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New band: GIGAMOUS

New band: GIGAMOUS

ex-HEISEI ISHIN and N@H members YUKKIE (ユッキー) and RAI (ライ) have announced their new band: GIGAMOUS!!

  • V. Shiki (式) (ex-Ap(r)il)
  • G. YUKKIE (ユッキー) (ex-HEISEI ISHIN → N@H)
  • B. seiya (ex-SPIV STATES)
  • D. RAI (ライ) (ex-HEISEI ISHIN → N@H)

GIGAMOUS officially formed on August 1st, 2013, by the four members Shiki, YUKKIE, seiya, and RAI, with the concept of “GIGA PARTY ROCK!!!!”. Their name is comprised of the word 「GIGA」 (= 109, billion) and 「MOUS」 (made-up word meaning MOUSE and MOUTH), which implies “even a being as tiny as a mouse, if they loudly express their biggest dream, can see that dream come true”.

Although GIGAMOUS formed on August 1st, their activities will officially commence on October 4th at their sponsored event and first live, GIGA FEST.

GIGAMOUS first live and sponsored eventGIGA FEST 2013-10-04 at Ikebukuro EDGE
GIGAMOUS / Blu-BiLLoN / REALies / VELBET / Hanashounen BADDIES / (secret band TBA 2013-09-01)

GIGAMOUS is signed to BadeggBox (the label which was originally formed to house BILLY (ビリー) members' projects), and have already announced their first release through the label: GIGA SPEAKER, a two-type maxi-single which will be released on 2013-09-11. The band has filmed their first PV for the title track, although it seems that the PV won't be released with the single.

For more information and a [really good!] sample of GIGAMOUS' first song, GIGA SPEAKER, is available on the PC version of their official website:
GIGAMOUS official website


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