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LIN last live and punk coupling

LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) has announced the full details for their 3rd anniversary oneman, at which they will pause activities indefinitely. As a present to fans, the band has given the tickets a special price of only 1,500 yen.

LIN 3rd ANNIVERSARY & indefinite activity pause oneman Obscure Ideal ~Judgement of fortune~
2013-06-30 at Osaka BIG CAT
LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) (oneman) (indefinite hiatus)

special ticket price
special present freely distributed to those who preorder tickets

Before that, LIN will be participating in a “water and oil” twoman show with Ryuketsu BLIZZARD (流血ブリザード). A special present will be given to all those who attend, and special collaboration goods will be sold afterward.

(Ryuketsu BLIZZARD are a band signed to legendary punk label Satsugai Enka VINYL (殺害塩化ビニール), which is home to bands such as QP-CRAZY. The label often skirts the visual kei scene, despite not directly being a part of it—and KISAKI himself is known to be a personal fan.)

THE water and oil TWOMAN SHOW!! Kyouki!! Kichiku Chikasen Shuukai (狂喜!!鬼畜地下線集会)
2013-03-16 at Shinsaibashi LIVE HOUSE Pangea
LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-) / Ryuketsu BLIZZARD (流血ブリザード) (twoman) / (large session)

special present freely distributed to attendees
special collaboration goods on sale

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draincherry2021 / February 02, 2013 Reply
Great choice for a last live coupling! Epic is what comes to mind.