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PINOKIO single and live-distributed CD

PINOKIO will release its first single!

PINOKIO, the solo project of ex-ClearVeil guitarist Amamiya Ryuuto (雨宮 流斗), will release Zetsubou, Hajimemashita。 (絶望、はじめました。), on 2016-08-03. The single will include 3 tracks, plus a DVD with live footage and unspecified bonus footage.

A release celebration sponsored event tour, Natsu Melancholy Box。 (夏めらんこりぃぼっくす。), will be held on 2016-08-09, 10, and 17 at OSAKA RUIDO, HOLIDAY NAGOYA, and EDGE IKEBUKURO, respectively.

Finally, PINOKIO's oneman live, Zetsubou Kaiten -ZETSUBOU DRIVE- (絶望廻転-ゼツボウドライブ-), will be held on 2016-09-22 at Higashikoenji (東高円寺) Nimandenatsu (二万電圧). A new song (title TBA) will be freely distributed to attendees.


By the way, here are the project's lineups for upcoming lives, beginning on 2016-05-22:

V. Amamiya Ryuuto (雨宮 流斗) [ex-ClearVeil]
Support G. RomiWO. (ろみヲ.) [ex-One★Star]
Support B. Azuki (梓姫) [ex-A'LETZA]

2016-05-22, 05-23:
Support D. Siyu (詩悠) [ex-Nobady]

2016-06-10, 06-25, 08-09, 09-22:
Support D. Yuize (ゆいぜ)

2016-08-10, 08-17:
Support D. Rio (理緒) [ex-GAGA]


Also, I forgot to mention it before, but Ryuuto's first band, TEDDY (テディ), will hold a one-day revival at PINOKIO's 08-10 event.
V. ukiru。 (ぅきる。) [ex-TEDDY~Juliette]
G. Miyuu (みゆう) [ex-TEDDY]
G. Ryu♂to (りゅ♂と) [ex-TEDDY~ClearVeil]
B. RomiWO. (ろみヲ.) [ex-One★Star]
D. Non (のん) [ex-TEDDY~$WANTED$ ($ウオンテッド$)]


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