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NEGA second full album

VANITAS has a release date! NEGA's second full album, VANITAS, will be released in two types on May 30th. The A type will contain a PV and the B type will contain a bonus track.

NEGA 2nd full album VANITAS

VANITAS will contain album versions of FABLE IN THE COLD BED and DELUGE, as well as the song 躊躇うことなく(...) (Tamerau kotonaku (...)), which was originally to be released on the DELUGE single. Including those songs, the basic version of the album will include 13 tracks. The A type will contain a PV for a new song, 虚しき「生」の寓意≒「死」の真意 (Munashiki 「Sei」 no Guui ≒ 「Shi」 no Shini). The B type will include a bonus track, REASONANCE.

Inside the album will be a special “draft paper”. Anyone who presents the “draft paper” at NEGA's special 7th anniversary oneman will receive two privileges:
  1. MMFP, a new song which was deemed “too extreme” for inclusion on the album.
  2. OMNIA VANITAS, a booklet of poetry and photography which gives insight into the world of VANITAS.
Finally, those who purchase both types of the album from the UNDER CODE official web shop will receive a one-of-a-kind personalized comment DVD and a making of DVD of the PV from the A type.


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Prince / February 02, 2012 Reply
GOSH!! I need the album and the privileges jaja
inartistic / February 02, 2012
Yeah! I hope we can get the privileges somehow!
Arithmetica / February 02, 2012 Reply
Whoooa, that promo picture is pretty tight.

Interested in MMFP, I wonder what makes it SO XTREME hahahaha.
inartistic / February 02, 2012
Yeah, I tend to roll my eyes at stuff like that. They say it as if “oh yeah the label wouldn't let us release this 'cause it's soo intense”―meanwhile the label is the one writing this shit.

Oh, but yeah, I literally gagged on the elganza when I saw that picture. That + some of the song titles seems very old vk to me, in a delicious way. I'm so excited.
visualkrocker / February 02, 2012 Reply
TwT i want the special privleges!!! Especially the extra "too extreme" track!! Thank you for the info! to decide if I buy both or which one @_@...
inartistic / February 02, 2012
You're welcome! Surprisingly, I didn't notice anything about “buy both types to get xxx”, aside from the official web shop thing. So it seems, for the first time in UNDER CODE history, you'd be ok just getting one type... unless I've translated something wrong!
visualkrocker / February 02, 2012
Hmm so the draft paper is in all types?? I'm assuming just the the ones from the webshop but maybe not?
Hmm.. I wonder if anyone would be willing enough to go to the live to get the privileges if I send them the draft paper ( if I get it) i want to see the PV before i make my descision on the album ( even though i know it will be pretty awesome!)
inartistic / February 02, 2012
It's in all types (it's actually put inside by the manufacturer). But I'm not sure if you present one at the live and get both privileges, or if you present two (one from each type) to get both privileges.
There are certainly people who will do that for you, but it's much harder to find than someone who will just buy an item for you. Maybe you can email various shopping services.
tetsu_sama69 / February 02, 2012 Reply
*screams in fangirly joy*
anonymous / February 02, 2012 Reply
I second the screams.....I'm so excited I love the cover art!

By coffee_nosesock
NEedle_GAme / February 02, 2012 Reply
Distributed songs piss me of, as always... *crying*
inartistic / February 02, 2012
I know, how annoying e_e Hopefully the official web shop will sell those items, but still...
anonymous / February 02, 2012 Reply
This sounds great!
If you might think about a group order: I would join XDD

By jenny7824200202
Hyura / February 02, 2012 Reply
I'm super excited! : D
Hope their album can keep what they promise with those titles and the promotion-picture.

...which by the way gives me vidoll-if~ vibes with the blood and the random hands.

Their new look is badass, too!
Takatori Reiji / February 02, 2012 Reply
Oh now this looks good. Really good!
And a May release date too, now that's a good time, should have more than enough money to buy this (March is very expensive for me at the moment hehe)

Think it will be Type B for me again, I used to like having PVs but when it's just 1 PV I'm hardly gonna use it much, an extra song is always nice since you're gonna use it much more!

MMFP!? Ok I'm really intrigued by this... I wonder in what sense they mean 'too extreme' . I can't wait to hear this now :D
inartistic / February 02, 2012
I'm sure it's just dumb lyrics “I wanna cut your throat and fuck the hole” or something stupid like that. But! I do hope we get to hear it :D I really wanna see that booklet too... wonder if it will be a nice production.
ladyrevania / February 02, 2012 Reply
I really, really, REALLY don't like them live distributing a song AGAIN. I'm the worse kind of fan, because I can't go to their live. It seems they don't want me to hear it. They shouldn't tease people with that "too extreme" thing then, because I want to hear it even more :(
anonymous / February 02, 2012 Reply
it's photoshoots like these that make me love Under Code sfm. Just perfect ♥

By bunnyshoxx