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SUZAKU revival

SUZAKU has published their revival photos! Remember, bassist 絆-kizuna- and drummer 火憐-karen- are new to the band. SUZAKU will hold their revival oneman, 鳳凰天舞 (Houou Hirai), on 2012-01-21 at 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) CLAPPER.
L→R: V. 樹-ituki-, G. 鴉-karasu-, G. 葉月-hazuki-, B. 絆-kizuna-, B. 火憐-karen-


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anonymous / December 12, 2011 Reply
These are GREAT news!
I really hope they'll relese something new pretty soon!

By jenny7824200202
Satsuki974 / December 12, 2011 Reply
I really like their new look !
I like the "ink effect" of the picture too.
I want a new single or mini album or something like that !
anonymous / December 12, 2011 Reply
omg, Itsuki's new look (*_*) so bright! XD totally love it!
want to see this revival so bad! I've really missed these guys <3

By rei_mitsukai
xMayaku / December 12, 2011 Reply
Damn, they look gorgeous !

We definately need more songs from them.
inartistic / December 12, 2011
Yeah I agree! I was really expecting a release to be announced along with the photos... Sort of disappointed about that!
ralf_mako / December 12, 2011 Reply
That look is sooooo awesome! :D

I hope they announce a release within the next days :3

Hazuki looks like right from a S&M party xD ( who knows...maybe...)
inartistic / December 12, 2011
Me too! I kept waiting for a release to be announced, but nothing |D Well, hopefully soon then.
anonymous / December 12, 2011 Reply
i seriously can't express how happy i am to see them back again (^m^) and Karen somehow looks familiar to me..hmm..does he come from some other band or something??

By taebin1177
anonymous / December 12, 2011 Reply
I love their new look! I can't wait to hear their music.

By atmosphere_zero
anonymous / December 12, 2011 Reply
Nice. Now release something!

By heytizm
tetsu_sama69 / December 12, 2011 Reply
Yay~ I love them~
tetsu_sama69 / December 12, 2011 Reply
I love the new look~ I was worried since their blog seemed to slow down as well but hopefully this means more activity! :D
kumagoro666 / December 12, 2011 Reply
this is one of the best news ever! i really love this guys and i wish a long live for them! :) it's pretty weird because they are only released one maxi and it's not my favorite style but i really love them anyway! makes me so happy :)

ooh and do you know anything about new members story? previous bands, etc
Arithmetica / December 12, 2011 Reply
Whoa! They look great!