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Reborn chariots announces first release

The newly reborn chariots has announced its first mini-album!

Called griever, and containing four new songs plus the now sold out 亜種 (Ashu), the mini-album will be released this December for 2,625 yen. As we previously posted, chariots will embark on a short event tour to celebrate the release. Further details about the mini-album are TBA, but the wording about it (“reborn chariots' first music”) implies that there may be more to come!


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YukamiSuzaku / September 09, 2012 Reply
Lin seguramente se separarán después de la disolución de la UCP... es una pena pero tiene muchas papeletas. Espero que el Proyecto en Solitario de Riku "Chariots" siga activo después de esto... Con muchas ganas de este lanzamiento. Gracias por la información ;)
xMayaku / September 09, 2012 Reply
Chariots releasing new CDs... with the end of UCP... what the hell is going on ? I'm more than happy to see Riku making new CDs (since I love chariots) but that's still really weird.
Heidi / September 09, 2012 Reply
pixyfalse01 / September 09, 2012 Reply
yes they release something before UCP closes, of course, it has money.
Amour_Fantastiq / November 11, 2012 Reply
Is the line-up of the band revealed?