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Posts from 2016

Minor news roundup 1/31
Minor news roundup for 1/31:

  • ARLEQUIN, Black Gene For the Next Scene, GOTCHAROCKA, More, and PENTAGON, among others, have contributed comment videos in celebration of ViSULOG's 5th anniversary.
  • ARLEQUIN will hold a twoman with DEZERT:
  • ARLEQUIN will display their costumes from the Douke NO Hana (道化ノ華) era at visual shop Ai-Karyu (Ai-華龍) from 2016-01-30 through 2016-02-21.
  • AVANCHICK has begun selling their live DVD through the AOOS shop (it was previously only available through the band's own web shop).

    When buying from this store, the privilege is an L-sized artist photograph with printed signature/comment. (The official web shop version included a bonus offshot DVD instead.)
  • Black Gene For the Next Scene has revealed the tracklists for their best album, CHAOS MONSTER.

    Those who purchase the CLEAR type, and either of the other types, can mail in the title strips for a special unplugged/piano CD.
  • THE BLACK SWAN's drummer Len (煉) appeared on Nippon TELEVISION (日本テレビ) show Jinsei ga Kawaru 1 Funkan no Fuka II Hanashi (人生が変わる1分間の深イイ話).
  • ex-E'm ~grief~ Cecir has done some composing
  • Mischievous has announced the details of their two-part tour final at HOLIDAY OSAKA on 2016-03-31. Their PV will be distributed to attendees, and message disc will be further distributed to VIP ticket holders.
  • More revealed the tracklist to their upcoming mini-album, PARADIGMA.
  • Paranoid≠circuS released the tracklist for their upcoming mini-album, DREAM BOXX. It includes 4 old songs and 4 new songs―which is longer than a mini-album, so I wonder if some of the new ones are SE tracks...
  • PENTAGON has released new goods through the GOEMON RECORDS official shop, available for order 2016-02-01 through 2016-02-05. (They appear to be sold out already, tho...!).
  • Se'ikspia posted a trailer with some footage from their “replay” live (tho they unfortunately didn't use the live-recorded audio). It seems that the band hopes to play another live, but that's still undecided.

Posts from 2015

[Quick update] Cecir (ex-E'm ~grief~) will NOT be participating in CERO (LIN) session
Cecir (ex-E'm ~grief~) will no longer be able to participate in Cero (LIN)'s birthday event, Here's looking at me, kid VOL:2, this year due to family reasons. This also means he will not be able to perform on guitar for Cero's session band...(hope Cero finds a replacement!)
New (???) Band - Devil Kitty
Related to the previous post, signed to Rockstar is a """new""" band Devil Kitty, fronted by the very sarcastic, and somewhat eccentric, Yuuga. As some of you may remember, back in the early 2000's (prior to the closing of Eternal) there was another band named DEViL KiTTY that Yuuga was in. While this band shares the same name, they are supposed to be considered two separate entities. Yuuga's also nabbed Majyu as the drummer for this band, so I'm interested to see how active Shape Shifter is with a part-time drummer.

The band started out as a session known as 悪魔鬼茶(akuma kicha), which only makes this situation more confusing as that was one of DEViL KiTTY's (the old one!) first releases.

Devil Kitty are:
V. Yuuga (優雅) [Chateau La Tour, Kar'MariA, DEViL KiTTY, GOKIBURI, etc]
G. kazuto (一斗) [Xaltea, GOKIBURI]
B. ruchi [xTripx, DOLLARS]
D. Majyu [Ex-Babylon, SIVA (Support), E'm~Grief~, Jikuu Kaizoku SEVEN SEAS (時空海賊SEVEN SEAS), Shape Shifter etc]

You can find their ohp here:
Vocalist Z (of Moi Dix Mois and Art Cube) has announced that he is making a new band featuring some former UCP musicians! Their name is SHAPE SHIFTER and they are signed to DUALCORE SOUND ENTERPRISE, like Art Cube was.

V. Z [Ex-After Image, Hizaki (Support), Brain Hacker, Art Cube, Moi Dix Mois, etc]
G. Igarashi Tomoka (五十嵐 友華)
G. Igarashi Takuya (五十嵐 拓也) (Tomoka's younger brother)
B. Houjou Jin (北條 迅) [Ex-Feather's Blue, Chariots (Support), UnsraW, etc]
D. Aki Majuri (安岐 真珠理) [Ex-Babylon, SIVA (Support), E'm~Grief~, Jikuu Kaizoku SEVEN SEAS (時空海賊SEVEN SEAS), etc]

They've both opened an official home page and a Twitter account.

Here's to hoping they're more active than Art Cube were. I, for one, am happy to see Maiju back!

Posts from 2014

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION models for Tritt fur Tritt anniversary
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION models for Tritt fur Tritt anniversary

On 2014-09-22, legendary visual kei hair & makeup house Tritt für Tritt will celebrate its 10th(!) anniversary with a huge modeling & live event in Ikebukuro (池袋). After teasing details for the past five months, Tritt für Tritt has finally announced the full lineup of participants in its event―and a plethora of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION musicians will appear!

Tritt für Tritt 10th anniversary event Tritt für Tritt, Ikebukuro wo JACK!? ~Shikaku to Choukaku no 「Jikohyougen」~ =HAIR MAKE & LIVE SHOW= (トリトリ,池袋をジャック!? ~視覚と聴覚の「自己表現」~ =ヘアメイク&ライブショー=)
2014-09-22 at Ikebukuro Toshima Koukaidou (池袋豊島公会堂)

  • SUI (ex-Megaromania ~ LIN)
  • MIZALY (ex-Megaromania ~ LIN)
  • YUSHI (ex-Megaromania ~ LIN)
  • CERO (LIN)
  • Rame (ex-VIDOLL ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene)
  • SAN (ex-NEGA ~ the:Ø)
  • Ray (ex-NEGA ~ Licht Entertainment president)
  • Cecil (ex-E'm ~grief~)
  • RENA (ex-Vior gloire ~ THE BLACK SWAN)
  • Otake (ex-CindyKate ~ AVANCHICK)
  • (unknown vocalist of AVANCHICK) (AVANCHICK)

【other models】
yo-ka (DIAURA) / Kayuu (ν) / Sizna (Moran) / Ice (BFN) / MINAMI / YUKI (CELL) / kyouki (Grieva) / Hisame (Grieva) / mikado (Oneness) / syuma (Oneness) / rui (MISARUKA) / rin (MISARUKA) / Agato (Tokami) / Yutaka (LUCHe.) / Hikaru (LUCHe.) / rino (Synk;yet) / yuiha (Synk;yet) / VAMPIRE ROSE / Humiya (SERIAL⇔NUMBER) / Seiran (HiMeDOKI) / Luy (ZIN) / Kei (ZIN) / Riku (ZIN) / Louie (Rose Noire) / Jill (Rose Noire) / Tomoya (LIV'ERT) / Tamaki Souji (MARBLE HEAD) / Shion (AXIA) / TAKUYA (REVIL) / RayJi (ViV) / TAKA (White Palette) / Sakinew (ex-TRUST) / Yuuka (ex-Fi'Ance.)

【live performances】
Royz / DIAURA / GOTCHAROCKA / ν / Kiryu (己龍)

While Tritt für Tritt will handle all hair and makeup for the modeling portions, they will collaborate with the following fashion houses for clothes and accessories: SEX POT, Royal Princess Alice, Angelic Pretty, SUPER LOVERS, Rion, and mIRA..

YUUZE (ex-E'm ~grief~) has passed away
YUUZE (ユーゼ) of E'm ~grief~ has passed away on February 15.

YUUZE, real name 久保田 慶 (Kubota Kei) and previously known as Shino (紫乃), and had been a member of LA VALLIERE, CANARY, Vice†risk, La'miss fairy, Juka, and E'm ~grief~. Since 2013, he had been offering his services as a freelance producer/player via EXCEL ENTERTAINMENT.

His cause of death has not been revealed, but comments on VKDB from last month mention cancer, and it seems that he had officially retired from music shortly before passing.

A flower ceremony and mourning event will be held for YUUZE on 2014-04-26 at Birth Shinjuku. All fans and supporters are encouraged to come, and admission is free. Chief mourner will be family member 久保田 正廣 (Kubota Masahiro), and members of YUUZE's former bands will attend.

Rest in peace

Roundup 2/16
Here's the latest mini-news roundup, featuring 12012, 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi, ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), chariots, E'm ~grief~, Megaromania, Oneness, REALies, and SIVA members.

  • After over 11 years of activity, 12012 will indefinitely pause activities after their 2014-12-12 event/oneman (details TBA). Their reason given is essentially “lack of direction”, but the members' full comments are available (in Japanese) here.
  • Oneness will hold a free oneman, KANSHA SAKURETSU (カンシャサクレツ), on 2014-04-06 at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA to celebrate the #4 indies ORICON ranking of their latest single. The title strip from any type of the single (including the 2nd press) is required to receive a ticket.

  • 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。) has given another obscured view of their upcoming official photography.
  • REALies latest single, SETSUNA CANDLE (セツナキャンドル), has ranked #5 on the ORICON indies chart.
  • More information about RIKU's chariots-requiem: according to his blog post, it seems to be an ongoing session band, as he has not yet put together a new official band. Their 2014-04-15 live is called King of 『M』 Order, and guest players are 【V. RIKU / G. KAZ / G. Takeru (猛) (SAVAGE) / B. Jin (迅) / D. MIKAGE】.
  • As far as I can tell, Lilith's upcoming 3rd “EP” might be a single with the songs Galassia and Legacy. They will also hold a oneman in April. Details should be released soon.
  • ex-Megaromania drummer 邑詩-yushi- was supposed to appear at VAMPIRE ROSE's 2014-02-16 oneman at Kanazawa (金沢) van van V4. However, the live was cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date (TBA), due to support members' inability to travel because of bad winter storms.
  • ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) international street team has translated the band's interview with ViSULOG. The translation is available in three parts (so far): part 1, part 2, part 3.
  • The lineup of ex-SIVA vocalist KAIRI (カイリ) session band Bakeneko (化け猫) has been revealed: 【V. KAIRI / G. ShinyA (ex-Signal) / G. Keisuke (圭介) (ex-gaNesha) / Dr. Majyu (摩珠) (ex-E'm ~grief~)】.
  • The lineup of Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) on 2014-03-08 has been finalized: 【V. 樹-Itsuki- (SUZAKU) / G. Ao (碧) (ex-paradeis) / G. KAEDE (カヱデ) (ex-MEKAKUSI (メカクシ)) / B. Ray (ex-NEGA) / D. REIYA (ex-LIN)】
  • The full lineup at ex-SUZAKU (朱) new band ISORA (イソラ) formation event on 2014-03-29 has been announced: Delia and REIRA SESSION (レイラセッション) will perform in addition to the previously-mentioned bands.

Posts from 2013

ex-UCP sessions update 2013-09-22
Here are some recent and upcoming sessions featuring ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band members. Know something I missed? Share it in the comments!

● 2013-08-26 at Ash OSAKA
黒烏龍茶 【B. Karasu (ex-SUZAKU) / V. Syuuya (ex-scarlet) / G. Ao (ex-paradeis) / D. minoru (ex-Called≠Plan)】

● 2013-09-01 at Shinsaibashi club ALIVE
GRiST 【V. shall (ex-Vior gloire) / etc.】
※ live-limited live DVD sold

● 2013-09-08 at Pillar Cafe
Otake (ex-CindyKate)

● 2013-09-15 at Birth Shinjuku
BIRTHDAY SPECIAL SESSION BAND (バースデースペシャルセッションバンド) 【G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / V. Tsubaki (ViolenSus Luxion) / G. Maki (Diana) / B. Tama (GOKIBURI) / D. Soara (Diana)】

● 2013-09-16 at Ash OSAKA
Shugokusatsu (瞬獄殺) 【V. Ituki (ex-SUZAKU) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire) / etc.】

● 2013-09-17
Kizuna (絆) (ex-SUZAKU)

● 2013-09-18 at Ikebukuro CYBER
Otake (ex-CindyKate)

● 2013-09-21 at INAZUMA ROCK FES 2013
Purple Stone 【feat. Support D. ARU (ex-Vior gloire)

● 2013-09-27 at OSAKA RUIDO
Purple Stone 【feat Support D. ARU (ex-Vior gloire)

● 2013-10-02 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
Sui SESSION (翠セッション) 【V. Sui (ex-Megaromania) / G. Misery (ex-Megaromania) / B. Jin (ex-chariots) / D. Maju (ex-E'm ~grief~) / G. Kyohei (ex-zechs)】

● 2013-10-13 at Nagoya ell.SIZE
Tairou Shineitai (太郎親衛隊) 【V. Saki (ex-ClearVeil) / G. Nozomi (ex-ClearVeil) / B. Hisayoshi (ex-ClearVeil) / D. Yuize (ex-ClearVeil support) / G. Takaki (DEATHGAZE)】

● 2013-10-19 at Tokyo KINEMA Club
VAMPIRE ROSE 【D. Yushi (ex-Megaromania) / V. ROSE (VAMPIRE ROSE) / G. KAZ (ex-Ⅶ-Sense) / G. LUVIO (La'veil MizeriA) / B. Shiori (Synk;yet)】

● 2013-10-21 at Ikebukuro CYBER
Unchain Project-holy night- 【V. YU-I (ex-CindyKate) / G. Chikage (ex-Megaromania) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / B. Hyoga (ex-Megaromania) / D. Yushi (ex-Megaromania)

● 2013-10-22 at Ikebukuro CYBER
Unchain Project-dark night- 【V. YU-I (ex-CindyKate) / G. Chikage (ex-Megaromania) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / B. Hyoga (ex-Megaromania) / D. Yushi (ex-Megaromania)

● 2013-10-23 at Ikebukuro CYBER
MegaCin (メガシン) 【V. YU-I (ex-CindyKate) / G. Chikage (ex-Megaromania) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / B. Hyoga (ex-Megaromania) / D. Yushi (ex-Megaromania)
※ Hyoga (ex-Megaromania) will hold a “talk show” press conference featuring moderator Otake (ex-CindyKate)
※ Hyoga (ex-Megaromania) will retire after this live

● 2013-10-24 at Shinsaibashi FANJ-twice
Shugokusatsu (瞬獄殺) 【V. Ituki (ex-SUZAKU) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire) / etc.】
Kizuna SESSION BAND (絆セッションバンド) 【G. SAN (ex-NEGA)

● 2013-11-01 at Ikebukuro RUDIO K3
Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) 【B. Ray (ex-NEGA) / etc.】
Session updates 2013-08-13
Here's an update of the sessions which various ex-UNDER CODE artists are performing with!

● VIRGIN HUNTER (ヴァージンハンター)
2013-07-15 at Birth Shinjuku
D. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. Takeru (DIANA) / G. Maki (DIANA) / G. Isami (DIANA) / B. Rei (ex-Hi:BRiD)

2013-07-27 at Meguro Rockmaykan
Support D. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. Hasumi Yuu (ex-Gokusai FILM) / G. KAIE (ex-NightingeiL) / Support G. Kikuchi Akito (ex-LIPHLICH) / Support B. LEAYA (ex-Vasalla)

● Vior glore SESSION (Vior gloire セッション)
2013-08-01 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4
V. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / B. RENA (ex-Vior gloire) / G. Vuit (Ray℃) / D. Verry (ViV)

● BLUE MOMENTS (ブルーモーメンツ)
2013-08-07 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
B. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. You (LucaRia) / G. yukito (Resist) / G. Saya (SRASH NOTES GARDEN) / D. MIYA (LucaRia)

● SAMII TAAMAA (サミーターマー)
2013-08-19 at Birth Shinjuku
D. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / V. Gai (ex-FULL EFFECT) / G. Vuit (Ray℃) / G. Sou (POLTERGEIST) / B. Tama (GOKIBURI)

● Sami SESSION (沙美セッション)
2013-09-02 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4
V. Sami (沙美) (ex-CindyKate) / G. Kaoru / B. NaNao / D. Sayuki

● F4 RETURNS (F4リターンズ)
2013-09-04 at Takadanobaba AREA
Doumyouji Tsukasa (道明寺司). Sui (翠) (ex-Megaromania) / Makino Tsukushi (牧野つくし). Rame (ex-VIDOLL) / Hanazawa Rui (花沢類). Yumeji (ex-Lc5) / Nishikado Soujirou (西門総二郎). Shou (D.I.D.) / Mimasaka Akira (美作あきら). NATSUKA (VELBET)

2013-09-14 at Ikebukuro EDGE
V. KAIRI (カイリ) (ex-SIVA) / B. Ray (ex-NEGA) / D. Aki (ex-E'm ~grief~) / G. Shintarou (Annie's Black) / G. Shidou (ex-NaiL)

● Youichi SESSION (雄一セッション)
2013-09-14 at Ikebukuro EDGE
G. Yu (憂) (ex-SIVA [as Youichi]) / V. Kyouka (ex-Aliene Ma'riage) / G. Ruli (ex-ElDorado) / B. ISUKE (ex-La'Mule) / D. YOU-YA (ex-La'Mule)
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION memorial omnibus

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that, in collaboration with SHOXX, it will release its 10th anniversary memorial last omnibus, High Style Paradox 2003~2013. The mail-order-limited omnibus will be released in March, and will feature all significant bands (32 in total) signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION throughout its 10 years of activity.

Those who purchase the omnibus before February 28th will receive a special 24 month calendar.

Because the omnibus is mail-order-limited through SHOXX, it will not be available to overseas customers via usual means. However, I organize a group order as soon as I find a viable shopping service—expect a separate with details.

( View the rest of this entry )

Posts from 2011

[Archived] E'm ~grief~ mini-update
Cecir updated the E'm ~grief~ blog to note that today, August 19th, marks the 3rd anniversary of the band's first live at Shibuya O-WEST. He hopes that the fans and band members can celebrate the next one together.

It's not very much, but Cecir wants the band to come back, at least. I really hope that will happen soon.

[Archived] E'm ~grief~ update
Cecir updated the E'm ~grief~ blog yesterday, and although I won't insult you guys with my terrible translation, I can give you the gist:

He acknowledges that the phrase “indefinite activity pause” doesn't have a good reputation but he emphasizes that, both the MC at their last live and the Cure article about it stated that E'm ~grief~ absolutely will come back. He specifically says “E'm's activity is not over yet,” and that they're working every day toward an eventual revival.

So that seems pretty reassuring. On the other hand, Vsoku, for some reason, thinks that drummer 摩珠 (Maju) has left [been kicked out of?] the band. That tidbit seems pretty uncertain, and I can't find anything to back it up, but it's not as if a drummer is important for E'm's music, right?

Hopefully we'll see a revival in the spring or something. Any thoughts?

Posts from 2010

[Archived] Shikkoku no SYMPHONY live photographs
Live photographs of several UNDER CODE bands are available for purchase through and 7-Eleven. The photos seem to have been taken at the three day 漆黒のシンフォニー (Shikkoku no SYMPHONY) event at 埼玉会館ホール (Saitamakaikan HALL) in August.

For those of you familiar with the concept of digiphoto, you'll understand; basically, you select the photos you want online, and then you go to an actual 7-Eleven (in Japan only) and print them off at a special kiosk. This means that we overseas fans can't buy these the regular way, and I'm actually not even sure that many shopping services would be willing to help, since they would have to physically go somewhere.

But for those of you with especially nice shopping services or friends in Japan, here are links to the order pages:
[Archived] A few E'm ~grief~ pause details
Just a tiny update: E'm ~grief~'s activity pause oneman will take place on 2010-12-29 at aube shibuya, and will be called The end of ~grief~.

Additionally, Rita posted two entries about the activity pause here and here. One of them specifically seemed to give a glimmer of hope (something implying they would be back) and then take it away again (implying they won't be). It's a bit verbose for me to try translating, so hopefully someone here can D:?

[Archived] E'm ~grief~'s best album
To memorialize E'm ~grief~ before their activity pause, selection best album grief will be released. The album will be released on 2010-12-22 and will contain no new songs. However, those that purchase from the web shop will receive a cheki of their choice and a message + live DVD.

E'm ~grief~
2010-12-22; 3,150 yen; selection best album CD; UCCD-278
web shop privilege: desired member cheki and message + live DVD

01. Infinity Daze
02. Heretical Glare
03. Seduce
04. Eternal melody
05. Kyrie
06. 独白の空 (Dokuhaku no Sora)
07. In paradism ~淡い色彩~ (~Awai Shikisai~)
08. Pains of aspiration
09. Le soleil de l'oasis
10. Amentia
11. D.L.S ~Dirty Limbic System~
12. Seelenheil
13. Atonality


No new song... Plus, the members are calling it an indefinite activity pause. At least Cecir said “I will come back someday,” but then he added “but I'm not sure in what form.” So, it seems like E'm ~grief~ won't be coming back :/... What do you think?

[Archived] E'm ~grief~ to pause activities
E'm ~grief~ had a big announcement at their 2010-10-11 show: they'll be indefinitely pausing activity as of their 2010-12-29 oneman. Great \:D/

No word on why/whether they'll actually come back.

[Archived] E'm ~grief~ coupling tour 2010
E'm ~grief~ will be embarking into a coupling tour with VII-Sense and Art Cube starting this October!

~Altar of the Spirit~ will take place at the 3 following dates:
08.10.2010 @ Nagoya ell.SIZE
09.10.2010 @ Shinsaibashi FANJ-twice
11.10.2010 @ Ikebukuro RUIDO-K3

[Archived] Anyone ordering E'm ~grief~?
Is anyone planning to order both types of E'm ~grief~'s new single? I'm hoping to help someone order from the official web shop to get the special DVD.

[Archived] [CINDY&KATE + E'm ~grief~] Artwork covers
Artwork covers for both シンディケイト (CINDY&KATE) and E'm ~grief~ upcoming maxi singles have been revealed!

E'm ~grief~
Atonality (2010.08.18)


シンディケイト (CINDY&KATE)
ボクサー (BOXER) (2010.08.25)

For once UCP is almost a month in advance.
Impressions concerning those covers?

[Archived] E'm ~grief~ new single samples
A sample from the upcoming E'm ~grief~ single Atonality has been uploaded at the UNDER CODE OHP! The sample is a medley of all three new songs, so hurry up and check it out!

I especially liked Atonality itself! What did you guys think?

[Archived] Webshop Updates
凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) polaroids: you can now buy one-of-a-kind, signed polaroids of the members. Available types are a group photo, individual photos (except KANATA), and twoshots of RIKU with another member (except KANATA).

凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) poster! I'm pretty sure this is the same poster that's CDJapan's privilege for buying the singles (can anyone confirm?). It's basically a giant version of their flyer.

Megaromania's new singles are up for preorder. The privilege for buying all types is a cheki of the member of your choice, along with a message + live DVD recorded on 2010-05-15.

④ Tons of 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) photosets! There are three photosets from their Prism. singles and four coupling photosets with 花少年バディーズ (Hanashounen BADDIES).

E'm ~grief~'s new singles are also up for preorder. The privilege for buying both is a cheki of your choice plus a live DVD recorded on 2010-05-30.

シンディケイト (CINDYKATE) new single is up for preorder (privilege: special DVD) and two photosets are up for sale (one from their first UCP look, the other from their new look)!

Synside new mini-album is up for preorder (privilege undecided) and two photosets are up for sale (one from their previous look, one from their new look). I want these so bad ;_;

⑧ Finally, ClearVeil last live DVDs! These are official bootlegs, so don't expect great camera work. But it's the only chance to see ClearVeil's last oneman lives (2010-06-20, 06-30, and 07-04)!

As always, the UNDER CODE official web shop is Japanese only, so you'll need a shopping service to buy from it. Get in touch with me if you need help!


I had a dream last night that UNDER CODE was selling special photobooks of old bands such as Schwardix Marvally and Eze:quL (they also sold photobooks of old Power Rangers shows, but it made sense in my dream). I really wish that were true ;(

Any of you buying this cool stuff? I'd love ClearVeil's DVDs or Synside's stuff!

[Archived] E'm Release
E'm ~grief~'s new release will be a two type maxi-single to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. Both types come with the same title track and different bonus track, plus the usual instrumental versions. Both types also come with a DVD containing a unique live clip and half of the “E'm ~grief~ special offshot movie.” The official web shop privilege for buying both is a cheki of the member you want plus a DVD with footage from their 2010-05-30 live.

To celebrate the CD and their 2nd anniversary, the band is sponsoring their fifth event, Reizvoll Konzert VOL:5 on 2010-08-19 at 目黒鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rockmaykan). As usual, the band will be distributing a special, unannounced present to those who attend (probably a photocard or message DVD).

Additionally, the band will be embarking on a short coupling tour with Art Cube and Ⅶ-sense. The tour is called ~Altar of the Spirit~ (if you remember, the band previously held a coupling live by the same name), and it will take place on 2010-10-08 at 名古屋 (Nagoya) ell.SIZE, on 2010-10-09 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) FANJ-twice, and on 2010-10-11 at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) RUIDO-K3.

The band's well-designed new flyer can be seen here, their awesome new official photo here, and their new profile pictures here.

E'm ~grief~ -
Atonality -A Type-
  2010-08-18; 2,100 yen; 2nd anniversary maxi-single CD + live DVD;
  Limited pressings; UCCD-270B
  ※ web shop privilege for purchase of both: cheki + 2010-05-30 live DVD
  CD 01. Atonality
  CD 02. D.L.S ~Dirty Limblic System~
  CD 03. Atonality (Instrumental)
  CD 04. D.L.S ~Dirty Limblic System~ (Instrumental)
  DVD 01. Eternal melody (Live clip from 2009-12-31)
  DVD 02. E'm ~grief~ スペシャルオフショットムービー ~前編~ (SPECIAL OFFSHOT MOVIE ~Zenpen~)
Atonality -B Type-
  2010-08-18; 2,100 yen; 2nd anniversary maxi-single CD + live DVD;
  Limited pressings; UCCD-270B
  ※ web shop privilege for purchase of both: cheki + 2010-05-30 live DVD
  CD 01. Atonality
  CD 02. Kyrie
  CD 03. Atonality (Instrumental)
  CD 04. Kyrie (Instrumental)
  DVD 01. Infinity Daze (Live clip from 2009-12-31)
  DVD 02. E'm ~grief~ スペシャルオフショットムービー ~後編~ (SPECIAL OFFSHOT MOVIE ~Kouhen~)

[Archived] Miscellaneous Stuff
凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will hold a special event at TOWER RECORDS to commemorate the release of their first single. Those who reserve the single in store (phone orders and online orders aren't accepted) will receive a ticket to the event, which includes a mini-live and a handshake session. The event will take place on 2010-06-17 at TOWER RECORDS 渋谷 (Shibuya) STAGE ONE.

凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will also be participating in an event sponsored by INDIVISUAL (the people who streamed Phantasmagoria's last live). The event, INDIVISUAL DAY, will take place on 2010-06-15 at SHIBUYA-AX. (Among others, VIDOLL will be there as well!)

③ The OFFICIAL WEB SHOP has updated with 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) single As If Forever Exists.. The privilege for purchasing any type is a signed cheki from the member of your choice, to be sent out on 2010-06-15.

E'm ~grief~ is planning a new release! They haven't announced what kind or when it will be released, but details should be announced soon.

Synside's vocalist Rayka has contributed some chorus vocals to Nega's NEGATIVISM album. Pretty cool!

⑥ UNDER CODE still hasn't officially revealed the tracklists for Arc's latest single, but it's actually out now so... Details below, for completion's sake.

⑦ Similarly, UNDER CODE just got around to releasing the covers for the latest シンディケイト (CINDYKATE) single, even though you could see them at Brand X for a while now. Anyway, check out the A type and the B type, both of which feature an alien!

KISAKI's blog now has an updated header to reflect his new look. Seriously Mr. Designer, it sucks balls. Please do better next time.

凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) is holding a live twitter event on 2010-04-22 at 12:30 JST. This event is similar to the one Phantasmagoria held; the members will be tweeting while doing a photoshoot for Cure. The event is scheduled to last three hours. Please see this post for information and use this site to convert the time to your timezone.

Arc -
  2010-04-14; 2,100 yen; maxi-single CD + live DVD; UCCD-262A; limited 3,000
  CD 01. SE
  CD 02. コントラスト (CONTRAST)
  CD 03. 未完成 (Mikansei)
  DVD 01. 「Lady」&「Gentleman」 (Live clip)
  DVD 02. Drop outer (Live clip)
  2010-04-14; 1,890 yen; maxi-single CD; UCCD-262B; limited 3,000
  01. SE
  02. コントラスト (CONTRAST)
  03. 未完成 (Mikansei)
  04. Joke (Bonus track)

[Archived] Lives
All of this is old, but whatever, it's cool!

① KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION are sponsoring the live area side of this year's STRAIGHT LIFE event on 2010-06-06. The event is basically a massive tattoo convention featuring over forty tattoo shops, pole dancers, an S&M show, a DJ, and live bands. As I said, KISAKI is producing the live side, and he's chosen 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) and BALZAC to headline. Additionally, VAGERKE, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN), 宇宙戦隊NOIZ (Uchuu Sentai NOIZ), The ROMEO, In The Enz, and WHITEBLACK will also appear.

② 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will also be appearing at Kaya's ソドムの晩餐 第一夜 (SODOM no Bansan Daiichi Yoru) event on 2010-07-03 at O-EAST. The cool thing about this event is that La'Mule will also be holding a one-night revival! (Which is totally relevant since La'Mule was signed to Soleil, which was the precursor of Matina.)

③ VISUNAVI will be kicking off a new event series, SUMMER MASQUERADE 2010, in Kansai. And, well, you can't say Kansai without saying UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, so the live will fittingly be UCP supported. The specific show is called SUMMER MASQUERADE 2010 ~Phantasmagoria MEMORIAL TRIBUTE NIGHT~ and will take place at 梅田 (Umeda) SHANGRILA on 2010-08-31 (as if any other date was possible!). 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will be performing and カレン (KALEN) will hold a one-night revival. The rest of the lineup hasn't been revealed yet.

④ Eternal and CLIMAX ENTERPRISE are having a one-day revival and co-sponsoring a crazy event. (How is this relevant? Eternal was a sub-label of Matina and CLIMAX ENTERPRISE was the next version of Eternal.) The event is called ETERNALISM†CLIMAXISM and will take place on 2010-08-08 at 目黒鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rock Maykan). 弥生 (Yayoi; president of Eternal), E'm ~grief~, and ex-members of Syndrome, Earl Grey, and Kilah will appear, along with many, many others (I've only mentioned the ones relevant to UCP/Matina). Additionally, guests are allowed to exit and re-enter one time (which is rare), a secret guest will appear, a spur-of-the-moment guest will appear, and a large session featuring everyone will be held at the end of the show. Pretty freaking awesome!

Edit: Forgot this one, which was the whole reason I made this post! Anyway, Shinobu (vocalist of the perpetually inactive band Zephyr) is getting married! And since he and KISAKI are such good friends (Zephyr was once a Matina band and their comeback mini-album was to be released through UCP), he's holding a special live event to celebrate. The event is called Shinobu HAPPY WEDDING LIVE PARTY ~みんなに幸せおすそ分け・リターンズ~ (~Minna ni Shiawase Osusowake ・ RETURNS~) and will be held on 2010-05-02 at ESAKA MUSE. This basically means a bunch of Matina bands are holding one-day revivals (I love this trend!): Lavender, Zephyr, MIRAGE, DAS:VASSER, Eze:quL, ZXS, vellaDonna, Lagna, DERAIL, オルゴール (ORGEL), Distray, and a large session of random members called Shinobu&Friends. Obviously, not all of these bands will have complete lineups (ex. RUIZA definitely isn't showing up for Distray), but it's still super awesome. I wish UNDER CODE would film and release these Matina lives!

Posts from 2009

[Archived] Release Updates
① The cover and tracklisting of chariots' (Yami) have been revealed. The cover is here, and the tracklisting is below.

② The cover and tracklisting of E'm ~grief~'s In paradism have been revealed.

③ The covers and tracklistings of 平成維新's (HEISEI ISHIN's) 美しき鼓動 (Utsukushiki Kodou) have been revealed. The cover of the A type is here and the B type is here.

ロットマン's (LOTMAN's) single details were actually revealed a while ago, but I think I only posted about them at my Dali community. The cover is here and the tracklisting is below.

⑤ A few details regarding Synside's THE CORE -subconsciousness- have been revealed (including the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP privilege).

chariots -
闇 (Yami)
  2009-12-09; 1,575 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited 5,000 pressings; UCCD-251
  01. Midnight pleasure
  02. 暗 黙 (An Moku)
  03. dilettante
  OFFICIAL WEB SHOP Privilege: Sound track + original message CD (with triple release purchase)

E'm ~grief~ -
In paradism
  2009-12-16; 1,575 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-252
  01. In paradism ~淡い色彩~ (In paradism ~Awai Shikisai~)
  02. Le soleil de l'oasis
  03. In paradism ~淡い色彩~ (In paradism ~Awai Shikisai~) (Instrumental)
  04. Le soleil de l'oasis (Instrumental)
  OFFICIAL WEB SHOP Privilege: Message + live DVD (with double release purchase)

美しき鼓動 (Utsukushiki Kodou) -A Type-
  2009-12-16; 3,150 yen; Mini-album CD + PV DVD; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-253A
  CD 01. 鼓動 (Kodou)
  CD 02. Chain of system
  CD 03. Adolescent complications
  CD 04. スイミー (SWIMMY)
  CD 05. メルト (MELT)
  DVD 01. 縷々 -るる- PV
  OFFICIAL WEB SHOP Privilege: Chosen member's message + live DVD (with double type purchase)
美しき鼓動 (Utsukushiki Kodou) -B Type-
  2009-12-16; 2,625 yen; Mini-album CD; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-253B
  01. 鼓動 (Kodou)
  02. Chain of system
  03. Adolescent complications
  04. スイミー (SWIMMY)
  05. メルト (MELT)
  06. Microburst (Bonus track)
  OFFICIAL WEB SHOP Privilege: Chosen member's message + live DVD (with double type purchase)

Edit: Although announced as Adolescent complications, the third track of 美しき鼓動 (Utsukushiki Kodou) was actually named drained life on the CD itself.

ロットマン (LOTMAN) -
  2009-12-02; 1,575 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited pressings; UCCD-250
  01. 示すエモーション (Shimesu EMOTION)
  02. オリオン (ORION)
  03. ナショナルモダン (NATIONAL MODERN)

Synside -
THE CORE -subconsciousness-
  2010-01-20; 1,575 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited pressings; UCCD-254


I'd like to remind anyone interested in Synside to join my community for them: ! Although major Synside news will be covered here, smaller, more band-centric things will be covered at .

[Archived] Catching Up
chariots officially changed their logo with the release of (Hikari) back on 2009-10-07. (Definitely old news, but I needed to put it somewhere for future reference.)

② chariots' ex-bassist 憂里 (Yuuri) has a new band called Cu[be]. They're not with UNDER CODE, but it's worth mentioning. (I don't know of an OHP for them or anything.)

chariots members 戮 (Riku) and 秋都 (Akito) will be holding live events to celebrate their birthdays:
  • 戮's (Riku's) event is Happy Birthday 33th Anniversary, which will take place on 2010-01-08 at OSAKA MUSE. It will feature chariots, 罪団法人黒十字2010 (Tsumidan Houjin Kurojuuji 2010) (the chariots × Dali session band), Bloodly-HISKA-clown (a variation of the Bloodly-clown session band), CORKSCREW (probably a KUROYUME cover band), and K.R.Paradox.
  • 秋都's (Akito's) event is 秋都HappyHappy Birthday Party (Akito HappyHappy Birthday Party) and will take place on 2010-01-17 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA. It will feature chariots; one night revivals of Mëbíus, ルフィー嬋命 (RUEPHY ALIVE), and Pashya; and guest bands Arc, Megaromania, 水風船 (Mizufuusen), and Cu[be].
④ It seems that ネガ (NEGA) has changed their name to Nega. We'll have to wait to see if it's permanent.

⑤ The covers of Nega's Haunted Jealousy singles have been revealed. A Type, B Type, and C Type.

⑥ The covers of 平成維新's (HEISEI ISHIN's) パブリックセンチメント (PUBLIC SENTIMENT) mini-album were released some time ago. The A type can be found here and the B type can be found here.

⑦ The cover of E'm ~grief~'s Amentia was released some time ago and can be found here. Oh, and it turns out that song “Seducd” is actually Seduce, so that's good.

[Archived] E’m~grief~ sample update!
You can now listen to samples of the upcoming E’m~grief~ single Amentia.

I like them both so far. : )

[Archived] E'm
The tracklisting for E'm ~grief~'s next single has been revealed.

E'm ~grief~ -
  2009-11-18; 1,575 yen; Maxi single CD; Limited 3,000; UCCD-248
  01. Amentia
  02. Seducd
  03. Amentia (Instrumental)
  04. Seducd (Instrumental)

2009-11-26 Edit: It was eventually revealed that “Seducd” was actually meant to be Seduce.
[Archived] Release Information
① A large version of chariots' (Hikari) cover has been revealed. See it here.

② Tracklistings for chariots' first two concept singles and for Megaromania's first album have been released.

③ 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) will be embarking on a three-city coupling tour with 宇宙戦隊NOIZ (Uchuu Sentai NOIZ) and spiv states. The tour is called “NEW WAVE #1”, and is being sponsored by Like an Edison. The lives will take place on 2010-01-20, 2010-01-21, and 2010-01-25 at 名古屋ell.FITS ALL (Nagoya ell.FITS ALL), ESAKA MUSE, and 渋谷O-WEST (Shibuya O-WEST), respectively.

④ Megaromania now has Ameba blog.

⑤ These are all old, but I hadn't posted about them yet, so:
  • Arc is distributing a DVD at one live.
  • chariots is distributing a present at their 2009-12-15, 2009-12-23, and 2009-12-24 lives, and a DVD at another.
  • ClearVeil is distributing a DVD at one live.
  • E'm ~grief~ is distributing a present at their 2009-11-23 and 2009-12-18 lives.
  • 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) will be distributing two special CDs at upcoming lives.
  • Megaromania is distributing a DVD at one live and a CD at another.
  • ネガ (NEGA) is distributing a DVD at two lives.
Arc -
(Unknown title)
  2009-11-07, 2009-11-21; 0 yen; Live distribution DVD
  (Contents unannounced)

chariots -
光 (Hikari)
  2009-10-07; 1,575 yen; Concept maxi-single CD; Limited 5,000; UCCD-243
  01. cigar
  02. DAZZLE
  03. 残影 (Zanei)
灰 (Hai)
  2009-11-04; 1,575 yen; Concept maxi-single CD; Limited 5,000; UCCD-245
  01. Fall ash
  02. キャンバスに描かれるは灰色で塗り潰された理想の君 (CANVAS ni Egakareru wa Haiiro de Neritsubusareta Risou no Kimi)
  03. reversal
(Unknown title)
  2009-12-16; 0 yen; Live distribution DVD
  (Contents unannounced)

ClearVeil -
(Unknown title)
  2009-10-10; 0 yen; Live distribution DVD
  (Contents unannounced)

平成維新 -
(Unknown title)
  2009-11-28; 0 yen; Live distribution CD
  (Contents unannounced)
(Unknown title)
  2009-12-25; 0 yen; Live distribution CD
  (Contents unannounced)

Megaromania -
(Unknown title)
  2009-11-08; 0 yen; Live distribution DVD
  (Contents unannounced)
Prophetic Faction -the Universe- -A Type-
  2009-11-11; 3,990 yen; First full album CD+DVD; Limited 1,111; UCCD-246A
  CD 01. Prologue&Epilogue
  CD 03. Distrust Labyrinth
  CD 04. God of Megaromania -純血ノ刻印- (God of Megaromania -Junketsu no Kokuin-)
  CD 05. Bloodshed
  CD 06. 美醜の果実 (Bishuu no Kanjitsu)
  CD 07. Angelical Jewelry
  CD 08. Remembrance Fantasia
  CD 09. Transparent Shine
  CD 10. Amethyst
  CD 11. -the Universe-
Prophetic Faction -the Universe- -B Type-
  2009-11-11; 3,150 yen; First full album CD; Limited 1,111; UCCD-246B
  01. Prologue&Epilogue
  03. Distrust Labyrinth
  04. God of Megaromania -純血ノ刻印- (God of Megaromania -Junketsu no Kokuin-)
  05. Bloodshed
  06. 美醜の果実 (Bishuu no Kanjitsu)
  07. Angelical Jewelry
  08. Remembrance Fantasia
  09. Transparent Shine
  10. Amethyst
  11. -the Universe-
  12. Hallucination (Bonus track)
(Unknown title)
  2009-11-13; 0 yen; Live distribution CD
  (Contents unannounced)

ネガ (NEGA) -
(Unknown title)
  2009-11-29, 2009-12-06; 0 yen; Live distribution DVD
  (Contents unannounced)

[Archived] Shuto Seiatsu
Details of 首都制圧 2009~2010 (Shuto Seiatsu 2009~2010), UNDER CODE's New Year countdown event, have been released. As previously stated, it will take place on 2009-12-31 through 2010-01-01 at 東京キネマ倶楽部 (Tokyo KINEMA Club). Special goods will be available at the live. The lineup is as follows:
  • chariots
  • spiv states
  • ネガ (NEGA)
  • 愛狂います。 (aicle。)
  • 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN)
  • ClearVeil
  • ダウナー (DOWNER)
  • E'm ~grief~
  • Megaromania
  • Arc
  • ロットマン (LOTMAN)
  • ν
  • カル・ヴァリ (kalvary)
  • Juliette
  • Lycaon
  • 己龍 (Kiryuu)
  • Synside
  • Hi:BRiD
  • 花少年バディーズ (Hana Shounen BADDIES) (Announced 2009-09-27)
  • Jewel (Announced 2009-09-27)
  • ケミカルピクチャーズ (CHEMICAL PICTURES) (Announced 2009-10-01)
  • シンディケイト (CINDYKATE) (Announced 2009-10-20)
  • 水風船 (Mizufuusen) (Session)
  • Toshiya-Z (Session)
  • THE GREEN (Session)
  • 地下線ハミ出し組 (Chikasen Hamidashigumi) (Session)
  • Phantasmagoria (Special countdown guest) (Announced 2009-10-20)

[Archived] E'm on Ameblo
Yuuze has announced on the old E'm blog that the band has moved to a shared blog on Ameblo. You can follow our favorite gothic/classical rockers in the link below:

[Archived] New costumes, new releases!
Brand X updated this morning with some upcoming UNDER CODE releases. Some have already been covered here, but two hadn't been announced yet~

① As I said when the last releases were announced, it's time for E'm ~grief~ to finally do something new! In November and December, E'm will release two new singles, much in the style of their first ones (two new tracks plus instrumental versions).

② Also due for new releases is chariots (only because they always have to have something planned). They'll be holding a three month consecutive release campaign of three concept singles. The concept seems to be about light turning into darkness, which seems cool. I'm guessing that each single will have one SE track plus two new songs.

③ Since Brand X always posts images with upcoming releases, we now have first looks at some of the bands' new costumes. chariots' new look can be seen here, E'm ~grief~'s can be seen here, 平成維新's (HEISEI ISHIN's) can be seen here, and Megaromania's can be seen here (although Megaromania's isn't technically a new look, it's a new photo taken to promote their album).

chariots -
光 (Hikari)
  2009-10-07; 1,575 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited 5,000 pressings; UCCD-243
  01. (Unannounced new song)
  02. (Unannounced new song)
  03. (Unannounced new song)
灰 (Hai)
  2009-11-04; 1,575 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited 5,000 pressings; UCCD-245
  01. (Unannounced new song)
  02. (Unannounced new song)
  03. (Unannounced new song)
闇 (Yami)
  2009-12-09; 1,575 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited 5,000 pressings; UCCD-251
  01. (Unannounced new song)
  02. (Unannounced new song)
  03. (Unannounced new song)

E'm ~grief~ -
  2009-11-18; 1,575 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-248
  01. (Unannounced new song)
  02. (Unannounced new song)
  03. (Unannounced new song) (Instrumental)
  04. (Unannounced new song) (Instrumental)
In paradism
  2009-12-16; 1,575 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-252
  01. (Unannounced new song)
  02. (Unannounced new song)
  03. (Unannounced new song) (Instrumental)
  04. (Unannounced new song) (Instrumental)

Back to the good ol' days of Brand X revealing new releases before UNDER CODE ;O;~!

[Archived] E'm~grief~ news + new look
① KISAKI wrote in his blog that E'm~grief~ will have an announcement in August. What it's regarding is unknown. He asks us to look forward to it and to anticipate it. Cecir mentions that he's excited to "lift the ban on the new information". Judging from this context it appears to be a positive announcement.

② E'm~grief~ has also finished up a new photo shoot, and KISAKI gave us a nice little preview here. Cecir also posted a picture of an elaborate set... a possible PV?

③ Both KISAKI and Cecir have confirmed that the band has recorded a new song!

[Archived] E'm~grief~ Live Clip
Bands @id, which works closely with UNDER CODE, has put up a live clip of the band E'm~grief~ from one of their 日本制圧2009 appearances. They perform the song Seelenheil, but it is incorrectly labeled as Eternal melody.

View it here.

[Archived] OHP Updates
① E'm ~grief~'s sample at the UNDER CODE OHP has been updated. As in the past, it's actually several samples combined: Infinity Daze, Heretical Glare, and 幻想曲 -Eternal Silence- (Gensoukyoku -Eternal Silence-), all from their new mini-album. Listen to them here.

② chariots sample has also been updated. The new sample is of the song steal, the bonus track from their upcoming maxi single. Hear it here. It also seems that they'll be sponsoring two more events in their carnage opera series: VOL:12 on 2009-05-16 and VOL:13 on 2009-05-17, both at OSAKA MUSE.

③ brodiaea will be sponsoring yet another event! The new event, 覚醒する鼓動 (Kakuseisuru Kodou), will take place on 2009-05-09 at HOLIDAY OSAKA. Those who go to their previous three events and present ticket stubs will receive a CD, recall, as a present. That will be their third distribution release in recent memory; it seems they really love to give out stuff for free...

④ Lamina will be sponsoring their first(?!) event on 2009-05-22. It's title is (Shikkokue no Shoutaijou ~Kuuhaku no Ni Peeji~), and it is to be held at HOLIDAY NAGOYA. As of now, it seems to be their only live planned after 2009-03-27, so let's hope that it's not a bad sign.

brodiaea -
  2009-05-09; 0 yen; Present CD
  01. recall

Posts from 2008

[Archived] More News
Lots of updates! Let's start.

① New pictures for Arc, ClearVeil, E'm ~grief~, and SIVA at the UNDER CODE OHP. Also, there's now a special page for 水風船 (Mizufuusen).

② Details for UNDER CODE's 日本制圧2009 (Nihon Seiatsu 2009) have been announced. It will feature 11 shows from 2009-03-01 to 2009-03-15, with a tour final sometime after. Details regarding the tour final are being kept secret for now; they will be revealed on 2009-01-21.

③ A new UNDER CODE omnibus has been announced. The "UNDER CODE PRODUCTION SUPER COMPILATION ALBUM" is called The End of Missing and will feature 11 old, remastered songs, plus one new song from G.O.L. (G.O.L is a special project featuring GORI of bands@id and KISAKI.)

④ Arc will release their first full album, 【F】face, on 2009-03-25. It will apparently only come in one type (which is good!).

⑤ Dali will release a new mini album, mind stripper, on 2009-03-25. Like Arc's release, it will only come in one type (thank God). Details haven't been given, but, based on the release's price, it will probably feature five tracks and no PV.

⑥ Megaromania will release a new single, APOCALYPSE, on 2009-04-01. There will be two types of the release. Both types will feature the title track plus a differing second track.

Arc -
  2009-03-25; 3,150 yen; Full Album; UCCD-221; Limited 3,000 pressings
  01~10. (Unannounced new songs)

Dali -
mind stripper
  2009-03-25; 2,415 yen; Mini Album; UCCD-222
  01~05. (Unannounced new songs)

Megaromania -
  2009-04-01; 1,365 yen; Maxi Single; UCCD-223A
  2009-04-01; 1,365 yen; Maxi Single; UCCD-223B
  02. Brilliance butterfly

V.A. -
The End of Missing
  2009-03-04; 3,150 yen; Omnibus Album; UCCD-216
  01. chariots: (Unannounced remastered song)
  02. ネガ (Nega): (Unannounced remastered song)
  03. SIVA: (Unannounced remastered song)
  04. Dali: (Unannounced remastered song)
  05. Arc: (Unannounced remastered song)
  06. Megaromania: (Unannounced remastered song)
  07. ClearVeil: (Unannounced remastered song)
  08. E'm ~grief~: (Unannounced remastered song)
  09. 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin): (Unannounced remastered song)
  10. brodiaea: (Unannounced remastered song)
  11. Lamina: (Unannounced remastered song)
  12. G.O.L: (Unannounced new song) (Bonus track)

[Archived] E'm~grief~'s Bass

E'm~grief~, currently without a bassist, has announced that KISAKI is no longer providing support bass on their releases. In his stead, the lead guitarist, programmer, and band leader Yuuze will now be doing all of the bass on future releases. Whether or not E'm~grief~ will acquire a bassist in the near future is unknown.

This sounds pretty decent, as Yuuze was previously Juka's live support bassist. I'm confident UCP's friendly gothic band will produce wonderful music in the future.

[Archived] E'm ~grief~ Official Blog

Now that they're slowly becoming more public, E'm ~grief~ now has an official blog! Keep track of this talented band here:

The blog header includes a nice group picture of the band, too!

[Archived] Release Info
① The UNDER CODE OHP was just updated with tons of cover art and tracklistings for upcoming releases. It's rare, but it's really nice when UCP updates with that stuff ahead of time (even a few of the updates made today are for releases that are already out). New cover art for Arc, brodiaea, E'm ~grief~, 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin), Lamina, SIVA, and ゾディア (Zodia) can be seen at the new release page, tracklistings and other info are below.

Arc -
想乃心 -A Type- (Sono Kokoro -A Type-)
  2008-08-06; 2,100 yen; Maxi single + DVD; Limited; UCCD-188A
  CD 00. ~SE~
  CD 01. 想乃心 (Sono Kokoro)
  CD 02. ~籠~ (~Kago~)
  DVD 01. Difference LIVE CLIP
  DVD 02. fancifury the age LIVE CLIP
想乃心 -B Type- (Sono Kokoro -B Type-)
  2008-08-06; 1,680 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-188B
  00. ~SE~
  01. 想乃心 (Sono Kokoro)
  02. ~籠~ (~Kago~)
  03. ラジカセ -Repetition- (RAJIKASE -Repetition-) (Bonus Track)
justice -A Type-
  2008-09-10; 2,940 yen; Mini album + DVD; Limited; UCCD-200A
  CD 01. G.A.P.賢者より (G.A.P. Kenja Yori)
  CD 02. 惜別 (Sekibetsu)
  CD 03. Rular
  CD 04. 空。いつか (Sora。 Itsuka)
  CD 05. 発信履歴 (Hasshin Rireki)
  DVD 01. Calculation女神 (Calculation Megami) PV
justice -B Type-
  2008-09-10; 2,625 yen; Mini album; Limited; UCCD-200B
  01. G.A.P.賢者より (G.A.P. Kenja Yori)
  02. 惜別 (Sekibetsu)
  03. Rular
  04. 空。いつか (Sora。 Itsuka)
  05. 発信履歴 (Hasshin Rireki)
  06. the (Bonus Track)

brodiaea -
  2008-07-16; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-185
  01. Lily
  02. 觸罪の徒 (Shokuzai no Ada)
僞 -fake- (Nise -fake-
  2008-07-16; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-186
  01. 僞 -fake- (Nise -fake-)
  02. ノスタルジア (NOSTALGIA)
  2008-08-20; 2,100 yen; Mini album; Limited; UCCD-194
  01. Invitation to the darkness
  02. Carcass
  03. 夜陰の月詠 (Yain no Tsukuyomi)
  04. 失楽園 (Shitsurakuen)
  05. SHINE

chariots -
トリガー -A Type- (TRIGGER -A Type-)
  2008-11-19; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. トリガー (TRIGGER)
  02. Nefarious Punisher
トリガー -B Type- (TRIGGER -B Type-)
  2008-11-19; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. トリガー (TRIGGER)
  02. ・・・Over and done with
錆び付いた銃弾 (Sabitsuita Juudan)
  2008-12-10; Mini album; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  04. Unannounced new track
  05. Unannounced new track
凍てついた銃口 (Koote Tsuita Juukou)
  2008-12-10; Mini album; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  04. Unannounced new track
  05. Unannounced new track

Dali -
a rope is there.and hope is there. -A Type-
  2008-10-22; 3,675 yen; Full album + DVD; Limited 5,000 pressings
  CD 01. Unannounced new track
  CD 02. Unannounced new track
  CD 03. Unannounced new track
  CD 04. Unannounced new track
  CD 05. Unannounced new track
  CD 06. Unannounced new track
  CD 07. Unannounced new track
  CD 08. Unannounced new track
  CD 09. Unannounced new track
  CD 10. Unannounced new track
  DVD 01. イタミワケ (ITAMI WAKE) PV
a rope is there.and hope is there. -B Type-
  2008-10-22; 3,150 yen; Full album; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  04. Unannounced new track
  05. Unannounced new track
  06. Unannounced new track
  07. Unannounced new track
  08. Unannounced new track
  09. Unannounced new track
  10. Unannounced new track
  11. dope (Bonus Track)

E'm ~grief~ -
Pains of aspiration
  2008-08-06; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-189
  01. Pains of aspiration
  02. Seelenheil
  03. Pains of aspiration (Instrumental)
  04. Seelenheil (Instrumental)

平成維新 (Heisei Ishin) -
  2008-09-03; 1,575 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-198
  01. electr:c people
  03. スイミー (SWIMMY)
  2008-09-03; 1,575 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-199
  01. eternity
  02. Insanity
  03. スイミー (SWIMMY)

Lamina -
  2008-08-13; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-190
  01. Heaven's Spell
  02. Hatred
  2008-08-13; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-191
  01. Iris
  02. -Anael-

  2008-08-20; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-195
  01. public opinion
  02. a conseption
  2008-08-20; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-196
  01. Liberalism
  02. mind luster

ゾディア (Zodia) -
慟哭 (Doukoku)
  2008-07-30; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-187
  01. 慟哭 (Doukoku)
  02. Scary Call
果て無き絶望,朽ち果てる太陽 (Hatenaki Zetsubou, Kuchihateru Taiyou)
  2008-08-27; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-197
  01. 果て無き絶望,朽ち果てる太陽 (Hatenaki Zetsubou, Kuchihateru Taiyou)
  02. ESCAPE

② Notes! That post was super long. ClearVeil's releases have disappeared from the new release page, but I'm sure it was an error; hopefully tracklistings for those will be up soon. The new covers of the (Heisei Ishin) and (Zodia) releases are awesome. Arc's releases are always announced with some sort of typo, always; Rular will most likely be changed to Ruler by the release date. Luckily, SIVA already fixed their typo; it's now Liberalism instead of the earlier libelalism. It's weird that some two track singles cost 1,365 yen and some only 1,260. It's awesome that Dali is releasing their first full album (and chariots may as well be!). The tracklisting to those releases isn't available yet, obviously, but I'm listing the releases because they haven't been mentioned in this community yet.

[Archived] Various Homepage Updates
Just a bunch of small updates I felt were note-worthy. 

Heisei Ishin has updated their page with a newer look (following the Bass-Guitar-Vocal-Guitar-Drum format), and now has a sample up! (Thanks Goukan!)

② For reasons unknown, Zodia, brodiaea, and Lamina are now in a separate grouping in the UCP homepage. No details on why or what, so I'll do some more digging and find out if it's something like a new sublabel or something (don't take that as official, I'm just as clueless as the next person).

E'm ~grief~, whose members have been shrouded in mystery for a while, have finally lifted the veil on it's drummer, Maju. He is ex-SIVA & ex-Babylon support drummer Aki. Rita was recently revealed to be ex-CalorZe, so now all of the band's member's histories are known.
[Archived] Release Information, News
① The UNDER CODE OHP was updated today. Anjyu' has formally been moved from the main page to the disbanded section.

② Cover art and tracklistings for the upcoming Dali and ゾディア (Zodia) singles are up. (Have any of you been following KISAKI long enough to recognize the Zodia cover? Adeus, someone?)

③ Tracklistings for upcoming E'm~grief~, Lamina, and Megaromania releases are up.

④ ClearVeil, Megaromania, and Phantasmagoria will be participating in an upcoming omnibus entitled Visualy[zm] The Cure Century. The omnibus will be released on 2008-07-09 for 3,500 yen, and will contain 22 tracks in total. The product number is CYCV-1001; the omnibus is being published by some company called センチュリー (CENTURY). No additional information is available yet.

Dali -
  2008-06-25; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; UCCD-178; Limited 3,000
  01. Endroll
  02. fake a go go

E'm~grief~ -
Eternal melody
  2008-07-02; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; UCCD-180; Limited 3,000
  01. Eternal melody
  02. 独白の空 (Dokuhaku no Sora)
  03. Eternal melody (instrumental)
  04. 独白の空 (Dokuhaku no Sora) (instrumental)

Lamina -
  2008-07-02; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; UCCD-181; Limited 3,000
  01. ジェネシス (GENESIS)
  02. 夢魔-サキュバス- (Muma -SUCCUBUS-)
  2008-07-02; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; UCCD-182; Limited 3,000
  01. 布教和音 (Fukyou Waon)
  02. Radical Gothic

Megaromania -
Birth of an「Idea」 -Art Type-
  2008-07-09; 2,940 yen; Mini album + DVD; UCCD-183A; Limited 3,000
  CD 01. Birth...「prelude」
  CD 02. Reincarnation -輪廻季想- (Reincarnation -Rinne Kisou-)
  CD 03. Cathedral of admirer
  CD 04. Desperate with Vampire
  CD 05. Clear flora
  DVD 01. God of Megaromania -純血ノ刻印- (God of Megaromania -Junketsu no Kokuin-) PV
Birth of an「Idea」 -Brain Type-
  2008-07-09; 2,625 yen; Mini album; UCCD-183B; Limited 3,000
  01. Birth...「prelude」
  02. Reincarnation -輪廻季想- (Reincarnation -Rinne Kisou-)
  03. Cathedral of admirer
  04. Desperate with Vampire
  05. Clear flora
  06. Idea (Bonus track)

ゾディア (Zodia) -
  2008-06-25; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; UCCD-179; Limited 3,000
  02. Fall out

[Archived] New bands + Phantasmagora releases.
Two new bands have been added to the UNDER CODE roster. lamina and E'm~grief~. You can view their pictures/lineups via the OHP.

lamina has 3 releases planned already.


E'm~grief~ has 2 releases planned.

MAXI-SINGLE「Eternal melody」
2008.7.02 Release!!

MAXI-SINGLE「Pains of aspiration」
2008.8.06 Release!!

Interesting note. Apparently KISAKI himself contributed the bass for E'm~grief~'s releases.

Also, Phantasmagoria has more releases planned. Even though they sealed last August.


「Dejavu~Sanctuary of Revival~」

「Past New Phase」-Phantasmagoria Tribute Album DELUX EDITION-

Basically, a new live only CD limited to 1,500 copies with a new song. And a documentery + CD to commemorate the one day revival. Also a second pressing of the tribute album. With 2 covers by chariots.

I'm sorry for my lack of formatting, but I'm far too tired to make this post as beautiful as the lovely usually does.
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