and register (if you have a WE LOVE UNDER CODE account, sign in first).

  • All participants will receive a free bonus gift! I'm happy to announce that I've been able to produce some custom postcards (previewed in the image above). I'll be personally mailing them out to everyone who participates. (While supplies last.)
  • Registration closes after December 3rd.
  • Pairings will be announced on December 4th.
  • All who ship their presents by December 20th will receive an additional bonus gift. (Details TBA.)

Join Secret Santa while you still have the chance!
WE LOVE UNDER CODE Secret Santa 2012 announced!

The 3rd annual WE LOVE UNDER CODE Secret Santa event has officially started! Starting today, you can sign up via the Secret Santa 2012 page. It's a very fun event, so be sure to sign up (all countries are OK)!

This year, things are a little different: for starters, we're only doing physical presents (the “digital gift” aspect was too confusing/complicated for people). Furthermore, those of you with WE LOVE UNDER CODE accounts will have access to special bonus gifts and projects—but more on that later!

Registration for Secret Santa 2012 is open until November 30th. Recipients will be announced on December 1st, and gifts should be mailed by December 20th (WE LOVE UNDER CODE members who mail on time will receive a bonus gift!).

For a full list of dates, rules, and frequently asked questions, please visit the Secret Santa 2012 page. More announcements to come.


With UNDER CODE announcing its closure and other bad things, as well as my own lack of free time, I considered abandoning Secret Santa this year... But I can't let go of the good memories we made in previous years, so I decided to pursue it after all. Even if Secret Santa 2012 is smaller, I hope that it will be just as fun and joyful as before. I hope you'll participate! Merry [early] Christmas from WE LOVE UNDER CODE!
The WE LOVE UNDER CODE weekly(?!) poll has been updated. This week's (month's?) question is: “Which recently-released UNDER CODE PRODUCTION album was the best?” Cast your vote at!
New WE LOVE UNDER CODE shirt on sale

A new t-shirt, designed exclusively for the community, is now available at the WE LOVE UNDER CODE shop. The new shirt commemorates our favorite label's closing and features the logos of all bands that were signed to or produced by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.

Two older t-shirts are available as well: last year's “RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS” shirt, which commemorated the label's 9th anniversary, and the more recent “VANITAS” shirt, which was thematically based on NEGA's album of the same name.

All three shirts can be purchased directly from the WE LOVE UNDER CODE shop page, with payment via PayPal. Shipping is available worldwide, and signed in members of WE LOVE UNDER CODE even get a special discount!
WE LOVE UNDER CODE privilege sharing program
Although it's ahead of schedule, I'm happy to announce the WE LOVE UNDER CODE privilege sharing program!

Starting today, those of you who purchase qualifying releases through CDJapan and provide proof to WE LOVE UNDER CODE will receive copies of Japan-only store privileges! The catch is that this only applies to certain releases (those which will be purchased by WE LOVE UNDER CODE staff participating in this program), and they must be purchased via the affiliate links below (this allows me to confirm the purchase, and any funds will go to special WE LOVE UNDER CODE programs planned for the rest of the year).

Participating in the program is simple: purchase one of the following qualifying CDs using the affiliate links below. Once you have completed your purchase, forward the CDJapan confirmation email to, and the privilege will be mailed to you upon its release.

Further clarifying information will be forthcoming in the next week, but these are the basics. I will continue to post updates any time that releases are added to or removed from this program, or if any there are any changes in privileges.

Although CDJapan is the best store for international visual kei purchases (because of its point rewards and multitude of payment options), it's sometimes sorely lacking in privileges when compared to Japanese stores. Hopefully this program can change that, even if only for a few people. I hope that this is a welcomed program for those of you who can only purchase from CDJapan!
Today I received the printed version of our UNDER CODE 9th anniversary memorial fan book, “RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS”! Tomorrow I'll ship it to UNDER CODE's office, and from there we just have to hope that they get it and that someone recognizes it... But in the mean time, I thought I'd share some photos, so you can see how awesome it looks!

( View the rest of this entry )

Admittedly, the design was a rush-job on my end, but I think it turned out pretty nice! And so far I've only found one mistake, hahaha. But more importantly, what do you think?

Thanks to everyone who turned in entries and helped in other ways! I hope you all like it.
UNDER CODE fan book update
Here's where we are with the fan book: although the book was almost done, I had to freeze work on it because of a problem with my university research project. However, if someone translates the introduction message by tonight, I can place the order to have the book printed before tomorrow. It obviously won't arrive at UNDER CODE's office by March 1st, but it will arrive this month.

As I said, there's an introduction message to the book that needs to be translated into Japanese. Because each individual message can't be translated, we need at least this introductory message so UNDER CODE knows what the hell this book is about! If you are one of the people who offered to help, or if you have any translating ability at all, please help translate this message so that we can finish the book! (Even if someone has already translated it, multiple translations will only ensure that its meaning is clear.)
all artists and staff:

“WE LOVE UNDER CODE” is a community of foreign fans of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. We have been active since 2004 and have over 1,300 members throughout the world.

March 1st, 2012 is UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's 9th anniversary, and that is an important event. Hastily, we decided to show our support for UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, and our happiness that it has lasted for 9 years. So, we created this “fan book” project, which is called 「RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS」.

This fan book collects messages and fan art from members of “WE LOVE UNDER CODE”, to celebrate UNDER CODE's anniversary. Because this book was conceived at the last minute, not all members could participate, and the messages could not be translated into Japanese. However, even in a different language, we hope that the meaning of this book may become clear: we love UNDER CODE.

All current and previous bands, artists, designers, and staff, thank you for 9 years of great work. Even after this time, UNDER CODE is still a top-class record label which represents the highest form of “visual kei”. Let's howl with the 「RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS」 and race toward 「UNDER CODE the FIRST DECADE」!

all members.

Of course, the translation doesn't have to be exact, as long as it makes sense and conveys the message. I know it's a lot to ask, but I really hope someone will step up and help with this. Thank you in advance to anyone who does!

After completing and ordering the book, I will post a preview of it, and will keep you guys updated of its shipping status in the future.
9th anniversary fan book update
Ok, I originally set a due date of February 8th for fan book information, but I forgot about it and it seems that you guys did too. So,

To participate in the fan book, please email ( the following information by next week:
- Name (or nickname)
- Age / gender (if you want)
- Country
- Message to UNDER CODE (scan of handwritten message on paper preferred)
- Picture of you (or your UCP collection or your dog or a drawing, just something)

Please email a scan or picture of any fan art / fan work that you wish to appear in the book, ASAP. Within the next week or two is preferred.

Please also send additional information within the next week, if possible. You may send a ① birthday message to KISAKI, ② list of current UCP bands which you are a fan of, ③ message to your favorite member, ④ handwritten “WE LOVE UNDER CODE” or picture of WE LOVE UNDER CODE logo, etc.

I previously mentioned a “message to each UNDER CODE member” section—since we are on a time crunch and participation is iffy at the moment, I've decided to just let you write to your favorite member(s).


Even if you don't have a fan art ready, please go ahead and email the basic information so that I know how many people are participating.
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