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Recollection of Phoenix privileges

Recollection of Phoenix privileges

LIN's upcoming mini-album, Recollection of Phoenix, finally has some privileges available:

  • 【lives】 Recollection of Phoenix instrumental versions CD-R

【Like an Edison】 cheki + live DVD (「Sincerely」 from 2014-11-23)

【Jishuban Club】 comment DVD + group offshot photo

【ZEAL LINK】 live DVD (「Sacred Xanadu」 from 2014-09-23)

【fiveStars】 live DVD (「Persecution Complex」 from 2014-11-23)

【Brand X】 live DVD (「Psalms and Lamentations」 from 2014-11-23)

【official web shop】 re-recording CD-R 「Silent To My Pain」

【TOWER RECORDS】 signed photoset </li>

And of course, all copies still include an application form for a ticket to the band's oneman.

By the way, I've added high resolution artwork for the mini-album in LIN's discography.



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