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LIN new CD and oneman lives

LIN just finished their first oneman, and they've announced a new CD! First period re-recording CD Recollection of Phoenix will be released on 2014-12-24, and those who purchase through the web shop will further receive a re-recording of Silent To My Pain. LIN will kick off their tour Genesis of Empathize to support the release, with a two-day tour final oneman in Tokyo!

Those who purchase the mini-album will receive an application coupon to receive tickets to the band's 2015-05-31 second period first anniversary oneman, although details of that live haven't been announced yet.

More details will arrive once the info is officially announced, but for now you can check out the tracklist of their mini-album!


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Vadio / September 09, 2014 Reply
Ooooh, cool thing here. Sad thing is that it's only a mini album...guess they will be releasing all the other singles separatedly, and maybe release another mini album for the other songs in the future. Anyway, cool thing.