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Posts from 2015

Minor news roundup 3/28
Some updates from AiM MaiM, BALA★NCE, Mischievous, NEOLOGI, PENTAGON, REALies, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi:

  • While Tatoeba Konna Hanashi are on activity pause, the vocalist and bassist will perform as a two-person unit called NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル).

    So far, they have lives planned for 2015-04-19 and 2015-04-29.
  • AiM MaiM will hold their tour final, (共ニイキヨウ), on 2015-05-28 at LIVEHOUSE D'. Details to be announced.
  • Mischievous has announced all of their three-consecutive-month sponsored events, all of which will be at Nishikujou BRAND NEW:

    Hana KusaRE Kinkakubyou ・ Hasshou (花腐レ菌核病・発症)

    Hana KusaRE Kinkakubyou ・ Monen (花腐レ菌核病・蔓延)

    Hana KusaRE Kinkakubyou ・ Makki (花腐レ菌核病・末期)
  • REALies is sponsoring a twoman with PENTAGON in June:
  • REALies will hold a oneman “diet live” to celebrate the birthday of Akino (明イ). The band will play 10 songs without any breaks―they recommend bringing towels and wearing tshirts and sneakers, since it will be so hectic~
  • At their 2015-03-27 live (the last before pausing activities), Tatoeba Konna Hanashi is awarding one of these two items to those who spend 5,000 yen.

    Also, anyone who attends for Tatoeba will receive a voucher for a “kansha no kimochi (かんしゃのきもち)”.
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi side-project BALA★NCE sold this CD, with 1 new track, at Tatoeba's 2015-02-21 live.
  • NEOLOGI has put up a special page with previews and reviews for their new single, Queen.

    It's, uh...
  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi sold this CD and this CD (along with a photoset) via email on 2015-03-01.

    See this post for details.
New CD releases from Tatoeba Konna Hanashi and BALA★NCE
In spite of their upcoming hiatus, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi's new demo CD is now available only via the band's email address, The new CD, vaguely titled as 「demo CD-R」, will cost 2000 yen and will feature the following tracklist:
01.あたらしいきょく3(new song #3)
02.L/M/V (tentative title)
03.きみは10がつ(kimi wa 10gatsu)
04.ソラ0.4mg(sola 0.4mg)

In other news, BALA★NCE will also release an older CD, 「さらさレンジャー/あたたまうどん」, also available for purchase through the email address.

Posts from 2014

BALA★NCE change
New Sanada Ren (真田 廉) project BALA★NCE has made a change to yesterday's announcement: instead of a comment CD, those who spend 5,000 yen at their live will receive a live DVD recorded on that day (to be shipped at a later date). They've also uploaded the cover of their single: BALA★NCE discography.
More limited releases from Ren project BALA★NCE
The other day, Sanada Ren (真田 廉) (ex-Dali, etc.), announced his new project BALA★NCE. He mentioned that they would release a CD at their first live on 2014-06-11―instead, they'll actually release three things.

They'll freely distribute a one track song called DANCING ALL RIGHT! (ダンシングオールライト!) to everyone who attends. At the same time, they'll sell a two track CD called Sarasa RANGER (さらさレンジャー) for 1,000 yen. Finally, anyone who spends 5,000 yen or more on their goods will be rewarded with a comment CD, a group cheki, and something else (unspecified).

Apparently, two of the songs are remakes of Mis†ake songs. You know, the gothic kote kei alter-ego band of ex-Dali members? Check out BALA★NCE's discography for more information.
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