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MARCO new live-limited single, 「Haitoku to Lingerie」

More details have been revealed for Marco's latest distributed release!

The single, now called Haitoku to Lingerie (背徳とランジェリー), will be officially released on August 11 at their free oneman live at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3. (I'm assuming that it'll still be distributed at their other lives during their threeman tour.) The CD will also be enclosed in the tickets of the band's free oneman, along with a LIVE CD, and the ticket will cost 5000 yen. Also being sold at the live will be a six-piece photoset of the band, and a sweet-looking towel.

FYI, Marco have also played a new song, Kinrandonsu (金襴緞子), at their 7/4 live...hope it appears in a future release (that I can actually get!!)!! They've also revealed their newest look, which is fierce as hell 🔥🔥🔥 I love how Rei's look is very reminiscent of that of Gara's look in the early days of MERRY~


In other news, Marco will appear on the third day of chariots' presents tour, 「more glitch reception vol.4」 on July 30 at Ikebukuro EDGE. Also appearing will be PISARRO, Raindia (レインディア), and Mediena (メディーナ). ✨

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inartistic / July 07, 2016 Reply
This is a super strange release campaign. If I understand correctly, you can either ① buy the single for 1000 yen, or ② buy a set of the single + photoset for 1500 yen, or ③ get it + live CD + towel for “free” if you buy a 5000 yen ticket to the 8/11 live beforehand. And I guess the single will continue to be sold at threeman tour as well??
sheepprincessgara / July 07, 2016
I agree, I'm super confused about this ;w;

(but with all these limited releases, I'm concerned that they'll disband soon....maybe it's just me being paranoid, but still.)