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New release and photo from FUTURISM・BOYZ

FUTURISM・BOYZ have revealed a new look and a new release along with it!

The new release is a maxi-single called 自分病 (Jibunbyou) and it will be released in April in one type. The official web shop privilege, along with a slightly earlier ship date, is a special DVD and signed cheki of the member of your choice. And of course, the band will embark on the 自分病ツアー (Jibunbyou TOUR) from March 21st through June 10th.

Are you looking forward to this release?


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Kanon / February 02, 2012 Reply
I saw this today in KISAKI's ameblo! I like them ^___^
Oh damn I wanna know how to buy in the official web :___(
rave-andou / February 02, 2012 Reply
Really want to get this! -wants another Shun Cheki T0T!-
Takatori Reiji / February 02, 2012 Reply
Ohh now that's a better look!
Always looking forward to new releases! :D
anonymous / February 02, 2012 Reply
I still have yet to listen to them....I love their new look though!

By coffee_nosesock
rebirthreborn / February 02, 2012 Reply
Love their look!!

And winder why the single title 'Jibunbyou' (lit. means Sick by yourself)? A bit weird though xD