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LIN to disband

LIN has made their important announcement: they will disband on 2016-03-20.

Their memorial best box, the end of corruption world, will be released on 2016-02-24. It contains previously released tracks, plus a DVD (PV collection, or perhaps footage from their activity pause live?). It will also contain a rerecording of World In Flames, and a signed trading sticker. Those who purchase through the web shop will receive a personalized comment DVD.

Their four-day disbandment event, the end of corruption world, will be held on 2016-03-08, 09, and 10 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY. The final day, and their last live, will be on 2016-03-20 at Nanba (難波) Hatch. A tshirt will be freely distributed to attendees of the last live, and those who purchase a ticket through the official web shop will further receive a LIN original parka.


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sheepprincessgara / November 11, 2015 Reply
dammit. visual kei is truly dead.
inartistic / December 12, 2015
& UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's last remaining vestige dies as well ;_;
sheepprincessgara / December 12, 2015
but Futurism Boyz are still around...........right??????? ;w;
inartistic / December 12, 2015
Oh yeah, you're right about that