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Cherry (チェリー) One-Night Revival

Cherry (チェリー) One-Night Revival

Former Eternal band Cherry are reviving for the second time this year for a one-night show.

Event Flyer

Event Flyer

Earlier this year, the band got back together to celebrate their front-man's birthday. It seems like they had a good time at their last show, so they will be getting back together again to celebrate 優's (not sure what band he was from, tbh, but he seems to be friends with KoHey of Sleep My Dear) birthday.

The live was held on June 7th at Ikebukuro CYBER, in which 8 total bands participated.

My birthday is August 30th. I'm going to try to book Cherry to play at my party too!

allure idea 1 Day Revival

allure idea 1 Day Revival

Former Storm band allure idea is reviving for one night this coming September!

According to AKI's Twitter, the guitarist of band KAUXS, allure idea will participate in the concert "Zoku Roku-banme no Yuu Utsu (続6番目の優鬱)" at Sapporo Crazy Monkey, which is going to be held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band Six (シックス).

Other acts include emmuree, dioxin, KAUXS, Antikythera, and more to be announced. According to the flyer, allure idea will be featuring their 2nd vocalist (which was the one the band was most prolific with), as well as the rest of their classic lineup.

Revival shows are always cool to hear about: is there a Matina Eternal Storm band you wish revived next?

“What's Soleil?” A brief history

Someone on Monochrome Heaven asked for some information about Soleil, so I thought I'd type something up! Since it became a little long, I decided to post it here. Hope it's helpful!

In the early '90s, the “visual kei scene” was only just starting to coalesce, but Nagoya-based bands were already differentiating themselves enough to be lumped together as a sub-scene called “Nagoya kei.” The two biggest in that scene were KUROYUME (who you already know) and Silver~Rose--a band which was formed in '89 by bassist KAIKI, the central character of this article.

By 1994, both bands had become popular nationwide--but while KUROYUME capitalized on that momentum and went major, Silver~Rose disbanded.

ex-Silver~Rose leader KAIKI immediately joined fellow Nagoya band Rouage, and also founded a visual kei label called noir, in collaboration with visual/rock shop YENBANYA (円盤屋). For a brief period, noir was the home of several important Nagoya bands who were just on the cusp of going major: FANATIC♢CRISIS, Romance for~, Shizuku (雫...), and so on. ROUAGE soon joined that list, announcing a major debut set for early 1996.

In a surprise to fans, KAIKI seceded from the band just before their major debut. Soon after, noir closed its doors.

Later in '96, KAIKI joined former-noir band WITH SEXY, and founded a new label called Soleil. The new label took in some of noir's less popular acts (CROW-SIS, JULæY, Lakshana) and quickly began signing new ones (DlociA, DELAY, etc.) The label didn't release much during its first year of operation, and its bands weren't especially exciting, so this period seems largely forgotten-about.

➡️ Side note: I know Wikipedia says otherwise, but Soleil wasn't a sublabel of Free-Will. Beginning in the later '90s, Free-Will acted as a for-hire marketer/distributor for several labels, but those were partnerships rather than parent-child relationships, if that makes sense. Same thing goes for Matina and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.

Some time in 1997, Soleil moved its headquarters from Nagoya to Toyota, Aichi. The label become less “Nagoya kei”-ish, with bands like La'Mule, D'ELSQUEL, and Birushana joining. Tons of small bands would flow in and out of the label over the following years (see this page for the full list), many of which had their own inconsequential sublabels.

➡️ Side note: The only sublabel that really amounted to anything was Osaka-based Soleil Matina, which was founded by MIRAGE bassist KISAKI. (Side side note: it was initially independent, but became a Soleil sublabel after only a month or two.) Soleil Matina essentially acted independently of its parent label, and became really popular in its own right. Matina officially became independent from Soleil in 2000.

After WITH SEXY's disbandment in late '98, KAIKI focused exclusively on managing Soleil, and the label increased in popularity, becoming known for its bands' wide breadth of styles, and for their aggressive live schedules. In 2000--when bands like La'Mule, S, and Vasalla were active at the same time--the label was even popular enough to hold an event at Shibuya (渋谷) Koukaidou (公会堂).

Unfortunately, Soleil was also known for what some lovingly call “Soleil quality.” This refers to extremely cheaply-made releases sold for full price; releases that were delayed over and over and over; flyers that were photocopies of photocopies, densely packed with barely-legible information for several bands; freely distributed items released guerrilla-style with no prior notice or future mention; and so on.

After 2000, Soleil and its bands seem to have run out of steam. Maybe it was due to that “Soleil quality,” or maybe it was the loss of Soleil Matina as a sublabel, or maybe it was just the decline of visual kei's popularity in general... Whatever the reason, Soleil closed its doors in 2002.

A few ex-Soleil bands followed KAIKI to a new label, inner dream group, but it seems to have had the same management issues, and dissolved later in the year. All three bands (La'Mule, Birushana, S) were disbanded or basically inactive by the end of 2003.

KAIKI's final foray into management was a label called beast beat, which formed in 2008(?), and whose most “famous” band would be JACK+MW or MILKY EMILY.

To sum it up, KAIKI is essentially the Nagoya version of KISAKI. Both fucked up their chances to go major twice, and both had unique, mega popular indie labels, but mismanaged them into the ground. But both also have a charismatic fighting indie spirit that makes visual kei so endearing--at least in my opinion.

If you'd like to get more familiar with Soleil, please check the artist page and read up on any of the bands in the Soleil section. Information about the label and its bands is often really hard to find, so I promise that you'll find some stuff that's not written anywhere else. As for music, I'd suggest the aforementioned D'ELSQUEL, La'Mule, S, Birushana, and Vasalla, and also MARRY+AN+BLOOD. There are several CDs and VHSs called Face of Soleil, and all of those are a good place to start.

And if you have any well-sourced corrections or additional information about any of the above-mentioned topics, please send it my way! 💕 (Much of jp Wikipedia's information is incorrect, but sources like first-hand-accounts, flyers, release scans or magazine articles are all helpful.)

Thanks for reading m( )m

Omnibus (and cancelled event) for Matina's 20th anniversary

Omnibus (and cancelled event) for Matina's 20th anniversary

This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of Matina.

According to a tweet from KISAKI, he had planned a live event to mark the milestone--unfortunately, it seems that the event was cancelled before it could even be announced... (If that's true, it sucks to know that his scandal last year is probably preventing a bunch of cool reunions :/)

There's a bit of a bright side, at least: a Matina omnibus planned for the event is now available through the LIN official web shop instead. RARE TRACK COLLECTIONZ features 16 remastered Matina songs (12 artists in total), and is available now.

A two-copy-limited Matina lucky bag will be available in February, and will feature an exclusive Matina live DVD from 2000-05-27 at Nagoya (名古屋) BOTTOM LINE.

I really wish a Matina reunion event could have been held ;___;

Posts from 2016

チェリー (Cherry) To Hold Revival Show
チェリー (Cherry) To Hold Revival Show

Amidst all of the current ROCKSTAR RECORDS drama (with several bands leaving the label, and the rest seemingly forced to disband), some pretty cool results are surfacing. One of which is a revival show for former Eternal band Cherry!

Cherry were a short lived band formed in 2002, presumably right at the end of Matina's activity period. They ultimately disbanded in 2004, only released (possibly) one official single, and participated on the KALEIDOSCOPE omnibus.

The band will revive on January 17th, at Kiryu's (the vocalist currently in ベティ(BETTY)) birthday live and will also distribute a CD that was supposed to be released in 2004 but ended up getting canceled.

Kiryu posted a teaser video for the event on his Twitter page.

Cherry's last known lineup was:

Vocals: 綺流 (Kiryu) (→ ART → ROZA-LIA(KIRYU) → チェリー → ヴィガル! (VIGAL!) → BLACK JACK(綺流) → 希龍PROJECT (Kiryu Project) (name written as 希龍) → ベティ)

Guitar: ゆま (Yuma) (→ チェリー → パレット (PALLET))

Guitar: だぁすけ (Daasuke) (→ Carriy → チェリー)

Bass: 憂乃 (Yuuno) (→ Ephialts → チェリー(憂乃) → パレット(PALLET as ゆうの (Yuuno)) → ユダ (YUDA as ゆうの (Yuuno)) → GELLONIMO(Support as 憂乃))

Drums: 冰伽 (→ Halcyon → チェリー → Under → BLACK JACK)

Thank you to Uglymouth for putting all of this together (◕ᴗ◕✿)


IJUIN AKIROW (伊集院 明朗) has released his best album, ALL TIME BEST.

AKIROW is probably best known as the vocalist of proto-visual metal band ALUCARD, who released their only album, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, through a label called HAUNTED HOUSE RECORDS in 1992. (This is the same label which released Chuuzetsu (中絶) by a little-known band called KUROYUME (黒夢), by the way...)

His next band was F.F. ("FLASH FORWARD") in the late 90s, which he left fairly quickly (the band gaining a new vocalist and renaming to 13-thirteen-). His next project was DJ.FLANKENSTEIN, which became FLESH FOR FLANKENSTEIN (also known as F.F.F), and then stopped activities.

In 2009, FLESH FOR FLANKENSTEIN held a time-limited revival under HAUNTED HOUSE RECORDS, which had been revived as a sublabel under UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. (Hence the tenuous connection to UCP, and the reason why I'm talking about this at all.) The band held one live and released a "super best album," but were otherwise inactive for the remainder of UCP's existence.

In 2015, HAUNTED HOUSE once again rose from the ashes to sponsor lives and releases from other proto-visual metal bands like JUSTY-NASTY and DEAD END. As of October 2016, the label is still active.

[UNDER CODE PRODUCTION clearly had nothing to do with this second revival (UCP closed in 2013), but I can't help but wonder if KISAKI had some involvement, as LIN performed at one of their events, and KISAKI had sold some of the labels' new goods... And KACCHIN (カッチン)--owner of BAR PARADOX and longtime friend of KISAKI--often participates in the label's lives.]

Which brings us to today:

IJUIN AKIROW performed with his new session, F.F.F.F.F, on October 17 at HAUNTED HOUSE Vol.6 at aube Shibuya. On the same day, he released his "super all time best" album, ALL TIME BEST, through HAUNTED HOUSE.

The FLESH FOR FLANKENSTEIN side compiles a large number of songs, including: an unpublished duet with the now-deceased AI Takano (アイ 高野); two songs featuring KIYOHARU (清春) [KUROYUME (黒夢)]; and a track featuring Tetsu Nakano (高野晢) [ex-MALICE MIZER, etc.]. It also features written comments from KIYOHARU, Sakurai Atsushi (櫻井 敦司) [BUCK TICK], Morishige Juichi (森重 樹一) [ZIGGY], MORRIE [DEAD END], Fujisaki Kenichi (藤崎 賢一) [JUSTY-NASTY], and Kawamura Ryuuichi (河村 隆一) [LUNA SEA].

Meanwhile, the F.F. side features 3 songs produced by CHU-YA [ex-ALLERGY, etc.], and unpublished demos.

The 2-disc album costs 3,240 yen and is available at lives and via mail-order, and at PureSound beginning on 2016-11-16.

Special KISAKI SESSION BAND will perform
KISAKI will participate in a 90s visual kei event in September!

The event, 「GLAM POP WORLD」 ~1990 Nendai Osaka BAND Daishuuketsu Matsuri~ (「GLAM POP WORLD」 ~1990年代 大阪バンド 大集結祭り~), will be held on 2016-09-18 at Osaka (大阪) BIG CAT. KISAKI's special session band will perform as a special guest:

V. Haruhi (春陽) [ex-Ove~etc.]
V. Taniguchi TOMOROU (谷口トモロウ) [ex-【denno:oblaat】~etc.]
G. YAYOI [ex-MIRAGE~etc.]
G. Ryu (龍) [ex-Mystic Moon~etc.]
D. Yomi [ex-【zɔ́ːdi̽æ̀k】~etc.]

As previously announced, ex-KISAKI band STELLA MARIA will hold a one-day revival at the event--but KISAKI still won't be participating in that one, lol.

wyse, Ravecraft, GRASS, LAID, and GIGASLAVE will also hold one-day revivals at the event, in addition to further unnamed bands (TBA).

Should be fun!

Posts from 2015

CELL releases limited digital single
CELL releases limited digital single

This is pretty cool: CELL (ex-La'Mule etc.) has released a digital single―despite being on hiatus―through cdbaby (this means that we can buy it super easily!). The digital single, for you..., costs $3.79 and features three-previously released songs, but remastered and with new English vocals! The songs selected are some of their best, so please check it out and support them.

Minor news roundup 1/5
Here's the latest minor news:

  • The Vasalla × WITH SEXY countdown was indeed leading to news of a limited revival. However, details haven't been announced yet.

    Watch their OHP for updates.
  • ex-NEGA Ray will appear with MAST in a session band on 2015-02-13!

    Kuromikado (黒御門)
    【V. MINAMI (ミナミ) [ex-ROGUE] / G. Cain / G. MAST [ex-Aliene Ma'riage ~ VABeL] / B. Ray [ex-NEGA] / D. (TBA)】

    ex-CindyKate ~ FOODED SEAL Masami (雅美) will also hold his session, MASAMING (マサミング), at that event.
  • Maki (真稀) [ex-hurts, many others], will secede from his current band, UNDEAD, on 2015-01-27. It's assumed that he'll officially join Lucifer's underground, of which he's currently only a support member.
  • ex-SUZAKU Itsuki (樹) has announced his session band lineup for 2015-01-23:
    【V. Itsuki (樹) [AiM MaiM] / G. Natsume Sakutarou (夏目 朔太郎) [AiM MaiM] / G. Ao (碧) [ex-paradeis] / B. UCHI [A113] / D. Shota (咲汰) [A113]】
  • ex-Cu[be] vocalist will appear in another session:
  • To celebrate the recent release of their single, AiM MaiM will commence their first tour, -Inochi no Yurai。- (-いのちのゆらい。-), on 2015-01-29. Their tour final will be announced a later date.
  • REALies have a new towel.
  • VARYL have uploaded a preview of their upcoming single:

  • Various UCP-related artists are featured on this TOWER RECORDS CD in which they talk about their favorite releases throughout the year.
  • REALies has postponed their upcoming single from 2015-01-14 to 2015-01-28.

Posts from 2014

WITH SEXY and Vasalla countdown?!
WITH SEXY and Vasalla countdown?!

A mysterious countdown involving WITH SEXY and Vasalla has appeared at!! It seems that something will be revealed on December 25th...

WITH SEXY and Vasalla are bands with deep ties to KISAKI and Matina. I'm super excited to see what they'll announce~
Mar'derayla's salaryman Hayato
By the way, this is what ex-Mar'derayla vocalist Hayato (隼斗) looked like in 2012, at Eze:quL's one-day revival...!

Rinne Tensei 2014 pictures, setlists
A roundup of information from the recent Rin・ne・ten・sei ~Cry-Max Pleasure 2014~ (輪・廻・転・生 ~Cry-Max Pleasure 2014~) event (continued from this post):

( View the rest of this entry )

And here's a biography about the event series, from the flyer:

Rinne Tensei 2014 a success
KISAKI's monster 90s VK band revival project, Rin・ne・ten・sei, continued today with ~Cry-Max Pleasure 2014~ (輪・廻・転・生 ~Cry-Max Pleasure 2014~). The event was held at ESAKA MUSE and was completely sold out!

I'm sure we'll see setlists and the like in coming days, but here are a few details in the mean time:

( View the rest of this entry )
News roundup 7/10
Here's the latest news, featuring ex-chariots, carat (カラット), ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト), ex-ClearVeil, KISAKI, LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-), Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), ex-Vasalla (覇叉羅), and more:

  • An ex-ClearVeil members' session will perform on 2014-09-29:

    Shachihoko ROCKER'S (鯱鉾ROCKER'S)
    【V. HIRO (ヒロ) [ex-EAT YOU ALIVE] / G. Takaki (貴樹) [DEATHGAZE] / G. Nozomi (希) [ex-ClearVeil ~ carat] / B. HISAYOSHI [ex-ClearVeil] / D. Yuize (ゆいぜ) [ex-ASS'n'ARRow]】
  • LIN song Sacred Xanadu was ranked #1 in downloads via INDIES OFFICIAL SOUND last week. The song was #2 the week previous and is #2 this week as well.
  • LIN sell special cheki sets at their live today. Each set costs 5,000 yen and contains 11 cheki, and includes some bonus purikura.
  • NANIWA V has revealed its official mascots (which were decided via designers' contest): Hirokuma (ひろくま) [a bear based on FEST VAINQUEUR bassist HIRO] and Kisakirin (きさきりん) [a giraffe based on KISAKI].

  • The first 100 people who purchase LIN goods at lives will receive PROMOTION DVD 「Chaotic Resistance」. According to the photo in this post, I'm guessing that it's a live clip or live footage PV?
  • Paranoid≠circuS' latest single, Chikonka (鎮魂歌) is now on sale. By the way, if I haven't mentioned it yet, they're signed to ex-DAS:VASSER label ELE-MUSIC!
  • Paranoid≠circuS drummer YUSURA (ユスラ) seems to have left the band on 2014-05-21, due his mental instability caused by an accident he was involved in. The band announced that it seems implausible for him to continue band activity, although this wasn't a 100% concrete statement.
  • As always, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi have a bunch of live-limited stuff going on: demo single MVL, 2014-07-04 live DVD, new song CD-R, scarf + member badge set... Check the Tatoeba Konna Hanashi discography for full information.
  • ZI:KILL cover session band featuring ex-chariots, CindyKate (シンディケイト), and Vasalla members will perform on 2014-08-11 and 2014-08-28:

    G:K (on 2014-08-11)
    【V. ToshiA / G. KAIE (カイエ) [ex-Vasalla ~ KISSBULLET] / B. LEAYA [ex-Vasalla ~ L.S.K] / D. MIKAGE [ex-chariots support ~ etc.]】

    G:K (on 2014-08-28)
    【V. ToshiA / G. KAIE (カイエ) [ex-Vasalla ~ KISSBULLET] / B. LEAYA [ex-Vasalla ~ L.S.K] / D. Masami (雅美) [ex-CindyKate ~ FOODED SEAL]】
LIN with hardcore acts
LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) has announced that they will appear at Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE's 10th anniversary special event, at which legendary hardcore/metal bands RAPES and ROSENFELD will appear!

2014-08-03 at Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE
LIN / RAPES / ROSENFELD (one day revival)

LIN officially revealed and releases announced
As mentioned last week, the second period of LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) features SUI, MIZALY, and YUSHI of Megaromania plus CERO of zechs. Today, the band has been officially revealed, meaning we have a slew of releases and live details. Let's get to it!


  • LIN will release their first maxi-single, Sacred Xanadu (what a name!), via mail-order in the 2014-04-21 edition of Cure magazine.
  • Their second maxi-single, Chaotic Resistance, will be released in two types on 2014-07-23. The normal type will be sold nationwide, while a Kansai-limited version with alternate jacket and different bonus track will be sold only at visual shops in Kansai. A double-purchase-application privilege will also be available; details TBA.
  • LIN will make their first omnibus contribution to Yougenkyou-WEST- (妖幻鏡-WEST-) on 2014-07-23. Further details about the omnibus TBA.


  • LIN's first lives will be two twoman events, Sacred illusionism~Battle Revival~, versus Grieva (グリーヴァ) and Black Gene For the Next Scene on 2014-06-01 and 2014-06-11, respectively. Special projects, TBA, will be held.
  • Their coupling tour with Jupiter and Black Gene For the Next Scene, Battle for Clans Tour 【V3】, will be held on June 12, 13, and 17, in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo, respectively.
  • Their first foreign live will be held in Taichung, Taiwan on 2014-08-10 as part of HEART-TOWN FESTIVAL 2014.
  • LIN's first national tour, Sacred illusionism, will kick off on 2014-07-01 and will end with the tour final and first oneman, Sacred illusionism -FINAL-, on 2014-08-31 at Umeda (梅田) AKASO.


  • LIN will be the first artist signed to a new label called PLUG RECORDS WEST.
  • PRW (PLUG RECORDS WEST) is a newly-established “western branch” of long-established visual label PLUG RECORDS―home to semi-famous indie bands such as Psycho le Cému, A (ACE), DaizyStripper, CELL, etc. So on one hand, we can presume that the label will have enough money to produce good quality releases; but on the other, the “brotherhood” of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands may not manifest in this new sublabel.
  • Is KISAKI the president of PLUG RECORDS WEST? I don't know. I do know, however, that KISAKI himself is listened as “organizer” for LIN's live events, which gives the impression that he'll still be fully in charge of LIN's activities―but he may not be managing other bands for the foreseeable future.
  • Just a note: that 2014-07-23 omnibus is a continuation of a classic line of visual omnibi that has been around since 2001. That, plus LIN being under an old label, plus the upcoming revival of the Rin・ne・ten・sei (輪・廻・転・生) events, gives me the impression that KISAKI is making an even bigger effort to bring old visual kei back to today's scene, somehow.

Posts from 2013

AYAME memorial 90s visual event
AYAME memorial 90s visual event

KISAKI has announced a memorial event for AYAME, the ex-drummer of MIRAGE who passed away this year. The 3 day event features a slew of one-day revivals from infamous 90s visual kei bands, with MIRAGE headlining each event. Check out the full details below:

AYAME (MIRAGE) memorial eventRemembrance Day
2014-03-16 at Osaka (大阪) AM HALL
MIRAGE / THE DEAD P☆P STARS / vellaDonna / CROW-SIS / SUICIDE ALI / Lavender / SYO SESSION (SYOセッション) 【V. SYO (ex-WITH SEXY) / G. Nao (ex-TRESOR) / G. Izumi (泉) (ex-Madeth gray'll) / B. Shio (紫緒) (ex-Remage~HISKAREA) / D. Shion (紫音) (ex-Syndrome)】 / Haruhi (春陽) (ex-Ove)

2014-03-21 at Meguro Rockmaykan (目黒鹿鳴館)
MIRAGE / NéiL / DEJAV / ANGEL+DUST / Aliene Maφriage / DAS:VASSER / Cynthia

2014-03-22 at Meguro Rockmaykan (目黒鹿鳴館)
MIRAGE / RAPES / La'Mule / THE DEAD P☆P STARS / Vasalla (覇叉羅) / DEFLOWER / vellaDonna

※ all one-day revivals, except SUICIDE ALI and THE DEAD P☆P STARS
※ Matina/UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands bolded

hina × Vasalla session next month
ex-hurts (and ex- AZALEA, CHELSEA, SCHELLEN, Schwein, etc.) vocalist HINA (ヒナ) will participate in a session band on January 25 with ex-Vasalla members!

2014-01-25 at Birth Shinjuku
Watariroukagu Rentai (渡り廊下愚連隊)
V. HINA (ヒナ) (ex-hurts etc.) / G. Takayuki (隆之) (THE PIASS) / G. Kaine (戒音) (GIGA FREAKS) / B. LEAYA (ex-Vasalla) / D. Ksuke (K助) (ex-Vasalla)】
ex-SIVA and Madeth gray'll members sessions
A couple of cool sessions will appear at K4『R』 sponsored event Crazy Booorn!! Shinshunbangaihen (Crazy Booorn!! 新春番外編) on 2014-01-13 at Shinjuku (新宿) RUIDO K4:

K4『R』 presentsCrazy Booorn!! Shinshunbangaihen (Crazy Booorn!! 新春番外編) 2014-01-13 at Shinjuku (新宿) RUIDO K4
  • Ukyou SESSION (右狂セッション) 【V. 智尋-Chihiro- (lix) / G. Ukyou (右狂) (ex-Madeth gray'll) / G. YUANA (ユアナ) (STEREO.C.K) / B. Hiko (SPEED-iD) / D. DEATH-O】

  • Ura DORADO (裏ドラード) 【V. Yuuki (結城) (ex-EllDorado) / G. Youichi (雄一) (ex-EllDorado~SIVA ~ gaNesha) / B. Ryousuke (涼介) (ex-Death★Rabbits) / D. Marumon (まるもん) (ex-Delta Ark)】

  • KAGUYA SESSION (KAGUYAセッション) / hiLo SESSION (hiLoセッション) / tomo SESSION (tomoセッション) / AUBE / ※ full session lineups here

Posts from 2012

KISAKI 20th year memorial event

As part of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's 10th anniversary special events, a special live will be held to commemorate KISAKI's 20 years (!!) of legendary band activity. UNDER CODE's biggest bands will appear at the event, and will each play 2 cover songs from KISAKI's bands.

KISAKI 20 year band activity celebration event “Chikasen version” C'est la vie ~REMAIN OF THE 20TH YEARS HISTORY~
2013-02-02 at OSAKA RUIDO
LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) / Megaromania / NEGA / REALies / FUTURISM・BOYZ

each band will play 2 songs from KISAKI's bands!!

By the way, this is labeled the “Chikasen (UNDER CODE) version”. I wonder if there will be a Matina version announced later??

KISAKI 90s session band

14 years after pausing activities, 90's visual kei monster band 【zɔ́ːdi̽æ̀k】 (zodiac) has announced their revival. The band will revive at their December sponsored event, Zodiac,Resurrection~THX'90, which will feature lots of Matina-era musicians!

Most importantly, KISAKI will appear as a special guest, with his own session band featuring musicians from throughout 90's visual scene. Soleil monster band 覇叉罗-vasalla- will also appear for a one day revival, as will ex-Matina session band S-M-L, which features ex-members of Matina bands MIRAGE, Zephyr, and Lavender. It seems that more acts may be announced as well!

【zɔ́ːdi̽æ̀k】 revival sponsored event Zodiac,Resurrection~THX'90
2012-12-06 at OSAKA MUSE
  • 【zɔ́ːdi̽æ̀k】 (zodiac)
  • KISAKIセッションバンド (KISAKI SESSION BAND) (special guest) [V. MASA (Dear Loving) / G. #4 (ex-Stella Maria) / G. 春阳 (Harui) (ex-DOREMIDAN) / B. KISAKI (ex-MIRAGE/Syndrome/Phantasmagoria, LIN) / D. 葵 (Aoi, ex-PLE,SURE)]
  • S-M-L [V. AKIRA (ex-MIRAGE, FOWR) / G. Shinobu (ex-Lavender, Zephyr) / G. 真巳 (Masami) (ex-Scar.) / B. Syuren (ex-Lavender, Zephyr) / D. 大亮 (Daisuke) (ex-Scar.)]
  • 覇叉罗-vasalla- (one day revival)

Pretty exciting stuff. Love these 90's visual revivals―only wish we could see them!
Alter-ego release from Dali

Dali has announced that their recently-introduced alter-ego band Mis†ake will release its first CD-R.

The CD-R―which is supposedly a 3rd pressing of Mis†ake's demotape―will be freely distributed to those who attend Dali's October 10th five-hour-long oneman live, ダリコレ2012 finale OSAKA (きかくもの) (DALI COLLE 2012 finale OSAKA (Kikakumono)). (By the way, Dali is now calling this “oneman live” (ワンマンライブ) a “wonton live” (ワンタンライブ), hahaha.). Mis†ake will also be the opening act at the live, and their PV will be played via projection at some point during the show.

By the way, since the last post I made about this, I've figured out the actual lineup of Mis†ake. Apparently, ex-Dali guitarist SAKI (サキ) is the 5th member?!
  • Voice - ソドム (SODOM) [Ren]
  • Guitar - 无印印 (Mujirushijirushi) [KEETO]
  • Guitar - 血飞沫飞沫 (Chishibukishibuki) [SAKI (ex-Dali)]
  • Bass - 弥琴 (Mikoto) [YUU]
  • Drums - 迷宫 (Mayomiya) [Shunna]
Updates on Dali and their album

I have a ton of little bits of Dali information for you guys, so I figured I'd just round them up into one post. First up, a few things about their upcoming best album!
( View the rest of this entry )

Now some random bits about the band and their activities lately:
( View the rest of this entry )

One more little bit about their latest alter ego band...:
( View the rest of this entry )

ダリコレ ディスク
2012-10-10 4,200 yen collection album CD + DVD

  1. 25:54 (SE)
  2. 25:55
  3. [s]hit parade
  4. どピンクナンバー D PINK NUMBER
  5. 星屑 Hoshikuzu
  6. S.O.S
  7. 印象派ポルノ Inshouha PORNO
  8. H.N[迷子] H.N[maigo]
  9. イタミワケ ITAMI WAKE
  10. Heroine
  11. a habit
  12. -
  13. アンプレザント リハビリテーション UNPLEASANT REHABILITATION
  14. りゅうせいこうば Ryuusei Kouba
  15. スロウメロウ SLOW MELLOW

  1. Placebo
  2. ant gallery
  3. sunny
  4. [s]hit parade
  5. 星屑 Hoshikuzu
  6. イタミワケ ITAMI WAKE
  7. 印象派ポルノ Inshouha PORNO
  8. downer
  9. ヨルノハテ YORU NO HATE
  10. マイン MINE

Last Rinne Tensei
On August 5th, 輪・廻・転・生 -Matina VS UNDER CODE PRODUCTION- (Rin・ne・ten・sei) was held at HOLIDAY OSAKA. I thought I'd post the setlists and a couple of photos from the event.

( View the rest of this entry )

Unfortunately, KISAKI has revealed that this was the end of the 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN OF “VISUAL MONSTER” (Rin・ne・ten・sei) event series. Furthermore, he revealed that it's the very last revival live of MIRAGE as well. This was a great year for 90s visual kei revivals―can't last forever, can it?

CELL lineup revealed
La'Mule × NightingeiL new band CELL's lineup is revealed

As you know, legendary 90s visual kei band La'Mule came back this year to officially disband. At their disbandment live, they distributed a flyer which suggested that La'Mule would be combining with NightingeiL (the modern band of La'Mule vocalist Kon) into a new band. Today, the lineup of this new band, CELL, has finally been revealed.

Now the mystery of the hour is: who are YUKI and MASATO? One would assume they're from NightingeiL, but no members of NightingeiL used those names. One would then assume they simply changed their names (from MUKUI and HAKUYA, respectively), but ex-NightingeiL drummer HAKUYA has already opened a new personal blog (using the same name), so that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems we'll have to wait to find the answer!

※ CELL is not affiliated with UNDER CODE; I'm posting this here because La'Mule belonged to the parent label of Matina, and so La'Mule's activities are relevant to this site.

At yesterday's session live, KISAKI announced a new volume of his 轮・回・転・生 (Rin・ne・ten・sei) event series: Matina VS UNDER CODE PRODUCTION! The live will be held in August and will feature 3 Matina bands, 3 UNDER CODE bands, and a special session band.

KISAKI PRODUCE 90s visual kei revival event 轮・回・転・生 -Matina VS UNDER CODE PRODUCTION-
2012-08-05 at HOLIDAY OSAKA

MIRAGE (guest), NEGA, DAS:VASSER, Megaromania, Zephyr, Vior gloire, 地下线魔帝那松浦一家 (Chikasen Matina Matsuura Ikka) [V. 龙夜 (Tatsuya) (Syndrome); G. KANATA (LIN); G. MIZUKI (LIN); B. 紫绪 (Shio) (HISKAREA); D. 紫音 (Shion) (Syndrome)]

[Archived] zechs

Tatsuya (ex-Syndrome) new band.

Here is some sample about the first single.

I really like the music, its really good, but the too much autotune disturb me

DAS:VASSER's new release

DAS:VASSER has just announced details of their first release during their limited revival year! As I suspected, it contains some old tracks—but as I didn't suspect, it's all old tracks!

DAS:VASSER will release their compilation “worst album”, 真実ノ「影」 (Shinjitsu no 「Kage」), on April 4th through ELE-Music (HIDEAKI's record label). The worst album will contain six of the band's legendarily crazy songs for 2,625 yen.

Shinjitsu no 「Kage」
2012-04-04 2,625 yen maxi-single CD

  1. Attempt Suicide
  2. 羞恥奴隷 Shuuchi Dorei
  3. Death Mother Love
  4. 夢又夢... Yume mata Yume...
  5. 青イ...「MASK」 Aoi...「MASK」
  6. 狂気殺人 Kyouki Satsujin

Exciting, isn't it? I'm definitely going to buy it if I'm able!

Do you know DAS:VASSER? They are a legendary visual kei band from the 90s and 2000s. Along with Madeth gray'll, they were the top band at Matina!!

2012 marks their 15th anniversary, and so core members KYOHEI (vocalist, who is also in visual punk band NUMBER MOUSE) and HIDEAKI (bassist, who now has his own record label, ELE-Music, which famously hosted Ru:natic and Vallquar) decided to revive the band for a limited period of 1 year. They've already done photography with new costumes, and they look amazing!

vocalist KYOHEI
bassist HIDEAKI

DAS:VASSER plans to release a new album this year, but in the mean time you can buy a digital copy of their last mini-album (released independently) through Amazon for $5 USD! (I also highly recommend their last Matina mini-album, シンクロ (SYNCHRO), although that has to be purchased elsewhere.)

And here are some links before I go:
KYOHEI at twitter
HIDEAKI at twitter
[Archived] Comments on La'Mules disbandment.

Because and asked for them and maybe some more poeple are interested I decided to translate the member-comments on La'Mules OHP and post them here.
Neither my English nor my Japanese are perfect, so there are propably some humble sentences. Please don't hesitate to correct me!

Since their formation, La'Mule have been recklessly focusing only on moving forward as a band.
Actually looking back at that time I think the tough days were propably predominant.
But in those tough days, days of suffering, days of sorrow the ones who rescued me more than anyone else were our fans who gave La'Mule their love. For rescuing me at that time I feel gratitude from the bottom of my heart.
Sacrificing my everything for the band I also lost a lot.
However, each time I felt how much our Fans loved us I was able to take another step forward.
Finally, despite our bitter decision to go on indefinite hiatus in 2003 I kept hearing calls of fans who wished for our return, the fact that poeple still loved La'Mule so much made me happy, but it also made me suffer of regret. Honestly, I had mixed feelings.
I myself have entered the stage as Kon of La'Mule again two times, at O-East and Akasaka Blitz. But they were only events and it wasn't the original lineup that everyone knew. .
As for Blitz, the songs we could play were so few, I think the extreme bellyache it caused us was inevitable- so we decided to hold a oneman. With the original members Kon, SIN, NAO, ISUKE and YOU-YA.

That those oneman shows on the 5th and 6th of april at shibuya REX will end up being our last performances... that is the result of long discussions between all members.
The reason being, due to various personal motives, even if we resumed activities they'd be considerably limited and we can't do these things by half-measures. Much rather than doing it halfways we want to draw a straight line and bring it to an end. That is the final answer we've come to.

After the Shibuya REX shows on April the 5th and 6th 2012 La'Mule will be disbanding.

Let's merge together once more, and make it a live that will remain in our hearts until we die. We will sacrifice everything of La'Mule. So please, just for those two days, sacrifice everything to us and go insane.

Vo. Kon

Disbandment... that word doesn't really have a positive connotation...
With those performances on april 5th and 6th La'Mule will switch from activity pause to disbandment.

I think there are many poeple who came to love La'Mule after they went on hiatus and also many old fans who kept waiting for our revival.

Reviving from hiatus, resuming activities halfways... what to do~? ... This time the five of us tried to find a clear solution together and that's the result.
So much time passed since then... and now it's just the short period of two days, but the sillouette and sound of those five poeple, sense them with your own eyes and ears.
Then please carve them into your heart.

We will do the same.

Personally, this is my first live after quite a long time but I feel no anxiety or anything.

I wait expectantly for the day we all meet again.


With their 2 days live on April 5th and 6th La'Mule will be disbanding.

Taking each members respective thoughts and personal situation into account this is the result we came to.

Deep inside, after our live on August 29th 2003 even though we used a different word, I believed it was the same as disbanding...
Various people invited me into new bands and sent me introductions but due to my mental condition at that time I turned them all down. For a long time I lived a life in which I completely refused music itself, not to speak of touching a guitar.

Some day at the time animesongs became popular among my friends they convinced me to listen to a track. something like"Come to think of it, didn't you mention that you used to play in a band?" came up. Starting from that occasion, even though it was little by little I started to remember the joy of music and how I had once devoted my whole life to it.
Even though refusing music left five years of blank space in my life all feelings of rejection were gone. Instead I was more like "because this song is good I want to copy the guitar-part" and so on. There was something incredibly nostalgic like the feeling of holding a guitar in my hand for the first time and yet it changed into a new mysterious sensation.

After this I started to casually listen to music like I used to, which led to being able to play guitar again.

Then recently, I received the invitation to that revival-event at Akasaka BLITZ and in the same lines the upcoming performances on april 5th and 6th were decided which now turn out to be our last ones.

Frankly speaking, as someone who once threw away music completely I'm insecure as to what extent my current self is ready for this step.
To the other members that I needed until the very end, all the poeple who support me and even though it's been almost 10 years, to all Lamukko who's sight has been carved into my eyes across the stage of that August 29th forever:  In my life there are too many things I have to burden, therefore I promise that during these two days I'm going to enjoy myself to the fullest with everybody in the hall for one last time.

And even when 2012/4/5 and 6 have passed I'm sure SIN, ISUKE and NAO will continue playing this melody, YOU-YA will continue beating the rythm and Kon will continue singing this song.
Inside of everyone who knew La'Mule and in your heart they will continue playing forever.


Since 2003 a long time without activities had passed when La'Mule had their revival in November of last year. Yet, while discussing our future plans with all members we reached the conclusion that being able to do something worthy is unimaginable as long as we have to restrict our activities due to individual reasons.
We decided that after our oneman 2days at Shibuya REX in April 2012 La'Mule will be disbanding.

La'Mule had their first live in January 1996. That live also happened to be the first time I stood on stage myself and having performed with all my might from then on until we paused activites my emotional attachement got really strong. So strong I had been looking forward to the time of our complete revival no matter what kind of sound we'd produce and now I feel so incredibly disappointed (about our decision). However, we only made that decision because the band called "La'Mule" is still very important to all of us.

Doing this to all our fans even though we made them wait for such a long time is truly inexcusable.

You never stopped supporting us and yet we end up disbanding. I'm so sorry.

We decided that from now on each member will go his own way without that frame called "La'Mule" around him.
Kon and YOU-YA are already active in NightingeiL and NUMBER MOUSE.
And because I think that SIN, NAO and in the end myself may be up to some sort of activity as well, please remember us.

Everything that has a beginning has an end.
Every end is the beginning of something new.
I'm sure the day will come where we meet again.

I was really glad I could play in this band called "La'Mule"

To everyone who supported La'Mule for such a long time, thank you very much.


Recently after being on hiatus since 2003 La'Mule decided to resume activities and participated in an event at Akasaka BLITZ. Then a 2 days oneman-performance in april was announced. However, resulting from discussion putting each members personal motives together it turned out that we'd have to restrict our actions considerably and because we think resuming activities by half measures is an insult to all the fans instead we should rather...

We decided to make a cut after these oneman-shows and disband.

To all our fans who have been waiting for us since such a long time, thank you very much.


La'Mule official website

La'Mule (ex-Soleil, ex-parent label of Matina, band) opened their official web site today. It features a really nice profile page with great photos and each member's comments about disbanding (maybe someone can translate?), so I recommend checking that out. (It also features a particularly bad discography page, which doesn't come close to listing all their releases, and for some reason features biography entries, which are also woefully incomplete.) It also has a link to their newly opened blog.

⇒ La'Mule official website
⇒ La'Mule official blog
⇒ La'Mule disbanding comments
La'Mule final live
You might recall that La'Mule (who were once a band on Soleil, the parent label of Matina) performed at the KISAKI PROJECT sponsored 90s visual kei revival event last November. And at that event, La'Mule announced that they would perform again during this summer. Well, details of that summer performance have finally been revealed.

La'Mule will disband (they had officially been on an activity pause since 2003) this April with a two day live, last bloody world. Tickets will be available on February 20th at the band's official website—even though they haven't yet told us the website's address! (I believe that the live will be a oneman, but I haven't found confirmation of that yet. Will update when I do.)

La'Mule disbandment two days live last bloody world
混ざり合う血,そして再会 (Mazariau Chi, Soshite Saikai)
2012-04-05 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) REX

last bloody world
混ざり合った後の血,そして・・・ (Mazariatta Ato no Chi, Soshite・・・)
2012-04-06 at 渋谷 (Shibuya) REX

Do you know La'Mule? They're an old band, but a really good one! I recommend their album CLIMAX—it's a visual kei classic!

Posts from 2011

KISAKI PROJECT and Rinnetensei goods at official shop
Yay! Several goods from KISAKI PROJECT and the 輪・廻・転・生 (Rin・ne・ten・sei) ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~ live series have been added to the official web shop. Most importantly, the KISAKI PROJECT demo single that was previously live-limited!

RETURN of VISUAL MONSTER minor news roundup
There are lots of little bits of news about last night's 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~ (Rin・ne・ten・sei) event, and reports/pictures are just starting to pour in, so I thought I'd do a little roundup post. I'll add stuff as I find it (and feel free to add your own!)


Aliene Maφriage -
  • Vocalist 狂華 (Kyouka) made this post, which has tons of nice pictures. In particular, it has a picture of the banner that was at the back of the stage during the event. His accompanying text usually doesn't mean much—in this case he said that he thinks 90s visual kei had the best visuals, and that the era has been forever immortalized, and that he's glad to be a part of it. [added 2011-11-28]
  • Aliene Maφriage bassist Ray posted a rare photo—La'Mule × Aliene. [added 2011-11-28]
  • Ray also made this post about the event.

Deshabillz -
  • Bassist 時雨-shigure- dedicated the live to Deshabillz' deceased members, bassists JUN and 美歪 (Utsukushiibitsu). He also posted the setlist: 01. SE
    02. 劇薬喜劇 (Gekiyaku Kigeki)
    03. Carry
    04. SE
    06. Shisengata
    07. Tsubairo no Hohoemi
  • 時雨-shigure- also made three blog posts about the event which include some backstage photos! Post 1, post 2, post 3.
  • dj AKI (guitarist SHI-NO) made this entry about the event. He talked about playing that music again after almost 10 years, and showed a picture of the impressive line outside the livehall!

  • KISAKI tweeted the setlist from the live: 01. 想 (Sou)
    02. 勿忘草 (Wasurenagusa)
    03. 存在理由 (Sonzairiyuu)
    04. 道標 (Michishirube)

    The first and third tracks (Sou and Sonzairiyuu) are new songs. Sou will be released as the title track of the band's next single, but Sonzairiyuu is, as of now, unaccounted for. Perhaps it's the bonus track on the upcoming single?
  • KISAKI also shared this beautiful picture taken during KISAKI PROJECT's performance.
  • KISAKI posted this twoshot of guitarists JACK and Yoshitsugu.

Kneuklid Romance
  • The members were unable to contact original (well, second original) vocalist YUTAKA—even though he'd participated in their limited revival in 2009. So they instead recruited 星七 (Sena), vocalist of the Raid.
    L→R: V. 星七 (Sena)    G. 小笠原 健一 (Ogasawara Kenichi)    G. TAKUYA    B. TATSUYA    D. GAZ
  • The band collaborated with jewelers STRANGE FREAK DESIGNS to produce a Phantom降臨 マリア (Phantom Kourin MARIA) pendant. It costs 22,050 yen and is limited to 30 pieces—10 were for sale at last night's event, another 10 are on sale at shops (Treasure Lane, IS, GalleryS.F.D), and the remaining 10 are for sale online.
    The pendant comes in five variants (one for each member): Sena's version features pink gems; GAZ's features lavender gems; 小笠原 健一's (Ogasawara Kenichi's), black gems; TATSUYA's, “red” gems; and TAKUYA's, champagne gems.

    L→R: Sena ver.    Ogasawara Kenichi ver.    TAKUYA ver.    TATSUYA ver.    GAZ ver.

    There are a few privilege for buying a pendant.
    1. All purchases include a 4cm chain and custom box.
    2. All purchases also include a signed photo of the purchaser's chosen member (the official site says “two shot”, implying that the photo is actually of the purchaser with their chosen member—but I'm not sure how that would work if you ordered online).
    3. Any of the 10 pendants sold at last night's live will have a special engraving: the purchaser's name, the name of the member who designed that particular model, and a serial number.
    4. Anyone who orders directly from STRANGE FREAK DESIGNS (online mail order, I presume) will receive an original SFD totebag.
    After ordering, production takes about 2~3 weeks. Orders will be accepted through January 15th, 2012. Orders can be placed at the STRANGE FREAK DESIGNS OHP (overseas orders are accepted).

La'Mule -
  • La'Mule hadn't been able to contact original guitarist SIN for a month, so they performed with a support guitarist. The position was filled by ex-COЯE THE CHILD guitarist 頼田 陵介 (Yorita Ryosuke).
  • La'Mule made an important announcement at the event: they're going to hold a two day oneman on the 5th and 6th of April! (2ch girls say the 4th and 5th, and that the live will be at Shibuya AX, but that seems a bit... big.)
  • Bassist ISUKE posted this picture of the band's backstage pass.
  • Drummer YOU-YA posted these pictures of his costume. He also posted this three shot with Kyouka and MAST of Aliene Maφriage.

Romance for~
  • Drummer Takaya posted this picture of the band together back stage.
  • Vocalist 和泉 悠 (Izumi Yuu) posted this thank you message [added 2011-11-28]

Miscellaneous -
  • シンディケイト (CindyKate) drummer 沙美 (Sami) posted a picture of the Rin・ne・ten・sei sticker that was freely distributed at the live.
  • 紫音 (Shion) (ex-drummer of Distray, LAYBIAL, Syndrome) posted this entry about the event. He also announced that he'll be the drummer at the KISAKI PROJECT feat.砂月 (SATSUKI) live on January 30th (JACK and TOSHIHIRO will also support at that live).
  • RAME (bassist of Black Gene For the Next Scene, ex-VIDOLL) made this post, which includes a picture of the KISAKI PROJECT performance.
  • zoisite (production company of 9GOATS BLACK OUT, etc.) staff Reiko Arakawa tweeted a picture of the signed KISAKI PROJECT poster that was sold at the event.
  • Calmando Qual (and ex-Deshabillz) guitarist Tak posted this entry with impressions of the bands that appeared.
  • Megaromania bassist 氷牙-Hyoga- was there as well! He posted this entry, in which he marvels over the atmosphere at the live.
  • 90s visual kei enthusiast wacky666 posted this comprehensive entry about the event (as well as DAS:VASSER's revival event the night before). Included in his entry is setlist information and several pictures of goods that he purchased at the events.
    In particular, there's a picture of the KISAKI PROJECT signed signboard, which was given to those who spent 5,000 yen or more in goods. There are also pictures of goods included in the PureSound produced lucky bag. Additionally, there's a picture of KISAKI PROJECT's demo CD and the special DVD that was given to those who purchased both Syndrome and MIRAGE best albums.

    Interestingly, the Syndrome best album in the picture seems to have a different cover... I wonder if it was a second press that we didn't know about? [added 2011-11-28]
  • NEGA drummer 優 (Yu) went to the event; however, his post about it has more to do with his cat.
  • ex-Syndrome first vocalist Tatsuya posted these two entries. The second talks about how fun it was to meet all of his Matina peers again, and the first just gives more general impressions of the event. He also mentions the upcoming third volume of the series; it will be his first time singing Syndrome songs in 11 years! He also says that they'll play Syndrome and Madeth gray'll songs. Yesss!! [added 2011-11-28]
  • KISAKI shared this photo from the event's ending large session. They apparently played the song “Anarchy in the UK”! [added 2011-11-28]
  • KISAKI also mentioned that articles about the event will appear in Cure and FOOL'S MATE, to be released on December 21st and 28th, respectively. [added 2011-11-28]
  • Finally, KISAKI made this touching post about how much he enjoyed the event, and how thankful he is to everyone for coming. According to him, about 1,000 people attended—and Akasaka BLITZ only holds about 1,200! [added 2011-11-28]
The 90s visual kei revival live, 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~, was held last night, and it seems that it was a success—a second and third part have just been announced!!!

KISAKI PRODUCE 90s visual kei revival night -2nd part- 輪・廻・転・生 ~DAS:VASSER 15th ANNIVERSARY~ (Rin・ne・ten・sei)

2012-03-25 at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) CYBER
  • Aliene Maφriage
  • Metis Gretel
2012-03-21 at ESAKA MUSE
  • MIRAGE [V. AKIRA; G. YAYOI; B. KISAKI; D. AYAME; + others]
  • WITH SEXY [V. SYO; G. Rinne; B. KAIKI; + others]
  • vellaDonna [V. Seek; G. TAKO; B. GOMA; + others]
  • Aliene Maφriage
  • Megaromania
  • Ⅶ-Sense
  • Zephyr [V. Caim; G. Shinobu; G. Taka; D. Sin; + others]

KISAKI PRODUCE 90s visual kei revival night -3rd part- 輪・廻・転・生 ~ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SPECIAL SESSION NIGHT~ (Rin・ne・ten・sei)

2012-04-01 at ESAKA MUSE
Unannounced bands and sessions featuring:
  • KISAKI [ex-MIRAGE, ex-Syndrome, ex-Phantasmagoria, 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN)]
  • KAIKI [ex-Silver Rose, ex-ROUAGE, ex-WITH SEXY]
  • KoHey [ex-Sleep My Dear]
  • 臣 (SHIN) [ex-黒夢 (KUROYUME)]
  • EBY [ex-ZI:KILL]
  • Jack [ex-Gilles de Rais]
  • Daisuke [ex-Media Youth, THE SOUND BEE HD]
  • SAKI [ex-Sleep My Dear]
  • K助 (Ksuke) [ex-覇叉羅-Vasalla-]
  • MITSURU [ex-雫... (Shizuku)]
  • 由希 (YUKI) [ex-DIE-ZW3E, ex-ROUAGE]
  • Ray [ex-Aliene Maφriage, NEGA]
  • ゆき (Yuki) [emmurée]
  • RAN [ex-黒夢 (KUROYUME) support, ex-DIE-ZW3E]
  • 和泉 悠字 (Izumi Yuuji) [Romance for~]
  • 龍夜 (Tatsuya) [ex-Syndrome]
  • 泉 (Izumi) [ex-Madeth gray'll]
  • 安田政利 (Yasuda Masatoshi) [ex-Of~J]
  • 狂華 (Kyoka) [ex-Aliene Maφriage]
  • MAXX [ex-Ti+Dee, ex-merrygoround]
  • Kusuba [ex-Laputa, ex-Lucide]
  • MIKAGE [ex-EzeːquL, Ⅶ-Sense]
  • TOSHIHIRO [ex-TinkerBell]
  • 麗華 (Reika) [ex-Madeth gray'll, DOREMIDAN]
  • Kuruto [ex-pleur]
  • 貴也 (Takaya) [Romance for~]
  • erina [ex-サリー (SALLY), Ⅶ-Sense]
  • ヒナ (HINA) [ex-AZALEA, ex-hurts]
  • 繭霞 (Mayuka) [ex-EzeːquL]
  • MAST [Aliene Maφriage]
  • 楓 (Kaede) [ex-hurts]
  • Shinobu [ex-Zephyr]
  • 玖蘭 (Kyura) [ex-EzeːquL]

AAAAAHHH!!! Such awesome lineups, I'm so excited!!
DAS:VASSER revival
Vocalist KYOHEI announced in his blog that DAS:VASSER will resume activities, for a limited period of one year, in 2012. Additional details have yet to be announced, but it's very exciting news nonetheless!

[Archived] RETURN of VISUAL MONSTER goods
KISAKI PROJECT will soon hold their 90s visual kei revival event, 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~ (Rin・ne・ten・sei). And it seems like someone announces a new item for the event every day—so let's see just how many cool goods we're missing out on, shall we?

  • poster (1,000 yen) ※ signed by support members from that day
  • 「華眩 ~DEMO VERSION~」 (Kagen) (1,000 yen) ※ sold only at the livehouse
  • photoset (1,500 yen each) ※ sets A~E
  • cheki, set of two (1,000 yen)
  • original tshirt (price TBA)
  • sign board (free) ※ limited to 30 copies, signed by support members from that day, free with some purchases
  • 「消影」 (Shouei) (1,000 yen)
  • original bracelet (4,980 yen) ※ collaboration with 10st
La'Mule -
  • La'Mule - history of the blood 1996~2003 (10,000 yen) ※ two disc live history DVD (disc 1: 1996~2000, disc 2: 2000~2003), features unreleased live clips, sold only at the livehouse
輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~ goods -
  • special lucky bag - 3,000 yen ※ 15,000 yen's worth of 90s visual goods, put together by PureSound; includes original bag design
  • collaboration cheki, set of two - 1,000 yen ※ featuring KISAKI, KENICHI of Kneuklid Romance, SHUN of Deshabillz, Kon of La'Mule, Kyouka of Aliene Maφriage, and Izumi Yu of Romance for~
  • collaboration photoset - 1,000 yen ※ very limited quantities; featuring KISAKI, KENICHI of Kneuklid Romance, SHUN of Deshabillz, Kon of La'Mule, Kyouka of Aliene Maφriage, and Izumi Yu of Romance for~
  • sticker (free) ※ will be freely distributed to those who attend
  • sticker (500 yen) ※ same design as freely distributed sticker; keep one as a collector's item
  • shop bag (500 yen) ※ same design as bag freely included with lucky bag; keep one as a collector's item
Others -
  • KISAKI PROJECT feat.樹威 (Jui) - 永遠の夢 ~for Lovers・・・~ (Eien no Yume) (special price TBA)
  • KISAKI - The Solitude Songs (special price TBA)
  • Phantasmagoria - Dejavu ~Sanctuary of Revival~ (special price TBA)
  • 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) - Independent “MAZE” (3,500 yen)
  • 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) - all singles (special prices TBA)
  • MIRAGE - BEST COLLECTION 1997~2000 (3,400 yen)
  • Syndrome - BEST COLLECTION 2001~2002 (2,400 yen)
  • MIRAGE/Syndrome BEST COLLECTION SPECIAL DVD (free) 01. MIRAGE (1st period): Cradle of Labyrinth (1998-03-27 live at Osaka HEAT BEAT)
    02. MIRAGE (2nd period): BACTERIA (1999-10-30 live at Osaka BIG CAT)
    03. Syndrome (1st period): deep sky (2001-04-28 live at Shibuya ON AIR WEST)
    04. Syndrome (2nd period): 小夜時雨 (Sayoshigure) (2002-07-28 live at Shibuya ON AIR WEST)
    ※ free with purchase of both MIRAGE and Syndrome best albums
  • KISAKI - solo poster (1,000 yen)
  • + many more items

[Archived] La'Mule at 「輪?廻?転?生~A RETURN of "VISUAL MONSTER"~」
ex La'Mule members Kon, Isuke and Youya posted sad news on their blogs and since it's an Under Code event of sorts, I thought I should share them here.
La'Mule have been planning their revival for several months now, including getting new costumes and producing a special history-dvd-set only for sale on that day. However it seems that since Last month they couldn't get in contact with lead guitarist Sin anymore and ended up rehearsing without him.
After discussion with members and staff they decided to play the show anyway, with support guitarist.

Remembering their last failed try to do a revival I suppose they wouldn't appear anymore if it wasn't such a big event with feature in cure and pressure from kisaki.
Would have been too nice to see all original members gathered again... well.

Another note on their appearance to make this less disappointing: Because of rather brutal fans La'Mule prohibited moshing and diving during their lives, sometime in 1999 I think.
Youya oficially lifted that ban now. XD;
[Archived] Matina Questions
Hi! I have a few questions about Matina. I recently downloaded Lagna's "Replace of Mind" and, after listening to it, discovered that it was apparently a compilation with a band named Ring. Who were they? Were they signed to Matina at any point? They have no page on VKDB or Grass Thread. Did they release anything else?

Also, does anyone have the proper tags for the Eze:qul releases from Evil en Lucifer? Something is up with those - a few songs have identical titles but sound completely different. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
[Archived] History of DAS:VASSER (continued)
Continuing HIDEAKI's series of posts about the history of DAS:VASSER (volumes 1~3 can be read here). Again, these are Babelfish-class translations, so don't expect accuracy... but they're interesting nonetheless.


Centered in Osaka,

but also around Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto,

and at a pace of about 4~5 per month,

we're able to perform at lives.

We have small features in a couple of magazines,

and, little by little, DAS:VASSER continues growing.


we have very few connections in the business world;

we're definitely an Osaka local band.


a massively fate-changing meeting occurs:

Mr. KISAKI appears.

He was a charismatic figure during that time.

By chance, we pass a bar,

that Mr. KISAKI is at,

and in our youthful foolishness, powered by alcohol, we decide “well, let's say hello”.

We enter the bar.

So, at the counter of this tiny bar,

we're sitting with a lineup of people who have careers much longer than us;

in this scene, I sober up immediately.

And then, Mr. KISAKI says “join Matina”

It's completely unexpected, and I'm bewildered.

At that time, the opportunity to join a label is rare.

So, with a “if you're really ok with it, we're very grateful”, our story advances.

We still don't understand why he chose DAS:VASSER...

But at any rate, we begin to discuss the details.

Back then, we were really terrified...

Next time
“The fierce battleground Matina”



DAS:VASSER has finally joined a label.

During that time,

We don't really experience much.

We aren't really thinking at all,

just pushing forward, day after day after day.

I remember being angry 24/7.


we do photoshoots (laugh)


I'm getting angry again...


at that time, Matina has the highest level bands.

It slowly begins to have an impact on us.

And so, DAS:VASSER continues to evolve.

Next time
“A nation-wide release at last”


Last time,

I mentioned our first nation-wide release.

But before that,

on October 1st, 1998,

we held the DAS:VASSER first anniversary oneman.

With the support of everyone at the label,

we achieve that splendid thing, “SOLD OUT.”

Never mind that it's a terribly small live house,

with doors that barely closed.

Anyway, we distribute a release there.

Next time
“A nation-wide release at last”



our mobilization has expanded

and a nation-wide release has finally been achieved.

On October 10th, 1998, our music is released.

It seemed like anything with the Matina brand sells out immediately.

Even though media exposure is low,

I suppose that people just somehow know about the band.

Our photos around that time are like this:

Next time
“The national tour from Hell, Decadence”



I made a mistake in the last entry.

This volume is actually about something different.

December 24th, 1999,

DAS:VASSER's second oneman is held at Umeda GUILD.

The oneman mentioned last time,

everybody at Matina supported that one;

so the second oneman is the only true DAS:VASSER oneman.

But still, it too, splendidly, is SOLD OUT.

That was a hot time;

we were suffocating in lives.

At that time, the photoshoots are like this:

Though it not longer exists,

Umeda GUILD was a wonderful livehouse...

Before DAS:VASSER was a part of Matina,

it was our stronghold.

But unfortunately it's not during this era.

Next time (really)
“The national tour from Hell, Decadence”

And by the way, they actually did a photoshoot for the one day revival. This is what DAS:VASSER 2011 looks like:

[Archived] DAS:VASSER
DAS:VASSER has a revival coming up, and HIDEAKI has started a series of Ameba-only posts of his memories of forming the band. It's really interesting, so, although these translations are bastardized, I thought I'd share them with you. (KYOHEI has been mentioning these same events, but hasn't really added anything, so I've left his posts out.


The November revival is coming up


I was shocked to find these photos

So I decided to start this series.


The band name has not yet been decided

It's June 12th, 1997 (I remember it was KYOHEI's birthday), we take photographs to help recruit members.

We are so young...

So we don't even care about the setting...

After that, members are gathered and DAS:VASSER begins.

Next time:
“Fear–DAS:VASSER's first live”



Even before the we'd done a live

In livehouses, in studios, we're trying to recruiting members

I guess because of the photos we took last time?

Several of the member candidates are chosen.

We have a few songs

So we force ourselves to schedule our first live

Members haven't even officially joined yet

But we hold our first live at Nanba ROCKETS.

My goodness we are young and brash (laugh)

Next time:
“Reckless! The hellish 4 songs in 1 day recording session (with MIX)”



We've booked several lives

We have more songs

We're slowly beginning to release music

These days, indie music is in the age of demotapes...

You have to be major to be able to release a CD.

Back then I was really naive.

Thinking a 20 minute release could be recorded in ten minutes in 1 day...

But recording is actually very time consuming.

We recklessly try to record 4 songs in 1 day.

In our youth, we're able to make it work, and produce a release

Only 150 copies are produced in the world...

Incidentally, ICHIRO has just recently joined (and Noburin was supporting)

You can see us on the jacket

Such ignorance in this band

But we fight wildly in our home-town livehouses

Our mobilization is top class.

Next time:
“A record label at last! Is it really ok to employ this band?”


I'll post more as HIDEAKI makes them. But anyway, what do you guys think? Isn't it cool to see old Matina history like this, and to see how small they started out?

[Archived] DAS:VASSER one day revival 2011
Details regarding DAS:VASSER's one day revival live are starting to be released. I'll start by saying that this isn't an UNDER CODE event—rather, it's sponsored by ELE-MUSIC, the label of DAS:VASSER bassist HIDEAKI. But it's still relevant to us, of course~

This year's revival event (the band also revived in 2009 and 2010) will be held on 2011-11-26 at Meguro ROCK MAY KAN. Joke band 美女♂men Vlossom (Bijo♂men Vlossom) will appear as a guest, as will a special session band featuring DOREMIDAN members with KANZAKI!

It seems that the band is still working on who else will appear at the live—vocalist KYOHEI is going to a meeting about that today—but I'll update when that's decided.

DAS:VASSER one day revival sponsored eventLooP ~六道輪廻~ (LooP ~Rokudourinne~) 2011-11-26 at 目黒鹿鳴館 (Meguro ROCK MAY KAN)
  • DAS:VASSER (one day revival)
  • 美女♂men Vlossom (Bijo♂men Vlossom) (guest)
  • ドメスティック (DOMESTIC)
  • “麗華”セッション (“Reika” SESSION) (guest) [V. KANZAKI (ex-MARRY+AN+BLOOD); G. 蓮 (Ren, Kensaku Kishida en V); G. 龍 (Ryu, DOREMIDAN); B. 一葉 (Ichiyou, ex-江戸川パラドクス (Edogawa PARADOX)); D. 零華 (Reika, DOREMIDAN)]
  • (others TBA)

As usual, wish I could see it!

Posts from 2010

[Archived] AKIRA has a new band?!
This isn't related to UNDER CODE, but we all love Matina, right? Well, AKIRA, the second vocalist of MIRAGE, appears to have a new band! His new band is called Fowr (pronounced Ⅳ). No details yet, but apparently their OHP will be updated with details on the 16th.

It's pretty cool, even if his last two “new bands” didn't release anything. Anyway, just thought I'd share!

[Archived] Lives
All of this is old, but whatever, it's cool!

① KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION are sponsoring the live area side of this year's STRAIGHT LIFE event on 2010-06-06. The event is basically a massive tattoo convention featuring over forty tattoo shops, pole dancers, an S&M show, a DJ, and live bands. As I said, KISAKI is producing the live side, and he's chosen 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) and BALZAC to headline. Additionally, VAGERKE, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN), 宇宙戦隊NOIZ (Uchuu Sentai NOIZ), The ROMEO, In The Enz, and WHITEBLACK will also appear.

② 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will also be appearing at Kaya's ソドムの晩餐 第一夜 (SODOM no Bansan Daiichi Yoru) event on 2010-07-03 at O-EAST. The cool thing about this event is that La'Mule will also be holding a one-night revival! (Which is totally relevant since La'Mule was signed to Soleil, which was the precursor of Matina.)

③ VISUNAVI will be kicking off a new event series, SUMMER MASQUERADE 2010, in Kansai. And, well, you can't say Kansai without saying UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, so the live will fittingly be UCP supported. The specific show is called SUMMER MASQUERADE 2010 ~Phantasmagoria MEMORIAL TRIBUTE NIGHT~ and will take place at 梅田 (Umeda) SHANGRILA on 2010-08-31 (as if any other date was possible!). 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Lin) will be performing and カレン (KALEN) will hold a one-night revival. The rest of the lineup hasn't been revealed yet.

④ Eternal and CLIMAX ENTERPRISE are having a one-day revival and co-sponsoring a crazy event. (How is this relevant? Eternal was a sub-label of Matina and CLIMAX ENTERPRISE was the next version of Eternal.) The event is called ETERNALISM†CLIMAXISM and will take place on 2010-08-08 at 目黒鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rock Maykan). 弥生 (Yayoi; president of Eternal), E'm ~grief~, and ex-members of Syndrome, Earl Grey, and Kilah will appear, along with many, many others (I've only mentioned the ones relevant to UCP/Matina). Additionally, guests are allowed to exit and re-enter one time (which is rare), a secret guest will appear, a spur-of-the-moment guest will appear, and a large session featuring everyone will be held at the end of the show. Pretty freaking awesome!

Edit: Forgot this one, which was the whole reason I made this post! Anyway, Shinobu (vocalist of the perpetually inactive band Zephyr) is getting married! And since he and KISAKI are such good friends (Zephyr was once a Matina band and their comeback mini-album was to be released through UCP), he's holding a special live event to celebrate. The event is called Shinobu HAPPY WEDDING LIVE PARTY ~みんなに幸せおすそ分け・リターンズ~ (~Minna ni Shiawase Osusowake ・ RETURNS~) and will be held on 2010-05-02 at ESAKA MUSE. This basically means a bunch of Matina bands are holding one-day revivals (I love this trend!): Lavender, Zephyr, MIRAGE, DAS:VASSER, Eze:quL, ZXS, vellaDonna, Lagna, DERAIL, オルゴール (ORGEL), Distray, and a large session of random members called Shinobu&Friends. Obviously, not all of these bands will have complete lineups (ex. RUIZA definitely isn't showing up for Distray), but it's still super awesome. I wish UNDER CODE would film and release these Matina lives!

Posts from 2007

[Archived] †News†
① KISAKI announced in his blog a few days ago that both a Syndrome and MIRAGE remastered best album would be released this year. It's great news for fans of either of those bands and for new KISAKI fans. (Quick summary: Syndrome was a VK super group of sorts--it included three members from D, a guitarist from Merry (メリー), and the drummer from Shelly Trip Realize. Their music was kind of classic VK with techno elements--something like HISKAREA. MIRAGE was one of KISAKI's earliest successes--they even released a major album, although I don't think they actually achieved major status--but its members went on to do a whole lot of nothing.) Also sad, because the releases imply that KISAKI really will be retiring forever. See the cut for more information.

② Sometime in March, Bloodly-clown (Phantasmagoria and the Pumpkin Head coupling band) distributed a CD at certain lives. Due to popular demand [of UNDER CODE's wallet], the CD will be released in stores. Sweeeeet. Check behind the cut.

Bloodly-clown -
  2007-05-30; 1,050 yen; UCPM-4
  01. Unpublished new song
  02. Unpublished new song

BEST COLLECTION 1997~2000 -Disc.1 1997~1998-
  2007-07-04; 3,465 yen (both discs sold together); FWR-056/FWR-057
  01. Hyakkaryouran (百花繚乱)
  02. Mystery
  03. Cradle of Labyrinth
  04. NADIR・・・
  05. Sexy
  07. Ryuusei (流星)
  08. Wind Whisper
  09. Dress
  10. Silhouette
  12. CROSS
  13. Science
  14. Rain
BEST COLLECTION 1997~2000 -Disc.2 1998~2000-
  2007-07-04; 3,465 yen (both discs sold together); FWR-056/FWR-057
  01. ・・・Air
  02. Risk en Eve
  04. GRAVE ~Fue no Nemuri~ (GRAVE ~古エノ眠リ~)
  05. DRAIN
  06. DeathtopiA
  08. ESCAPE
  09. Feeling Mellody
  10. Remembrance

Syndrome -
BEST COLLECTION 2000~2002 -Disc.1 2000~2001-
  2007-07-04; 3,465 yen (both discs sold together); FWR-058/FWR-059
  01. do・mes・tic
  02. SEXUAL
  03. Usagi to Hitsuji (兎と羊)
  04. Namida no Kagen・・・ (涙ノ下弦・・・)
  06. Tensei (転生)
  07. Sosei Gengaku Shugisha no Jishou (蘇生衒学主義者の自称)
  08. Nostalgia
  09. Tou ~Last Child (蟷 ~Last Child)
  10. [slaever]
  11. Realize
  12. affected you
  13. Search for・・・
  14. deep sky
BEST COLLECTION 2000~2002 -Disc.2 2001~2002-
  2007-07-04; 3,465 yen (both discs sold together); FWR-058/FWR-059
  01. Yumeutsutsu (夢現)
  02. Bara Hime (薔薇姫)
  03. Sayoshigure (小夜時雨)
  04. Kedamonoou (獣王)
  05. Maboroshi no Ichiya (幻の一夜)
  06. CIRQUE -Art a part entier-
  07. Shi Machigai (死街譚)
  08. ALBINO (アルビノ)
  09. Suichuuka (水中花)
  10. I Never Lose -Gokusaishiki no Akumu- (I Never Lose -極彩色の悪夢-)
  11. Desparate night
  12. SAD MASK
  13. Eiketsu -Wakare- (永訣 -わかれ-)

I'm pretty sure there are lots of mistakes, especially with the Syndrome, but corrections are always welcomed.

EDIT: The Bloodly-clown CD may actually be another coupling with Houkago Kurabu (放課後倶楽部)... I'm not sure.

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