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REALies best albums + tour announced

REALies has announced their best album, REALies 2011-2015, which will be released in two types on June 10th. TYPE A features single tracks and a PV collection, while TYPE B features B-sides―neither version features any new material. Furthermore, the band has announced their short Tokyo-Osaka-Nagoya sponsored event tour, EVERLASTING, and their “2man+1” to celebrate Ritsu's birthday, Chel's Birthday 2015.

This is all sounding very “disbandy” in my opinion, so enjoy REALies while you can!


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sheepprincessgara / March 03, 2015 Reply
Never listened to them, but I also have a bad feeling about this....
inartistic / March 03, 2015
Really :o? Not into poppy bands or?
Seraphim / March 03, 2015 Reply
Considering this is the 2nd and 3rd collection album, I'm feeling like they are going to be breaking up soon as well (or, rather, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case).