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LIN × ZEAL LINK special fair

LIN will hold a special fair at the Osaka (大阪) branch of ZEAL LINK from 2016-02-20 through 2016-03-21!

  1. LIN releases (first and second period) will be sold at the store. Those who spend 3,000 yen on eligible items will receive a 10-piece group-shot photoset (chronicling all of the band's looks over both periods).
  2. Official goods will be sold at the store. Presumably these are goods that haven't been widely available before, but details are TBA.
  3. The Dedicate to Graveyard era costumes will be displayed at Osaka (大阪) ZEAL LINK for the duration of the fair. Photographs are allowed.
  4. A special LIN display, signed by the members, will be erected. Live and PV footage will be played beneath it.
  5. Those who spend 3,000 yen will also be allowed to attend a 2016-03-19 instore event, at which they will have a cheki taken with the entire band.


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