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[Archived] News ⇔ New Band
UNDER CODE has been going through a flurry of band additions lately! It seems that KISAKI is ready to produce another band, in the same way he produced Karma Shenjing. Here's the info!

● New Band: Session-turned-serious band Deflina Ma'riage is now being produced by UNDER CODE (an odd move considering the Key Party is still around somewhat). For those of you who don't know, Deflina Ma'riage consists of ex-members of Aliene Ma'riage, DEFLOWER, and Missalina Rei. Personally, I'm really excited about them! Check the release schedule for details on their first release.

ArtistDateReleaseAdditional Information
Deflina Ma'riage:
2006/08/09 Kuroki Hana, Shiroki Yoku to Kyoujin no Hanayome

Tracklisting Unknown
Limited 1,000 pressings. 2,100 yen. Three new tracks. C/W: special CD with one old track.

(PS: That romanization is probably horribly incorrect ;D)
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