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Posts from 2016

Lilith guitarist's company: Lin Ming Production
On April 11th, Lilith guitarist Lin officially announced his company Lin Ming Production (麟鸣创音文化传播有限公司).

It seems that the company was actually founded in July 2015, as a parent to his record label Grows Independent Music―but Lin hadn't mentioned it until now.

Grows Independent Music will continue to manage its artists―Affective Synergy, Lilith, and Addiction―while Lin Ming Production will focus on exposing other acts to China. Up first: they're behind the first NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST live in China on 2016-05-01!

It's so great to see Lin become successful. I've followed him since brodiaea, and have always admired his spirit♪

➡ Lin Ming Production OHP


Meanwhile, Lilith has announced the second part of their collaboration with DEAL DESIGN. Please check here for images, and here for images from the first collaboration.
Affective Synergy to perform next month
Affective Synergy, the solo project of ex-brodiaea~Lilith guitarist Lin (凛), will perform on 2016-02-25 at ALVION's disbandment event.

The lineup for their performance is:
V. +Yuu (+悠) [ex-ZODIA~Ultimate Sonic]
G. Lin (凛) [ex-brodiaea~Lilith]
G. Yuki (雪) [ex-Leviathan, etc.]
B. Mahiro (真央) [ex-brodiaea~ROMANCING Saga]
D. takumi (拓未) [FANG]

Affective Synergy had been inactive for a few years, while Lin was busy with Lilith.

By the way, Lilith's first full album, 円夢中華-Genuine to the Core-, which is set for an April release, will have 14 tracks. They include [SILK] Rouge, Arcadia, Mr.Frxxk, Crimson Psyche, and Stellar Secret-星之迷- (the old songs will be remastered or rerecorded). The band has also recorded a PV for the release.

Posts from 2013

Lilith EP samples and iTunes release
Lilith has uploaded samples from their second EP, Fenice, which was released on December 18. Check them out here. Furthermore, they have announced that the EP will be available via iTunes on 2014-01-23. Fenice is currently available at ZEALLINK.
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION memorial omnibus

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that, in collaboration with SHOXX, it will release its 10th anniversary memorial last omnibus, High Style Paradox 2003~2013. The mail-order-limited omnibus will be released in March, and will feature all significant bands (32 in total) signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION throughout its 10 years of activity.

Those who purchase the omnibus before February 28th will receive a special 24 month calendar.

Because the omnibus is mail-order-limited through SHOXX, it will not be available to overseas customers via usual means. However, I organize a group order as soon as I find a viable shopping service—expect a separate with details.

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Posts from 2012

New release from Affective Synergy

ex-brodiaea/Synside guitarist Lin has announced the release of his first mini-album through his solo project Affective Synergy!

The mini-album, which is being released through Grows Independent Music, will feature five new songs and a bonus retake/remaster of an old song, plus a DVD disc featuring two PVs and a making of featurette. The release is set for this November, but further details (such as stores which it will be available at) are TBA.

Affective Synergy
Infinite Spiral
2012-11-07 3,360 yen mini-album CD + DVD

  1. Veritas
  2. 蒼焔-Souen- Souen-Souen-
  3. Decay
  4. As a Fact
  5. In the Dawn
  6. Another Sky (Bonus track, retake)

  1. Another Sky (PV)
  2. Veritas (PV)
  3. Making of Music Clips

Affective Synergy PV!
Affective Synergy is the solo project of ex-brodaiea/Synside guitarist Lin. He is the composer, guitarist, and vocalist for all songs, and released his first solo CD, Eternity Colors, last year. He recently filmed a PV for the title track and has decided to release it for free!! Check it out below. (And keep an eye out for fellow ex-Synside member kikyo!)

What did you think? If you liked the song, consider buying his CD―it's still available at Brand X!

Posts from 2009

[Archived] Huge News
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's new band has been revealed: Synside! (You may remember them as the unknown band appearing at UNDER CODE's new year event.) Lots of news regarding them, so hang in there. Just think of it as a Thanksgiving treat!


① Synside's concept is “INNER TRUTH,” and the band officially forms on 2009-12-01. The lineup is as follows:
  • Vocals: Rayka
  • Guitar: Lin
  • Guitar: kikyo
  • Bass: 明イ (Akino)
  • Drums: Yori

② Here's the part that some of you will love and some of you will hate: Rayka is ex-brodiaea vocalist 戀 (Ren), and Lin is ex-brodiaea guitarist 凛 (Rin)! I'm personally glad that they're back, but it's too bad that brodiaea is officially over. kikyo is ex-GRIEVER (I guess we know why he left that band now), but I'm not sure who Akino and Yori are.

③ Synside's first live will be at the UNDER CODE new year event on the 31st. After that, the band already has two sponsored events planned. The first, デュナミス -潜在- (DUNAMIS -Senzai-), will take place on 2010-01-31. The second, エネルゲイア -開示- (ENERGEIA -Kaijo-), will take place on 2010-02-27. Both will take place at 心斎橋FANJ-twice (Shinsaibashi FANJ-twice).

④ Those who attend Synside's sponsored events will receive presents (a different one for each live). The presents are most likely photocards of some sort.

⑤ Synside already has a release planned. On 2010-01-20, THE CORE -subconsciousness-, a “formation commemoration maxi-single,” will be released. The CD will contain three tracks for 1,575 yen. (Expect the first track to be an instrumental, though.)

⑥ The band's OHP can be found at, and their MySpace can be found here.

⑦ The MySpace page actually has cover art for the band's maxi-single. You can see it here.

⑧ A sample of one song from THE CORE -subconsciousness- is already up at the UNDER CODE OHP. It basically sounds like a new version of a brodiaea song. According to Synside's MySpace, the band's sound in general is “visual/metal/new wave/screamo.”

Synside -
THE CORE -subconsciousness-
  2010-01-20; 1,575 yen; Maxi-single CD; Limited pressings

[Archived] brodiaea
戀 (Ren) and 凛 (Rin) of brodiaea had a meeting with KISAKI on the 8th. Hopefully that means that the end of brodiaea's activity pause will be announced soon!

[Archived] brodiaea Lyric Archive
Courtesy of Ren's entry in brodiaea's official blog, their homepage now hosts an almost complete lyrics archive! It's missing the INFERNO single, but it has everything from over the screen to Recall. It also shows who wrote the songs/lyrics for each.

I realize some people who worship JASRAC might try to call foul in terms of legality, but the lyrics are hosted by the band. It's 100% legal.

Use the "→" to navigate to the next page.

brodiaea Lyrics

[Archived] Woah
① I love it when UNDER CODE surprises us with a tracklisting in advance! The tracklistings for brodiaea's best album and ネガ's (NEGA) albums have been posted. (Oh, p.s., ネガ's (NEGA) picture has been updated too.)

brodiaea -
trace of abyss
  2009-07-29; 2,940 yen; 3rd anniversary selection best album CD; Limited 3,000; UCCD-238
  01. recall
  02. Carcass
  03. 偽 -fake- (Nise -fake-)
  04. 夜陰の月詠 (Yain no Tsukuyomi)
  05. 煉獄 (Rengoku)
  06. インフェルノ (INFERNO)
  07. Lily
  08. iniquity

ネガ (NEGA) -
  2009-07-22; 3,990 yen; Full album CD + PV DVD; Limited 5,000; UCCD-237A
  CD 01. Hold a funeral
  CD 02. the Grave
  CD 03. Soul cry
  CD 04. muddy cult
  CD 05. 貘-此ノ悪夢喰ライ賜へ- (Baku -Kono Akumu Kurai Tamamonoe-)
  CD 06. Nameless alice
  CD 08. guilt trip
  CD 09. 17歳の孤独 (17 Sai no Kodou)
  CD 10. lust[er]
  CD 11. reminiscence
  CD 12. In the shadow of the rain cloud
  DVD 01. idle PV
  2009-07-22; 3,150 yen; Full album CD; Limited 5,000; UCCD-237B
  01. Hold a funeral
  02. the Grave
  03. Soul cry
  04. muddy cult
  05. 貘-此ノ悪夢喰ライ賜へ- (Baku -Kono Akumu Kurai Tamamonoe-)
  06. Nameless alice
  08. guilt trip
  09. 17歳の孤独 (17 Sai no Kodou)
  10. lust[er]
  11. reminiscence
  12. In the shadow of the rain cloud
  13. 空白 (Kuuhaku) (Bonus track)

[Archived] brodiaea
① brodiaea unveiled new costumes at their 覚醒する鼓動 (Kakuseisuru Kodou) event yesterday. Unfortunately, they also announced that they will indeed be pausing activities. Fortunately, they use the term "activity pause" instead of "disbandment," and they say that it's a positive decision, so we'll hopefully see them come back after a few months.

② Of course, with any disbandment or activity pause, brodiaea will be releasing a "3rd anniversary selection album," A.K.A a best-of. The album is entitled trace of abyss, and will be released on 2009-07-29. More details will be announced soon (assuming the UCP staff actually gets around to updating the OHP).

[Archived] Bandwagon
① Wow, it seems like all of the UNDER CODE bands are updating at once. brodiaea is the latest band to get new costumes for a new photoshoot. A cell-phone picture of the band's new shoot can be seen here. Still no official announcement on the band's fate...

② In case I didn't mention this already, ネガ (NEGA) are filming a new PV (like many other UCP bands at the moment).

So many photoshoots and PV shootings~

[Archived] OHP Updates
① The UNDER CODE OHP has been updated with chariots' new look and new flyer. View the new look here and the flyer here.

② Those who buy chariots' upcoming mini-album from the UNDER CODE NET SHOP will receive a special DVD. The DVD features a message plus live footage of 罪団法人黒十字2009 (Tsumidan Houjin Kurojuuji 2009), the 2009 session band comprised of chariots and Dali members.

③ 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin) has a new look and flyer as well. View the new look here and the flyer here.

④ A new release has been announced for 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin) as well. The "1st ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL SINGLE," 縷々-るる- (Ruru -Ruru-), will be released in two types on 2009-07-29. Like chariots' mini-album, the single will come with a special live DVD when purchased from the UNDER CODE NET SHOP.

⑤ brodiaea's drummer 空 (Sora) has been removed from the OHP. There has still been no official announcement made, but it appears that he is definitely no longer a member.

⑥ A sample of brodiaea's upcoming distribution song, recall, has been put up at the OHP. You can hear it here.

chariots -
  2009-07-15; 0 yen; Special privilege DVD
  01. Band Message
  02. 罪団法人黒十字2009 (Tsumidan Houjin Kurojuuji 2009): Live photography
  from DC31102235 on 2009-04-07 at HOLIDAY OSAKA

平成維新 (Heisei Ishin) -
縷々-るる- (Ruru -Ruru-) -A Type-
  2009-07-29; 1,365 yen; 1st anniversary special single CD; Limited 3,000
  01. 縷々-るる- (Ruru -Ruru-)
  02. Tetra
縷々-るる- (Ruru -Ruru-) -B Type-
  2009-07-29; 1,365 yen; 1st anniversary special single CD; Limited 3,000
  01. 縷々-るる- (Ruru -Ruru-)
  02. 抜け出せない領域,モノグラフ。 (Nukedasenai Ryouiki, MONOGRAPH。)
  2009-07-29; 0 yen; Special privilege DVD
  01. Band Message
  02. Live photography
  from 平成 people's liberation army on 2009-04-17 at 心斎橋FANJ-twice

[Archived] OHP Updates
① E'm ~grief~'s sample at the UNDER CODE OHP has been updated. As in the past, it's actually several samples combined: Infinity Daze, Heretical Glare, and 幻想曲 -Eternal Silence- (Gensoukyoku -Eternal Silence-), all from their new mini-album. Listen to them here.

② chariots sample has also been updated. The new sample is of the song steal, the bonus track from their upcoming maxi single. Hear it here. It also seems that they'll be sponsoring two more events in their carnage opera series: VOL:12 on 2009-05-16 and VOL:13 on 2009-05-17, both at OSAKA MUSE.

③ brodiaea will be sponsoring yet another event! The new event, 覚醒する鼓動 (Kakuseisuru Kodou), will take place on 2009-05-09 at HOLIDAY OSAKA. Those who go to their previous three events and present ticket stubs will receive a CD, recall, as a present. That will be their third distribution release in recent memory; it seems they really love to give out stuff for free...

④ Lamina will be sponsoring their first(?!) event on 2009-05-22. It's title is (Shikkokue no Shoutaijou ~Kuuhaku no Ni Peeji~), and it is to be held at HOLIDAY NAGOYA. As of now, it seems to be their only live planned after 2009-03-27, so let's hope that it's not a bad sign.

brodiaea -
  2009-05-09; 0 yen; Present CD
  01. recall

Posts from 2008

[Archived] Brodiaea New Member
I just happened to read Kisaki's blog today and saw they've decided to add a new member to Brodiaea. There wasn't really much info on it, but it seems like he won't join until later this winter, around the new year [unless I read that wrong which is possible].

However, there is a very nice little picture of the band and Kisaki with the back of their new member's head. *laughs* Just to tease of course ^^ 

[Click here to go to Kisaki's post]

[Archived] Release Info
① The UNDER CODE OHP was just updated with tons of cover art and tracklistings for upcoming releases. It's rare, but it's really nice when UCP updates with that stuff ahead of time (even a few of the updates made today are for releases that are already out). New cover art for Arc, brodiaea, E'm ~grief~, 平成維新 (Heisei Ishin), Lamina, SIVA, and ゾディア (Zodia) can be seen at the new release page, tracklistings and other info are below.

Arc -
想乃心 -A Type- (Sono Kokoro -A Type-)
  2008-08-06; 2,100 yen; Maxi single + DVD; Limited; UCCD-188A
  CD 00. ~SE~
  CD 01. 想乃心 (Sono Kokoro)
  CD 02. ~籠~ (~Kago~)
  DVD 01. Difference LIVE CLIP
  DVD 02. fancifury the age LIVE CLIP
想乃心 -B Type- (Sono Kokoro -B Type-)
  2008-08-06; 1,680 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-188B
  00. ~SE~
  01. 想乃心 (Sono Kokoro)
  02. ~籠~ (~Kago~)
  03. ラジカセ -Repetition- (RAJIKASE -Repetition-) (Bonus Track)
justice -A Type-
  2008-09-10; 2,940 yen; Mini album + DVD; Limited; UCCD-200A
  CD 01. G.A.P.賢者より (G.A.P. Kenja Yori)
  CD 02. 惜別 (Sekibetsu)
  CD 03. Rular
  CD 04. 空。いつか (Sora。 Itsuka)
  CD 05. 発信履歴 (Hasshin Rireki)
  DVD 01. Calculation女神 (Calculation Megami) PV
justice -B Type-
  2008-09-10; 2,625 yen; Mini album; Limited; UCCD-200B
  01. G.A.P.賢者より (G.A.P. Kenja Yori)
  02. 惜別 (Sekibetsu)
  03. Rular
  04. 空。いつか (Sora。 Itsuka)
  05. 発信履歴 (Hasshin Rireki)
  06. the (Bonus Track)

brodiaea -
  2008-07-16; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-185
  01. Lily
  02. 觸罪の徒 (Shokuzai no Ada)
僞 -fake- (Nise -fake-
  2008-07-16; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-186
  01. 僞 -fake- (Nise -fake-)
  02. ノスタルジア (NOSTALGIA)
  2008-08-20; 2,100 yen; Mini album; Limited; UCCD-194
  01. Invitation to the darkness
  02. Carcass
  03. 夜陰の月詠 (Yain no Tsukuyomi)
  04. 失楽園 (Shitsurakuen)
  05. SHINE

chariots -
トリガー -A Type- (TRIGGER -A Type-)
  2008-11-19; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. トリガー (TRIGGER)
  02. Nefarious Punisher
トリガー -B Type- (TRIGGER -B Type-)
  2008-11-19; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. トリガー (TRIGGER)
  02. ・・・Over and done with
錆び付いた銃弾 (Sabitsuita Juudan)
  2008-12-10; Mini album; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  04. Unannounced new track
  05. Unannounced new track
凍てついた銃口 (Koote Tsuita Juukou)
  2008-12-10; Mini album; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  04. Unannounced new track
  05. Unannounced new track

Dali -
a rope is there.and hope is there. -A Type-
  2008-10-22; 3,675 yen; Full album + DVD; Limited 5,000 pressings
  CD 01. Unannounced new track
  CD 02. Unannounced new track
  CD 03. Unannounced new track
  CD 04. Unannounced new track
  CD 05. Unannounced new track
  CD 06. Unannounced new track
  CD 07. Unannounced new track
  CD 08. Unannounced new track
  CD 09. Unannounced new track
  CD 10. Unannounced new track
  DVD 01. イタミワケ (ITAMI WAKE) PV
a rope is there.and hope is there. -B Type-
  2008-10-22; 3,150 yen; Full album; Limited 5,000 pressings
  01. Unannounced new track
  02. Unannounced new track
  03. Unannounced new track
  04. Unannounced new track
  05. Unannounced new track
  06. Unannounced new track
  07. Unannounced new track
  08. Unannounced new track
  09. Unannounced new track
  10. Unannounced new track
  11. dope (Bonus Track)

E'm ~grief~ -
Pains of aspiration
  2008-08-06; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-189
  01. Pains of aspiration
  02. Seelenheil
  03. Pains of aspiration (Instrumental)
  04. Seelenheil (Instrumental)

平成維新 (Heisei Ishin) -
  2008-09-03; 1,575 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-198
  01. electr:c people
  03. スイミー (SWIMMY)
  2008-09-03; 1,575 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-199
  01. eternity
  02. Insanity
  03. スイミー (SWIMMY)

Lamina -
  2008-08-13; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-190
  01. Heaven's Spell
  02. Hatred
  2008-08-13; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited 3,000 pressings; UCCD-191
  01. Iris
  02. -Anael-

  2008-08-20; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-195
  01. public opinion
  02. a conseption
  2008-08-20; 1,365 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-196
  01. Liberalism
  02. mind luster

ゾディア (Zodia) -
慟哭 (Doukoku)
  2008-07-30; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-187
  01. 慟哭 (Doukoku)
  02. Scary Call
果て無き絶望,朽ち果てる太陽 (Hatenaki Zetsubou, Kuchihateru Taiyou)
  2008-08-27; 1,260 yen; Maxi single; Limited; UCCD-197
  01. 果て無き絶望,朽ち果てる太陽 (Hatenaki Zetsubou, Kuchihateru Taiyou)
  02. ESCAPE

② Notes! That post was super long. ClearVeil's releases have disappeared from the new release page, but I'm sure it was an error; hopefully tracklistings for those will be up soon. The new covers of the (Heisei Ishin) and (Zodia) releases are awesome. Arc's releases are always announced with some sort of typo, always; Rular will most likely be changed to Ruler by the release date. Luckily, SIVA already fixed their typo; it's now Liberalism instead of the earlier libelalism. It's weird that some two track singles cost 1,365 yen and some only 1,260. It's awesome that Dali is releasing their first full album (and chariots may as well be!). The tracklisting to those releases isn't available yet, obviously, but I'm listing the releases because they haven't been mentioned in this community yet.

[Archived] Various Homepage Updates
Just a bunch of small updates I felt were note-worthy. 

Heisei Ishin has updated their page with a newer look (following the Bass-Guitar-Vocal-Guitar-Drum format), and now has a sample up! (Thanks Goukan!)

② For reasons unknown, Zodia, brodiaea, and Lamina are now in a separate grouping in the UCP homepage. No details on why or what, so I'll do some more digging and find out if it's something like a new sublabel or something (don't take that as official, I'm just as clueless as the next person).

E'm ~grief~, whose members have been shrouded in mystery for a while, have finally lifted the veil on it's drummer, Maju. He is ex-SIVA & ex-Babylon support drummer Aki. Rita was recently revealed to be ex-CalorZe, so now all of the band's member's histories are known.
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