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New releases from LIN

凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) has just announced two semi-new releases: an album re-release and a live DVD.

It seems that LIN's first full album, Independent “MAZE”, is now sold out!! Congrats guys. Not one to let an opportunity go wasted, KISAKI has now announced a re-release of that album. The new version collects all tracks from the initial version (including the 4 bonus tracks from the 2 bonus discs) into one complete disc. But to make the release even more worthwhile, it includes another disc... a brand new single!

On the same day, LIN will release a new live DVD, VALUE EXCLAIM -FILM-. It includes footage from the band's 2012-05-20 oneman live, which celebrated their 2nd anniversary.

Those who buy both the ablum and live DVD can apply for OFF SHOT DVD VOL:5. Those who buy both the album and live DVD from the official web shop will receive a personalized message DVD and a signed offshot photo.

LIN has announced the start of a new tour, -TOUR「AWAKING from -Independent “MAZE”-」- and a new sponsored event series, AWAKING from -Independent “MAZE”-, to celebrate the new releases. (Kind of hard to tell the tour from the event series, huh?)


In related news, it was also announced today that LIN's VALUE-EXCLAIM collection album, their Independent “MAZE” FILM live DVD, and Phantasmagoria's 「Wailing Wall」 2004-2010 collection album—all previously sold only at the official web shop—will now be sold at all common stores beginning August 8th.

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Mr.0 / May 05, 2012 Reply
Awesome news, but I'm pretty sure my banker is gonna kill me!
pixyfalse01 / May 05, 2012 Reply
There was some Independent "MAZE" copies at live house, so still not SOLD OUT. And KISAKI said it will be the last one-man live for this year in OSAKA, because it's UNDER CODE hometown, and they make event always with the label's band, so it's hard to gather enough people for one-man, but today it was SOLD OUT so he will think about it again. RIKU said if u reach the 10.000 followers on Twitter, U should make one-man live in Osaka, and KISAKI said, maybe, not sure.
inartistic / May 05, 2012
It is officially SOLD OUT by the manufacturer. So there are still copies in stores, lives, etc., but no more will be shipped from the manufacturer. Good news :D

I think you're right about 10,000 followers, as my friend mentioned the same thing. I'm sure KISAKI will reach that amount, because he is already close. Did he set a “due date”? Anyway, I believe they will have at least one more oneman in Osaka this year. Let's see!
pixyfalse01 / May 05, 2012 Reply
DVD setlist is totally same with the Osaka's live.
and RIKU surprised me really, he behaved like a real front member, not like ah "im just hear and sing the songs" i hope the Tokyo live was same and it will be an awesome Live DVD !
inartistic / May 05, 2012
I'm glad to hear that, because sometimes it seems he acts as a brat (according to fans).
Heidi / May 05, 2012 Reply
Riku's brattiness is part of his charm! #delusionalstan