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Ray makes mini important announcement

Ray makes mini important announcement

ex-NEGA bassist/leader Ray appeared on the NICONICO internet radio show DANGAN・THE・DAN (ダンガン・ザ・ダン) to make a [mini] important announcement: he is now acting as producer for visual band PLACEBO (プラセボ)! This marks Ray's 2nd producing gig―he has been producing the band DECIDE since earlier this year.

PLACEBO is a two-piece indie visual kei band featuring V. rima and G. hina that formed in July of this year. On December 18th, they'll release their first mini-album, JAPANESE GOTHIC MARCHEN (ジャパニーズゴシックメルヘン). Photos of the band and samples from the mini-album are below:

PLACEBO's first mini-album is available on CDJapan! Be sure to support them, and Ray in his future producing efforts!


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Heidi / December 12, 2013 Reply
Cool, but I don't think I've ever seen a duo outside of Schwarz Stein (did they even play in VK events? I can't remember) in VK that did very well.. :/

Kisaki Project could count, I guess, but they were already established and played with a band at lives.
inartistic / December 12, 2013
I think these guys have a full support band. Well, I hope so―'cause you're right, if it's just two guys on stage, no one is going to want to see that LOL
Gaz / December 12, 2013 Reply
great news! looking forward to them since now.