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New look for Dali

Dali has debuted a new look, seen above (unfortunately, this is the largest version available for now). It seems that the band's brief period of dark visuals was indeed a fluke―they've returned to their de facto standard artistic costumes, this time in white. The costumes look quite good, but I hope they'll be paired with the announcement of some substantial activity!


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inartistic / July 07, 2012 Reply
My dream: more than one release in the next year, available at regular stores.

Life is great when your aspirations are low.
Takatori Reiji / July 07, 2012 Reply
Agreed! I am really hoping for a substantial release soon which also becomes available at CDJapan for example.

Quite liking the new look though, it's what I've come to expect from them which is always good :) I'm just glad they are still keeping active!

ps. Tried replying to your comment above, but twice came back with a syntax error :/ Not sure if you know of it.
inartistic / July 07, 2012
Error fixed, thanks for letting me know!