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Devil Kitty's New Single "夢幻回帰"
Devil Kitty's New Single "夢幻回帰"

Devil Kitty are releasing their first single entitled "夢幻回帰" (Mugen Kaiki) on May 18th. The single has two tracks and will only cost 540 yen. The band has described the first track to be melancholic and the latter to be "rampage metal (lit: 暴れメタルナンバー)," so it looks like this little single is going to have some diversity.

In addition to their new costumes, as shown above, the band is also embarking on a fairly extensive free one-man tour. From the bits and pieces I could understand from their article on Visunavi, it seemed like they were disappointed that some fans couldn't afford to see them all the time, so making their shows free is an effort to reach out to others who might not have been able to see them otherwise. I guess Yuuga's getting soft in his old age ;)

Full details about their tour, as well as an interview with the band can be read in native Japanese here.

Posts from 2015

Minor news roundup 12/23
Minor news roundup for 2015-12-23:

  • Lilith guitarist Lin's Instagram: @affectedsynergy.
  • SHOXX Vol.276 features PENTAGON.
  • PENTAGON's fashion brand PENTAGON will hold its collaborative two-part instore event with KERA at their Shinjuku (新宿) brand on 2016-01-16. Their collaborative blue parka (9,720 yen) will be sold. Those who spend 10,000 yen can participate in either part of the event, while those who spend 18,000 yen can participate in both. (Both parts consist of a talk, signing, and cheki shooting session.)
  • Cure Vol.149 features Black Gene For the Next Scene, GIGAMOUS, LIN, PENTAGON, and GOEMON RECORDS president YU-I.
  • ARLEQUIN live report is up at UREpia (ウレぴあ).
  • REVINE vs SHAPE SHIFTER twoman, Shinsaibashi Gekka Raimei (心斎橋月下雷鳴), will be held on 2016-04-06 at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) paradigm, with opening act 無玄-MUKURO-.
  • PENTAGON × Belle (ベル) twoman, AGAINST THE RULES, will be held on 2016-03-03 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.
  • PENTAGON sponsored event, TEAR'S LIBERATION, will be held on 2016-02-24 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.
  • Like an Edison 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR DVD [Type-A] features: AVANCHICK, ARLEQUIN, GIGAMOUS, SHAPE SHIFTER, D, and many others.

    [Type-B] features: Dead Children
    , Devil Kitty, THE BLACK SWAN, PENTAGON, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra, More, and many more.

    Those who spend 1,000 yen at Like an Edison stores can choose either DVD, those who spend 2,000 yen receive both.
  • ARLEQUIN vocalist Aki (暁) will participate in seek's session band during Tokyo Chaos 2015 on 2015-12-31 at Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou Dainitaiikukan (国立代々木競技場 第二体育館).
    seek SESSION (seek セッション)
    【V. Aki (暁) [ARLEQUIN / G. Kazuki (一樹) [BugLug] / G. Kayuu (華遊) [ex-ν] / B. seek [Mix Speaker's,Inc.] / D. 宏崇-hirotaka- [R Shitei (R指定)]】
ROCKSTAR RECORDS omnibus announced
ROCKSTAR RECORDS will release its first omnibus, BLACK MARKET GANG Ⅰ, on 2015-12-23. The CD will feature all new songs from AVANCHICK, Devil Kitty, and other ROCKSTAR RECORDS bands.

The label will hold its celebratory four-city free event tour, ROCKSTAR SUMMIT 2016, on 2016-01-06 through 2016-01-26, during which its special t-shirts will be sold.

I can't wait! I hope that omnibuses become even more popular again ;D
Riku band「C」to perform at ROCKSTAR RECORDS event, "大激突"
「C」 SESSION, the newest band of Riku (ex-LIN, chariots, etc.) will be performing again (and have also uploaded their first promo picture~)! This time they'll be performing with ROCKSTAR RECORDS bands at Shinjuku Blaze on December 14.

Now shortened as 「C」, and with the same lineup, the band will perform as guests at the ROCKSTAR RECORDS presents event, 大激突, alongside ROCKSTAR bands AVANCHICK, Devil Kitty, etc. Other bands include SHAPE SHIFTER, THE GALLO, Synk;yet, NINJAMAN JAPAN, and GELLONIMO.
Devil Kitty new mini-album
With the release of new costumes, generally, the news of a new release is often soon to follow. It has been announced that Devil Kitty are releasing their first mini-album in two types on October 28th. The CD will come in two types, one containing a PV and the other a 5th bonus track, and the mini is entitled "雌豚解体新書 (Mebuta Kaitai Shinsho)." No album art has been disclosed as of yet, but they have released a small PV preview. Type-A will cost 2,500 yen, and Type-B will cost 2,100.

In addition, the Rockstar Records also announced what was apparently an "emergency decision" to hold a free one-man live to commemorate their formation entitled 「全滅の天命」(Zenmetsu no Tenme). This live will be held on October 20th at Ikebukuro EDGE.

(Side note: the title of this mini fascinating to me. "Kaitai Shinsho" is the name of an anatomy book translated from the Dutch book "Tafel Anatomie," but being prefaced with "Mebuta" means it is specifically about a pig--a female one at that. I'm pretty sure there are to be several messages interpreted here.

Also--tracks 3 - 5 were all unreleased Gokiburi songs. I guess they're pulling an UnsraW here and making use of unreleased material from a past band).

Devil Kitty New Look
Adding to the trend of new pictures, Devil Kitty has also revealed their new look on Twitter! Unfortunately, they haven't announced any plans for releasing a CD, but they do have one of their live performances posted to Youtube (which seems to be mostly them covering GOKIBURI songs).

Here is the new group shot, followed by individual headshots:

New (???) Band - Devil Kitty
Related to the previous post, signed to Rockstar is a """new""" band Devil Kitty, fronted by the very sarcastic, and somewhat eccentric, Yuuga. As some of you may remember, back in the early 2000's (prior to the closing of Eternal) there was another band named DEViL KiTTY that Yuuga was in. While this band shares the same name, they are supposed to be considered two separate entities. Yuuga's also nabbed Majyu as the drummer for this band, so I'm interested to see how active Shape Shifter is with a part-time drummer.

The band started out as a session known as 悪魔鬼茶(akuma kicha), which only makes this situation more confusing as that was one of DEViL KiTTY's (the old one!) first releases.

Devil Kitty are:
V. Yuuga (優雅) [Chateau La Tour, Kar'MariA, DEViL KiTTY, GOKIBURI, etc]
G. kazuto (一斗) [Xaltea, GOKIBURI]
B. ruchi [xTripx, DOLLARS]
D. Majyu [Ex-Babylon, SIVA (Support), E'm~Grief~, Jikuu Kaizoku SEVEN SEAS (時空海賊SEVEN SEAS), Shape Shifter etc]

You can find their ohp here:
As of 2015-07-07, a brand new label has opened: ROCK★STAR RECORDS. One of the first artists to join is AVANCHICK, along with newly-revived Devil Kitty, BETTY (ベティ), THE EGOIST, MEARY (メアリー), Dear, and VISUAL Kei Enkakashu TAKASHI (ヴィジュアル系演歌歌手 TAKASHI). Check out the label's OHP for more information!


Devil Kitty

V. Yuuga / G. Kazuto / G. Akina / B. ruchi / D. Majyu

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