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Megaromania “Artistical Glint” sampler

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yggdrasilium / April 04, 2012 Reply
I love all of them! I counted 11 samples so there must be an SE somewhere (since Type B will include 12 songs, right?). I'm glad Cynthia and Wail of crested will be included in the album! Since I didn't get them before. Overall it sounds like a much more mature release than the first album, so I'm really looking forward to this release!
inartistic / April 04, 2012
Ah yeah, I'm sure you're right about the SE. Let's see: an SE, AURORA, Oath, Cynthia, and Wail; that means 6/7 new songs total, right? I wish there were more, but not so bad overall. Excited!
yggdrasilium / April 04, 2012
It's really not bad. Releasing 7 new songs for them is quite a lot if you ask me ^_^ It's a very good deal for that price --at least B type. The ones who care about PVs will have to pay a lot! Also, for someone like me who don't have Wail of crested and Cynthia, is even better ^_^ I'm so happy they included them!
xMayaku / April 04, 2012 Reply
Oh, thank you one million times for sharing this ;_;

All of the previews sound so great ! I'm just a bit disappointed to see wail of crested on the album (because I don't like it xD) but the new ones sound really good o_o It even sounds a bit like Metis Gretel sometimes... I really can't wait to get it !
inartistic / April 04, 2012
Yeah, I got that Metis feeling at a point too! I hope the album lives up to these samples :D