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LIN recording news roundup

LIN has finally finished their song recording sessions, which started in December(!) of last year! Here's a bit of info about that, and some speculation:

Guitarist MIZALY has mentioned that they've recorded enough songs for a full album's worth of material, and KISAKI further confirmed that this includes some rerecordings of old songs.

We know about 7 of those songs already (8, if that includes Slander Crime), from their upcoming singles and omnibus feature... So if MIZALY's definition of “full album” is the same as mine, that leaves probably 3~5 songs that we don't know about yet?

Maybe we'll see a mini-album with re-recordings later? Maybe it will include the PV for Sacred Xanadu which they've recorded but haven't announced a release for...? Just a guess. What do you think?


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sheepprincessgara / April 04, 2014 Reply
So overseas fans will have to purchase the single on a shopping service? What is this shopping service, if I may ask?
inartistic / April 04, 2014
There are lots. I usually use FROM JAPAN or Shopping Mall Japan (probably the latter is better for this order, as they're smaller). Just create an account, show them the blog entry, and ask how to proceed :)

(Hit me up on Twitter if you need more specific help)
sheepprincessgara / April 04, 2014
So, if I were to show them the blog entry, would it be KISAKI's original entry? And if so, would I place that in "special orders"? Thank you so much! ♥
inartistic / April 04, 2014
Yeah, show them KISAKI's blog entry which I linked here, and they should know exactly what to do. And yes, that should be submitted as a special order. Good luck!