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REALies reveals 4th maxi-single

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REALies has finally revealed their new maxi-single: Irohauta (彩花唄)!! The single will be released on October 9th via GOEMON RECORDS in three types. A sample of the title track's PV has already been released, and you can find it, as well as further details, below.

The single will be available in three types: types A & B will include the title track plus coupling song 21g, along with a DVD (PV with A type and live clips with B type); meanwhile, the live and web shop limited C type will include the aforementioned songs plus a bonus track, Mr.ERROR.

Those who preorder the new single can email info.goemonrecords@gmail.com a screenshot as proof, and will receive an original song CD from the REALies member of their choice in return. Those who preorder two types will additionally receive a signed cheki.

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