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LIN last single 「Dedicate to Graveyard」 revealed

LIN's last maxi-single, 「Dedicate to Graveyard」, will be released on 2015-09-09. It includes one new song (the title track), a re-recording of Misery is Nothing, and an unspecified bonus (probably instrumental versions of those two songs). An application ticket for an unspecified privilege will be included in the release.

Those who purchase the single through the band's official web shop will receive a privilege live DVD (about 20 minutes).

By the way, the band's live DVD, Sacred illusionism, will be re-released through general stores on 2015-09-09, but it seems that it's exactly the same as before.


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sheepprincessgara / June 06, 2015 Reply
WTF that's sad.............

(can't wait to hear the Misery is Nothing remake, it's one of my favorite Lin songs)
inartistic / June 06, 2015
I won't lie, I wish it was a *new* song!!
Seraphim / July 07, 2015 Reply
Sad since I really like this era, but hopefully it won't be a forever hiatus /dellusional

Also, how many times is Kisaki going to use this picture of a tombstone? It's like the 3rd angle of the same thing.