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PENTAGON's new mini-album "絶叫!"

Pentagon are releasing a new mini-album this August entitled "絶叫! (Zekkyou!)." Unlike their previous mini, this CD will come in a regular and limited edition. The regular type will come with 7 songs, and the limited edition comes with 6 tracks and a PV-DVD for their new song "ボクラノウタ (BOKURA NO UTA)." Both types will include "POPCORN MONSTER," which was their last single.

Y'all ready for some more circus rabbit nonsense?


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inartistic / July 07, 2016 Reply
Looks like the tracklist is up (and Seraphim added it already!). Seems like a really good value, but I really wonder why they're including POPCORN MONSTER.

REALies did a similar thing when they released a single which had been a track on their full album just a few months earlier. I've never known bands to do anything like that (except include a single in an album, but never a mini-album, and never the other way around). Must be GOEMON thing lol
Seraphim / July 07, 2016
Maybe thematically it wouldn't fit in with whatever they were planning for their next album?

"Popcorn Monster" could be Pentagon's version of "濱NIGHT☆CITYBOY" and they're going to put it on everything for the rest of forever