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Megaromania announces three new releases

At last night's tour final oneman, Megaromania announced a three month consecutive release campaign! Thanks to a flyer scan provided by Megaromania fan twitter @megaromania_st, we now have [almost*] full details. (* Since the flyer image a bit blurry, some details are unable to be read.)

First up in October, the band will release a new concept single, Propaganda, in two types. Each copy will include an alternate jacket with a photo of one member (5 possible jackets in total, each copy contains one randomly selected). Those who buy both types from the official web shop will receive a cheki of their desired member in cosplay.

Next, in November, the band will release a live DVD of tonight's oneman final. Those who buy both types from the official web shop will receive a message DVD from the member of their choice.

Finally, in December, the band will release concept single Heven's Novel (SIC) in two type. Those who buy both from the official web shop will, again, receive a cosplay cheki of the member of their choice.

Included in both singles will be an application form; those who submit at least two of those forms will receive a free SPECIAL DVD containing footage from the band's 4th anniversary secret party.


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Arithmetica / July 07, 2012 Reply
I hope we get some tunes similar to their early era music :D
inartistic / July 07, 2012
Me too! Probably with the first single, if anything (supposedly their costumes for the second single are more “pretty”). Also, I didn't know when I wrote the post, but it seems that the bonus tracks are rerecordings, so maybe they'll pick an early song!
Takatori Reiji / July 07, 2012 Reply
Loving this new look!

Eager to hear what their releases will be like :D