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Small change for LIN's mini-album

凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) recently announced their first mini-album. It seems that they've since decided to make a small change: the bonus track of TYPE A is now Prophecy from Nightmare, rather than the previously announced Fell Asleep.

Furthermore, the official web shop privilege has been announced: those who buy both types will receive OFF SHOT DVD VOL:6, as well as a signed cheki of the member of the customer's choosing.

And finally, the tracklist for shadow of envy, the application privilege live DVD, has been fully revealed. All updated tracklists are shown below.


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Takatori Reiji / September 09, 2012 Reply
Now available for purchase at CDJapan, edited the releases accordingly.
pixyfalse01 / September 09, 2012 Reply
hm, Honestly, i don't understand this privilege live dvd.
We could see and hear on many live dvds these songs. They should release Royal Blood PV or the new recorded PV instead of it.
pixyfalse01 / September 09, 2012 Reply
ah, and where is this profile picture from?
pixyfalse01 / October 10, 2012 Reply
On cdjapan only 9 copies TypeA and 6 copies TypeB left