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REALies' fresh start

After graduating from legendary label UNDER CODE PRODUCTION on May 1st, REALies has announced their long-awaited “fresh start,” just in time for summer! The band is back with a high-quality new look and new logo―check above! In addition, they've announced their first release, their live schedule, and several special projects. Check out the full information lineup below:

REALies announced their 3rd maxi-single, LiNE, with the concept of “LiNE which connects you and me.” The CD will be released in three types: type A & B will be available in general stores, while the C type will be available only through their lives and their new label's official web shop (TBA). The A & B types will be released on July 10th, but the limited C type will be sent out earlier, on June 28th! Check this page for tracklists.

The CD will be released by the brand new label GOEMON RECORDS, which is also now home to CindyKate!! Furthermore, the CD will be distributed by Timely Records, an established behind-the-scenes label which usually distributes only popular bands―so that's a good sign for REALies!

For the new release, REALies has planned a very special project: “only-one-in-the-world letter.” Customers who pre-order type A or B are invited to send a screenshot of their purchase confirmation to After confirmation, those purchasers will receive an autographed letter from their favorite REALies member!! ※ This offer is valid May 16th ~ June 15th.

Furthermore, those who purchase types A and B at the same time will receive a signed cheki from the member of their choice, along with the letter.

In addition to appearing throughout CindyKate's last tour, REALies has announced their 2nd anniversary celebration coupling tour with Blitz. Furthermore, REALies will hold a two-day free oneman, exclusively for fans who purchase two types of LiNE (type A or B + type C).

REALies 2nd anniversary twoman tour REALies × Blitz
2013-07-20 at Ash OSAKA
2013-07-25 at SHIBUYA WWW
REALies, Blitz (twoman)

REALies double-purchase privilege free oneman RELiNE
2013-08-06 at Ash OSAKA
2013-08-18 at Ikebukuro BlackHole
REALies (oneman)

※ open to purchasers of type A or B + type C

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Vadio / May 05, 2013 Reply
These are some good news! I hope they just keep going with the band and making sucess, because I don't want them to disband in around 2 or 3 years...also, I'm more anxious to know about the future of Vior Gloire...
lucid kenesis / May 05, 2013 Reply
Well you know me I want it all ! Thanks for the post