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Posts from 2007

[Archived] †News†
① KISAKI announced in his blog a few days ago that both a Syndrome and MIRAGE remastered best album would be released this year. It's great news for fans of either of those bands and for new KISAKI fans. (Quick summary: Syndrome was a VK super group of sorts--it included three members from D, a guitarist from Merry (メリー), and the drummer from Shelly Trip Realize. Their music was kind of classic VK with techno elements--something like HISKAREA. MIRAGE was one of KISAKI's earliest successes--they even released a major album, although I don't think they actually achieved major status--but its members went on to do a whole lot of nothing.) Also sad, because the releases imply that KISAKI really will be retiring forever. See the cut for more information.

② Sometime in March, Bloodly-clown (Phantasmagoria and the Pumpkin Head coupling band) distributed a CD at certain lives. Due to popular demand [of UNDER CODE's wallet], the CD will be released in stores. Sweeeeet. Check behind the cut.

Bloodly-clown -
  2007-05-30; 1,050 yen; UCPM-4
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

BEST COLLECTION 1997~2000 -Disc.1 1997~1998-
  2007-07-04; 3,465 yen (both discs sold together); FWR-056/FWR-057
  01. Hyakkaryouran (百花繚乱)
  02. Mystery
  03. Cradle of Labyrinth
  04. NADIR・・・
  05. Sexy
  07. Ryuusei (流星)
  08. Wind Whisper
  09. Dress
  10. Silhouette
  12. CROSS
  13. Science
  14. Rain
BEST COLLECTION 1997~2000 -Disc.2 1998~2000-
  2007-07-04; 3,465 yen (both discs sold together); FWR-056/FWR-057
  01. ・・・Air
  02. Risk en Eve
  04. GRAVE ~Fue no Nemuri~ (GRAVE ~古エノ眠リ~)
  05. DRAIN
  06. DeathtopiA
  08. ESCAPE
  09. Feeling Mellody
  10. Remembrance

Syndrome -
BEST COLLECTION 2000~2002 -Disc.1 2000~2001-
  2007-07-04; 3,465 yen (both discs sold together); FWR-058/FWR-059
  01. do・mes・tic
  02. SEXUAL
  03. Usagi to Hitsuji (兎と羊)
  04. Namida no Kagen・・・ (涙ノ下弦・・・)
  06. Tensei (転生)
  07. Sosei Gengaku Shugisha no Jishou (蘇生衒学主義者の自称)
  08. Nostalgia
  09. Tou ~Last Child (蟷 ~Last Child)
  10. [slaever]
  11. Realize
  12. affected you
  13. Search for・・・
  14. deep sky
BEST COLLECTION 2000~2002 -Disc.2 2001~2002-
  2007-07-04; 3,465 yen (both discs sold together); FWR-058/FWR-059
  01. Yumeutsutsu (夢現)
  02. Bara Hime (薔薇姫)
  03. Sayoshigure (小夜時雨)
  04. Kedamonoou (獣王)
  05. Maboroshi no Ichiya (幻の一夜)
  06. CIRQUE -Art a part entier-
  07. Shi Machigai (死街譚)
  08. ALBINO (アルビノ)
  09. Suichuuka (水中花)
  10. I Never Lose -Gokusaishiki no Akumu- (I Never Lose -極彩色の悪夢-)
  11. Desparate night
  12. SAD MASK
  13. Eiketsu -Wakare- (永訣 -わかれ-)

I'm pretty sure there are lots of mistakes, especially with the Syndrome, but corrections are always welcomed.

EDIT: The Bloodly-clown CD may actually be another coupling with Houkago Kurabu (放課後倶楽部)... I'm not sure.

Posts from 2006

[Archived] News: Release
Well, you can add two more CDs to the growing "UC shit to buy" list. Yeah, I know what you're thinking; "What?! Is 12012 releasing another 500 type single?!" No! These releases kind of took me off guard. Anyways:

JUN (Phantasmagoria) SOLO WORKS will release 「attic」 on March 7th. The CD will have three instrumental tracks, all done by JUN (obviously) and will sell for the standard 1,575. Yo.

Bloody-clown and 放課後倶楽部 [Houkago Kurabu] will release a coupling CD entitled Figure 4 Leg Rock on March 7th. Now, if you're like me, right about now you're thinking "What the fuck is a bloody 4 leg rock?" Well, if you've been stalking the HOLIDAY blogs you already know about it. Bloody-clown is a "special band" made up of 戮 [Riku] of Phantasmagoria and フライパン [Frypan] of Pumpkin Head. 放課後倶楽部 [Houkago Kurabu] is comprised of エイジ [Eiji] of Codomo A and 天野鳶丸 [Amano Tonbimaru] of Guruguru Eigakan. God this is taking a long time to write. Anyways, the CD will have four tracks, will be 2,310 Y and uh, God only knows what it'll sound like. Probably something like the screams of a baby as it's eaten by an alligator. Check it out.

Oh, and 12012 will release their 80th live DVD on February 21st. This one's called XII PARTY. This one 'll be about 100 minutes, and will cost 6,930. But hey, small price to pay to see Miyawaki sweat excessively. Why are you so angly?

Last but not least, as reported by Visual Shinbun (and 100 other places, because they're just that important), 纏 [Matoi] and 伊織 [Iori] are leaving Phantasmagoria. Sucks.

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