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Posts from 2016

ex-Dead Children Cain joins Kebyo
Days after Dead Children dissolved, guitarist Cain has already joined a new band.

As of today (2016-07-04), Cain has changed his name to Hinagiku Hina (雛菊 雛) and officially joined Kebyo (仮病) as lead guitarist. (Former lead guitarist Hanada Ichiyou (半田 ヰ夂葉) has moved to secondary guitar.)

You might recall that Cain has actually performed with Kebyo before: Keybo with Cain (仮病 with Cain) appeared as the opening act at Dead Children's 2016-03-18 oneman at Ikebukuro (池袋) RUIDO K3, and at Kebyo's first sponsored event, Kebyou 1 (仮病1), on 2016-06-26 at Ikebukuro (池袋) RUIDO K3. So, I'm sure this move has been planned for a long time (and that the other members of Dead Children were in the loop).

Since Kebyo (仮病) isn't related to UCP/KISAKI in any other way, I won't follow them, but I wish Hina/Cain lots of success!
Minor news 4/21
So busy lately ( ;∀;) So, sorry for the lack of updates. Here are some minor ones from recent weeks:

king zeebra is supporting a new project: NEXT.R. NEXT.R is a time-limited project comprised of Riddle=Dect members fumi and Rem. Their first live is on 2016-05-27 at HOLIDAY OSAKA.

[Riddle=Dect paused activities on 2016-04-14 after guitarist MERO (メロ) seceded to pursue his education. Their CD keep one's word was distributed at the event.]

Since they're not UCP related, I won't really cover them, but I thought I'd mention it!


king zeebra will sponsor an event, NEO GENESIS VOL.2, on 2016-05-27 at HOLIDAY OSAKA. (VOL.1 was held on 2016-03-25, at the same place.)

They'll also hold Tougen no Sato -Ni- (桃源乃郷 -弐-), on 2016-06-24 at HOLIDAY OSAKA. Tougen no Sato -Ichi- (桃源乃郷 -壱-) was previously held there, on 2016-04-14.


A birthday event for Mischievous vocalist Saki (砂希), murder in rabbitcage Vol.1, will be held on 2016-05-03 at LIVE HOUSE D'.


Dead Children bassist Ray released the second volume of his VISUNAVI column, Dechil FC (でっちるFC), on 2016-04-14. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to VISUNAVI's paid mobile service to access it ^^;


THE BLACK SWAN will be on FOOL'S MATE channel on 2016-04-26. ➡ check it


The cover of chariots' single Senkou is up. By the way, it was recorded at CPR INC., which is a studio owned by COMPILE RECORD.
Dead Children are Disbanding
At their one-man live "処す。(shosu)," Dead Children announced that they will be holding their last live "DEAD CHILDREN PARTY The final curse…" on June 29th at RUDIO K3, which will also mark the end of their activities. No further details of releases or reasoning for their decision have been shared thus far.

Posts from 2015

Dead Children live clip
Dead Children have shared a live clip of the song Black Lily:

If I recall correctly, they've been in the studio working on new material.
SUI and MIZALY special oneman live
SUI and MIZALY of LIN will hold their special request live and “tribute oneman”, Proof of raison d'etre, on 2016-02-14 at Ikebukuro (池袋) CYBER. Their tribute session band “10TH REINCARNATION” will perform, along with opening acts Dead Children, RAINDIA (レインディア), and Paranoid≠circuS.

G. KAZ [ex-chariots support ~ etc.]
D. Mikage (美景) [ex-chariots support ~ etc.]

The costumes and 10-song setlist of 10TH REINCARNATION will be decided by fans' requests, which are accepted from 2015-11-30 through 2015-12-30 at (and are accepted even from people who can't attend the live). Each person may send 3 emails within that period―each must have the title “2月14日投票”, and the following contents: 3 requested songs + memories/reason for choosing those songs; requested costume + memories/reason for choosing that costume; full name; and email address.

Any Metis Gretel, Megaromania, or LIN song is eligible for request, and any costumes from the following list are eligible:
  1. Megaromania
    God of Megaromania -Junketsu NO Kokuin- / Bishuu no Kajitsu / Angelical Jewelry
  2. Transparent Shine
  4. evil / holy / deus
  5. Oblivious
  6. AURORA-destinies of world-
  7. Oath-cross of eternity-
  8. Quintessence Voyage
  9. Artistical Glint
  10. Propaganda
  11. Heaven's Novel
  12. Megaromania
  13. LIN
    Sacred Xanadu
  14. Recollection of Phoenix
  15. Memento-Mori
  16. Dedicate to Graveyard

Minor news roundup 9/2
Here's the latest roundup of minor news:

  • PENTAGON will appear in the following media outlets:
    • Radio program REDNIQS on 2015-08-31
    • Fashion magazine smart October edition
    • Free paper VR Virtual Reality vol.038
  • AVANCHICK will appear in Free paper EvoL'v vol.6.
  • VARYL members appeared in a session band on 2015-08-25:
    Shikito SESSION (織人セッション)
    【V. Siyu [ex-GLIEVE] / G. Tomo (友) [ex-A→Z] / G. Hinano。 (ひなの。) [VARYL support] / B. Yuto (侑斗) [LeviuS] / D. Shikito (織人) [VARYL]】
  • FAZ (the reincarnation of Matina band Facizm [aka Philia]) recently gained two new members: G. mitsuru / D. TAKAHIRO. The remaining members also changed their names:
    V. toshia → ToshiA / G. SHINYA (シンヤ) → SHINYA / B. kappy → KATSUHISA
  • At Lucifer's underground's 2015-09-01 event, Shisakupj≠617■2 (試作pj≠617■2) was replaced by RARARAIBU (ララライブ).
  • On 2015-11-18, AVANCHICK and Dead Children members will participate in a session band:
    liki BIRTHDAY SESSION (莉希-liki-BIRTHDAYセッション)
    【V. 莉希-liki- [Synk;yet] / G. Sin (秦) [Minerva] / G. Noah [AVANCHICK] / B. Ray [Dead Children] / D. SAKU [VAASTU]】
  • PENTAGON have released new rubber wristbands designed by minpha (眠花).
  • As of 2015-09-01, AVANCHICK fans are officially called “Moumoku Shoujo (盲目少女)” (blind girls).
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi put up more items for mail-order.
  • On 2015-09-03, Dead Children and Vasalla members will participate in a session band:
    the gravity
    【V. MINAMI (ミナミ) [Dead Children] / G. Shun (舜) [Vasalla] / G. Cain [Dead Children] / B. Akito [buccal cone] / D. Zukki [ex-OZ]】
  • MIZALY [LIN], Rame and SAN [Black Gene For the Next Scene], and Shohei (祥平) [ARLEQUIN] will appear on internet talk show YaME TALK (矢メトーク) on 2015-10-06. See the KSP channel for more info.
Minor news roundup 8/21
The latest minor news:

  • The songs from LIN's Memento-Mori are available for karaoke through LIVE DAM. See KISAKI's post for more info.
  • Visual shop fiveStars is holding its three-day event, fiveStars no Natsumatsuri -2015- (ファイブスターの夏祭り-2015-), on 2015-08-21, 22, and 28. Attendees who purchase any CD from the shop's booth, which will be set up at each live, will receive a special signed fan featuring the participating artists. Those artists include Black Gene For the Next Scene and PENTAGON.
  • ARLEQUIN will participate in a twoman versus DIAURA, DARK AGES -The third Rebellion-, on 2015-11-29 at Yokohama (横浜) BAYSIS.
  • PENTAGON sold a few additional quantities of their original parkas, but they've since sold out again.
  • Those who purchase all 5 types of PENTAGON's upcoming single are eligible to receive a privilege “TETSUKIZU letter”. To apply, one must mail in all 5 application coupons before 2015-09-10. More details here.
  • Dead Children has uploaded samples of their mini-album, Haunted Vox, which is out now.

Dead Children unveils 'Black Lily' PV + new member
Dead Children has revealed their newest PV! Black Lily will be featured on their first mini-album, Haunted Vox.

(it also seems that they have a new look that's yet to be revealed! Cain is giving me Misery vibes right now~)
Support drummer 64 (rosshii) has also officially joined the band, now known as 栄翔 (eight).

AVANCHICK new look
AVANCHICK have revealed their new look, and should be announcing a new release soon. In the mean time, three small bits of news:

  • The name of their previously-announced coupling tour with Synk;yet is Kodoku to Tsumi (孤独と罪). The tour will kick off on 2015-12-01 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE.
  • Vocalist NOAH will appear as guitarist in a session band on 2015-11-18 (along with Dead Children bassist Ray):
  • Those who earn a certain amount of points (3,000 yen per point) on the AVANCHICK pointcard will receive a privilege DVD (contents unknown). Other privileges include photos with the band, cheki, etc.
Dead Children new support drummer
Dead Children's previous support drummer, Yuuho (ゆうほ), had his last live with the band on 2015-06-29. Today, the band has announced their next support drummer: 64 (pronounced Rosshii). You can see his Twitter here, although he doesn't have any pictures up.
Dead Children first mini-album announced
Dead Children has announced their first mini-album, Haunted Vox! The six-track CD will be released on 2015-08-19 for 2,160 yen.
ARLEQUIN, Dead Children, and PENTAGON involved in twoman lives
ARLEQUIN will hold a twoman with DIAURA, and Dead Children will hold a co-sponsored event with Synk;yet:

PENTAGON will hold a twoman tour with LEZARD, LezaPEN (りざペン), beginning on 2015-09-06:
  • 2015-09-06 Takadanobaba AREA
  • 2015-09-09 Kanazawa AZ
  • 2015-09-10 Niigata CLUB RIVERST
  • 2015-09-11 Sendai HooK
  • 2015-09-15 Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
  • 2015-09-16 Hiroshima Namiki JUNCTION
  • 2015-09-21 Nagoya ell.FITSALL
  • 2015-09-22 Osaka MUSE
  • 2015-09-24 Okayama IMAGE
  • 2015-09-25 Kobe Taiyou to Tora
Minor news roundup 5/9
Here's some recent minor news:

  • ARLEQUIN is releasing new wristbands designed by Aki.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi will hold a sponsored event on 2015-06-19:
  • ARLEQUIN will appear in the July edition of Men's SPIDER, to be released on 2015-05-25.
  • ViSULOG has posted an article with loads of pictures from PENTAGON's 2015-04-25 Harajuku jack event: check it out!
  • Several artists will feature comments and photos in a pamphlet by TOWER RECORDS, VISUAL LIFE Vol.1: ARLEQUIN, GIGAMOUS, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, Dead Children, Black Gene For the Next Scene, THE BLACK SWAN, PENTAGON, REALies, Lucifer's underground, and Oneness.
  • Shop fiveStars recently sponsored a tour called Realistic ideal 2015. Starting on 2015-05-12, the shop is running a campaign: those who spend 1,500 yen will receive a pamphlet containing comments and photos from the tour. Among others, PENTAGON and Oneness will be featured.
  • Oneness posted a privilege list for their upcoming final single, GO!!.
  • LIN, ARLEQUIN, and PENTAGON will appear in VR Virtual Reality vol.034.
  • REALies' 2015-06-20 and 2015-06-21 sponsored events are sold out!
  • REALies has new goods featuring the slogan “I DID IT MY WAY”. They were designed by Ritsu and look pretty cool!!
Dead Children's talk show on YouTube, DEAD or ALIVE SHOW, has posted the second volume, featuring guitarist Cain:

Dead Children on YouTube

Dead Children has also posted the first volume of their YouTube talk show, DEAD or ALIVE SHOW, this time featuring vocalist MINAMI (ミナミ):

New band: Dead Children officially revealed!
Ray's new band, Dead Children, has been officially revealed! Their first single, CLOSET, will be released at lives only on 2015-03-27 through Ray's label, Licht Entertainment. The band has also announced its 4-month consecutive sponsored events, DEAD CHILDREN PARTY. Details of that are below, but in the mean time, check out this awesome PV and song preview!

Dead Children are:
V. MINAMI (ミナミ) [ex-ROGUE] @dchildrenminami Ameblo
G. Cain @dchildren_cain Ameblo
G. MAST [ex-Aliene Maφriage, VABeL, etc.] @dchildren_mast Ameblo
B. Ray [ex-Aliene Maφriage, NEGA, etc.] @dchildren_ray Ameblo

Dead Children has also mentioned that their first tour will commence on 2015-03-31, with a tour final on 2015-05-03 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE. More details on that to come...

artist page
Dead Children official website official Facebook
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