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NEGA new PV spot up!!

NEGA has just released a CM for their upcoming album, VANITAS. The CM include a short clip of main tune 虚しき「生」の寓意≒「死」の真意 (Munashiki 「Ki」 no Guui ≒ 「Shi」 no Shini), as well as an extended audio clip of the same song afterward.

It seems that VANITAS will be an emotional and violent affair.


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visualkrocker / May 05, 2012 Reply
ahhh yes!!! Thank you finally!!! *v* I can't wait for the album!!! I'm not disappointed so far!!! >3
Kanon / May 05, 2012 Reply
I liked it ! ! I really want to have it now *___*

But it annoys me that people begin to compares as always, because there are one PV similar to the beginning of Munashiki.
Heidi / May 05, 2012 Reply
Can't believe the release date is almost here. Feels like it's been forever. Like the clip.
inartistic / May 05, 2012
Yeah, seriously. They announced the album soooo long ago―crazy to thing that, in that time, Megaromania announced and released their own full album. So glad that it's almost here!