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Megaromania's next activities

Megaromania has just announced that they'll release a new best-of album, in 3 types, in february. Each type contain 13 songs. In addition to this, the type A comes with a full live DVD of their one-man live "「Border of “「Heaven」 or 「hell」” ~Tenchikai no Kyoukaisen~", the type B comes with a PV DVD, and the type C comes with a new unreleased song. Full details below.

Those who purchase the three types on the UCP official webshop will receive a personalized message from his favorite member and a bonus DVD of Sui's Birthday event on 2013.1.24. The new look is also available, check this out below.

They also announced the future live activities.

Sui BIRTHDAY EVENT 「The Birth[day] of creation~翠生誕&信仰者感謝祭~

2013-01-24 at Ikebukuro RUIDO-K3

Commemorative SHOWCASE One-man Live 2013 「Sentence of Future...」

2013-02-11 at Meguro Rokumeikan
2013-02-17 at OSAKA RUIDO
Megaromania (oneman)

5TH ANNIVERSAY oneman lives 2013-07-28 at OSAKA MUSE
2013-07-31 at Shibuya O-EAST
Megaromania (oneman)

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Cupcake / December 12, 2012 Reply
Sui <3
Cupcake / December 12, 2012 Reply
inartistic / December 12, 2012 Reply
Thanks for the information!! I really like the new look (except Hyoga and Misery, as usual ahahaha)
Seraphim / December 12, 2012 Reply
Does Hyoga's hair ever change?

I think I like Yushi the best, but that might be because I can't really see any details.
itamasek / December 12, 2012 Reply
What? Another live dvd? I dont like when band is releasing DVDs om this frequency. I just bought The Vision of Engraving, and now another DVD :(
Mr.0 / December 12, 2012 Reply
I just added the releases and future live activities on this!